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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Author Archive: Sue Mosbacher

Master Food Preservers: Meat: cut and can

What to do when the call comes from the butcher that this year’s meat purchased at the Junior Livestock auction is ready to be picked up but there’s either not a lot of room in the freezer or the meat takes up the entire freezer and you want room for other items? Host a barbecue […]

Master Food Preservers: False sense of security

A sealed jar can give a false sense of security. Too often people think that if a jar of home preserved food has a vacuum seal, it must be safe. Not true. A vacuum seal means that enough air was driven out of the jar to suck the lid down tight enough to make the […]

Master Food Preservers: MFP offers second volunteer training class

The University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE) invites adults interested in helping others learn about safe home food preservation to apply to train as a Master Food Preserver (MFP) volunteer. UCCE Master Food Preserver volunteers learn university-based scientific information and then share that knowledge with the community in El Dorado County through free public classes, […]

Master Food Preservers: Fun with food

You may save a lot of e-mail messages, magazine articles and newspaper articles with recipes for meals and preserved foods. Every once in a while one might make you say, “I gotta try this.” Hopefully this recap of an experiment with Polka Dot Fruit Leather (fruit rollup) will initiate that response. It was inspired by […]

Master Food Preservers: Freezing fresh lemon juice

Many people have been very fortunate this winter to receive a large quantity of fresh lemons from friends and family. At first, elation, as there are so many delicious recipes that can use fresh lemons and lemon juice. Then comes the knowledge that only so many lemons can be eaten before these gems start to […]

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