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Friday, April 18, 2014

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Bond refinancing reduces EID debt by $11.4M

During its March 10 meeting, the El Dorado Irrigation District Board of Directors received an update on the success of the district’s recent bond refinancing. EID Director of Finance Mark Price noted that the results of the Feb. 13 bond refinancing were outstanding. “The results exceeded all of our expectations in reduction of debt as […]

Sewer commodity rate options set

At its Feb. 24 meeting, the El Dorado Irrigation District Board of Directors voted unanimously to direct staff to use the lower of the last two years — either 2013 or 2014 — of winter water usage billing cycles to establish a customer’s 2014 sewer commodity rate. This is the second time the district has […]

EID Q&A: Straight talk about the drought

Now that the El Dorado Irrigation District is in a Stage 2 Water Supply Warning, and customers are expected to conserve 30 percent, what exactly does that mean? It means that EID is asking customers to voluntarily reduce their water consumption to help achieve a 30 percent reduction in water use from the past three-year […]

EID eyes drought declaration, surcharge

On Feb. 4, a special meeting of the El Dorado Irrigation District Board of Directors will convene to consider declaring a Stage 1 water alert. It has been widely reported that 2013 was the driest year in recorded history for many areas of California. Current conditions suggest much of the same for 2014. “There are […]

EID board asks for voluntary water conservation, stops short of declaring drought so far

During its Jan. 13 meeting, the EID board received an update from staff regarding the district’s water supply in relation to the ongoing dry conditions. The district’s service area has experienced two consecutive dry years, with calendar year 2013 being the driest on record. “Because EID has an integrated water supply system with multiple sources, […]

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EID Q&A on Delta Plan

Q&A: Update on the Bay Delta Conservation Plan In this edition of the Q&A, EID Director of Communications and Community Relations Mary Lynn Carlton talks with EID General Counsel Tom Cumpston and Deputy General Counsel Brian Poulsen about the progress on the BDCP. Q. In the May/June 2012 issue of the Waterfront, I spoke with […]

‘Flushable’ wipes clog pipes

Toilet paper dissolves in a matter of seconds once it gets flushed. Sanitary wipes are a different story. The truth is, sanitary wipes that are often labeled as “flushable” are anything but. Items like baby wipes, disinfectant cleaning wipes, sanitary hand wipes and the like contain oils and lotions and do not break down like […]

EID Q&A: Ensuring that safety is No. 1

In this Q&A, EID Director of Communications and Community Relations Mary Lynn Carlton discusses the topic of safety with Safety-Security Officer Ron Kilburg and Hydroelectric Division Manager Dan Gibson. Questions in bold are by Carlton, answers by Kilburg and Gibson. I understand EID recently won an award for safety. Can you tell me about the […]

Water rates rolled back to 5% for 2014

At its Oct. 28 meeting, the El Dorado Irrigation District Board of Directors approved a 2014 mid-cycle operating budget in the amount of $44.3 million. This budget reduces a previously-adopted rate increase of 11 percent for water services down to a 5 percent increase, effective Jan. 1, 2014. The previously-adopted rate increase for wastewater and […]

EID Q&A: Confronting challenges

This edition of the Q&A series focuses on the financial and operational challenges EID General Manager Jim Abercrombie faced in his first four years with the district. Mary Lynn Carlton, EID’s communications and community relations director, discusses this topic with Abercrombie.  You’ve now been with EID for four years. What has surprised you most during […]

Favorable financial audit report accepted and filed by EID board

  During the June 24 board meeting, EID Accounting Manager Tony Pasquarello reported that independent auditing and accounting firm Richardson & Co. conducted the 2012 financial audit of EID and issued an unqualified “clean” opinion, meaning there were no material findings, and this is the highest level of assurance an auditor can have. The purpose […]

Q&A: Wastewater master plan is scalable for future demand

El Dorado Irrigation District’s Communications and Community Relations Director Mary Lynn Carlton spoke with Engineering Manager Elizabeth Wells and Wastewater Operations Manager Vickie Caulfield about the Wastewater Facilities Master Plan.  Q: The Wastewater Facilities Master Plan (WWFMP) was approved by the EID Board of Directors on May 28. What is the purpose of the plan […]

EID Q&A on Integrated Water Resources Master Plan

A conversation between EID Communications and Community Relations Director Mary Lynn Carlton, Engineering Director Brian Mueller and Engineering Manager Cindy Megerdigian had the three discuss EID’s new Integrated Water Resources Master Plan.  Q: EID recently completed a very detailed Integrated Water Resources Master Plan (IWRMP) which the Board adopted on March 25. Can you tell […]

EID Water Quality reports online

Each year, the El Dorado Irrigation District provides its customers with an annual water quality report to let you know how our water quality stacks up against established federal and state drinking water standards. EID encourages customers to review this report as it provides details about the source and quality of the drinking water delivered to […]

EID Q&A: Measuring performance

A conversation between Mary Lynn Carlton, EID Communications and Community Relations Director, and General Manager Jim Abercrombie regarding EID’s Performance Measurement Program Can you tell me how EID measures its performance? Like most businesses, EID measures performance both over time and by comparison to similar utilities. In order to assure that we are providing safe […]

Mother Lode Force Main Phase 2C public meeting March 20

The El Dorado Irrigation District is continuing the sewer pipeline construction project of the Mother Lode Force Main, with construction anticipated to begin in June and be completed by August. The construction area will be along Oakmont Lane, Lakeview Drive, and a small portion of South Shingle Road. In accordance with the county’s encroachment permit, it […]

Q&A: EID’s explains smart irrigation rebate

I understand that EID offers a “smart” rebate program. Can you tell me about this program? EID offers what are called smart irrigation rebates for the upgrade of older irrigation technology to new “smarter” technology, including irrigation controllers that sense weather conditions to estimate water needs, and low-precipitation irrigation nozzles that apply water in an […]

Water, sewer rates rise

As adopted by the El Dorado Irrigation District Board of Directors on March 26, 2012, and as a result of the find­ings from a recent cost of service study, effective Jan. 1, 2013, water rates will increase by 11 percent and wastewater rates will increase by 5 percent. New recreational turf rates will be in […]

EID Q&A: Do you know where your water comes from?

Some people may not realize the effort and cost it takes to transport raw water to a treatment plant, treat it, and then deliver it to a residence or business.  Would you describe the source of our drinking water supply and explain what it takes to get the water to a treatment plant and then […]

Water efficiency workshop set for Cameron Park

El Dorado Irrigation District is holding a public water efficiency workshop in Oct. 23 Cameron Park to discuss the various water efficiency measures EID currently offers to commercial customers. The meeting will go from 8 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. at Cameron Park Community Services District, 2502 Country Club Drive. Participants will learn how they might qualify for […]

EID board tours capital improvement projects

On Sept. 11 members of the El Dorado Irrigation District Board of Directors attended a special board meeting and heard staff reports on projects included in the five-year capital improvement plan (CIP). After the presentation they, along with members of the public, attended a tour of several district facilities to see, firsthand, some of the […]

Q&A on EID’s debt refinancing

EID’s Communications and Community Relations Director Mary Lynn Carlton sat down with EID Finance Director Mark Price and Accounting Manager Tony Pasquarello to talk about the implications of the restructuring of EID’s debt. Q. Recently EID restructured some of its debt. Can you tell me how much debt EID has and why the district restructured […]

Sewer line work planned on Durock in October

El Dorado Irrigation District is planning to begin a sewer pipeline construction project in late October along Durock Road in Shingle Springs. The construction area will be between Oakmont Lane and Pin Lane. In accordance with the county’s encroachment permit, it is anticipated that construction will occur between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 […]

Q&A about EID’s recreation facilities

EID’s Communications and Community Relations Director Mary Lynn Carlton talked with EID Parks and Recreation Supervisor Cheri Jaggers. Can you please provide a brief historical overview of Sly Park? The American River Act of October 14, 1949, signed into law by President Harry Truman, authorized the construction of the Sly Park Unit by the United […]

EID redesigns Website

El Dorado Irrigation District launched a new redesigned Website at the end of June. The new Website uses a robust content management system that helps to ensure information is posted in a timely and easily-accessible manner. The Website also adds new ways for visitors to receive information automatically. “Customers and other interested parties will be […]

EID receives upgraded credit rating saving ratepayers $1M

During its June 25 Board meeting, EID General Manager Jim Abercrombie announced that the District has received an A-plus credit rating to its $55 million Refunding Revenue Bonds Series 2012A and $2.0 million Refunding Revenue Bonds Series 2012B from Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services. Additionally, Moody’s Investor Service has assigned an A1 rating to the […]

Q&A: Bay Delta Plan worries EID

I have heard a lot about the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) lately. Can you tell me about it? The BDCP is a habitat conservation plan and natural communities conservation plan under the federal Endangered Species Act and the California Natural Communities Conservation Planning Act, respectively. When completed, the BDCP would provide the basis for […]

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