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Wendy Schultz

El Dorado Rose is WW II vet of European War

She’ll be 94 this month, but fuzzy-minded or feeble are not words that you would use to describe Ethel Forsyth. This lady is feisty, smart and resilient. Forsyth was born in New Jersey as America entered the Great War in 1917; she survived the death of her mother at age 8 and the breakup of […]

Machado recusal questioned

A question from a city resident at Tuesday’s Placerville City Council meeting led to an interesting answer from City Attorney John Driscoll. Resident Kathleen Newell questioned why Councilman David Machado had recused himself from a discussion and vote on a resolution for a grant application for the El Dorado County Government and Justice Center Multi-Modal […]

November 11, 2011 | Posted in News | Tagged | 2 Replies

City to ban pot shops

The Placerville City Council took another step toward banning medical marijuana dispensaries in the city limits with the introduction of an ordinance at Tuesday’s meeting. The audience at Tuesday’s meeting was sparse, in stark contrast to the packed houses that helped to promote the ordinance to allow the marijuana dispensaries in 2006. The city has had […]

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Cool man a Carnegie hero

A resident of Cool, Cameron Gilbert, recently was awarded the Carnegie medal for extreme heroism. On March 24, 2009, Gilbert, then a 19-year-old student at Sierra College, was walking on campus when he witnessed another student assaulting Alex R. Abrahamian. Abrahamian, 21, was visiting a girlfriend at  Sierra College when a male student  jumped on […]

Group home OK’d by city commission

A miniscule Planning Commission quorum approved a conditional use permit for a 10-bed vocational group home at 497 Canal St. at last Tuesday’s meeting. The residential facility, next door to El Dorado High School, will house up to 10 male youths, 13-18 years of age, and will be operated by the Tahoe Turning Point Group […]

Holocaust survivor brings a message of hope and tolerance

Holocaust survivor and author of “Four Perfect Pebbles,” Marion Blumenthal Lazan will be coming to El Dorado County to share her experiences and a message of hope and tolerance on Monday, Nov. 14, and Tuesday, Nov. 15. Lazan, now 76, survived 6 1/2 years in refugee, transit and prison camps during Nazi Germany’s occupation of […]

Training for the unthinkable: Local man teaches pros

What if a shooter lets loose in a hospital? What if one of the many toxic chemicals used by a hospital spilled, endangering the lives of patients and medical personnel? What if people contaminated by contact with hazardous materials arrive at the hospital unannounced? These queries aren’t the product of a twisted mind, but the […]

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El Dorado Trail closure continues to mid-month

The closure of the El Dorado Trail 200 feet east of Schnell School eastward continues through Nov. 15, much to the dismay of trail users. Cimarron Construction from Oakland has been constructing culverts for drainage along part of the trail. A 40-foot gash and mounds of dirt piled along the trail have kept hikers, bikers […]

Veterans’ Day Closures

Some offices throughout El Dorado County will be closed, Friday, Nov. 11, due to Veterans’ Day, a national holiday. Here’s a look at what local residents may expect: All schools in El Dorado County will be closed. The offices of the police and fire departments will be closed. For emergency calls, dial 911. For non-emergency […]

Something to think about: Humans in the raw

What would humanity be like if you stripped away the layers of enforced civilization and the veneer of manners? After four days’ close observation of peewee soccer and trick-or-treating with toddlers, my life will never be the same. I have seen what lies beneath the mask of manners and it’s a scary, scary thing. Three- […]

Renaissance man Kieth Merrill lives life on a large scale

What makes a person interesting is often a different perspective than most and actions and accomplishments that reflect that perspective. “Everybody has a story. The longer I live, the easier it becomes to step into someone’s story,” said Kieth Merrill, 71, author, film director, screenwriter, artist and producer. Merrill’s own story comes from a bigger […]

Partners in Care is an important collaborator

Nancy Symons is part of the bigger picture and that’s a good thing. When she accepted the position of executive director of Partners in Care in March, she knew she would be giving up time serving clients as the organization’s chaplain, but being part of a collaborative effort to serve the needs of the community […]

City parking program reviewed

Parking in downtown Placerville was the subject of a report presented by City Manager Cleve Morris at the City Council meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 25. The report analyzed the last three years of the program and was requested  by Mayor Pro Tem Mark Acuna. “I learned a lot about the parking situation in putting together this […]

Animal Outreach plans festival

There are few guarantees in life — death, taxes and a wealth of furry friends, if you sit down on the bench in the cat sanctuary at Animal Outreach. Some of the beautiful felines waiting for a new home will sit next to you politely, waiting to be noticed. At least one or two bold […]

Rotary Park getting major face-lift

A concrete mixer truck, operated remotely by Mike Bush, roared as six men prepared the concrete pad for a new set of bleachers for the Clyde F. Curtis Placerville Rotary Park on Clark Street in Placerville. Pouring “mud” was John “Topshelf” McCarthy, as John Sutterland raked it out into the mold. The “rod” guys, Ty […]

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Grand Jury indicts Machado

A Grand Jury indictment moved former Placerville mayor Dave Machado’s arraignment on criminal charges to Monday, Oct. 24. On Aug. 18 Machado was arrested on criminal charges of perjury and conspiracy to commit a crime with regard to real estate he owned on Broadway in Placerville. Bail was set at $30,000, which Machado posted the […]

October 21, 2011 | Posted in News | Tagged | 11 Replies

Something to think about: The wild, wild West lives on

It’s a lovely fall Sunday afternoon — warm but not too warm, cool but not too cool, sunny and perfect for working out in the yard or just soaking up the last of the good days. Suddenly the air is shattered by the sound of gunshots. One hundred and fifty years ago, somebody would be […]

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Local student making plans for Mars

October has been a good month for Luke Pettit. He’s one of the exhibitors in the Disability Awareness Art Show at Folsom Lake College and he’s preparing for the trip of a lifetime to NASA’s (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala. Pettit, 25, is among 48 students selected from […]

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Local transportation exec retiring

Kathryn Matthews is following another curve in her road. After almost a decade as executive director of the El Dorado County Transportation Commission, Matthews is  heading to Ashland, Ore., for the next stretch of her journey as a grandma, perhaps a teacher, or maybe something else entirely. In her EDCTC office, filled with plaques of […]

Pollock Pines Library—a jewel

At 1,200 square feet, the Pollock Pines branch of the El Dorado County Library is tiny. It sits amid a fabulous apron of dogwood trees that put on a luminescent display in the spring when everyone is hoping they will be snowed on to bring an end to winter. The library looks like a cabin in […]

October 19, 2011 | Posted in Prospecting | Tagged | 2 Replies

Trees for troops is a community gift

CAMINO — For the past 32 years Indian Rock Tree Farm has been sending Christmas trees to El Dorado County service men and women deployed overseas. They’ve been supplying the trees for the program for even longer — since Carl Borelli, the late El Dorado County supervisor and Placerville mayor, started the program during the […]

Council sets dates for chats

Do you ever wish someone would just listen to your ideas about how to make Placerville a better place to live? Hear you when you protest about things that seem to take too long or have a million hoops to jump through? Got some good ideas to streamline red tape and get some little things […]

October 17, 2011 | Posted in News | Tagged | 17 Replies

South Lake Tahoe Library — an open vista

Across the street from Lake Tahoe, next door to a campground and surrounded by towering pines, the South Lake Tahoe branch of the El Dorado County Public Library is a treasure hiding right in plain sight of the droves of tourists driving down Lake Tahoe Boulevard. “It’s a good library,” said Branch Manager Sally Neitling. […]

Georgetown Library — a pivotal part of the community

The El Dorado County Library in Georgetown at 6680 Orleans St. is like a magic hat in which rooms keep appearing. At first glance, the library is very compact — just one large room bisected by the checkout desk and partitioned into a juvenile library and the adult library by  shelving. Branch manager and sole librarian, […]

Closures set for Columbus Day

Some offices throughout El Dorado County will be closed, Monday, Oct. 10, due to Columbus Day, a national holiday. Here’s a look at what local residents may expect: All schools in El Dorado County are open on Monday, Oct. 10. The El Dorado County Fire Protection District will be closed. For emergency calls, dial 911. […]

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Community clipper: Pollock hair salon owner ‘pays it forward’

POLLOCK PINES — “Let me live in my house by the side of the road and be a friend to man.” This quote from a poem by Sam Walter Foss is Patty Becker’s way of life. But it’s not a house by the side of the road. Instead, it’s a hair salon called Patty’s Place. […]

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Something to think about: Thank you very much — I think

Mandatory tipping — isn’t that an oxymoron? We received our information packet for an upcoming cruise and found that we were being given the opportunity to pre-pay our mandatory gratuities. How thoughtful of the cruise line to ensure that we no longer have to wait until the end of the cruise as we’re packing our […]

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New medical director joins Snowline Hospice

Dr. Jeanine Ellinwood, 46, became Snowline Hospice’s new medical director as of last month. She comes to the community organization that is dedicated to meeting the needs of  those who are nearing the end of life’s journey from  the Los Palos Medical Association in Salinas where she was in private practice since 1996. Ellinwood was also […]

Winter shelter seeks 7th night for homeless

El Dorado County winters are wet and cold, sometimes as low as 25 degrees and with precipitation averaging 39 inches in Placerville. It’s not a good time of year to be living outdoors. The winter of 2010-2011 was the first year that the county’s homeless population had somewhere warm, dry and safe to sleep for […]

It’s a teen scene at the EDH library

At first glance, the El Dorado County Library in El Dorado Hills at 7455 Silva Valley Parkway, is a grown-up’s library. A gorgeous fall display by Pottery World of El Dorado Hills greets patrons as they enter the main room and a magnificent painting of Horsetail Falls by Connie Randmma hangs above a fireplace against the […]

Annexation not set in stone

The Placerville City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to exclude Andler Way from the city’s plan to annex small bits of the county within Placerville city limits and to sponsor a public workshop to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of annexation. A preliminary application to El Dorado County’s LAFCO (Local Agency Formation Commission) to annex approximately […]

A few more lessons needed for downtown events

EDITOR: The Wiener Dog Races at Placerville’s first Oktoberfest were a lot of fun to watch. The server races were interesting and the beer and brats were delicious —if you had a chance to have them. Jeff Winzeler of the WineSmith said that the Placerville Downtown Association had learned from the Brewfest and would be […]

Machado stays for full City Council meeting

It was business as almost usual as Placerville City Councilman David Machado sat behind the dais for Tuesday’s City Council meeting — and stayed there this time. The last council meeting he made only a brief appearance and then disappeared. After charges of perjury and conspiracy to commit a crime were filed against Machado by […]

Library lights the way to learning

Natural light from windows and skylights pours into the El Dorado County Library in Cameron Park at 2500 Country Club Drive. Colorful banners by artist Margaret Welty draw the eye upward while artwork on the walls provides another pop of color and texture. This library is a vibrant place, full of the business of living. […]

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Little Sister benefits greatly from Big Sister’s help

Six years ago, Sarah Ploghoft was an introverted sixth-grader who had a hard time making friends despite being a Junior Cougar cheerleader. Her father wasn’t a big part of her life and her single mother, Kim Johnson, worried about having a positive role model other than herself for her daughter — someone who would be […]

Memoir shares a fascinating and determined life

Book: “A Persistent Woman — A Memoir” Author: Rita Kathryn Gordon Publisher: dog ear, July 2011, 131 pages Rita Kathryn Gordon is a persistent woman. Born as the Great Depression was coming to an end, she became a female Corpsman in the Navy during the Korean War, the mother of four girls who were teenagers […]

El Dorado County Main Library — the hub of action

Editor’s note: This is the first in a series about the library system in El Dorado County. This article focuses on the El Dorado County Main Library in Placerville. In upcoming articles, we will present a profile of the individual branches — their unique characteristics and the patrons they serve. The El Dorado County Main […]

Parole process a heart-breaker for victims’ families

Sept. 26 was going to be a day of joy for Garden Valley residents Mike and Lynn Tracy. Their granddaughter Leslie was expecting her first child and their first great-grandchild on that day. Then they received the letter from the Department of Corrections informing them that the murderer of their only daughter, Toni Marie Johnson […]

Something to think about: Magic and Wonder

The weekend before the still unfolding Reno Airshow tragedy, there was a different type of airshow, one of magic and wonder. As we stumbled forward in the darkness, following the hooded figures in front of us, I wondered why none of the four of us had thought to bring a flashlight. It was, after all, […]

State wants Gold Trail school district to cough up $300,000

Gold Trail Union School District Superintendent Joe Murchison informed the Board of Trustees recently on the status of a class size reduction appeal that has the state of California seeking $300,000 — and Gold Trail officials don’t think the district needs to give it up. “Under the Class Size Reduction Act, the state pays an […]

County API scores: Mostly good

It’s mostly good news with regard to El Dorado County schools’ 2011 Academic Performance Index  scores. While 10 schools did not meet their academic growth target, the majority did, despite some of them showing a drop in scores from the previous year. API scores are calculated using the spring STAR testing. Schools are compared to schools […]

Machado returns to council meeting — then slips away

Sept. 13th’s Placerville City Council meeting began with all five council members present — Mayor Pro Tem Mark Acuna, Councilwoman Patty Borelli, Councilman Carl Hagen, Councilwoman Wendy Mattson — and deposed mayor David Machado, but the full complement was missing long before the end of the meeting. Machado slipped quietly into a seat at the […]

Anniversary: Schussing through 50 years together

Theodore “Ted” and Cherie (Klesczyk) Dashnaw met at the Mayo Clinic Medical School in Minnesota more than 50 years ago. Ted was completing training as a physical therapist and Cherie was visiting her older sister Kay who was a student at the clinic. The couple became engaged six months later and married on Sept. 16, […]

Anniversary: 60 years of marriage an education in life

On Sept. 8, Lt.Col. James William Duke and his wife Mary Elizabeth (Olsen) Duke celebrated 60 years of wedded happiness. The two met as students in the spring of 1950 at the Wesley Foundation Methodist Student Center at Louisiana State University.  On Sept. 7, 1951 James graduated from the Marine Corps Recruit Depot at Parris […]

Redevelopment heads to ’12 ballot

At Tuesday’s Placerville City Council meeting council members voted unanimously to call for an election to settle the question of redevelopment in Placerville. As the result of the receipt of a referendum petition calling for the repeal of the newly approved Placerville Redevelopment Project, the City Council had three options to consider. City Manager Cleve […]

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