In appreciation of Congressman McClintock

EDITOR: Mr. John Garon contended in his letter to the editor on Jan. 20 that Congressman McClintock is not doing his job because he is not bringing home the bacon, otherwise known as federal government grants, “pork” or “earmarks.” Taking money from taxpayers in other states for a local project is a losing proposition. Who […]

Legalize marijuana? Not!

EDITOR: There’s been a steadily rising din over the need to legalize marijuana, ostensibly to afford California yet another source of tax revenue. To those advocating legalization: a note of caution. Be careful what you wish for. With legalization will come vastly expanded access, especially among the most vulnerable — our high school and college-aged […]

Naive Garon

EDITOR: Mr. Garon says I call him names so it appears I have to educate the uneducated. Teahadist is a name, Mr. Garon; naive is a description. And an apt one at that. Sen. Reid overturning rules that had been in place for many decades and which he stoutly defended when he was in the […]

Poor Red’s debacle

EDITOR: We know that Lady Justice is supposed to be blind to political considerations. So, how myopic is a Superior Court decision to allow convicted felons, Mike and Brenda Adams, to remain free to go about their lives after destroying so many others? It has been published many times that these criminals owe thousands of […]

UCCE does not recommend cover cropping in drought years

EDITOR: As the local UC Cooperative Extension (UCCE) Farm Advisor, I was surprised to see the Feb. 3 Mountain Democrat editorial “A water-saving ag practice” misrepresent UCCE and the important conservation tillage research conducted by UC Specialist Jeff Mitchell in the Southern San Joaquin. Cover cropping (not to be confused with letting any groundcover grow) […]

Chamber of Commerce ad

EDITOR: On Feb. 3, the Mountain Democrat contained a full-page ad taken out by the Chamber of Commerce that makes me wonder if the members have a collective reading comprehension disability. Or maybe they failed eighth grade civics. The ad warns folks not to “sign the petition” because doing so would ensure state control of […]

Solution to future water problems

EDITOR: If the lack of water is so important, why haven’t the boneheads in charge of Water Resources sent a lot of excavators, bulldozers and equipment to Folsom Lake? Cutting down the hills in that lake would increase future water storage dramatically. A 3-cubic-yard bucket would add about 605 gallons of water with each scoop. […]

Sign the petition

EDITOR: Just as Bob Dylan sang some years ago, “You don’t need a weatherman to tell you which way the wind blows,” so today you don’t need full page ads paid for by chambers of commerce, real estate developers or San Francisco speculators to persuade you that the gridlock traffic you experience on Highway 50 […]

Special interest takeover

EDITOR: Territory take over by a quirk in the system; The Center for Biological Diversity is suing the states on behalf of Indian nations so that they will have control over territory outside their tribal jurisdiction. The hidden factor is that not only will the Indians have control also the feds. This is how our […]

Don’t sign the petition

EDITOR: The usual suspects are at it again. Bill Center and his acolytes — John Hidahl, Ellen Van Dyke, Shiva Frentzen and Howard Penn. These folks are not talking slow growth, they are talking no growth. What does that mean for El Dorado Hills? Retail businesses with no new business, churches with no new believers, schools […]

Income gap

EDITOR: As a Christian, I find it disheartening to see the huge income gap between the rich and the poor. This income inequality shows a lack of compassion for the well-being of our neighbors in need. My loving parents taught me the Golden Rule: love your neighbors as yourself. To help narrow the huge income […]

Local growth issues

EDITOR: Kathye Russell works for home builders so it’s understandable she would oppose the idea of limiting the approval of more major housing subdivisions. Housing development facts: (1) There are currently 54,000 homes on the west slope; (2) county supervisors are currently planning for 33,000 more homes; (3) there are 16,000 existing undeveloped parcels that […]

‘My Turn’ opinion piece

EDITOR: The “My Turn” piece by Kathye Russell was a vilification of county residents Bill Center and Jim Moore, and was neither enlightening nor uplifting to the average reader. Full of assertions rather than facts, it is not just the targets of this opinion piece that she is snapping at (Center and Moore), but also […]

District 4 election

EDITOR: I have been studying the candidates for the Board of Supervisors in the Fourth District. I was looking at Scott McNeil’s campaign Website and on it, it says, “Scott McNeil is a decorated USAF veteran.” This is confusing to me. Is Mr. McNeil claiming to be a decorated combat veteran of foreign wars or […]

AGW, water, green energy trains and tunnels

EDITOR: I am not a big fan of the popular positions on AGW, solar energy, the train-to-nowhere, or Brown’s water tunnels. And I really don’t like the drought. All seem like massive wastes of money, power grabs or in the case of the drought, something totally out of my control. However, let me try to […]

Kathye Russell’s ‘My Turn’

EDITOR: I’m writing in response to Kathye Russell’s “My Turn” column in the Wednesday, Jan. 28 Mountain Democrat. Now that it has become clear that there is going to be a serious attempt to prevent El Dorado County from being developed into another homogenized sprawl of subdivisions and shopping malls, the developers and their cheerleaders […]


EDITOR: On Saturday, Feb. 1, a benefit for the Mother Teresa Maternity Home was held, at St. Patrick Catholic Church in Placerville. I would like to commend the young volunteers; high school students from Faithworks Youth Group, the National Honor Society of Union Mine High School, the AVID program at El Dorado High School, and […]

Circus-like atmopshere

EDITOR: Monday, I went to court to see Mike and Brenda Adams sentenced to prison. Like your article said was correct, over half of the court was filled with people mostly in their 60s and 70s who were there for the same reason. What I really found was a circus-like atmosphere with about 12 attorneys […]

EID staff presenations — transparent or obscure?

EDITOR: The EID board meeting on Jan. 27 was important. Refinancing of $130 million of EID bonds to secure significant financing savings was the topic. Relevant discussion of the refinancing was buried in a 373-page packet that covered a review of EID’s investment returns to an update on the Flume 41 project that should have […]

Team Vindler

EDITOR: Kudos to Vindler Real Estate, upon their relocation to a new venue, for their decision to donate a portion of the proceeds from each of their sales and to sponsor fundraisers as well, in the interest of preserving and restoring their current location, one of Placerville’s historic “treasures,” the Immigrant Jane building. They are […]

Burnt out lights

EDITOR: I am writing pertaining to the white lights that are burnt out on top of, and supposedly surrounding, our great courthouse in the middle of town. Christmas decorations were absolutely beautiful, especially this year. I’ve lived here since 1976. Can our city not afford to replace burnt out lights as needed for the courthouse […]

Marshall Birth Center

EDITOR: The wonderful, dedicated staff at Marshall Hospital make me feel thankful that I live in our Placerville community. Recently I had a baby at the new Marshall Birth Center and had some extra needs during my prenatal care that necessitated that I visit the hospital a few times a week. I do not believe […]

Value of water

EDITOR: What is water’s value? Over the last few months a lot of paper space has been used up talking about increased cost for your water, almost weekly news about EID and GDPUD wrangling with rising costs and lowering revenues; add a portion of CIP projects and debt service thrown in and you got a […]

An open letter to President Obama

EDITOR: Dear President Obama, As you prepare your State of the Union address, I am sure that you have a great deal of concern when you actually examine the state of the union. Even after five years of your amazing, inspired leadership and your continuous speeches about how much you care about the American people […]

Placerville is the best village in California

EDITOR: As an AmeriCorps member, I recently had the opportunity to visit your beautiful City of Placerville where as a volunteer, I joined the American River Conservancy for Wakamatsu Farm Restoration workday on Saturday, Jan. 18 in honor of MLK. We lodged at the friendly Gold Country Inn. But the biggest impact of kindness came […]

Special thanks

EDITOR: On Monday, Jan. 20 — Martin Luther King Service Day — the Pollock Pines-Camino Community Center was given a gift from the hearts and generosity of many volunteers, businesses and donations. Organized and coordinated by the Pollock Pines Dogwood Club, the Pollock Pines-Camino Rotary and CEDAPP; over 40 volunteers gathered at the Community Center […]

Solving California’s problems

EDITOR: There’s a pothole on Sly Park Road large enough to swallow a Prius. I know because I fell into it on my mountain bike one beautiful drought ridden winter afternoon. At the bottom of that pothole is soil that carbon dates back to another time period, a time where road taxes and fees were […]

El Dorado Western Railroad thank you

EDITOR: The El Dorado Western Railway Foundation Board of Directors would like to thank everyone who came out to take a train ride and supported the El Dorado Western Railroad in 2013. This unique Living History program happens every Sunday, either in Shingle Springs on the second and fourth Sunday, or at El Dorado on […]

Is George Alger ever right?

EDITOR: George Alger is to “Letters” what Larry Weitzman is to the op-ed page: neither man ever misses a chance to be wrong. Mr. Alger seems to be making a career of calling me names. His last letter calls me “naive.” To prove his point, he stands the facts on their collective head, claiming that […]

Why CA doesn’t get its share

EDITOR: Mr. Garon’s letters are always amusing and this one asking why McClintock hasn’t brought home the bacon to California is especially so. He mentions how California gets back a fraction of what it sends to the federal government and blames McClintock for failing to get California it’s due. Unfortunately with Harry Reid acting like […]

Economic recovery moderately paced

EDITOR: One day, the editor of the Mountain Democrat said to his writer, Dawn Hodson, “Find an economist who has nothing good to say about our economy, write a story about it and we’ll put it on the front page.” And they did. Coincidentally, the very same day this article, lamenting lack of economic growth, was […]

Economy article

EDITOR: The interview, on the front page, of Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on the economy, should be required reading by every voter, except, maybe, John Garon. John would probably write that his research found that Dr. Roberts was an undocumented day worker who got his Ph.D. in a Cracker Jacks box. Anybody that must buy […]

Mr. Kneebone

EDITOR: Ken Deibert had an interesting segment in his column about a Eugene Kneebone. Mr. Kneebone was a prisoner of the Japanese at the time he wrote that letter home. Does anyone know if Mr. Kneebone and the others mentioned in his letter came home from WWII? I would appreciate knowing. BETH LYTTON El Dorado […]

Wrongheaded comments on Head Start

EDITOR: Recently, Richard Esposito, publisher of the Mountain Democrat, wrote a column trying, and failing, to mock the idea that climate change is here, and it’s real. He ought to leave telling whoppers to Larry Weitzman, who has years of practice. What got my attention, however, is the Mountain Democrat editorial’s argument that the Head […]

Losing our rights

EDITOR: I wanted to climb through the TV screen, watching an interview with Fox News with one of many attorneys for Biological Diversity discuss taking land from private people to establish habitat for a frog that hasn’t been seen since 1967. With this smirk on his face, he was telling Fox what they are doing […]

Pleased with writer and event

EDITOR: We miss Pat Lakey up here on Slug Gulch Road but we’re grateful that her writing still graces the pages of the Mountain Democrat. Her story about the MORE Art & Wine event was extremely effective in publicizing the event and was very generous in its description of the history of the Slug Gulch […]

McClintock cost too much?

EDITOR: An interesting letter appeared in the Monday, Jan. 20 edition of the Mountain Democrat. The writer was complaining that U.S. Representative McClintock was being compensated too much for the results garnered. Although the writer’s complaint is purely subjective, the fiscal data presented in support is reasonably accurate as can be derived from the Congressional […]

The audacity of dope

EDITOR: So, our president has declared that he feels marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol. Let’s assume he’s right. The Centers for Disease Control states that alcohol causes about 88,000 deaths per year in this country. Additionally, excessive alcohol use is responsible for 1.2 million emergency room visits and 2.7 million physician visits per […]

Sound familiar?

EDITOR: There are eight levels of control that must be obtained before you are able to create a social state. The first is the most important, the last is the most significant. 1. Health care: Control health care and you control the people. 2. Poverty: Increase the poverty level as high as possible; poor people […]

7 p.m. mail

EDITOR: As a resident of Placerville, paying the high price of postage, I place mail in my mailbox when I leave for work in the a.m. It is still there when I get home in the evening, and by 7 p.m. I am wondering if I should remove my mail from the mailbox because of […]

McClintock does not represent his district

EDITOR: 4th District Congressman Tom McClintock famously adheres to the principles of libertarianism. In his town hall in Lincoln Tuesday night he gave many monologues about why the federal government should be minimized. His views are popular with the audience of far-right conservatives, but Congressman McClintock does not support birthers or impeachers. He admitted that […]

Empty Bowls Supper

EDITOR: Last November the Empty Bowls Supper received over $15,000 in donations, with 800 people attending the event at St. Patrick’s Church in Placerville. This was the largest event ever with an increase of 30 percent in both attendance and donations. We had an outpouring of volunteers and business support. The Supper had over 200 […]

Business as usual at EID?

EDITOR: I attended the EID board meeting on Jan. 13 only to find that George Osborne, Bill George and Jim Ambercrombie believe that business as usual at EID is OK and that new board members can be intimidated into agreeing. First, the board couldn’t agree on a vice president to preside when Alan Day is […]

Enough already

EDITOR: Another paper and another letter from pompous blowhard John Garon. One can only surmise that the Mountain Democrat does not receive enough letters to fill the editorial page or that Mr. Garon saved the life of the paper’s owner. RANDALL GRAHEK Placerville

El Dorado County growth

EDITOR: In a column in Jan. 15 edition, “Whack-A-Mole,” Gene Aultshuler reminded us that we, as residents of El Dorado County, must be ever vigilant and continue to fight for the beloved rural lifestyle we all enjoy. Also, the Jan. 15 edition of the Sacramento Bee had an article on slow-growth advocates for our county, […]