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Friday, April 18, 2014

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How to Sign Up for Medicare

So you’re turning 65. Congratulations! It’s time to start taking advantage of your Medicare benefits. And just how do you do that? First, here’s a quick overview of the benefits: Medicare has four parts, A through D. Part A pays for hospitalization and most eligible people don’t have to pay premiums for it. Part B […]

Getting Medicare information online

As 2014 gets under way, I wanted to give you a quick overview of the Medicare information you can now get online. The Website is and it has a wealth of information that you may find helpful. One terrific feature is the “Compare” Websites, which provide quality of care information on hospitals, nursing homes, […]

If you have Medicare, don’t worry about the new Health Insurance Marketplace

Some people with Medicare are asking lately if their Medicare coverage is affected by the new the Health Insurance Marketplace that starts in 2014. The answer is no — the Marketplace won’t have any effect on your Medicare coverage. The Health Insurance Marketplace is designed to help people who don’t have any health insurance. You […]

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How Medicare covers ambulance services

I certainly hope you never need an ambulance but at some point you may have to take one during a medical emergency. If you have Original Medicare, your Part B (medical insurance) covers ambulance services to or from a hospital, critical-access hospital, or skilled nursing facility only when other transportation could endanger your health. In […]

When a doctor does not take Medicare

What does it mean when a doctor tells you he or she has “opted out” of Medicare? An opt-out doctor is one who doesn’t accept Medicare. Doctors who have opted out of Medicare can charge their Medicare patients whatever fees the physicians choose. These doctors don’t submit any health care claims to Medicare. In addition, […]

Inpatient or outpatient? It makes a difference with medicare

When you go to a hospital, does it make any difference if you’re considered an inpatient or an outpatient? Yes, it does. Your hospital status (whether the hospital classifies you as an inpatient or outpatient) affects how much you pay for hospital services like X-rays, drugs and lab tests. It also may affect whether Medicare […]

Coming soon: A new way to buy health insurance

When key parts of the health care law take effect in 2014, you’ll have a new way to buy health insurance for yourself, your family or your small business: the Health Insurance Marketplace. The Marketplace is designed to help you find health insurance that fits your budget, with less hassle. Every health insurance plan in […]

Get a flu shot — not the flu

Now is the time to protect yourself against the flu by getting your flu vaccine before flu season hits full force. Medicare covers the flu vaccination, along with many other preventive-health services. People with Medicare can get the flu shot at no cost to them. There’s no coinsurance, copayment or deductible. Keep in mind that […]

Take advantage of Medicare open enrollment

Medicare is stronger than ever, with more benefits, better choices and lower costs to beneficiaries. Expanded Medicare benefits under the health care law (the Affordable Care Act) continue to be available — including certain free preventive benefits, cancer screenings and an annual wellness visit. Whether you choose Original Medicare or a Medicare Advantage plan, take […]

Picking the right hospital for you

If you’re having a medical emergency, the best thing you can do is get to the nearest hospital. But if you need non-emergency treatment, and you have time to plan, how do you find a hospital that best fits your needs? A good place to start is the Medicare Website, There you’ll find an […]

Medicare covers kidney disease

A diagnosis of kidney failure could be a real shock. And it’s becoming more common as the number of Americans with diabetes and high blood pressure grows. But even with this serious diagnosis you can survive and move on. Medicare can help. The program helps pay for kidney dialysis as well as kidney transplants. Chronic kidney […]

Reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke

Heart disease and stroke have reached epidemic levels in our country. Heart disease is the leading killer of Americans; stroke is the fourth leading killer. One of every three deaths in this county is caused by cardiovascular disease. That’s why Medicare is helping to lead the Million Hearts campaign, a national initiative that aims to […]

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Getting Medicare-covered services at home

Medicare covers a variety of heath care services that you can receive in the comfort and privacy of your home. These include intermittent skilled nursing care, physical therapy, speech-language pathology services, and occupational therapy. Such services used to be available only at a hospital or doctor’s office. But they’re just as effective, more convenient, and […]

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What Medicare Covers in the hospital

One of Medicare’s most important benefits is helping to cover your expenses if you need to be hospitalized. What exactly is covered and how much do you pay? Medicare helps cover certain medical services and supplies in hospitals. To get the full range of benefits, you must have both Medicare Part A, which is hospital […]

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Healthcare fraud hurts everyone

People talk a lot these days about the rising cost of healthcare. How much of a role does fraud play in this? A significant one, unfortunately. The fact is that criminals steal billions of dollars each year from Medicare, Medicaid, and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). This is taxpayer money that should be going […]

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Two ways to get your Medicare benefits

Some folks may not realize it, but there are actually two ways to get Medicare benefits. The best-known way is Original Medicare. With Original Medicare, you can choose any doctor, hospital, or other healthcare provider you want, as long as they accept Medicare. When you receive medical services or goods, Medicare pays the provider directly. […]

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