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Rules apply to all

EDITOR: City Council candidate Kirk Smith placed one of his campaign signs on private property without the owner of the property’s permission. When the owner removed the sign, Mr. Smith placed another one on the property. The owner informed Mr. Smith in writing to remove the sign. Mr. Smith, instead of removing the sign, attached […]

McClintock dominates debate

EDITOR: The recent debate between Congressman Tom McClintock and challenger Art Moore was painful to watch. McClintock was poised and knowledgeable, using his opening statement to discuss resource management, our out-of-control debt and his work on the Budget Committee. Moore came out swinging wildly, calling McClintock a coward in his opening, and concluding the debate […]

Concerns for GDPUD

EDITOR: I have previously written about the exodus of management and office staff at GDPUD as a result of the hostile work environment. The field staff is also extremely concerned over the current condition of the district but, due to the risk of retaliation, they are afraid to express their concerns. For most of them […]

Vote no on Prop. 1

EDITOR: Jerry Brown first became governor in January of 1975 with a fiscal year budget of approximately $12 billion. When he left in January of 1983, the fiscal year budget had grown to approximately $25 billion. Two things about Gov. Brown: he knows that money grows on taxpayers and he is a solid empire builder. […]

CPCSD confusion

EDITOR: I received two e-mails from CPCSD candidate, Gerald Lillpop after my Oct. 22 letter. In my letter to the editor I had pointed out ongoing verbal abuse and name calling to the CPCSD board and staff. I see in Mr. Carey’s latest letter referencing me, he has copy and pasted content from at least […]


EDITOR: This is an open letter to Ms. Van Dyke: In our recent My Turn column responding to your letter where you claimed that a number of the proposed Targeted General Plan Amendments and Zoning Ordinance Updates (TGPA/ZOU) constitute entitlements, Emily Smith and I stated that, in our opinion, the proposed changes were not entitlements. […]

No-No-No is a farce

EDITOR: Big developers don’t want you to think — they just want you to vote No-No-No. Instead, please read your ballot materials and you will see that the reality is nothing like the big developers would have you believe. For instance, the hundreds of expensive signs out there that say “Save Local Control” are absurd. […]

Jordan and Brown for EDUHSD board

EDITOR: I’d like to follow up on a letter written by my former colleague, John List — a highly-respected, retired industrial technology teacher from the El Dorado Union High School District. John emphasized the importance of vocational and technical courses in today’s schools. I wholeheartedly agree. This emphasis was one of the reasons our teachers’ […]

Clay Street Project

EDITOR: I’m writing this in response to two recent letters regarding the proposed Clay Street realignment project. Moving Clay Street across the Ivy House parking lot would create a four-way stop at Cedar Ravine and Main Street. The project is designed to improve traffic circulation and address increased traffic on each of these roads. It […]

Thank you

EDITOR: I would like to take this time to shout out a huge, “Thank you,” after trying several times to get the word out with the news media with no success — all they wanted was an interview to create their own drama and not the full truth. We were grossly edited. We were part […]

Yes on Measure K

EDITOR: A plea for  a yes vote on Measure K: Ballot Measure K can only be voted on by the people of Placerville. A  group of people in Placerville had to go to court to stop the Cedar Ravine Roundabout because the City Council was committed to the project. If a yes on K will […]

Golf and Nero

EDITOR: This is an open letter to President Barack Obama: Golf is evidently today’s equivalent of Nero’s fiddle. Tens of thousands of men, women and children are being massacred while you sit in the corner with your hands clapped firmly over your ears, chanting, “It is not a war! It is not a war! It […]

Vote for McClintock

EDITOR: This November, we should send someone to Congress with a record of promoting our district’s interests and protecting our freedoms. Congressman Tom McClintock is that candidate. McClintock voted for a budget that balances and ensures today’s college graduates retire into a prosperous, debt-free America. He voted to create jobs in our district with the […]

An open letter to Kirk Callahan Smith

EDITOR: I do not know you personally, but over the last year or so I’ve learned about you through your statements and actions concerning Placerville. I believe that we’re all entitled to our opinion and feel that yours is severely misguided. I no longer reside in Placerville, but still consider it “home” and try to […]

The truth about Penn, Measure M and housing development

EDITOR: The Mountain Democrat Oct. 20 anti-Penn hit piece written by Larry Weitzman is a study in misinformation. And it’s also a hit piece on Measure M, for which Howard Penn is an original signer. Mr. Weitzman’s article states Penn “exaggerated” the 33,000 number and that Measure M doesn’t stop those additional houses. This is […]

Golden West CSD elections

EDITOR: Golden West Paradise Subdivisions Unit No. 2 and No. 5 became a CSD by approval of the majority of voters in June 1985. The direction at the time was to be able to collect a “special tax” via a public agency and direct the funds for one single purpose of road maintenance of publicly […]

Vote yes on Measure K

EDITOR: In the Mountain Democrat on Oct. 8, about Measure K, the editorial has it exactly wrong. We should all vote yes on Measure K. I will not defend all the details of this measure; it is possible that some features may need correcting. But the important details, as he puts them in his writing, […]

Time for a change

According to the Constitution we have the executive, legislative and judicial branches of our government. Those elected to office are elected to protect our rights. Maybe a reminder of the Oath of Office, a review of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution as it relates to ‘We the People’ and our rights. At the […]

Supervisor election

EDITOR: As a fourth-generation resident of Coloma, as well as a former president of the El Dorado County Board of Realtors, I’ve had many opportunities over the past few decades to watch candidates, and issues, come and go. I believe that the upcoming Board of Supervisors election is the most critical in my experience. I […]

GDPUD candidate

EDITOR: One of the GDPUD director races is between Ray Griffiths and Carl Hoelscher. There is a clear difference between the two candidates. Ray has in the past shown that he has no knowledge or interest in finances. He as told me personally and at a board meeting that he does not like to talk […]

No on Prop. 46

EDITOR: To our valued patients and members of the community, I wanted to share my opinion about an important topic up for vote this election day, and to urge you to vote no on Prop. 46. As the CEO of Marshall Medical Center, I can tell you how diligently we work to make healthcare accessible […]

GDPUD ‘cost-cutting’

EDITOR: Don’t vote to re-elect Bonnie McLane and Kathy Otermat. Their claim to have “saved” more than $500,000 in management costs is ludicrous. The salaries of all the managers combined totaled only a little over $600,000 so saving more than $500,000 in management costs is not likely. Furthermore, the GDPUD financial statements (available at gd-pud.org) […]

Taxpayers pay Penn

EDITOR: Over the past few months I’ve attended many of the forums for the District 4 supervisor race. Howard Penn has consistently emphasized his many business experiences but has always been very vague on any specific details. Recent public filings have brought some of his business experiences to the forefront that you will not hear […]

Look who’s running

EDITOR: The behavior of a small group that attend the CPCSD Board of Directors is absolutely despicable. Namely Bill Carey, David Gelber, Barbara Rogers and Gerald Lillpop routinely personally attack and insult members of the board and staff, then hide behind their First Amendment right of free speech. Just because you have the right to […]

See the bigger picture on M-N-O

EDITOR: I’ve found the barrage of expensive “No on M-N-O” literature remarkable. Lumping the three measures together is confusing — as if these types of voting choices aren’t confusing enough. And I can’t help but note that most of the support behind this highly professional anti-M-N-O literature has pro-growth interests. I’m not against all growth. […]

Smear tactics

EDITOR: I do not usually respond to letters to the editors, but since the letter from Paula Springer dated Oct. 22 was full of inaccuracies and outright lies, and since it affects me, I need to respond. First of all, we have never called ourselves “The Community” and there is no such group. President Neibauer […]

M&O: What is the truth?

EDITOR: These measures came to us directly from the leftist side of our political scale. Last week’s letter from Cheryl McDougal showed her naiveté about the local political scene. Let’s start with the people who worked so hard with the county to generate the California State required General Plan (GP) Five Year Update. Three hundred […]

Hypocrisy reigns in the land use arena

EDITOR: If the agricultural and farming communities were truly interested in preserving ag land and conserving water, they would be in full support of Measure M (read Measure M’s Policy 2). Agricultural land in our mostly rural county is under assault by development interests. Measure M includes protective policies that should favor anyone truly interested […]

Running from their records

EDITOR: I find it curious that the two incumbent candidates running for the Cameron Park Community Services District Board of Directors, Scott McNeil and Greg Stanton, are not advertising themselves as incumbents on their huge election signs. I would expect that a candidate that was running for reelection would proudly display the fact that they […]

Follow the money at election time

EDITOR: Following the money trail can lead you to a decision on how to vote Nov. 4. The No on M-N-O campaign has as its stated goal to “save local control.” But there is very little “local” in the largest financial contributors against these measures. Financial records show that developers (Parker Development through affiliates Serrano […]

Vote yes on Measure M and O

EDITOR: This “No on M-N-O” campaign is a ruse. The proponents will say almost anything to get us to vote against our best interest. Citizens of El Dorado County have spoken out of concern for the way of life that the majority wish to pursue. We signed grassroots initiatives to put the matter on the […]

Deceptive campaigning by McNeil and Stanton

EDITOR: I realize that politics can be rough and tumble and even dirty at times. I feel insulted that people would take advantage of the fire department’s good name by implying that they have their endorsement. When candidates put up deceptive campaign signs to mislead the public, this is taking politics too far. Cal Fire […]

Why we need Measure M

EDITOR: Measures M, N & O are three totally different initiatives, put on the ballot by three totally different groups. But the $571,000 campaign of the NO M-N-O committee wants to attack them all in one fell swoop. The NO M-N-O campaign has now raised over half a million dollars, mostly from the development community […]

Desperate candidates

EDITOR: Micheal Ranalli and his attack piece on Howard Penn is a perfect example of why people are so turned off by the electoral process. Every day we are subjected to attack ad after attack ad, usually by candidates who see a Hail Mary pass as their only road to victory. Desperate candidates do desperate […]

GDPUD cost savings, safety and endorsements

EDITOR: I have three comments regarding cost savings, safety and endorsements relating to the GDPUD. The current majority on the GDPUD board have campaigned on their ability to reduce costs (flushthewaste.com). The recent $67,000 cash settlement paid to Hank White certainly says different and it didn’t save the district any money. Bonnie McLane claims that […]

What is Measure K all about?

EDITOR: Let me start with what Measure K is not about — the roundabout at Cedar Ravine. I will repeat myself — not the roundabout at Cedar Ravine. The Cedar Ravine roundabout was pulled by the City Council and is off the table, so what does Measure K really accomplish? A citywide vote if my […]

Prop. 46 is manipulative to voters

EDITOR:  California Proposition 46 is costly and deceiving to voters. It would increase costs for patients, deter doctors from practicing in California, and threaten patient privacy. The consequences are also higher for rural communities like South Lake Tahoe. I have been a physician in South Lake Tahoe for over 34 years and I’m asking our […]

Footing the bill

EDITOR: Placerville’s City Council is set to spend millions of our tax dollars on realigning Clay Street with Cedar Ravine. The Clay Street Bridge is no more functionally obsolete than many other of our cities narrow roads. Why is it being singled out? Why are we being asked to pay millions here? So that people […]

Dying for your right to vote

EDITOR: So, when I read the letters in the Mountain Democrat, and look at the plethora of campaign signs that are costing their owners a small (or not so small) fortune, I’m struck with the frustration of the numbers of idle and blind eyes that don’t “see” or “hear” these fervent pleas to make the […]

Join me in voting for Kirk Smith

EDITOR: Please join me in electing Kirk Smith to the City Council. My reasons: He will truly listen to the people of Placerville. I have watched our current City Council members disregard and ignore the outcry of our citizens far too long in important matters. I look at the situation of losing our courthouse to […]

Yes on N? Why?

EDITOR: Measure N was put on the ballot by a builders group from Sacramento who want to dictate where our local road funds are spent, so that they don’t have to pay so much in road mitigation fees for their developments. At the May 13 El Dorado County Board of Supervisors meeting, Supervisor Brian Veerkamp […]


EDITOR: I received today the mailer sent by Representative McClintock in which he presents the only alleged sin about his opponent. The mortal sin being that Art Moore hasn’t voted in the past. For the benefit of Mr. McClintock and the voters of El Dorado County, I served over 30 years in the Army and […]

Taxpayer dollars used to attack initiatives

EDITOR: Unless you have been hiding in a cave, you have surely seen signs of the attack against the local measures (M and O) in your mail box, alongside the road and in the form of ads in the local newspaper. This fight against local residents is being led and partially financed by the El […]

Placerville can’t afford Measure K

EDITOR: Measure K, authored by the Friends of Historic Hangtown (FOHH), was known as Measure U and adopted by the Sonoma County community of Cotati in 2012 outlawing roundabouts. FOHH’s Measure K for Placerville goes far beyond an attempt to restrict roundabouts. The actual initiative wording contains restrictions on approval of private projects, infringement on […]

What’s best for Cameron Park

EDITOR: I can’t stress enough to the people who use the Cameron Park Community Center how important it is to vote for the people who will think about what is best for the entire community. Those people are Margaret Mohr, Scott McNeil, Greg Stanton and Amy Blackmon. I get so sick of reading the bashing […]

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