Abel Logan’s letter

EDITOR: As I read the letter to the editor by author Abel Logan, my jaw hit the table. I thought, you’ve gotta be kidding, you have got to be kidding, then realized, no, he isn’t kidding. A thousand thoughts ran through my head. I don’t know where to start; I guess with Cha Cha Santiago. […]

Altshuler and Paul Harvey

EDITOR: Regarding Gene Altshuler’s column on Oct. 22, 2014: Somebody knocked on his door “a neatly dressed couple … and two young girls…” He was seeming outraged (grumpy); his wife insulted. I have found that so-called progressive “secular humanists” are insulted and offended by anything they disagree with. I thought their side was “inclusive” and […]

My turn: ‘Water agencies stand in fear’

EDITOR: My god, are we in northern California going to stand around and watch the politicians make this part of the state into a desert for central and southern California? Come on people, somebody has to stand up to McClintock, Feinstein and the other politicians that will take our share of the water away. I […]

Coco’s omissions

EDITOR: In Dale Coco’s recent “My turn” column he enumerated the past and present failings of EID. He alluded to all of them stemming from past Board decisions. Blame it on the guys that are gone and cannot fight back. A board of directors does not have the authority to make operational decisions. That is […]


EDITOR: Sierra fund has now become the authority on mining; they have jumped from cleaning the sediment from the reservoirs to mining the reservoirs for the possibility of becoming one of the biggest mining concerns in the state of California. They tell how all this gold has washed into the reservoirs along with mercury and […]


EDITOR: During the early 1930s, 25 states revised their laws to authorize the issuance of script to remedy their shortage of currency. In addition to script issued by states, many business concerns and even individuals also issued script. Script was issued because there were not enough federal reserve notes in circulation to facilitate trade during […]

The Libertarian way of charity

EDITOR: If memory serves, during the recent electoral campaign Congressman Tom McClintock advertised himself as a GOP/Tea Party “Libertarian.” Just what, exactly, does a “Libertarian” stand for? I would bet the farm that most people who supported McClintock haven’t the foggiest notion of what they voted for. The founder of the modern U.S. Libertarian movement […]

Webcam response

EDITOR: In many of the great cities and small towns of the world you are able to enjoy a wonderful meal on the sidewalk while taking in the views and watching the world go by. We are lucky to have a dining establishment where we can sit and enjoy all that Placerville has to offer. […]

Probation Employee Awards Ceremony

EDITOR: On Saturday, Nov. 15, 2014, the El Dorado County Probation Department, in partnership with the El Dorado County Probation Officers Association, gathered at the American Legion Post 119 in Placerville for their annual Employee Awards Ceremony. The ceremony was held to recognize all employees for the valuable work they do in providing public safety […]

The El Dorado Trail: Left-walkers vs. right-walkers

EDITOR: The El Dorado Trail Committee has decreed that pedestrians are to stay on the left side of the trail and cyclists on the right. This causes hostility and puts both walkers and riders needlessly at risk. On walkways, we have been taught as children to stay to the right and generally do so as […]

CHiPs for Kids

EDITOR: In December 2013 a CHiPs for Kids bin was placed in the Pizza Factory of Pollock Pines to accept toy donations. While planning their Christmas party, the employees there elected to forgo the usual gift exchange and instead purchase toys for the bin. They filled it to overflowing. This year once again I am […]

Ken Steers’ selective memory

EDITOR: I always read Ken Steers’s letters with trepidation, wondering: “How off-base is this one going to be?” His Dec. 26 submission did not disappoint. This racist diatribe, masquerading as “facts,” made my morning coffee all the more enjoyable. You’ve got to envy grown-ups who, child-like, invent an imaginary world and see it as reality. […]

CAO’s gone

EDITOR: Don’t blame Joe Harn; he was just the messenger. Don’t blame the citizens who show up at Board of Supervisors open forum each week to give morally challenged supervisors a weekly shellacking while exposing and investigating the county’s corruption. Blame your weak-minded county supervisors who promoted and prolonged this nightmarish lack of leadership. Terri […]

Christmas wish

EDITOR: Sometimes life isn’t always easy; things are hard during Christmas. Then there is someone that can change everything for you, someone who can show you the true meaning of Christmas. A kind man in Placerville paid for a toy for me at Kmart. Me not knowing the price way over my budget, I had […]

Common Core response to Mr. Sonner

EDITOR: Mr. Sonner: In Saul Alinsky’s book “Rules for Radicals,” he teaches to never debate the issue and use personal attacks on the opponent. Why would I spend all my time running a Web group, hosting meetings with the nationally recognized experts on Common Core, moderating candidate forums for all three levels of school boards […]

Medical marijuana issue

EDITOR: Ten years ago today (Dec. 8), the Mountain Democrat published an article announcing my intent to open a club for qualified medical marijuana patients here in El Dorado County (MMCA), incorporating and registering as a nonprofit with the California Secretary of State after our articles were reviewed and approved by the California Attorney General’s […]

Moral outrage over the hypocrisy

EDITOR: “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!” That was the chant by the marchers in New York a couple of days ago. Obviously they got what they wanted with the murder of two New York City police officers by an armed assailant who via social media tied his actions […]

Gracie’s Christmas wish

EDITOR: The morning was cold, feeling it produced shivers as we stood outside the store, and there was Gracie, as she freely swung her legs, her feet barely touching the ground. She announced to us that she was 8 years old, small for her age but her cheerfulness charmed you to stop and admire the […]

Garon’s mid-terms

EDITOR: Well I see that Mr. Garon, Placerville’s Euro-Socialist in Chief, is venting his dismay over the recent elections. He always brings up race in his political letters of the last six years. If he wants to look at a racist he should try the mirror. He always plays the race card, the hallmark of […]

Placerville Webcam

EDITOR: We are privileged to have placervillewebcam.com to enjoy and view the happenings at the Belltower 24/7. It is a pleasure to see the decorations change from season to season. I check in often to see what the weather is like downtown compared to the action at my home. It’s interesting to see what the […]

Shady courthouse bailout deal for Briggs

EDITOR: Last Tuesday, Kirk Smith accused the Board of Supervisors of putting the cart before the horse by moving prematurely on a contentious courthouse land swap with the Briggs Family Trust prior to the state completing its EIR. Other proposed courthouse site alternatives exist; however, your supervisors have a clairvoyant crystal ball allowing them to […]

Altshuler advice

EDITOR: In Gene Altshuler’s Dec. 10 column titled “Fair and Balanced,” you asked for “constructive and well-intentioned” advice as to how to improve your column. Here is an open letter response. Our voting public is composed of a variety of political groups ranging from the far left to the far right. The vast majority of […]

Tremendous community involvement

EDITOR: Saturday, Dec. 13 Rescue held its annual Santa’s Pancake Breakfast. During that event, over 400 people showed up taking part in a yummy breakfast, an opportunity to meet Santa and just take part in some friendly conversation. I was so impressed with the dedication of our community to make this wonderful event happen. Our […]

Supes cut elected salaries

EDITOR: When I started reading the article by Chris Daley on Dec. 12 of this year, I started laughing, not just about to laugh, but laughed. All the while, shaking my head. Then came my favorite, Dec. 15 this year, by author Larry Weitzman, followed by the editorial in today’s paper, Dec 17. I sit […]

Gossip in El Dorado County

EDITOR: Recently, I attended a holiday gathering in El Dorado County and found malevolent gossip running rampant amongst those who consider themselves “pillars of the community.” Gossip is a form of bullying, otherwise known as “Relational Aggression.” It is an attempt to disintegrate personal and/or professional associations with a deliberate attack on a reputation. Those […]

Attention all veterans

EDITOR: It has been brought to the attention of Hangtown Detachment 697 of the Marine Corps League that chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, commonly known as COPD, is a growing health concern among veterans. It is a progressive, incurable respiratory illness characterized by airflow obstruction. We veterans are three times more likely than the general population […]

Gratitude for Supervisor Santiago

EDITOR: On behalf of the California State Association of Counties (CSAC), I am writing to offer my gratitude to El Dorado County Supervisor Norma Santiago. Although she is leaving office soon, she has been a dedicated public servant for the past decade. Moreover, for many of those years she has extended her service beyond the […]

Common Core Chapter 6: Testing, depression and psychological damage

EDITOR: Who likes to take tests? How often should kids be tested and how long should the tests be? What percentage of school time should be dedicated to testing at each grade level? These are all questions that the Common Core authors seems not to have taken into consideration. Test, test and more tests seems […]

Consentual government

EDITOR: To secure the unalienable rights of life and liberty, “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” — The Declaration of Independence To have “consent of the governed,” the government must be totally transparent. Because none of the representatives that voted for the Affordable Care Act read […]

Privatize banking

EDITOR: This letter is based on an excerpt from “Silent Methods for Quiet Wars.” The excerpt reveals the Rothschild banking method. Briefly, Mr. Rothschild discovered that he could lend financial credit beyond funds actually deposited in his bank. This could be done because depositors were unlikely to all withdraw their deposits at the same time. […]

Union Mine High School conversion

EDITOR: It is time to recognize that the building of Union Mine High School was a mistake. It continues as a mistake and unless the folks of Diamond and El Dorado wish to see some major development it will always be a mistake. Given this truth, what can be done to fix the Union Mine […]

A letter from your sheriff

EDITOR: Another year has passed and another holiday season is upon us. This is a time of year to reflect on the year that was and the year that soon will be. From a personal standpoint, it’s a time to reflect on the priorities in life: faith, family, friendship, health and happiness. From a professional […]

Law enforcement

EDITOR: In light of all the current bad publicity toward law enforcement in general, I thought it might be nice for those folks who agree that the majority of law enforcement personnel are doing a good job to send them a Christmas card. Placerville CHP Office: P.O. Box 1417 Placerville, CA 95667 Placerville Police Department: […]

How times have changed

EDITOR: I was fortunate to have been raised during the ’50s and early ’60s, in what I now call “the age of innocence.” My, how times have changed. As an elementary schooler, I proudly wore an “I Like Ike” campaign button. I had no idea of it all; it was just that I liked the […]

Recent law enforcement shootings

EDITOR: This is an open letter to Senator Feinstein and Congressman McClintock: The recent shooting of our citizens and law enforcement officers, is alleged to have been done by an illegal immigrant. You may want to call this poor ignorant soul an undocumented person, a person who is void of legal documentation or some other […]

0 ≠ 0

EDITOR: Not so fast. I was there. Zero EID rate increase in 2015 does not mean that EID costs are flat. Necessary capital improvement projects coupled with the recent unexpected Esmeralda Tunnel cave-in are almost certainly going to trigger the issuance of another $45,000,000.00 of indebtedness. The most galling aspect from my point of view […]

Common Core, Chapters 1,2,3,4…

EDITOR: I have never met Mr. Summers, so I can only assume from his letters that he is not a teacher, and I don’t know if he has children in El Dorado County schools. It appears that he has not actually read the Common Core Standards adopted by the state of California (worth reading). Additionally, […]

Common Core, Chapter 5: Social justice

EDITOR: What is Social Justice? Wikipedia defines it as “justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities and privileges within a society.” Hmmm … sounds like what we used to call socialism. Common Core is riddled with social justice in the math textbook selection to the test. Is that what we want for the […]


EDITOR: On July 17, a gentle giant was choked to death in New York City for the heinous crime of selling cigarettes on a street corner, and non-aggressively resisting arrest. And the killer was exonerated. Eric Garner was surrounded by four New York City policemen, and was attempting to talk to them. If the officers […]

Reserve currency

EDITOR: American money is used all over the world. As the world’s reserve currency, Federal Reserve notes have been the primary medium of exchange for world trade since WWII. Because our currency was widely used to settle trade accounts, its strength and popularity has enabled us to purchase imports very favorably compared to other nations. […]

Plan for ISIS

EDITOR: As I watched the late news on Wednesday, Sept. 10, the eve of 9/11, 13 years later, President Obama was giving his speech on his plan for ISIS. It reminded me of the commercial on TV where the little boy says, “Doesn’t it bother anybody that the mime is talking?” President Obama was definitely […]

Dangerous intersection

EDITOR: The intersections of Lotus Road and crossroads of Gold Hill Road and Luneman Road are dangerous because of the sight view to the north. A new school is located on the northwest corner, which is Sutter Mill Elementary School. Traffic here is three or four times more and much faster than Gold Hill and […]

Beyond the Taser

EDITOR: Here’s the paradox: • We’ve got some really bad, bad guys who are out there. • We want law enforcement to protect us from these bad guys. • We’re not wild about law enforcement killing the bad guys as they do it. We need to give law enforcement a new non-lethal whoopin’-the-bad-guy device. We […]

Ghosties say thanks

EDITOR: A big Thank You to all the cast members at the third annual Haunted House in Pollock Pines: Emily, Terri, Ken, John, Larry, Adian, Corey, Ryan, Michelle, Mark, Mike, Kit, Alisha, Carol, Tim, Dianna, Alex, Logan, Mattie, Kaleb, Jasper, Courtney, Riff, Tongue, Cheyenne, Angelo, Matt, Monica, Kevin, LIsa, Barron, Coop, Maya, Debi, Bart, Elise, […]

‘You didn’t build that’

EDITOR: Capitalism, that is “free enterprise,” is based upon personal integrity and moral values. It is a symbiotic relationship between the entrepreneur and the consumer. The entrepreneur provides a service and/or product to the consumer for which he (the entrepreneur) is paid. This is a win–win–win proposition. (The third winner, of course, is the tax-man […]