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Analysis does not measure up

EDITOR: The Customer Conservation Progress reported in the May 28 Mountain Democrat has some flaws in the analysis. The year-to-date of 4 percent since the first of January does not take into account that more than half of the usual water use is for outdoor watering, and while it was not a nice, wet year, […]

Wasted spending

EDITOR: I speak for a large numbers of county residents when I point to nauseating amounts of wasteful spending and the wanton abuse of power that we see from our county’s elected “leadership.” • The costs of the Nutting/Dellinger persecution have been estimated to be as high as $1.5 million. Can our elected officials comment […]

Georgetown lighting

EDITOR: A May 29 Mountain Democrat letter to the editor stated inaccurate information regarding the status of the Georgetown street lights and the participation of community members. The letter referenced that “for months, Mr. Ranalli has been actively working with Georgetown constituents to resolve the longtime problem of funding the lighting district in the core […]

It just gets better

EDITOR: This is really getting interesting. First we have Howard Penn with a NyQuil involved driving incident after “drinking wine with dinner,” which pushed his “blood alcohol close to the limit.” Actually it tested higher than the limit. The quotes are from Howard Penn’s own letter. Then we have to deal with Mr. Penn’s business […]

Sullivan has roots in Northern California

EDITOR: Dylan Sullivan’s roots in Northern California span five generations, going back to the 1850s when people got a reputation for honesty and fair dealing the old-fashioned way: They earned it. And so has Sullivan. You had to have those values here in the early days; everybody knew everybody. With a life of hard work, broad […]

Penn got developers’ attention

EDITOR: I got the latest mailer from Scott McNeil. On the back he states some things about Howard Penn. Somebody must have spent a lot of time trying to dig up dirt, who knows if any of it is true and if it is does it really have anything to do with representing U.S. taxpayers […]

Vote for a proven track record

EDITOR: The June 3 election is important, yet it looks like a small turnout election based on the limited number of ballots mailed in so far. Perhaps the myriad number of candidates, some little known, has caused paralysis by analysis. One candidate, however, stands out as a clear choice, David Combellack for Judge of the […]

Kevin Brown a true community altruist

EDITOR: I’d been waiting for what seemed like an eternity to leave this event. My father told me half an hour ago that we could leave. But of course, he runs into what seems like an endless amount of people wanting to talk to him about the new policy at their kid’s high school, the […]

District 4 candidates

EDITOR: As with Mr. Garon, I do not live in District 4. I am however, a previous longtime resident of the Georgetown Divide, involved in county events and politics for many years. This year, I have attended numerous candidate forums, throughout the county, recognizing the importance of each district supervisor, because in reality, they are […]

Mutual respect in EDC

EDITOR: How many times have you heard El Dorado County Business Owners and the chambers of commerce asking us to shop local? Don’t drive down the hill to shop elsewhere. You can find everything you need right here in your community. I lost count of the amount of “shop local” campaigns that I have personally […]

District 4 supervisor’s seat

EDITOR: Dear voters of El Dorado County District 4, I am writing to beg your assistance. Please do not be taken in by the slick packaging of candidate for county supervisor Scott McNeil. I have had the misfortune of watching Scott McNeil operate for the past three and one half years as board member at […]

Support Mike Ranalli

EDITOR: With so many candidates running for District 4 County Supervisor, I felt it was important to share my observations regarding one candidate in particular. I’ve had the pleasure of serving with Mike Ranalli as a volunteer on CEDAC (County’s Community Economic Development Advisory Committee) and the portal Website committee. I found him to be […]

El Dorado Trout Unlimited monofilament recycling

EDITOR: I love to be outdoors. The enjoyment of watching wildlife, being on the water in my boat, or just sitting along the banks of a stream is what life is about. But, my passion is fishing and it doesn’t matter which stream, river or lake. The anticipation of the next strike on the end […]

Blue plastic bag use

EDITOR: Plastic bags are bad for our environment. Hopefully, in the fall election we’ll be able to vote on a proposal to ban the use of plastic bags in grocery stores and other stores. However, as a concerned citizen, I don’t think this legislation goes far enough. Do you know how many of those blue […]

Weitzman disrespects jury

EDITOR: I’m a little surprised that a supposed intelligent man, Larry Weitzman, made such a disparaging remark in his May 19 column “The Balancing Act.” I have no side in the Nutting case, however Weitzman’s remark, “While Nutting was convicted on several misdemeanors, he appears to have skated on all but one felony which appeared […]


EDITOR: A couple of years ago I voted for Maria Capraun for a seat on the GDPUD board. Her seat gave them a majority and she promised to cut the fat and implement sound policies to run the enterprise. It was clear to me that the manager was making too much money to run such […]

Memorial Day celebration

EDITOR: “A man’s country is not a certain area of land, of mountains, rivers and woods, it is a principle … and patriotism is loyalty to that principle.” — George William Curtis In looking for words to describe today’s Memorial Day celebration of the lives of so many, both lost to us forever and those […]

Voter guide advertisements

EDITOR: I came upon the fine print on so many voters guides that I mentioned it to a friend who was unaware that those “voter guides” are paid advertisements. I think it would be a very real service to your readers to reveal that fact. Voting is difficult enough to wade through the factual information, […]

Waste of taxpayer money

EDITOR: Throughout the past few weeks I have acquired more courtroom time then I ever wanted to.  Every time the plaintiff (District Attorney’s Office) would say “The people find,” “the people charge,” “the people want,” I wanted to scream (but you can’t do that in court), “Wait a minute, I am the people, and the […]

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Primary election

EDITOR: I recently received a flyer from Congressman Tom McClintock warning that a vote for Jeffrey Gerlach would be a mistake. Now I don’t know much about Mister Gerlach other than the fact that he’s running as an Independent in a district that normally supports Republicans; in fact, a district that normally supports the most […]

Art Moore’s voting record

EDITOR: Candidate Art Moore wants voters to believe that the reason he hasn’t voted is because of his military service and tradition that military officers should not vote. This is preposterous. The military actively encourages its members to exercise their civic duty and vote. In fact, many bases have voting officers assigned to help accomplish […]

A figment of Bill Center’s imagination

EDITOR: Mr. Garon voices support for Penn for District 4 Supervisor based on his “insight” into the broadband needs of the community. Penn seems to be a figment of his own (and Bill Center’s) imagination. The Regulatory Reform Subcommittee earmarked the need for broadband early on in its process. Penn sat in on meetings for […]

Campaign sign stealing

EDITOR: We live a mile up Morrene Drive on the corner of Giovanni Drive and had our campaign yard sign stolen. Stealing is against the law. Stealing campaign signs limits our free speech. It prevents us from letting our neighbors know whom we support for public office. It is disturbing to know the thief doesn’t […]

Ranalli knows about aging in EDC

EDITOR: Like it or not, El Dorado County is about to experience an unprecedented age wave, with 48 percent of the county currently 50 years old or older. A couple of candidates in the hotly contested District 4 supervisor race have attended our Commission on Aging meetings in recent months, but only one has actually […]

Race for the 4th District

EDITOR: The race to replace Ron Briggs in the 4th is interesting on a couple of fronts. First, there are eight people running, five of whom have a last name starting with the letter “P.” What are the odds? In their opening statements, all the candidates praised the diversity of El Dorado County. None saw […]

Candidate responds

EDITOR: In response to Ted Marfia’s letter, I‘d like to put the facts on the record. Regarding the first point, on Dec 11, 2010 after work, I was pulled over outside my Sierra Nevada House business in Coloma for rolling through a stop sign. At the scene the officer checked my blood alcohol level and […]


EDITOR: Instead of giving the frog 2 million acres, let’s honor the worthless little critters by renaming the Sacramento Kings the Sacramento Yellow-Legged Frogs. That is, unless it’s offensive to them. BRUCE J. TEIE Placerville

District 4

EDITOR: I wholeheartedly endorse Michael Ranalli for County Supervisor, District 4. Michael Ranalli is a candidate who is qualified, knowledgeable and has a passion to do the right thing. He has an impressive business background and will use that experience to examine the major issues facing our rural communities. Michael has shown his continued interest […]

Attributes for District 4 Supervisor

EDITOR: I have spent more than 32 years in law enforcement. I do believe it is vitally important to elect the most qualified person. A person’s past is a pretty good indicator regarding how they will perform in the future. Successful business experiences, knowledge of best practices in fiscal matters, ethical behavior, character above reproach […]

Ray Nutting acquitted

EDITOR: We know you will have received several letters regarding Ray’s acquittal of the felony charges against him. We needed to add our support to Ray and his family. We congratulate David Weiner on successfully representing Ray and send our best regards to Ray and his family. As reported in the Sacramento Bee, Mary-Beth Moylan, […]

Harn in cahoots with big developers?

EDITOR: Why did Angelo Tsakopoulos, a large real estate developer, contribute $22,000 to Joe Harn’s election campaign? What does Angelo hope to gain from Joe Harn, our auditor-controller? What is going on here? The people have both the need to know and the right to know. Is Joe Harn really the one we want as […]

Not worth mentioning

EDITOR: Many important topics are deemed unworthy of consideration by major mainstream media (MMM): 1) Fukushima: Considered perhaps 50 times more devastating than Chernobyl, the Fukushima atomic power plant continues to spew enormous amounts of radioactive waste into the Pacific Ocean each day. This potent radioactive material kills all life in its path, which is […]

An intentional mistake

EDITOR: Monday ‘s story “County adopts ‘fix-it’ plan for ’Respectful Workplace’” had serious errors and the writer of the story, Chris Daley, inserted his own opinion as fact. In the second paragraph, Daley wrote, “While overall roughly 60 percent responded that they are satisfied with the county as an employer, about 40 percent said they […]

Let it go

EDITOR: Ironically, the misdemeanor counts Supervisor Ray Nutting has been found guilty of stem from his personal attempts to fund bail to counter an apparently unfounded arrest. I do not wish any more of my tax dollars or the DA’s precious time be spent on the Ray Nutting case. Pursuing further criminal prosecution regarding Count […]

The current drought

EDITOR: My name is Meg Dockter and I’m a 6th grader at California Montessori Project. Currently, El Dorado County is in a severe drought. As of May 9, we’ve had 22.65 inches of rain, out of the average 39. Currently, we are only 11 inches above the worst drought in our county’s history, 1976. Our […]

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Auditor-Controller race

EDITOR: I am writing to express my support in this upcoming election for Mike Owen as Auditor-Controller. Mr Owen’s private sector experience will bring a fresh perspective to county government. In addition, Mr. Owen will bring a change in leadership style that is sorely needed. The era of Joe Harn as Auditor-Controller has been fraught […]

‘Fracking the economy’ editorial

EDITOR: Thank you for your excellent editorial, “Fracking the Economy.” It is sad that many so-called environmentalists and their politician allies would rather fight wars in the Middle East and trash our economy than to develop and use our own energy resources. They bemoan the transport of oil by rail but would block the construction […]

Judgment day for the good ol’ boys

EDITOR: For too long the good ol’ boys have run our county for their mutual benefit and that of their big developer backers. For them, judgment day can come June 3. This county election provides us a good opportunity to substantially reduce the control of the good ol’ boys over the local power structure. Five […]

Fracking the oil consumption

EDITOR: I enjoyed reading the editorial on fracking our economy; increased supply and attaining oil and gases at a rate commensurate with our reserves is a great thing. At a time where North America needs more competitiveness, every drop counts. One area to focus on is the demand side, where the USA with a rather […]

Thank you

EDITOR: I was downtown for the 3rd Saturday Art walk and lost my phone. A young man found it and delivered it to my neighbor. He went above and beyond to find me. Thank you Josh and Lillie — truly wonderful folks. PRISCILLA DIXON Placerville

Altshuler’s ‘Never argue with a bigot’

EDITOR: Regarding Gene Altshuler and his May 14 column, “Never argue with a bigot or an ideologue”: As any first-year student of philosophy will attest, it is simply fatuous to deny that all of us have beliefs and ideals that shape the way that we think and act, especially with respect to political and religious […]

Minimum wage adjustment

EDITOR: Our president believes that the minimum wage rate is unfair because it is impossible for someone to support a family on that rate. I propose a minimum wage rate lower than what it is today for kids in school. And the base rate plus a government subsidy for those who are head of household. […]

How bad do you want to retain a rural lifestyle?

EDITOR: There has been an enormous effort by the citizens of El Dorado County to combat the developer cronyism taking place right now in El Dorado County. Three groups came together and wrote initiatives that would require the Board of Supervisors to protect our current zoning, require compatibility when making land changes, restore the original […]

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I support the District Attorney

EDITOR: Almost eight years ago, I decided to run for school board. I did so because I wanted to give back to the community that had given me so much through my educational experience. In 2006, at the age of 19, I heavily campaigned for a seat on the high school board. I received a […]

Freedom of Religion, not at PHS

EDITOR: Attached is a letter/e-mail I sent to El Dorado County Assistant Superintendent Chris Moore, regarding the unfair and unconstitutional treatment my son, Anthony, is facing at Ponderosa High School. For years, we have kept our children from being in the classroom while. “The theory of evolution” was being taught. However, this year, with my […]

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