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Letters to the Editor

Check your facts first

EDITOR A letter to editor in Monday’s Mountain Democrat complained of EID giving away 3,100 acre feet of water to Fresno and Kings County, without press coverage about it. I think this has been in the local press, but will answer from memory of discussion at an EID board meeting. EID has surplus water from […]

Where are the service organization logos?

EDITOR: I read in the Monday, June 28, Mountain Democrat that there is a controversy regarding the Placerville sign and whether to include event advertising or not. I feel that, before any changes are made, the city of Placerville (should) find and reinstall the service organization logos that were taken down when Highway 50 was […]

Farmers market defense

EDITOR: Greg Homer’s snide letter of June 17 disparaging the Placerville Farmers Market was irritatingly condescending. After stereotyping the clientele, he racially profiles the sellers. He claims their wares are likely from Mexico and Southern California via Safeway. Mr. Homer, you are so off base; it does make a person wonder why you feel compelled […]

Thanks for the help

EDITOR: I wanted to take a moment to commend and thank Supervisor Brian Veerkamp and his assistant Kathy Witherow for their help in resolving an important issue I was having with the city of Folsom. Even though El Dorado County was not directly impacted by my immediate issue with Folsom, they were willing and able to […]

Who will see the sign?

EDITOR: Regarding the “City sign changes debated” article of June 29, the City Council seems to be having some trouble seeing the sign in the forest through the trees. People really don’t look out their car or truck windows anymore. The next time you’re driving next to someone on Highway 50, take a glance into their windows. Everyone […]

Thanks to a firefighter

EDITOR: I would like to take a moment to say thank you to the fireman who took time out of his day off to come and talk to the preschool aged children at the library. A friend and I took our young children to the firefighter story time at the Placerville library Friday. I had pictured the usual […]

Side-stepping the Electoral College

EDITOR: Apparently making end runs around the Constitution of the United States is rubbing off on local Democratic politicians with Gov. Jerry Brown signing AB459 presented by Assemblyman Jerry Hill D-San Mateo. This bill is sponsored by a movement called the National Popular Vote, which has President Barack Obama’s support. This bill is an attack […]

Why are we giving water away?

EDITOR: In this fourth year of drought, I am struggling to understand why we would be considering sending 3,100 acre-feet of our water to Fresno and Kings counties. The environmental impact report submitted by EID’s consultants at the Sacramento firm AECOM does not highlight the positive impact this release would have for the residents of this […]

A week in history

EDITOR: In one week, the Confederate flag was removed from public buildings, the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) was upheld by the Supreme Court and that court made same-sex marriage legal in every state. America is better for all of that. Those that are unhappy with the ACA (Obamacare) might consider that both Social Security and Medicare […]

Why couldn’t we get a ride?

EDITOR: I am very disturbed with the help at the El Dorado County Fair. We asked for help to get my father down to the Green Gate from the Budweiser Stadium and not Search and Rescue nor the people driving the little golf carts around would help. We went there to watch the Legends of […]

Facts about farmers markets

EDITOR: A letter to the editor in Wednesday’s Mountain Democrat (June 17) was full of stylish statements about the visitors and participants in the Saturday Placerville Ivy House Farmers Market. Let’s get real; there are no laws about visitors but there are exacting ones for farmers. No. 1: Each grower has a certification which states […]

Constructive disagreements can work

EDITOR: Bob, I always read your column, but you’re sounding awful preachy. Your title should have been “It’s better not to argue.” Maybe that’s what you submitted and some dopey editor had a worse idea. The column was about the futility and potential harm of argumentation. OK, so let’s just all get along. Why fight […]

Mik got it wrong

EDITOR: In a recent article reported on June 19, 2015, on this year’s Grand Jury, the jury wrote a report “A sign of the Times” on the conduct of District 1 Supervisor Ron Mikulaco. In a defensive assertion alleging that “The Grand Jury was disbanded recently for misconduct” Supervisor Mikulaco was undoubtedly referring to the […]

Board flunks budget test

EDITOR: On June 4 I watched again as the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors succumbed to the ease of the expedient and passed a preliminary budget that does nothing to address the immediate or long-term fiscal woes of the county. At the end of three days of budget hearings the consensus seemed to be: Let’s […]

Money down the drain?

EDITOR: The El Dorado Water and Power Agency is planning to give $11 million of your tax money to water and environmental consultants in the hope of getting new post-1914 water rights for 40,000 acre feet of water. That’s right. Water rights … but not real water. These rights would not be worth the paper they’re printed […]

The boys and girls on the hill

EDITOR: In a recent letter about a “Million-dollar political horse race,” the taxpayers of El Dorado County deserve to give a “thank you” to Abel Logan for shedding light on the kingdom at the end of the “Bridge to nowhere.” He spelled it out in black and white, corruption located in the boys and girls […]

It is apathy

EDITOR: Apathy (definition — noun) is lack of interest, enthusiasm or concern. In regards to government, the vast majority of people can be classified as apathetic to the goings on of our various government institutions. To most, our glass runneth over with our own day-to-day scenarios. And that is very understandable what with work, family […]

Brian Williams at MSNBC

EDITOR: Brian Williams, the previous anchor of the NBC Nightly News, has finally admitted, “I said things that weren’t true.” OK now that we all have that out of the way, the brains at NBC have decided to transfer the admitted liar to his new assignment as a breaking news anchor for MSNBC. This doesn’t […]

Warning for seniors

EDITOR: This letter concerns mobile home living for seniors. Have you all studied the park rules and laws where you live? Did you know that the owner could evict you at any time even though you own your home? If you are thinking of retiring in a mobile home park, for your sake read the […]

Rumsfeld’s interview with the Times of London

EDITOR: In a recent interview with the Times of London (a Fox News affiliate), Donald Rumsfeld reminisced about the Iraq invasion to reporter Melanie Phillips. Rumsfeld is quoted saying: “The idea that we could fashion a democracy in Iraq was unrealistic.” Shortly thereafter, Rumsfeld cried “foul,” saying that he had been misquoted and that what […]

Two worlds of the farmers market

EDITOR Take a short stroll through our Saturday Placerville Farmers Market. You’ll see two distinct cultures: Culture 1 — The buyers The women: Beatific smiles, long madras print skirts, big floppy hats, reusable bags, cell phones stuck to ears and all have emerged from a hybrid car with a ‘co-exist’ sticker. The men: Beatific smiles, tie-dyed T-shirts, sandals with […]

The American Foreign Legion

EDITOR: The announcement that the United States will build and defend “training bases” (forts) close to the combat zones in Iraq brings to mind the French Foreign Legion of yore. Big, mud-walled forts out in the sand dunes of North Africa manned by mercenary Legionnaires to keep the Arab and moor tribes under control. Well, […]

Appreciating my gun rights

EDITOR: For all of you liberal, anti-gun people, I bet you’re glad you don’t live in upstate New York now. How would you handle these murderers? Maybe you could “talk” to them or convince them to have a meal with you. Maybe you could throw rocks at them. Good luck. As for me, I’d have […]

Larry Weitzman’s vendetta

EDITOR: Age does not wear well with Larry Weitzman. Perhaps it’s the time he spent in the hoosegow that has turned him into a misogynistic crank. Weitzman used this newspaper to destroy the career of former CAO Terri Daly, whose only sin was to challenge the unchecked power of Joe Harn. Weitzman is now bent […]

Return to morality

EDITOR: Is God disciplining America? “Know then in your heart that as a man disciplines his son, so the Lord your God disciplines you.” Deuteronomy 8:5 The purpose of discipline is to correct behavior. Are we Americans behaving in ways pleasing to God? Does He approve of removing prayer from schools and the Ten Commandments from […]

Take a look in the mirror

EDITOR: I see we have another one of Mr. Garon’s hypocrisy letters railing against the right. As far back as he went to get some of his examples makes me wonder if he doesn’t just cut and paste some of his old letters back together. Actually, Mr. Garon, you needn’t go back that far in […]

Children’s books at Snowline Hospice

EDITOR: We would like to applaud Snowline Hospice’s action to reduce the cost of all children’s books to 50 cents each, no matter the size. MORE’s community book program provides children’s books for Social Services, WIC and EDC Community Health Clinic. The purpose of MORE’s program is to promote literacy. Children’s books are purchased at […]

‘Tree huggers’ and ‘no dam builders’

EDITOR: Many years ago, in a state far, far away, lived a people, just plain ordinary folk that were schooled by the school of hard knocks and common sense. They worked hard to support their families and believed in their future. They sent their children off to institutions of higher learning. Some of these children […]

3 wrongs don’t make a right

EDITOR: There’s a place very close to my heart in the Warner Mountains by Alturas that I call my ranch. Actually, it used to be a ranch settled in 1868 by a family whose last son’s ashes were spread there last summer on the homestead. It also used to be a lumber mill and had […]

Rogue’s gallery of GOP hypocrites

EDITOR: Many of my letters to the editor have mentioned the rank hypocrisy of the GOP, beginning way back when John Doolittle was channeling official funds to his wife and Larry Weitzman had not yet been convicted of a felony. Then we had Gingrich, Livingston, Henry Hyde, Larry Craig — all moral majority types, strong on […]

Longhofer’s tactics help Tea Party

EDITOR: I see Mr. Longhofer has written another wild-eyed letter about the Tea Party. How they will kill everybody with a virus and other such nonsense. About the only thing he left out was black helicopters. Now anyone who reads this paper knows that Mr. Longhofer has probably been closer to the surface of Mars […]

Million-dollar political horse race

EDITOR: It’s horse racing season folks! Those thoroughbred horse racing fans may have an affinity for the Kentucky Derby, Breeder’s Cup, Belmont Stakes or even the Preakness, but what you may not have known is that El Dorado County has its own high stakes multi-million-dollar-prize silent horse race nearing a multi-million-dollar payout of Daily Double […]

Graduation schedule frustration

EDITOR: Why are almost all the graduation ceremonies in El Dorado County on the same night? I raised my family in El Dorado County and my family stayed on and raised their families in El Dorado County, but my grandchildren go to different high schools. We don’t have that many high schools in our county; […]

Grady Worth’s letter

EDITOR: When I read Grady’s letter to the editor, I found it truly inspirational and quite amazing that an 11-year-old boy is so aware of what is going on in the world around him, and is willing to confront a dire problem that is occurring. Grady wrote a fantastic letter and I think it is […]

The Second Amendment

EDITOR: Here are some quotes about the right to bear arms: “Those who hammer their guns into plowshares will plow for those who do not.” — Thomas Jefferson “Those who trade liberty for security have neither.” — Sam Adams “Free men do not ask permission to bear arms.” “An armed man is a citizen. An […]

The USS Liberty attack

June 8 is the 48th anniversary of the attack by Israel on the USS Liberty. In the process, the Israelis murdered 34 Americans and wounded another 171. However, their real intent was to sink the ship and kill all of its crew. While the Israelis later claimed the attack was a mistake, survivors of the […]

Celebrate Memorial Day every day

EDITOR: In America we celebrate quite a number of holidays. Christmas is celebrated because it is a time for parents and grandparents to spoil their children and grandchildren. This is quite alright. Easter is celebrated so that children can enjoy the opportunity to hunt for eggs left by the Easter Bunny. Upon questioning several students […]

What the heck?

EDITOR: Top story this week in Sacramento is Gov. Brown and the California Senate have decided to extend the California Film industry incentive program. What is that, you might ask? Well in short, to save the film industry in Hollywood that was experiencing a mass exodus to states elsewhere, the Democrat governor and Legislature decided […]

Response to ‘Why I am a liberal’

EDITOR: Like Mitt Romney, Ronald Reagan and millions of others, I believe in affordable health care for all Americans. Clearly we need a program that will cover everyone, cost less and provide higher quality with better accessibility than any competing nation. I also believe in the rule of law and the Constitution of the United […]

Increasing taxes

EDITOR: I am writing regarding pending legislation SB16, a bill that will increase fuel taxes by $.10 to $.12 per gallon and increase vehicle license fees by $35 per vehicle to fund repairs on California roads. I am opposed to this increase. Over the last decade more than $100 million has been stolen from the […]

Climate change believers

EDITOR: It’s amazing how our government brainwashes everyone into believing that a miniscule amount of pollutants that humans introduce to the hundreds of millions of square miles of atmosphere that this world has is beyond belief. It is like taking an eyedropper and putting two drops of poison in an Olympic-size swimming pool. It wouldn’t […]

Allow me to reopen my dispensary

EDITOR: Here’s a list of reasons I should be allowed to reopen my dispensary in Placerville: The good: • It creates jobs (at least 12 to 15). • It takes at least 20 to 30 people off of public assistance, saving the city, county and state more than $100,000 each month. • It helps several […]

The theory of evolution

EDITOR: The theory of evolution explains life as developing gradually from simple forms to forms that are more complex. It considers that changes occur when creatures mutate to adapt to changing environmental conditions. Those mutations that are beneficial become dominant as inferior animals die out due to survival of the fittest. However, this theory does […]

A poor choice of friends

EDITOR: I take exception to Chris Daley’s description of his climate-change-denying friends as “smart” people. People denying accepted science are “willfully ignorant,” not “smart,” particularly when their only “evidence” is that scientists are looking “for government grants.” Could there be a sillier argument? Energy industries would rush to open their checkbooks to obtain these scientists’ […]

Archaic religion

EDITOR: Must we cause each other so much pain because of barbaric beliefs that it is only then that we evolve beyond them? Must the fear of change rage within us that our beliefs continue to impede our own evolution towards a more caring world? Or can we learn to evolve beyond them? If we […]

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