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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Author Archive: Mark Belden

My turn: A fair California flat income tax

Since 1935 California individuals and corporations have been paying a state income tax. The individual California income tax is considered progressive, meaning the more one earns the greater the “rate” imposed. California corporations pay a flat tax depending upon the industry classification. The personal California rates are divided into nine tax rate brackets from 1 […]

My turn: The economy and jobs in rural California

Although I am passionate about getting voters involved, especially the silent majority and many of you have read my past op-eds, my true passion is small business promotion (where the bulk of private sector jobs are created) and reducing the size of our government by improving its efficiency. These beliefs are shared by many rural […]

My turn: Minority rules!

One of the best things about living in a democracy is that everyone legally allowed to cast a vote has a voice. While campaigning for the 5th Assembly District last year, I heard too many people too often say that one vote — their vote — does not matter. Every election from the local school […]

My Turn: What is your political compass heading?

I have met thousands of people in my course of campaigning and they would ask me about my political ideology. Am I conservative or liberal? I told them I am in the middle. I would question them about their ideology. Some would state that I am very conservative. Then I would ask them, “Do you […]

My turn: The missing middle in California politics

The political arena in California and elsewhere is packed with who can shout the loudest and spend the most from the far sides of the political ideology spectrum. The rest of us, the majority, sit quietly on the sidelines. Call us moderates, centralists, even independents. We are the largest voting bloc, political or otherwise. It […]

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