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Friday, April 18, 2014

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Grow For It!: At your service

One of the greatest rewards of being a master gardener is helping a homeowner solve their gardening mystery. Every day the Master Gardener office gets phone calls, e-mails and visitors posing challenging questions that would stump Sherlock Holmes: “What would cause my tomato plants to mysteriously fail in just a couple of days?” “Can you […]

Grow For It!: High praise for the raised garden bed

A raised garden bed is an above-ground, open-bottomed container filled with a rich mix of topsoil, compost and other organic materials. A raised garden bed is also the solution to many of the shortcomings of home gardening. A raised bed is easy to build and even easier to maintain. It’s ideal for a small planting […]

Grow For It: If you plant it, they will come

A hungry deer will eat most any plant, even the deer-resistant varieties. I found this to be true last year after a small herd of the four-legged weed eaters feasted on my garden of deer-resistant ornamental plants, plus an entire vegetable garden for dessert. For the coming growing season I’ve completed my homework to find […]

Grow For It! Give your garden a tune-up for spring planting

The days are getting longer and warmer — it’s a sure sign that the planting season is finally here. You may already be fantasizing about your summer bounty of tasty vegetables and bundles of fresh cut flowers. But, before you put any seeds or plants in the ground, try giving your garden a quick tune-up […]

Grow for it! Pocket gophers: How to control the furry little root eaters

You’ll see evidence of a garden invasion first. A half-dozen horseshoe shaped mounds of loose dirt with a plugged hole to one side. Then the healthy plants begin to die — or suddenly disappear altogether. And the irrigation lines may spring multiple leaks. If you recognize these symptoms, you likely have a pocket gopher that’s […]

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