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Friday, April 18, 2014

Author Archive: William Heyman

The last thing you want to read: A roundabout on the roundabout

The Exalted Duchy of Placerville has been presented with the proverbial provincial problem of the ancient ages.  Shall we roundabout?  Or nix the roundabout. Having jousted with many roundabouts in France, Belgium, and the backwards-driving English Empire, I can safely say that there is no question but that the Principality of Placerville deserves to have […]

May 02, 2013 | Posted in Opinion | 2 Replies

The last thing you want to read: How to tell if you have class

My preschool consisted of reading my mother’s Good Housekeeping magazine about tests to find out about oneself. Some were about what makes one attractive, or do you have “style sense?” I guess I didn’t because I didn’t even know what “style” was. And what seemed important at the time, “Do you have class?” I did […]

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