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Deductible questioned

EDITOR: In a letter titled “Unaffordable Care Act” in the Jan. 10 edition of the Mountain Democrat, Robert Reilly stated that the deductible for his father-in-law’s health insurance went from $350 to $4,000 per year because of the UCA (aka Affordable Care Act). Somehow this does not ring true since his father-in-law is 90 years […]

Silver Fork Lodge — a lost history

EDITOR: I grew up in the Kyburz area in the 1960s. I actually lived closer to Silver Fork Lodge, which used to reside about a mile or so on the Placerville side of Kyburz. Longtime residents of this same area were the Roundtrees who owned Silver Fork Lodge at one time. Eugene H. Roundtree and […]

Cameron Park skate park

EDITOR: At the Jan. 15 CSD meeting, the ongoing problems with the skate park enclosure at Christa McAuliffe Park was on the agenda. The issues of ongoing vandalism and safety violations were discussed. During this discussion Director Greg Stanton stated that because the skate park in Cameron Park is unsupervised all the CSD is obligated […]

Why is McClintock costing so much for so few results?

EDITOR: A few weeks ago, the Board of Supervisors voted to lower Traffic Impact Management (TIM) fees, on the theory that lowering the fees will actually increase the total amount collected, thereby increasing tax revenues, thereby allowing the county to build low-cost housing. This is classic “trickle down economics,” a theory thoroughly discredited from its […]

Professor Lockwood is a real person

EDITOR: I wish to address just one item from Mr. Garon’s recent letter to the Mountain Democrat. He took issue with Mr. Weitzman’s inclusion of Professor Mike Lockwood as support for his position. Mr. Garon sarcastically stated that there is no Professor Lockwood and that Mr. Weitzman should do more research before making such statements. […]

Same rules

EDITOR: Why do the sheriff and any law officers think the rules on the road don’t apply to them? I have seen a sheriff officer get to a stop sign and not stop like they should. I have seen this a lot. I could understand if the officer was in high pursuit of someone, but […]

Ice Rink success because of many

EDITOR: Thank you so much for the above fold article on the Hangtown Holiday Ice Rink. It was marvelous. We on the Placerville Drive Business Association (PDBA) want to thank the Democrat for all of your coverage and support of the ice rink. It was essential to our success and we are very appreciative. But […]

Poor Red’s

EDITOR: We moved here in 1978. Poor Red’s was just what you did on a Friday or Saturday night. It was how you met new friends when you first moved to this county. It was so well known that if you wore a Poor Red’s tee shirt while traveling around the U.S. or Europe there […]

Thanks from the Mote family

EDITOR: Thanks to a wonderful community. Last year, two fundraising events were held in honor of our son, Staff Sgt. Sky Mote, and his fallen comrades: The MARSOC Project Black at the Leadman Triathlon in Phoenix, Ariz., and Ride 430 in Scottsdale, Ariz. In both of these events, wounded and active servicemen participated. The local […]

Coat Rush thanks

EDITOR: We would like to give you our appreciation and thank you for your support of our first annual “Coat Rush.” Your participation made it all a success for many. We look forward to working together with you next year. BRIAN DEBERRY Morning Star Lodge #20 Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Placerville

The definition of naive

EDITOR: I see Mr. Garon railing against the GOP using delaying tactics instead of the usual unanimous consent that usually accompanied appointments of career officers. He says unanimous consent was the way such matters were traditionally handled. I didn’t see Mr. Garon defending tradition when Sen. Reid exercised the nuclear option to confirm Obama appointees, […]

Letter to the Speaker

EDITOR: Enclosed is a later I recently sent to Speaker Boehner of the House of Representatives. Dear Speaker Boehner: Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country — United States of America. The Founders of our great country in their esteemed wisdom wrote into the Constitution that […]

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Challenges of closing Hangtown Haven

EDITOR: During the last year, Hangtown Haven, the innovative facility for homeless people, has drawn national attention because of its success in getting homeless people off the streets and into rehabilitation and job training opportunities. The Haven has developed a community, a “family,” as it were, of mutual support and care, and has worked to […]

Larry Weitzman and his lies

EDITOR: “Lies, More Lies and Damn Lies” is, indeed, the perfect title for Larry Weitzman’s latest column on climate change. What is the tipping point for Larry to accept that the earth is round, that it is 13 billion years old, and that evolution, climate change, relativity and gravity are all “theories” backed by overwhelming […]

PHS tennis courts

EDITOR: This past summer new tennis courts were constructed at Ponderosa which were paid for by a school bond that passed. It was extremely disappointing to see these courts locked up over the Christmas break. I’m hoping this was mistake and will not be repeated. Those courts were paid for by the community and should […]

Supes sign onto CARB’s global warming scam

EDITOR: No you don’t have to travel to Russia to see how a dictatorship or socialism works, it’s going on right here in El Dorado County at your local Board of Supervisors meeting with the swift actions of your board leaving out public debate on hotly contested items. On Tuesday, a highly contentious item pushed […]

Unaffordable Care Act

EDITOR: I’ve now seen firsthand what our Nazi leader Obama has brought to our health care system. I have a 90-year-old WWII veteran father-in-law who lives near Susanville. After the war he worked for the government in Herlong until he retired. Being 90, he has some health issues and is far from being a wealthy […]

Camino Cares

EDITOR: We’d like to thank the following people for making this year’s Camino Cares Christmas Giving program such a success: Camino Hotel, Camino Post Office, Camino School, Apple Blossom Coffee House, Sean Pritchard of Solid Rock Faith Center, Camino Community Action Committee, and last but not least, our amazing community. This year we were able […]

Old City Hall

EDITOR: Why can’t the old City Hall be used for a substation for the police? I can remember when the library was above the City hall — also the building next door can be used by the courthouse for overflow. GLORIA SMITH Placerville

False information from our congressman

EDITOR: Congressman Tom McClintock writes in the Mountain Democrat (Jan. 1, 2014) that the president of the California Medical Association reports that 70 percent of California doctors are declining to participate in Covered California, the Health Exchange established to help implement the Affordable Care Act. This is inaccurate, as discussed in the Dec. 12, 2013 […]

Saving water

EDITOR: Sorry, it’s water saving time: “If it’s yellow let it mellow.” You know the rest. STEVE TAPSON Placerville

Response to editorial on traffic presentation

EDITOR: I’m writing in response to your New Year’s day editorial, “Goofy gavel.” The purpose of our presentation was simple. It was to show the Board of Supervisors and the public how the staff has been hiding the ball on traffic issues, culminating with the publication of the Travel Demand Model (TDM) final documentation on […]

No climate change?

EDITOR: Major blocks of ice are breaking off the ice cap at the South Pole, receding permafrost is happening at the other end of the world as well as major melts in the extreme north and at Greenland. In Larry Weitzman’s column, he makes several good points that we should conserve our resources and not […]


EDITOR: I love the editorial tunnel vision of the Mountain Democrat. The Jan. 1, 2014 editorial lambasts “rafting industry advocate Bill Center” for “passing himself off as a traffic specialist,” while giving hunting advocate Bill Karr three columns right next to the editorial to pass himself off as a lead specialist. Of course, this pales […]

Fighting for existence

EDITOR: The sun was just rising over this quiet little village in the hills; everyone was coming to life, the birds, humans and horses. No one would suspect this quiet little village would be at the center of a country fighting for its existence. The country had for years been tangled in wars, now the […]

Smoke signals

EDITOR: Did you hear the joke? Caltrans has a new truck. It sleeps six. Well, I think the signal expert that came up to Placerville was asleep at the wheel. Someone needs to tell them that Apple Hill is not open at 9:30 p.m. When you go to cross Highway 50 at any of the […]

Increase in population

EDITOR: On a really hot day last week, driving down Mother Lode Drive, I could not help but notice the dissent of local property owners near Shingle Springs, signs in one form or another saying “No to San Stino.” At this time, I can only agree with these landowners. Our county as it is today […]

Briggs disagrees with editorial

EDITOR: Regarding your Jan. 1 “Goofy gavel” editorial I am not sure where to start. What comes to mind is my dad’s fond paraphrase of an Abraham Lincoln quote: “If you cannot beat a man with logic, you can always resort to calling him names.” I thought the Mountain Democrat stood for democracy and for […]

Obamacare scorecard

EDITOR: Let’s see how we’re doing here. Picture this; you are on hold listening to scratchy music or worse, a recording extolling the virtues of Obamacare while you wait for authorization from a government gatekeeper for emergent care. Oops, your call got dropped or you hear, “I’m not at my desk now, but if you’ll […]

Haven report

EDITOR: As you remember, the Placerville City Council closed down its legal homeless encampment called Hangtown Haven this fall, in part because it claimed, “The homeless encampment was attracting out-of-county homeless to the area even though Hangtown Haven did not admit non-Placerville residents.” Those of us working with the homeless knew that this was a […]

Denial of right to own firearms

EDITOR: I recently paid the fee and filled out the paperwork regarding a firearms background check with the California Department of Justice. I received not only a response from the DOJ by mail, I also received a letter from our county Sheriff’s Office, both revoking my right to own firearms. No reason was listed. If […]

Wake up, Ted Gaines

EDITOR: Oh, come on now Mr. Gaines. I usually largely agree with you, but this one has me flummoxed. In the Dec. 4, Mountain Democrat you said, “When it came to healthcare reform, the Obama administration didn’t know what to do or how to do it.” He, Pelosi, Reed and Hillary know exactly what they’re […]

Remembering Anthony

EDITOR: On Dec. 20, Anthony Dumont would have turned 32 years old; however, his life was tragically cut short on July 20, 2008. We will always remember his gentle nature and his wonderful smile. Remember his love for his family and friends, the outdoors, fishing and hunting. As we raise our glasses in a toast […]

What we learned from Hangtown Haven

EDITOR: The Placerville City Council at its Nov. 12 meeting voted to close Hangtown Haven and force the residents out of their unobtrusive, clean and orderly site with its effective support community. Did these conscientious residents of Placerville disappear? No; they are still with us. Many are struggling just to survive rather than focusing on […]

Ad page ‘Birth of Jesus’

EDITOR: I want to thank the sponsors of the full page ads which have appeared in the Mountain Democrat in the last three issues. And I want to commend the Mountain Democrat for its development and publication of these pages titled “Jesus is the reason for the season.” Five thousand years of human history are […]

McClintock and the DOD budget

EDITOR: If you thought turkeys were sold only through food stores, think again. Lockheed Martin has been running full-page ads in the Washington Post and New York Times (and probably other papers as well) urging readers to “look to the future.” Our future, according to Lockheed Martin, has a second-generation F-35 in it. The first-generation […]

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Shady and cryptic real estate deals

EDITOR: At a recent Board of Supervisors meeting, Kirk Smith nailed it when he exposed the board and CAO of surreptitiously covering up questionable county real estate deals by not referring to the properties by known names on board meeting agendas and only using the cryptic Assessor’s Parcel Number as a description. Mr. Smith lamented, […]

Puppy teething

EDITOR: Uncle Matty, you were “spot on” when your wrote the Dec. 27, 2013 “Passing on useless advice.” Puppies’ teething causes a challenge to deal with. They want and need relief and chewing something is required. They might use your finger, hand or pant leg, or great grandma’s antique chair leg. A bleeding finger or […]

Traffic measurement requires data

EDITOR: At the heart of all the growth issues is trust. At Google they say, “in God we trust, everyone else bring data.” And this is where we need to focus: Using data to articulate what rural means, what quality of life means in El Dorado County. The county is using a new Traffic Demand […]

Veerkamp taking second vacation on taxpayers

EDITOR: Brian Veerkamp is taking yet another vacation on taxpayers, attending the California School Board Association (CSBA) conference at the San Diego Convention Center on Dec. 5-7th. Nope, it’s not Fresno, but Sunny San Diego. I understand the need for Mr. Veerkamp to escape off to sandy beachfront locals during the cold winter months, but […]

No Democratic voter fraud

EDITOR: In Mr. Woolsey’s letter of Dec. 27 he claimed several issues about voter fraud, and how they “proved,” somehow, Democratic voter fraud. With just the smallest amount of research it’s easy to prove every single claim of his is false. Every one of his claims can be easily disproved. I think the Mountain Democrat […]

Obama’s HUD chief and diversity

EDITOR: A recent article talked about Obama’s HUD chief taking aim at suburban lifestyle. This is another case of where the liberals talk one point while pursuing another. They talk of lack of diversity in neighborhoods, boardrooms, etc. and helping people move into the middle class. The problem here is that liberals say they want […]

Tunnel vision

EDITOR: I’ll be brief: So the governor and many others want to build a huge new pumping project on the Delta to get more of our water to Southern California. I hope their swimming pools remain full while those of us up here are taking group showers. RAY PETHEL Placerville

Ygrene Green Energy as unAmerican as Richard Branson

EDITOR: I’m always amazed at how uninformed our Board of Supervisors is in supporting and giving one company, Ygrene Green Energy Holdings, a monopoly to provide solar and energy-efficient retrofit financing over all of El Dorado County by placing senior debt liens against our citizens’ property. You only need to dig on the Web a […]

Trees for Troops thanks

EDITOR: We want to thank the people of El Dorado County for their support of sending a Christmas box including a Silver Tip Christmas tree with gifts and letters to our deployed men and women. Some of those involved were school children, the Boys and Girls Club, organizations such as Rotary, law enforcement, supervisors, the […]

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