President Obama does what he says

EDITOR: The Russians have invaded the Ukraine today (Aug. 28), again. The media seems surprised by this action and there are many reports that our president appears disconnected and has shown a lack of leadership to the world as the lone superpower in his handling of this situation. There are many reports that state the […]

YouTube video on Common Core

EDITOR: The staff writer seems to have captured the essence of the YouTube video presented at this gathering. This is the same video referenced in a recent letter to the editor. I viewed it and found that it was a very polished “paid political announcement.” The key to understanding the true nature of the Common […]

Amaral for Supervisor

EDITOR: I have been most impressed with the character and candor of Chris Amaral, who is running for District 2 Supervisor. I am also impressed that he is not a career politician and has a strong business background. We can use some of that on the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors. He said something […]

Two letters’ reply

EDITOR: Two letters in your Aug 20 edition are standouts. Charlie Black, in his attack on Chris Daley’s column on immigration, listed some diseases he thinks immigrants are bringing us, and actually included this remark: “Obama is even allowing people to enter the country with Ebola.” Now, I don’t know how much information Mr. Black […]

Small farms

EDITOR: My name is John Millsap and I am not a small farm owner. I’ve lived in Greenstone Country in El Dorado County for over 20 years and I love living here, although I must say I’m a little disappointed with some of our elected officials. It seems we have some sore losers out there […]

Charlie Black’s response to Chris Daley

EDITOR: Regarding Charlie Black’s response to Chris Daley (Aug. 20), Mr. Black asserts that “he’s (Daley) immune to facts.” Mr. Black’s “facts” include: “the real unemployment rate is probably 25 percent” (cited source please); “when all of that (work, food stamps, rent, food and health insurance) will be given freely to those who entered this […]

Peace officers

EDITOR: I do not want people to forget about all the peace officers who are injured and killed in the line of duty every year protecting you and me. I think we should protest against the nasty human beings who murder, shoot at, spit on, beat up, run over and who knows what else these […]

$80M sheriff’s headquarters boondoggle

EDITOR: At the Board of Supervisors meeting, Joe Harn, county auditor, insisted that the county facilities manager prepare an agenda item for July 29 meeting to explain how the county might finance a massive new Sheriff’s Office building now purported to cost over $80 million. Harn’s concern is the county’s inability to pay for such […]

Tabloid headline

EDITOR: I am writing to express my disappointment in your choice of headline “MURDER-SUICIDE? Elderly couple found dead” regarding the tragic deaths of our dear friends and neighbors. They were very good people who were very much loved by their many family members and friends and community and do not deserve to have such a […]

Amending the county’s General Plan

EDITOR: Some people may not be aware that substantial amendment to our county General Plan is nearing completion. The proposed changes are labeled Targeted General Plan Amendments and Zoning Ordinance Update (TGPA/ZOU). A couple of years ago the Economic Development Advisory Committee got authorization from the Board of Supervisors to draw up amendments to the […]

George Turnboo for District 2

EDITOR: With the slogan, “Clean Government,” we can trust Jennifer Nutting to do a good job as Supervisor, replacing her inculpative husband, Ray. Or that’s what they want us to believe. I’m voting for George Turnboo. George is the logical choice. El Dorado County is his home having been born here. He believes in maintaining […]

Support Shiva Frentzen

EDITOR: As residents of District 2, we are very concerned about who we elect to replace Ray Nutting. We have read all the biographies and listened to what the candidates have to say about what they will do for District 2 and for El Dorado County. Most are very vague about their agenda. I want […]

Chris Amaral for District 2

EDITOR: When I read the candidate statements for District 2 Supervisor, one stands out: Chris Amaral. This is a man who is isn’t afraid to say, “character counts.” Based on our recent history, that by itself is a breath of fresh air. He understands that massive housing developments are not the economic answer, and that […]

Yes, I am back

EDITOR: Reference “He’s Back,” Mr. Alger’s letter of Aug. 18, in which he is contemptuous of my return. It is my great pleasure to be back giving Mr. Alger heartburn, which he evidences by including in his letter Benghazi, Black Panthers, Fast and Furious, Open Border, IRS, Obamacare, Medicare, Medicaid and Obama ruling by decree. […]

A woman of her word

EDITOR: On multiple occasions in the past I have written in this forum to decry the actions and activities of local politicians. It is nice on this occasion to be able to extol the virtues of one of our local representatives. For the past four years I have followed closely the behavior of Shiva Frentzen […]

Is SPI clearcutting Georgetown’s water supply?

EDITOR: Sierra Pacific Industries (SPI) is planning a new timber harvest plan (THP) called the Oui Oui THP that will soon clearcut next to the campgrounds, picnic area and boat ramp at Stumpy Meadows Reservoir (sources:, Since 2010, Sierra Pacific Industries has already clearcut 863 acres in the immediate area, and this new THP […]

Response to ‘BOS as a lawless regime’

EDITOR: Please share this response to Mr. Smith with him and all those who read his letter, posted Aug. 11, regarding the BOS action on the yellow petition. Mr. Smith, whatever the Board of Supervisors did do, it did not “deny the people the right to vote” on the yellow petition. This initiative will come […]

Dave Pratt for Supervisor

EDITOR: Without a doubt, Dave Pratt is the most qualified candidate for District 2’s representative on the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors. Dave’s priorities, integrity and his manner of discharging his duties as a former El Dorado County Agricultural Commissioner, current member of the county Planning Commission, president of a local fire safe council, […]

Another Logan Building Grand Jury report

EDITOR: According to the recently published Grand Jury report, the county’s recent release of the problem-plagued Logan Building, now called Victory Mine Center and owned by Steve Abel, has many of the same problems cited in three previous Grand Jury reports of 1999/2000. Why didn’t the county’s facility manager, Russ Fackrell, solve these problems prior […]

Head Start hours cut

EDITOR: El Dorado County’s Superintendent of Schools Jeremy Meyers plans to close the achievement gap the old fashioned way, by cutting the hours our disadvantaged preschoolers receive to prepare for Kindergarten. When the new federal Head Start moneys were granted in June, Mr. Meyers also funneled more money to administration, and cut the hours and […]


EDITOR: Oh goodie. The Bunny Ranch billboard east of Placerville has been removed. Oh … wait … it has been replaced with another Bunny Ranch billboard. Oh goodie, “Live Entertainment” offered. Hmmmmm … KERMIT LOWE Pollock Pines

Mather approval hearing article

EDITOR: The article appearing in the Mountain Democrat on Aug. 8, regarding the Mather Airport expansion hearing by staff writer Julie Samrick, was a biased editorial with misleading information with no evidence to back her facts. She provided only one position on the topic. There was no reporting on the positive economic results of this […]


EDITOR: It’s irresponsible to follow the money and timber interests … we are not Washington; we are not Oregon. Why clear cut? To create a few lousy jobs and a few bucks in revenue? It makes no sense with the state and federal economies on the rebound. VIKKI PACHERA Kirkwood

Letter to original Miwoks

EDITOR: This is to all the original Miwoks who have resided in El Dorado County for more than 200 years. My name is Louie L. Smith III. The Smith family is just one of the real Shingle Springs Miwoks; I’m wondering where all the other Miwoks are. Whose families resided in El Dorado County for […]

Fiscal analysis? Absolutely

EDITOR: What does it cost? I have heard so many explanations about how the ballot initiatives are going to be just awful for El Dorado County and how they just might be tolerable. One of the ways to test these issues is to obtain a financial analysis of the impacts of these initiatives; and our […]

Re-elect Todd White

EDITOR: There are many offices up for election this coming November. One local race that may be easily overlooked is the El Dorado Union High School District. Todd White has served on the high school board since 2010, and has done a wonderful job. I have known Todd for several years, and actually worked alongside […]

Thanks to local rotary clubs

EDITOR: The Sugarloaf Fine Arts Camp would like to express our sincere thanks to the rotary clubs of Cameron Park, Placerville, Camino and Pollock Pines for their help setting up and breaking down camp again this year. It is a massive undertaking to set up our program equipment and we really couldn’t do it without […]

Frentzen for Supervisor District 2

EDITOR: I’ve known Shiva Frentzen as a friend and colleague for going on 20 years now. I’ve always been impressed with her character, intelligence and strength. When we worked together years ago as software engineers, she was never afraid to tackle even the most complex of problems whether they were technical or human in nature. […]

Amaral for Supervisor (District 2)

EDITOR: The recent Sand Fire demonstrated some huge problems in El Dorado County. So far as I can tell, only one supervisor candidate is talking about a solution. Chris Amaral recently noted that areas of the county not only lack high-speed Internet connection, but lack cell service. How are we supposed to let people know […]

Consequences of initiatives

EDITOR: EID currently has $370 million in bond debt. We ratepayers are responsible to repay that $370 million debt. A major financial consequence ignored by the “no growth” initiative proponents is that substantial EID infrastructure capacity was expanded many years prematurely creating more than $100 million of current EID infrastructure excess capacity that is not […]

Attention EID ratepayers

EDITOR: Attention EID ratepayers — your privacy has been violated. EID has an Administrative Regulation that is supposed to protect your privacy: “AR 1130 Public Access to Customer Records. Approved: December 12, 2006. The names, addresses, and any other data collected by the District regarding customers or property owners within the District, including computerized geographical […]

Funny paper

EDITOR: Oh good, Longhofer is back. Now you can pull one of the comics off the funny paper page as he can take its place. LEE GARDNER Garden Valley

You decide

EDITOR: Ms. Harper stood before the BOS for her reappointment to CEDAC and made false statements. She accused the 1-2-3 petitioners of being aggressive at the Wagon Train event in Pollock Pines this summer. The petitioners had called and paid for a canopy, which Harper took down before the event. When I arrived, she was […]

High crimes and misdemeanors

EDITOR: Well, as they say, the cat is out of the bag. On Aug. 1, the president of the United States admitted, “We tortured some folks.” An admission of war crimes which requires by law, the investigation and prosecution of those who committed the crimes as well as those who ordered the crimes and those […]


EDITOR: I campaigned for EID Board Member Dale Coco because I believed he would follow through on what he promised — that is to “focus on real solutions to the $370 million debt and stop runaway rate increases.” However, Dr. Coco voted yes with the other directors while Alan Day and Greg Prada voted no […]

I agree with Director Prada

EDITOR: For the past six months I’ve been watching the rhetoric fly back-and-forth between Small Farmers and EID Director Greg Prada. I have to say “I agree with Director Prada.” Irrespective of the fact that Director Prada’s $49 Small Farm rate has been disproven by EID’s own staff (i.e. actually $514 per acre foot vs. […]

He’s back

EDITOR: I thought I had seen some pompous, egocentric, windbags in my time, but our resident left winger Mr. Longhofer takes the cake. After a long absence does he write a letter with a point political or otherwise? No, he wastes newsprint with a letter informing readers that they need suffer without him no longer, […]

‘White Rabbit Tactic’

EDITOR: Why are local politicians scared of letting people vote? In Sacramento, the mayor and the boys used taxpayer money to defeat a petition to put the new arena up for a vote. The people of Sacramento needed to vote on the use of taxpayer money for the new arena. They should have let the […]

Lincoln’s railroad ties

EDITOR: A story has been told about Abraham Lincoln and railroad ties. During Lincoln’s presidency, America’s transcontinental railroad was under construction with Lincoln’s support. The transcontinental railroad was expensive both in labor and material. Each mile of track required 100 tons of rails, about 2,500 railroad ties, and about three tons of spikes and fish […]

Sand Fire help

EDITOR: As you know all too well, we suffered a devastating fire that claimed over 4,000 acres of our beautiful foothills as well as a number of homes in our community. Many of those folks did not either have adequate home insurance or insurance at all which means that they lost everything. Since 2012, my […]

GDPUD facts

EDITOR: I read Lon Uso’s letter to the editor. There are some things that the public needs to know. The GDPUD audit report that just came out encompassed the time between July 1, 2012, through June 30, 2013. Hank White’s last day as general manager was Aug 1, 2013, just after the end of the […]

FENIX drifting in wind

EDITOR: A long overdue and postponed update on the county’s ailing FENIX $5.6 million computer system was given at last Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting. According to the county staff’s own report, the project is being re-engineered on the fly with a multitude of changes — 23 change orders so far to a single software […]

EID water rate misrepresentation

EDITOR: EID’s water rate subsidy to small farmers is much greater than previously represented to the EID board and public by General Manager Jim Abercrombie. On April 25, and again on June 23, Abercrombie represented to the EID board and public that small farm rate recipients pay $514 per acre foot of EID water and […]

Small Farm water ‘subsidy’

EDITOR: In response to several recent letters decrying small farm water rates, I’d like to issue a challenge. Let’s agree that government policies selectively benefit certain people. The mortgage interest deduction benefits folks who buy nice, big, new houses, as well as all parties involved in the real estate business. Solar subsidies benefit people who […]

Nuts to another Nutting

EDITOR: Willie Brown begat Jerry Brown, crook-to-crook name recognition in a corrupt state. Now we have a convicted crook Ray Nutting giving us another tool of the builders and the casino giving us another Nutting to finish paying off the supporters. Did we the taxpayers not get enough from convicted Nutting that we deserve another […]