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Chris Daley

The weekly Daley: Food basics

You’ve seen the television ads and you’ve seen the displays in the stores and recipes in every magazine from “Outdoor Life” to “Real Simple.” Sure it’s the holiday season, but by any measurement it’s really the “food season.” Just as I got out of bed Wednesday morning, the phone rang. It was my sister-in-law calling […]

Supes hike ambulance fees

The cost for a ride in a local ambulance just shot up from $1,114 to $1,427. The El Dorado County Board of Supervisors on Nov. 17 approved a 28.11 percent increase for ambulance service in County Service Areas 3 and 7 —South Lake Tahoe and the county’s Western Slope. A board resolution includes language that allows […]


The Nov. 18 article titled “EDH Fire fights for promised revenue” misidentified two resolutions passed by the Board of Supervisors June 10, 2014.  “The first dissolved the Latrobe Fire Protection District and the second approved the annexation of the Latrobe fire service area to EDH Fire,” the article stated. County supervisors do not have the […]

Auditor-controller ‘ordered’ to reimburse fire district

Auditor-Controller Joe Harn faced off against the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors during the Nov. 17 meeting on Tuesday. The immediate issue was whether or not he has a “duty” to transfer $169,859 from the Diamond Springs-El Dorado Fire Protection District’s Development Impact Fee account to partially reimburse the district for purchase of a […]

The Weekly Daley: The Syrians are coming, the Syrians are coming …

Jumping on the xenophobic bandwagon, 31 governors at last count said they wouldn’t allow Syrian refugees into their state, no way, no how, no kiddin’. Great for red meat soundbites, not legal from what I’ve read as only the federal government can say whether a refugee can enter the country or not. As I understand it, […]


Monday’s story about Supervisors Brian Veerkamp and Shiva Frentzen responding to a recall petition notice cited the wrong section of the state Elections Code. El Dorado County Registrar of Voters Bill Schultz advised, “Our county goes by Election Code 11200 – 11220 and is the one that applies to local elected officers. So, our recalled […]

Frentzen, Veerkamp respond to recall effort; Mikulaco receives notice

District 2 Supervisor Shiva Frentzen and District 3 Supervisor Brian Veerkamp recently submitted formal responses to the group known as El Dorado County Total Recall. In accordance with California State Elections Code, both supervisors answered vague charges of “corruption and cronyism” and emphasized their achievements while in office. Within seven days after the filing of the […]

EDH Fire fights for promised revenue

El Dorado County owes the El Dorado Hills Fire Department more than $500,000 — funds guaranteed to the fire department after it annexed the Latrobe Fire Protection District. In 2014-15 and 2015-16 the department expected to receive a little more than $256,000 each fiscal year as outlined in an El Dorado County Board of Supervisors resolution guaranteeing that […]

Supervisors update planning documents

After two-and-a-half days deep in the weeds, the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors on Nov. 13 voted tentatively to adopt a range of recommendations that will lead to General Plan amendments and a change in the county’s Zoning Ordinance. The project titled the Targeted General Plan Amendments and  Zoning Ordinance Update (TGPA-ZOU) required an extensive […]

General Plan update dominates board agendas

It’s all alphabet hash at the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors’ chambers next week. Following a truncated regular meeting on Tuesday morning, supervisors will begin a two-day examination of the county’s proposed Targeted General Plan Amendment and Zoning Ordinance Update, familiarly known as the TGPA/ZOU. Community Development Agency’s Long Range Planning Division staff will present […]

The Weekly Daley: Good-bye

Mike Daley (aka “my brother the conservative”) died last week in a Redding hospital. Stage 4 liver cancer, failed kidneys and a perforated colon did him in. He was 72. If you’ve been around this space for any length of time, you’ll know him as the foil for many of my columns over the years. […]

TIM fees: Affordable housing breaks will contintue

Builders and developers who propose projects that include affordable housing units stand to benefit from a recent decision of the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors, which unanimously authorized continuing the county’s Traffic Impact Mitigation Fee Offset program. The program offers reduced TIM fees for developments or individual projects that meet affordable housing requirements specified […]

Best Nursery: Front Yard Nursery

If you have star thistle in your yard, but your camel got away and you forgot to get some goats, you have a problem. Fortunately, Front Yard Nursery has a number of solutions you might try to rid yourself of those little green and yellow horrors of the foothills. With drought-resistant plants, all kinds of trees and bushels of […]

Best Siding: Alpine Exteriors

Whether it’s repairing damage or just an upgrade, readers voted Alpine Exteriors as the No. 1 choice when it comes to siding. Opened in 2001 with window installations, demand and reputation drove Alpine’s owner, Dale Myrick, to expand to other products such as decking and siding. Using only high-performance materials, windows are Anlin; siding is either James Hardie or Certain-Teed; and […]

Best Smog: G S Smog & Repair

When you need fast, efficient and friendly service for smog testing and diagnostics, turn to local and family owned G S Smog & Repair in Shingle Springs. When you start counting up the 5-star reviews for G S Smog, you’ll be amazed at how many people return year in and year out for smog and repair work. G S is […]

Best Plumbing: Conforti Plumbing

Serving El Dorado County since 1978, Conforti Plumbing does it all, residential, commercial, repairs, trouble shooting and dealing with yucky stuff — so you don’t have to. Need a hot water heater installed? No problem. Sinks backed up with crab shells and potato peels? No sweat. Rogue leak from an unknown source? Their specialty. Trained, professional plumbers have been the backbone […]

Most Unique Profession: M.O.R.E.

M.O.R.E. spells more; more of everything for adults with disabilities. More jobs, more academic classes, more activities, arts, more love, independence and acceptance. M.O.R.E. staff includes credentialed teachers, counselors, vocational specialists and project supervisors. A private, non-profit agency, M.O.R.E. opened its doors in 1973, with service for eight individuals. Today M.O.R.E. works with over 200 individuals every month. CEO Susie Davies has […]

Best New Car Dealer: Thompsons Auto & Truck Centers

Readers agree that Thompsons is the place to go for a new car. Featuring the widest range of vehicles from Toyotas to Buicks and GMCs, from Chryslers and Dodges to Jeeps, Thompsons has three locations within minutes of each other in Placerville. Thompsons at 140 Forni Road is home to Toyotas. Buicks and GMCs reside at Thompsons’ 55 Placerville Drive shop. Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep […]

The Weekly Daley: And Round 3 goes to…

I was not able to watch Wednesday’s debate live as I had opted to attend a friend’s birthday dinner downtown instead. I did, of course, watch any number of cuts-and-pastes and partial recordings and highlights and lowlights. I was particularly impressed with … Yes, you read that correctly. I like Donald Trump as he is, […]

Activists threaten recall of all county supervisors

Calling for a “clean sweep,” a statement Tuesday afternoon from El Dorado County Total Recall announced the formation of a movement to recall all five members of the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors. As reported in Wednesday’s Mountain Democrat, District 4 Supervisors Michael Ranalli and District 5 Supervisor Sue Novasel were served “notices of […]

Day throws hat in D.1 race

Alan Day has joined the District 1 supervisorial fray. Announcing in a press release late last week, Day states he wants to “fight big money special interests and bureaucratic government that dominate our county.” Day has been in the spotlight for the past four years as a member of the El Dorado Irrigation District Board of […]

Board hears update on Capital SouthEast Connector project

The Capital SouthEast Connector moved closer to local reality when environmental studies resulted in a mitigated negative declaration. The MND, as it’s abbreviated, essentially states that no significant environmental impacts would occur relative to construction of “a 5.5-mile segment of the expressway between Prairie City Road south of Folsom and Latrobe Road in El Dorado […]

Two supes served notices of recall

District 5 Supervisor Sue Novasel and District 4 Supervisor Michael Ranalli were served with a notice of intention to circulate recall petition during yesterday’s El Dorado County Board of Supervisors open forum. Citing the “tyranny of our elected officials … who have failed to effectively and efficiently operate county government,” recall proponents handed in 10 […]

Supervisors OK bond process for East Ridge Community Facilities District

El Dorado County Board of Supervisors held a public hearing Oct. 20 to determine opposition or support for establishment of a community facilities district and authorization to levy a special tax followed by the authorization to issue bonds in an amount not to exceed $40 million. No one in the small audience spoke either in favor or […]

The Weekly Daley: Some stuff you just can’t make up

Ben Carson thinks the U.S. Department of Education should “monitor” radical language and thought on college campuses. And if found, that campus should lose all federal funding. What a great idea. Keep our young people on the straight and narrow, untroubled by conflicting philosophies, super buttoned-down and headed for Wall Street with a Bible under […]

Brian Veerkamp ready to run, again

El Dorado County District 3 Supervisor Brian Veerkamp announced last week he will seek re-election to the Board of Supervisors in next year’s general election. Getting an early jump on the process, Veerkamp’s campaign issued a prepared statement Oct. 14 highlighting the incumbent’s history of public service from his current post as chairman of the board […]

The Weekly Daley: A mostly, actual debate

The odds-makers probably got it pretty close to right-on regarding the Democratic debate Tuesday night. Lincoln Chafee and Jim Webb, seeming somewhat muddled, didn’t do very well — not horrible, just not very well. Martin O’Malley came out a little weak but gained traction throughout. He did repeat the mantra of having clean electricity by the year […]

TIM fee deal brokered

Fearful of discouraging future commercial development, El Dorado County supervisors voted unanimously Oct. 13 to restructure the Traffic Impact Mitigation fee program for non-residential developers. The anticipated fee reduction could take effect between March and May of next year. Supervisors considered three different options presented by Chief Administrative Office and Community Development Agency staff: maintaining the […]

County sets ‘bully-free’ week

El Dorado County’s Board of Supervisors established the week of Oct. 18-24 as Freedom from Workplace Bullies Week. Michelle Smith of Placerville and Carrie Clark are co-founders of California Healthy Workplace Advocates, and Smith was on hand to receive the signed proclamation. Active since 2004, the group now has more than 1,000 members statewide and its […]

Temp CAO Larry Combs wears a lot of hats

Not so long after retiring, Larry Combs found himself in El Dorado County’s crosshairs. After nearly 40 years in public service, Combs agreed to come out of retirement late last spring and step in to the county’s recently vacated chief administrative officer role. Acting CAO Pamela Knorr returned to her earlier post as Human Resources […]

October is ‘awareness month’ for two serious diseases

The El Dorado County Board of  Supervisors approved a proclamation at its Oct. 6 meeting declaring October to be Dysautonomia Awareness Month. Reading from the same text as mayors and supervisors around the country, Chairman Brian Veerkamp described dysautonomia as “a group of medical conditions that result in a malfunction of the autonomic nervous system, which […]

The Weekly Daley: Let’s make an ‘art of the deal’

As happens occasionally, I have come into possession of a plain brown envelope and its contents come straight from the NSA, you know the National Security Agency, the people who record all our phone calls and stuff. The following is a recorded phone call between two well-known American politicians who thought they were using “secure phones” […]

Supes OK Grassy Run payment

El Dorado County’s Board of Supervisors approved Tuesday a $5,000 payment to the Local Agency Formation Commission on behalf of the Grassy Run Community Services District. The bill was long overdue, according to Jose Enriquez, LAFCO’s executive director. Enriquez appeared before the board in advance of the unanimous vote to express his appreciation at the […]

County wants CEQA review of tribe’s gas station proposal

At least three verbal admonitions reminded the audience at the Oct. 6 El Dorado County Board of Supervisors meeting that agenda item No. 14 was only about hiring a consultant to do “environmental assessments and prepare the necessary CEQA documents.” It was not about approval or denial of the Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians’ […]

The weekly Daley: Just another day in politics

Republican from Utah, Jason Chaffetz wept openly during the House of Representatives hearings on Planned Parenthood earlier this week. If the $500 million that is spent on Planned Parenthood every year had been spent on cancer research, his father and mother might be alive today, he said. His anguish appeared to be sincere and from […]

Board of Supervisors gets biological policies update

“Mighty oaks from little acorns grow,” mostly. However in El Dorado County, oaks mighty and otherwise may be grown from little acorns scattered on the ground or raised in one-gallon containers, five-gallon or 15-gallon containers. Current policy demands the 15-gallon bucket process. As specified in the county’s Oak Resources Management Plan, formerly known as the […]

Traffic Impact Mitigation fees may be heading south

Developers, large and small, were warned not to hold their breath but to anticipate that Traffic Impact Mitigation (TIM) fees might go down in the foreseeable future. Tuesday’s El Dorado County Board of Supervisors meeting featured a presentation by the Long Range Planning Division of the Community Development Agency. Staff from that division, along with […]

The Weekly Daley: Dr. Carson’s litmus test

Mahometans, Hindoos and infidels, oh my! One of the Right’s new darlings du jour is Dr. Ben Carson. For supposedly being some kind of world-class pediatric neurosurgeon, the guy is pathologically challenged when it comes to having anything approaching a 21st century brain. Sure, he was born in the 20th century, and he has persevered, […]

Harn responds to early September ‘roast’

While El Dorado County officials sought to finalize responses to the 2014-15 Grand Jury report, several individuals took the opportunity at a Board of Supervisors meeting earlier this month to take personal and even angry potshots at El Dorado County Auditor-Controller Joe Harn. Harn, who was not present at the meeting and later said he didn’t listen […]

The Weekly Daley: The last ones standing

I didn’t see the so-called “Happy Hour” debate Wednesday as I was toiling away on a story about the county’s new balanced budget. However, I did tune in for the main event. Pre-debate hype said the moderators, CNN anchor Jake Tapper and conservative radio show host Hugh Hewitt, indicated they would hold the candidates’ feet […]

Budget approved: County almost ‘breaks even’

El Dorado County leaders and by extension county residents got good news Monday when the Board of Supervisors opened its annual budget hearings in advance of finalizing an adopted budget by Sept. 30. A prepared statement came out Monday morning noting that instead of a long-anticipated deficit of about $8 million, the county actually is in […]

The Weekly Daley: Freedom of religion: In the eyes of the beholder?

So, Saint Kim was released from a Kentucky jail Tuesday to a clamoring throng of supporters chanting things like “You go girl!” and believe it or not, “Kim Davis for President.” As the county clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to some same-sex couples, Davis is being idolized as a holy warrior for religious […]

County marks another Lest We Forget Day

Friday will mark the 14th anniversary of the terrorist attacks by airplane hijackers in New York, Washington, D.C. and Pennsylvania. Sponsored by the then-little-known radical Islamic group, al Qaeda based in Afghanistan, the Sept. 11 death toll surpassed that of the Dec. 7, 1941, Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. According to recent calculations of 9/11-related […]

In Home Supportive Services workers unite for higher wages

Local members of the United Domestic Workers union, affiliated with the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees ratcheted up their ongoing engagement at El Dorado County Board of Supervisors meetings. A dozen or more have been addressing the board during its open forum session every week for about three months, and they were […]

Harn at odds with Grand Jury report

El Dorado County Auditor-Controller Joe Harn responded Tuesday to a Grand Jury report that calls him a “bully” and “politically motivated,” disagreeing with all but one finding in the report issued earlier this summer. The report titled “Putting Political Gain Above What’s Right for the County” alleges that Harn withholds or delays his department’s professional services from […]

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