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Cook for life shares the long-lasting secret

My dad approached me awhile back and said, “You probably won’t want this, but your grandpa made this cast iron skillet for your grandma when they first got married.” He handed me this blackened and somewhat misshapen pan. I studied it and imagined how my grandmother cooked for six on that old utensil. “The handle […]

Betsy Ross and the American Flag: Did she or didn’t she?

One thing that can’t be disputed is that the American Flag has earned its place in history but not without a little mystery. Things that can’t be disputed about Betsy Ross are that she was born into a Quaker community and was sent to work as an apprentice for an upholsterer when she was a […]

Flagpole Farm raises quality to new heights

As a kid I can remember sitting in class, head held up with both hands and listening to the clip on the rope of our school’s flag tap against the steel pole. That sound overwhelmed whatever lesson our teacher was hoping we’d learn and as the ringing tap continued, my eyes fell to half mast […]

Mosquito Squad: Stopping the party crasher one insect at a time

It’s finally the weekend and you got out the barbecue, swept the spider webs off the furniture on the deck, made one last trip to Safeway for the hamburger buns and now all that’s left to do is wait for your guests. But you are not the only one anticipating a good meal. The mosquito, […]

Why me, not you?

It’s true; mosquitoes seem to prefer some people over others. Why? It has to do with carbon dioxide and what your body secretes. The mosquito seeks out people who run a little warmer than the normal, so they often prefer large people or pregnant women. And for some reason, they prefer people with “O” blood […]

Leave a cloud of dust behind with Idle Wheels

This time of year you’ll see a lot of people hitting the road, heading out in some kind of recreational vehicle, bound for places unknown. One of those RVs is ours, an older unit, looking similar to a 747 without the wings. This is one of those instances where bigger isn’t always better. But George […]

Gardening despite the drought

In the article about Sierra Landscaping Materials, reference was made to his secret recipe for garden gold. While water will be limited once again, you can still grow a vegetable garden by following these steps: 1. Compost: Add organic matter to your soil. Some of us in El Dorado County have extremely sandy soil so […]

Placerville Polaris: The dream is in the ride

There’s just the two of us at home these days so now and again we talk to ourselves. I was walking through my husband’s office and heard him say to his computer screen, “Now that is something I would love to own.” I leaned over his shoulder and ask, “What? That?” He was studying a […]

Alpha K9 offers veterans man’s best friend

“The world would be a better place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.” — M.K. Clinton, author of “The Returns” We’ve all heard of it: PTSD. Isn’t that what allegedly caused former Marine Eddy Ray Routh, who had been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, to shoot Chris Kyle […]

Sierra Landscaping Materials: Can you dig it?

Tim Smith has a secret and if you were to know what it is, he’d have to kill you. That’s how well he guards the final ingredient of the best danged garden and top soil in the county. As the weather gets warmer, folks are showing up with their five-pound bags, loading them up with […]

Nail It Roofing: Homegrown and happy

It was the late 1990s. Two brothers, heavy backpacks thrown over a shoulder, walked toward the high school they would eventually graduate from. Conversations were light, often about cars, (something with muscle) sports (preferably pro), girls (pretty much anything) and most importantly, lunch. Thoughts of what career path they’d choose rarely, if ever, came up. […]

Come, enjoy the Party Room

While home parties  are always a blast, the pressure to buy kind of wears you thin. At this year’s El Dorado County Home and Garden Show, that pressure is gone. And why has no one has thought of this before? The “home party” has gone public. No more ordering things we don’t want or will […]

Building your dreams with Wayside Lumber

This is the year that you are going to add on to your home or maybe build a guest house, new deck or possibly, that outbuilding that could house all those boy-toys that fill your garage. You kind of want to do this project owner/builder, so you take those plans down to Wayside Lumber in […]

Sierra Home Alternatives will keep you warm

They opened their doors in 1997, and unlike many family owned businesses, their doors have stayed open and have welcomed homeowners and contractors in for over 17 years. That says a lot about a business. Casey Kish and Parrish Stanton have succeeded in making their customers continue to come back to for their heating, cooling […]

Keep yourself cool with Scotty’s Heating and Air

I think we could all agree that this year has been unusual regarding the weather. The East Coast has had to ration their oil and propane, while those of us who live here in El Dorado County have had mild weather, bordering on a drought year. We all know that summer will come, and with […]

Got deer? Got pool? ‘Got Fence’ to save the day

Grow it and they will come. The deer, that is. At least that’s how it seems here in El Dorado County. If you have any kind of landscaping, there’s something either climbing over or digging under everything you have tried to keep the critters out of your garden. “This time of year, especially,” Beau Keefauver, […]

Godzilla’s Tree Service: They go out on a limb for you

You’ve been looking at for years that aging oak that hangs dangerously over your deck and garage. But it still offers shade come summer and only the one branch seems to be a little discolored and “woody.” Then Dave Bender from Channel 13 news comes on at 4 and warns you of a wind advisory. […]

Charms from Origami Owl

Maybe you’ve heard the story: Arizona’s Bella Weems was just a sophomore in high school but knew that before long she’d be wanting a car. And she’d been taught early on that the way to get what you want is through hard work. She loved making jewelry so she started with an idea: She would […]

Rainbow System vacuums and cleans spots

We’ve all purchased one — an affordable vacuum cleaner from one of the big box stores and the first couple of times you use it you are convinced that this will be your “forever” vacuum. Many of us have an active family and a number of furry critters sharing the house with us. Others have […]

Cal Fire ready to attack wildland fires

If you’ve got a smart phone or any kind of mobile device, no doubt you’ve heard about those apps that tell you how to burn calories, tone and build muscle by simply subscribing to that application. If you live in rural El Dorado County, you don’t need an exercise app. Fire season is coming and […]

Seeking Mr. Sandman: Delta Bedding is sleep HQ

When you’re a kid, falling to sleep was never the problem. Waking up, especially on school days, was. And getting out of bed on weekends just seemed pointless, at least, until about noon or so. And then we got old. Or rather older. When the day is over, all you can think about is hitting […]

Atwood Insurance continues local tradition

The year was 1919 and the Atwood family went into the insurance business,  opening their doors in El Dorado County. They called it Atwood Insurance and the farmers, homesteaders and early residents of Placerville came to know them as friends and trusted their insurance needs to them. Today, the children and the grandchildren of those […]

Change your look with Countertops Alternatives

You swore you wouldn’t do it. You even bought a nice butcher-block cutting board so you wouldn’t be tempted to slice and dice on your countertops. But you went ahead and did anyway. It started with just one quick slice of salami. The knife was barely sharp enough to cut through the aged meat. The […]

Floors to Go at new location

It’s been a long winter and kind of an on-again/off-again spring. But soon it will be summer the sun will shine through those windows and winter hibernation will be over. For most of us who live in rural El Dorado County, that red dirt or sandy soil outside has made its way into the house, […]

Garrett Forest Management will turn your forest into a park

This year the weather has been so unpredictable. It’s hot in December, no sign of snow or rain. Then seemingly overnight, winter comes on fast and ferocious, with snow at extremely low elevations and what seems like endless rain. And all of that water will mean that things will be green in El Dorado County […]

Unique items at Under the Arbor Home and Garden Décor

Discover a place of enchantment. We all have those memories – that of visiting an older relative who lives in a home that’s been in the family for generations. As you enter, often through the kitchen, the familiar fragrance of well-aged wood embraces you and you just know that visiting this home is going to […]

Short Load Mobile Mix: Solutions set in concrete

Like a lot of kids who are born and raised in El Dorado County, Rich Mainwaring was pretty sure that he wanted to grow up on the river, spending his days running the rapids. And like a lot of kids, he found out that finding employment as a river rat wasn’t all that probable. Being […]

The Poultry Palace: How to find a fine-feathered friend

About 40 years ago James J. Leroy’s grandfather retired from his job in Southern California and was sent off with a gift from his co-workers: five chickens and two ducks. “They figured he was moving to the country,” Jay told me. “And back in those days, I guess Roseville was considered country.” Jay’s grandfather had […]

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Placerville’s own Tool Man: Placerville Polaris

For many of us, the smell of machine oil or transmission fluid makes us feel all warm inside and reminds us that it’s time to get out of the house and hit the road. Get out there and uncover that ATV or motorcycle that’s been stored away for the winter. What? You don’t have either […]

Sealed for all seasons with Aspen Seal Coating

One of the best things about living in El Dorado County is the chance to experience all four seasons. Two of those spectacular seasons wreak havoc on our driveways. “The sun beating down on an asphalt driveway during the hot summer months causes oxidation,” said Jeff Simms, owner of Aspen Seal Coating. “The actual asphalt can decompose or breakdown […]

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Finding a career in Mary Kay Cosmetics

“I wasn’t one of those girls who wore makeup,” admits Angela Honoroff, remembering her teen years. “I had a lot of skin problems and tried just about everything you could get at the drugstore.” Still, the outdoorsy teen was unable to keep the blemishes from occurring. Her mother watched her daughter struggle and as a woman who used Mary […]

Byers’ LeafGuard Gutter Systems makes a family promise

Every spring, those of us who live in El Dorado County are reminded to rid our property of standing water. Mosquitoes love nasty water and deem it to be the perfect breeding ground. So you wander your property, making sure that all containers have been drained, dropping those discs that kill potential mosquitoes into fountains, ponds and old tree […]

Halls Window Center moves into spacious new digs

A gianormous man with a head the size of a Buick, dressed in white and holding an Andersen window floats above the entrance of the new Halls Window Center in Ranch Cordova. He’s not real, but rather an inflatable fellow, designed to promote the Grand Opening of Hall’s new site. And he is planning on being at this year’s […]

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NCT Countertops makes your house a home

If you were to flip through the pages of one of the Home and Garden magazines, you might find this handsome couple standing in their designer kitchen, each holding a glass of wine — she dressed in a sleeveless summer dress — he in a pastel polo and slacks — one pretending to talk to the other. I subscribe […]

Mountain High Painting gives your home a fresh face

There are a whole lot of folks living in El Dorado County who have just survived one of the longest, coldest winters in El Dorado County’s history. In an effort to stay warm, wood, propane and pellet stoves burned nonstop. Snow piled waist high on decks and walkways. And when the sun finally came out, many of us were […]

Jonas Heating and Cooling: Three generations of service

Underneath some of the homes that were originally built in El Dorado County in the mid-1800s, are furnaces that have warmed family after family for over a century. Some of them continue to work while others are strictly a lesson in history: relics of a time when oil burning boilers kept these old homes warm. On a mobile phone, […]

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Area Wide Roofing continues a family tradition

Before the sun begins to peek above the horizon in El Dorado County, a group of hard working men are busy loading their trucks and filling water coolers. They know that even though the blistering sun will bring them to their knees by mid-afternoon, there is a homeowner who is counting on them to finish the roof by the […]

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Nature Select brings it to your home

Crystal Ching loved going to the Farmers Market. What she didn’t like was being sucked into a booth by a vendor where she’d be subjected to a sales pitch about something she was only mildly interested in. So when the Sacramento resident saw a vendor handing out free samples of dry dog food, she inched closer, avoiding eye contact. […]

Diamond Central stocks masonry supplies, rock tile and bricks

You’ve made yourself the same promise year after year, swearing that you will complete that outdoor entertaining area. Maybe you even went as far as to buy that stunning stainless steel six-burner barbecue system, fully intending to construct some kind of outdoor kitchen to go along with it. Alas, it sits covered with a tarp, two plastic lawn […]

All screened in – Phantom Retractable Screens

The way things are looking this is probably not going to be a banner year for selling your home. Not to say that the buyers aren’t out there. They are. But the serious buyers are interested in investment properties or a home that is so breath-takingly desirable that it sells itself. According to the calendar, summer is just […]

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A little bit of Cajun comes to Home and Garden Show

From the Deep South, where moss hangs from trees that hang over the swamps and bayous, comes some of the best food this country has to offer. And right here in El Dorado County, lives a Cajun cooking legend, Charley Addison. At this year’s El Dorado County Home and Garden show Charley will be teaching us all a little […]

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