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Sharing in the glory

EDITOR: I note Mr. McHenry’s latest letter on Japanese war plans, and I must give him credit for persistence. I again remind Mr. McHenry that the debate was whether there was a Japanese plan to invade Hawaii and then the coast of California. There was such a plan, so that debate is closed. However, Mr. […]

Wisconsin’s governor and Mussolini

EDITOR: The military junta of Egypt recently issued an edict banning trade unions. The first act of Gen. Francisco Franco, when he came to power in Spain, was also to ban trade unions. Ditto for Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler and dozens of far right and far left dictators. Banning unions and a free press are always […]

Redevelopment has not been fully explained to the public

EDITOR: I am very concerned about the Redevelopment Agency that our Placerville City Council has appointed themselves. Meetings have been going on for months. There have been two hearings with the company that has been contracted by the city to help them bring in redevelopment (RSG). Neither meeting was televised that I am aware of. […]

Solar unit recall fired me up

EDITOR: On Feb. 9 I received a recall notice concerning solar inverter units. If you do not have solar you most likely would not have received this. Only solar users were advised. I have written about these inferior products in the past and this just proves it. The media will not be telling you about […]

Kudos to PG&E

EDITOR: It is no fun to be without power for several days in a snowstorm. However, I must say I was very impressed with the manner in which PG&E dealt with the numerous customer outages this past week. The communications were excellent as we were notified often as to the repair crews’ progress. As for […]

Baloney, indeed

EDITOR: “Budget Baloney” is the title of the Mountain Democrat’s editorial of Feb. 18 and it is indeed well-titled. The editorial is riddled with false claims and other baloney; in other words, it meets the usual low standards of veracity the paper has established for itself. As I wrote in a previous letter, the paper […]

The plan died before the admiral’s ship sank

EDITOR: Rear Admiral Yamaguchi’s Hawaiian invasion plan is discussed in Mr. John J. Stephen’s book “Hawaii Under the Rising Sun.” But was Admiral Yamaguchi’s Hawaii invasion plan reviewed and approved by his superiors, that is, by 1) Admiral Yamamoto and 2) the Imperial Japanese Army and Imperial Japanese Navy Headquarters? Or is Admiral Yamaguchi’s plan […]

Medical marijuana: Don’t believe the lies

EDITOR: The El Dorado County American Alliance for Medical Cannabis has been meeting in Garden Valley for 10 years now. We have been involved with many events as well as been involved with talks with law enforcement to help set some guidelines with regard to the possession, use and cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes. We routinely bring […]

Hunters respect our natural resources

EDITOR: It is distressing to see the amount of litter along our roads and in the natural places.  There is a beautiful, small wetland behind Tower Market on Pleasant Valley Road that someone has used to dispose of household waste and undeveloped land on Missouri Flat Road where I have seen abandoned house trailers and huge […]

I don’t trust pit bulls

EDITOR: Regarding the attack on Audrey Johnson and Bella in El Dorado Hills: The owner could have gotten training for the dog since there were three other warnings before this happened. I don’t believe the owner is completely at fault but partly. Pit bulls are just bad news. I had a pit bull that I […]

Thanks for the Aquatic Center, Steve

EDITOR: I want to give a pat on the back to Steve Youel for working so hard to keep the Aquatic Center open here in Placerville. It’s a welcome relief for my family and friends to have a place to work off some calories, relax and have fun. Looking forward to getting wet and cooling […]

I’m not buying John Allard’s garbage

EDITOR: Unless we want to start selling off our state parks, California must soon face gut-wrenching budget choices. Powerful special interest groups will fight for what’s always been theirs, and we need representatives willing to stand up to them. Read the candidates’ statements in your voter information pamphlet. Do we want to elect another good-old-boy […]

Roundabout not on my Top 10 list

EDITOR If there was a “wish list” of the residents of Placerville, I would guess that a roundabout would not make it into the Top 10. I doubt that a roundabout would be on any list at all. I am anxious to see responsible management return to this community. JOHN RUNNING Placerville

Roundabout: By the people, for the people?

EDITOR: Roundabout. Coming to an intersection near you. Yes, the Placerville City Council in its superior wisdom decided it was worth throwing over $4 million of taxpayers’ money toward a project that majority of residents and business owners at this intersection spoke out against. I am talking about the intersection of Main, Cedar Ravine and […]

Who would profit from roundabout?

EDITOR: The roundabout, or whatever the circular redevelopment is called near the parking lot, Sweetie Pies and the Cozmic Cafe, drew several letters denouncing the plan. I, too, think it is totally unnecessary, but the final accounting should be the fact that letter writers George Alger and John Garon are both against this waste of […]

John Allard, no salary?

EDITOR: I’m trying to decide who to vote for as the Assembly representative from the 4th District so I read the one page flier mailed to us by John Allard. The front is full of the motherhood statements all politicians make; no specifics. The back is an attack on Beth Gaines. I would like to […]

I learned the hard way … I won’t be smug about the homeless

EDITOR: I thought you might like a report on what it’s like to be homeless in Placerville. I don’t live here anymore, but I have to come down here to go to court. I was arrested last year for battery. My deputy public defender is trying to get the charges dropped due to the circumstances […]

Enough, already, with begging to shop locally; it’s embarrassing

EDITOR: El Dorado County is known for natural resources. We have forests, boating, snow skiing, water skiing, hiking, four-wheeling, hunting, fishing — it goes on and on. What we do not have is shopping. So what good does it do to beg residents to pay double for less? This philosophy has been going on for […]

Roundabout — one way or the other, we’ll pay

EDITOR: Why a roundabout in Placerville? I have walked and driven through the Main Street/Cedar Ravine intersection almost daily for many years, and I have never thought that the traffic flow needed improvement. What would be gained? It will certainly eliminate numerous vital parking spaces, snarl traffic for a year or more during construction, disrupt […]

Roundabout could destroy Cozmic Cafe

EDITOR: The Placerville City Council has finally approved the construction of the roundabout in spite of determined opposition from local merchants, and an apparent lack of need, at least in the eyes of most frequent users of the intersection. The Mountain Democrat’s rendering of the future roundabout has an uncanny resemblance to a “Mandala,” the […]

Right on, Riordan

EDITOR: Thank you, letter writer Jim Riordan, I could not have said it any better. I have never writen a letter to the editor before, but I was inspired when my friend’s daughter came home from “school?” a couple of weeks ago with the eye-popping news that the United States of America is destroying the […]

Blind eyes, deaf ears

EDITOR: Tuesday evening over 400 Tea Party participants got more than an earful when they gathered at the El Dorado County Fairgrounds to meet the candidates for Assembly District 4. They were introduced by conservative talk show host Eric Hogue who provided information on the hottest issues at the Capitol. Also on the agenda that […]

Spend the roundabout money on something that makes sense

EDITOR: In today’s economy, everyone, and this includes city governments, needs to spend their money a tad bit more wisely. And for the city of Placerville to propose the brainless notion, the absolutely absurd idea, that a roundabout would be a good thing, whoever did that needs to get out of office. For the amount […]

Finis … I hope

EDITOR: Mr. McHenry in his recent letter again brings up the subject that will never die: Japanese war plans during World War II. This is getting stale, so perhaps we should put it to bed. The topic was never whether sufficient troops were available, instead the topic was whether Japan had a plan to invade […]

Logic sometimes escapes me

EDITOR: I think I finally understand the logic of letter writer John Garon’s argument to restrict the use of handguns. He is saying if we restrict everybody’s use of the automobile we can curtail the problem of DUIs. As for Placerville palm trees the logic escapes me. Palm trees at In N Out Burger destroy the […]

Roundabout — they’re bound and determined to build it

EDITOR: I see a huge majority showed up at the meeting to try to stop the roundabout they want to build at Cedar Ravine and Main Street in Placerville. They thought that the fact that it would mess up parking and hurt businesses there as well as the fact that no traffic problem exists there […]

GDPUD in good shape

EDITOR: It was a full house at the Georgetown Divide Public Utility District board meeting last Tuesday. Early in the meeting, new board member Bonnie McLane made the motion that the salary of all employees and management be cut by 20 percent except those that belonged to the union. This includes all the office staff […]

John Allard the best choice in District 4

EDITOR: As you consider the many candidates that are running for the District 4 Assembly seat, there is one whose experience makes him the clear choice on March 8. John Allard has a lengthy, proven track record of taking a constructive and thoughtful approach to local and statewide policy issues. His many years as Sen. […]

Do-it-yourself Sheriff’s Department strikes again

EDITOR: As a retired police chief and one who spent years as a Field Training Officer who was responsible for training new recruit officers I just wish to compliment Mr. Dean Plant on his two fine letters to the editor regarding our “do-it-yourself Sheriff’s Department.” Mr. Plant, it’s true that online reporting is now an […]

State Assembly election: She’s the best candidate

EDITOR: The election on March 8 is fast approaching. The major newspaper made its endorsement on Feb. 14. They backed John Allard, a Roseville city councilman, and previously 11-year chief of staff to former State Sen. Tim Leslie. You wouldn’t learn about that long stint in the belly of the beast by reading his candidate […]

Astonishing thievery

EDITOR: As principal of Guiding Hands School in El Dorado Hills that primarily serves students with disabilities, I have had the privilege to witness the joys of student growth. Today, however, I face the challenge of trying to explain compromised integrity to our students. Last Friday, Feb. 11, our students were released early so our […]

You’ve made a good start, Jerry

OK, Jerry, you’ve made a good start in fixing California’s budget problem. But you have just hit the tip of the iceberg. You’re making an effort to stop the state from buying more cars but don’t stop with only that. There is no reason any state employee should have a state owned vehicle unless they […]

Letter writer’s vitriol spilling over … again

EDITOR When I saw the title of Mr. John Garon’s letter (My New Year’s resolution, Feb. 7), I thought he had decided to give up writing “vitriolic, nearly unhinged” letters to the Mountain Democrat about “Tea Partyers” (and other non-left-wing organizations he execrates). But I was sadly mistaken. He has now proudly concocted two “more […]

He is a killer of children — thanks for keeping him locked up

EDITOR: First and foremost I want to thank the Parole Board at San Quentin for denying parole to this inmate. I have known him for many years working in the telephone industry in the ’60s, Pac Tel, and it was apparent that he had an alcohol problem. He came to work every day, drunk. I […]

The real world of kids’ sports

EDITOR: This is in response to Debra Yurgelevic’s letter/opinion about the newly hired coaches of the El Dorado High School boys’ basketball program. Competition can be defined as the act of competing, as for profit or a prize. In this case, we are referring to competing for a prize, whether it is a league or […]

‘We’ are the Tea Party

EDITOR: We are for lower taxes, against unions, against socialism, fascism and Nazism (we’re not exactly sure we know what those labels mean, but we know our president, Barack  Obama, and his cohorts Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein, are definitely at least one of those). We’re going to take back our country! So what if […]

Great editorial: Cut whole agencies

EDITOR: Re.  your editorial regarding cutting agencies I commend the Mountain Democrat on the content of your editorial on cutting whole agencies instead of just “some” of their budgets. I join with you in supporting the elimination of all such Departments of Worthless Services. The taxpayers said loudly and clearly “cut government” but as deaf […]

We need to implement Laura’s Law

EDITOR: El Dorado County is ahead of the curve with the Behavioral Health Court. The court has proven successful in helping people with mental illness to stabilize, find the right medication and work with a doctor and therapist to improve their living situation. We have a new sheriff who is energetic and deputies who have […]

Leash law good for everyone

EDITOR: While there is certainly room for debate on some points, I agree with several of the thoughtful comments in Tom Gillen’s letter (his response to Anthony Belli) regarding a dog’s natural instincts and suggested socialization techniques. However, I strongly disagree with his suggestion that dogs be allowed off-leash to “chase critters” and perhaps be […]

This project will be dedicated to Sam LaCara

EDITOR: As the students and faculty of Schnell School begin the process of healing from the recent tragedy, Placerville has shown tremendous support. We are fortunate to have such strong community spirit and caring within our town. For the past few years I have been fortunate to work with a group of great volunteers on […]

Why can’t we get anyone to help us?

EDITOR: As enthused parents to the middle school scene, like many parents we were excited for our children to attend the school’s first overnight field trip to an Outdoor Science Camp. This camp was to be a week long and loaded with fun, adventure and lifelong memories. It seems that when our children reach these […]

Not impressed with Beth Gaines for Assembly

EDITOR: Clean hands, pure hearts… Integrity and accountability are primary considerations in choosing the best candidate to represent the voice of the people. All the dirt will eventually come out in the wash. Until then, “we the people” must hold all candidates’ feet to the fire. Beth Gaines was one of the five candidates for […]

Parole date denied for murderer — thank you

EDITOR: Dear friends and neighbors: Earlier this year we informed you that the man who murdered Ehren, our son and brother, had a parole hearing on Feb. 9. We attended the hearing and want to pass on the good news to you. Robert Kaser will not be eligible for parole for five more years. That […]

Let’s plant a memory garden for Sam LaCara

EDITOR: I am not going to deny that I am not a well behaved woman. I don’t care to be. A well behaved woman doesn’t seem to get as much accomplished. I moved my store rapidly, and much to the chagrin of those who know exactly why I moved. In the midst of my move […]

This nation’s freedoms were won with guns

EDITOR: Nothing about attempts to limit my right to keep and bear arms is ever simple. The Supreme Court’s recent decision that the Second Amendment does refer to an individual’s right to keep and bear arms settles a very large part of the gun control issue. However, the SCOTUS decision did not address how far […]

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