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Friday, April 18, 2014

Author Archive: Paula Bertram

Grow For It: Weed wars

“Plant and your spouse plants with you; weed, and you weed alone.” — Jean Jacques Rousseau Really. There’s a lot to admire about weeds; they’re akin to guerilla fighters. Tough, resilient, adaptable, they can thrive in poor conditions, seemingly disappear under direct attack and then reappear in a flanking action. Did you know a single […]

Grow For It!: This year’s top gardening hints

Despite the chilly winter weather, the Veterans Hall was filled to overflowing on a recent Saturday for the new University of California Extension Class: Top 20 Gardening Hints. Enthused gardeners heard Master Gardeners Sheri Burke, Mike Pizza and Sue McDavid expound on inexpensive, time saving and imaginative techniques. The topics ranged from a do-it-yourself rain […]

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