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Chris Daley

The weekly Daley: Spare ‘climate’ change?

I’ve had a couple of interesting conversations lately with two climate change deniers. Smart, respectable, world-wise guys who have been around as many, if not more, blocks than I. They simply do not believe any of the reports of climate change, melting glaciers, rising seas. Lies, all lies, they say. Cooked up by corrupt “greener […]

Supes go another round with ‘train guys and trail people’

It’s 31 miles of bad road from Missouri Flat to East Bidwell Street in Folsom. Actually, it’s 31 miles of some good and some bad road, but it’s been 20 years of bad blood between the “trail people and the train guys.” That’s how El Dorado County Transportation Commission’s Dan Bolster described the “rails versus […]

Delays will affect Ice House Road

Work on Ice House Road between the junction of Wentworth Springs Road and the end of the pavement near Loon Lake in the Eldorado National Forest will begin June 1 and continue through October, according to a prepared statement from the El Dorado County Division of Transportation received last Thursday. Motorists will be subject to […]

Green Valley Rd. to close for six weeks

Green Valley Road will be closed from June 1 to July 13 between Lode Road and El Dorado Road, El Dorado County’s Department of Transportation advised in a prepared statement on May 21. County staff and the contractor for the project to replace the old Weber Creek Bridge, determined recently that geological conditions particularly on […]

Written guidelines direct future budget

El Dorado County has a new set of “budget policies” that may be likened to a roadmap leading to the destination of  “We’re not doing it the way we’ve always done it anymore.” The county’s history regarding fiscal policies may be discerned, in effect, by figuratively reading the document from back to front. For example, […]

Supervisors adopt new ‘budget policy’

The book hasn’t been written yet, but a working title could be “Mik and the Giant County Budget.” Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting once again featured District 1’s Ron Mikulaco taking issue with the soon-to-be-unveiled Recommended Budget prepared by Chief Administrative Officer Pamela Knorr. Agenda Item 31 was simply titled, “The Budget Ad-Hoc Committee recommending […]

The weekly Daley: Just another 10,000 oughta do it

If only the U.S. would send another 10,000 troops with boots on the ground to Iraq and maybe Syria, we would smack those ISIS boys right back to the Stone Age. South Carolina’s senior Sen. Lindsey Graham said that earlier this week. I threw in the “stone age” part just for context. He said the […]

Public comment: What is, what isn’t?

Public comment by any other name is still public comment. Whether background documents, arcane treatments, heartfelt letters, copies of textbook chapters or full volumes of data from other jurisdictions, under the California Environmental Quality Act, anything submitted by the public must be viewed and responded to when it relates to an Environmental Impact Report. Currently […]

General Plan amendment process draws fire from public and two supes

Supervisors Ron Mikulaco and Shiva Frentzen joined several members of the public in a general staff-bashing session during the May 12 El Dorado County Board of Supervisors meeting. At issue was a staff request for increased funding for additional services by the consulting firm ICF Jones & Stokes, Inc. The company specializes in environmental planning […]

Anti-secession group forms to stop State of Jefferson

With its headquarters in Redding, the political action committee, “Keep It California” is branching out to other northern California counties in a counter move to the proposed establishment of an independent state to be known as Jefferson. As envisioned, Jefferson would secede from California to become the nation’s 51st state. It would be assembled from […]

Mosquito Bridge replacement project on track for 2020

You could buy a new Mosquito Road Bridge for a mere $32 million, or maybe it will cost $53 million with approach roads and such. El Dorado County Division of Transportation has a number of alternatives for replacing the current bridge that in one incarnation or another has been in place for over 150 years. […]

BOS renews fire funding ‘patch’ for one year

As approved a year ago, the current El Dorado County Board of Supervisors continued its agreement to supplement five rural fire protection districts in the amount of $815,000. The county gave a similar amount last year to six districts, which at the time, included the Georgetown FPD in addition to the five others. Fallen Leaf […]

The weekly Daley: Slow and stupid wins the race

Call them Free Range Panderers. Call them Ambassadors for Ignorance. Call them the blooming crop of Republican presidential candidates. Not a scientist among them, therefore, they are unable to comment on climate change. Not an educated member of the 21st Century among them either. If there were, they would be proud to acknowledge that they […]

Map contest again wows BOS

Former District 5 El Dorado County Supervisor Norma Santiago always ranked it “high on her cha-cha scale” and called the annual event one of the board’s favorite meetings. This year’s Student Map Contest at the April 28 Board of Supervisors meeting was no slouch by comparison. Sponsored by the El Dorado County S.A.G.E. association of surveyors, architects, geologists and engineers, the map contest has grown in popularity over its 21-year history.

More than 700 school kids participated from 31 public, private and charter schools on the county’s western slope, and as it has throughout the history of the contest, Latrobe School dominated with 19 winning ribbons. Edwin Markham Middle School took …

Mikulaco blasts budget process

Supervisor Ron Mikulaco expanded on the frustration he had expressed to Chief Administrative Officer Pamela Knorr during the April 28 Board of Supervisors meeting over the county’s budget process. In a phone call with the Mountain Democrat Thursday morning, Mikulaco  reiterated that both he and District 2 Supervisor Shiva Frentzen had voted not to adopt […]

CAO pulls rank on budget preparation

With only two members of the public remaining in the Board of Supervisors chambers a little after 5 p.m., the April 28 board meeting continued unexpectedly. Chief Administrative Officer Pamela Knorr opened her laptop and read a section of the El Dorado County Charter that clearly states that it is the duty of the CAO […]

The weekly Daley: Potpourri

Doing a potpourri is always fun. Sure it’s cheap, but it’s still fun. For example: America’s newest Rock Star is none other than Toya Graham. Who? You Ask. Toya Graham is the mother who cuffed her 16 year-old son “upside the head” to prevent him from joining protesters in Baltimore the other day. She chased […]

Supervisors vote 4-1 to OK EID election change: Mikulaco voices strong opinion against change

El Dorado Irrigation District’s Board of Directors recently voted to change its election cycle to coincide with the state’s even-year general elections. In doing so, the board added one year to each district director’s term of office. District 1 Supervisor Ron Mikulaco of El Doardo County Board of Supervisors likened the EID board’s actions to […]

Echo Summit bridge to be fixed: Caltrans targets 2019 construction

Motorists may not realize they are traversing a bridge when they wind down the east side of Echo Summit toward South Lake Tahoe. Caltrans, the state transportation department, alternately refers to it as a viaduct on its Website. A viaduct is a type of bridge that typically has several spans, usually of equal length. The Echo Summit Sidehill Viaduct was constructed with three spans in 1939, and while it’s not falling apart, there is significant wear and tear after nearly 80 years of service.

Clark Peri, Caltrans project manager, gave a slide presentation to the Board of Supervisors April 7 outlining the agency’s plan to rehabilitate or replace the old bridge. Following public outreach and extensive environmental …

Grand Jury slams BOS over HR Dept.

Under the title “Board of Supervisors Neglects Human Resources,” the El Dorado County Grand Jury Report 2014-2015 rakes the board and the county’s Human Resources department over the coals. By way of introduction to a list of 16 “Findings,” the report states: “Failure to strengthen the Human Resources Department has led to personnel issues being […]

The weekly Daley: We’re sorry to see you go

I’ve been on a hunting expedition this week. The prey I’m after is pretty elusive sometimes and downright non-existent other times. Occasionally it’s right there at the top of the page with Rachael’s Belly Flab Flogging plan. That my car warranty expired about 10 years ago apparently has no bearing on the fact that I […]

‘Nerves of steel’ to fix county budget

“We’d have to have nerves of steel and a resolve we’ve not seen before,” District 4 Supervisor Michael Ranalli said after seeing a proposal that suggests deep cuts are necessary to balance the county’s next budget. “If we cut it all this year, it will result in havoc,” Shiva Frentzen, supervisor for District 2, noted. […]

Supes see bleak future in budget

El Dorado County Supervisors got the math equivalent of last year’s “Ice Bucket” challenge on April 15. It came as an introduction to the annual budget process that will be in full swing over the next several months. Chief Administrative Officer Pamela Knorr wielded the virtual bucket. Knorr is charged with preparing the county’s budget […]

The weekly Daley: Free Range … it’s everywhere

I never heard of it before but I love the term. Free Range Parenting or maybe it could be called Free Range childhood or Free Range growing up. Whatever you call it, it means that kids get to go to the park without a parent or guardian or supervisor or monitor or cop taking them […]

Committees and panels and boards, oh my

Editor’s note: Some definitions were found for committees, commissions and such entities on, to help clarify the differences between each. County supervisors and clerk of the board staff were able to find similar data on sites providing legal information and definitions.   A commission has powers delegated from above to it and is given […]

County committees update

Living up to its desire to be a “policy board,” the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors voted April 7 to establish a formal process for appointing citizens to the county’s various committees and commissions. In effect, supervisors will no longer be directly involved in screening applicants, reading resumes, curricula vitae or lists of qualifications […]

Supervisors OK review of county committees

In its roll as the “supreme” local authority, the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors directed its staff to evaluate all existing committees, commissions and JPAs.  The latter is the acronym for Joint Powers Authority, of which the county is a partner in six separate entities. Clerk of the Board Jim Mitrisin put on a […]

Supervisors react to Economic Development efforts

Economic development is a priority goal for the county and is enshrined in the 2004 General Plan. As envisioned and memorialized in the original and in updates over the past 10 years, a ratio of “one job to one rooftop,” has been the target for development. Not only has that ratio not been reached, it […]

CEDAC provides plan to drive economic development

What’s wrong with El Dorado County? A “dysfunctional” Board of Supervisors, some suggest. An “anti-business” bias, some would also suggest. An over-regulated system that matches that of the state, which makes the county not business friendly, many say. If perception indeed equals reality, the above appears to be true. So says Gene Altshuler on behalf […]

The weekly Daley: Hey Iran, we’re gonna count to three

Finally, someone in government has told it like it is. No bafflegab, no “let me say this about that.” Tom Cotton, the freshman senator from Arkansas and author of the famous “Letter to Iran” has moved from yack, yack to action yack. “We could bomb all of Iran’s nuclear facilities within a few days,” he […]

Supervisors OK with Parkway delay

Ron Mikulaco, District 1, spearheaded a sometimes confrontational discussion during the March 31 El Dorado County Board of Supervisors meeting. Mikulaco wanted to use funds for current road maintenance and repairs rather than to hold approximately $2.5 million in reserve for the Diamond Springs Parkway. The money is part of an account collected annually from […]

Budget woes fuel split vote over truck purchase

County supervisors agreed that spending has to be controlled and local government must learn to live within its means, that is, not above its revenue. No argument on the concept, but votes divided on whether or not the Environmental Management Division of the Community Development Agency should buy a new truck. The board’s March 31 […]

BOS tackles Strategic Plan at workshop

“Our history has been to develop a Strategic Plan and put it in a drawer.” — El Dorado County Assessor Karl Weiland County Supervisors voted unanimously on March 17 to approve a Strategic Plan for a term of three years with a mandatory review each year between now and then. Held at the county’s Child […]

The weekly Daley” SHOCKING … 8 Celebs …

Being attracted to words, I get easily distracted when I go online to look up things, or read the latest news, or check the meaning of that word that Gene Altshuler used last week in his “My turn” column. “Ensorcell,” yeah that was it. Indeed I kind of get ensorcelled by those pop-ups with the […]

All aboard: And breakfast is served

Ron Mikulaco noted a history-making event at Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting. He claimed the “unanimous vote on a Rails to Trails issue” was the first ever. Often contentious events, Rails to Trails has pitted the so-called “train guys” against the “trail people” in numerous board meetings over the past five years. In general, the […]

Supervisors take on Rails to Trails: Board members unite on second item

County supervisors denied a proposal by the Placerville & Sacramento Valley Railroad to extend its excursion train trips to 30 for this year. In the second train-related item of its March 24 agenda, the board compromised by allowing two of the 30 requested excursions as special events. A charter trip for the local California Native […]

Programs aim to protect county’s (dirty) water supply

El Dorado County has a Storm Water Quality Ordinance. That isn’t news to builders and developers, road maintenance and snow removal crews. The average citizen, however, probably is not familiar with the science and technical requirements that ensure and protect the county’s supply of high-quality water. Under a myriad of local, state and federal laws, […]

Committee vs. commission detailed at upcoming BOS meeting

Are you on a committee or a commission? The clerk of the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors, Jim Mitrisin, intends to clear up, once and for all, the difference between a committee and a commission at the March 24 board meeting. In short, and without stealing his thunder, one of them has a degree […]

Efforts initiated for local UC campus

How does your community nail down a billion-dollar windfall? Get a University of California satellite campus. That’s what El Dorado County Treasurer Tax-Collector C.L. Raffety told the Board of Supervisors at its March 10 meeting. Raffety has been deeply involved in trying to find ways to attract a UC program to the county, preferably a […]

Supervisors move forward on Economic Development

Citing both the General Plan and a “work-in-progress” Strategic Plan, the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors launched a project to spur economic development at its March 17 meeting. Tuesday’s morning session at the El Dorado Hills Fire Department’s Station 85 drew an audience of about 100, including county staff. “There is no magic bullet […]

The weekly Daley: One more time, what were they thinking?

“The Texas state Senate gave preliminary approval Monday to legislation that would allow licensed handgun owners to visibly bear their firearms, in a move that would repeal a 140-year-old open carry ban. If the bill succeeds, the more than 800,000 Texans who have a concealed handgun license would be able to exhibit their guns in a […]

BOS gives back EDH fire fees

Contentious discussion notwithstanding, during its March 10 meeting, the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors agreed unanimously to give back nearly $95,500 to the El Dorado Hills County Water District/Fire Department. The amount represents development impact fire fees collected relative to the district’s Capital Improvement Plan. The issue had been put off since the board’s […]

Interest lags on future of courthouse

What to do with the historic county courthouse on Main Street in Placerville has been a hot and cold topic among locals for years. The Superior Court, a division of the state’s judicial system, has used the building since it was built in 1913. Now, however, due to the facility’s many antiquated features and amenities, […]

The weekly Daley: Rascals in high places

Far be it for me to criticize any duly elected representatives of the American people, especially 47 traitorous members of that otherwise august body known as the United States Senate. Taking it unto themselves to conduct foreign policy in direct competition with an ongoing and legitimate exercise of foreign policy, such Constitution-haters should be summarily […]

Supervisors adopt new vision for how to govern county

El Dorado County Supervisors agreed to disagree, a bit, over the exact wording, grammar and punctuation of their new “vision statement.” In their March 3, regular meeting, supervisors kicked around variations of the vision they created during several leadership and governance training sessions in January and February. Chairman Brian Veerkamp introduced the agenda item as […]

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