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Dry Diggings rides again

In a world recently gone bonkers for house beers and no-name wines, homemade spirits are finally gaining traction. Case in point — Dry Diggings Distillery makes premium vodka, bourbon, whiskey, rye, rum, brandy and a bit of history from its business park address in El Dorado Hills. Founded by Gordon Helm and Chris Stellar four years ago […]

Age-worthiness wines poured at dkcellars

After years of developing vintner muscles and steel nerves, Dave and Kim Pratt stepped up in 1997 and purchased a 10-acre vineyard nestled in the foothills at the end of a labyrinth of stringy roads bearing names like Slug Gulch, Rocky Bar and Boondock Trail — all part of a gold mining township known as Fair Play. […]

Folsom: Bacchus House proves transformational

The Bacchus House is a one-of-a-kind eatery in Folsom, an elegant but improbable fusion of Greek mythology and art deco themes suggesting a fanciful and celebratory experience ahead. Nestled in a commercial center near Blue Ravine and East Bidwell, the bistro offers a five-star menu, premium spirits, top-shelf local wines and freshly made desserts. Stylish […]

Folsom magazine: This wine bar is a feast for the senses

In a world of hide-away wine bars and hole-in-the-wall eateries there’s a sleeper in Folsom called Back Wine Bar & Bistro. Concealed in a sprawling shopping complex at Green Valley and East Natoma roads, Back Bistro is a stylistic date-night retreat, a curious cross between a Guggenheim garden sculpture and Rick’s Café Américain, (with a nod […]

Mount Aukum Winery — The man and the mountain

Publisher and feature editor’s note: Michel Prod’hon of Mount Aukum Winery died unexpectedly from a heart attack. His love of life and passion for the wine industry in El Dorado County was reflected in this story that was written for the Spring/Summer 2013 Adventures magazine. We hope our readers enjoy reading his story as told […]

Max Muscle: ‘The authority on sports nutrition’

Max Muscle, advertised as “the authority on sports nutrition” is a national company with many franchise locations. The Placerville store located at 4615 Missouri Flat Road, is a super-food bodega and tanning salon, owned and managed by Jon and Desirae Meyer. As a teenager, Meyer was a skinny motorcycle racer looking for the right way […]

Ohana Moon Yoga Studio earned enthusiastic following

Yoga is a system of stretching, posing and breath control exercises for attaining mental and physical control and well-being. Gretta Smith and her friend Brian own and operate Ohana Moon Yoga Studio in Cameron Park. The fledgling enterprise opened in summer of 2014, and immediately found an enthusiastic following in the community. The studio, which […]

Western Slope Health Center offers intensive medical care

The Western Slope Medical Center is a skilled nursing facility located in the wooded hills of Placerville. This 5-star (Medicare rated), 99-bed campus features dementia care, diabetes management, a restorative nursing program and nutritional care and a widely respected physical therapy department, all ably administered by Doug Hawkins, RN, and a staff of 17 managers. […]

Viper Pest Control handles rats, spiders and meat bees

In an age of franchises, licensees and branch offices, there is increasing authenticity to the phrase, “Family owned — We care about our customers.” Gary and Mary Young, owners of Viper Pest Control in Diamond Springs, embrace their customers almost like family. “We strive to keep our clients happy with reliability, competence, integrity and thorough […]

American River Conservancy protects watershed

On a steep hillside above the American River a bulldozer carved out a road from the water’s edge to a development site high above. Unfortunately in the subsequent rain a thousand yards of red soil laced with heavy metals washed into the river, followed by a thousand more yards later in the same season. The […]

Adco Driveline owner finds business exciting

Adco Driveline owner Ken Short makes a living building and installing drive shafts, mufflers, differentials and brakes. It may seem like drama-free work, but Short has had feature roles in scenarios straight out of Hollywood. “Hard-working trucks sometime lose their driveshafts at the worst possible moment,” he mused. “Take for instance the Robbers Fire.” That […]

Hometown brewery features restaurant

For most of the seven years that Steve Meylor produced freelance sports videos, he had something else on his mind. Beer. Brewing beer, that is. Since 1988 the owner of Placerville Brewing Company and Restaurant has carried on a love affair with beer — it’s nuances, properties, ingredients and packaging. Even two decades earlier as […]

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El Dorado Disposal to build new facility

El Dorado Disposal is a manmade funnel where 400 tons of refuse disappear every day. Nearly hidden off Highway 49 near Pleasant Valley Road the 23- acre campus has grown from a county dump to a critically important link in the full cycle of solid waste. Just off Bradley Road, roaring behemoths with mechanical arms […]

Women Marines remember ‘freeing up men’

Joan Miller well remembers her job as a U.S. Marine. “To free up a man to fight.” She was referring to World War II, where American Leathernecks were ferociously reclaiming the Pacific islands from the occupying Japanese. The year was 1944 when Miller and her Fairfax High School buddy Betty MacGregor joined the Corps from […]

Rahimi’s dental practice built on strong roots

According to more than a hundred patient videos, Doctor of Dental Surgery Ike Rahimi is an extraordinary human being and an accomplished dentist. His thriving Placerville practice includes cosmetic, implant, periodontal, endodontic (root canal), denture and restorative dentistry, with a second full-time dentist and eight support staffers. His story stands out in the modern world […]

Engineer-turned-doc enjoys Marshall Hospital’s patients

Returning from a mountain racing gig a few years ago, Sam Ceridon stopped for lunch at a dusty New Mexico cafe. There he noticed an elderly gentleman leafing through an album of photographs. As the two men began talking, Ceridon discovered the octogenarian was the town doctor reviewing his lifelong relationships with patients. It was […]

Eskaton Village offers various living arrangements for seniors

The phenomena known as Eskaton Village is a planned community for seniors, a 63-acre campus snuggled in the foothills of Placerville. It features houses, cottages, apartments and a lodge with professional on-site support ranging from minimum to around-the-clock care. Eskaton’s logo declares “Transforming the Aging Experience,” and that means maintaining a healthy experience, according to […]

Gary Klopfenstein’s actions finally recognized

Assault-helicopter pilot Gary Klopfenstein flew so many missions in the Mekong Delta of South Vietnam, he lost count. Highly trained, the pilot kept himself and his flight crews alive with proper planning and by-the-book execution. That, he knew, would raise the odds of a good outcome in a war that seemingly had no end, and […]

Hard work, commitment define Edio Delfino

The Grand Old Man of the Apple Hill Growers Association sipped his coffee, gazing across rolling acres of budding apple trees. “Used to be covered in cedars and Doug firs,” he noted. “We cleared it by hand because we couldn’t afford equipment.” Edio Delfino has seen the cycles of life many times in his 84 […]

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Legionnaires get it done

For years you’ve seen them in patriotic parades and charitable motorcycle rides. They operate posts across the United States for the benefit of former servicemen, spouses and children. They sponsor thousands of junior baseball teams, teen leadership programs and countless scholarships. Nationally their members volunteer a million hours per year to community and veterans’ causes, […]

Sacramento Heart and Vascular serving Placerville area with outpatient physician team

If you need a local primary care physician, Sacramento Heart and Vascular in Placerville may be your next call. Despite the name, this well-known cardiology care provider maintains an active family medicine practice at its Hangtown facility, near the Marshall Medical Center. There, Dr. Matthew Watson is the full-time internal medicine physician. Once per week […]

Cold Springs Dental known for exuberance and compassion

Maybe you’ve seen the seasonal Santa Claus and Frosty on the rooftop of Cold Springs Dental, or the giant inflatable pumpkin at Halloween. Consider it the first clue to the cheerful and uplifting ambiance inside. This iconic green-roofed dental practice, kitty-corner from the Placerville DMV, may bear a Cold Springs address, but the word “cold” […]

Dr. Cummings uses 25 years of experience to make music out of gastroenterology

What does the esophagus, stomach and colon have in common with ragtime piano? Dr. Daniel Cummings, of course. (He also likes classical.) This well-known Placerville gastroenterologist practices medicine for a living, music for relaxation, and does each with thoughtful style. After all, both disciplines operate on rhythms and both are essential for greater harmony. Only […]

New chief of Pines at Placerville Healthcare Center

When Jared Edmunds was offered the job of administrator of the Pines at Placerville Healthcare Center, a 99-bed seniors extended-care facility, he asked himself two questions. Had he accomplished his goals in his current position as administrator of a Modesto convalescent facility after three years in the job. And, was the prospective employer Plum Healthcare, […]

Carter’s Carpet Restoration marks 20th anniversary

Twenty years ago Dean Carter took the plunge into his own carpet restoration business. He was well seasoned and trained, having been in the field since 1988 when he turned down the reins of his family’s nursery, and took a field job with a big-named steam cleaner. Later he bought his own equipment and became […]

Dick’s Carpet One approaching 50th year

In 2014, Dick’s Carpet One will celebrate its 50th year in business, and not unlike the fabled magic rug, it’s been an awesome ride. From its 1964 Camino rollout to today’s giant showroom in Diamond Springs, the floor-covering enterprise has successfully parried the big box stores and dodged the boom-bust building cycle which grounded many […]

Placerville Fruit Growers Assoc. sells great stuff

In 1915 local fruit growers cooperated to market their goods through a central marketplace, and named it the Placerville Fruit Growers Association. Property on Main Street was secured, a cold storage shed was built, distribution deals were fashioned and the PFDA was launched. Almost a century later the co-op is an ongoing operation managed by […]

MORE adding art studio and gallery

Director Susie Davies can’t wait to show off the brand new Something MORE Art Gallery located next door to the iconic MORE building on Placerville Drive. Although the new bay is still under construction, one glance into the adjoining bee-hive of art classes leaves no doubt that many classic pieces are on the way. Under […]

Placerville Glass 36 years in same location

It’s a good thing Placerville Glass doesn’t fall and shatter during economic downturns. When regional home building virtually collapsed a few years ago, and building contractors found themselves without work, owner Rob Powell turned to the home remodeling business with products and advertising, The result — Placerville Glass continued to prosper without a layoff. Powell, […]

Gold Bug Mine keeps past alive

The Gold Bug Mine is Placerville’s uncut jewel of the gold rush legacy, part of the 57-acre Gold Bug Park, owned and run by the City of Placerville. It is an authentic gold mine dating from the era when a hundred thousand determined treasure hunters streamed into the Sierra foothills to get rich quick. The […]

The Lions of Mt. Aukum

Although winemaker Chaim (pronounce Hyme) Gur-Arieh has a doctorate in food science, his wines reflect four distinctly non-food ingredients — simplicity, clarity, diligence and creativity. Add intuition and you have the story of his life. When preparation meets opportunity, according to proverb, good things happen. So where does serendipity fit in? On a road trip […]

John Evans cooks up another winner

Don’t bet against John Evans if there’s food involved. Recently he was invited to compete in a regional cook-off at the Thunder Valley Casino Resort, as part of Pacific Seafood’s fifth annual “Sea to Shining Sea” food show. Evans, owner of ZacJacks Bistro in Cameron Park, was pitted against three other chefs for the bragging […]

Shane Douglas makes some discoveries

Ten years ago El Dorado High Schooler Shane Douglas was barely keeping his nose above the water line. His grades were mediocre, his friends questionable. The teen’s internal compass was, by his own account, AWOL. These days he can be found way under water as one of the elite U.S. Navy Rescue Swimmers. His continuing […]

Tom Dohnke makes a difference

This is the second part of a veteran’s efforts to find and recognize a special group. Tom Dohnke, a member of the 327 Infantry in Vietnam, has a mission — to find the survivors of the Southeast Asian war. Dohnke never saw himself as a people finder. He became a paratrooper after basic training and […]

The mission is to find and reunite

This is the first part of a veteran’s efforts to find and recognize a special group. If you’re a friend of Tom Dohnke and you find yourself lost or separated, don’t worry. You won’t be forgotten or written off, even if you’re a cat. Dohnke arrives early for a meeting. At a distance you see […]

Discover art, wine and Placerville at festival

What: The Art and Wine Festival Who: Placerville Downtown Association Where: Main Street in Placerville When: Saturday, Oct. 19 from 6 to 9 Cost: $30 for wine tasting Information: e-mail [email protected] or phone 530-672-3436 Two of the numerous delights you’ll discover at Placerville’s Art and Wine Festival this year are the, uh, art and the wine. Seriously. This is […]

Sacramento Heart and Vascular brings top-notch docs to Placerville

The nurses, doctors and admins of Sacramento Heart and Vascular Medical Associates have a respected history of Primary Care and Cardiology services in Placerville. The enterprise has had a presence in Hangtown for 17 years, and recently added more staff for a continuing, healthy future. With two physicians, two nurse practitioners, two medical assistants and […]

Precision Eyecare brings adventuresome optometrist to Placerville

Precision Eyecare on Main Street in Placerville wasn’t always the neat, beige, two-story structure across from the Coldwell, Banker building. For years it was a gas station, one of a quintet of gasoline retailers clustered around the Canal off-ramp on Highway 50. So in 2008 when Daniel J. Morrill, OD, wanted to establish an eye […]

Hard work, good treatment from gastroenterologist Dr. Cummings

You can only have a professional 25th anniversary once. If you happen to be gastroenterologist Dr. Daniel Cummings, you celebrate that achievement, of course, at work. His usual regimen is up at 5 a.m., run up to 12 miles, shower, breakfast, groom, review recent studies and head off to the office. That is unless the […]

Singing for more than supper

Like all inspired musical groups, the Singin’ 4 Supper quartet nails the melodic mood in the opening three notes. They seamlessly blend soft rock, folk, country, western and “bluezy-grass” into a lineup of very easy listening. With guitars, mandolin, fiddle, upright bass, banjo and harmonica (no drums) plus a deep love for their craft, they […]

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Judy Barlett bakes up more than dessert

If it’s Monday morning at the Placerville Senior Center, Judy Barlett is in the kitchen baking. She’ll produce 12 dozen muffins, 24 dozen cookies and vats of sugarless Jello and rice pudding, enough for the week. Thirty or more day-care members (those enrolled in the Senior Center Club) begin arriving about 9 a.m., many in […]

Cheri Jaggers makes it happen

When Cheri Jaggers was promoted to superintendent of the El Dorado Irrigation District Parks and Recreation a few years ago, she made it a priority that filmmakers could thrive in her bailiwick. The tightening noose of regulations and burdensome waiting had reduced the popularity of El Dorado County’s natural sets among producers and it needed […]

Behind the scenes of popular commercial

The popular Dr Pepper Ten Mountain Man commercial was shot in El Dorado County. Its carefree portrayal of guys having fun is very different from all the work it took to produce the attention-getting advertisement that is a throwback to earlier television ads. From finding the perfect place to film the commercial to organizing the […]

It’s all about the location

For location scout Patrick Ranahan, going the extra mile is a metaphor for life. He flies, drives and hikes to virtually every zip code on earth, often lives in squalid motels and mosquito netting, climbs canyons, calculates deserts, negotiates snow banks and descends mine shafts. Thirty-six years of mental mapping and cross referencing thousands of […]

RVing — a happy way to go

Freedom. That’s what drives recreational vehicle enthusiasts, all 30 million of them.

They go where they want, when they want, stay as long as they want and do whatever they want.

From tents and fishing rods stuffed in camper shells to 45-foot diesel behemoths with built-in spas they redefine the experience of living.

“Rich or not, these are the happiest people I’ve ever known,” said Nancy Poulin, manager of Lake Tahoe KOA (Kampgrounds of America). “Exploring, camping, connecting with others, they just love the whole way of life. And one another.”

She notes RVing isn’t exclusive to retirement. According to …

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