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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

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Master Food Preserver: Judging preserved foods at county fairs

Why did the county fair judge choose Linda’s strawberry jam instead of yours? Do you want to learn how county fair judges evaluate your preserved food so you can improve the quality of your fair entries? Do you want to be a county fair judge for preserved foods? Come to an all day workshop/lab and […]

Master Foor Preservers: Leftover and raw foods safety

Have you ever opened up a container of leftovers and wondered … is it still safe to eat? Have you looked at the “Best-by” date and wondered what that meant? Refrigerated leftovers should be kept below 40 degrees and have short shelf lives to stay safe. Here are some foods that are common during holiday […]

Master Food Preservers: Cranberry season

The following recipes feature fresh cranberries used in unique ways. Cranberry jalapeño salsa is sweet and spicy. Serve as you would salsa, with chips, or over cream cheese with crackers or serve as a side for your holiday turkey or tofurkey. Cranberry-pomegranate relish is refreshingly tangy. It can accompany a savory dish, pumpkin pie or […]

Master Food Preservers: All about olives

Preserving olives is mysterious for many. The mystery will be unveiled when you join the Master Food Preservers on Tuesday, Oct. 29 for a free class. The MFPs will share recipes and techniques for preserving olives. This will be the MFPs’ last public class for the season; but if you are interested in becoming a […]

Master Food Preservers: Celebrating an autumn harvest

Oh, those autumn days with fall foliage turning colors, days getting shorter and the temperatures cooling. Autumn is here when you see cranberries available. Join the Master Food Preservers on Tuesday, Oct. 22, for a free class. The MFPs will share recipes and techniques for preserving autumn’s harvest with recipes for persimmons, cranberries, nuts and […]

Master Food Preservers: It’s apple and pear season

Apples and pears have a long and distinguished history in El Dorado County agriculture. Right now, apples and pears are being harvested in Camino. Locals and tourists alike appreciate the fine mountain autumn fruit. Join the Master Food Preservers on Tuesday, Oct. 8 for a free class, where MFPs will share recipes and techniques for […]

Master Food Preservers: Beyond jams and jellies: conserves, butters and marmaldes

Kick it up a notch and make some conserves, butters and marmalades when preserving your harvest. Join the Master Food Preservers on Saturday, Sept. 28 and Tuesday, October 1, for a free class. The MFPs will share recipes and techniques for making conserves, butters and marmalades. So what are conserves, butters and marmalades? Conserves are […]

Master Food Preservers: On the measurement of autumn produce

As summer wanes, the Master Food Preservers are still in full volunteer mode, providing the community with free safe home food preservation classes. Join the Master Food Preservers on Saturday, Sept. 21 and Tuesday, Sept. 24, for a free jerky class. The MFPs will share recipes and techniques for making jerky. As we approach the […]

Master Food Preservers: Oh those tomatoes

Tomatoes: the international fruit. Do you like tomatoes as zesty Mexican salsa, or as Italian pasta sauce? Or maybe just stewed to add to hearty winter soups? The Master Food Preservers of El Dorado County will offer a “Tomatoes, Basic and Fancy” canning class on Saturday, Aug. 3, at the El Dorado County Fairgrounds Board […]

Master Food Preserver: The extreme vegetable — rhubarb

It’s rhubarb time, and don’t miss out on those tart crimson stalks that look like celery – but aren’t. Rhubarb is available right now and it’s wonderful paired with that other crimson star of the season, sweet strawberries. Only eat the stalk of rhubarb, as the leaves and roots are toxic. Rhubarb is low in […]

Master Food Preserver: Canning safely at home

The Master Food Preservers of El Dorado County will kick its summer and fall safe home food preservation classes and will offer a food safety and basic water bath canning class on Tuesday, July 9, at the El Dorado County Fairgrounds Board Room, 100 Placerville Drive in Placerville. The class will be repeated on Saturday, […]

Master Food Preservers: Food safe for picnics

Summertime is upon us and it’s the season for picnics and fun. What’s not fun is contracting foodborne illness. Foodborne illness results from improper handling of food. Remember to clean, separate, cook and chill to avoid foodborne illness. Clean the produce. Rinse fresh fruits and vegetables under running water. Don’t forget to wash the outside […]

Master Food Preservers: On the measurement of summer produce

Summer is just a few days away and many people are busy “putting up” fresh, tasty, healthy homemade preserved foods — they are preserving summer’s goodness. In the middle of winter, you can enjoy summer produce in different ways: canned low-acid fruits in syrup or juice; canned pie fillings, syrups and spreads; pickled and fermented […]

Master Food Preservers team up with the fair

The El Dorado County Fair begins Thursday, June 13 and continues through Sunday, June 16. The Master Food Preservers of El Dorado County will be busy before the fair receiving home preservation entries, classifying the entries, organizing and running entries to the judges and staffing its booth during the fair. Visitors can look at the […]

Master Food Preservers: Strawberry shortcake

Need something to put your home canned strawberry (or other berry) syrup on? A classic way to make strawberry shortcake is with a simple baking powder biscuit recipe. There is no need for a box; this is easily made with just a few ingredients. Not just for shortcake, these baking powder biscuits are delicious with […]

Master Food Preserver: Spring produce

Have you ever been frustrated by a recipe that tells you to use 1/3 cup of freshly squeezed orange juice, and it leaves you perplexed as to how many oranges that might be? (That would be one medium, by the way.) How about a recipe that asks for 2 to 3 cups of pitted, sliced […]

Master Food Preservers: Asparagus tips

Asparagus is the herald of spring and when its tender stalks are in season, it is the time that we see daffodils and flowering fruit trees along the country roads. Asparagus is seasonally available during March through June. Low in calories (less than 4 calories per spear) and sodium, asparagus is a nutrient-dense food that […]

Master Food Preserver: Strawberry Syrup

I am starting to see more strawberries in the markets, so it’s time to start thinking about preserving those crimson gems. Did you know that eight fresh medium berries contain only 50 calories, are high in folate, and provide 160 percent of your recommended daily Vitamin C? Choose shiny, firm strawberries with a bright red […]

Master Food Preservers: Spring peas, please

Spring green is when El Dorado County’s hills are green, before they turn golden and it is the time to find spring fresh green peas in your garden, from a farmer or at your grocery. Fresh peas are at their peak in spring and early summer. You can’t beat fresh peas eaten in the pod, […]

Master Food Preservers: Sweet and tart lemon curd

Winter is the season for citrus fruit and there are different ways to preserve your bounty. Freezer lemon curd is a delicious way to use your lemons. Lemon curd can be used as a breakfast spread and it goes very well with scones or muffins. Use it with pancakes, waffles or as a filling for […]

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