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Dawn Hodson

No. 3: Drought hits state hard

It was another dry year in California in 2014 as it suffered its third straight year of drought with curtailments issued by the state on both water uses and water rights. In El Dorado County, residents had a daily reminder of the drought as the water level in Folsom Lake dropped so low people could walk out to the […]

No. 1: King Fire consumes a forest

El Dorado County suffered two major fires in 2014. The smaller of the two, the Sand Fire, broke out July 25, consuming 4,200 acres in the southeast end of the county. The community had barely recovered from it when a massively bigger conflagration, the King Fire, broke out less than two months later on Sept. 13 in Pollock […]

No. 6: Nutting out, Frentzen in as supervisor

El Dorado County was the scene of political turmoil in 2014 as a county supervisor went on trial, was removed from office on misdemeanor convictions and a new person elected to fill his unexpired term, with the deciding factor being where candidates stood on several big residential developments being proposed for the county. The drama began when Supervisor Ray Nutting, a four-term member of […]

No. 7: Ballot box planning nixed by voters

Developers and grassroots volunteers went head to head in 2014, floating competing initiatives and investing big bucks in an effort to influence El Dorado County’s future. Sparked by updates to the General Plan and proposals to build several large residential developments in the county, four different growth control initiatives were circulated by local community groups dealing with community region lines, […]

40 years: 40 objects celebrate Historical Museum

With this year being the 40th anniversary of the El Dorado County Historical Museum, what better way to celebrate than by highlighting 40 objects that best tell the story of the county and the museum.

The brainchild of museum Director Mary Cory, she said the inspiration came from a book she read about the history of the Civil War that was told through 50 objects.

“Quite a few books tell a story through objects,” she said.

Arranged chronologically or by theme, the first of 40 objects …

Reindeer mischief prompts display removal

A minor act of vandalism of Christmas decorations was reported in El Dorado Hills over the holiday. According to Mike Root, who owns a home on Phillip Court, eight or nine wire reindeers on his front lawn were twice moved and then rearranged in R-rated positions. He said the first time it happened was a week before […]

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Cloud seeding proposal considered by county Water Agency

With interest in finding additional water supplies still on everyone’s mind, the El Dorado Water Agency discussed a proposal to conduct cloud seeding at its Dec. 10 meeting. Not the first time it’s been considered, in August of 2014, Dr. Jeffrey Tilley from the Desert Research Institute (DRI) provided a cloud seeding presentation to the agency’s board. […]

These legal ladies want you

It’s good to be wanted, especially by women like Sandra Hurley-Nerwinski, Kelli Punturo and Kathryn Cain – all of whom are eager to have you join them. Members of an organization called the El Dorado County Legal Professionals Association, the group is made up of a cross-section of local legal talent including paralegals, legal secretaries, private fiduciaries, notaries, public […]

No deal on EID censure plan: Election shift eyed

Despite a detailed presentation on the legal basis for censuring someone, the board of the El Dorado Irrigation District was unable to reach a consensus at its Dec. 8 meeting when it came to adopting a new policy that laid out specific procedures for doing so. The need for the policy arose in September after Director George Osborne asked EID’s General Counsel Tom Cumpston what procedures […]

Stormproofing the watershed after King Fire

With last Thursday’s storm threatening more damage, U.S. Forest Service and Sacramento Municipal Utility District staff were out in force doing what they could to protect a watershed left scarred by the King Fire.

On Wednesday, crews were hurriedly putting in berms, placing risers over culverts, laying rocks and log barriers and taking other measures to protect the hillsides, roads, powerhouses and other structures before the storm hit.

Up and down Forebay Road, dump trucks rumbled by with tons of crushed rock. At the bottom of one gully, a front-end loader graded the area while rock was placed above to control the water flow and to keep the gully from turning into a small canyon. Meanwhile, what looked like a hydro excavator truck waited on …

GDPUD: Proposition 218-related workshop next week

New board members were sworn in and new officers elected at the Dec. 9 meeting of the Georgetown Divide Public Utility District. Carl Hoelscher, Lon Uso and Jesse Hanschild swapped seats with outgoing board members Ray Griffiths and Bonnie McLane. Outgoing board member Kathy Otermat wasn’t present. The new board went on to elect Director Norm Krizl as […]

Planners vote no to new cell tower in SLT

It was cell tower day at the Dec. 11 meeting of the El Dorado County Planning Commission, with three of its five agenda items having to do with existing and proposed new towers. First up was an existing Verizon cellular telecommunications facility in the Georgetown area. Located on Chipmunk Ridge Road, the wireless facility was originally approved in […]

Neibauer resigns from Cameron Park board

Vicky Neibauer, president of the Cameron Park Community Services District, has resigned from the board. Neibauer submitted her resignation in an e-mail to General Manager Mary Cahill prior to last Wednesday’s board meeting. In the e-mail she said, “Current circumstances require that I resign as Cameron Park Community Services District Director effective Dec. 10. I thank the citizens of […]

Esmeralda Tunnel repairs continue

An update on repairing the Esmeralda Tunnel was given at the Dec. 8 El Dorado Irrigation District meeting by Engineering Director Brian Mueller. A partial cave-in of the tunnel occurred on Sept. 21 that was about 47 feet downstream of the upstream portal. The cave-in completely choked off flow to the tunnel and set off an alarm for the […]

No EID rate increase for 2015

You know you’re living in a topsy-turvy world when El Dorado Irrigation District ratepayers tell the board they favor a rate increase while board members try to avoid one. All this took place at Monday’s EID meeting as the board unanimously approved a two-year budget of $45.482 million for 2015 and $46.310 million for 2016 that included […]

Legal Professionals Association seeking more members

It’s good to be wanted, especially by women like Sandra Hurley-Nerwinski, Kelli Punturo and Kathryn Cain — all of whom are eager to have you join them. Members of an organization called the El Dorado County Legal Professionals Association, the group is made up of a cross-section of local legal talent including paralegals, legal secretaries, private fiduciaries, notaries, public […]

Bay to Tahoe tourism study adopted

The final draft of the Bay to Tahoe Basin Recreation and Tourism Travel Impact Study was accepted by the El Dorado County Transportation Commission (EDCTC) at its Oct. 2 meeting. Commissioned in 2012 at a cost of $239,775 with funding provided by Caltrans, the purpose of the study was to analyze the impact of regional tourism travel on […]

BOS: EDH apts. approved

The El Dorado County Board of Supervisors gave the final go ahead for a 250-unit apartment complex in El Dorado Hills at its Dec. 2 meeting. To be built by Stockton-based developer Economou/Spanos, the apartment complex will be constructed on a 4.5-acre lot in the middle of the Town Center. Opposed by some in the community because of the […]

Eyewitness to history — Pearl Harbor: Dec. 7, 1941

With the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor coming up this Sunday, the event still manages to evoke strong memories in those who lived through that event, even after 73 years.

One of those is Shingle Springs resident Bob Clarke, whose family lived in Hawaii at the time and who was an eyewitness to history.

Living in a home at the top of a hill overlooking Pearl Harbor, the Clarke family watched as the ships and nearby military bases were bombarded by the Japanese.

Clarke, who was 15 at the time, said he, his parents and two younger brothers were living in an area called Aiea, which was once an old plantation town.

Taxpayer group tackles water rights

In what was largely a reprise of the last meeting of the El Dorado County Water Agency, members of the Taxpayers Association of El Dorado County debated the pros and cons of pursuing additional water rights at their Dec. 1 meeting.

With Dave Eggerton, the outgoing general manager of the El Dorado County Water Agency providing an overview, the audience peppered him and each other with questions about the project.

At present the Water Agency, in conjunction with El Dorado County and the El Dorado Irrigation District, make up a joint powers authority called the El Dorado Water & Power Authority or EDWPA.

Together the three agencies are splitting the cost of an application to the State Water Board for an additional 40,000 acre-feet of water rights. The expected cost of the application is between $8.1 million to $11.7 million, with the big-ticket items being an environmental impact report, consultants and legal help.

New GM in G’town

After going through four interim general managers and interviewing multiple candidates, the Georgetown Divide Public Utility District has hired Wendell Wall as its new general manager. Wall started on Nov. 17, taking over for George Sanders. Sanders has been serving as interim general manager since May. With 22 years in the water business, Wall, 56, […]

Turkey in the straw becomes dinner on the holiday table

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, it’s natural to think of turkey.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, more than 45 million turkeys will be cooked and eaten this Thanksgiving. That’s one-sixth of all turkeys sold in the U.S. each year, with turkey also popular at Christmas and Easter.

A type of pheasant, turkeys are the only poultry native to the Western Hemisphere.

Available in many varieties, heritage domestic turkeys are the result of cross-breeding between domesticated European varieties and the wild turkeys of North America…

2nd murder suspect sent to Yolo

The second suspect charged in connection with the slayings of two Northern California sheriffs’ deputies has been moved to the Yolo County Jail in Woodland. Janelle Marquez Monroy was moved from the Sacramento County Jail to Yolo on Nov. 11. Previously her husband, Luis Enrique Monroy-Bracamonte (aka Marcelo Marquez), was moved to the El Dorado County jail […]

State water board lifts curtailment order, relieving Outingdale

On Nov. 12, the State Water Resources Control Board lifted the water right curtailments for post-1914 water rights in the Sacramento and San Joaquin River watersheds with a priority date of Dec. 31, 1953, or earlier. The order will be a relief for residents of Outingdale, who will no longer be under a Stage 4 Water Emergency. […]

Rock of ages: Diamonds in meteorite

A continuing source of “scientific gold,” the Sutter’s Mill meteorite that fell in El Dorado County is back in the news again.

This time it’s because researchers have found diamonds and other “treasures” in recovered parts of the meteorite that fell in the …

Interim GM named at Water Agency

Resource Engineer Tracey Eden-Bishop was named interim general manager of the El Dorado County Water Agency at its meeting last Wednesday. Eden-Bishop will take over from Dave Eggerton effective Dec. 1. Eggerton, the current general manager, is leaving at the end of November to take the job of general manager with the Calaveras County Water District. In other actions, the […]

Water&Power JPA on the bubble

Is the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors getting cold feet about going after additional water rights? That was the question hanging in the air as an update on the status of an application for additional water rights turned into an extended discussion of whether or not the county should continue to be a part of the effort. Currently the county, the El […]

Fire station sports rooftop garden

People driving past fire station No. 25 in Placerville might have thought they were seeing things as four towers of fresh greens seemed to be sprouting from the rooftop.

But no, it wasn’t their imaginations.

The latest idea in growing food in unlikely spaces, the project is the brainchild of the Casemade Garden Foundation in cooperation with the El Dorado County Fire Protection District.

Called “Sprout it from the Rooftops,” the project aims to “green” rooftops by turning …

GDPUD: Officials ripped on way out

Tuesday’s meeting was the last for three board members of the Georgetown Divide Public Utility District who were voted out in last week’s election. Leaving the board will be President Bonnie McLane, Vice President Kathy Otermat and Director Ray Griffiths. The incoming board members, Lon Uso, Carl Hoelscher and Jesse Hanschild, will be sworn in […]

Water Agency GM leaving

Dave Eggerton, the personable general manager of both the El Dorado County Water Agency and the El Dorado Water & Power Authority (EDWPA), has announced he will be leaving the agency to take the job of general manager at the Calaveras County Water District. With Nov. 30 being his last day, Eggerton discussed what has been accomplished […]

Deputy’s murder suspect moved to county

The man accused of shooting and killing a Sacramento County sheriff’s deputy and a Placer County sheriff’s detective was moved from Sacramento County to El Dorado County on Wednesday, Nov. 5. The decision to move Luis Enrique Monroy-Bracamontes (aka Marcelo Marquez) to the Placerville jail was made by Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones, who said he decided […]

Pedestrian hit in Placerville

An 18-year-old was hit by a car and two other pedestrians were narrowly missed when the car veered onto the right shoulder of the road near China Garden Road in Placerville. Officer Quinn Cuthbertson of the California Highway Patrol said the accident happened at approximately 8:45 a.m. on Thursday morning when a 1996 Jeep Cherokee […]

Most Sand Ridge Fire donations distributed

The El Dorado Community Foundation reported it has distributed $60,253 so far to families who lost their homes in the Sand Ridge Fire. To date, nine families have been recipients of the fundraiser held at the El Dorado County Fairgrounds on Aug. 22. “They were extremely grateful to the community and to the foundation for […]

GDPUD: All incumbents tossed

Divide residents decided to make a clean break Tuesday night as they voted out all three incumbents on the board of the Georgetown Divide Public Utility District. Directors Bonnie McLane, Ray Griffiths and Kathy Otermat all lost their bids for reelection. McLane and Otermat have been the subject of considerable criticism, especially over the last 18 months, as […]

Ranalli, Novasel win county supervisor races

Although the election results are not yet final with 8,000 to 10,000 votes still to be counted, it looks like the two new members of the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors will be Sue Novasel and Mike Ranalli.

Leading by 550 votes in the 4th District supervisorial race is Mike Ranalli with 52.7 percent of the vote. Ranalli’s opponent, Howard Penn, garnered 47 percent.

On the day after the election, Ranalli and his wife were out early picking up campaign signs. “I’m relieved it’s over and grateful for the opportunity to serve the county,” he said.

Asked why he believes he placed first, Ranalli narrowed it down to two main things. “Howard …”

Morrison, Blackmon join CPCSD incumbents

The Cameron Park Community Services District board will see some old faces along with some new ones as a result of Tuesday’s election. Re-elected for four-year terms were incumbents Scott McNeil with 20 percent of the vote and Greg Stanton with 19.5 percent. Joining them will be newcomer Holly Morrison, who received 18 percent. “I am […]

Knight elected trustee for Los Rios

Former member of the Board of Supervisors John Knight came out ahead in Tuesday’s election and will serve as the Trustee, Area 3, on the board of the Los Rios Community College District. Knight won with 29.9 percent of the total vote, followed by Brad Trimble with 25.1 percent; Marc Allaman with 23.7 percent and Leroy […]

Proposed equestrian center continued by planners

At the Oct. 23 meeting, the El Dorado County Planning Commission continued off-calendar a proposal for an equestrian center in Rescue. To be located on the south side of Green Valley Road at the intersection with Deer Valley Road, the proposal includes two parcels totaling 146.42 acres. The applicant, Dennis Graham, is seeking to rezone one of […]

State plan eyes water use fee

Californians should expect higher water prices and conservation as a way of life according to an updated California Water Plan released on Oct. 30 by the Department of Water Resources. In a joint media announcement, John Laird, secretary of the Natural Resources Agency, and Mark Cowin, director of the Department of Water Resources, noted the state is facing extreme drought, […]

Huge turnout for Deputy Oliver’s memorial service

ROSEVILLE — At least 5,000 law enforcement personnel, friends, family members and elected officials attended the memorial service for slain Sacramento County Sheriff Deputy Danny P. Oliver on Monday, Nov. 3.

Oliver, 47, a resident of El Dorado County, was shot and killed Oct. 24 during a murder spree that began in Sacramento and ended in Placer County. Placer County Detective Michael Davis Jr. was also killed during the incident and three other people were wounded.

Best Hair Salon: The Look Salon

If you like being pampered, then The Look Salon is the place for you. A full-service salon located at 415 Placerville Drive, Suite I, in Placerville, employees are eager to cater to all of your beauty needs whether you want an update or a complete make over. From expert cuts, coloring and texturing of your hair to waxings and […]

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Best Paint Store: The Paint Spot

With two locations, The Paint Spot is proud to be an independent Benjamin Moore and Pittsburgh paint retailer that has served El Dorado County for over 50 years. Delivering the kind of specialized attention to detail and help that you won’t find in larger chain stores, its employees are trained specialists whose experience and helpful advice […]

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Best Body Shop: Hangtown Body Shop

Making your car look good as new again is job one at Hangtown Body Shop. Located at 485 Pierroz Road in Placerville, the business offers full collision repairs, bumper repairs, paint-less dent repairs, scratch removal, paint chip repair and 24-hour towing. Guaranteeing all insurance repairs for life, the company eases the hassle of getting a car repaired after a collision. But they […]

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