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Brown Act violations

EDITOR: Can two members of a household serve on a Board of Directors without violating the Brown Act? This is a question that will have to be answered in the upcoming November election for Board members of the Golden West Community Service District (GWCSD). Two seats are open and three candidates have filed for the […]

Property rights

EDITOR: The electorate has a right to expect that those seeking public office conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful, and where the rights of other people are not trampled on in the course of a democratic process. When it comes to property rights, I respect them and expect the same courtesy in return. […]

Have a say — vote yes on K

EDITOR: The controversy surrounding Measure K goes far beyond the definition of roundabouts mentioned by the No on K groups’ article in the Oct. 6 issue of the Mountain Democrat. Opponents of Measure K are attempting to distract the public from the real issues confronting us — poor governing by our current City Council — […]

Eddie Haskell returns

EDITOR: On Oct. 28, 2013 I had a dream. The dream had the candidates for EID’s Division 2 and 4 sitting down with the Mountain Democrat’s Editorial Board. My attention was focused on one candidate. He was a dead ringer for “Leave it to Beaver’s” Eddie Haskell. But he was being addressed as “Mr. Prada.” […]

Howard Penn mailer

EDITOR: A recent Howard Penn mailer identified “Bacchi Ranch” lands on a map and implied that we were developers intending to subdivide our land for 350 homes. This is untrue. Bacchi Ranch does not own land. It is a legal, fictitious business name registered with the county clerk with notice published. This business is owned […]

No on initiatives M, N, O

EDITOR: The effort to stop about anything in this state began about 40 years ago, by Jerry Brown, who promoted the philosophy of “small is beautiful” (except when it came to government). That is why he stopped building roads and dams. The theory being, if we don’t build roads and dams, people would not come […]

Technical education and EDUHSD board candidates

EDITOR: Three years ago I retired from teaching industrial technology. I was very fortunate to have taught some of El Dorado County’s best and brightest students. Many like Eric Peterson, Jessica Drake and Sarah Jester, who went on to become architects, engineers, contractors and those who went into other skill-based trades. They are successful because […]

Measure M

EDITOR: I’m writing to correct the misinformation being spread about Measure M, and to urge voters to go to the Rural Communities United Website to read the text of the initiative for themselves. First, it’s an outright lie that Measure M gives up local control of land use decisions. There is no such language in […]

Head Start

EDITOR: Last month there were two glowing letters regarding Head Start in the Mountain Democrat. That’s an interesting spin considering an article in the New York Post, which stated that Head Start was a tragic waste of money. It was by Andrew J. Coulson, who stated, “Head Start, the most sacrosanct federal education program, doesn’t […]

Bloated administration or not

EDITOR: Larry Weitzman is always a kick to read; you can feel his passion in the words. But maybe he types a bit too fast? In his recent editorial on CAO Daly and county government bloat, he noted that county analysts make $45,000 and with benefits of $645,000 a year — he must mean $65,000 […]

All according to plan

EDITOR: Lindsey Williams reports that a “friend” told him what was going to happen in America. Lindsey’s friend said that the American middle class was slowly being impoverished. This impoverishment was being accomplished by permitting hordes of illegal immigrants, mainly Mexican and Muslim, to enter our country. The government would extend financial aid to these […]

Todd White

EDITOR: I read the succinct letter submitted by James Cahill on Oct. 3. Why would an elected official (Todd White) seemingly put himself at odds? He is listed as a founding member at refundfees.com, which appears to be a group supporting the return of developer fees from local school districts. The same edition of Mountain […]

Vote for Amanda Nugent Divine

EDITOR: We at Cameron Park Counseling enthusiastically endorse Amanda Nugent Divine for the El Dorado Union High School District Board of Trustees. Amanda is truly gifted with her insight on the issues affecting the youth of today. She is also an extraordinarily passionate and dedicated person who puts focused effort in everything she does. Our […]

No on Measure K

EDITOR: Measure K asks the voters of Placerville to ratify expensive legal barriers to “constructing or utilizing … traffic features commonly known as ‘roundabouts,’ ‘traffic circles,’ or any similar traffic feature.” For anyone who cares about the health and safety of our city, this is a bad idea. The Federal Highway Administration research shows that […]

Measure K reduces bureaucracy

EDITOR: I wonder if Mike Kobus is aware of just how many roundabouts are planned for the city of Placerville. Measure K is only about giving the residents of Placerville a voice in the number and locations of roundabouts or traffic circles within the city, not about increasing bureaucracy. These projects spend enough years in […]

State of Jefferson

EDITOR: With regard to John Roberts letter Sept. 24, “State of Jefferson,” it appears that John considers Northern California a welfare portion of California. Private lands are the responsibility of the owners. State and federal lands are the responsibility of the state and federal government, paid for with property and federal tax dollars. If the […]

Measure K

EDITOR: Recently a letter writer wrote opposing Measure K, which would require a vote of the people before major changes like a roundabout could be built in Placerville. He in his opposition states that it would unnecessarily increase the bureaucratic burden. Ordinarily he’d be right in a perfect world. What creates the need for laws […]

Wake up and stop abuse

EDITOR: What has happened to our country where a child must live in fear? According to Childhelp, a foundation for the prevention and treatment of child abuse, over 6 million children a year are neglected and abused physically, sexually and verbally. Of those 6 million, five children die every day. As parents, teachers, adults and […]

Measure K: Your right to decide

EDITOR: More than 700 Placerville residents helped bring Measure K to the November ballot. “Yes” on Measure K will protect our future traffic options by giving Placerville voters the opportunity to decide on future roundabouts. Six currently are in planning. Measure K was written because consistently the city has not been clear about their development […]

Capital Airshow story response

EDITOR: This is in response to your page 1 story on Sept. 10, “Capital Airshow: Amazing thrills, skills and no spills.” It warms one’s heart to see Larry Weitzman (code sign unknown) so priapically invigorated by the recent Capital Airshow. What red-blooded Democrat reader wouldn’t share his dazzlement at the “two dark columns of thrust” […]

Head Start/Early Head Start grant

EDITOR: In a recent letter submitted to the editor of the Mountain Democrat, Jeremy M. Meyers, superintendent of Schools, states that EDCOE successfully secured a Head Start and Early Head Start grant from the federal government. In his letter, Mr. Meyers explains how EDCOE submitted a grant to “maximize resources and taxpayer dollars.” The teachers […]

What would a true Christian do?

EDITOR: My letter today is a response to Ms. Lynn Picco’s letter in your July 16 edition. Readers, please recall that my earlier letter (published April 21) was commenting on Mr. Steve Tapson’s earlier letter. My intent was to rebut Mr. Tapson’s statement, “A true Christian when offered money for a product or service will […]

Police safety

EDITOR: In response to Brian DeBerry’s letter entitled “Militarized police,” I would like to offer a point of view from a retired police officer. I worked for almost 30 years for two agencies in Contra Costa County. In my early years as an officer, I carried a six- round revolver. As many of the criminals […]

Letter on militarized police

I did a mental facepalm when I read a recent letter about the so-called “militarized police” that we should all be afraid of. Another armchair general has blessed us with his law enforcement “wisdom.” His knowledge of what works in law enforcement seems to be based on stuff he learned while watching ’50s-era cop shows. […]

Militarized police response

EDITOR: Sheriff’s deputies, or sheriff’s army? Wait, the SWAT team needed a $658,000 armored personnel carrier for a dozen raids and an “overnight standoff with a parolee” last year? That is absurd. The previous Sheriff’s Department press release said, “This unique tactical vehicle was purchased without any cost to the community. The accumulation of asset […]

Timber harvest plan

EDITOR: I am writing to respond to Kyle Haines’ comments regarding the proposed timber harvest plan from Sierra Pacific Industries located in the watershed area above Stumpy Meadows Reservoir, a municipal water storage facility for the residents of Georgetown and beyond. The successful use of clear cutting as a management strategy has occurred in the […]

Todd White loves El Dorado County

EDITOR: I am writing to you in support of Todd White’s re-election to the El Dorado Union High School District Board of Trustees this coming election. I’m no longer of resident of El Dorado County, although I visit often throughout the year to see my family who still work and live there. I’ve known Todd […]

Stop, thief

EDITOR: Open letter to a thief: I was trying to give you a job and you thanked me by removing my billfold from my purse. I have informed the authorities and now wish to warn my neighbors in the Sly Park Hills area that you are masquerading as a good person trying to help the […]

Toxic superfund site

EDITOR: At a recent Board of Supervisors meeting, the board was chastised by members of the audience for attempting to cram through a large land acquisition on the consent calendar. Larry Weitzman accused the board of doing another expensive multi-million dollar Shinn Ranch/Animal Shelter land deal, which can be read about in the recent Grand […]

Response to colony collapse editorial

EDITOR: This is a response to the Mountain Democrat editorial of July 28 on Colony Collapse Disorder (“CCD”) of honey bees: This editorial showed a lack of understanding of the culture, life-cycle and management of honey bee colonies, and Colony Collapse Disorder (“CCD”) which has decimated populations since 2006. On average 30 percent of colonies […]

Illegal immigration

EDITOR: Bill Bertram wondered where I got my “facts” from for my letter regarding Obuzzard’s plan to open up the borders to everyone. Gee Bill, ever hear of the Internet? There’s lot of information there for those who aren’t too lazy or stupid to do a little research. Regarding the real unemployment rate, according to […]


EDITOR: Well, Mr. Longhofer is at home in left field again. Our latest banter started when he intimated that Bush’s condoning of torture could be considered an impeachable offense. Obviously he was unaware that Obama condoned it with an executive order his second day in office by allowing rendition. I couldn’t resist mentioning that if […]

A new voice for a new generation

EDITOR: While knowing personally most merchants in our town as well as reading weekly the problems facing Placerville, I also see a new, young, vibrant generation moving here to live and work. I feel it is time for our City Council to take the opportunity to address that generation with new fresh ideas, while preserving […]

Cameron Park candidate

EDITOR: We are approaching the time when we will be electing new board members at the Cameron Park CSD. We have an incumbent, Scott McNeil, who, when he was elected had no history and no track record. People did not see what type of person they were electing. We have since learned that Scott McNeil […]

Endorsement of Tim Cary

EDITOR: I am writing to express my wholehearted support for the reelection of Tim Cary to the El Dorado Union High School District Board. I served as the superintendent of the El Dorado County Office of Education for 19 years, and throughout that time I knew Tim well as one of the most respected educational […]

Conflict of interest

EDITOR: It came to my attention that a sitting board member of the El Dorado Union High School District is a founding member of an organization that is determined to return the school impact fees to developers. This is a direct threat to the financial well-being of our high school district. I looked at their […]

Briggs courthouse land negotiations

EDITOR: The county’s negotiation with John Briggs for a new courthouse site has run into a snag lately due to allegations of local corruption and conflicts of interest with his son, county Supervisor Ron Briggs. The Board of Supervisors has been putting board agenda items on its secret closed session portion of the agenda regarding […]

Greg Prada should not resign

EDITOR: Last fall, two new EID Directors were elected, Greg Prada and Dale Coco, who both ran on a “less spending, less rate hikes” platform. One of them, Coco, apparently had his fingers double-crossed while making that campaign pledge. That explains why this year every EID management spending proposal has been passed, 3-2, by EID’s […]

Letter to Union of Concerned Scientists

EDITOR: Dear President Kenneth Kimmell and Executive Director Kathleen Rest: In the 1960s I was totally against installing California’s state and federal aqueducts to Southern California cities. Many electrical pumping stations elevate the water along our Central Valley (400-plus miles). The Edmondson pumping plant is the largest with 14 Westinghouse electrical pumps; each pump is […]

Elect Jack Jordan to high school board

EDITOR: I met Jack Jordan as a fellow student when we were studying together for our teaching credentials many moons ago. Jack was a good student then and now he’s retiring after having been a great teacher. Jack taught math and industrial arts at Union Mine High School and, like all the best teachers, loved […]

Campfire moratorium

EDITOR: This is an open letter to the Board of Supervisors. As you may be aware, there was a fire at Camp Lotus (July 6, 2014), which required significant resources to extinguish. It is my understanding that the ignition source of this fire was campfire material. As you may recall the recent Rim Fire and […]

Movie disruption

EDITOR: Much is missing in Ms. Fatooh’s letter, (Mountain Democrat, July 25) “The good, the not so good.” She alleges that a person in the movie audience was rude to her group for being a “tad” late. Her group being a “tad” late was not the problem. Her group entered the theater after the movie […]

Hold elected accountable

EDITOR: According to the Federal Constitution there should be a separation of the legislative, judicial and executive branches of our system of government. Over time the lines have blurred and in some cases, the lines have been eliminated. You need to look no further than the Environmental Protection Agency, which has passed laws only a […]

Food Bank distribution

EDITOR: Just read the article on “Light of the Hills teams up with Food Bank.” My husband and I drive each Friday for the Food Bank and deliver to Pioneer Bible Church in Somerset. Sometimes we stay and help distribute food if needed. Just a suggestion, but why not feature all the Food Bank distribution […]

Psychiatric Health Facility

EDITOR: The message from Chris Daley’s article in the Friday, Aug. 29 Mountain Democrat regarding “operations of the Psychiatric Health Facility” was excellent. He said, “The entire Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to contract out the operations of the Psychiatric Health Facility to a private company.” This would not be a good decision or vote and […]

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