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Shallow thinking is destructive

EDITOR: The time has come to educate those who are frozen in their mindset. Richard Marcroft, Citrus Heights and Patricia Ann Burke, Placerville are wonderful examples of people who clearly show an inability to think for themselves. They have been poisoned by the liberal media and, probably their family and educators. Richard will blindly vote […]

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Thanks for the community support in getting coats to kids

EDITOR: I would like to send an open letter of thanks to our community for their support in the annual Koats for Kids drive put on by the Goldrush, Active 20-30 Club that was held on Saturday. Goldrush Active 20-30 Club holds a coat drive each fall and distributes the coats to those in need on […]

Thank you so much for helping me

EDITOR: I would like to give a great big thank you to the wonderful people who helped me on Nov. 5 on the first Purple Stride for Pancreatic Cancer Research and Cure. Thank you to Pete Messimore of A Helping Hand Assisted Living Services in Pollock Pines, Pure Life Co-Op in Diamond Springs, Barbara Proud […]

Christmas giving: Let’s start a new tradition

EDITOR: Here’s an idea worth thinking about. Small steps, followed by a group of people stepping up, can change the way we move forward. Take a moment to read these great Christmas gift giving ideas and if they make sense to you, share the concept with those who you think might appreciate a fresh idea […]

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Our congressman at work

EDITOR: I recently sent our congressman, Tom McClintock, an e-mail encouraging him to do his part in spurring the economy by signing the bill proposed by President Obama that includes many ideas of both Republican and Democratic representatives. He sent me an e-mail acknowledging my own, replying that he and another congressman had co-authored a […]

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EDITOR: I don’t understand your intended message contained in the editorial of Nov. 2, “Roadless areas excessive,” but I can tell you what I took away from it. How can the government afford to build roads in the wilderness when they can’t fill the potholes on my street? ASHLEY A. BLINN Cameron Park

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Thanks for the outpouring of love in Pollock Pines

EDITOR: On Oct. 22 an overwhelming event took place in our wonderful community of Pollock Pines, a fundraiser for our son and his family. We’d like to thank two remarkable people, Sue Krek and D’aun Pence, and their families for making this all happen. Because of them, our entire community, many outside of Pollock Pines, […]

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Gold Bug Park says thanks

EDITOR: Thank you so much, Mountain Democrat, for the Readers’ Choice award and ceremony. Such fun! And so many people in our community recognized for what they do. It is definitely fun to be a part of it all. The committee really appreciates the recognition this year — it is the best year we have […]

Telephone monopoly: There are choices

EDITOR: In response to Mr. Fred Belt’s letter regarding AT&T holding a monopoly on phone service: This is untrue. At the below URL which belongs to the California Public Utility Commission, you will find the ability to inquire and obtain information regarding providers of telephone service in your area. I do agree, if you’re not […]

Aren’t steps for stepping on?

EDITOR: I go to Gold Oak School. I love my school. We had lots of construction work done at our school recently. They planted trees and grass, they made a new parking lot and they paved the old one. And constructed nice steps. But we cannot go on them. The only time we have ever […]

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One year later: Remembering Marty

EDITOR: Oct. 26 marked the one year anniversary of the passing of Marty Welsh.  Dr. Welsh, a local family physician, was the subject of several articles in the Mountain Democrat as his battle with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) was chronicled. Marty was one of the brightest physicians I had ever had the pleasure to work alongside, […]

A faux tax

EDITOR: Several Mountain Democrat readers have expressed support of a flat tax, and both Gov. Perry and Mr. Cain have come out with their versions. Rather than debate the specifics of the two proposed plans, let me simply say the flat tax is a deception — it raises taxes on the poor and the middle class […]

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Brown Act being violated

EDITOR: Most of us respect the “Brown Act,” the state law governing the actions of elected officials acting in an open and public manner. Unfortunately, the chair of the Grizzly Flat Community Services District, Rich Englefield, apparently has no respect for open and accountable actions of being a member of a publicly elected board. In the latest […]

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I am impressed with Sheriff D’Agostini

EDITOR: Yesterday I had one of those rare experiences that sort of restores your faith in human kindness. I met this elected official at a local community Commission meeting. He came up to me and shook my hand and introduced himself as he was headed out after the meeting to his truck. Knowing that the […]

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This dangerous crosswalk needs attention

EDITOR: I have been in this neighborhood and seen many changes in the 80 years I have lived here in this one place and property. I have saved dogs, etc., out of the street from death on Carson Road in Camino, and a few years back a little 3-year-old going down the middle of Carson […]

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No wonder they’re rioting in the streets

EDITOR: As I watched the news on Oct. 5, I see that crude oil was at $75 a barrel. I think back to the time when the oil fields were on fire, and crude oil jumped to $79 a barrel and gasoline jumped to $1.79 a gallon. I thought that was terrible. Now I ask […]

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Pooch Plunge a tail-wagging success

EDITOR: It was “Dogs Gone Wild” Aug. 20 at the third annual Pooch Plunge at Cameron Park Lake, sponsored by El Dorado Dog Owners Guild and the Cameron Park Community Services District. Attendance was high as 161 dogs from 16 surrounding communities did a fantastic job running, jumping and splashing their way to another fun-filled, off-leash […]

Does anyone have this book?

EDITOR: Several years ago, going through my archives, I found a copy of a book entitled “Snowline 1940.” It was the history of the California Conservation Corps camp at Snowline (located just above Camino), which was established in 1933 and closed December 1940. I was a fire crew foreman there for six years. The book, filled […]

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Teens out of control on Halloween

EDITOR: I would like to congratulate the parents of the teenage boys in the Crystal Boulevard area. You have successfully raised true juvenile delinquents. Do you know where they were last night, Halloween? They were walking with flashlights stealing from yards, taking and totally destroying driveway lights, breaking mailboxes and their posts and putting anything […]

I want to see John Skeel back on the job

EDITOR: Presentation made to the El Dorado Hills Community Services District: I am Evelyn Weick, vice president of the Senior Support Council and a voting citizen of El Dorado Hills. I am speaking because I am so disgusted with you, this board, in the way I feel you are treating us, your voting citizens. Clear […]

99 percenters vs. 1 percenters

EDITOR: Is it our ego that drives us to think we are better than the common man? Shakespeare may have said it best with these words: “To be or not to be, that is the question. Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or take up arms […]

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Footprints on the bark

EDITOR: I wanted to get that fluorescent pink painted softball size spot off my chest. I called PG&E and spoke with their customer service department. Sir, I said, there are pink fluorescent paint spots on the trees in front of my house. From my mailbox I can see at least three painted trunks that are […]

275 percent? Really?

EDITOR: Two hundred seventy five percent. That’s the percentage growth of the average income of the richest 1 percent (30,000) of Americans. And that’s after taxes! Their average income is almost $2 million a year. These are the results of a two-year study by the Congressional Budget Office. And all this happened in just under […]

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Not impressed with EID challengers

EDITOR: I have read the campaign statements in your newspaper by two candidates running to replace two existing El Dorado Irrigation District board members. I find that they are ill informed about the water and wastewater utility business and EID. The statement in the Mountain Democrat by Mr. Ray Van Asten, candidate for Division 1, […]

Eight days of El Dorado County smoke

EDITOR: Let me start by saying that I am one of the most avid supports of maintaining the right to “open burning” here in El Dorado County. With that said, someone needs to take their head out from where they have been hiding it and make the right decisions. I spent the last four-and-a-half hours this […]

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Military spending won’t get us out of economic crisis

EDITOR: The Great Depression of the 1930s ended when the government decided to spend unlimited funds to create almost unlimited jobs. It was called World War II and the American public had to be convinced by the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor. But it did end the Depression, at quite a substantial price. Now we are […]

EID by the numbers

EDITOR: El Dorado Irrigation District’s Jim Abercrombie this week showed charts that water 2012 rates are about to “skyrocket” another 28 percent for EID’s “medium usage” residential water customer. This additional 28 percent follows rate increases of 18 percent in 2010 and 15 percent in 2011. Another 11 percent rate increase already is targeted for […]

Don’t close the Kyburz Post Office

EDITOR: Open letter to Postmaster General, United States Postal Service regarding the possible closure of the Kyburz Post Office: My wife and I are unable to attend the meeting scheduled in Placerville. This letter is intended to express our dismay to hear that there are plans to close the post office at Kyburz. I am proud […]

It’s running downhill, straight from the U.N.

We have all been told that stuff runs downhill. We at the bottom of the hill are just not sure where it comes from. I feel we do not look high enough. At the Rio de Janeiro U.N. Earth Summit in 1992, some 178 nations adopted Agenda 21. President George W. Bush signed for the United States. […]

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For Ray Van Asten: For EID

EDITOR: In a stunning reversal of direction – what some might call a betrayal of his commitment to withdraw from the race for the El Dorado Irrigation District board and throw his support to Ray Van Asten – Rob Carey has declared that he is back in the race. After a disastrous outing at the […]

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Northside School thanks local businesses

EDITOR: Northside School in Cool held its annual Fall Festival on Oct. 16. The event raised money through raffle ticket sales. The Northside School Parent Teacher Club would like to express our appreciation and thank the business that donated generously. Your generosity will make it possible for the Northside PTC to continue to help fund […]

City Council, you’re pimping our city

EDITOR: Open letter to the Placerville City Council: It’s very disturbing to me and degrading of your official positions to allow our former mayor to participate as he did Tuesday night, or at any City Council meeting. When police officers are suspected of a crime, criminal offenses, they are put on administrative leave. I can’t believe […]

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There’s a leash law, folks

EDITOR: May I remind folks that there is a leash law. It seems that no matter where I go, with my dog on a leash, others let their dogs run free. It’s irritating and irresponsible of owners. I carry pepper spray and will not hesitate to use it. Question is, who should get sprayed? The […]

Upper Truckee non-action: Thanks for doing nothing

EDITOR: I applaud our Board of Supervisors for not taking any action on the Upper Truckee River Wild and Scenic River resolution Oct. 11. It would have been far easier for the board to pass the resolution. (The resolution seeks to show El Dorado County supports pressuring Congress to formalizing Wild and Scenic status for […]

Occupy EID

EDITOR: I attended last Monday’s El Dorado Irrigation District public meeting, and made it clear that I oppose the the 50/50 split between service vs. commodity (water) use. Currently, the service portion of your bill is 30 percent. So why do I oppose this proposed 50/50 plan? First, it is not equitable. It will increase […]

Support Wild and Scenic for Upper Truckee

EDITOR: I was disappointed to read your recent editorial, “Keep Upper Truckee tabled,” (Oct. 19), urging the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors to “permanently table” a resolution in support of Wild and Scenic designation for the Upper Truckee River. I disagree. The Upper Truckee River is the primary source of clear, clean water for […]

Pioneer Fire’s Measure F: Allow me to illuminate the facts

EDITOR: Regarding the Oct. 24 letter to the Mountain Democrat opposing Pioneer Fire Protection District’s Measure F, I‘d like to address the author’s concerns and clear up a bit of misinformation. First, the lack of a sunset clause: The Pioneer Fire Board of Directors can vote to suspend or reduce the amount of the tax […]

Hard to take Mr. Obama’s word to the bank

EDITOR: I just read Mr. Moser’s letter on how the Republicans don’t care about the American people. I guess caring is burying your grandchildren in enough debt to sink Mt. Everest, but that aside let’s temper this with some facts. First, Mr. Obama said at the beginning that if he couldn’t turn things around in […]

Gone, but not forgotten

EDITOR: It’s hard to understand why some people are taken from us, especially our young ones. Most often there will be no acceptable answer. However, living on in memories is the legacy of love and of cherished lives. The Community Economic Development Association of Pollock Pines has begun the planning of a very special Memory […]

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Support of Halloween Carnival appreciated

EDITOR: The Cameron Park Community Services District Recreation Department combined its Carnival and Pumpkin Patch for a very successful event held on Saturday, Oct. 15, at Cameron Park Lake. We had a wonderful turnout for this fun, filled family event. The children and their parents enjoyed the carnival games, crafts, hay rides, pumpkin patch, bounce […]

Pollock Pines shows it has heart

EDITOR: Recently there was a fundraiser for a Pollock Pines resident who has cancer and needs help with the costs of his treatment. For a lot of people in California, Pollock Pines is a place where Caltrans makes Bay Area residents stop on their way to Tahoe to put on chains so they don’t slide […]

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Historic Shingle Springs Miwoks

We, the Historic Shingle Springs Miwok, have been fighting to preserve our burial grounds and our old village sites. But since no El Dorado County or state official asks for identification, they just assume the tribe living on the Shingle Springs Miwok Reservation land are the real Shingle Springs Miwoks. They just deal with them. […]

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This is not the time to bring in rookies to EID board

EDITOR: In hard times there are hard choices to make. There are sacrifices to be made while trying to balance the good. I understand anger at higher bills. Bottom line —repairs have to be made (pictures proved it–the structures were falling apart), mandates have to be met (both state and federal) and water needs to […]

We need to put legitimate Americans first

EDITOR: In response to Mr. Martin Schumann’s letter: It’s true, our nation’s generosity and hospitality have been taken advantage of for a very long time now. Yes, the secret to what has made America so strong over the last hundred or so years lies in its large diversity of people, a wonderful melting pot of […]

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Fast and Furious

EDITOR: In case you missed it, Congress passed and Obama signed new free trade agreements with South Korea, Panama and Columbia that will, according to a study at Princeton University, cost America another 30 to 40 million jobs over the next 20 years. This is just part of the overall plan to totally destroy the […]

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