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Pets are a cherished commitment

EDITOR: You recently printed a letter by Teena Bonnici about the slim chances of an animal being adopted once put in a shelter. Her letter was powerful and it took me right where I didn’t want to go. I would like to add to this subject of unwanted animals a line or two about one […]

To Support 4 Soldiers, from Traci’s mom

EDITOR: I am the mother of SSG Traci Nesthus currently deployed to Afghanistan. I was unaware of your support group until Traci recently received a package from your group. She was happily surprised to receive her package, as these soldiers are so happy to know that they are being thought of back home. At this […]

National deficit — does this make sense?

EDITOR: Here is where we are — extend the tax cuts and after we do so, let’s get serious about the deficit. This is simply crazy — let’s add to the deficit and then we can be concerned about the deficit. Does this make sense to anyone? Let the Bush tax cuts expire and let’s […]

High school musical groups were quite impressive

EDITOR: We had a great experience yesterday. We went to the senior citizens’ Christmas luncheon at the El Dorado Hills Community Center. The entertainment for this event was provided by musical groups from Oak Ridge High School. This started off with a large choral group (at least 30 members) who sang several songs a cappella. […]

Bullying at Christmas program elicits apology

EDITOR: This letter is in response to the Buetow family from Pollock Pines regarding their being bullied at the 54th Annual Singing Christmas Tree Performance. For those who are not familiar with this event, The Singing Christmas Tree is an annual event that is attended by approximately 25,000 patrons over the course of 10 performances. […]

The imperative of community owned telecom infrastucture

EDITOR: As the Internet becomes the universal telecommunications infrastructure delivering Web content, video and voice, it is becoming eminently clear that for much of El Dorado County, alternative, community owned telecommunications infrastructure must be put in place as rapidly as possible. Many expect this vital infrastructure to be expanded and upgraded by the big, investor-owned […]

We need to talk about testicular cancer

EDITOR: In 2008 a 31-year-young Placerville man lost his battle with cancer. A disease not many men talk about, afraid it might induce a snicker or uncomfortable silence. A man may be reluctant to even talk to his doctor about the subject. That is a problem. Testicular cancer is a serious disease; a killer responsible […]

Don’t feed the deer — it’s suicide for them

EDITOR: At the top junction of Fort Jim and Newtown Road in Placerville near the Snows Road entry, there is an over-abundance of deer, not to mention the carcasses of fawns and does on the side of the road. I was informed the deer are being fed by one or more homeowners in that area […]

Does a Navy rear admiral trump an Army colonel?

EDITOR: The 6 Sept. 1941 Japanese War Plan was documented in the book “The Two-Ocean War ” by the noted naval historian, Rear Admiral Samuel Eliot Morison, USNR (Ret.) Nowhere in his “The Two-Ocean War” book does Admiral Morison document that Japan had any plan to invade Hawaii or the U.S. mainland. Other World War […]

How can this be a good idea?

EDITOR: I am pretty sure that we all, regardless of political affiliation, do know that Wall Street and the banks have a gigantic responsibility for our economic situation these days. And I am pretty sure that members of the Tea Party and conservatives also realize that, but do they realize that by voting in the […]

Letter writer’s venom is showing

EDITOR: I have a question for letter writer Bill Karr whose venomous rage against letter writer John Garon and all Democrats was published in the Dec. 6 edition. Bill, I noticed that you, twice, used the phrase “true American(s).” Can you please give us your definition of a true American so we will know just […]

I applaud the letter about shelter animals’ deaths

EDITOR: I applaud letter writer Teena Bonnici’s articulate, powerful, and unrelenting description of what happens to animals at our animal “shelters.” I have volunteered at our local shelter and am very impressed with the conditions there as well as with the conscientious staff. However, the truth remains that ultimately animals who are not adopted will […]

Cell tower won’t be built here

EDITOR: COMPAS scored a major victory during the Dec. 9 El Dorado County Planning Commission hearing. COMPAS – Citizens Organized to Monitor Protect And Serve — is a non-profit organization whose mission is dedicated to public safety, transparency and accountability of El Dorado County’s historical and natural resources. An epic battle was won to preserve […]

Thanks for letter regarding shelter animals

EDITOR: I want to thank Teena Bonnic, shelter manager, for her direct and important letter regarding the fate of shelter pets due to the carelessness of my fellow residents.  Your graphic description of the fate of dogs and cats turned into the shelter or abandoned by their owners should be a wake-up call to all […]

Thanks for a lovely Christmas celebration

EDITOR: On Saturday, Dec. 4, Historic El Dorado hosted a “Gold Rush Christmas” faire. The weather held and we had crowds of people in a festive mood. Linda George and I, co-coordinators, along with Historic El Dorado town merchants, would like to thank the many vendors, volunteers and attendees who made the event fun and […]

Letter about shelter animals prompts reply

EDITOR: I thank you, Teena, for writing this letter. That had to be one of the most disturbing letters I have read — and also the most profound. As it needed to be. I am quite sure more than a few people will be very upset that you wrote such a letter but I suspect […]

I’m getting out my bear trap, tweakers

EDITOR: Open letter to El Dorado County Sheriff-elect John D’Agostini: My first inkling about the scourge of El Dorado was when my wife would come home speaking about the parents of low performing children with black teeth or no teeth. Then as I started building in the area and hiring laborers I would see these […]

We can’t let the music die

EDITOR: The Pleasant Valley Music Program is on the chopping block to be cut next school year. We cannot let this happen. Carol Kouklis teaches the kids, starting in the second grade, and band starts in fifth grade. She is a fabulous teacher who has a true passion for her job and music, and the kids […]

Sheriff’s employee terminations raise concerns

EDITOR: In today’s paper I read where the current El Dorado County sheriff plans on terminating two female employees of the Sheriff’s Department during the month of December. That is not my concern, what I am concerned about is that these two female employees have filed sexual harassment charges against “the good ol boys network” […]

Shame on thieves, shame on Board of Supervisors

EDITOR: Over a recent weekend my car was broken into, while parked in my driveway. The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department was not able (because of budget cuts by the county) to take any fingerprints to be able to compare to any on record or file them so when this thief commits future crimes he […]

All the trees are lovely, thanks

EDITOR: Special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Brazelton for decorating and lighting the huge tree at the foot of Big Cut Road in Placerville. Thanks also for the Christmas tree downtown. And last but not least, thanks to all those responsible for the beautiful trees along Highway 50. A. CRAWFORD Placerville

Japanese war plan was to invade West Coast

EDITOR: I want to put to rest letter writer Mr. Alger’s claim that Japan had no plans to invade the West Coast. To refresh the memory of readers, my contention was that Japan wanted Midway, and then Hawaii as a base of operations against our West Coast, and that in fact Japanese plans to do so […]

Support 4 Soldiers helps brighten season for troops

EDITOR: Support 4 Soldiers, a ministry of the Assist Local Foundation, with the support of Lakeside Church, Del Paso Church of God, El Dorado Hills Library,  Folsom Cordova Unified School District, many, many businesses and area families will make Christmas a little brighter for our soldiers serving overseas. We are a non-profit organization that is […]

Please help us build a home

EDITOR: We at El Dorado County Habitat for Humanity and the Peterson Family are requesting your assistance in support of our upcoming home build. Elizabeth Peterson contacted EDCHFH in response to Habitat’s outreach program soliciting needy families to apply to purchase a modest Habitat home. Beth’s letter was received by Habitat’s Family Selection committee in […]

Obama surrenders

EDITOR: Abe Lincoln led the nation into Civil War to preserve government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Will President Obama now abandon what Lincoln fought for? If the president allows himself to be blackmailed by Republican threats of obstruction, he will be surrendering the majority stakeholders of middle- and working-class […]

Christmas Parade was great, thanks

EDITOR: For over three years, I thought we lived in a very small, rural area until we went to the Hangtown Christmas Parade in Placerville. Where have all these people been? It was wonderful. Our grandchildren loved it. They saw Santa, fancy cars, pretty horses, got candies, heard bagpipes, saw marching bands and gymnasts, got […]

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Bear hunting vote a victory

EDITOR: On Saturday, Dec. 4, Nevada’s State Wildlife Commissioners met in Reno and voted unanimously, 8-0, to legalize bear hunting. In a huge victory for Nevada’s houndsmen and hunters, a limited hunt of the state’s estimated 200-300 black bears is in their future. At a time when groups like the Humane Society of the United […]

50th anniversary of Arctic National Wildlife Refuge prompts thoughts

EDITOR: Protecting wild Alaska was bold and audacious 50 years ago. Defending it today is even more important. The Eisenhower administration’s establishment of the Arctic National Wildlife Range in 1960 recognized the importance of “America’s Serengeti” to both wildlife and the human spirit. It was a visionary act – not only in the protections that it has provided for more than 180 species […]

2 letters to the editor impressed me

EDITOR: Wow! The editorial page of Dec. 6 illustrates two excellent letters to the editor in one publication. Mountain Democrat contributions by Bill Karr and D.O. Miles are right on the mark. I strongly urge readers to refer to this issue and review these letters. Mr. Bill Karr’s reference to the existence of a John […]

Did you find my little horse?

EDITOR: On Thursday, Dec. 2, I lost my toy horse in the downtown area, somewhere between Kiddlywinks Toy Store and the Main Street parking garage. My little horse, named Elska, is made of solid plastic and stands about 3 inches high and is about 4 inches long. She is brown with a black mane and tail and has paint and […]

Letter writer should just check in to the ER

EDITOR: Under the title, “Rush Limbaugh makes my blood boil,” James Longhofer (Nov. 19) is stark. The message I get from Longhofer’s letter is that it’s tough to be a liberal. Mere fragments of Rush, gathered while driving to work in his car, set off high blood pressure. With options galore like: Stop at the […]

The poor need not apply to vote

Editor: EDITOR: Rush Limbaugh said poor people should not be allowed to vote, and Tea Party Nation President Judson Phillips said only property owners should be allowed to vote. Rush and Judson, while I know you want to go back to 1776, wouldn’t this disenfranchise millions of voters? Oh, I see, millions of Democratic voters. JAMES E. LONGHOFER […]

Support local businesses so they can support you

EDITOR: I am the owner of a motorcycle equipment store in Placerville. About two months ago I had a father and son come into my store. They wanted to get outfitted with motorcycle riding gear, helmets, goggles, chest protector and boots. I spent about an hour-and-a-half getting them fitted with all of their correct sizes. […]

Volunteer coach has a beef

EDITOR: I have been a volunteer coach for over 25 years for the Georgetown Little League back in the 1980s and started volunteer coaching for the Placerville Parks and Recreation in 1984. I’ve coached teams from first grade to the eighth grade for the Parks and Rec Department, but since I’m in wheelchair when I […]

When will our supervisors do what is best for the county?

EDITOR: I am thoroughly frustrated with El Dorado County’s handling of the the rail right of way through our county. This asset has been wasting away for years and it is time to do what is best for the county. When will the supervisors in this county realize that keeping the tracks in place for […]

Printing money out of thin air

EDITOR: As many of you readers know, I often disagree with letter writer Mr. Longhofer on almost everything so you can imagine my shock when I found myself in complete agreement with his recent letter on inflation. He makes the point that the adminsitration’s CPI says that inflation is very low yet his real world […]

Bullying at a Christmas program

EDITOR: Mention bullying and most people equate it with something that only happens to children; especially those with lunch money. Don’t be fooled; it can happen to adults, too — and in the most unpredictable places, i.e. The Capital Christian Center at their Singing Christmas Tree program last night. My husband and I trekked down there […]

Christmas trees on Highway 50 moved me

EDITOR: We are new residents and love living in Diamond Springs. A recent trip up Highway 50 was very emotional when we saw the beautifully decorated Christmas trees that lined the highway. Christmas is a very special time of year and it’s heart warming to see how our communities keep the true meaning of the […]

I have no faith in the justice system

EDITOR: Open letter to El Dorado County Superior Court: My experience with your judicial system has destroyed my faith that justice can be obtained in your court. Having witnessed and experienced all manner of prosecutorial abuse of due process, I am now a potentially biased juror against the prosecution. I’ll have to tell the truth […]

Great eatery right here in Placerville

EDITOR: Although our town of Placerville has some fine restaurants, they are in for some competition, and by that I mean the Foothill Grill. My family has enjoyed several weeks of deliciously seasoned and prepared three course meals from the Foothill Grill, which is the new El Dorado High School Culinary Arts restaurant, on campus […]

Placerville Christmas Tree brings fond memories

EDITOR: I saw the picture of the guys high up on the cherry-pickers doing their annual job, and got a surge of memory and pride. That tree symbolizes much of my childhood. The first time I was old enough to remember it was the Christmas season of 1945. I was in kindergarten at Placerville Grammar […]

Merry Christmas, jerk

EDITOR: I would like to extend a very, very merry Christmas to the individual who stole my Christmas lights on Nov. 30. Yes I would like to publicly extend that wish to that individual or individuals. If you found the lights so pretty that you developed such an overwhelming desire to have then I could […]

Time to repeal ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’

EDITOR: Dozens of polls have shown that more than 70 percent of the American people support the repeal of “Don’t ask, don’t tell.” The Pentagon’s study regarding the repeal of “Don’t ask, don’t tell”  is clear: The military is ready to end this policy. The repeal of “Don’t ask, don’t tell” is a matter of […]

Congress needs to pass Obama’s budget

EDITOR: I’ve seen a lot of finger-pointing in my nearly 60 years but what has happened since President Obama was elected is just ridiculous. The Bush administration left office with huge deficits and a failing economy. Our debt was, and is, tremendous. This will prevent our economy from rebounding anytime in the near future unless […]

One of the good guys

EDITOR: Nine days ago we lost one of the good guys in Norma Lucille Gray. Some may have known her as Norma at the Elections Department or as Larry’s mom or Quinn’s grandma. I met Norma in 1981 when she was Larry’s mom at swim team where she took me under her wing teaching me […]

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