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EDITOR: Have you ever been out of state and seen a car bumper sticker that says “Don’t Californicate our town?” I have, and that holds true with El Dorado County. It also holds true with the three blind mice. They want roundabouts everywhere, redevelopment annexing new areas into city. Where does it stop? It stops […]

Political correctness

EDITOR: I always thought that those calling themselves leftists, socialists, progressives and liberals were, in general, atheists. But I was wrong. These deeply spiritual people do worship something — the state. Having undergone an almost fanatical religious conversion, the government has become their church. Lawyers and judges have become their priests or rabbis. And the […]

RCU Initiative holds county accountable

EDITOR: Like a knave yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater, those opposing the “Fix Highway 50 — Keep Us Rural” Initiative have hired telemarketers to sell county residents on the notion that the initiative “takes planning away from the county and gives it to the state.” It’s a cynical scare tactic. Don’t believe it. Those […]


EDITOR: Regarding the Arizona fuss: A true Christian when offered money for a product or service will accept it regardless of who tendered it. Arizonians obviously are of a different sect. STEVE TAPSON Placerville

Rabbit(s) vs. coyote

EDITOR: I miss the rabbit(s) chasing the coyote silhouettes along Highway 50 just east of Shingle Springs. For over 25 years I looked at them almost every time I drove to Placerville (except for that short time when they went missing; some thief took them). Now the property is for sale and they have been […]

Take the test

EDITOR: Our citizens need to know the facts about El Dorado County. Take the test and see how you do. The correct answers are at the bottom. 1. The General Plan must be updated with the state every: a. Three years b. Five years c. 10 years d. The General Plan is a one-time presentation […]

Water conservation

EDITOR: I am in the sixth grade and want to share an idea about how to save water. One way to help conserve water is to use a bucket. When you take a shower, the first thing you feel is cold water. If you use a bucket to catch that cold water you can then […]

Respectful workplace — an EDC oxymoron?

EDITOR: The citizens of El Dorado County have been treated to a barrage of articles over the last year about bullying in the workplace in El Dorado County. We have had 11 human resources directors in the last 10 years. And now the Board of Supervisors wants to spend $140,000 to employ a consultant to […]


EDITOR: The Feb. 17 edition of the Mountain Democrat published a letter in the “Letters” section that was a good example of how thoughtful Americans should express their opinions. The reader was responding to a previous letter regarding the intolerance of the Democratic Party. Without commenting on the accuracy of the statements made in the […]

Crossword puzzle

EDITOR: Thank you for publishing the American Profile crossword puzzle. It’s not very often that I come across published ones that a beginner like myself can finish without a dictionary. Keep up the good work. MIA JACOBS Placerville

Daley’s Ted Nugent article

EDITOR: Attention Mr. Daley, I’m wondering where your priorities are? You have a soapbox by way of your weekly column however, it seems that you work all week trying to come up with issues that are not relevant to society. Case in point: “Ted Nugent — a new low in potty-mouth.” You got your time […]

Gold rush at the Gold Bug

EDITOR: Placerville’s Gold Bug Park and Mine experienced a minor gold rush over the long Presidents’ Day weekend. Hundreds upon hundreds of visitors from all over Northern California came to our community’s unique and historic park to get a special peek at the seldom-seen Priest Mine. They also visited the Gold Bug Mine, stamp mill, […]

Response to ‘Save our plastic bags’ editorial

EDITOR: The “environmental debate,” a supposed clash of values and priorities, has raged on for years. We’ve recently experienced it in our small town: an editorial entitled “Save our plastic bags” was recently published as a response to a possible 10-cent statewide fee on disposable plastic bags. We’re all familiar with these disposable bags handed […]


EDITOR: After way over half a century of married life, I have suddenly started to become educated about some facts of life previously hidden from view. My wife sustained a head injury in a fall and as she recovers, I have become the chauffeur of choice for any transportation needs. As part of this recovery, […]

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Drought issue

EDITOR: I think it is important to participate in one’s own government by taking ownership in your own community. One of our current problems is the drought issue. The government is searching for solutions, the EID (El Dorado Irrigation District) has issued a stage 2 water warning and we should be reflecting on our own […] needed?

EDITOR: I have been trying to follow the Website tragedy and am a bit confused. The purpose of the site is to: 1. Collect all your personal information. 2. Offer plans available to you. 3. Let you choose a plan. 4. Tell you how much the plan will cost. 5. Let you know if […]

Nutting trial

EDITOR: I read in the Mountain Democrat that the trial of Supervisor Nutting is coming up, but in the article I read something made me wonder what is going on. So far the articles in the Mountain Democrat have focused on the two sides of the conflict — the DA saying that he believes Mr. […]

McClintock’s radical detractors

EDITOR: John Garon’s latest rant against Congressman Tom McClintock leaves me wondering if this habitual letter writer has completely lost touch with reality. First, he accuses McClintock of a philosophy in which “very existence of government is anathema to personal liberty.” McClintock is without equal in the Congress in extolling the virtues of the American […]

Caltrans tree destruction

EDITOR: For the second consecutive Saturday (Feb. 15 and 22), Caltrans has assembled an army of personnel and equipment to totally decimate the landscape at the offramps of Highway 50 at Sly Park. As you exit the Highway and approach the stop sign at the bottom of the ramp, Highway 50 is approximately 20 feet […]

Sign them all

EDITOR: The El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce took out a full page ad in the Mountain Democrat to claim that the initiatives will take away local control. How can you get any more local than having the voters of El Dorado County decide the future of land use in the county? Could it be […]

New developments ‘resource availability’ based?

EDITOR: Having owned our own business since 1979, I find it interesting that the Chamber of Commerce should take out full page ads in this paper to tell El Dorado County residents not to sign the four initiatives that could potentially stop developers from adding thousands more homes. Developers seem to be focusing only on […]

Water shortage

EDITOR: I owned 10 acres in El Dorado with only a well that went almost dry every October until the first rain in November. As my son put it, “I found something more precious than gold” when his shower was cut off due to the well going dry. Since then I have learned many things […]

Crystal ball gazers?

EDITOR: The Mountain Democrat recently reported that the Board of Supervisors adopted a new “economic development incentive policy” so “businesses that can provide significant numbers of good-paying jobs” can be attracted to EDC. This policy is ill advised. Politicians can’t foresee the future and will likely shower taxpayer money on sketchy business ideas such as […]

Computer FENIX fantasies

EDITOR: On Feb. 11, the Board of Supervisors became much more skeptical and perturbed with the CAO’s quirky $5.6 million FENIX ERP computer system. Supervisor Ron Briggs stated, “Board not hearing it all; Board needs to see all change orders.” Supervisor Brian Veerkamp disagreed with Briggs and wants to keep getting more shuteye on autopilot […]


EDITOR: Thanks to Gene Altshuler for providing us with an excellent article, “The Goldilocks Solution,” in the Mountain Democrat on Feb. 5. I hope it serves to reduce radicalism on both sides of the political spectrum. But the ultimate solution to gridlock is to elect candidates who are experienced and well-qualified for the positions they […]


EDITOR: I am not submitting an “Essay to Editor,” as seems to be the common format at present, I just thought of a way to take care of our drought problems and cure an overabundance of water problems elsewhere. The nightly news keeps showing the flooding in England and their problem with too much water. […]

‘Rotten streets’

EDITOR: Your editorial “Rotten streets” says it all and I can only say, Amen. When I have visitors from Europe, I’m ashamed to drive them around our historical city with roads for which I constantly have to apologize.  They remind me of the streets and highways of the former DDR (East Germany) during their years under communist […]

Is McClintock a Republican or a Libertarian?

EDITOR: Is Congressman McClintock a Libertarian, as John McCoy posits in a recent letter? Libertarianism claims that the very existence of a government is anathema to personal liberties and invariably leads to the loss of freedoms. Strangely enough, McClintock’s working life has been spent entirely as a government bureaucrat, either elected or appointed. If he […]

Job loss

EDITOR: I had to take an economics class at Sacramento State to get a biology degree in the early 1960s. I really did not understand or care much about the subject, but I was a fairly strong student in sciences and I applied a fair effort to the class. I still claim no expertise in […]

Government Code

EDITOR: “BOS tackles the function and life span of a ‘committee’” (Feb. 10 Mountain Democrat) — there is nothing to “tackle.” Government Code Section 54950-54963 regarding open meeting starts, “In enacting this chapter, the legislature finds and declares that the public commissions, boards and councils and the other public agencies in the state exist to […]

Sidewalk help

EDITOR: While going to visit friends on Feb. 4, I found out the hard way that not all of Placerville’s sidewalks along Main Street are smooth and level. I want to thank the young lady and two gentlemen who helped me up off the sidewalk and set me down so I could get my senses […]

McNeil says no to oversight

EDITOR: At the Cameron Park CSD meeting on Feb. 13, several items were discussed that proved to be very revealing about Scott McNeil’s either lack of seriousness or understanding when it comes to his fiduciary responsibilities to the taxpayer of Cameron Park as a member of the Community Services District Board of Directors. The first […]

Roundabout? Surely you jest

EDITOR: Thanks to the Mountain Democrat article of Feb. 12 for alerting us about the El Dorado County Transportation Commission’s utterly stupid idea of a roundabout in El Dorado (as they wouldn’t). With street widening, signal lights would be bad enough, but removing the rural personality from our gold rush era township would be an […]

Comments on Head Start

EDITOR: I was intrigued with a letter in the Feb. 10 edition of the Mountain Democrat. A reader was complaining about a recent editorial by the Mountain Democrat regarding the value of the money spent for the federally funded “Head Start” program in comparison to the results achieved. The reader was complaining that the assertions […]

Winter homeless shelter closing

EDITOR: The nomadic winter homeless shelter will be closing March 31. That is only six weeks from now. There are currently about 40 homeless men and women using the shelter on any given night, but over 80 people have used the winter shelter during this season. There is a core group that come almost every […]

Planning director chased away

EDITOR: The CAO’s office, and more specifically Terri Daly and Kim Kerr, have chased away another valued and experienced county department head. Peter Maurer announced he has taken the planning director position with Calaveras County after serving El Dorado County for 28 years. Calaveras County snapped him up in a heartbeat. What a huge loss […]

Water meters not the answer

EDITOR: While it may be that the city of Placerville is the largest customer for EID water, the suggestion in the Mountain Democrat editorial of Feb. 5 for installing remotely readable water meters in Placerville as a money-saving measure has no basis in fact. Meter accuracy in Placerville was recently surveyed with just such an […]

Intolerant Republicans

EDITOR: The Mountain Democrat continues to be flooded with letters condemning Democrats, and I’m challenging their premise. Mr. R. Smith, a prominent Republican in the area, with his sharp pen and very little tolerance for Democrats, says that they “are taking away freedom” and “they are so obsessed with power they will continue to deceive.” […]

Second Amendment

EDITOR: All of you anti-gun zealots do yourself a favor and do a Google search on Athens, Tenn., 1946. The incidents of those couple of days in Athens are a perfect example as to why private citizens need to be able to arm themselves against a tyrannical government. All of us who believe in gun […]

Awesome organization

EDITOR: I totally concur with the opinions expressed by Hannah Fortin regarding the care she received at Marshall Hospital. We are so blessed to have such an awesome organization in Placerville. Diagnosed with cancer is no walk in the park. Thanks to the quality care provided by my wonderful doctors, Dr. Barnhills, Dr. Goldsmith and […]

John Calhoun Johnson Rancho

EDITOR: E. Clampus Vitus, or better known as ECV, is a fraternal organization dedicated to preserving the Gold Rush History. This organization is dedicating a bronze plaque commemorating John Calhoun Johnson Rancho. His rancho was on the present site of the Apple Mountain Golf Resort in Camino. The dedication will start on the May 10 […]

EID drought emergency meeting

EDITOR: Tuesday night I attended the EID emergency board meeting about the drought and water shortage. The contrast between the way the new board, with recently-elected members Alan Day (president), Greg Prada, and Dr. Dale Coco led the discussion and public dialog could not be in starker contrast with the fascist-authoritarian style of the previous […]

Why is RCU inititiave needed?

EDITOR: Why is the Rural Communities United “Fix Highway 50 First” initiative necessary? Why, indeed … because the balance of power determining how the El Dorado County General Plan is implemented is weighted on the side of residential development. You experience the results of this imbalance in deteriorating traffic patterns, countywide. In a fair and […]


EDITOR: Better watch your act, Mountain Democrat. Sandra Fluke is coming. Lucky for you she’s not running in this district. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have bogus McClintock to propagandize with any longer. One could only hope. KENNETH MOSER El Dorado Hills

Snow survey confirms drought

EDITOR: After a dismal Super Bowl on Sunday, I was feeling kind of low. Thanks to the headline in the Democrat on Monday, my mood quickly changed to amusement. “Snow survey confirms drought;” by golly, I thought having no rain for almost a year would have confirmed that. Thank you California Department of Water Resources […]