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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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Grow For It! Living Christmas trees

Living Christmas trees are festive and beautiful for the holiday season, as well as a new addition to the landscape after the holidays. Make certain the tree will fit into your landscape and that the type of tree you are considering will ultimately thrive in your local environment. Most evergreen trees grow to be quite […]

Grow for it: Gardening for wildlife habitat

Birds and butterflies will flock to your garden if you offer them cover, water and food. Backyard habitats are increasingly important as wild creatures lose more of their native habitats to development. Birds and butterflies like environments featuring many tiers of dense arrangements of deciduous and evergreen trees; understory fruiting vines and shrubs; and ground-level […]

Grow For It! Winter garden chores

Winter garden chores are important for laying the groundwork of a successful spring growing season. It’s time to pull spent garden annuals and vegetables and add them to the compost pile. Winter is the time to rake the remaining leaves and clean up plant debris. Another chore is to groom herbaceous perennials that are no […]

Grow For It! Succulent basics

Succulents are the ultimate low maintenance plants and ideal for pots and containers. The collective name for this varied plant group gives the clue to their drought tolerant characteristic: fleshy leaves that hold their own water reservoir. There are an incredible variety of succulents with very strongly defined shapes, textures and colors that offer numerous […]

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