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Outside with Charlie: Less rain needed

Just when it looked like a never-ending season of snow, the pineapple express shows up. Lots of moisture coming out of the pacific straight from Hawaii, which when translated means “warm,” meeting up with the low pressure that pushes it onshore. The result is rain, lots of it. The other result is high snow levels. […]

Outside with Charlie: Turkey day skiing

Look east. The mountains are white. Ski season is here and it looks more and more like skiing on Thanksgiving will be more than a token run here and there this year. The early storms put down a good blanket of base and everyone who could blow snow, blew it, big time. The result is […]

Outside with Charlie: Some snow, more needed

Looking east at our local slice of the Sierra, snow has blanketed the high country. A couple of ski resorts have already had skiers and boarders make tracks: Squaw Valley opened for a day, and Boreal is open for very limited hours, on limited runs. Most of the rest of the resorts will stick to […]

Outside with Charlie: Fall colors

Right about now, every year, the same question pops up. Are the aspens in Hope Valley changing yet? The annual question is much like the one about the wildflower blooms around Carson Pass in spring. The color show is a rolling one. Hope Valley, as of recently, is starting to look pretty good. There is […]

Outside with Charlie: Salmon, bears & beer

October brings shorter days, cooler temperatures and fine, colorful fall foliage. At Lake Tahoe, it also brings salmon, bears and Oktoberfest. This weekend (Oct. 6-7) is the annual Kokanee Salmon Festival at the Taylor Creek Visitors Center. The center is located three miles north of the “Y,” on Highway 89. This is a fantastic family […]

Outside with Charlie: Two fine Autumn hikes

Summer faded out rather graciously, with a soft and colorful sunset. Autumn has whispered in right on time and brought with it beautiful hiking weather. The days will get a bit shorter each day and the light will change. With some luck, the high country will show reds, golds, and yellows soon. Here are two […]

Outside with Charlie: Echo Lake

Echo Lake is a beautiful spot to visit any time of the year. Located just shy of Echo Summit, the lake is easily accessible right up until it snows. There are actually two lakes here, Upper and Lower Echo Lakes. During the summer season, the Echo Lake Chalet is open. They close after Labor Day […]

Outside with Charlie: Go camping

Summer ends in a little over three weeks. September 22 is the Equinox. Daylight and night will be equal in terms of time, hence the title “Equinox.” Autumn begins, and the days get shorter, the nights longer, in small but steady increments. What to do with the remaining bits of summer? Enjoy it with camping […]

Outside with Charlie: Two cool lakes

August has arrived, bringing with it a lot of heat. Beating the heat can be done. A trip to the pool, park, river, or lake can take the edge off a hot summer day. Getting into the higher mountains, though, means cooler temperatures. Along Highway 88, a treasure trove of outdoor opportunities, Caples Lake sits […]

Outside with Charlie: Horsetail Falls

Horsetail Falls is a spectacular sight any time of year, cascading down a jumble of granite that feeds Pyramid Creek. Located just off US Highway 50 at Twin Bridges, the trail head and parking lot are easy to get to. The trail head has toilets and water, and a pretty good map of the Loop […]

Outside with Charlie: Eye popping hike

The Highway 88 corridor is not only supremely beautiful, it’s also easily reached from El Dorado County. All along its path are places to fish, hike, ride and paddle your canoe or kayak. The views from the ridgetops are world-class eye poppers. Choosing a hike along here is relatively easy. For anyone looking for a short […]

Outside with Charlie: Outdoor adventures

Hiking season is on and it looks to be a good one. Two recent trips to the high country have been very nice, with great weather and an appreciation for the beauty of El Dorado County and neighboring Alpine County. The last time I wrote about Carson Pass, there was still a bit of snow […]

Outside with Charlie: Canoeing or kyaking

June is coming to a close. It’s brought summer to us, along with all of the typical ups and downs of June weather. We are surrounded by some of the greatest lakes anywhere, varied in size, altitude and boating possibilities. If you haven’t been out in a canoe or kayak, it’s a good time of year […]

Outside with Charlie: Take a hike

June always comes with weather surprises. From sunny and warm to storms that drop the snow level to 4,000 feet, it’s an interesting month for the outdoor crowd. Early season hiking is here, finicky weather and all. Keep in mind that the higher into the mountains, the more likely you’ll find snow on the trail. This […]

Outside with Charlie: Outdoor adventure awaits

The Memorial Day weekend was a mix of snow, hail, rain, wind and sunshine. The unofficial start of summer wasn’t at all summery. It rarely is. Take heart though. The opportunities to get outside and have fun grow by the day. Just look east to the Crystal Basin and the melting snow fields. The American […]

Outside with Charlie: Spring highs and lows

With sunny and mostly mild spring temperatures, the spread of outdoor recreation opportunities just continues to grow. While everything is in bloom here in the lower elevations, the higher reaches are still working towards budding out. Along Highway 50, the American River is flowing fast as river kayakers are taking full advantage of the spring […]

Outside with Charlie: Unplug this week

Are you and yours spending too much time tethered to the electronic grid? If so, perhaps it’s time to assess what you are able to do outside instead of inside. Screen Free Week asks that you do something very simple. Unplug yourself from the TV, Internet, and the various other electronic devices that you spend […]

Outside with Charlie: Springtime is the right time

Ski season is rapidly winding down. Most of the resorts will close between April 15 and April 22. Back country skiers will have a bit more time if they head to the high country. The recent snows have added to the snow pack, but this time of year typically sees a dwindling number of skiers […]

Outside with Charlie: An inside look at snow control on Highway 50

From the early snow in Autumn to the closing day at Tahoe ski resorts, you’ve been heading up Highway 50 for fun on the slopes and in the back-country. Through rain, wind and all kinds of snow storms over Echo Summit, you and yours have made it to Sierra-at-Tahoe, or into the Lake Tahoe Basin, […]

Outside with Charlie: Cross country skiing

The ski resorts are absolutely thrilled with the new snow that’s fallen. In conversations with Sierra-at-Tahoe’s Steven Hemphill, PR Director, the news is simple: continued good conditions, and a season that has gained some additional time. Back-country skiers are finally finding enough snow to make it worth their time. For those of us who stick […]

Outside with Charlie: Cycling evolution

Last weekend’s North American Handmade Bike show in Sacramento showcased one-of-kind, built-for-you-only bikes. The technology was amazing. This was art on two or three wheels — not a lightweight event put on by a fringe group in spandex and silly hats. My wife I went to the opening with press passes in hand and had brief two […]

Outside with Charlie: Star Wars at Sierra

Right up the hill sits an El Dorado County jewel in Sierra-at-Tahoe, the closest place to ski if you live around here. It’s been around for quite a while. Convenient, reasonable, this is the place where many county residents learned to ski and still the place county snow enthusiasts head to with their little ones […]

Outside with Charlie: Snow is out there

Heading up into the mountains and snow country is always an adventure in winter. Even when winter isn’t cooperating, the trek to the snow is still a good one. In theory, by the time you read this, there will be a bit more snow added to the little we have. While all of us are […]

Outside with Charlie: Let it snow

Finally, some snow. As I write this, it is cold and snowing nicely in Pollock Pines. Winter sports hounds are grinning from ear to ear. It’s time to head up to the high country with your skis and snowshoes at last. The deeper snow is at the higher elevations. Downhill skiers will have a much better base to glide on after […]

Outside with Charlie: Bike basics 101

Did you or your child get a new bike for Christmas? How about the helmet that needs to go with it? If it’s one for your child, especially the first one, there’s some things that you can do to help your little one enjoy the bike riding experience for a long time. Safety is the […]

Outside with Charlie: Hike to Eagle Lake

Winter has arrived. The snow hasn’t, at least not yet. It’s certainly been cold enough in the higher regions of the county, which is good. The ground is cold, and when the snow starts, it will stick. Downhill skiers have been reporting decent conditions on man-made snow at Sierra-at-Tahoe, Heavenly and most of the other […]

Outside with Charlie: Walk off Thanksgiving calories

Thanksgiving is behind us so to speak. It’s not just the actual day — it’s the week of preparation leading up to it and the following days consuming very tasty leftovers. It’s a whole package. In reality it’s the time of year when we collectively toss all food-related sensibility out the window. Eating is a […]

Outside with Charlie: Autumn joy

The joy of living in El Dorado County in autumn is hard to beat. All of us who enjoy the forests, mountains and meadows find that autumn offers quite a few pluses for our outdoor roamings and ramblings. The bright light of summer is softer and more diffused. It’s colder and daylight hours are shorter — […]

Outside with Charlie: Times are changing

Daylight savings time is over so outdoor enthusiasts have to end their excursions earlier. Daylight starts to wane around 4:30 p.m. so it’s best to return to the trail heads or lodges before headlamps or flashlights are needed. On the other hand, it’s daylight an hour earlier. It starts getting light around 7 a.m. but […]

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Outside with Charlie: Great time of year

El Dorado County is a paradise for outdoor lovers. The variety of terrain is one of the best features. We look forward to the changes autumn brings. Hiking is particularly nice and the mild temperatures add to the enjoyment. I’ts a great time to revisit places you saw earlier. The Carson Pass area is a good […]

Outside with Charlie: It’s a great time of year

It’s the middle of October. The days are shorter — it’s darker later in the morning and earlier at night — but there’s still plenty to do despite the rain and early snow in the high country. It’s time to check that your gear is in good shape for winter. Take wet weather gear and […]

Outside with Charlie: Squaw Valley

Squaw Valley is a great outdoor recreation area year-round — summer hiking is as good as winter skiing. Skiers at Squaw Valley are familiar with the Shirley Lake Express run. It is one of the best hikes — instead of skiing down to Shirley Lake, you hike up to it. The resort is located between […]

Outside with Charlie: Horsetail Falls

The summer season in the Sierra is far from over. The weather is perfect for a jaunt on plenty of easily accessible areas for day hikes, including Horsetail Falls, an astonishing spot. The popular falls, which feed Pyramid Creek, are on Highway 50 a bit past Strawberry at Twin Bridges. Pyramid Creek runs under Highway 50 […]

Outside with Charlie: Lover’s Leap

No one knows when rock climbing started — most likely when people and rocks were introduced. Rock climbing is a very specialized sport that has grown in popularity the last few years. It’s no longer limited to wild-eyed men and women yelling things like “On belay!” You don’t even have to be outside. Climbing gyms […]

Outside with Charlie: Wildflowers abound

Here we are — the middle of August and the weather is gorgeous. It’s been relatively mild all over, so being outside is wonderful. The Carson Pass area is arguably one of the premier hiking destinations around here. By itself, it’s stunning and even more coupled with the drive to get there. It’s worth the […]

Outside with Charlie: Hiking tips

Summer has finally graced us with its presence. If autumn rolls in on time, we will have lost about a month of warm weather and a few trips to the mountains. Now that temperatures are steadily warm the snow is melting rapidly and the rivers remain high, fast and cold. Trails into Desolation Wilderness are […]

Outside with Charlie: Hikers beware

Most of the outdoor recreation enthusiasts in our area know the hiking season in the higher reaches of the county has been curtailed due to the long winter and cold, snowy, spring. Kayaking, canoeing, or swimming in an alpine lake are not readily available but a bit lower in elevation, Sly Park, Ice House, Union […]

Outside with Charlie: Ride on Iron Mountain

Sacramento, Davis, Folsom. El Dorado Hills, Placerville, Pollock Pines, Auburn, Nevada City, Baxter, Lake Tahoe, Truckee — great places to ride a road or mountain bike — but there’s a difference between the first three and the others. Sacramento, Davis and Folsom offer lengthy, pleasant routes that are flat for the most part. There are […]

Outside with Charlie: Snow in the hills

Summer is here. Considering what this winter and spring were like, summer is welcome. The landscape is a bit different. Record snowfall is limiting the number of areas open for families to enjoy. Want to float your boat? You can enjoy a day on the water at Lake Tahoe and Natoma, Jenkinson, Ice House, Folsom […]

Outside with Charlie: Happy trails Roger

Family, friends and colleagues gathered at Placerville’s Federated Church June 4 to honor Roger Chappell, who passed into eternal wilderness May 13. Those who knew him will appreciate “eternal wilderness.” Born in Placerville, Chappell graduated from El Dorado High. Except for his time at college and his first teaching job in Cupertino, he spent his […]

Outside with Charlie: Cronan Ranch

After a vigorous autumn and winter with great storms, lots of rain, and snow piled up in the high country, the sun came out and it is trying to warm up in El Dorado County. What’s considered warm differs from one end of the county to the other. The western side of the county has […]

Outside with Charlie: Amgen recap

The 2011 Amgen Tour of California is over. Despite a burst of winter that spoiled the scheduled start, the Tour was a big plus for California. The original field of 150 riders from 19 different pro teams was down to 122 by the end of the race. With the cancellation of Stage 1 at South […]

Amgen Tour of California started Monday at Nevada City

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE — One hundred and 50 fit young men in distinctive Lycra cycling gear; 19 world-class teams; 800 miles of professional bicycle racing over eight days; two very stiff climbs — one worthy of the Tour de France; approximately 100+ miles riding each day; one intense time trial; a women’s time trial featuring […]

Outside with Charlie: Amgen is coming

The 2011 Amgen Tour of California starts in South Lake Tahoe Sunday, May 15. This is a big one for cycling fans. Some of the best road bike teams and cyclists from around the world will pedal for eight days and cover about 800 miles from north to south through great flat areas interrupted by […]

Outside with Charlie: Gear inspection time

Spring break is over, the days are longer, the storms aren’t quite as cold and it rains more than it snows. Spring has sprung, mostly. Spring is very different from one end of El Dorado County to the other. Flowers and trees are in full bloom on the western edge; fewer flowers are blooming and […]

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