Unspeakable filth

EDITOR: Wednesday’s Letters to the Editor featured 18 column-inches of filth from Charlie Black. I had no idea the Mountain Democrat was so starved for material. Next time you need to fill your pages, please let me know; I would be happy to dash off something that doesn’t include racism, anti-Semitism, or Holocaust denial. In […]

Fire employee

EDITOR: If the Mountain Democrat published a letter that purports that Catholics or Presbyterians, Lutherans, Mormons or any other religious faith are our enemy, want to control of the world, and are in control of our president and our Congress, that letter would not have been published. Because it was an anti-Semitic, Jew-hating letter it […]

Anti-Semitic rant

EDITOR: Recently, your paper published a letter to the editor that was an overtly anti-Semitic rant about the Rosthschild banking family and the alleged international Jewish conspiracy to take over the world. My purpose is not to refute that kind of viscous ignorance and prejudice; enough American soldiers gave their lives in the Second World […]

Second Amendment

EDITOR: With respect to the Second Amendment and John Garon’s letter addressing Sheriff D’Agostini, I think it is worthwhile to mention a short part of the preamble of the amendments to the Constitution. And I quote: “A number of the States having, at the time of adopting the Constitution, expressed a desire, in order to […]


EDITOR: Casey Beyer the incoming head of the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency in his “My turn” article talks about working together for common solutions. If he would like to help Lake Tahoe, he could work toward disbanding the gestapo-like agency that has done far more harm than good to Lake Tahoe. TRPA bears a major […]

Letters and editorials

EDITOR: In view of some requests to not print some columns by Gene Altshuler, I too would like to present a counter opinion. We need to encourage Mr. Altshuler to keep writing. His columns offer insight, history and the other side of the story. There is no need to ban a column writer because a […]

Write on topic

EDITOR: I am writing in response to Sylvia Medley’s letter about my objection to Mr. Altshuler’s columns. I am sorry that she has endured “venomous diatribes” by Larry Weitzman and Chuck Norris. (She also mentioned “despicable political cartoons,” but she needs to understand cartoons are in a different category than editorials and columns.) I don’t […]

Hold him accountable

EDITOR: The arrogance of the man is astonishing and frightening. Taking a revered occasion such as the National Day of Prayer and turning it into an equivocation of Islamic terrorism by comparing it to Christianity of a thousand years ago leaves me flabbergasted. The stultifying level of this man’s arrogance was further demonstrated when he […]

More of Garon’s lion’s den

EDITOR : While doing some research on one of Mr. John Garon’s famous letters — the one where he criticized Sheriff John D’Agostini on his letter to Vice President Joe Biden — in it he stated, retired Chief Justice Warren Burger declared in a speech that the Second Amendment has been the subject of one […]

Pray for peace

EDITOR: I lived in suburban London during WWII, so I have a firsthand knowledge of being under attack by violent means. The French are peacefully protesting against violence in their homeland. Americans enjoyed comparative freedom from outsider violence until the 2001 attacks from hijacked planes. I feel many senior citizens are as frustrated as I […]

Doggy likes Santa

EDITOR: Thanks for putting my letter to Santa in your paper. Santa’s Helpers brought a lot of doggy cookies to my doggyfor Christmas from as far away as Wisconsin and Somerset, also in our neighborhood of Cold Springs Road. My doggy says all she wants now is to learn how to open the cabinet door […]

Swearing in concerns

EDITOR: I am troubled by the front page and picture story on the Wednesday, Jan. 7 paper of the swearing-in of our current Superior Court judges at the Red Hawk Casino and conducted by their tribal chairman. I have great respect for our judicial system and its personnel, but can we assume there will be […]

Toys for Tots

EDITOR: The Placerville Police Department is proud and thankful to have partnered with the Toys for Tots organization this past holiday season to help the children of Placerville. We are thankful for all the hard work put in by Sue and Hollis Henderson along with all of the hardworking volunteers that make this program successful […]


EDITOR: The litter on our El Dorado County roads and highways is a disgrace. As I drive on our local roads and highways, I have noticed a significant increase in litter. Plastic bags, cups, bottles and just plain garbage are on the side of the roads clinging to brushes and trees. What happened to the […]

Altshuler tantrums

EDITOR: Response to another Altshuler Tantrum: I assume that the Mountain Democrat pays Mr. Altshuler. He therefore works for the readers and advertisers, not vice versa. How did it come about that he gained the prerogative to suggest rules for the readers: “They (letter writers) must make no unwarranted assumptions before dashing off their screed,” […]

Overcoming sin

EDITOR: My understanding is that evil can exist only where sin has created a place for it. In other words, no sin — no evil. And why does sin exist? “If we confess our sins He is faithful and just and will forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” — 1 John 1:9 […]

MLUSD superintendent

EDITOR: In the spring of 1980, I started my Little League career with Timber Little League. Most of the kids that participated in the league were from Charles Brown and Herbert Green. Both were schools in the Mother Lode Union School District. I was on the T-ball Rangers and boy, what a team we had. […]

Quilt of Valor

EDITOR: On Jan. 26, my father Arnold Rowell received a Quilt of Valor from the Freedom Quilters of Placerville. These handmade quilts are being presented to veterans in recognition of their service and sacrifice. Unable to serve in the regular service due to a childhood hip injury, my dad joined the Merchant Marines and was […]

School board vote

EDITOR: How do you close a school? Slowly and quietly. Read between the lines UMHS community. School board trustee Cary said, “Is Union Mine viable if we do a dual attendance area for Blackstone?” If they do not have an answer to this question, the board members have no business voting yes on this issue. […]

Thank you Marshall Fulwider

EDITOR: In all due respect to the present manager here at Ridgeview Manor, many of us regular senior tenants here hold very high respect for Marshall Fulwider, the new manager who totally cleaned up the place and former tenants (removed legally through the Sheriff’s Department), who once gave the place a lowlife, unrespectable place to […]

Common Core

EDITOR: Over the last year there have been quite a few letters published in the Mountain Democrat regarding the Common Core standards. With an exception of a letter from Superintendent of Schools Jeremy Meyers (Aug. 13, 2014), these letters have presented a negative view of the impact of implementing the Common Core standards. The League […]

Fundraising for Farmland

EDITOR: I am an 11-year-old co-leader of a 4H Service Learning project called Fundraising for Farmland. Our project will help the American River Conservancy deliver environmental education, especially at the Wakamatsu Tea and Silk Colony near my home. I am writing to let the community know why we should all support the American River Conservancy. […]

Thank you

EDITOR: Thank you to the Pines at Placerville and Snowline Hospice for the love and care given to my wife on her final earthly journey. Snowline Hospice was amazing for the comfort they gave both of us. All the employees at the Pines went way beyond their job descriptions to show compassion and love. The […]


EDITOR: Recently there was a letter to the editor requesting that you discontinue printing articles and other things from Mr. Altshuler. Please, please, do not do that. There are three basic reasons I subscribe to the Mountain Democrat: one, to keep informed with what is happening locally; two; to read the letters section of the […]

Davey ‘Doc’ Wiser

EDITOR: What a treat. Our youngest son rode Doc Wiser’s stagecoach about 25 years ago and just returned from North Carolina to afford his twin boys the opportunity to enjoy the same experience in December. The 2-year-olds had a blast petting the “horseys” and talking with Doc himself. On the ride home, the stagecoach ride […]

CPCSD war on elders

EDITOR: Cameron Park Community Services District experienced the abrupt resignation of two board presidents in 2014 (Director Shiva Frenzen left a third seat open when elected EDC supervisor). One four-year seat and the two-year vacancy were filled in November. Directors Greg Stanton and Scott McNeil were reelected. Members of the community nominated the candidates who […]

Obama’s legacy

EDITOR: President Barack Hussein Obama, I’m not a fan, but he has done some things lately that I must say I wholeheartedly agree with. What you might ask? Well first, opening relations with Cuba. It’s about time and I think perfect timing considering Cuba’s biggest ally Hugo Chavez of Venezuela is dead. The island countries’ […]

Awesome people in El Dorado County

EDITOR: On Jan. 6, my son Nikolaus and I lost everything we owned to a house fire at our residence in Happy Valley. My son and I are safe and sound. Of my six kitties, four made it safe and sound through the fire. One is still missing. Hagrid, however, sustained painful burns to his […]

Fan of Mr. Altshuler

EDITOR: In your Jan. 28 issue, Denise Siino threatens to stop reading your newspaper if you continue to carry Mr. Altshuler’s column. I want you to know that I look forward to his column and have read every one because I like his telling-it-like-it-is in an intelligent and readable way. I am surprised and delighted […]

Common Core: Parents need to be watchful

EDITOR: Parents need to be watchful and do their homework regarding the effect Common Core Standards might be having on your children. Some states where Common Core was implemented two or three years ago have filed litigation to opt out of these new education standards. There are efforts underway in ours and neighboring counties, to […]

New law

EDITOR: I have been asking my friends this question: “What law or Supreme Court decision during the last 10 years are you proud of?” Most of them stare at me in deep thought and then shake their heads. There have been very few praiseworthy laws or Supreme Court decisions during the past decade. Too few. […]

I hope his friends read Altshuler’s column

EDITOR: Mr. Altshuler raised a lot of good points in his recent column. I hope his friends on the left took them to heart. He mentions the gap widening between the rich and poor, which is a real problem. Unfortunately, the left’s answer to it is increased welfare and making minimum wages high enough to […]

Give them blindfolds and duct tape

EDITOR: Your county supervisors would like you to believe that they favor honest, open and transparent government; however, nothing could be further from the truth. They are giving you double talk on transparency. They conspire too often in closed session, hide closed session agenda items by leaving a page blank on the agenda just before […]

A community design

EDITOR: There is nothing more wonderful than opening up the paper and seeing your family businesses mentioned in a positive light. My family and I began Heyday and the Independent restaurants in Placerville and we continue to operate them today. Placerville is home to our businesses and we are so thankful every day for the […]

Placerville Main Street Rehabilitation Project

EDITOR: Our downtown is a rich, eclectic blend of our historic past from many eras as well as current craft and creativity. Any design effort in Placerville’s Main Street historic district should honor and highlight our historic past, while holding true to our present and looking into the future. Adding new street furnishings that mimic […]

State of Jefferson

EDITOR: Understanding the State of Jefferson … we are not an arm of any political party. The State of Jefferson movement is about the lack of representation and over regulation of rural Northern California counties. Law makers and unelected bureaucrats from metropolitan areas create onerous regulations, which impact the lives of those who live in […]

Attention all drivers

EDITOR: It’s difficult to believe that there are so many uninformed drivers on our highways. I will give you a couple of examples: The left lane on our freeways is the passing lane, not the fast lane. It makes no difference what speed you are traveling, the left lane should be open. If you ever […]

When is a fee not a fee?

EDITOR: On Tuesday night your City Council played Santa Claus with taxpayer funds. The Placerville City Council waived the traffic impact fee for the Boys & Girls Club and offered to pay it out of the General Fund. While I concur that the Boys & Girls Club is an important non-profit service group that provides […]

Put Mr. Altshuler to rest

EDITOR: I have pondered Mr. Altshuler and his column for quite some time now. Why would the Mountain Democrat keep this columnist who spreads such hate and injury? There’s only one reason, and that is readership (read $). But there’s nothing journalistic about Mr. Altshuler’s columns, and either the editor and publisher have lost their […]

Prisoner of isolation

EDITOR: Meet Alexis Ann Asher, who is homeless and lives out of her car at South Lake Tahoe. Alexis is in dire need of help as soon as possible. She is in grave danger of freezing or starving to death. This is a real person. Alexis started crying and was stunned when we brought her […]

Moral relativity

EDITOR: Diane Feinstein, et al, (the Senate Intelligence Committee) spent $40 million to prepare a report condemning the CIA, et al. for treating murderous scumbags harshly. And it didn’t even meet the standards of a high school book report. “The report is full of crap!” said Dick Cheney But never mind the fact that the […]

Ideology vs. truth

EDITOR: In two recent letters to the editor of the Mountain Democrat, Mr. John Garon was incorrect about almost everything. He has conflated many philosophies and organizations, and twisted reality to support a vicious attack on virtuous people and movements. First of all, Ayn Rand was not the founder of the Libertarian movement. She characterized […]

Solving two important problems

EDITOR: In my annual News Year’s reevaluation, I always try to think of how I can best contribute to the community. This year I need help choosing what to do and so I would like to ask for input from the readers of the Mountain Democrat. There are many “important” problems that seem to need […]

USFS King Fire proposal

EDITOR: We, the public, lost 63,000 acres of our land in the King Fire. The U.S. Forest Service, as the stewards of that land, are proposing to treat less than 14,000 acres in their proposed restoration effort. That leaves us with 50,000 acres that will soon be covered with brush and fallen burned snags, creating […]

Amazing community

EDITOR: What an amazing giving community we live in. Our fifth annual Camino Cares Christmas Giving Program has been our most successful yet. This year we helped 129 needy youth, 18 years and younger. Every individual received a jacket or a hoodie, pajamas and underwear. In addition we had enough brand new books donated to […]