A new voice for a new generation

EDITOR: While knowing personally most merchants in our town as well as reading weekly the problems facing Placerville, I also see a new, young, vibrant generation moving here to live and work. I feel it is time for our City Council to take the opportunity to address that generation with new fresh ideas, while preserving […]

Cameron Park candidate

EDITOR: We are approaching the time when we will be electing new board members at the Cameron Park CSD. We have an incumbent, Scott McNeil, who, when he was elected had no history and no track record. People did not see what type of person they were electing. We have since learned that Scott McNeil […]

Endorsement of Tim Cary

EDITOR: I am writing to express my wholehearted support for the reelection of Tim Cary to the El Dorado Union High School District Board. I served as the superintendent of the El Dorado County Office of Education for 19 years, and throughout that time I knew Tim well as one of the most respected educational […]

Conflict of interest

EDITOR: It came to my attention that a sitting board member of the El Dorado Union High School District is a founding member of an organization that is determined to return the school impact fees to developers. This is a direct threat to the financial well-being of our high school district. I looked at their […]

Briggs courthouse land negotiations

EDITOR: The county’s negotiation with John Briggs for a new courthouse site has run into a snag lately due to allegations of local corruption and conflicts of interest with his son, county Supervisor Ron Briggs. The Board of Supervisors has been putting board agenda items on its secret closed session portion of the agenda regarding […]

Greg Prada should not resign

EDITOR: Last fall, two new EID Directors were elected, Greg Prada and Dale Coco, who both ran on a “less spending, less rate hikes” platform. One of them, Coco, apparently had his fingers double-crossed while making that campaign pledge. That explains why this year every EID management spending proposal has been passed, 3-2, by EID’s […]

Letter to Union of Concerned Scientists

EDITOR: Dear President Kenneth Kimmell and Executive Director Kathleen Rest: In the 1960s I was totally against installing California’s state and federal aqueducts to Southern California cities. Many electrical pumping stations elevate the water along our Central Valley (400-plus miles). The Edmondson pumping plant is the largest with 14 Westinghouse electrical pumps; each pump is […]

Elect Jack Jordan to high school board

EDITOR: I met Jack Jordan as a fellow student when we were studying together for our teaching credentials many moons ago. Jack was a good student then and now he’s retiring after having been a great teacher. Jack taught math and industrial arts at Union Mine High School and, like all the best teachers, loved […]

Campfire moratorium

EDITOR: This is an open letter to the Board of Supervisors. As you may be aware, there was a fire at Camp Lotus (July 6, 2014), which required significant resources to extinguish. It is my understanding that the ignition source of this fire was campfire material. As you may recall the recent Rim Fire and […]

Movie disruption

EDITOR: Much is missing in Ms. Fatooh’s letter, (Mountain Democrat, July 25) “The good, the not so good.” She alleges that a person in the movie audience was rude to her group for being a “tad” late. Her group being a “tad” late was not the problem. Her group entered the theater after the movie […]

Hold elected accountable

EDITOR: According to the Federal Constitution there should be a separation of the legislative, judicial and executive branches of our system of government. Over time the lines have blurred and in some cases, the lines have been eliminated. You need to look no further than the Environmental Protection Agency, which has passed laws only a […]

Food Bank distribution

EDITOR: Just read the article on “Light of the Hills teams up with Food Bank.” My husband and I drive each Friday for the Food Bank and deliver to Pioneer Bible Church in Somerset. Sometimes we stay and help distribute food if needed. Just a suggestion, but why not feature all the Food Bank distribution […]

Psychiatric Health Facility

EDITOR: The message from Chris Daley’s article in the Friday, Aug. 29 Mountain Democrat regarding “operations of the Psychiatric Health Facility” was excellent. He said, “The entire Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to contract out the operations of the Psychiatric Health Facility to a private company.” This would not be a good decision or vote and […]

Takeover of EDC through initiatives

EDITOR: I would like to think that most of us have a few things in common. We are living in an economy that is so regulated that it is very difficult to make a living. Many of these regulations are federal and environmental as Obama has stopped the building of the Keystone Pipeline, and he […]


EDITOR: I notice that the category “Favorite Attorney” was omitted in this year’s Readers Choice contest. Are you implying that everybody hates attorneys? STEPHEN A. TAPSON Placerville

The rain maker

EDITOR: We arrived in Placerville last night from the UK, staying with friends to enjoy a two-week holiday. After a summer of drought, why does it have to rain now? I took a video of torrential rain in Giigleswick, North Yorkshire, where I live, Tuesday afternoon. I might as well have stayed at home. My […]

Dig into issues

EDITOR: Mega-Kudos Mr. Kerr. Thank you for your insightful editorial. What an apt description of one way most people deal with political issues. I see far more people glaze over when you begin to speak about current political issues. They couldn’t care less. The others of us go about our daily lives and we assume […]

King Fire weather blessing

EDITOR: Having spent 33 years with a city fire department in San Diego County, I have witnessed and participated in the attempt to control several large watershed fires. California has basically two seasons, winter and summer. As for spring and fall, they can usually be forgotten in regards to wild fires. As with many large […]


EDITOR: Americans have been angered and outraged, and rightly so, over the actions of Muslim extremists who have beheaded innocent human beings. An abortionist will remove the limbs and crush the skull of an innocent unborn human being. Where is the anger and outrage? Joe Biden, a pro-abortionist, has angrily vowed publicly to chase these […]

Measure K means more bureaucracy

EDITOR: There is a small cadre of people in our town of Placerville who think they know what is best for all the rest of us. They don’t believe that the folks we elect are as smart as they are and they want to take away control. If Measure K passes, it will require the […]

Efforts against the King Fire

EDITOR: I would like to personally thank the thousands of workers and volunteers from all of our local and state agencies for their courage and tireless efforts to protect our communities from the devastating effects of the King Fire. I would also like to thank our school district superintendents, administrators, educators and staff for their […]

Four for the price of one

EDITOR: Californians should be celebrating that we are receiving a four-for-the-price-of-one with the closing of the state Senate session. The notable four are: 1.) No more ghosts voting for the present and no laws passed that dictate everything from morality on college campuses, to coed shower rooms and driver’s licenses for illegal aliens. 2.) The […]

A self-serving supervisor

EDITOR: At Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting on Sept. 16, an obsessed Ron Briggs was hellbent on the fast-tracking approval Agenda Item 28, a five-year extension of County Ordinance 4832 involving Proposition 90 that allows citizens to sell their house in the an area outside El Dorado County and purchase a new house in El […]

Climate change

EDITOR: This is in response to “What to do when global warming fizzles,” by Larry Weitzman on Sept. 15. Mr. Weitzman should know and perhaps Dr. Lindzen should remind him that the amount of temperature change in our green house is not just simply related to the mass of the various gases in the soup […]

Support Measures M and O

EDITOR: This is in response to Mr. Upton’s letter (Sept. 17). I’m appalled at this letter from a former supervisor that spreads misinformation and discourages voters from reading for themselves. Whether or not you believe in “ballot-box planning,” the fact is this: the regular planning process has failed us. County staff is biased and helping […]

The state of Jefferson

EDITOR: There are many who don’t want to be a part of California. They want to form the state of Jefferson. The reason is they don’t want to pay taxes and believe that forming a smaller state will mean fewer taxes. That is fine. But had the rural counties broken off from California there is […]

FAITH homeless lunch program denied

EDITOR: Another homeless resource shuts down. FAITH (Feeding and Inspiring the Homeless) is a faith-based organization whose mission is to deliver a lunch each day to poor and homeless people in our community. The program was established six years ago and has successfully fed people who cannot afford to buy food. One of the lunch […]

Red herrings

EDITOR: Wild Chinook salmon are the most prolific, most widely adapted, most farmed salmon in the world, from Washington’s Columbia River, Canada, Alaska, Kamchatka, the Sakhalin Islands to Patagonia, Chile and New Zealand, healthy populations abound. Yet California uses this species to manipulate water rights, hamstringing agriculture so urban folk can wash their Audis. The […]

Forest Hill PUD

EDITOR: About a year ago or so we read about the dire financial difficulties of the Forrest Hill PUD. They lost their manager, spent their reserves and had trouble paying their bills. They had deteriorating pipes they could not repair because of a lack of money and manpower. They required help from a neighbor. There […]

Protect the electives

EDITOR: A great deal of attention has been focused on the need for a college degree in order to be successful in life. The EDUHSD proudly touts the “A to G” completion rate throughout the district. These are the required courses to be admitted directly to a UC or CSU from high school. A high […]

CO2 vs. the future

EDITOR: Using computers to forecast our climate change is like using a groundhog; what comes from a computer is what is fed into the computer. The science that is fed into today’s computers is far from actual climate data that has occurred past and present, our future being the decisive question: “Is it going to […]

Militarized police

EDITOR: Everyday our police are becoming more militarized. Last night, I saw on the news, Davis has received a new $700,000 assault vehicle free from Army surplus. Why? Sacramento has them and so do many other cities and towns. Even our county is blessed with one, but it is not to the military standards of […]

Traffic jam

EDITOR: A challenge to the City Council: Last Monday, at noon, I encountered the worst traffic jam I have ever been in. It started at the Point View exit from Highway 50 and lasted till the Placerville Drive exit. Thousands of cars, jammed into two lanes, crawling at 2 mph, trapped. I shudder to think […]

Words of the day

EDITOR: Knowledge is peace. Ignorance is war. Design is a refined prowess. JUNE HOFFMAN Placerville

Kid Obama vs. Little Bear Putin

EDITOR: Richard Esposito’s world title fight is in Round 4 of the Kid Obama vs. Little Bear Killer Putin fight. It seems Richard is managing, refereeing and judging the fight. To make it fair, I’ve decided to get in the ring to do some managing and judging, allowing a fair referee to keep the fight […]

Senior awareness

EDITOR: A senior friend was over recently and remarked about the chirping from our smoke alarm in our living room. I told her we would get the ladder out and change it later that afternoon. She looked at the placement of the smoke alarm, up high (next to stairs going down), and reminded me if […]

Development not new

EDITOR: As a semi-retired engineer, I have had the opportunity to visit your area. I came looking for the history of the great California Mother Lode country. Other than the park located at the initial discovery site, there is not much that remains of the industry that settled California. The locals appear to be mining […]

Vote no on Measures M, N, and O

EDITOR: The purpose of this letter is to urge voters to join me in voting “No” on countywide land use Measures M, N and O on the November ballot. Reasons for this recommendation include the following: • Fundamentally, ballot-box planning is a bad idea. Inevitably, there are not-understood consequences that cannot be corrected without another […]

Alger and impeachment

EDITOR: Mr. Alger, in his letter of Sept. 8, entitled “Longhofer and impeachment,” claims I stated that President Obama was without sin concerning torture. Not true, as I said that President Obama has committed sins by not investigating war crimes, and he should be held to account as he has no options under the law. […]

Thank you Rotary Club of Placerville

EDITOR: The new school year has begun in El Dorado County, and many students started off with a brand new backpack and school supplies generously donated by the Rotary Club of Placerville — an organization of business and professional leaders united worldwide who provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations and help […]

Lumber mills

EDITOR: I have only been a resident of El Dorado County for 18 years, but I have seen a major reversal in support of our biggest industry. Within an 18-mile radius of my home in Nashville, there used to be lumber mills in Camino, Pioneer, Martell, and Wetzel-Olviatt in Latrobe. There were others like Placerville […]

Earth is dying

EDITOR: Planet Earth is dying. We see this death in the reduction of bees and butterflies. But we also see a vast dead zone in the Pacific as radiation from Fukushima drifts toward the West Coast of America. Trees around the world are also dying off in large numbers. And weather is unusual. The western […]


EDITOR: Dear EID Director Coco, I can only hope you were misquoted in the Mountain Democrat Sept. 10 when you said, “Why should ratepayers pay for assets that will be used in the future?” We have water to drink today because of forethought by past EID directors and staff. It is your job to ensure […]

Mather noise

EDITOR: It’s not often that I’m in near-total agreement with Larry Weitzman, but his article on Mather cargo overflight noise is not less than 95 percent spot on. His noise measurements are consistent with those I’ve done episodically from 2008 through the present, his aeronautical notes have one tiny flaw that I used to exercise […]


EDITOR: I agree with Boehners’ statement Thursday morning. Paraphrasing him, “I don’t think the president’s plan will be enough to get rid of ISIS, but he is the president and I will support him.” A true politician, covering both sides. These religious fanatics have been around for thousands of years. No matter what religion they […]