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Now I am a victim

EDITOR: There are nights you will never forget, those lingering memories of an event that will carry wonderful, beautiful feelings. Then, there are times you wished you were somewhere else, an event that leaves a painful scar, robbing you of your freedom. One of my favorite quotes is by Robert F. Kennedy, and it is […]

Public-private partnerships are not the answer

EDITOR: Many people are casting about for solutions to perceived problems. Yes, we have problems for which it would be nice to find solutions but we should not grasp at straws just because someone says they are a good idea. We could well make matters worse. Public-private partnerships are a means to grant a monopoly to […]

Hyperbole and the self-victimization of conservative America

EDITOR: Friday’s opinion section in the Mountain Democrat contained a political cartoon displaying a black man in an outfit displaying “Scientific Debate” being harassed by the police and a dog displaying “Gore” and “Global Warming Extremism.” Let’s clear the air first: The scientific debate on global warming comes down to how bad it is. Not […]

Look for the union label — you won’t find it

EDITOR: In 1975 the International Ladies Garment Workers union funded an advertising campaign that featured the jingle, “Look for the union label.” For those too young to remember this was the ILGW’s effort to combat, back then, the rise of factories and corporations around the country that hired new emigrant workers or undocumented aliens. Asking […]

California logic – just awesome

EDITOR: Solyndra Inc. of Fremont, despite common knowledge that other developing countries, such as China, have lower cost and cheaper labor, received $535 million in federal loans and about $1 billion in venture capital to build a solar panel manufacturing plant. They selected California, a heavily regulated environment with anti-business attitude, and then built in Fremont, […]

Disagree with editorial

EDITOR: “Every news organization has only its credibility and reputation to rely on,” said Tony Burman, former-editor-in-chief of CBC News. While various existing codes of journalism have some differences, most share common elements including the principles of — accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness and public accountability — as these apply to the acquisition of newsworthy information […]

In the aftermath of Sept. 11 … what have we become as a nation?

EDITOR: On Sept. 11, 2001, my wife and I lived in a Maryland suburb of Washington, D.C. I was at home, retired from the Department of State, but my wife was still working there. I was watching “The Today Show” when Katie Couric reported that a “private plane” had hit one of the World Trade Center […]

Clipper is doing much better, thanks

EDITOR: To the friends of, this is written on the 19th day of Clipper being at HartSong Ranch. Here’s an update on his progress. Clipper’s quite fond of Clipper’s Catering Crew, all of whom go to extraordinary lengths, four times a day, to whip up the most delicious concoctions designed to promote weight gain and good […]

Enlighten us, please, Congressman McClintock

EDITOR: Whenever I write an inquiry to our local congressman, Tom McClintock, I invariably receive a canned answer, usually off-topic, but always espousing his Libertarian philosophy. So I’ve decided to use this forum to ask Congressman McClintock his views on a GOP-sponsored transportation bill that could cost California tens of thousands of jobs. The bill’s […]

The definition of hypocrisy

EDITOR: I recently watched Mitt Romney and Rick Perry speaking to a VFW convention. I don’t remember their eminently forgettable words of wisdom, so fixated was I by the teleprompters both men used. I await with bated breath the same Tea Party snickers that greeted President Obama when he used these devices. I assume that […]

We’ve got to stop the bleeding … shop locally

EDITOR: I am amazed at the amount of businesses closing their doors throughout El Dorado County. The people of our county need to do what they can to keep our communities vibrant by shopping locally first. If we don’t support those businesses in our communities we will become ghost towns. How many more restaurants, services […]

Placerville church welcomes public for 9/11 memorial service

EDITOR: Church of Our Saviour, Placerville, invites the community to join in a come-as-you-are prayer vigil on Saturday, Sept. 10, at 11 a.m. We will offer prayers and times for silent meditation to remember the victims of the terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001 and to pray for peace. Spend an hour with us in the beautiful […]

The economy grows when you build things that employ people

EDITOR: I’ve been reading the letters to the editor and viewed both sides of the issues regarding unions. It seems that both sides tend to paint their views with a very broad brush. Let me say that no one has discussed construction unions, i.e., the electricians, plumbers, carpenters, painters, etc. When these unions negotiate they […]

Beware: burglary on Mosquito Road

EDITOR: Last weekend sometime after Sunday morning my family’s home was broken into, our belongings stolen, and our comfort destroyed. If you witnessed any “odd” vehicles or behavior on Mosquito Road, or know of someone who suddenly has obtained a lot of “new” old stuff, please contact the El Dorado County sheriff. As our Sheriff’s […]

Thoughts on McClintock’s ‘My turn’ article

EDITOR: The whole truth? Congress has a 13 percent approval rating and I believe in some appreciable part that is because people do not trust their elected officials to tell them all of the facts and the whole truth. How did Congressman Tom McClintock measure up in his “My turn” piece on Aug. 31? Below […]

Thank you to Marshall Hospital

EDITOR: The family of David Greening would like to extend heartfelt thanks to the amazingly compassionate and professional staff at Marshall Hospital at the recent passing of our loved one. The community of Placerville is truly blessed to have such excellent care available to them. There are so many who personally helped us and we […]

We’re remembering 9/11 in El Dorado Hills

EDITOR: Sept. 11, 2001, was a seminal event for our nation and its people. Everyone vividly remembers where they were the exact moment they first learned about the tragedy. We also knew at that instant our lives would never be the same. Ten years have passed, and parishioners at Rolling Hills Christian Church in El Dorado […]

How can we not do something?

EDITOR: Thank you to Bill Schultz, for asking El Dorado County to recognize the anniversary of the tragedy that hit our country 10 years ago. I was very disapppointed when I realized there was nothing planned anywhere in our county to commemorate that day. I was hoping to recreate the enormous outpouring of patriotism and […]

I think finding the Roundabout funds was brilliant

EDITOR: I would like to give more information from my understanding of the funding for the proposed Roundabout in Placerville. The original reasoning for developing a roundabout included aligning Cedar Ravine and Clay Street, since both end at Main, offset by less than a block.If Clay is rerouted to join up with the current location […]

Unions, and the collapse of the dream

EDITOR: It seems like I touched the feelings of a couple of readers of the Mountain Democrat with my letter blaming unions for most of this country’s economics problem. Neither of these responders noticed that I did not say that unions should be abolished, rather that the mandatory membership should be stopped (Right to Work). […]

SOS for Sheriff’s Department

EDITOR: I heard the sheriff speak last evening at a community meeting about the financial trials he is going through. Basically, he indicated a $4.8 million loss of revenue (federal, state and county funding) and the possibility of an even bigger reduction next fiscal year. This is totally unacceptable. The losses are not just to […]

Shaken by rattler

EDITOR: Well, they are back again, rattlesnakes, and they are very dangerous. One ate four of my young bunnies and could not get back out through the wire cage. I was feeding the mother rabbit with my hands inside the cage — about 16 inches away was this huge rattler. We had to cut him […]

A Tea Partier’s dream

EDITOR: Here’s something I never thought I’d say: Eric Cantor is right. Recently the House Republican leader said that the only thing stopping Republicans from achieving three of their key goals — ending Medicare, gutting protections for American workers and destroying the Environmental Protection Agency — is the Democratic Senate. If they are able to flip […]

Get ready for the carnage

EDITOR: I’m not for or against the proposed Roundabout in Placerville but I am worried about it. Why? Well, I’ve traveled in countries where roundabouts are the norm. But in those countries, the people who drive the vehicles have grown up with them and know how to utilize their functionality. It’s orderly and methodical, albeit […]

We are so grateful to the community

EDITOR: Our family, the McIntires, lost our little sister, Sharon McIntire, on July 21. While we suffered with Sharon during her valiant fight, we are so very comforted by the help and support of our friends in Placerville and El Dorado County. Thank you to all of you who attended Sharon’s memorial and shared with […]

Sheriff’s helicopter just a pig in a poke

EDITOR: I guess that Sheriff John D’Agostini doesn’t have any relatives who own helicopters. Now he has a couple of his rich friends offering the use of their helicopter to assist the Sheriff’s Department with patrol, Search and Rescue, and marijuana eradication. “Free” for just the cost of the fuel, which Sheriff D’Agostini says will […]

Roundabout — a solution in search of a problem

EDITOR: Is the controversy about the Roundabout much ado about not much?  The city’s decision to install a roundabout at the intersection of Main and Cedar Ravine looks like a solution in search of a problem. In all such controversies, in which the benefits of change are far from obvious while the harm to local shopkeepers […]

Roundabout and a nation in debt

EDITOR: I read with interest Ms. Davidson’s letter supporting the Roundabout in Placerville. Often if people talk long enough you can find out where they’re really coming from. The last paragraph of Ms. Davidson’s letter is very instructive in that regard. She says in that last paragraph that if we turn the Roundabout down the money […]

From Camino, I see the humor in a roundabout

EDITOR: After living in Camino for many years, I find it almost humorous that there is a consideration for a roundabout in Placerville. To my knowledge, the intersection of Cedar Ravine and Main Street functions very well for vehicles and pedestrians. It has been interesting to read all the pros and cons. I agree with making Placerville […]

Sept. 11: Who wrote the script?

EDITOR: Now that we are approaching the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City on Sept. 11, 2001, I’ve been thinking about the fate of one of the buildings that collapsed that afternoon, at 5:21. The building was referred to as the Salomon Brothers Building or World […]

That’s why they call it ‘dope’

EDITOR: This is in response to the letter written by Hans Wissler dated Aug. 26. Hans, you asked for opinions, here’s mine. First, let me get this straight, you are writing (whining) from the El Dorado County Jail after being “wrongly” incarcerated while on probation. You say you have no Prop. 215 card, yet you still […]

TV commercials — there oughtta be a law

EDITOR: Is anybody else irritated by the TV ads for Indian casinos? At most commercial breaks on the nightly news (and probably other routine shows), they start by shoving a commercial down our throats for some damn Indian casino. Then after six to 10 other commercials, they shove the same damn casino commercial down our […]


EDITOR: I’m entitled to my Bush tax cuts, and I’m entitled to low tax rates on investments. I’m entitled to an army of lobbyists, and I’m entitled to buy politicians. And, of course, I’m entitled to blame our problems on — entitlements. JAMES E. LONGHOFER Placerville

El Dorado Hills Golf Course … such a waste

EDITOR: The El Dorado Hills Golf Course. What a shame and what a waste. I fully understand why it had to be closed. Not enough people wanted to golf on a course with so few long drives, I guess. Personally, and though I haven’t golfed in 15 years (too expensive), I liked the course. Great to […]

Social Security Trust Fund and useless IOUs

EDITOR: The Social Security Trust Fund (SSTF) is a figment of everyone’s imagination. If I borrow money from my retirement savings and spend it on non-income producing or capital items, I have essentially reduced my net worth. Even though I promise myself to pay back the loan with interest, the money is gone, never to […]

All workers should be able to bargain in good faith

EDITOR: I would like to respond to Mr. Labahn’s letter in Monday’s (Aug. 22) paper about unions causing loss of jobs. This isn’t a Republican or Democratic problem. I would say (most) of the national debt has been due to the fact we have been in several wars for many years now and trillions have […]

When you pay for something, it’s not an entitlement

EDITOR: In recent articles it has been reported that 46 percent of the population of the United States does not pay federal taxes. Of this number some 14,000 are millionaires. I would guess that the rest are the very poor. William Buffett claims that millionaires/billionaires pay about 17 percent in taxes while the rest of […]

Letter writer is right … school started too early

EDITOR: This letter may be a bit late but I want to reply to Mike Rogers’ letter of Aug. 12 in the Mountain Democrat. He was saying that the school year started too early and yes, I agree with him on that. A number of people said that school started to early this year and […]

Response to letter blaming unions

EDITOR: I’d like to respond to the gentleman who in your recent edition claimed that unions are a big part of the jobs market problem. He reminds me of Cohen’s observation that we see what we want to believe. I call it the “Kaliedescope phenomenon.” I see colors in the same scope differently than you, […]

Thank you G&O, officer Aguilar

EDITOR: On behalf of my husband and me, I would like to thank the G&O driver who found his wallet and turned it into the Placerville Police Department. And a big thank you to Officer Aguilar, who met him in town to return the wallet. It is great to know that with everything going on […]

Concerned that reporters are writing editorials

EDITOR: I read the Letters section of the Georgetown Gazette as I do each week. In the Aug. 18 edition, I came across a “Guest Editorial” reprinted from the Aug. 1 Mountain Democrat titled “A dysfunctional board.” I wondered why there was no by-line attached to the editorial and why there was comparison being made […]

Where’s the justice for Anthony?

EDITOR: Wow, it’s Aug. 19, 2011, and I’m sitting here in the El Dorado County Superior Courthouse waiting for another court date to start for my friend Anthony Dumont, who was murdered. In comes his family once again, as they have been doing for the past three years, hoping to get a trial date so […]

I’ve been looking forward to the Roundabout

EDITOR: I have looked forward to the installation of the Roundabout since I heard of the possibility several years ago. I use the Cedar Ravine/Clay Street/Main Street intersection several times a day. I find that getting out of Clay Street onto Main is problematic. All traffic from upper Main and Cedar Ravine merges together and […]

Thanks for supporting this first event

EDITOR: Big Brothers Big Sisters of El Dorado County would like to thank Bob Davis of Scenario Communications for inviting us to participate in the first El Dorado Italian Festival that took place at the Placerville fairgrounds on July 23. We were fortunate to be the beneficiaries of the proceeds of the Golden Foothills Lodge of […]

A pall cast on the City Council

EDITOR: In the Aug. 22 edition of the Mountain Democrat “P. Cole” brought up a very important point: There should be a very transparent vetting process for those individuals seeking the public trust. The El Dorado County district attorney’s investigation of alleged crimes involving Mayor Dave Machado and his son range from issues more recent […]

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