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Pat Lakey

Jim Buell living up to the deputy Grand Exalted Ruler title

When Jim Buell was a youngster growing up in Vallejo, he never really dreamed of one day becoming the deputy Grand Exalted Ruler of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks. But here he is, at age 71, carrying that illustrious title on his capable shoulders, deputy Grand Exalted Ruler of Placerville Elks Lodge 1712. […]

Monument business rocks

It’s a pretty sure bet that Mike Tilson’s gravestone will say something clever, like “I told you I was sick,” but so far the monument-maker hasn’t nailed down his own epitaph. Perhaps it will be along a more serious vein, like: “He marked the passage of others with care and style.” That is, if the […]

Things are cool on the set

Wow, Perry King has managed to find a great old guy to be in his new film, an actor with so much character in his face that you just can’t wait to see what part he’s going to play in “The Divide.” But I wonder where Perry is … “He’s been working several months, getting […]

Lake levels

Stumpy Meadows, as of Aug. 19 Water elevation 4,221 feet Storage level 8,750 acre-feet Percent full 44% Inflow 2.03 cfs Outflow 4.8 cfs Loon Lake, as of Aug. 18 Water elevation 6,380.8 feet Storage level 34,220 acre-feet Percent full 49% Inflow 2 cfs Outflow 18 cfs Ice House, as of Aug. 18 Water elevation 5,431.8 […]

Combellack’s: 127 years and counting

As the El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce gears up for its big party tomorrow, Tuesday, Aug. 25 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Gold Country Retirement Community, a glance at the shops on Main Street in downtown Placerville affirms the chamber’s mission. Many of the venerable old stores have been in business for more […]

The county chamber welcomes public to 100th birthday party

What: El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce 100th anniversary Where: Gold Country Retirement Community, 6041 Golden Center Court, Placerville When: Tuesday, Aug. 25, 5:30-7:30 p.m. Information: (530) 621-5885 Keeping the community informed of all the local news, happenings, marriages, divorces, births and funerals, since 1851 the Mountain Democrat has been the glue that has held […]

Pass the chili sauce — or pass up on something special

Most people think, “What’s for dinner?” but those who have sampled Nancy Kam’s specialty have revised their daily plan: “What will go good today with my chili sauce?” If that seems like exaggeration, then you haven’t tasted Kam’s Kettle Cooked Chili Sauce. The sauce, which consists of only five ingredients, comes in two flavors: “Sweet […]

Wine barrel art sure to please the pallet

What: Craft Faire Who: Placerville Downtown Association Where: Main Street in Placerville When: Sunday, Aug. 23, 8 a.m.-3 p.m. Cost: No admission or parking fee Information: (530) 672-3436 or visit His tan face could be carved from the very oak he lovingly crafts into beauty, with life’s worries and cares set deeply in the lines […]

Secret to 60 years of marriage: Shared laughter

Every time Jim would look in her direction, Barbara would take her eyeglasses off so he wouldn’t know she wore them. It worked, because he thought the 16-year-old looked just like Elizabeth Taylor, “but actually better looking.” Barbara thought the 19-year-old Jim looked like James Dean, “only better” — but then again, she didn’t have […]

Arnold’s for Awards deserves ‘great business’ trophy

Forty years after she won, a local woman still had the trophy for being named “Best Speller” in her third-grade class at Markham School in Placerville. She produced the solid walnut-and-metal trophy five years ago during a contest held by Arnold’s for Awards to see who could find the oldest trophy from the venerable business, […]

Barsotti Family Juice Co. bottles up smiles

Nearly forty years ago Gael and Joan Barsotti decided to move their family from Foster City to El Dorado County’s beautiful foothills, living on a Camino-area ranch where they would try to squeeze a living from the land. Within four years, the operative word became “squeeze,” and the Barsotti Family Juice Co. was uncorked. Today […]

A century of taking care of the farmer: Placerville Fruit Growers eyes the future

Like the little seed that keeps popping up through drought and flood, coming back each year fresh and strong, the Placerville Fruit Growers Association has survived decades of change, including a fire in the mid-1970s that leveled its packing plant downtown. This year, in January, the association began celebrating its 100th year of existence. It was […]

Finding Fleming Jones Homestead well worth the effort

A beautiful bed and breakfast inn where miniature horses dash about the property, tiny prancers that delight the guests lucky enough to visit while they are foals — and just a few minutes from Highway 50 and downtown Placerville. Never heard of it? Tucked among 11 acres along Newtown Road, the Fleming Jones Homestead might not […]

Parking lot going to the dogs at Bow Wow Block Party

No matter how much you want to, don’t grab the little white dog with the big ears and peanut-shaped brown spot on his butt. Do your best to resist cuddling him under your shirt so they can’t see him as you dart out the door. Don’t do that — because if you play by the […]

Animal lovers needed: Shelter’s kitty crowd, especially older kitties, wants homes

Even Bullet the one-eyed tabby cat appears pleased as all get-out at El Dorado County Animal Services these days, flipping and flopping on the front counter as he says hello to visitors.

The animal shelter at 6435 Capitol Ave. in Diamond Springs that opened its doors almost a year ago has proved a great fit for critters and caretakers alike. It’s a long way from being the “pound” anymore.

“They say, ‘If you build it, they will come,’ and that’s been true for us,” said Henry Brzezinski, chief of El Dorado County Animal Services. “We’ve had people bringing in the animals, especially kittens right now — but then again, we’ve had more people coming here wanting to adopt.”

From Ukraine to love: Twin girls thrive after adoption

If it weren’t for the braces that grip her legs and the crutches 10-year-old Hannah Hodel uses to dart around the family room in Placerville, it would be difficult to tell her apart from her twin, Elle. They’re both pretty girls with long, sandy hair and infectious smiles that perfectly mirror each other. They play […]

Sewer blockage causes spill

A blockage the size of a hand-towel apparently caused Placerville city sewer lines to block up for a little more than a half-hour Sunday, causing the spillage of some 950 gallons of raw sewage into Cedar Ravine Creek. City Public Works Operations Manager Rick Ferriera said the blockage was reported at 10:45 a.m. from a […]

Tart it up at 20 Mile Taste

What: 20 Mile Taste Who: Ag in the Classroom Where: Davies Family Inn at Shadowridge Ranch, 3700 Fort Jim Road in Placerville When: Saturday, Aug. 15, 5-8 p.m. Cost: $35 Information: It’s not always a good idea to bring a tart to the party and set tongues to wagging, but in this case it’s exactly […]

It’s time — watch the cops crash and dash

Placerville police Sgt. Ron Cannon and his 2001 Mercury Marquis are nearly ready to take to the track at Placerville Speedway Sunday, Aug. 16, hoping to pull off the perfect smash-and-run. Cannon, 47, will be joined by his son Hunter, 19, who will be driving a 1983 Ford LTD during the 42nd annual Hangtown Destruction […]

Placerville couple celebrates 70 years of marriage

Wayne Queen of Placerville said that in order to be married to the same person for 70 years, it’s really quite simple: “You grit your teeth and hang on.” But it’s obvious as he makes sure his bride of 70 years, Ruth, is safe as she sits tentatively on a couch at the couple’s home […]

Writer to ‘whip’ up crowd

The whips, as stagecoach drivers of the Old West were called, all hung out together drinking whiskey and smoking cigars. How could one of them — for 30 years — keep secret the fact that “he” was actually a woman? Hollywood actress Karen Kondazian became fascinated with the story of Charlotte “Charley” Parkhurst decades ago, […]

Chess club has the right moves

It was 2:30 in the morning and Laurie Goodremote’s husband Peter still wasn’t home from playing chess in Placerville. She was just about to call the hospital when in walked hubby, apologetic and explaining that the game took a little longer than expected. She really couldn’t get that mad, because it was Laurie who saw […]

But you can never leave: MORE boutique store has more

It was entirely appropriate that the Eagles’ “Hotel California” was playing through the sound system at the Something MORE Boutique on Cold Springs Road in Placerville. Because (with apologies to Glenn Frey and Don Henley) you can check out anything you like and if you had your way, you would never leave. Just try to […]

Where’s the party? Right here …

National Night Out parties that will be celebrated in Placerville, besides the “big four” mentioned in the related article, will include 16 neighborhoods where attendees will enjoy free hot dogs and other goodies. Local law enforcement officers and Search and Rescue and fire personnel will try to visit as many locales as possible Tuesday evening, […]

National Night Out — no bad guys allowed

You can tell looking at the faces in a crowd that sometimes when the Pledge of Allegiance is recited, perhaps not every word is sinking in with the meaning it truly deserves. Maybe if you heard from an 11-year-old just how she feels about the venerable pledge of freedom it would have a bit more […]

Tahoe homes match the priceless view

Going out the screen door onto the porch outside to look at Fallen Leaf Lake, you can’t help but wonder whether Whitney Houston stood here in this same seductive setting, staring at the blue water as she pondered what her life would hold next.  The late Houston and her film crew stayed at the remarkable […]

Bear trouble ‘bruin’ in Pollock neighborhood?

POLLOCK PINES — Neighbors who live around Hazel Street and Granite Trail in Gold Ridge Forest have been scratching their heads lately, wondering who or what has decided to make their garbage cans go bump in the night. Paul Martini decided to find out what was causing his infrared alarm to beep at ungodly hours and […]

Drop the cell phone and pick up the paintbrush: Sugarloaf tempts teens to explore personal creativity and growth

It was a simple question, not meant to cause tears — but the welling of emotion as Sue Musker explained why she believes her father John Pratt helped begin Sugarloaf Fine Arts Camp almost 60 years ago perhaps told the entire story. If her reaction wasn’t enough, then consider the string-art composition created by one […]

Bombardier a flying firefighter

Although it would be quite a treat to see the U.S. Forest Service’s giant CL 415 “Super Scooper” flying through the skies over Placerville, the sight would be a mixed blessing — it would mean there’s a wildfire nearby.

But it would also mean that the chances of containing the blaze quickly would be greatly increased, as the CL 415 Bombardier is a champion warrior assigned to the front lines of battle.

The USFS Tuesday proudly showed off its latest weapon in its firefighting arsenal, a huge CL 415 Aeroflite 260 Bombardier that will be stationed at the Lake Tahoe Airport for the next seven months as fire season hits critical mass. The aircraft, affectionately known as the Super Scooper, is the only such plane currently flying in the United States — and Tahoe forestry officials are thrilled to have it here for the season.

Lake levels

  Stumpy Meadows, as of July 22 Water elevation 4,224 feet 9 inches Storage level 9,688 acre-feet Percent full 48% Inflow 3.08 cfs Outflow 33 cfs Loon Lake, as of July 21 Water elevation 6,302 feet Storage level 35,500 acre-feet Percent full 51% Inflow 13 cfs Outflow 28 cfs Ice House, as of July 21 […]

25 years of Scher magic

What: “Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation” — the dance company’s 25th annual Showcase Spectacular Who: On Stage Productions Where: El Dorado County Fairgrounds, 100 Placerville Drive, Placerville When: Thursday and Friday, July 30 and 31 at 8 p.m. Information: 530-644-0373 If Melissa Steed Huskinson’s baby girl Ella kicked a lot when her mom was expecting, Melissa has only herself to […]

CASA: A chance to make a difference

Imagine being only 12 years old when your mom and dad are ripped from your world, taken away because they were using illegal drugs and hitting each other when they got mad. Yes, the fighting was bad, and yes, their drug use was disgusting and dangerous. But now they are gone. The 12-year-old girl is […]

New class of CASAs sworn in

El Dorado County Court Appointed Special Advocates recently swore in its latest group of volunteers, 21 people who wish to help make a difference in the life of a young person in troubled circumstances. New CASA volunteers in Placerville are Bill Hartfield, Valerie Bradley, Jim Lauth, Bernadette Marver, Kevin Rhodes, Michelle Rhodes, Donald Sacco, Zi […]

City Council backs school district bond

More than half the students in the Placerville Union School District qualify for free or reduced-cost meals. Fully one-third of them go home to a household where no computer access exists. Those sobering statistics delivered Tuesday evening to the Placerville City Council helped to convince the four members present to vote unanimously to endorse bond Measure […]

Red wigglers worm their way into kids’ closets

Mom, try not to scream if you find a box full of writhing, slithering worms in your child’s closet — the kids were told to do that by El Dorado County Master Gardeners. The gardening experts and worm aficionados didn’t actually order the young students to place their newfound friends into their bedroom closet — […]

Lake levels

Stumpy Meadows, as of July 15 Water elevation 4,226 feet 5 inches Storage level 10,076 acre-feet Percent full 50% Inflow 3 cfs Outflow 25 cfs Loon Lake, as of July 14 Water elevation 6,382.3 Storage level 35,790 acre-feet Percent full 52% Inflow 4 cfs Outflow 17 cfs Ice House, as of July 14 Water elevation […]

Little Lila loves bustin’ mutton

It took a bit of dancing around before Michael Webb finally admitted the truth: His daughter doesn’t practice mutton bustin’ on the two family goats, despite what he had earlier hinted to the Mountain Democrat. “She practices on me,” Dad said sheepishly, before breaking into a grin at having fooled the press. Well, Michael, this […]

Goat good as gold for mutton bustin’

Midas is an easy touch.  All it takes is a couple of Wheat Thins to get the gold-colored goat to cooperate as young Drew Foltz climbs on its back to practice for the real thing: riding a sheep during the MuttonBustin’ competition at Cowboys and Cornbread coming up Sunday, July 19 at the El Dorado […]

Cowboys and Cornbread honors Old West with day of fun

When you live in a place called Old Hangtown and there’s a daylong event promising fun for all cowboys and cowgirls, there’s really no excuse for staying home. Point your boots toward the El Dorado County Fairgrounds on Sunday, July 19 and head for Cowboys and Cornbread, a celebration of all things West. That means […]

Classic cars cruizin’ in El Dorado Hills

It’s no mystery why John Clemens loves to manage the coordinating of all the classic cars and other gorgeous vehicles that come to Cruzin’ the Boulevard in El Dorado Hills — it gives him a chance to show off his bright red beauty, a 1959 Corvette. Clemens will be rolling the ‘Vette into the public […]

Pretty in the Pines: New Royalty ready for duty

Long before Lauryn Roy and Lindsey Allan were born, Pollock Pines had closed the door on a local beauty pageant that for decades had drawn young ladies to put their best foot forward. Now, not only are Lauryn and Lindsey putting forth their best, they are using their pretty feet to dance up a storm […]

Building permits issued July 6-10

SUPERVISORIAL DISTRICT: 1 1 BUILDG – CNVRTO – OFFICE $96,550.6 1 BUILDG – NEW – 1-FMLY $432,261.58 1 BUILDG – NEW – CANOPY $288 2 BUILDG – NEW – DECK $33,422.34 1 BUILDG – NEW – M1FMLY $420,352.06 1 BUILDG – REMODL – 1-FMLY $9,147 1 BUILDG – REMODL – CHURCH $5,500 1 BUILDG – […]

Linda Lockwood, how does your garden grow?

One of the cats that freely roam the gorgeous 5 acres that Linda and Paul Lockwood call home in Pleasant Valley is called Pinky because the feline has a pink nose. Another coal-colored cat goes by Blackie because it is … black. “I didn’t name the cats,” laughed Linda, “they were left by some neighbors […]

Things are looking Optimiztiq for music festival

What: Placerville Music Festival Where: El Dorado County Fairgrounds, 100 Placerville Drive in Placerville When: Sunday, July 12, 11:30 a.m.-8 p.m. Cost: $25 presale and $35 day of the event Information: or 530-417-3093   Elyse Langford and her sister Ruth were enjoying an afternoon at the Reggae on the River music festival in southern […]

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