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The gas can insanity

EDITOR: According to a report made in 2005, Americans spill 17 million gallons of fuel each year while refilling their gas-powered lawn and garden equipment. That’s more petroleum than the Exxon Valdez spilled in the Gulf of Alaska. And it happens every year. It amazes me that a government agency could possibly make a law that […]

Mercury removal project just a bit ironic: They want the gold for themselves

EDITOR: Combie Reservoir, in Placer County, being dredged by opponents of dredging. Something is awfully fishy about this scenario. The dredging community was shut down because they disturbed the mercury that was left behind from the Gold Rush, yet they are going to acquire millions in grants to do just what they said that we can’t […]

Mercury — allow me to follow up

EDITOR: Follow up on mercury poisoning: Instead of regulating the mercury in our rivers, they should regulate our pharmaceutical companies. More people die every year from aspirin than have died from mercury poisoning since records have been kept. The only reason all of these studies are being done is to keep the money coming. If […]

There should be taxes … just not so much

EDITOR: Hello, my name is Rilye Kline. My point today is taxes and jobs. Taxes are getting harder to pay for. Gas was under two dollars and now it is four dollars. And I know that tax helps people like firemen, teachers and police. But the tax is now ridiculous. So there should be tax […]

JFK assassination: Warren Commission was a farce

EDITOR: It has been reported that tapes made by Jackie Onassis soon after the death of her husband are slated to be released. The tapes reveal that Kennedy-Onassis believed that Lyndon Johnson along with a cabal of Texas businessmen, the CIA, Federal Reserve bankers and others planned the Nov. 22, 1963, assassination of her husband […]

Uncle Matty should have gone further

EDITOR: Matthew Margolis (Uncle Matty)  does a good job in informing readers that the Humane Society of the United States is not affiliated with any local humane societies or SPCAs, since name confusion is quite common. But he should have asked people to give to these needy local shelters exclusively. [“Uncle Matty: Clearing up humane confusion,” […]

Justice System Realignment — I’m here to help

EDITOR: As the El Dorado County chief probation officer, I have been appointed as chair of the Community Corrections Partnership, a statutory committee (Penal Code section 1230) serving the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors in the preparation of the 2011 Public Safety Realignment Plan. As most of the residents of El Dorado County are […]

We’re demanding pretty tomatoes?

EDITOR: I was searching the other day in the produce section of an El Dorado County grocery (unnamed) for some tasty, local organic tomatoes. This is California, peak tomato season. The produce guy told me — “Oh, all those go to the canners.” All the tomatoes? “Ours come from greenhouses,” he said. Why would that […]

Waste, fraud and abuse: Are we all on the same planet?

EDITOR: When I think about the millions spent on political campaigns in this country, I can’t believe that there isn’t a better way to use all that money. The stark contrast of the starving in Somalia set against the activity of the Iowa Straw Poll boggles the mind. Are both of these things happening on […]

A perfect solution

EDITOR: Signs in front of several local firehouses say “Cooking – The leading cause of fires in the home.” Might this be a statement of only mild interest? Think about pairing this statement with the following: (1) Mrs. Obama is leading an, as yet, unsuccessful crusade against obesity; and, (2) California’s unemployment rate is now […]

Disturbed by opposition to the roundabout

EDITOR: My name is Carol Patton. Currently I am president of the Placerville Downtown Association. I am also the owner of Placerville Clothing Company. I have been involved with Placerville politics for over 20 years, as a former city planning commissioner, as a member of the Placerville Area Convergence Team, as the chair of the Flower […]

Stunned by editorial’s stance on roundabout

EDITOR: I must admit to being stunned seeing a recent editorial supporting the roundabout proposed for Main and Cedar Ravine. I travel that intersection every day and it’s one of the quickest and easiest to get through in the entire city. This insane idea of putting a roundabout there has achieved something that few ever […]

Disappointed in editorial supporting roundabout

EDITOR: Many of us in Placerville were delighted to read in a recent Friday issue the mayor’s statement that he feels the roundabout should be scrapped because the people do not support the idea, and the city should not spend money on litigation of the issue. That was so heartening, and it appeared that finally […]

I can’t see why we’d need a roundabout there

EDITOR: I’ve been hearing about the Placerville Roundabout for quite some time now. For the life of me, I can’t understand why it’s such a vital thing for Placerville to have. Having worked in the Ivy House for about 10 years, I can’t recall there ever being any major accidents caused by the lack of […]

Machado’s tangled web

EDITOR: Oh, my, my, said the spider to the fly. What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. I wrote and published a book 10 years ago, of course it is fiction. There is a character in my book based on corruption in this town … could it be our current […]

Save the redwood tree

EDITOR: Last week I was up in Placerville for a memorial service for Nancy Grove, longtime resident of Placerville. Before leaving town we decided to stop at The Sequoia Restaurant for coffee and dessert. Mike (the bartender) was absolutely wonderful with a tour and recent stories of the ghosts haunting the place and all the mishaps happening. However, upon driving […]

Hasty editorial misses the mark

EDITOR: Your Friday, Aug. 12, editorial on Wild and Scenic River designation for the Upper Truckee River was hasty and overstated. Such designation can truly be a case of the government being here to help you. The Wild and Scenic Rivers Act is the nation’s primary river conservation tool. Wild and Scenic protection expressly prohibits […]

A community united

EDITOR: Someone recently asked me, “What is a community?” No doubt that anyone who would be asked that question would have a ready answer.  A geographical area, neighbors, residences and businesses, schools and libraries, those people from that neck of the woods, etc.? All part of a good description, but lacking in the one most critical […]

Women’s Health special issue: Thank you, and check out this group

EDITOR: I recently read your wonderful Women’s Health special issue. And as an almost four-year breast cancer survivor, I wanted to commend you on the very vital information you provided the community. It is so very important people be knowledgeable about their own health, and what they can do to help themselves in crisis situations. I […]

Lack of jobs — unions are a big part of the problem

EDITOR: Jobs, jobs, jobs. We hear the continual rhetoric out of government centers about the need for jobs. But not a one of them has reached any conclusion on how these are to be attained. The Democrats follow their usual trait of throwing money at the situation in hopes it will disappear. We see from […]

Mercury scare

EDITOR: Mercury contamination is a myth. All the scientific studies show that there were only four cases of mercury poisoning from fish consumption and that was in Iraq and other nations, not the United States. Japan had mercury poisoning from industrial spills and that was only in the area of the spill. Iraq women had […]

PopTarts and socialism

I was facinated with the Mountain Democrat’s Chris Daley’s “PopTart issue” in his column recently. I believe his view is a prime example of our present out of control socialistic approach to govern our nation over capitalism. Mr. Daley believes it is the lesser of two evils to spend money we don’t have to buy […]

We’re closing … but we thank you

EDITOR: The Association of Developmentally Disabled Citizens of El Dorado County is sad, but excited to announce we will be closing our thrift store, Treasures. The Board of Directors is enthusiastic about the new vision for the association and services that will be provided. The board members further feel our success is not measured by […]

Letter writer needs another hobby

EDITOR: This is in response to the Aug.15 letter submitted by John Garon. John G. I would like to know a politician who isn’t a BSer. You seem to do a pretty good job at BSing, so I guess it takes one to know one. Another good example is your so-called BSer in charge, Obama. […]

Miners are people, too

EDITOR: Who destroys the environment? American River Conservancy just finished 25 miles of 5- to 8-foot trail down the side of the South Fork of the American River. They say that it is so people can enjoy nature but if miners (not people) want to enjoy what people enjoy, tough luck. “Dredgers destroy habitat” is […]

Looking for volunteers to spruce up our town

EDITOR: Do you like to work in the garden? Are you looking for a community service project to be involved in? Then you are looking for Community Pride, and Community Pride is looking for you. Community Pride is Placerville’s volunteer beautification committee. Our goal is “to improve the grace and charm of Placerville.. We have […]

I don’t trust city government

EDITOR: Open letter to the Placerville City Council: Maybe we the  residents of Placerville would have more confidence in the City Council’s proposals if we felt we could trust our city government. Case in point: Mayor Dave Machado being scrutinized (editor’s note — this letter was written prior to Machado’s arrest Aug. 18) for failure […]

Does jailing me really serve the community?

EDITOR: I would like to call to the attention of the public that nonviolent drug offenders on probation are still being threatened jail time for use of cannabis even with a doctor’s recommendation and valid Prop. 215 registration. This is very much the case with me now. I am on probation for possessing a little […]

In wake of sudden death … we thank you

EDITOR: On Monday, Aug. 8, a wonderful husband and father was taken from us in a tragic log truck accident on Highway 50 near Kyburza. Not more than minutes after his spirit left this Earth the outpouring of support for our family was felt. I would have never in a million years thought that so […]

Look up — and look out

EDITOR:  Has everyone been enjoying the beautiful, flawless blue skies of summer? I know I have. Unfortunately, that will soon change. I predict that by the end of this month, if not sooner, chemtrails (not contrails) will be back criss-crossing our skies. They will spread out, turning into clouds and haze. They will fill our […]

Sorry, folks … but let’s keep it clean

EDITOR: The recent salmonella outbreaks again bring to light the importance of food preparation techniques, as well as proper cooking. As a clinical microbiologist, the lab person working with the salmonella, e.coli, etc., cultures, I would venture to guess that most of the problems come from the everyday household food prep, vs. improper cooking. We […]

Political cartoon a surprising feature

EDITOR: I was delightfully shocked by the political cartoon last Friday, July 29. My first thought was that the editor must be on vacation and someone was going to be in a lot of trouble when he got back. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is tired of the daily Obama bashing cartoons […]

The people have a right to be heard

EDITOR: Redevelopment was put on the city of Placerville’s agenda by a small group of people. The city obliged by spending $400,000 of our tax dollars on the requisite paperwork to make their dream come true. But our elected officials have a greater responsibility: We the people. Canvassing Placerville residents, a truly “small group of […]

To the woodshed, Washington, D.C.

EDITOR: Regarding our representatives in Washington, D.C.: They all deserve a spanking … and not the type half of them would enjoy. RAY PETHEL Placerville

I’m going to incorporate myself

EDITOR: If corporations are people, then I’m going to put Pty. or Ltd. or Inc. after the name Don Ravanelli and list myself on the stock exchange. As CEO, founding president and treasurer of Don Ravanelli Inc., I’ve decided that on the basis of my superb leadership that I’m lifting my annual salary (plus bonus) to […]

Let’s be reasonable, man

EDITOR: I moved to Garden Valley over 20 years ago, and have loved most every day here. Everyone wants good for everyone. People meet at the Grange and the park, and help each other stay in business, and help one another’s children by giving them a chance to interact with adults. Wonderful! When we lived in […]

I’d like to see a president like me

EDITOR: I remember how excited people were when Obama was running for president. People would say that finally someone will be in the White House who looks and thinks like them. And today I say good for them. I wonder when and if I’ll ever see a president that looks and thinks like me. Historically […]

How we got here

EDITOR: The political cartoon of July 29, entitled “How we got here,” caused me to wonder how this cartoon came to be published in the Mountain Democrat. It shows a man wearing a GOP pin spending, spending, spending, and then burning down the economy while blaming President Obama. Specifically, two failed needless wars, money thrown […]

That was Bush’s doing

EDITOR: When letter writer Scott Nichols wished President Obama a happy birthday, he implied that Mr. Obama was responsible for the Troubled Asset Relief Program. That program was signed into law by President George W. Bush. HARRY N. ZELINKA Diamond Springs

News media at it again … no fair!

EDITOR: The corporate media are at it again, just like in 2008. Michelle Bachmann eked out a mere 152 vote victory in the Ames Straw Poll in Iowa last week, gathering 4,823 votes to Ron Paul’s 4,671, leaving Tim Pawlenty a distant third with 2,293 votes — but all you hear from the media is […]

DA and senator’s real motive

EDITOR: There are enough laws on the books concerning predators. Probation and Parole need to tighten up their supervision and maybe fire a couple lazy agents. As to Vern Pierson and Ted Gaines: They don’t do anything unless it will gain them more votes and keep them in office. RICHARD LAMPARTER El Dorado

Sinking gold dredging a disservice to many

EDITOR: Environmentalist should pat themselves on their back; you have done to dredging what you have done to the nation: put 4,000 more people closer to poverty. If you don’t want something bad enough all you have to do is get a bunch of other people to say that they don’t like it either. Doesn’t […]

Disband the ATF

EDITOR: Letter writer Mr. Garon uses the tragedy in Norway to argue for much stricter control on guns. I think he would like them eliminated from private hands altogether, but his main theme is to restrict the access of many because of the actions of a few. In that case he should favor the abolition […]

Going along to get along

EDITOR: A thought: A bomb was strapped to America and set to explode on Aug. 2. The countdown timer was stopped with moments to spare when America caved in to the demands. So the Tea Party won — well, maybe not because when the Republican leadership demanded their votes many of the Tea Party champions […]

They vote in China, too

EDITOR: Thank you, Rep. Tom McClintock, for standing strong on the federal budget and debt limit fiasco. This issue is only a symptom of a much greater problem, the massive size and reach of the federal government, far beyond anything ever dreamed of by our Founding Fathers, and by any measure of the imagination or […]

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