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Friday, April 18, 2014

Author Archive: Rod Kerr

My turn: Twin Tunnels Project — Conservation or giant water grab?

Studying the lengthy multi-agency Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP), one has to conclude it is everything but a plan to conserve the Delta’s natural state and function. Disguised as conservation, this plan actually supplies more water to California’s major urban centers of the Bay Area and the LA basin and helps with agricultural needs to […]

My Turn: 75 miles per gallon is here

And climate change is here too, it always has been with or without man’s contribution of CO2 if you think about it. Nothing is static in nature and complaining about change … is just static. However, whether good or evil, recent increases in CO2 are evident and since we don’t have a crystal ball there […]

My Turn: ‘Nothing to see here, move along now’

A classic phrase of this administration (and most administrations) given to the people to conceal various mistakes and more recently some whopping incompetence is finally meeting resistance. Why has the left-leaning media decided to focus on these high-level intrigues? And let’s be fair, the media most certainly has scrutinized every Republican presidency far more than […]

My turn: USFS has locked us out

A few years ago a locked U.S. Forest Service “green gate” was an unpleasant surprise, an unusual occurrence prompting a phone call to the local ranger station. But today it’s becoming ubiquitous throughout our national forests. Why? It’s because forest service management practices have gone unchallenged except by enviro groups who make money off us […]

My turn: EPA’s intended consequences

I had the great fortune of spending my high school years growing up in Quartz Valley, Siskiyou County, a picture postcard little valley with a river running through it. It was nestled between Scott Valley with its busy little towns of Greenview, Fort Jones and Etna to the east, and Marble Mountain Wilderness Area to […]

My turn: Wolves, coming soon to a town near you

With 25 plus years as a California Department of Food Agriculture biologist I learned much about invasive species and “endangered species”… but not nearly enough about maneuvering the minefield of politics. To start with, the nature of political agenda coupled with true science is an oxymoron; it’s like trying to invent the floating anchor. Science is […]

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