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Monday, April 21, 2014

Author Archive: Pat Snelling

My turn: The federal fight over California’s water

Northern California Congressman Tom McClintock is determined to find a way to get the Central Valley’s land and water barons priority over California’s water rights. What is so odd is that these mega-agricultural corporations are downstream, and this bill would only harm the congressional district he represents. This is the second bill that McClintock has […]

My Turn: Water wars

The Delta is starving for water, so California officials setup a plan to take more water out of the delta. How does make any sense? California has had a long history of water wars, with many battles, and once again the state is gearing up for another fight. The latest “new” Delta plan was released […]

My turn: A petition for the sheriff

I was troubled by our El Dorado County Sheriff’s protest letter to Vice President Biden, so I decided to look at what these documents actually said. The President’s Executive Orders are no different than what the State of California’s current orders: trace guns collected in a crime (Executive Order #9) and collect local data for […]

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