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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

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Diamond Springs’ resident bags trophy elk

Editor’s note: Below is the conclusion of the early October hunting trip Diamond Springs’ resident John Sethre took to White Peaks Ranch in Utah to hunt elk. Accompanying Sethre were four generations of his extended family: nephew Gary McCarty, 73; Gary’s son Gordie McCarty, 45; and Gary’s grandson Erik Abraham, 13. Erik’s dad JT accompanied the […]

Hunt expedition covered four generations

Participants John Sethre, age 87 – Uncle to Gary McCarty Gary McCarty, age 73 – Gordie McCarty and Annette McCarty/Abraham’s (Erik’s mother) father Gordie McCarty, age 45 – Gary’s son, organizer of the expedition Erik Abraham, age 13 – Gary’s grandson, son of Annette JT Abraham, age 46 – Erik’s father, spouse of Annette Mike […]

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