EDITOR: Everything is different now. Struck by a tsunami on March 11, 2011, Fukushima continues to pour radioactive material into the Pacific Ocean unabated. A vast plume of this radioactive effluence has spread across the North Pacific, leaving death in its wake. Its radioactivity, carried by wind and rain, is now falling onto North America, […]

$52 million Sheriff’s Office DOA

EDITOR: It didn’t take a lot of forethought to determine that the $52 million Sheriff’s Office proposal before the Board of Supervisors was dead on arrival before it ever started, but that won’t stop our county bureaucrats from wasting several million dollars of taxpayer money chasing a big, white elephant. Of course, there is a […]

Burping cows

EDITOR: I would like to thank your staff writer Dawn Hodson for her front page article, “Obama administration targeting burping cows.” If the comedian community can’t have fun with this story, then maybe they are not comedians. I can see the political cartoons now. I really wish I was a cartoonist. The really sad part […]

Diamond Springs Firefighters Union is corrupt

EDITOR: The Diamond Springs Firefighters Union is corrupt; meaning that the union has shown a willingness to act dishonestly in return for money or personal gain. The union is driven by greed and other self-interests. They use vicious, unethical methods to try to achieve their goals. The union is not concerned about the well-being of […]

Feds nix eagle-killing penalties

EDITOR: A deal with the feds will make a Solano County wind farm the first in the nation to be allowed to kill eagles. That would be, accidentally kill them, of course. The Unites States Fish and Wildlife Service says a large project near Rio Vista will not be cited if the birds are injured […]

EDC too great for hate

EDITOR: This letter is in response to Edward T. Bernhoft’s letter (April 21), in which he claims to be a “true Christian.” Mr. Bernhoft’s letter is filled with intolerance, ignorance and hate. He feels that homosexuals should not be welcome in a place of business owned by “true Christians.” The dictionary defines a Christian as […]

Remember the shutdown?

EDITOR: A previous letter incorrectly stated that Congressman Tom McClintock voted to shutdown the government last fall. On the contrary, he voted three times to keep the government fully funded, with the requirement that Obamacare’s individual mandate be delayed one year. This was in the wake of the Obama administration unilaterally delaying the employer mandate. […]

100+ years and thanks

EDITOR: Our mother, Leona Warren, was born in Placerville over 100 years ago. Mom and our entire family wish to give thanks to three Placerville doctors who have helped her reach this milestone in good health: Dr. Leanne Camisa and Dr. Brand Barnhill (now a “hospitalist” at Marshall Hospital) and a dentist, Dr. James Hastings, […]

Thank you to Wayne’s Lock & Safe

EDITOR: This is to express my gratitude to Jeff and Kyle of Wayne’s Lock & Safe for working on the failed ignition system on my vehicle on Monday, June 30. My wife and I were stranded when the ignition system failed at the parking garage of Red Hawk Casino. A helpful tow truck driver suggested […]

Citizen’s Law Enforcement Academy

EDITOR: Law enforcement has a problem. They are deeply committed to protecting and serving the community, but how they do that and get home safely each day is a complex story. The Sheriff’s Department provides citizens with the unusual opportunity to dialogue with deputies in a candid, forthright and informative setting. For 17 weeks the […]

Dog reunited with family

EDITOR: I am overjoyed that Murphy the Golden Retriever survived her ordeal in the wilderness and has been reunited with her family. As a “dog mom” and dog trainer, I can well imagine the heartbreak the Brauns went through. I give them full credit for their efforts to find their beloved family member. But I […]

Save the Guinea Worm

EDITOR: Save the Guinea Worm Foundation is trying to save this endangered species from us humans purposely exterminating them from the planet. The only reason that I can see that anyone in their right mind would want to save these creatures is for the money that people make treating the humans they infect. In 1986, […]

Altshuler’s gun control

EDITOR: Right on cue after a tragedy Mr. Altschuler makes the usual rant for gun control. He seems to like the Constitution as long as there are no costs associated with it. If a senseless shooting occurs, scrap the second amendment. Perhaps he would like to scrap double jeopardy too, that way we could just […]

Plastic bag for Fido

EDITOR: Reading Greg Homer’s letter in the June 11 Mountain Democrat had me laughing so hard that I had to dab my eyes. For those who missed the letter, I’ll briefly summarize it. Mr. Homer urges those of us who walk our dogs to quit using blue plastic bags to pick up after our pets […]

Fellow accomplishment

EDITOR: I’d like to offer my congratulations to Laura Schwartz, El Dorado County’s chief budget officer, who recently became a Fellow through the CSAC Institute for Excellence in County Government. She joins 27 other county supervisors or senior executives from around the state who have also earned their Fellowship, including Kimberly Kerr and Terri Daly, […]

Sancho Panza

EDITOR: Who among us will be the Sancho Panza who will politely inform the quixotic EID Director Greg Prada that those small farms and their water rates metaphorically are windmills, not a foul brood of giants to be engaged in righteous battle? It won’t be me. Directors Prada and Day hold the distinction of being […]

EID small farms not conserving water

From 2009 through 2013, EID’s 35,000 residential ratepayers reduced their water consumption 5,000 acre-feet annually. Residential ratepayers further are on pace to conserve an additional 2,000 acre-feet this year. If this pace continues, the cumulative residential conservation since 2009 will be 30 percent. Meanwhile, EID’s small farm water consumption has increased 1,400 acre-feet annually. Contrary […]

Response to editorial

EDITOR: I read the editorial “A confused report” and found it to be surprisingly negative and critical. Although I have not read the Grand Jury report, from what is contained in the editorial, it sounded to me that the recommendations made by the Grand Jury were thoughtful and sound. On the other hand, the editorial […]

Altshuler Machiavellianism

EDITOR: America has become a nation that China’s leaders laugh at and the rest of the democratic world despairs of. Our debt is rising, our population is aging in a budget-threatening way, our schools are mediocre by international standards, our infrastructure rickety, our regulations dense, our tax code byzantine, our immigration system hare brained and […]


EDITOR: I was looking at a map a retired general had made of Iraq and who controlled what. The Kurds controlled the north border with Turkey. The Sunnis (Al Qaeda) occupied the central part and the Shiites controlled the south. My initial reaction was what a waste of effort we had done to try to […]

Safe and sober

EDITOR: Just imagine loading up more than 260 excited graduates onto coach buses right after they walk off the field from graduation ceremonies, and then driving them 90 miles away for an overnight party at a huge family entertainment complex. Add to that: food, beverages, games, live entertainment, souvenirs, and prizes — all in a […]

Thank you OfficeMax

EDITOR: I wanted to write a thank you to Ellen Hemingway, assistant store manager, at Placerville’s OfficeMax. I had purchased a new Toshiba laptop from there and during the original warranty the hard drive quit working. I called Toshiba about fixing it and was given very unhappy customer service. I had purchased the extended warranty […]

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The Democratic-Chronicles

EDITOR: Thank you, Mountain Democrat, for publishing another view, in the form of the Democratic Chronicles by Gene Altshuler. I appreciate having the opportunity to read well-researched articles. I also appreciate a writer who has the fortitude and strength of character to discuss uncomfortable topics based on facts and common sense. Three cheers for the […]

State of Jefferson

EDITOR: Is anyone else concerned that the Great Seal of the State of Jefferson is a double cross? JOHN POPE Placerville

America as Bartertown

I see the wretch in the White House is at it again. This time he is inviting the country to be invaded by the barbarians from south of the border. Full of contempt for this country, the American people and the rule of law, old step and fetch it invites in drug dealers, millions of […]

Large bangs

EDITOR: To the people that wanted to know when the large bangs happened, we are in the Kelsey area and there were nine very loud bangs today (Wednesday, June 18) starting at 11:53 through 11:55 a.m. These bangs were louder then last year’s so they should register on any monitors. The sound came from from […]


EDITOR: The Center for Biological Diversity is now moving to bring back the grizzly to the Sierra Nevadas. I certainly hope that our government doesn’t let them. “Alaska has plenty to keep them from going extinct.” They plan on planting a few in the area that they closed to humans because of the yellow-legged frog. […]

Sniper rifles OK’d

EDITOR: Militarized American police? Because some law enforcement officers (SWAT) have .50 caliber rifles? Let’s take a look at history before we go off the deep end. In 1876, the standard issue rifle for most of the U.S. Army was the 1873 “Trapdoor” Springfield, a single-shot rifle. This was long after the Henry repeating rifle […]

Elected officials

EDITOR: The editorials of June 25 and 27 provided visions of Bell, Calif. where the officials gave themselves fat paychecks, hired their family and friends to ride the gravy train and broke the city. I propose we add one more office to the elected category — that of county CAO. SHARON NEBEKER Placerville

A real budget

EDITOR: I went to the June 17 GDPUD budget meeting. I guess it could be best described as many compromises. The new ALT treatment plant is a separate budget from the operations budget presented. This project requires a 20-year loan needing to be obtained to finance the plant. Many cuts have already been made such […]

Drought and development

EDITOR: I saw Diamond Springs resident Laurie Brown’s letter in the Sacramento Bee about new development approvals forging ahead in spite of the drought. Thank you Laurie. Look how many of those developments are in El Dorado Hills, yet EDH residents seem blissfully unaware of them. I think it is because they are reading the […]

Attacks on Wendy Thomas uncalled for

EDITOR: A recent news release announcing Wendy Thomas’ re-election bid, “City Council: Wendy Thomas seeks reelection,” on June 18, initiated a flurry of personal attacks upon Wendy Thomas, all under pseudonyms to protect their anonymity. They called on each other to run for office — cowards backing cowards who all slunk away saying, “No, not […]

Expensive plan

EDITOR: What is the matter with California’s state officials? Why are they pushing so hard for a plan costing billions of dollars that the California taxpayer never voted for and the state cannot afford? These state officials passed this plan in the dead of night with no committee hearings and no public comment. They figured […]

Tree of Heaven

EDITOR: This tree, Ailanthus altissima, with the common name of “Tree of Heaven,” has been called an invasive plant and a weed tree by the EPA, stating that it needs to be eradicated or controlled or it will take over large areas where it gets started. It is a rampant grower, needs no water and […]

Lamar Fairchild

EDITOR: The other day at the stop sign on Broadway, my grandsons and I were waiting to turn left onto Main Street, as the warm afternoon air invited open windows, my 10-year-old grandson, who called shotgun earlier, exclaimed “Look at that really cool car over there!” I answered, “That’s Lamar; he is a car buff […]

Applauding outstanding students

EDITOR: Our County Fair in June was an incredible opportunity for our community to come together, enjoy great entertainment, learn about the various organizations that call El Dorado County home and honor more than 1,000 well-deserved students for their hard work and achievements through the Golden Star Student Program. Exceptional students were identified by their […]

Front page ads

EDITOR: Would you please quit putting the sticky ads on the front page of the Mountain Democrat? With today’s issue, the ad for Guess Orthodonics is right over the picture of the Braun family, and with the mailing label, a portion of the picture is pealed off. Can’t these ads be put inside the paper? […]

Small Farm definition

EDITOR: On Monday I attended the 10 a.m. EID workshop on the definition of a small farm. In my opinion, it didn’t go well. It just wasn’t well planned or prepared and I was disappointed because of it. The facility was too small and a large number of rate payers had to sit in another […]

The county of Outingdale

EDITOR: I feel like I’ve come late to the party. I noticed that new building is starting to blossom near El Dorado Hills. Seems like there are plans for a lot of new homes in the county. What I don’t understand is where we find new water? I’m supposed to be cutting back on my […]

Sheriff D’Agostini can win the war in Iraq

EDITOR: C-SPAN recently featured John McCain in the well of the Senate floor urging President Obama to ‘”do something” about Iraq, such as using U.S. troops, weapons and air strikes. He then suggested that President Obama send General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker to Iraq to straighten out President Nouri al-Maliki. As if these two men […]

Endangered species … and other red herrings

Wild Chinook salmon are the most prolific, most widely adapted, most farmed salmon in the world, from Washington’s Columbia River, Canada, Alaska, Kamchatka, the Sakhalin Islands to Patagonia, Chile and New Zealand, healthy populations abound. Yet California authorities use this species to manipulate water rights, hamstringing agriculture so urban folk can wash their Audis. The […]

Hiring practices

EDITOR: After reading Larry Weitzman’s column regarding the county’s assistant CAO, its hard to imagine a reader that isn’t frustrated with the lack of effectiveness with local government, including our elected officials. The column goes so far as to suggest a complete review of hiring practices in El Dorado County is necessary, especially for key […]


EDITOR: What, no accusation of racial blame game? Why does Obama refer to the traitor as a child? What about the six service men killed looking for the traitor who was someone’s child; one was black, where is Jackson? Obama must be impeached. His crimes, he defied all in releasing five of the most dangerous […]

More on EID’s $49 small farm rate

In my April 11 letter to the editor I stated: “EID’s average small farm ratepayer to date has not conserved in his/her water consumption and receives all water over one quarter of an acre-foot at the rate of $49 while residential ratepayers pay $829 per acre foot.” Boy, what a firestorm of desperate rebuttal my […]


EDITOR: There seems to be general agreement that we are experiencing a very serious and potentially long-lasting drought. Residents are being asked to conserve water while we see many examples of new construction. It would seem that one of the first water conservation steps should be a moratorium on all new water connections. WILLIAM S. […]