I agree with Director Prada

EDITOR: For the past six months I’ve been watching the rhetoric fly back-and-forth between Small Farmers and EID Director Greg Prada. I have to say “I agree with Director Prada.” Irrespective of the fact that Director Prada’s $49 Small Farm rate has been disproven by EID’s own staff (i.e. actually $514 per acre foot vs. […]

He’s back

EDITOR: I thought I had seen some pompous, egocentric, windbags in my time, but our resident left winger Mr. Longhofer takes the cake. After a long absence does he write a letter with a point political or otherwise? No, he wastes newsprint with a letter informing readers that they need suffer without him no longer, […]

‘White Rabbit Tactic’

EDITOR: Why are local politicians scared of letting people vote? In Sacramento, the mayor and the boys used taxpayer money to defeat a petition to put the new arena up for a vote. The people of Sacramento needed to vote on the use of taxpayer money for the new arena. They should have let the […]

Lincoln’s railroad ties

EDITOR: A story has been told about Abraham Lincoln and railroad ties. During Lincoln’s presidency, America’s transcontinental railroad was under construction with Lincoln’s support. The transcontinental railroad was expensive both in labor and material. Each mile of track required 100 tons of rails, about 2,500 railroad ties, and about three tons of spikes and fish […]

Sand Fire help

EDITOR: As you know all too well, we suffered a devastating fire that claimed over 4,000 acres of our beautiful foothills as well as a number of homes in our community. Many of those folks did not either have adequate home insurance or insurance at all which means that they lost everything. Since 2012, my […]

GDPUD facts

EDITOR: I read Lon Uso’s letter to the editor. There are some things that the public needs to know. The GDPUD audit report that just came out encompassed the time between July 1, 2012, through June 30, 2013. Hank White’s last day as general manager was Aug 1, 2013, just after the end of the […]

FENIX drifting in wind

EDITOR: A long overdue and postponed update on the county’s ailing FENIX $5.6 million computer system was given at last Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting. According to the county staff’s own report, the project is being re-engineered on the fly with a multitude of changes — 23 change orders so far to a single software […]

EID water rate misrepresentation

EDITOR: EID’s water rate subsidy to small farmers is much greater than previously represented to the EID board and public by General Manager Jim Abercrombie. On April 25, and again on June 23, Abercrombie represented to the EID board and public that small farm rate recipients pay $514 per acre foot of EID water and […]

Small Farm water ‘subsidy’

EDITOR: In response to several recent letters decrying small farm water rates, I’d like to issue a challenge. Let’s agree that government policies selectively benefit certain people. The mortgage interest deduction benefits folks who buy nice, big, new houses, as well as all parties involved in the real estate business. Solar subsidies benefit people who […]

Nuts to another Nutting

EDITOR: Willie Brown begat Jerry Brown, crook-to-crook name recognition in a corrupt state. Now we have a convicted crook Ray Nutting giving us another tool of the builders and the casino giving us another Nutting to finish paying off the supporters. Did we the taxpayers not get enough from convicted Nutting that we deserve another […]

Wasted water

EDITOR: During the month of July, New York Creek that flows in my yard has been dry. On at least five occasions, there has been a flow of clear water in the creek for several hours. This amounts to hundreds if not thousands of gallons of wasted water. I have contacted EID about this and […]

Sand Fire a wake-up call

EDITOR: I first and foremost want to thank all of our hardworking first responders. These first responders include but surely are not limited to, the firefighters, the El Dorado and Amador County Sheriff’s Offices, the California Highway Patrol, the public safety dispatchers who were flooded with calls and coordinated the response, El Dorado County Animal […]

Traffic troubles

EDITOR: OK, I have been lazy about going to City Council meetings. I should have been there when the Council decided it would be better to cave to the demands of a group of citizens who somehow decided that they know what is best for the rest of us. I generally pay close attention to […]

Parole date

EDITOR: On Aug. 17, 1985 Robert Patrick Kaser forcibly entered the home of his estranged family. At that time he demanded to collect various items left in the house. As family members prepared to assist him in the move, he entered the two stepsons’ room and shot both of them with a .45 caliber gun. […]


EDITOR: Chris Daley, taking his usual morally superior posture in opposition to those of us he considers less enlightened, chastises Congressman McClintock for wanting to deport all those coming across our borders illegally. As usual, his blathering has nothing to do with the facts nor does he offer any solution. No, for Daley his column […]

Four days negates five years

EDITOR: The volcanic eruption in Iceland since its first spewing of volcanic ash has in just four days negated every single effort we have made in the past five years to control CO2 emissions on our planet. There are around 200 active volcanoes on the planet spewing out this crud at any one time — […]

Friends of Seniors Wine In the Vines

EDITOR: Friends of Seniors held our third annual Wine in the Vines on Saturday, Aug. 2. This event was held at the picturesque Sierra Vista Winery. We would like to extend to them our sincere appreciation for their support and kindness to us over the last three years. Our sponsors for this year’s Wine in […]

‘Reinstate Measure Y’

EDITOR: Hysterical accusations of betrayal and stomping on residents’ wishes have been flying around lately regarding the delay of the “Reinstate Measure Y Initiative” pending an economic impact report. First, let me say that there are no huge housing developments planned for my immediate area and I was not one of the petition signature gathers. […]

Vote for Todd White

EDITOR: I am writing to express my support for Todd White, who is running for re-election to the El Dorado Union High School District Board of Trustees. Todd has been serving on the high school board for the last four years, and has demonstrated that he is a dedicated public servant. Todd truly has the […]

Climate change agenda

EDITOR: Question: Why is it that our schools are teaching climate change using government input and not using independent input? They are teaching students that our government is the only climate policy that is available to them; I have read dozens of accredited counter theories that are as factual as government scientific studies. This really […]

Pancreatic Cancer Purple Stride Walk

EDITOR: Hello El Dorado County, this is your local pancreatic cancer survivor writing to talk about this year’s walk. Sunday, Sept. 14 at William Land Park is the next date of our annual walk to help local families and researchers to find an early diagnosis and cure for the fourth leading cause of cancer deaths. […]

Education becomes locally controlled

A new era in education has ushered in changes of epic proportions that shift decision-making power from the state to our local districts. It is our duty as educators, parents and community members to fully understand the products of this ground-breaking transition and opportunity to shape our own future. The Common Core State Standards (Common […]


EDITOR: I attended a taxpayers’ meeting this morning and came away confused. We heard from a state staff representative who pointed out that the problem with California is the other party. I noticed that many of the El Dorado citizens present came up with logical questions and suggested sound solutions concerning the state’s problems. They […]

A facility for kids

EDITOR: Have you looked under your couch cushions lately? How about in the bottom of your purse? How much spare change is living in your “junk drawer” at home? If you think there might be $2.77 in any of these places, you could help build a new state-of-the-art Boys & Girls Club facility right here […]

Motorcycle run in support of New Morning

EDITOR: I would like to share how New Morning helped me find my way during a difficult time in my life. My parents divorced when I was in the 5th grade. I split my time between both of their households. By the time I turned 14 I felt lost and like I didn’t fit in […]

Running for office

EDITOR: It takes courage to get up in front of a room full of people to speak, particularly when every word that’s coming out of your mouth is being analyzed and assessed. At the same time, that is true of our county supervisors when they are sitting before us, every Tuesday and any other day […]

Overland Stage

EDITOR: Thanks for the heads-up. We took our grandchildren to Fresh Pond for a ride on Doc Wiser’s Overland Stage this Saturday past. They were not for a single moment reviewing their I-phones on that ride and in fact they were even more impressed than Horace Greeley … and I am not sure that wasn’t […]

BOS a lawless regime

EDITOR: July 29 on Item 28, the Board of Supervisors crossed the line into absolute despotism by denying the people the right to vote on the Yellow Petition, “Restore Measure Y – No More Paper Roads.” They violated the 1st Amendment right to free speech and right of the people to petition the government for […]

Going away quietly

EDITOR: Why is it that some politicians cannot go away quietly? Some of our state politicians announce their paid vacations for all to see — Central America, Texas just to name a few. Their expensive trips are paid for probably by the taxpayers; wouldn’t you like an all-expense-paid vacation to a destination of your choice? […]

Vote for Claire McNeal

EDITOR: In the special election for District 2 El Dorado County Supervisor, the voters have an opportunity to make this county an even better place to live, and to move county government forward. This county needs a representative on the Board of Supervisors that is willing to work with others, to ensure that this county’s […]

Let’s get it right

EDITOR: Oh, great. Another painfully uninformed Altshuler acolyte, trying to define conservatism and the Tea Party phenomenon … something he and Altshuler know little about. Just once, I wish liberals — in their obsession to hang labels on anyone who challenges them — could get it right. For the record, the Tea Party movement blossomed […]

Fire caused by homeless encampment

EDITOR: Friday’s paper has an article about a small fire at Schnell School Road backing up to the Eldorado Trail. Police suspect it was caused by a homeless camp. The end of the article has a phone number to call the police if you know of any illegal encampments. Are you kidding? If you walk […]

Coco flip-flops at EID

EDITOR: Director Dale Coco said in February that the Faux Farm (Fake Farm) issue had to be cleaned up and reformed because it was unfair to other EID ratepayers. Instead, he flip-flopped and went back on his own promises, yet again. He’s been doing that a lot in his short time at EID (for example, […]

Common Core messing with children

EDITOR: It has come to my attention that California is participating in the nationalized education “Race to the Top” and its spawn, Common Core. I am just getting myself up to speed on Common Core but what I see so far is mind numbing. Common Core is a curricula that is directed toward dumbing down […]

I’m back

EDITOR: When the Mountain Democrat began its new program of forced Facebook access, coupled with restricting comments to specific items in the newspaper, I opted out because it denied many subscribers their freedom of speech. However, during the past few weeks I have been shocked and appalled at Tea/Republican comments, with few to none counter […]

District 2 needs Shiva Frentzen

EDITOR: Shiva Frentzen is running for the open seat for the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors District 2. She is running for this office because she cares about things that matter. Shiva wants to maintain the rural feeling that brought many of us here to live. She wants to see responsible growth based on […]

A powerful and invaluable tool

EDITOR: I am writing this letter to the editor because I would like to share with the residents of El Dorado County the significance of amateur (ham) radio and the role of the KA6GWY (The “805”) repeater. Ham radio is hobby-based radio communication requiring a license from the FCC. This is not CB radio, nor […]

Sand Fire efforts

EDITOR: I wish to thank everyone who had concerns about the residents of the area and who called or e-mailed me direct. I am so very proud of the accomplishments derived from Cal Fire’s Prop. 40-CFIP grants that cleared Wolverine, Jaguar, Tripp Road and a portion of Freshwater; Grant 508 clearing of Freshwater, Vintage Trail […]

Town hero to four-legged creatures

EDITOR: All my thanks to Randy Robinson DVM, and his staff at Missouri Flat Pet Clinic. You and your staff are the greatest. We have only been living in the area for a month and my Kitty Dusty got something wrong with his eye and it swelled shut. I had been driving by his pet […]

Head Start grant

EDITOR: El Dorado County Office of Education recently submitted an article to your paper (July 16) announcing that EDCOE had been awarded the Head Start grant for which it had re-applied, and that the program will continue to enroll students for the Fall semester. What the article failed to mention were the cuts which have […]

Sand Fire

EDITOR: El Dorado County has just had one of the biggest fires that we have had in a long time. Fortunately no one was seriously injured nor did anyone die. It did destroy some homes and I wish those people well as they rebuild their homes and lives. This was a very expensive fire to […]


EDITOR: Hey, John Garon of Placerville. In response to your Friday, July 25, letter to the editor I must say that your language is very scripted, copied from a standard — either that or you are using your masters tele — eh? Directing your vitriol to Gene Altshuler is immature but understandable. In either case […]

Olives need less water

EDITOR: Much has been said and printed about the Small Farm irrigation rate structure. One thing is certain in this controversy: that the definition and proof of production (qualification) is complex and confusing. It appears that one form of a “Small Farm” consists of 24 olive trees. This analysis uses that format. A question arises: […]

District 2 supervisorial special election

EDITOR: Saturday’s Bee called the “supervisorial special election” in El Dorado County “strange.” It’s strange all right, but possibly serendipitous. We have six candidates. One is the wife of the supervisor ousted by the court, running, ironically, on a “Clean Government” platform. Another candidate is a neighbor of said supervisor. A third candidate is the […]

GDPUD management report

EDITOR: Cities and special districts like GDPUD, a local water district on the Divide, are required to be audited by an independent CPA firm on a yearly basis. The audit itself is generally made up of a lot of numbers that tell you what the income and expenses are for the institution as well as […]