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Growth and the BOS

EDITOR: This is an open letter to the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors: I am writing to you today as an El Dorado County resident to express my point of view on the various ballot initiatives that are being circulated in the County that are attempting to put measures on the ballot to restrict […]

Response to Jeanne Harper

EDITOR: “We the People” believe we have our elected representatives who should represent us. When an individual who has been elected to office and is sworn into office, they take and place one hand on the Bible and/or whatever holy book they select, they raise their right hand and swear to uphold the Constitution. Please, […]

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Juvenile Services Council

EDITOR: Data collected by national mentoring experts indicates that at-risk youth who have access to positive relationships with adults are far less likely to abuse drugs and/or alcohol. The Juvenile Service Council (JSC), a non-profit group organization, was started more than 30 years ago to interact with El Dorado County Juvenile Hall residents so as […]


EDITOR: To begin this communication we first must understand the meaning of the words used: Bureaucracy according to Wikipedia is “a body of non-elective government officials” and/or “an administrative policy-making group.. The word bureaucracy is from the French word bureau (desk or office) with the Greek word kratos (rule or political power). Republic according to […]


EDITOR: To the bicyclist who I found in my yard having an altercation with my dog Wednesday morning, April 9 at approximately 9:30 a.m. as I drove home, I apologize for yelling at you. I had no call to be so defensive when you were only trying to let me know that my dog had […]

Chavez family thanks

EDITOR: Having your house burn down is a nightmare. Having your school, community members and friends step up to help is a dream come true. I want to thank Independence High School and the El Dorado Union High School District for hosting the Chavez Family Benefit Spaghetti Feed and Silent Auction. I’d also like to […]

Fire Fee

EDITOR: Convoluted says it best. The Fire Fee and our right to contest it is very complicated, difficult to understand and it offers many twists and turns before it is acceptable to the recipient. Does it fall under Government Code 50076: “If a fee is subjected to legal challenge, the jurisdiction that is charging the […]

Imagination Theater’s play

EDITOR: I would like to relate how a very relaxing and enjoyable evening was spent, at the Placerville Fairgrounds in the Imagination Theater for the tremendous, good play, “You Can’t Take It With you.” The play was well presented with a very good cast of 18, and a very interesting stage set. The marvelous actors […]

30 percent water use reduction

EDITOR: Has it occurred to anyone who cares, that many of us have already cut water use to a bare minimum because of the high cost we already suffer? There is no longer a lawn, toilets are flushed only during the day, leaks are non-existent, etc. And yet, do any of us doubt that we […]

Cal Fire tax

EDITOR: This was an April open letter to the State Board of Equalization. I am a WWII veteran along with five of my older brothers. I have been retired for several years. I have thus far been able to be self-sufficient. This means that I receive no special governmental assistance of any kind. I do […]

Drought and forests

EDITOR: I am a registered professional forester who has lived in Placerville for over 40 years and who has seen many dry years. After three dry years, nearly all of California is in a drought. As a result, forests are already losing some trees, more in the lower elevations. Several native pines and oaks now […]

Schultz’s accomplishments

EDITOR: This is in response to Richard Boylan, Ph.D. Ph.D. Boylan, you need to do some serious research on your facts especially when it comes to William E. Schultz and his accomplishments not only as the County Recorder-Clerk, but also as the director of Elections and the interim director of the Veterans Affairs Department. As […]

Mother Lode Lions Club

EDITOR: The Mother Lode Lions would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your concerned questions, support and patience. At this time we would like to provide a brief update on the status of our building at the corner of Pleasant Valley Road and Missouri Flat Road. The building sustained a failure of an […]

Father’s Day

EDITOR: When did Father’s Day become an event? There’s always been a Mother’s Day, I know. But now Father’s Day seems to be getting more and more important for some reason. My kids are all coming to my house tomorrow (June 15) to celebrate my day. I was discussing this with some guys at work […]

Judgment confusion

EDITOR: I’m confused. A judge in Placerville removes Supervisor Nutting from office for misdemeanor crimes. In Sacramento, a state senator was convicted of a felony and he stayed in office for some time. It sure took a long time to remove him. The Attorney General’s Office managed to get to Placerville. How come they didn’t […]

The greatest generation

EDITOR: As a parent I’ve had my share of many a sleepless nights worrying about my children’s future and the future of this country. My concern is, do our children have the same opportunities in life that I had at their age? Is the “system” damaged to a point where people won’t be able to […]

Mandatory drought restrictions

EDITOR: I just returned from a bike ride through my neighborhood and was pleasantly surprised to see how many lawns were showing large patches of dried grass. I consider these “badges of honor” which show that these home owners are respecting the mandatory watering restrictions. Thank you to these families, and to anyone who has […]

Constitutional amendments

EDITOR: If you have been watching our hard-working, for the people, Senate and Legislature, you might have noticed that there are four bills being pushed through the Senate proposing constitutional amendments. These constitutional amendments have the very best interest of property owners at heart. If passed they would lower the percentage of 66 2/3 percent […]

Dam building

EDITOR: With the impending water shortage in Northern California and no relief in sight, I have a question for the “No Dam Building” environmentalists. When your lights go brown, the cost of food goes up, fire danger rises, lawns and scrubs turn brown, forests turn brown, fish die and when you can’t take a shower, […]

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Where will it come from?

EDITOR: I find it really interesting when everyone talks about big acreage developments like San Stino or the 4,000-acre planned development referred to as the reason for a new interchange at Silva Valley Road and Highway 50, that one really major issue is ignored like the flamingo with its head in the sand. The issue […]

‘Mutual respect,’ really?

EDITOR: Sometimes you read something and you just wonder what planet the writer is living on. Take the writer, Barbara Zagaris, of “Mutual respect in EDC” and her uneducated claims (I am being nice, I could say, misleading or just plain untruths). Her first claim is that she and her sympathizers are “We, the Community.” […]

Letter to UCLA dean

EDITOR: This is an open letter to UCLA Dean Teri Schwartz: As a California taxpayer and veteran, I object in the strongest terms possible to your choice of actress and collaborator Jane Fonda as commencement speaker at UCLA. An active duty Navy pilot during the Cold War, I’m fully aware of Fonda’s activities during her […]

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Burping dairy cows

EDITOR: About 25 years ago, I wrote an editorial in the newspaer I owned, regarding another effort to destroy the economy with over regulation. The campaign was “No Moo in ’92.” Same claim, but now a new effort under the Obama Administration. Yes, my friends, evidently burping by “Happy Cows” releases too much methane into […]


EDITOR: Five for one? Let’s just tell our enemies that if you detain an American you can exchange them for murdering thugs; this doesn’t make any sense at all. This man has taken our country down a road that could cost Americans who travel overseas there life or at least make them feel that they […]

Dairy cow article

EDITOR: Has the Mountain Democrat taken to printing editorials on the front page? Sadly, while I enjoyed the comedic June 4 writings of Dawn Hodson regarding dairy cows, I suspect it was not her intent to amuse. Her blend of opinion and interpretation of what she appears to believe are facts, along with her laughable […]

D-Day vet

EDITOR: Thank you Mr. Salata, for your service. You are a member of the “Greatest Generation,” and have set the example for all of us to follow. Thank you again, sir. JACKYE PHILLIPS Indian Valley

Thank you, Sierra Animal Hospital

EDITOR: In the day and age when everyone is in a rush to get from one point to another, it was refreshing to see the veterinarian at Sierra Animal Hospital rise above that. My cat of 14 years, Rascal, developed kidney dysfunction this year. We tried many things from diet to injections of electrolytes but […]

Sniper rifles OK’d

EDITOR: I want to comment on the May 30 article in the Mountain Democrat titled “Sniper Rifles OK’d.” The Board of Supervisors approved for the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department the purchase of two McMillan TAC-50 .50-caliber sniper rifle combat weapons at a cost of $25,000. The TAC-50 is designed for a sniper to make […]


EDITOR: During the rains of February and March, the runoff from the area above my water meter effectively sealed the water meter with mud. It is now June and that mud seal has not been disturbed, yet I have received water bills. I mean we are talking possible penalties for not cutting water usage and […]

DA’s betrayal of public trust

EDITOR: It appears that District Attorney Vern Pierson maliciously prosecuted Dan Dellinger. There was no legitimate basis for the charges the DA made against Dellinger. The jury threw out the charges after an extraordinarily short 47 minutes of deliberation. The District Attorney wasted thousands and thousands of the taxpayers’ money in the process. Vern Pierson […]

A candidate’s thank you

EDITOR: Thank you to everyone who supported my campaign for supervisor of District 4, either with your time, money or words of encouragement. While I didn’t make it into the runoff, coming in third place is extraordinary for a grassroots effort, and we should all be proud of the result of our hard work. As […]


EDITOR: Now that the election is over and the incumbent auditor-controller has been reelected, it will be very interesting to see if he goes back to business as usual, or if the allegations of previous abuses by that elected official, as presented to the Board of Supervisors and CAO in public forum, have been noted […]

What Lenin said

EDITOR: Here are some things Vladimir Lenin said: “A lie told often enough becomes the truth. “Destroy the family, you destroy the country. “The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation. “A system of licensing and registration is the perfect device to deny gun ownership to […]

False use of my name

EDITOR: I was shocked and saddened to see that someone posted a nasty comment using my name to the online discussion of the wonderful Edio Delfino article that ran June 2. Shocked that someone would commit identity theft of my name, and saddened that so many people believed that I had written the original comment. […]

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Divide coverage

EDITOR: Again, the Mountain Democrat has failed to provide important information to its readers and the residents of the Georgetown Divide. Yesterday (Sunday, June 1) the Auburn Journal published two articles with important information for the Divide residents. The first article is about the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office establishing a substation in Georgetown and […]

Board response to no confidence

EDITOR: This is an open letter to Patrick Easton, president of the Diamond Springs/El Dorado Professional Firefighters Local 4972: The Board of Directors of the Diamond Springs-El Dorado Fire Protection District values the dedication and commitment of all the employees of the district both career and volunteer. The Fire District Board has been elected to […]

Recovering abandoned vehicles

EDITOR: On Thursday, May 22, California Highway Patrol, G&O Towing and Forest Service personnel spent their day recovering abandoned vehicles in the Eldorado National Forest. This is a great example of agencies partnering to ensure the forest is safe, clean and resources are protected for all forest visitors. Illegal trash and vehicle dumping in the […]

Animal Services chief

EDITOR: I was appalled and deeply offended by Weitzman’s editorial regarding Henry Brzezinski at Animal Services. First off, he is not a chief dog catcher. That term is rude, archaic and for you to call him that is disrespectful and totally ignorant. His title is Chief Animal Control Officer, a title that does do him […]

Thank you

EDITOR: I would like to say thank you to all the people that came to the aid of my parents on Saturday at the El Dorado High School graduation ceremony. After a long, hot day, my mom took a tumble and hit her head on the cement at the school and had to be transported […]

Give Where You Live success

EDITOR: After months of planning, coordinating and preparation, the El Dorado Community Foundation in partnership with the El Dorado County Office of Education, launched the first “Give Where You Live” event here in El Dorado County. This one-day event was staged to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of community foundations throughout the nation and designed to […]

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Region Builders wants us to pay for their roads

EDITOR: In an earlier letter, I stated that the Region Builders Initiative could easily be interpreted to require that $9 million dollars a year of El Dorado County’s yearly gas tax revenues, returned to the county by the state every year, be used to pay for Highway 50 road improvements, including interchanges, which Measure Y […]

Release of convicted criminals

EDITOR: Our president recently released 36,000 illegal immigrants (yes, thousands), who were serving hard prison time for a total of 88,000 crimes. They could have been deported, but they were not. These convicted criminals have been set loose to prey on their previous victims, witnesses and other innocent Americans, which includes our own families. Some […]

Background checks

EDITOR: In reference to GDPUD, does the district require background checks for those employees working in the ALT Treatment Plant? I believe such background checks are required under the SDWA (Safe Drinking Water Act) published by the U.S. Homeland Security. ADRIAN PETERSON Cool

Coming elections

EDITOR: El Dorado County has a plethora of candidates for various offices. Trouble is, we really don’t know a lot about so many of them. Of perhaps the most critical cross-section of these candidates are those running for sheriff, district supervisor, city and county offices and, of course, the judiciary. The recent trial of District […]

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‘Help Ukrainian Army’ editorial

EDITOR: This editorial was published in the May 14 Mountain Democrat. I read the entire letter, looking for some sense of identity — who wrote it? The reason I ask is that this article a classical piece of manipulation and misinformation. And for what purpose? For what reason would the “Russian” presence be named as […]

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