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Alger and impeachment

EDITOR: Mr. Alger, in his letter of Sept. 8, entitled “Longhofer and impeachment,” claims I stated that President Obama was without sin concerning torture. Not true, as I said that President Obama has committed sins by not investigating war crimes, and he should be held to account as he has no options under the law. […]

Thank you Rotary Club of Placerville

EDITOR: The new school year has begun in El Dorado County, and many students started off with a brand new backpack and school supplies generously donated by the Rotary Club of Placerville — an organization of business and professional leaders united worldwide who provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations and help […]

Lumber mills

EDITOR: I have only been a resident of El Dorado County for 18 years, but I have seen a major reversal in support of our biggest industry. Within an 18-mile radius of my home in Nashville, there used to be lumber mills in Camino, Pioneer, Martell, and Wetzel-Olviatt in Latrobe. There were others like Placerville […]

Earth is dying

EDITOR: Planet Earth is dying. We see this death in the reduction of bees and butterflies. But we also see a vast dead zone in the Pacific as radiation from Fukushima drifts toward the West Coast of America. Trees around the world are also dying off in large numbers. And weather is unusual. The western […]


EDITOR: Dear EID Director Coco, I can only hope you were misquoted in the Mountain Democrat Sept. 10 when you said, “Why should ratepayers pay for assets that will be used in the future?” We have water to drink today because of forethought by past EID directors and staff. It is your job to ensure […]

Mather noise

EDITOR: It’s not often that I’m in near-total agreement with Larry Weitzman, but his article on Mather cargo overflight noise is not less than 95 percent spot on. His noise measurements are consistent with those I’ve done episodically from 2008 through the present, his aeronautical notes have one tiny flaw that I used to exercise […]


EDITOR: I agree with Boehners’ statement Thursday morning. Paraphrasing him, “I don’t think the president’s plan will be enough to get rid of ISIS, but he is the president and I will support him.” A true politician, covering both sides. These religious fanatics have been around for thousands of years. No matter what religion they […]


EDITOR: A (facetious and fictitious) thank you note to all non-voters: Dear non-voter, Thank you for not voting in the last elections. You allowed us to install our people in your government. Thanks to your help we only had to buy a few thousand votes to place our own people in important positions in this […]

EID drought policy?

EDITOR: My wife and I raise sheep, goats, cattle and chickens. We are a small scale hobby farm and we pay full boat from EID as residential customers. Our water bill runs between $300-$400 every two months. We received a nasty gram from EID informing us we were water hogs, blah, blah, blah. I informed […]

Society’s need for instant gratification

EDITOR: Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Ray McDonald and a few other NFL players reportedly did bad things in their personal lives. I’m not one to judge others’ mistakes, ahem, but if I viewed a video of a man knocking out one of my daughters, everyone who knows me understands that man would disappear. But that’s […]

‘Life as I know it’

EDITOR: I really enjoyed reading the goodbye to Peggy (“Life as I know it: Two proms and a farewell to Peggy”). It was very good poem. Back in the day I wrote one just like that … a little different wording but much the same. Sometimes we all need to write something the really touches […]

Junk DNA?

EDITOR: Have you heard about “junk DNA”? Scientists claim that 97 percent of the DNA humans possess has no known purpose. Scientists cannot figure out why it exists since it is not utilized for any physical bodily function. DNA consists of highly organized chains of discrete proteins and amino acids, each located in a specific […]

Jim Estey appreciated

EDITOR: Jim Estey was a marvelous human being as well as being Placerville’s “artist in residence.”Jim was a classmate of mine in Belle “Swany” Swanbough’s art class at El Dorado County High School. Swany recognized Jim’s genius and encouraged his exceptional talent. Ever modest, unassuming and unaffected by fame, he would be excited by friends’ […]

Jury Rights Day

EDITOR: Happy Jury Rights Day, fellow citizens. An ancient English Common Law right, secured again here by the Bill of Rights attached to the Constitution, Sept. 5, is the day we celebrate the right to trial by jury. More, we celebrate the rights of We the People, sitting in grand and trial juries to judge […]

Back to the past

EDITOR: It wasn’t that long ago that the El Dorado County property owners were doing splits. Property with 20 acres were being split to four 5-acre parcels and then homes went up on those parcels. There was little or no planning for parks, roads, soccer fields or open space. Urban communities such as Serrano didn’t […]

Flip side

EDITOR: Consider spirituality as a coin having two sides. I was taught to focus on only one side: Love the Lord your God with all your heart; love your neighbor as yourself; be concerned with the needs of others; turn the other cheek; etc. This side of the coin deals with God’s love. What if […]

End of Nutting saga

EDITOR: Congratulations to Shiva Frentzen for putting an end (hopefully) to the Nutting saga. As our new District 2 supervisor, Shiva will have a big job ahead to help direct the county down the right path. With budget hearings starting next week and the likelihood of a budget shortfall, the county may be faced with […]

Winds of war

EDITOR: The editorial, “Winds of war,” on Sept. 10 was right on the mark, and echos my thoughts exactly. Having been born on the seventh day of WWII, this student of history has been around long enough to see some, and know the truth of the statement that those who forget history may see it […]

Responsible leadership

EDITOR: It’s two days after the special election for District 2 supervisor. I don’t live in that district, but I drive through it just about every day. Along the Highway 50 corridor, I still see campaign signs for five of the six candidates: Claire McNeal, Dave Pratt, Shiva Frentzen, Jennifer Nutting and Chris Amaral. The […]

Frentzen for Dist. 2

EDITOR: I met Shiva Frentzen 13 years ago during the time that I volunteered at the Shingle Springs-Cameron Park Chamber Of Commerce and was able to become very well acquainted with Shiva as a businesswoman and during her term as president of that chamber. She is a very skilled and focused individual and is always […]

Vote for Nutting

EDITOR: Citizens of El Dorado County District 2, you are under siege by District Attorney Vern Pierson and Board Supervisor Ron Briggs. Vern Pearson indicted Ray Nutting on four citations for felonies that were false. Ray Nutting was arrested and was given no time to secure money for such a large bail bond, I know, […]


EDITOR: Even if you crank up compassion for these poor pawns, this is going to swamp our jobs, economy, resources and our children’s’ future at a time when we are on wobbly wheels, absent this invasion. Worse, it adds to the gargantuan debt we are leaving our children. It has to stop, now. The party […]

Wally Thomas

EDITOR: To the friends of Wally Thomas: I have felt overwhelmed with kindness and love from our wonderful community. “Thank you” is not a big enough word to say how grateful I am for filling my heart to start the healing process of our family’s loss of a wonderful husband, loving father and faithful friend. […]

Vote Amaral Sept. 9

EDITOR: Finally, we have a choice in District 2 — Chris Amaral. It is often said that our individual votes don’t really matter and it seems to stem from the thought that nothing will change and status quo will be maintained. Well … voters have a real chance to change that in this election. Next […]

A history education — and the meaning of Labor Day

EDITOR: It was a wonderfully busy Labor Day weekend at Gold Bug Park. Special thanks go out to the nearly 500 people who came by the park to take a walk into history and tour the rarely seen Priest Mine. During those three days dozens of families and couples from Placerville and virtually every community […]

Longhofer and impeachment

EDITOR: Mr. Longhofer’s recent letter criticizing the Tea Party for calling for Obama’s impeachment basically suggests that Obama’s transgressions are trivial and the real justification for impeachment was Bush’s condoning of torture. Now you could make a case that Obama’s only enforcing laws he agrees with makes us more like a banana republic than the […]

Todd White is a dedicated public servant

EDITOR: I have been reading other letters for Todd White, who is running for re-election to the El Dorado Union High School Board of Trustees, and I thought I would give my input. Todd and I became friends shortly after he was elected to the high school board in 2010. Todd differs from most elected […]

Correction to ‘lawless regime’ response

EDITOR: In her Aug. 25 letter to the editor, Ellen Van Dyke made an error and has since acknowledged the error in the online comments attached to that letter. Since many readers do not go online and only read the printed newspaper, I would like to repeat and expand the comment in print. The comment […]

Beautiful flock

EDITOR: To the person who has the flock of white doves that are let out to fly about 7 each morning. I walk my dog on the trail behind Thompsons and most morning see the flock as they are taking flight; it is a beautiful thing to see and adds to the pleasant time of […]

EDC General Plan update

EDITOR: El Dorado County residents need to know about the General Plan update currently in progress. But working folk just cannot attend the many hours of meetings held in the past two weeks. I hope people see Dr. Boylan’s letter “Amending the County’s General Plan,” posted Aug. 27 in the Mountain Democrat. Packing development into […]

Shiva Frentzen for the right reason

EDITOR: The race for the El Dorado County District 2 Supervisor position is hinged on emotion and money. We need to vote for this seat for the right reason. There is only one candidate running for this seat who has served as an elected official and understands the structure and function of a governing board. […]

Desperate need for an honest Dist. 2 supervisor

EDITOR: We always vote, but do not enjoy politics. This time, however, we feel compelled to speak up. It really irks us that our former supervisor betrayed our trust and then cost us (taxpayers) quite a tidy sum to have a special election to replace him. During this time, we have also lacked representation on […]

Dave’s the one

EDITOR: My vote goes for Dave Pratt. Here’s why. I’ve known Dave for many years and I think I’ve gotten to know him fairly well. At least I know about his business, good and bad, his family and his activities for El Dorado County. I’ve witnessed him on all those fronts, with exemplary results. We […]

Salvation Army volunteers

EDITOR: Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped facilitate another successful year of The Salvation Army sponsored campers and back-to-school shoppers. Fourteen campers and six volunteers were able to attend The Salvation Army Del Oro Camp in nearby Nevada City. We had 71 first-time back-to-school shoppers and 41 volunteers who helped with the […]

Only the people can save America

EDITOR: How can we save America? The last bastion of hope is known as the common-law Grand Jury. Such a jury has already filed “official” documentation here in our county. Supreme Court’s Justice Scalia has called this jury the “fourth executive branch of government.” No higher earthly authority exists. This jury answers to the residents […]

Head Start and Early Head Start grants

EDITOR: On June 17, the El Dorado County Office of Education secured the necessary funding to continue our Head Start and Early Head Start Programs, preserving many jobs and supporting children ages birth through 5 and families on their path to self-sufficiency and life preparedness. EDCOE was successful in its award by committing to rigorous, […]

Pratt most qualified

EDITOR: The most qualified candidate for District 2 Supervisor is Dave Pratt. I’ve known him for many years and can vouch for his intellect and complete knowledge of all the critical issues facing our county. To use an oft-quoted phrase, he can hit the ground running. In this case, the adage couldn’t be more true. […]

Star gazing

EDITOR: On behalf of Seniors throughout El Dorado County, I would like to thank the volunteers from the Cameron Park Rotary Community Observatory (located in Placerville) for hosting an exciting evening of planet and star gazing this past week. Over 30 seniors joined in on this fabulous group outing. We truly appreciate all the hard […]

EID drought

EDITOR: During this serious drought, EID should examine its ditch services. In many cases metered, treated potable water is served at 1 miner’s inch (11.5 gpm) 24 hrs a day to feed an ornamental pond and nothing else. As it is not a guaranteed service, they should be turned off during the drought or at […]

Immigration reform: A political component

EDITOR: There is compelling evidence that this immigration crisis and the rush for immigration reform has a political component. Are these children just pawns in a political scheme? State Senator Darrell Steinberg returning from a fact-finding trip to these countries these immigrants are fleeing, discovered these children are not escaping gang violence, rape and sex […]

President Obama does what he says

EDITOR: The Russians have invaded the Ukraine today (Aug. 28), again. The media seems surprised by this action and there are many reports that our president appears disconnected and has shown a lack of leadership to the world as the lone superpower in his handling of this situation. There are many reports that state the […]

YouTube video on Common Core

EDITOR: The staff writer seems to have captured the essence of the YouTube video presented at this gathering. This is the same video referenced in a recent letter to the editor. I viewed it and found that it was a very polished “paid political announcement.” The key to understanding the true nature of the Common […]

Amaral for Supervisor

EDITOR: I have been most impressed with the character and candor of Chris Amaral, who is running for District 2 Supervisor. I am also impressed that he is not a career politician and has a strong business background. We can use some of that on the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors. He said something […]

Two letters’ reply

EDITOR: Two letters in your Aug 20 edition are standouts. Charlie Black, in his attack on Chris Daley’s column on immigration, listed some diseases he thinks immigrants are bringing us, and actually included this remark: “Obama is even allowing people to enter the country with Ebola.” Now, I don’t know how much information Mr. Black […]

Small farms

EDITOR: My name is John Millsap and I am not a small farm owner. I’ve lived in Greenstone Country in El Dorado County for over 20 years and I love living here, although I must say I’m a little disappointed with some of our elected officials. It seems we have some sore losers out there […]

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