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Friday, April 18, 2014

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Grow For It! Put your garden to bed

Realize benefits in your garden next spring by investing some TLC this fall. Nature gives gardeners autumn downtime as wetter conditions and cooler temperatures cause many plants to die back. Use this time to clean up and plan ahead for next year’s garden and you’ll reduce spring workload and get rid of unwanted pests and […]

Grow For It!: Worms — Nature’s tillers

Everyone knows soil makes or breaks a garden — but did you know that nature provides subterranean earth plows to continuously improve the soil? We’re talking about those small creatures — worms, that improve soil by tilling it, allowing air, water and nutrients to go deep. Worms also produce the best finished compost available: vermicompost. […]

Grow For It! Why don’t you grow up?

Each new garden season dreams of the best vegetable garden and most colorful flower beds dance in our heads. This year, why not think “up,” and try vertical gardening? It’s a convenient, innovative way to maximize what you grow in less space. It works for growing fruits, vegetables, flowers and landscape plants. This article focuses […]

Grow For It! Threatening Our Pines: White Pine Blister Rust

Imagining our foothills and mountains — your own backyard — with no pines, is unthinkable. Pine trees are icons of the Sierra Nevada range, descending from ancient tree families dating as far back as 290 million years. These evergreens were revered by Native Americans as symbols of life and beneficent persons in the form of […]

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