Thank you, District 4

EDITOR: Both Colleen and I are humbled and grateful for the encouragement we have received over the past year. Thank you to all the supporters of El Dorado County and voters in District 4. I couldn’t have done it without you. This race was never about Michael Ranalli. This election was about changing the way […]

Veterans Day lunch

EDITOR: This Veterans Day my husband and I had the pleasure of enjoying lunch at Applebee’s in Cameron Park. We have always found it to be a great place to eat, but this time was special. It was packed with people, most of whom we could tell were fellow vets. The staff was hardworking and […]


EDITOR: In reference to Mr. Longhofer’s letter of Oct. 27, I did my time in the military and was always encouraged by my command to vote. I voted despite being deployed in the middle of the pacific. The contention that somehow military officers are somehow encouraged to refrain from voting or duty bound to abstain […]

Prada threatens free speech

EDITOR: At the Oct. 14 meeting of the EID Board, a member of the public addressed the board during the Public Comments Section. Then, Director Prada threatened this member of the public with litigation by stating, “…best make sure their liability insurance is paid up.” Publicly addressing EID’s Board is every ratepayer’s right (AR 12083) […]

Brenda Hanson-Smith and Common Core

EDITOR: Is Brenda Hanson-Smith above the law? Dr. Hanson-Smith, Ph.D, is smart enough to understand the concepts behind Common Core. She has had four years to learn everything possible about Common Core and to communicate the issues and concerns about Common Core to the parents of the students in the Buckeye Union School District. She […]

Thank you, Placerville

EDITOR: It is truly a privilege to serve you on the City Council, and I am humbled that you re-elected me to represent you alongside Patty, Carol, Trisha and John. I will strive to give you my best, and I will continue to seek out wisdom and inspiration as we look for appropriate answers to […]

Northside School Class 1 Bike Path

EDITOR: Thanks for the Mountain Democrat’s coverage of the opening of the Northside School Class 1 Bike Path. We want people to have opportunities to walk and bicycle, and commend the Cool community’s persistent efforts for the Northside School Class 1 Bike Path. We would like to clarify a couple of details: 1. We strongly […]

Thank you to Bigelow and McClintock

EDITOR: I would like to publicly thank Assemblyman Frank Bigelow for carrying legislation for the sign planned by the Placerville Friends of the Veterans’ Monument in honor of my son. I have been just overwhelmed by the amount and extent of work, dedication and number of people and organizations this project entailed after reading the […]


EDITOR: I remember as a child finding opportunity in America. Now I observe wrong on every side. Fukushima, HAARP, geo-engineering, fluoride, wars, inflation, lack of jobs, GMO foods, misrepresentation by officials — these are the substance of everyday life. Not only are bees and butterflies dying in droves, insects of every type have disappeared from […]

King Fire

EDITOR: We lost roughly 100,000 acres of forest in the King Fire. About 2 billion board feet of timber went up in smoke. If 10 animals lived on each acre, 1 million animals died in flames. This could have been prevented if our forest had been professionally managed. We spent $100 million to put out […]

Election letter: Kirk Smith doesn’t represent me

EDITOR: Thank you, Dave Brazelton, for your short and sweet letter to the editor, letting Placerville voters know that Kirk Smith, who is running for Placerville City Council, is a bully. Every time he appears at a City Council meeting, he lectures the council, like it is his job to save the city from itself. […]

Election letter: Measures M and O undermine our General Plan

EDITOR: Proponents of Measures M & O want to characterize all opponents of the initiatives as “developers” or supporters of the large development projects. Their mantra is that this is largely a struggle between the financial interests of a few large developers and the rest of the community. Nothing could be further from the truth. […]

McClintock vs. Moore

EDITOR: In Mr. Longhofer’s recent letter attacking congressman McClintock’s campaign for bringing up the other candidate’s lack of a voting record, I must agree that Art Moore’s voting record or lack thereof is not an important issue. Those both in the military and civilians alike may choose to vote or not vote as they so […]

Friends of Historic Hangtown do not represent me

EDITOR: For months and years Sue Taylor and the other Friends of Historic Hangtown claim they represent Placerville. Not only do they not represent me, they don’t represent the entire town of Placerville — we each speak for ourselves. Make no mistake, there’s nothing “friendly” about these people. They are flat earth thinkers who have […]

An open reply to Domica Borelli Martin

EDITOR: I hope you don’t mind a few corrections to your “open letter” about me. I never described myself as being another Carl Borelli but rather said that your father was famous for listening to voters, reaching out to them to find out what they thought about various matters before the city council. And if […]

Voting 103 years ago

EDITOR: Grandmother Gertrude Kirk was the first woman to register to vote in El Dorado County here in Placerville more than 100 years ago, after California women got the right to vote with the passage of a state constitutional amendment in October of 1911, nine years before the passage of the 19th Amendment did that […]

Election letter: A vote for common sense

EDITOR: This Election Day, we have a choice: Return a true conservative to Congress; one who has a record of accomplishment; one who has a verifiable history of actually helping his constituents. Or, send a complete neophyte, with absolutely no record to examine; no legislative history whatsoever; one who claims he will “reach across the […]

Election letter: Wendy Thomas endorsed

EDITOR: It is my pleasure to endorse the candidacy of Wendy Thomas. Wendy has a number of qualities that make her a great member of the Placerville City Council. Wendy is smart, hardworking, calm and fair. She cares a lot about Placerville. Vote for Wendy Thomas. She deserves four more years. JOE HARN Cameron Park

Remedial reading needed

EDITOR: In Jamie Beutler’s letter to the editor claiming he is writing the Truth about Penn and Measure M, perhaps he should take a course in remedial reading as he clearly didn’t read Measure M or understands the English language when he states, “The idea that traffic at LOS F will be measured outside of […]


EDITOR: To fully enjoy and create a vibrant downtown for Placerville, you need to support a walkable community with sitting areas and outdoor dining locations. The first thing to address is more parking and areas which allow visitors to park for longer periods of time (perhaps three hours). Downtown Placerville has an opportunity to become […]

So-called friends of CPCSD candidates

EDITOR: Louis Goletto has made the decision to attack members of the Cameron Park community and candidates for the CPCSD board of directors. Louis has attended a few meetings with his girlfriend Amy Blackmon but has never voiced his opinion on any issues. Board members, staff and community members have never been attacked or threatened. […]

Art Moore for Congress

EDITOR: Why is a local non-Republican urging you to vote for a Republican for our congressman: Art Moore? Because this election we have a chance to significantly improve our representation in Congress. Art Moore is an Eagle Scout, class valedictorian, West Point graduate, Army major, Iraq War veteran with a Bronze Star, and businessman. Art […]

Placerville City Council race

EDITOR: After having the honor of serving on the Placerville City Council from 1988-2004, I know what a tremendous responsibility it is, and how many tough decisions there are to make. It is not only important to make good decisions for today but to have vision for the future. As a city council member, I […]

Final thoughts

EDITOR: “During an extraordinary military career, Dwight D. Eisenhower had done some things that few, if any, Americans had ever experienced. But he had not done something that was extremely common — he had never voted.” — Miller Center, University of Virginia Now, vote for Tom McClintock or Art Moore, but be sure to vote. […]

Why isn’t Stanton endorsed by the Cal Fire Union?

EDITOR: Great question. In response to the online letter submitted to the Mountain Democrat by Retired Asst. Fire Chief George Goolsby, who is CPCSD Board Candidate Barbara Rogers’ husband, I offer the following. Why isn’t the Cal Fire Union endorsing my re-election to the CPCSD Board? I asked the Cal Fire Union No. 2881 Representative […]

Rules apply to all

EDITOR: City Council candidate Kirk Smith placed one of his campaign signs on private property without the owner of the property’s permission. When the owner removed the sign, Mr. Smith placed another one on the property. The owner informed Mr. Smith in writing to remove the sign. Mr. Smith, instead of removing the sign, attached […]

McClintock dominates debate

EDITOR: The recent debate between Congressman Tom McClintock and challenger Art Moore was painful to watch. McClintock was poised and knowledgeable, using his opening statement to discuss resource management, our out-of-control debt and his work on the Budget Committee. Moore came out swinging wildly, calling McClintock a coward in his opening, and concluding the debate […]

Concerns for GDPUD

EDITOR: I have previously written about the exodus of management and office staff at GDPUD as a result of the hostile work environment. The field staff is also extremely concerned over the current condition of the district but, due to the risk of retaliation, they are afraid to express their concerns. For most of them […]

Vote no on Prop. 1

EDITOR: Jerry Brown first became governor in January of 1975 with a fiscal year budget of approximately $12 billion. When he left in January of 1983, the fiscal year budget had grown to approximately $25 billion. Two things about Gov. Brown: he knows that money grows on taxpayers and he is a solid empire builder. […]

CPCSD confusion

EDITOR: I received two e-mails from CPCSD candidate, Gerald Lillpop after my Oct. 22 letter. In my letter to the editor I had pointed out ongoing verbal abuse and name calling to the CPCSD board and staff. I see in Mr. Carey’s latest letter referencing me, he has copy and pasted content from at least […]


EDITOR: This is an open letter to Ms. Van Dyke: In our recent My Turn column responding to your letter where you claimed that a number of the proposed Targeted General Plan Amendments and Zoning Ordinance Updates (TGPA/ZOU) constitute entitlements, Emily Smith and I stated that, in our opinion, the proposed changes were not entitlements. […]

No-No-No is a farce

EDITOR: Big developers don’t want you to think — they just want you to vote No-No-No. Instead, please read your ballot materials and you will see that the reality is nothing like the big developers would have you believe. For instance, the hundreds of expensive signs out there that say “Save Local Control” are absurd. […]

Jordan and Brown for EDUHSD board

EDITOR: I’d like to follow up on a letter written by my former colleague, John List — a highly-respected, retired industrial technology teacher from the El Dorado Union High School District. John emphasized the importance of vocational and technical courses in today’s schools. I wholeheartedly agree. This emphasis was one of the reasons our teachers’ […]

Clay Street Project

EDITOR: I’m writing this in response to two recent letters regarding the proposed Clay Street realignment project. Moving Clay Street across the Ivy House parking lot would create a four-way stop at Cedar Ravine and Main Street. The project is designed to improve traffic circulation and address increased traffic on each of these roads. It […]

Thank you

EDITOR: I would like to take this time to shout out a huge, “Thank you,” after trying several times to get the word out with the news media with no success — all they wanted was an interview to create their own drama and not the full truth. We were grossly edited. We were part […]

Yes on Measure K

EDITOR: A plea for  a yes vote on Measure K: Ballot Measure K can only be voted on by the people of Placerville. A  group of people in Placerville had to go to court to stop the Cedar Ravine Roundabout because the City Council was committed to the project. If a yes on K will […]

Golf and Nero

EDITOR: This is an open letter to President Barack Obama: Golf is evidently today’s equivalent of Nero’s fiddle. Tens of thousands of men, women and children are being massacred while you sit in the corner with your hands clapped firmly over your ears, chanting, “It is not a war! It is not a war! It […]

Vote for McClintock

EDITOR: This November, we should send someone to Congress with a record of promoting our district’s interests and protecting our freedoms. Congressman Tom McClintock is that candidate. McClintock voted for a budget that balances and ensures today’s college graduates retire into a prosperous, debt-free America. He voted to create jobs in our district with the […]

An open letter to Kirk Callahan Smith

EDITOR: I do not know you personally, but over the last year or so I’ve learned about you through your statements and actions concerning Placerville. I believe that we’re all entitled to our opinion and feel that yours is severely misguided. I no longer reside in Placerville, but still consider it “home” and try to […]

The truth about Penn, Measure M and housing development

EDITOR: The Mountain Democrat Oct. 20 anti-Penn hit piece written by Larry Weitzman is a study in misinformation. And it’s also a hit piece on Measure M, for which Howard Penn is an original signer. Mr. Weitzman’s article states Penn “exaggerated” the 33,000 number and that Measure M doesn’t stop those additional houses. This is […]

Golden West CSD elections

EDITOR: Golden West Paradise Subdivisions Unit No. 2 and No. 5 became a CSD by approval of the majority of voters in June 1985. The direction at the time was to be able to collect a “special tax” via a public agency and direct the funds for one single purpose of road maintenance of publicly […]

Vote yes on Measure K

EDITOR: In the Mountain Democrat on Oct. 8, about Measure K, the editorial has it exactly wrong. We should all vote yes on Measure K. I will not defend all the details of this measure; it is possible that some features may need correcting. But the important details, as he puts them in his writing, […]

Time for a change

According to the Constitution we have the executive, legislative and judicial branches of our government. Those elected to office are elected to protect our rights. Maybe a reminder of the Oath of Office, a review of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution as it relates to ‘We the People’ and our rights. At the […]

Supervisor election

EDITOR: As a fourth-generation resident of Coloma, as well as a former president of the El Dorado County Board of Realtors, I’ve had many opportunities over the past few decades to watch candidates, and issues, come and go. I believe that the upcoming Board of Supervisors election is the most critical in my experience. I […]

GDPUD candidate

EDITOR: One of the GDPUD director races is between Ray Griffiths and Carl Hoelscher. There is a clear difference between the two candidates. Ray has in the past shown that he has no knowledge or interest in finances. He as told me personally and at a board meeting that he does not like to talk […]