Head Start grant

EDITOR: El Dorado County Office of Education recently submitted an article to your paper (July 16) announcing that EDCOE had been awarded the Head Start grant for which it had re-applied, and that the program will continue to enroll students for the Fall semester. What the article failed to mention were the cuts which have […]

Sand Fire

EDITOR: El Dorado County has just had one of the biggest fires that we have had in a long time. Fortunately no one was seriously injured nor did anyone die. It did destroy some homes and I wish those people well as they rebuild their homes and lives. This was a very expensive fire to […]


EDITOR: Hey, John Garon of Placerville. In response to your Friday, July 25, letter to the editor I must say that your language is very scripted, copied from a standard — either that or you are using your masters tele — eh? Directing your vitriol to Gene Altshuler is immature but understandable. In either case […]

Olives need less water

EDITOR: Much has been said and printed about the Small Farm irrigation rate structure. One thing is certain in this controversy: that the definition and proof of production (qualification) is complex and confusing. It appears that one form of a “Small Farm” consists of 24 olive trees. This analysis uses that format. A question arises: […]

District 2 supervisorial special election

EDITOR: Saturday’s Bee called the “supervisorial special election” in El Dorado County “strange.” It’s strange all right, but possibly serendipitous. We have six candidates. One is the wife of the supervisor ousted by the court, running, ironically, on a “Clean Government” platform. Another candidate is a neighbor of said supervisor. A third candidate is the […]

GDPUD management report

EDITOR: Cities and special districts like GDPUD, a local water district on the Divide, are required to be audited by an independent CPA firm on a yearly basis. The audit itself is generally made up of a lot of numbers that tell you what the income and expenses are for the institution as well as […]

Main/Clay/Cedar Ravine intersection

EDITOR: The Placerville City Council has voted to eliminate a roundabout at the intersection of Main and Cedar Ravine. But when did the council vote to substitute a four-way intersection for the roundabout, as implied in the Democrat’s “Save the Druid Monument” editorial? Does that mean the council has already decided to realign the Clay […]

EID votes to support small farms

EDITOR: The EID board voted 3-2 at a contentious board meeting on July 14 to continue to support the small farm water rate with “qualified” livestock added to the mix. The Democrat report totally ignored any comments from non-farm ratepayers in its coverage. The comments by the farming community were interesting: Dr. Robert Shuman: “Farming […]

Watch whom you’re calling ‘conservative’

EDITOR: Although I generally agree with Gene Altshuler’s columns, I fault him for his poor choice of nouns and adjectives used to describe the Tea-Party-addled-GOP. Mr. Altshuler keeps calling these people “conservatives.” As the name indicates, conservative implies conservation, thinking twice before changing a policy. The people that run the TP/GOP are bomb-throwers, intent on […]

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Fake ‘small farms’ steal from residential EID customers

EDITOR: Poor EID polices have exacerbated the severe drought in El Dorado County. As 35,000 EID residential customers sacrifice vegetation at their homes to reduce water consumption to meet drought goals, EID moves to further relax criteria for the discounted “Small Farm” water category. This seems like very bad policy in light that two studies […]

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People of Placerville

EDITOR: The Good: Today was movie day at the Regal Placerville Stadium 8 Theater for some of our residents in the Independent Apartments at Gold Country Retirement. I was helping some of the residents off the bus as the rest lined up to buy their tickets. To my utter surprise and delight a man and […]

Computer scam phone calls

EDITOR: This is a short note to remind everyone that Microsoft does not call you. Scammers may call and say they are from Microsoft and that you have a virus on your computer. They then try to convince you to go to the computer and follow their  instructions. Doing this will then give them complete […]

Support of Director Prada

EDITOR: I’m writing this letter in response to the one that appeared in the Mountain Democrat on July 21 written by Ken Shane regarding Director Prada. Mr. Shane called for the recall of Director Prada based on Mr. Shane’s belief that Director Prada is asking for the increase in EID rates for its users. Obviously […]

Want more water?

EDITOR: Eldorado National Forest management is based on the 1989 Forest Land Management Plan. This plan was amended in January 2004 by the Sierra Nevada Forest Plan Amendment. This amendment created strategies to treat fuels, but has since been limited by Northern Spotted Owl habitat concerns. Actually, the greatest threat to habitat is wildfire. Proper […]

Future water?

EDITOR: According to rense.com, several large corporations are attempting to privatize drinking water worldwide. These corporations include the World Bank, Bechtel, Veolia, Nestle and several others. These international corporations are seeking to make clean drinking water available only through themselves. By creating droughts artificially and by causing ground water pollution via fracking, these large corporations […]

China buying the world

EDITOR: Most countries have central banks like our Federal Reserve that create money out of nothing and are not audited. They provide funds for their governments and charge interest on those funds. That is why countries all over the world are so deeply in debt. However, China has added a new wrinkle into the scheme […]

Taking measures

EDITOR: While we were sleeping, our country, America, has almost gone away, however it has not totally gone away. It can be saved by you and me, our neighbors, people we don’t even know. We do not have the luxury of putting our heads in the sand like a flamingo and wait for someone else […]

Refugee crisis

EDITOR: The children refugee crisis must be addressed by our paid suits in Washington. This crisis has two fronts: The first front is the logistics of taking care of these children; the initial cost to us could be $2 billion, and after all, they are illegal aliens. This country cannot support these children until they […]

Executive orders

EDITOR: Recently the Republicans in the House of Representatives moved to challenge our president’s record of “End Around Runs” on our Constitution. (Do not expect a lot out of the Republicans.) His “End Around Runs” are his use of executive orders. Executive orders do not need input from Congress or anyone else. Virtually it could […]

EID’s industrial planning politics

EDITOR: The EID board was set to once again take up “Small Farm” qualification criteria at its July 14 board meeting. This is a continuation of EID’s ongoing industrial planning politics as our local water agency picks and chooses another special interest to subsidize at the more than $1 million expense to 35,000 residential ratepayers […]

What secret science?

EDITOR: An editorial in the July 2 issue of the Mountain Democrat stated, “We are being fed a line about global warming that so far is based on secret science from the EPA.” This would seem outlandish, if that were true. However, it appears that just the opposite is the case. In 2013, researchers reported […]

Uphold the Third Amendment

EDITOR: I keep reading letters to the editor about peoples’ concern for keeping the Second Amendment. What about Third Amendment rights? I am much more concerned about people who may want to abolish the Third Amendment than I am about the Second Amendment. Who wants soldiers tramping their muddy boots all over their carpets? And […]


EDITOR: A friend of mine recently passed and because my wife Lee Ann and I were traveling out of state, I missed the opportunity to attend his memorial service. Art Cate had been a friend for over 50 years. I first met him as the new principal of a new high school in 1961, my […]

DA hogging Main St. parking

EDITOR: It appears our District Attorney and his employees are above the law. The DA’s office is parking county vehicles on Main Street all day long and the city of Placerville is turning a blind eye without ticketing the vehicles. Why doesn’t the city ticket the DA’s vehicles parked on the street all day long? […]

EID rate discrimination

EDITOR: EID has set residential water rates higher than costs for 35,000 ratepayers to subsidize 700 “preferred” small farmer customers. Currently, all EID outside irrigation water over .25 acre-feet is sold to small farm customers at $49 per acre-foot while residential customers pay between $697 and $829 per acre-foot. So who are these “small farmers” […]

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CAO and staff hiring friends

EDITOR: Assistant CAO Kim Kerr hired her friend to investigate, analyze and prepare a report on the efficiency of the county’s Building and Planning departments. The woman has no experience in the specialized area she was hired. The consultant’s report by Shannon Lowery attempts to review the county’s Planning Department and Building Department functionality and […]

Second Amendment

EDITOR: I am a lifelong liberal and a Democrat, and I have lived in El Dorado County for 30 years. In the late 80s, I got home from work after dark, and my teen daughter ran out to my car to tell me about the “man screaming in the woods.” We lived in a cabin […]

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Altshuler’s hypocrisy

EDITOR: I, like most people, have seen hypocritical rants, but Mr. Altschuler’s is tough to top. He complains of the GOP trying to nullify laws by withholding funding. I don’t know how far back he’s going for this little piece of hypocrisy because the Democrat-controlled Senate has never allowed the House to get away with […]

Small Farm compromise

EDITOR: I attended EID’s June 23 Small Farm Irrigation Rate (SFIR) workshop. I planted 30 trees to qualify for the SFIR program last year, with the intention of expanding our orchard over the next three years. We understand that there are a few “bad apples” in the program that abuse it by using water in […]

EID and Dale Coco

EDITOR: The Coco 30 percent rate increase was defeated at the June 23 EID meeting, thank goodness. At least for now. But there’s no telling or trusting what Coco says and does. Recently elected El Dorado irrigation Director Dale Coco has repeatedly and publicly chastised and criticized his own constituents, residential rate payers, for not […]

Pollock Pines’ Fourth of July Parade

EDITOR: The annual Pollock Pines Fourth of July parade went off without a hitch this year due to all of the wonderful volunteers: Dave Hough, Rubicon Pro Sound; Dave and Dee Campbell (True Value Hardware), Kevin Brown, Leslie Sinclair, Dave and Ilda Donegan, CERT, STAR and the CHP, as well as much-appreciated help and guidance […]

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Water conservation

EDITOR: I have been trying to do my part conserving water. I use the days specified by EID. I use a bucket in my shower. I am saving the water I use to boil certain foods to use to water my plants. I use low-water loads with my laundry. And I load my dishwasher to […]

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Stupid laws

EDITOR: Have you ever wondered, after reading some of the stupid laws we have, who voted on them? Answer: If you watched the Channel 13 News on Tuesday night, Sept. 30 at 10 p.m., but not shown until 10:50 p.m. — ghosts. Yes you read correctly. Ghosts. Apparently some of our hard-working, self-serving Assembly people […]

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That dam problem

EDITOR: With the impending water shortage in Northern California and no relief in sight, I have a question for the “No Dam Building” environmentalists. When your lights go brown, the cost of food goes up, fire danger rises, lawns and shrubs turn brown, forests turn brown, fish die and when you can’t take a shower […]

Lumber sales tax

EDITOR: I am still amazed at the audacity, stealth and shenanigans our hard-working, self-serving legislature will do to make extra money at the expense of the public. If it had not been for a listener calling into “Call Curtis,” on Channel 13, I would never have heard about the new fee imposed on solid lumber […]

Buying binge

EDITOR: As the fiscal year winds down on June 30 every year, a panic may grip government offices. Someone realizes that they have not spent their entire fiscal budget. As the day grows closer, anxiety and hysteria may set in, depending upon how much money is left and must be spent by midnight, June 30. […]

Letter to Speaker of the House

DEAR EDITOR: This is an open letter to Speaker of the House, John Boehner. This letter is pertaining to the president’s exchange sending five senior Taliban commanders back to Qatar in exchange for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. I urge the House of Representatives, through you as its speaker, to initiate two monumental actions. They are: […]


EDITOR: Driving on Placerville Drive the Koby Ant always brings a smile to my face. He changes with the seasons, holidays and special events whether donned in a costume or a new coat of paint, of which there must be many. “Koby” just guards his little corner, never leaving to enter our homes. Thank you […]

GDPUD misinformation

EDITOR: After attending last week’s meeting of the Rural Community Coalition (RCC) at the Garden Valley Fire Department I am somewhat puzzled by the conflicting information put forth by GDPUD Board President Bonnie McLean. She claimed that the district is saving money by paying the current interim general manager (as well as the previous interim […]

Debt reduction at EID with Coco?

EDITOR: Are we headed toward debt reduction with Dale Coco? I do recall the campaign promises of Mr. Dale Coco. One of those was to cut the agency’s $370 million debt. Does that sound like a large amount for a county of our size? Mr. Coco stated it was far out of line and reported […]

At the crossroads

EDITOR: When for the first time you happen upon the intersection of Main Street and Cedar Ravine Road, you are soon struck by the feeling that you have entered a place of special significance, a place like no other, a location of historical worth, an area rich in community … and thriving. Formed over 150 […]

Facebook postings

EDITOR: The Mountain Democrat has made its share of mistakes over the years but requiring people to only post comments via Facebook has to rank at the top. First, many people don’t have a Facebook account and for good reason — it’s used to gather information about people to either sway their opinion or sell […]

South American immigrants

EDITOR: All of this hate, hate, hate, rhetoric … America has had the dubious historical distinction of finding a “group du jour” to hate since its inception. These days African-Americans, LGBT communities, women in general and the children from South America are all currently in season and on the veritable menu of “Haters.” These very […]

Piano replaced

EDITOR: This is a sincere and heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed at our fundraiser in May and to the El Dorado County Friends of Seniors for the grant that enabled the tired, old piano at the Placerville Senior Center to be replaced with a new to the Center, refurbished and guaranteed piano. The […]

Comments sign-in policy

EDITOR: I can’t believe the idiocy that has taken over the Mountain Democrat. I pay for this rag. I have to use an e-mail address and a password to sign in to read it online, now I am forced to use Facebook to sign in (again) to read or leave a comment. How discriminatory is […]