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Measure O

EDITOR: The Mountain Democrat’s editorialists are probably not as willfully ignorant as their pose on Measure O would have its readers believe. The language of the initiative Measure O that they find so obscure is taken straight from the 2004 El Dorado County General Plan. The General Plan classifies all areas of the county (outside […]

Keep McClintock in the Congress

EDITOR: Congressman Tom McClintock is one of the few members of Congress that consistently conducts himself according to the founding principles of our country. This has caused some voters to question his commitment to his constituents because he does not secure special favors or grants for constituents or projects in his district. We seem to […]

Ranalli: A man with reason, passion and patience

EDITOR: In my late teens and early twenties, it was considered necessary not to trust anyone over 30. Since that time there have been many categories of proposed untrustworthy groups including, of course, any governmental agency. In our recent and current supervisorial elections, there seems to be a trend toward not trusting “developers” all of […]

I’ll dig out

EDITOR: Please look for me, I’ve driven my car into a local pothole and can’t get out. I can’t believe my phone works way down here. You can rent a mule in here to ride to the bottom. On second thought, don’t bother looking for me: I’ll just dig a little and probably pop out […]

Disappointed in Wendy Thomas

EDITOR: In listening to Wendy Thomas at the candidates forum, I thought her speech about collaboration, working with other agencies and listening to others’ viewpoints is just what we need in Placerville. However, in reading her letter to the Mountain Democrat on private property rights, I am very disappointed. I noticed that on Wendy’s property […]

No parole

EDITOR: Dear friends and neighbors, In August we informed you that the man who murdered Ehren, our son and brother, had a parole hearing on Oct. 15. We attended the hearing and want to pass on the good news to you. Robert Kaser will not be eligible for parole for three more years. That is […]

Trees for the Troops

EDITOR: As longtime supporters of Trees for the Troops, the El Dorado County Farm Bureau has teamed up with the Boys and Girls Club of EDC, EDC Association of Realtors, the UPS Store, the Mountain Democrat, Indian Rock Tree Farm, the Placerville Rotary Club and numerous other local individuals and businesses to lay the groundwork […]

Measure K goes too far

EDITOR: A few years ago Placerville city officials proposed a roundabout at corner of Cedar Ravine and Main Street. Its stated purpose was to ease traffic congestion and tie Clay Street into the existing intersection. It would also have required the removal of many of the parking spaces in the Ivy House parking lot. I […]

Vote Penn for smart economic development

EDITOR: El Dorado County is at a crossroads. Suffering from water shortages, afflicted with increasing traffic and faced with out-of-county developers who are pushing for tens of thousands more homes, we need a new kind of leadership at the Board of Supervisors. In my opinion, Howard Penn fits the bill. He alone has the technology […]

Disappearing signs

EDITOR: I have placed half a dozen signs for Lon Uso, a candidate for GDPUD Board of Directors in Garden Valley, and most have disappeared shortly afterwards. I finally discovered from two witnesses that on two different occasions at two different locations saw a white-haired lady in a white Subaru Outback take them. One time […]

Thank you for contributions

EDITOR: The Georgetown Volunteer Fire Department would like to thank everyone for being so generous and contributing to our group since the King Fire and during Founders Day. These donations stay in our community, and the money is used to help purchase important safety gear, supplies, training and the apparatus used to protect your community. […]

Art Moore, candidate for Congress

EDITOR: This year’s election ballot is confusing in that it reflects the changes to the rules. In the case of our vote for a Congressional candidate there are two Republicans on the ballot. Even though I am a lifelong Democrat and have always voted for the Democratic candidate, this year for the first time I […]

Put the fire out

EDITOR: Can you tell me why, with drought conditions we have, that they only thought the King Fire was out on that first Saturday night? They should have known beyond doubt that it was out. I am no expert, but wow, doesn’t that make sense? Also, why hasn’t the military been called on? Camp Pendleton […]

Fuzzy bookkeeping

EDITOR: The Brotherhood of Government employees’ Modus of Operani is to get ex-employees, i.e. retired fire chiefs, elected to boards to protect and enhance their and fellow comrades’ benefits. Bankrupt municipalities are reluctant to touch retirement, but many have asked six-figure retirees to start co-pay on expensive medical premiums. Voters for GDPUD need to remember […]

Ballot initiatives M, O and N

EDITOR: Since 2008, numerous El Dorado county residents have become actively involved in educating El Dorado county staff about how we want our community to look and feel. Many of us as residents moved out of the Bay Area, Southern California and other congested areas to escape the high-density development that occurred there along with […]

Why I am voting for Michael Ranalli

EDITOR: I am not normally a political person and am generally very private with my political views but I want to pass on why I am voting for Michael Ranalli. I just received a mailer from the Howard Penn Election Committee that has really upset me. The shocking and untrue statements that Howard Penn is […]

A bully

EDITOR: Citizens of Placerville, if you want a “bully” running your city, vote for Kirk Smith. DAVID BRAZELTON Placerville

Todd White is a man of integrity

EDITOR: I am writing to express my support for Todd White, who is running for re-election to the El Dorado Union High School District Board of Trustees. Todd has demonstrated over the last four years that he is dedicated to the betterment of students of the high school district and the El Dorado County community. […]

Neighbor’s letter

EDITOR: To the unknown letter writing neighbor on Verde Robles in Camino Heights: You wrote a letter without leaving your name and left it on our door on Oct. 13 regarding our supposed barking dogs. My neighbor also received the same regarding his dogs. First off, be a man and come talk to me or […]

Appreciation after fire

EDITOR: I had two son-in-laws brought to El Dorado County to help fight the King Fire. In having to get propane for a trailer, they stayed in the business JS West, which provided service very quickly and courteously, and the guys stayed warm and relaxed. I personally thank them and along with all of the […]

Ranalli trying to avoid pro-development label

EDITOR: In a published statement Michael Ranalli claims that independent Supervisor 4 candidate Howard Penn is trying to “scare the public into believing that I am for high-density housing. This is a lie!” Is it? Well, there is an old saying that “a man is known by the company he keeps.” It seems only fair […]

EID’s Coco

EDITOR: I am an EID residential ratepayer with no agricultural interest other than consuming the local products and enjoying the lifestyle of living in an area with working farms. In recent years, EID’s board and management have taken action to put its financial house in order and make sure there is a reliable long-term supply […]

GDPUD election

EDITOR: Kathy Otermat’s campaign ads and signs are continuing a pattern of deception she began in the 2010 election. She keeps harping on the general manager’s salary increases without telling the rest of the story in what apparently is a deliberate attempt to inflame the public about the GM’s compensation. Each year until 2005 all […]

A double-edged opportunity for Cameron Park

EDITOR: In the Nov. 4 election, the voters of Cameron Park will have the opportunity to reshape and reform the Board of Directors of the Cameron Park Community Services District. We will be electing four out of five directors that day. On one hand, we will have a chance to rid ourselves of two ineffective […]

Why I support Dr. Dale Coco

EDITOR: As a resident of Cameron Park, and a member of the agriculture community of El Dorado County, I am writing to express my support of Dr. Dale Coco, EID director. While Alan Day and Greg Prada are making a concerted effort to eliminate the agricultural water rate class and the small farm water rate […]

Rebuttal to Measure O editorial

EDITOR: I am writing this letter in response to your editorial of Measure O dated Oct. 3. I am very disappointed that the writer did not sign their name to the letter, as we as subscribers are required to when we submit a letter. Are we to assume the editor in chief crafted that letter? […]

Where is McClintock?

EDITOR: McClintock took six-weeks off to campaign. Where is he? He doesn’t have time to have one single debate with his only candidate? So what is he doing? He got $1 million in campaign donations. Shouldn’t he be out every day talking to us? PATRICIA SNELLING Garden Valley

Property rights

EDITOR: I noticed that Wendy Thomas, in her Oct. 10 letter, professes strong respect for property rights: “When it comes to property rights, I respect them …” “The electorate has a right to expect that … the rights of other people are not trampled on in the course of a democratic process.” “I abhor such […]

Michael Ranalli

EDITOR: In my early years, seeing the government-sponsored infrastructure and military, I was mistakenly filled with the notion that elected government officials were intellectually the cream of the crop. Years of observation have destroyed that notion for the most part. Many candidates in this county tend to stake it all on one side of an […]

Where do you want to live?

EDITOR: Did you move, or do you stay in El Dorado County because you are enamored of roof tops on ecru-colored houses, big-box stores and glaring neon signage? Are you fond of immense parking lots dotted with trees barely 8 feet high? Do you prefer Highway 50 and your intersections, entries and exits more crowded […]

It’s that time again

EDITOR: It is that time again — when our elected representatives take the Oath of Office and swear they will support the Constitution, both the federal and the state. The Constitution empowers the individual — it represents “by the people, of the people and for the people.” By contrast, what we are seeing may be […]

Kirk Smith for City Council

EDITOR: Kirk Smith dares to be his own man; he will not be owned by special interests. Honoring our local values, Kirk will represent citizens’ concerns and protect local businesses, all the while working his heart out to preserve Placerville’s historic character. Dare to vote for a candidate who will represent the will of the […]

Stop endless initiatives

EDITOR: Our supervisors have agreed they want to provide more jobs, capture the tax dollars now going down the hill and provide more moderate and low-cost housing. We can get started accomplishing these agreements if we stop using initiatives to divert the energies of our county into unending planning tasks attempting to change the general […]

Penn plan of desperation for Lotus and Cool

EDITOR: Now, let’s see, to paraphrase Howard Penn, he is on probation for driving after having some wine with a NyQuil chaser and missing that big red stop sign (I am glad my grandchildren were not in the neighborhood). He wants the keys to my car, oops, no, he wants the keys to the county […]

To our White Meadows extended family

EDITOR: As I watched Gary and Sally being interviewed on TV with their house behind them in ashes, I then knew for sure what had happened. As well, with the mailbox on the ground in one photo. Since there was no mail delivery to White Meadows, we all know what that mailbox represented and who […]

Golden West CSD election

EDITOR: The current election for GWCSD board members involves three candidate for two seats on the five-seat board. Two of the candidates, Ken Hasse and Diana Kaighn, are well-qualified and I endorse their candidacies. The candidacy of the third, Katherine Sei, is problematical both legally and ethically. The fact that Ms. Sei is married to […]

Measure M editorial

EDITOR: I can’t say I was surprised at your editorial urging voters to reject Measure M. As editorials tend to be, it was very one-sided and biased. I was surprised, however, at your implication that those of us who support Measure M are “…hicks” who want to keep “…us all backward.” My neighbors and I […]

Brown Act violations

EDITOR: Can two members of a household serve on a Board of Directors without violating the Brown Act? This is a question that will have to be answered in the upcoming November election for Board members of the Golden West Community Service District (GWCSD). Two seats are open and three candidates have filed for the […]

Property rights

EDITOR: The electorate has a right to expect that those seeking public office conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful, and where the rights of other people are not trampled on in the course of a democratic process. When it comes to property rights, I respect them and expect the same courtesy in return. […]

Have a say — vote yes on K

EDITOR: The controversy surrounding Measure K goes far beyond the definition of roundabouts mentioned by the No on K groups’ article in the Oct. 6 issue of the Mountain Democrat. Opponents of Measure K are attempting to distract the public from the real issues confronting us — poor governing by our current City Council — […]

Eddie Haskell returns

EDITOR: On Oct. 28, 2013 I had a dream. The dream had the candidates for EID’s Division 2 and 4 sitting down with the Mountain Democrat’s Editorial Board. My attention was focused on one candidate. He was a dead ringer for “Leave it to Beaver’s” Eddie Haskell. But he was being addressed as “Mr. Prada.” […]

Howard Penn mailer

EDITOR: A recent Howard Penn mailer identified “Bacchi Ranch” lands on a map and implied that we were developers intending to subdivide our land for 350 homes. This is untrue. Bacchi Ranch does not own land. It is a legal, fictitious business name registered with the county clerk with notice published. This business is owned […]

No on initiatives M, N, O

EDITOR: The effort to stop about anything in this state began about 40 years ago, by Jerry Brown, who promoted the philosophy of “small is beautiful” (except when it came to government). That is why he stopped building roads and dams. The theory being, if we don’t build roads and dams, people would not come […]

Technical education and EDUHSD board candidates

EDITOR: Three years ago I retired from teaching industrial technology. I was very fortunate to have taught some of El Dorado County’s best and brightest students. Many like Eric Peterson, Jessica Drake and Sarah Jester, who went on to become architects, engineers, contractors and those who went into other skill-based trades. They are successful because […]

Measure M

EDITOR: I’m writing to correct the misinformation being spread about Measure M, and to urge voters to go to the Rural Communities United Website to read the text of the initiative for themselves. First, it’s an outright lie that Measure M gives up local control of land use decisions. There is no such language in […]

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