A letter from your sheriff

EDITOR: Another year has passed and another holiday season is upon us. This is a time of year to reflect on the year that was and the year that soon will be. From a personal standpoint, it’s a time to reflect on the priorities in life: faith, family, friendship, health and happiness. From a professional […]

Law enforcement

EDITOR: In light of all the current bad publicity toward law enforcement in general, I thought it might be nice for those folks who agree that the majority of law enforcement personnel are doing a good job to send them a Christmas card. Placerville CHP Office: P.O. Box 1417 Placerville, CA 95667 Placerville Police Department: […]

How times have changed

EDITOR: I was fortunate to have been raised during the ’50s and early ’60s, in what I now call “the age of innocence.” My, how times have changed. As an elementary schooler, I proudly wore an “I Like Ike” campaign button. I had no idea of it all; it was just that I liked the […]

Recent law enforcement shootings

EDITOR: This is an open letter to Senator Feinstein and Congressman McClintock: The recent shooting of our citizens and law enforcement officers, is alleged to have been done by an illegal immigrant. You may want to call this poor ignorant soul an undocumented person, a person who is void of legal documentation or some other […]

0 ≠ 0

EDITOR: Not so fast. I was there. Zero EID rate increase in 2015 does not mean that EID costs are flat. Necessary capital improvement projects coupled with the recent unexpected Esmeralda Tunnel cave-in are almost certainly going to trigger the issuance of another $45,000,000.00 of indebtedness. The most galling aspect from my point of view […]

Common Core, Chapters 1,2,3,4…

EDITOR: I have never met Mr. Summers, so I can only assume from his letters that he is not a teacher, and I don’t know if he has children in El Dorado County schools. It appears that he has not actually read the Common Core Standards adopted by the state of California (worth reading). Additionally, […]

Common Core, Chapter 5: Social justice

EDITOR: What is Social Justice? Wikipedia defines it as “justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities and privileges within a society.” Hmmm … sounds like what we used to call socialism. Common Core is riddled with social justice in the math textbook selection to the test. Is that what we want for the […]


EDITOR: On July 17, a gentle giant was choked to death in New York City for the heinous crime of selling cigarettes on a street corner, and non-aggressively resisting arrest. And the killer was exonerated. Eric Garner was surrounded by four New York City policemen, and was attempting to talk to them. If the officers […]

Reserve currency

EDITOR: American money is used all over the world. As the world’s reserve currency, Federal Reserve notes have been the primary medium of exchange for world trade since WWII. Because our currency was widely used to settle trade accounts, its strength and popularity has enabled us to purchase imports very favorably compared to other nations. […]

Plan for ISIS

EDITOR: As I watched the late news on Wednesday, Sept. 10, the eve of 9/11, 13 years later, President Obama was giving his speech on his plan for ISIS. It reminded me of the commercial on TV where the little boy says, “Doesn’t it bother anybody that the mime is talking?” President Obama was definitely […]

Dangerous intersection

EDITOR: The intersections of Lotus Road and crossroads of Gold Hill Road and Luneman Road are dangerous because of the sight view to the north. A new school is located on the northwest corner, which is Sutter Mill Elementary School. Traffic here is three or four times more and much faster than Gold Hill and […]

Beyond the Taser

EDITOR: Here’s the paradox: • We’ve got some really bad, bad guys who are out there. • We want law enforcement to protect us from these bad guys. • We’re not wild about law enforcement killing the bad guys as they do it. We need to give law enforcement a new non-lethal whoopin’-the-bad-guy device. We […]

Ghosties say thanks

EDITOR: A big Thank You to all the cast members at the third annual Haunted House in Pollock Pines: Emily, Terri, Ken, John, Larry, Adian, Corey, Ryan, Michelle, Mark, Mike, Kit, Alisha, Carol, Tim, Dianna, Alex, Logan, Mattie, Kaleb, Jasper, Courtney, Riff, Tongue, Cheyenne, Angelo, Matt, Monica, Kevin, LIsa, Barron, Coop, Maya, Debi, Bart, Elise, […]

‘You didn’t build that’

EDITOR: Capitalism, that is “free enterprise,” is based upon personal integrity and moral values. It is a symbiotic relationship between the entrepreneur and the consumer. The entrepreneur provides a service and/or product to the consumer for which he (the entrepreneur) is paid. This is a win–win–win proposition. (The third winner, of course, is the tax-man […]

Informational picnic

EDITOR: Oct. 11 I attended my first informational picnic at Bertelsen Park in El Dorado Hills, organized by the El Dorado Hills Tea Party. The purpose of the picnic was to provide information to the public about current issues. Several candidates attended as well as representatives from Common Core, Civil Grand Jury and Jefferson State. […]

Common Core Chapter 4: Group projects and conditioning

EDITOR: Does anyone else remember group projects in school? They were a pain in the rear end. You always had the slacker, the arguer and others that made it a pain to complete. Someone always had to step up and carry the group and sometimes that was off a cliff to a low grade. With […]

Ginger Higginbotham Memorial Trust fund

EDITOR: Sierra Ridge Middle School would like to thank the Higginbotham family and the Ginger Higginbotham Memorial Trust for donating to the Sierra Ridge PAWS (Positive Attitude and Wolverine Spirit) program. Each week our staff uses PAWS awards to recognize students who go above and beyond school expectations and for doing good deeds. These tickets […]

Jobs — who needs ‘em?

EDITOR: There’s a loop hole. Now businesses can hire the “5,000” new illegal aliens that Obama “legitimized” and avoid the $3,000 Obamacare penalty. Some say that this is simply an “unintended consequence.” In the words of the commanding officer of the *MASH* unit, “Bull Feathers!” Perhaps the blacks in Ferguson should be rioting for a […]

Pony Express spirit

EDITOR: Let the Pony Express carry your Christmas cards via horseback from Folsom to Old Town Sacramento Dec. 13. Collection boxes are located at the Placerville Library on Fair Lane and the Placerville Chamber of Commerce on Main Street. The cards will be picked up no later than Dec. 10. Please make sure to include […]

Holiday lighting safety

EDITOR: In the days following Thanksgiving, many families will begin the festive tradition of lighting their homes and businesses for the holiday season. To ensure that lights bring joy rather than fire, injury or electric shocks, PG&E recommends that customers follow a few simple safety tips: • Avoid electric hazards. Before climbing ladders to string […]

Better off?

EDITOR: President Reagan asked all to reflect on whether or not we were better off than four years ago. I thought I would reflect on how things are going for my family, friends and me here in El Dorado County. Unemployment is at an all-time low since 2007. Both my son-in-laws who had been unemployed […]

Voting in the military

EDITOR: My father was an infantry officer for 30 years, his career spanning the era from horse drawn artillery to tactical nuclear weapons. When as a youth I asked him about voting, he explained that in the Regular Army officers don’t vote. They are allowed to, but don’t. Ever. It would be voting for your […]

We got what we voted for

EDITOR: Only a few weeks ago there was a letter to the editor in this paper, beseeching voters not to vote for issues they don’t understand or have not researched. The writer even cautioned about voting just based on the title of the issue. Well, apparently that warning was for naught since Prop. 47, “Safe […]

Why mid-term voters punished Obama

EDITOR: After reading Gene Altshuler’s latest on how the conservative mind works, I understand why “The Peepul” (actually only 30 percent of them) took out their anger on President Obama. The man wasn’t running, but, nevertheless, he needed to be punished for several reasons: 1. Getting us out of Iraq and killing Bin Laden, thereby […]


EDITOR: Congress should immediately authorize large amounts of funds to repair our infrastructure. The president would sign the bill. It would be a win-win for Republicans. Infrastructure would be repaired, jobs would be created, and it would show America that Republicans are ready and willing to govern. Sounds rational so far, right? But, will it […]

Head Start grant results response

EDITOR: In response to your article, “EDCOE Head Start grant results in simmering controversy,” I would like to point out some inaccuracies in Jeremy Meyers’ statements. The first being, the new grant funds only the Head Start program, not the state preschool program. Our state preschool program is funded by the state of California. Secondly, […]

Voting while enlisted

EDITOR: I am thankful for Mr. Longhofer’s failure to vote all these years. His vote would probably have exactly canceled my vote. I have voted in every election for over 60 years even while an enlisted man in the Air Force. I hope he continues to avoid the voting booth. BYRON MOBUS Cameron Park

Thankful for Placerville Raley’s

EDITOR: As I make my list of what I’m thankful for I want to publicly express appreciation for our Placerville Raley’s and Director John Phillips. Raley’s was so generous to our community and firefighters during the King Fire. It was heartwarming to walk into Raley’s and see the tables of information and banners of appreciation […]

Altshuler’s delusions

EDITOR: I didn’t think it would be possible for Mr. Altshuler to write an article that was more lame than the one he wrote full of psycho babble on how liberals were so well-adjusted and conservatives so negative, but his response to my letter managed to achieve that goal. My response won’t take long because […]

Plastic bags

EDITOR: In the Nov. 24 issue, Mr. William Clawson cited his many uses for plastic bags as a reason for not banning them. Well, I also reuse them. They are great for litter box maintenance. However, they are a menace. They blight the landscape and are hazardous to wildlife. (Wildlife is having a hard enough […]

That arrogant man

EDITOR: In response to Mr. Altshuler’s column of Wednesday, Nov. 26 entitled, “Poor, Poor, Mr. Alger,” I am astounded that any person who claims to have any education beyond junior high school would impugn the millions of people of this nation who voted for Republican candidates as being driven to do so by “anger and […]

Applebee’s Veterans Day thanks

EDITOR: There are many restaurants that honor our veterans with meals and other activities. My spouse and I are both veterans. We rarely take advantage of these generous offers from restaurants like Applebee’s. We had an incredible experience that deserves comment and publication. We celebrated Veterans Day and our 30th anniversary by having dinner at […]

Great turnout for pumpkin patch

EDITOR: The Cameron Park Community Services District held its annual Halloween Carnival and Pumpkin Patch on Saturday, Oct. 18, at Cameron Park Lake. We had a wonderful turnout for this fun-filled family event. Both children and parents enjoyed the vendors and the carnival games, crafts, hay rides, magic show, pumpkin patch, bounce house, face painting, petting […]

Not an Alinsky quote

EDITOR: In a letter titled “Tyranny’s Garden” in the Nov. 14 Mountain Democrat, Douglas Roscoe listed eight levels of change/control that he attributed to Saul Alinksy in his book on “Rules for Radicals.” According to Mr Roscoe a young Barack Obama began his political career “in the living room of an Alinksy disciple.” The book […]

Justice delayed for gold dredgers

EDITOR: Although gold was discovered here in California, the state Mining and Reclamation Board refuses to issue any mining permits in our state. This board was set up to provide reasonable regulations for mine operations. It does not have the power to prohibit mining altogether. Congress gave mining rights to the people in 1865. The Constitution […]

A politician who has cost us a lot

EDITOR: When you are a career politician of 14 years in the California Senate and retire as Senator Pro-Tem, you can’t just quietly go away. When you have been giving the People of California the gifts that will keep on giving, you should be rewarded for faithful service with a new job, and a platinum retirement […]

Todd White says, thank you

EDITOR: I would like to take a moment and thank the community for re-electing me to the El Dorado Union High School District Board of Trustees. I am both humbled and honored for the privilege to serve the taxpayers for the next four years. I do not and will not take lightly the trust that the […]

Crime and statistics

EDITOR: Bill Bertram wondered where I got my “facts” from for my letter regarding Obuzzard’s plan to open up the borders to everyone. Gee Bill, ever hear of the internet? There’s lot of information there for those who aren’t too lazy or stupid to do a little research. Regarding the real unemployment rate, according to […]

More than promises needed

EDITOR: Although voter turnout in El Dorado County was 40 percent in the June primary, voter turnout for the state was only 25 percent. At that rate, 13 percent of registered voters determines a victor. In speaking with a few friends about this low turnout, I learned that a feeling of disempowerment was typical. Some voters […]

Executive orders

EDITOR: Article I, Section 1 of the Constitution of the United States of America states: “All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.” This is the total content of that article. That unambiguously means that no other individual or […]

Common Core Chapter 3: The Language Arts and close reading.

EDITOR: Let’s read the owner’s manual of the family car with our kids. If the kids read it closely it will make them better drivers! Really? What is “Close” reading? “Critical Reading is the process of reviewing a body of work and using your experiences and knowledge to analyze the meaning of the author’s work. […]

Political self-promotion

EDITOR: Sometimes you just have to ask the question. Why? In this case, why does a state senator feel the need to make a trip to Texas and then advertise the trip on the local news? He said his trip to Texas will be to lure business and jobs to California, maybe Tesla. Answer, he wants […]

Republicans in charge

EDITOR: Sometimes with Mr. Longhofer it’s difficult to know whether he is uninformed or whether he’s counting on the reader being uninformed. He says that since the GOP is taking over the Senate in a couple of months and having the House with majorities not seen since WW II that they will have to be […]

Nothing to hide?

EDITOR: The NSA has this motto: “If You Have Nothing to Hide, You Have Nothing to Fear.” On that basis NSA records virtually all information transmitted via phone or internet. This data includes public transmissions as well as private. According to the Constitution, We the People have formed our government to activate the American dream of […]

Wisdom from the singer Donovan

EDITOR: Tectonic plates shift and volcanoes erupt above and below the sea, resulting in alterations in continental shorelines and shifts in ocean currents … and climates change. To claim that human activity significantly influences climate change is like saying that I can increase the power of a hurricane by turning on my portable fan. Like the […]