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Dawn Hodson

Planners approve market/deli for Latrobe

A new market and deli in the Latrobe area received a stamp of approval from the El Dorado County Planning Commission at its meeting on Oct. 24. To be called the Crossroads Market and Deli, a 2,432-square-foot building and an outdoor picnic area is planned for the west side of Latrobe Road, just north of the intersection […]

Healthy Hornets seek smokeless campus

Aiming for a campus free of smoke, a group of students has launched a campaign to outlaw all smoking and tobacco products at Sacramento State University. Calling themselves Hornets for a Healthy Hive, the campaign is being carried out as a project for a public relations class the students are taking. The hornet name was […]

Ag touted as part of new economy’s Farm-to-Fork movement

Marketing the Sacramento region as a future food exporting dynamo was one item on the agenda last Friday when members of the Sacramento Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce ended a two-day study mission with lunch at the Smith Flat House. As they munched on artisan pizzas and salad made from locally grown ingredients while sipping […]

GDPUD: Water plant redesign OK’d

At a special meeting held Tuesday night, the board of the Georgetown Divide Public Utility District approved redesigning the plans for the retrofit of the Auburn Trails Water Treatment Plant. Doing so will save the district an estimated $1.05 million. The plant was estimated to cost $10.8 million based on the original plans. The plant […]

Straight Line Roofing and Construction creates raving fans

Straight Line Roofing & Construction is a full service roofing company that can handle every kind of roofing need including maintaining and repairing roofs, installing new ones, and putting in sun tunnels and skylights as well as residential solar systems. Their goal is to create customers who are raving fans. One of those is Maria Brugger […]

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Camino Flower Shop a vintage classic

Camino Flower Shop offers natural and beautiful flower arrangements for weddings, parties, funerals, banquets, and other events. Owned by Dottie Mckenzie, a florist for 26 years, the shop helps clients capture the moment in flowers. Romantic vintage props, which enhance your flower arrangements, are complimentary whenever a wedding or event is booked. Customers are attracted to […]

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Atwood Agency, a full service insurance provider

ISU Insurance Services-Atwood Agency, with offices in Placerville and Georgetown, serves all of El Dorado County. The locally owned, independent agency, has relationships with over 350 insurance companies with the goal of helping customers get the right coverage for the right price. The full service agency offers homeowners, renters, automobile, business and commercial, liability, Worker’s […]

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Grab a burger at Old Town Grill

Considered to be the best burger joint in town, Old Town Grill in Downtown Placerville offers a wide selection of juicy grilled burgers. Selections include bacon, mushroom, soul, or blue cheese. For vegetarians or those wanting to try something new, chow down on an earth burger. And to accompany that burger, don’t forget to order […]

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Craft Castle taps into your inner child

Craft Castle is a drop-in arts and crafts entertainment studio and retail supply store serving all of the El Dorado County. A place to have fun and tap into your inner child, the studio offers ceramic pottery painting, arts and crafts supplies, birthday parties, glass fusing projects, crafts projects, workshops covering all types of activities, handmade clay […]

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Skinner Vineyards a legacy business

Skinner Vineyards is a family owned business that’s been making quality wines since 1861. The firm sports two locations. The one at White Oak Flats is the family’s most historical vineyard with its 13 acres producing a bouquet of red and white wines, some made from legacy grapes. Its second location, called Stoney Creek Vineyard, […]

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VITEK Mortgage Group

VITEK Mortgage Group’s goal is to simplify the loan process for El Dorado County residents. A direct FHA lender serving El Dorado County and surrounding areas, the company is able to both underwrite and fund an FHA loan in-house. They can help whether someone is looking to purchase their first home or to refinance an […]

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SMUD seeds the clouds

With the winter season fast approaching, many are looking skyward in the hope that this year rewards the state with more rain and snowfall than last. According to the Department of Water Resources (DWR), last year ranked as the 25th driest year in terms of statewide runoff, based on a measured record of 112 years. One […]

Cameron Park CSD lands Web tool grant

A $5,000 grant to help promote Cameron Park was reported at the Oct. 16 board meeting of the Cameron Park Community Services District. Approved by the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors as part of a package of cultural and community development grants, the money will go towards creating a “Visit Cameron Park Web Tool” […]

County gives out community grants

The El Dorado County Board of Supervisors approved cultural and community development grants for the following agencies at its Oct. 8 meeting. Art on the Divide Cooperative Gallery received $3,700. Cameron Park Community Services District, Shingle Springs-Cameron Park, Chamber of Commerce and Cameron Park Visitors Centers received $5,000. Clarksville Region Historical Society received $5,000. Clean […]

Fire district continues belt tightening

The El Dorado County Fire Protection District continues to look at ways to stay on budget with most of last Thursday’s board meeting dominated by financial items. Earlier this month, it notified all El Dorado County FPD retirees that it was in the process of negotiating how much it contributes to the health care benefits of […]

Candidates view Proj. 184 differently

What to do or not do with Project 184 has been one of the hot button issues discussed by candidates running for a spot on the El Dorado Irrigation District Board of Directors. Purchased from PG&E in 1999 for $1, Project 184 came with 15,080 acre feet of water rights; a 21-megawatt hydroelectric powerhouse; five reservoirs […]

EID: Election heats up

The election for a seat on the El Dorado Irrigation District must be getting nearer because the political rhetoric is ratcheting up. At the same time, one almost needs a scorecard to keep track of all the characters and groups coming and going in the election of two new board members to EID. Earlier this […]

Making a home for gnomes

With gnomes and fairies overseeing their work, staff from the local Home Depot showed up last month to help Pam Kaefer, 63, create a one-of-a-kind garden in her backyard over a three-day period.

A resident in a Shingle Springs mobile home park, Kaefer has worked for the last five months to turn her dirt and leaf-strewn backyard into an enchanted garden in the home she and her husband moved to in January.

However, the property was not without its challenges, including a backyard that is mostly all slope. Undaunted, Kaefer …

Web portal outsourced

A contract to bring more business to El Dorado County apparently will likely be outsourced. In July the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors approved spending $100,000 to develop a Web portal that would serve as a launching point or gateway to all the assets and resources available in the county. The goal was to […]

EID to dial back rate hike

Board members of the El Dorado Irrigation District considered lowering next year’s water rate increase from 11 to 5 percent at Tuesday’s meeting. Discussed during a midcycle budget workshop, EID originally planned to increase treated water rates by 11 percent in 2014, this on top of the 11 percent increase this year. Instead, staff proposed […]

EID sets 5-year capital improvement plan; spending not OK’d

A five-year capital improvement plan was approved by the board of the El Dorado Irrigation District at Tuesday’s meeting. The plan calls for spending almost $85 million over the period 2014 through 2018. A total of 118 capital improvements are part of next year’s plan, including 52 that are priority one projects. Many of them […]

Achieving plane perfection at Vultures Row

The process of restoring war birds involves a meticulous attention to detail with absolute authenticity being the guiding factor. That includes the type of wire used, markings, type and color of paint, type of rivets, instrumentation and radios. Wahl’s wife, Carol, who often does the scavenging for parts, said some come from people’s garages while […]

History on the wing

Succeeding in a niche market only works if you’re at the top of your game and that certainly is the case with Chuck Wahl and his crew at Vultures Row Aviation.

Specializing in the restoration of World War II U.S. Navy tailhook war birds, Wahl and his team work on the rarest of rare planes, returning them to better than original condition.

Located in a large hangar at the Cameron Airpark, Wahl started Vultures Row Aviation in 2010 after spending more than 25 years being an air traffic controller. He is also a pilot. What got him hooked into the business, so to speak, was restoring a North American T28 and then a North American SNJ-5C.

The latter, his personal plane, is very rare because of its tailhook, with only three original ones like it in the world. A double prize winner, in 2009 it won the National Aviation Heritage …

Big remodel at Thompson’s Toyota

Thompson’s Toyota may be No. 1 in Northern California in customer satisfaction, but that’s not good enough for Jeff Thompson, executive general manager of the company.

Wanting to further enhance customer service, Thompson’s is in the process of gutting, expanding and refurbishing its sales and service building on Forni Road so people coming in can easily find the services they need in an environment so inviting they may just …

Water rights on GDPUD’s mind

Locking in the district’s water rights came up at the Oct. 8 board meeting of the Georgetown Divide Public Utility District (GDPUD). Interim General Manager Gary Hoffmann reported that in November, 2010, the district sent a letter to the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) requesting the issuance of Water Rights Licenses for two water rights’ […]

EID celebrates 10 years of Sly Park ownership

On Oct. 7, a celebration of the 10-year anniversary of the El Dorado Irrigation District’s purchase of the Sly Park Unit took place on the shore of Jenkinson Lake.

The crown jewel in EID’s system, the Sly Park Unit, was built in 1955 and managed by EID until 2003, when EID bought it from the United States Bureau of Reclamation for $8.6 million. For that price, EID acquired the Sly Park Dam and Reservoir, Jenkinson Lake recreation facilities …

Mountain Democrat to continue McIntire Family tradition

Disappointed that last year’s Christmas Parade was cancelled due to a downpour, a committee of local residents, with the Mountain Democrat taking the lead, have promised that this year’s parade will take place.

Last year’s parade was cancelled after the city of Placerville decided inclement weather made it too hazardous to proceed.

But that decision was roundly criticized by those who spent hundreds of hours organizing and preparing for the parade and who braved rain, wind, snow and sleet in years prior.

Also upset were the Toys for Tots volunteers who rely on the parade to supply a large portion of the toys they give to …


In the article “Green Valley project forwarded to BOS,” the convenience center development project approved at the El Dorado County Planning Commission meeting would only go to the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors if there was an appeal.

Pattersons undaunted by fire

Not much remains of the old Patterson ranch after fire ravaged the property on that Friday afternoon, Aug. 16.

Started by students smoking behind Union Mine High School, the fire quickly spread in the parched grasses, burning 85 of 90 acres of the ranch, including the house, while also threatening the nearby Lake Oaks Mobile Home Park.

The Patterson home, affectionately known as the “pink house” because of its color, is now just a memory. Built between 1900 and 1905, it was a grand Ranch …

Green Valley project forwarded to BOS

A convenience center on Green Valley Road was approved at the Sept. 26 El Dorado County Planning Commission meeting after a lengthy hearing. An unpopular development with some residents of El Dorado Hills, the 2.12-acre site at the intersection of Green Valley Road and Sophia Parkway is planned to include a gas station, convenience store, […]

CPCSD adopts marketing plan

With an eye to increasing use of the community center and bringing in additional revenue, the board of the Cameron Park Community Services District adopted specific marketing goals at its Sept. 18 meeting as part of an overall marketing plan for the district’s facilities and programs. Goals for the recreation department included increasing revenue by […]

Josephine Moore dies: El Dorado Rose lived to 98

The storybook life of local resident Josephine Carroll Moore ended on Sept. 29 when she died at the age of 98.

An actress, model, mother, socialite and El Dorado Rose, Moore had a wonderfully full life that spanned almost a century.

Born Josephine Carroll French on Oct. 16, 1914 in Senatobia, Miss., Moore had family roots in the area that went back several generations. Her grandfather lived there before the Civil War with 400 slaves. A doctor, he fought with the Confederacy. After the war, he turned his plantation house into the French Hotel.

Cal Fire declines request for proposals from County Fire

Last week the El Dorado County Fire Protection District learned that its Request for Proposal to Cal Fire had been declined. In April EDCFPD sent an RFP to Cal Fire asking what it would cost it to run the district and at what level of service. It was one option the district was exploring in […]

Top-to-bottom review offered in flume tour

Last month, board members and residents got an up close view of one of El Dorado Irrigation District’s most extensive capital improvement projects on a tour that included visits to Flume 41 and Reservoir A.

Coming in with a total price tag of $17.5 million, the project includes replacing the most severely degraded flume sections along the 23-mile El Dorado Canal; replacing or relining 3.4 miles of corroded pipeline between Reservoir A and Reservoir 1; installing piping in the Main Ditch; and completing a chlorine conversion project at Reservoir A Water Treatment Plant.

The four projects make up the bulk of the $19.8 million EID budgeted for capital improvement projects this year.

The tour included a winding bus trip up Rock Crusher Road. Improving the road and reinforcing the rock wall on the side of the road was part of an earlier capital improvement project that cost $1.5 million. The improvements were needed so the replacement flumes could be trucked in. In the past, at times EID has had to …

ALT water treatment plant bids allowed to expire

With the plans for the new water treatment plant at Auburn Lake Trails still up in the air, the board of the Georgetown Divide Public Utility District voted not to award a contract to retrofit the plant at a special meeting Tuesday night. Two months ago GDPUD staff put the plant retrofit out to bid. […]

After 111 years, pioneer gets grave marker

For 111 years, the gravesite of Mason W. Brown lay unmarked amid the weeds in the Placerville Union Cemetery. The final resting place of one of El Dorado County’s pioneers, Brown’s grave site probably would have remained anonymous if it weren’t for the intervention of Swansboro resident Jo Thomas. An amateur genealogist and admitted lover […]

Fire board approves final budget

The board of the El Dorado County Fire Protection District  approved a final budget for the new fiscal year at its meeting last Thursday. The new budget comes in at almost $9.4 million, which is down by $1.2 million from the previous year. Eighty-nine percent of the budget goes for salaries and benefits. Chief Mike […]

Freeman pleads no contest

David Robert Freeman, the former Union Mine High School teacher and coach accused of 13 counts of unlawful sexual intercourse or oral copulation with a minor, appeared in court Tuesday morning and pleaded no contest to all 13 charges. The judge in the case, Daniel B. Proud, then referred the case to the probation department for […]

Plant sales grow demo garden

Gardeners can get in a twofer this weekend by shopping at the Master Gardener fall plant sale knowing that their purchases are helping to pay for the Master Gardener demonstration garden going in at Folsom Lake College, El Dorado Center in Placerville.

More than 3,500 items, including a large number of fall starter vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, greens, chard and bok choy, will be available at Saturday’s sale. All of them will make nutritious additions to stews and soups this winter.

Nutting case goes to trial

After a short hearing in South Lake Tahoe, Judge Timothy Buckley ruled that Supervisor Ray Nutting must face trial on the charges brought by the El Dorado County district attorney and California attorney general.

Buckley, who is a retired associate justice, was called in for the Nutting case.

Nutting’s lawyer, David …

Petco opens in Cameron Park

Catering to all the pet lovers in El Dorado County, a Petco store officially opened in Cameron Park on Monday, Sept. 16. With an enormous selection of pet-related items to choose from, store manager Ben Roach-Cogswell said they have everything needed to care for your pet including a wide variety of pet foods, bedding, toys […]

Hospital charges vary: Medicare reimbursement rates released

For the first time, the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have released data on medical bills submitted during 2011 by 3,300 hospitals located throughout the country. The charges were for the top 100 most frequently billed discharges for inpatient services. The study revealed a large disparity in what is billed from state […]

ALT bid decision due this month

With multiple deadlines facing the board of the Georgetown Divide Public Utility District, a decision on whether or not to award a bid for the retrofit of the Auburn Lake Trails Water Treatment Plant (ALT) will have to be made later this month. In July, the district received four bids to construct the plant with […]

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