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Friday, April 18, 2014

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Bipolar Insights: Happy last year

By now the excitement of a new year has diminished. We are falling back into our routines, the holidays have become a memory and our sight is now on the events of the days ahead. As the calendar year comes to a close, we often contemplate the future with the hope that it will be […]

Bipolar Insight: The family

A family can be defined in the following way: “A group of people living together and functioning as a single household, usually consisting of parents and their children.” (Encarta Dictionary) I prefer this definition: “Families may span several generations, several households, and may change in response to life events such as divorce, remarriage and children […]

Bipolar Insights: What am I to do?

When any of us asks the age-old question, “What am I to do?” those words often echo throughout the room, bouncing back and forth filling us with confusion and fear. Each week I hear the cries of those who are diagnosed with bipolar disorder and/or their families asking what they should do. Each person involved […]

Bipolar Insights: Illness

When I began teaching at Bipolar Insights, I had a mindset which many people share. It is the inability to recognize what I define as “similarity blindness.” I was programmed to believe that medical conditions were categorized based on severity — that there were no similarities among illnesses. This faulty belief system told me that […]

Bipolar Insights: Authenticity and mercy

It was one of those moments that appear out of nowhere. Suddenly, without warning, anguish approaches, your stomach tightens and tears wash over your cheeks. You are left to wonder WHY? How does one understand or accept a world where a single moment brings unbearable sorrow? On Dec. 14 the world was united in that […]

Bipolar Insights: The man in the Fedora Hat

Frequently new people attend the weekly Bipolar Insights meetings. Some only attend one meeting while others might come from time to time. There are many who attend regularly. Without question, though, those who attend are in pain, they are confused, and they are desperate to find an answer to the weight of their burdens. Each […]

Bipolar Insights: The power of pain

When diagnosed with bipolar disorder, one is presented with a list of symptoms that represent mania or depression. The variations from one individual to another are minimal — depending on the type of bipolar: Bipolar 1 (mostly manic with little depression), Bipolar 2 (mostly depressed with little mania), or Bipolar Disorder (mania and depression cycles). […]

Bipolar Insights: Together

“Did you hear that Mary Jones died? She committed suicide. You probably know that she had a history of mental illness.” With those few sentences, each of us is capable of creating our own inaccurate story about Mary Jones and mental illness. Based on perception and personal beliefs, a misrepresentation of Mary and mental illness […]

Bipolar Insights: Another beginning

Beginnings come in many forms. Just as each new day is a beginning, so are birthdays, anniversaries and the start of a new year. With every fresh start, we have an opportunity to reevaluate our lives. Will we resolve to lose weight, exercise, read more or take that long-awaited vacation? Often we begin in December […]

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Bipolar Insights: What does Bipolar Insights represent?

I recently was asked to be a guest on the community access television channel in Sacramento. With date and time determined, I looked forward to being able to represent Bipolar Insights. Over the past several years I have been interviewed many times, and normally I am comfortable answering questions and explaining our program. On this […]

Bipolar Insights: Seeking help

It seems almost impossible that Bipolar Insights’ 13th anniversary is here. I remember well the first day I stood in front of the three individuals in attendance back then. I had no real expectations of what the future might hold. Shock and fear were my companions as I began this journey. Looking back over the […]

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