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Arrogance far exceeds abilities

EDITOR: Open letter to El Dorado County Board of Supervisors: First, to the Mountain Democrat, thanks for placing the photo of Herb Blossom directly over the front page sheriff’s budget proposal story — he appears to be cheering the sheriff on, as many of us are. Sheriff John D’Agostini is not alone in being appalled at […]

Obama’s promise for ‘change’

EDITOR: After just a little over two years, Obama’s administration, along with liberal cohorts like Pelosi and Reid, have been successful in accomplishing Obama’s “promise for change,” leaving hundreds of thousands of Americans jobless, homeless, with no green in their wallets and a little “change” in their pockets. Now that Gov. “Terminator” has joined Obama’s Environmental […]

To Tom McClintock

EDITOR: Open letter to Congressman Tom McClintock: I am writing to you because I am concerned ahout my country, your country, our country. America has become cynical and divided and I believe I know a way we can get everyone on the same page. Red states, blue states, politicians, blue collar, white collar, homemakers, clerical, virtually […]

A letter to Bank of America from a homeowner

EDITOR: Open letter to Bank of America: This letter is in response to an e-mail sent by you, Bank of America, requiring further personal and financial information to qualify for a short sale. It is also indicated in your correspondence that we have a choice of which short sale program we choose. At the expense of […]

Shame on you, Supervisor Ron Briggs

EDITOR: I attended the special budget session El Dorado County Board of Supervisors’ meeting on Monday morning, only to witness an immature and childish display by Supervisor Ron Briggs as he turned his microphone on and loudly shuffled papers while pretending to speed-read, as the sheriff spoke — after standing for three hours waiting for […]

Easter Egg Hunt thank you

EDITOR: The Cameron Park Recreation Department would like to thank all the children and their parents who participated at our Annual Easter Egg Hunt held Saturday, April 23. We had an excellent turnout this year, with lots of families enjoying the day. There were numerous prizes that were given away along with the Golden Egg. Thank […]

Save our historical Placerville & Sacramento Valley Railroad

EDITOR: The Sacramento Valley Railroad ran the first train into Folsom on Feb. 22, 1856. The route through White Rock to Latrobe opened in 1864 and in 1865 Shingle Springs became the end of the line. The railroad brought prosperity to the region and after much financial, political and legal drama, finally reached Placerville in […]

What medical marijuana dispensaries?

EDITOR: In regard to the letter to the editor by Jack King in the Mountain Democrat on Friday, April 22, about medical marijuana being sold in four places in Cameron Park: If they need a license to sell, and don’t have a license, how can they sell the product? How come the El Dorado County […]

Don’t blame the principal

EDITOR: I am writing in response to the letter written by Kathy Lyman concerning Mr. Jason Harm, principal at Herbert Green Elementary School. I have a sixth-grader at Hebert Green. We were all disappointed that the Greek Faire was rescheduled, but understood that the weather report forecast bad weather, and indeed it hailed that day. The […]

Rude behavior by county supervisor

EDITOR: I attended the Board of Supervisors’ meeting on Monday (my first time to do so) and was appalled at the verbal and rude comments made by Supervisor Ron Briggs toward our new sheriff, John D’Agostini. The sheriff was attempting to address the board at about noon after waiting his turn from around 9 a.m. […]

I’ve made my redistricting choice

EDITOR: Alternative 3 is the map for me. And should be for any other resident who wants to prevent gerrymandering, kingdom building, party clustering and campaign donor preferential districting. This will not be popular with the larger developers, some sitting supervisors and political pundits. It literally breaks the majority of those special interests up in […]

War plans and shifting positions

EDITOR: You have to love letter writer Mr. Longhofer. In his earlier letters he made theo point that had Midway been lost the U.S. mainland was in mortal danger of invasion. Now he says he never said the plan was viable. No viability, no danger. The nice thing about shifting positions is that one gets […]

I really appreciate Marcia Rose and Bipolar Insights

EDITOR: It was wonderful to read Marcia Rose’s quartly article again on the Bipolar Insights group. It’s a breath of fresh air to read her story because she speaks of the truth of what steps to take to live a balanced life, wether you have a mental illness or not. Knowledge is power and it’s […]

Update on Vern the guide dog

EDITOR: On March 5 Vern met the new, younger canine named Toronto, a 60 pound black Lab, at the guide dogs’ graduation. Toronto will take Vern’s place guiding while Vern transitions to a therapeutic position in the near future. Vern and his new, energetic friend have become inseparable since they began living together. Vern waits […]

Do you want your property to be declared ‘blighted?’

EDITOR: What is the difference between the infamous Kelo decision and a Redevelopment Agency? The answer can be found and verified in the California Government Health and Safety Code Section, which defines the extraordinary powers given to an “unelected governmental Redevelopment Agency” over the power of an elected city or county governmental body. The majority of […]

Give it up or else

EDITOR: When Mr. Ken Steers appeared on the Mountain Democrat Website with his letter “Tax the rich,” I decided not to reply as he said he didn’t care to know what I think. However, now that it has appeared in the print edition, and given recent events, it is imperative that I answer it. First, […]

Letter delivered after 23 years … and then …

EDITOR: I would first like to thank mail carrier Jacqui, who delivers mail on Lakehills Drive in El Dorado Hills. She went out of her way to get a letter delivered to me, in Swansboro, that was found from 1988. She also wrote me a wonderful note. Channel 10 News interviewed me on the letter […]

The choice for Assembly District 4 election is clear: Dennis Campanale

EDITOR: Mail-in ballots and the May 3 special election give voters a real choice. Dennis Campanale has spent a career as a public servant both as a union firefighter and as a chief. He has much experience in Sacramento as a union representative and fire association representative. Dennis is a lifelong Democrat and will serve […]

Illegals given priority over the rest of us

EDITOR: Today I visited the unemployment office on Briw Road in Placerville and within the building there was a stack of newspaper magazines called: Programs and resources for California’s families; they have joined forces with La Opinion, a Los Angeles paper for Hispanics. Anyway, on the third page, illegal immigrants are encouraged to take full […]

Home Protection

EDITOR: We live in a special place.  El Dorado County acts nothing like the rest of California. We do face a dire dilemma regarding the vast rural areas that can’t possibly be protected by law enforcement, the budget deficit and depletion of law enforcement resources, as well as the encroachment of nefarious individuals from outside […]

Group urging support of roundabout opposition

EDITOR: Friends of Historic Hangtown have become increasingly concerned with the city of Placerville’s pattern of pursuing grant money for inappropriate or unnecessary projects while ignoring the basic repair and maintenance requirements of our community’s infrastructure, particularly the decaying sewer lines and pothole-filled streets. We demand the city get “back to basics” and live within […]

We need a new word

EDITOR: It is time to define a new name for marriage, which used to mean a union of a man and a woman, blessed by God, for the purposes of procreation and companionship. Nowadays, the homosexual community wants society to bless their union with the same rights, privileges and feelings as those granted heterosexual marriages. […]

Not so fast, Donald Trump

EDITOR: I never considered Donald Trump a viable candidate as a Republican representative for president of these United States. Then I was set aback when the media began heralding him as a front runner. It became fishy when he quoted in many speeches the “birth-er” beliefs about Obama. This was strange to me because of […]

Double standard from the left

EDITOR: A classless idiot somewhere in California photo-shopped a picture of Obama, depicting him as a monkey. Horrible, I’m disgusted and it should never be condoned. This was the top story on NBC and CNN, as well as plenty of reporting by FOX. There were many statements from conservatives such as Eric Hoague demanding this […]

Thank you for supporting woodworking education

EDITOR: On behalf of the Society of Wood Heads Only and the Hardwood Lumber Distributors of the Greater Sacramento area, we wish to thank all those who helped contribute to our seventh annual fundraiser for the high school woodworking programs of El Dorado County. We received money and raffle prize donations from many of the […]

Paid-for politicians

EDITOR: How did our politicians (public servants) get so arrogant, you may ask. For decades they have been getting their funding and support from the wealthiest of the world. So it should be no mystery why they have created and allow our laws to favor the rich. Our country has been put deeply into debt […]

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Count me as a friend of keeping the train tracks

EDITOR: It brings a smile to my face when I hear a train whistle in the distance. And I think back fondly of a road trip with my two young sons. We were heading down the highway alongside the railway near Lincoln when a train came along with a young rail-rider hitching a ride atop […]

Sales tax disparities leave one wondering

EDITOR: I am sure that lots of folks are familiar with the McDonald’s restaurant menu item of $1 sodas or ice teas (any size, just $1). I have noticed that if I  buy the soda at the Missouri Flat Road restaurant, the tax will give you a final price of $1.10. In Placerville, the final […]

Beth Gaines not the best choice for Assembly

The Mountain Democrat gives its endorsement to Beth Gaines. My rebuttal will be short because I have been sick and am in pain. Beth is not the best choice. She is an unqualified wife who wants to get on the gravy train and get that state pension. You knock Mr. Campanale’s pension as a fireman, […]

The benefits of using solar energy

EDITOR: Hi. My name is Ryan Miller and I would like to share what I learned while doing a school report on the benefits of using solar energy. Most of the electricity used today comes from burning fossil fuel. The problem with that is fossil fuel is a non-renewable resource. We have to rely on […]

Senate Bill 48 skips parental rights

EDITOR: California Senate Bill 48, now tracking its way through the Legislature, would change the teaching of core academic subjects to include the teaching the “celebration” of gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual lifestyles. This profound change in the basic education of children would be mandatory, without involvement or opt-out rights of parents. As we all […]

Bail amounts make no sense

EDITOR: I find it interesting that when the owner of Dante’s was arrested for defending his property, his bail was set at $250,000. Then I read today that a man named Vue who was arrested for a crime spree (allegedly)  stealing catylic converters and entering the country illegally had his bail set at $42,500. Who […]

A new day dawns with Placerville Natural Foods Co-op

EDITOR: “What you eat is more important than where you live, who you know or how much money you make.” That is a sentiment that is echoed in many health publications, and I couldn’t agree more. As a nutritional consultant for over 35 years, I’ve seen the ravages of a poor diet totally collapse a […]

A betrayal of generations

EDITOR: During the two terms of President Bush, January 2001 through January 2009, our national debt increased $ 5.1 trillion, growing from $ 5.5 trillion to $ 10.6 trillion, not quite doubling our debt. Average deficit spending was $53 billion per month. President Obama, in the 23 months ending December 31, 2010, increased the debt […]

I think we’ve been duped

EDITOR: This is another budget year where the Democrats and Republicans are so bound up in their party dogma that they cannot reach a budget agreement in either the state or federal government. Once again, we the taxpayers have to pay the price for their ineptness. If we are to believe these politicos, the cause […]

To my newfound family at the Community Resource Center

EDITOR: When I came here Feb. 9, I was a scared little girl. I had no clue what to do or how to do it. It was a Wednesday and all of you were getting ready to get on the bus (man, was it a night). All of you opened your hearts and gave me […]

There’s room for all — keep the tracks

EDITOR: Our entire family has lived in El Dorado County since 1964, mostly in supervisorial District 3 but some of us live in other districts. We all agree with the Mountain Democrat editorial on page A-4 of the April 18 edition that the train tracks should not be destroyed. We all have good memories of […]

Erosion of rights threatens our freedom

EDITOR: In these times, I am amazed at how our state and federal governments can continue to pass laws and regulations that continually destroy our economic base as well as ignore basic common law principles that protect private property rights and are very clearly expressed in the amendments to the United States Constitution, and are supposed […]

Medical marijuana shops proliferating

EDITOR: Cameron Park has a sign that reads “Cameron Park, A Special Place To Live. We find this sign humorous. Cameron Park has four medical marijuana shops, three of which are in walking distance of each other. Perhaps that is why Cameron Park is such a special place to live. In checking with the El […]

Placerville Redevelopment Agency: Report to City Council

EDITOR: The Municipal Officials for Redevelopment Reform characterize redevelopment as “The Unknown Government,” an entrenched special interest backed by lawyers, consultants, bond brokers and land developers. It seems Placerville is well within their line of sight. A number of residents strongly object to the Redevelopment Plan put forward by the City Council and the Redevelopment […]

Racist? You decide …

EDITOR: Let’s see, George W. Bush took a balanced budget and ran up a $5 trillion debt, then created the original TARP funding, of $700 billion, to bail out millionaire execs of banks, and no one raised a little finger. Obama takes office, and all credible economists say $800 billion is not enough, but he […]

Thanks for supporting the NRA

EDITOR: The 16th annual El Dorado Friends of NRA banquet and auction was held this past Saturday, April 16, in Placerville. Due to the generous support of those who attended, the 2011 dinner has proven to be the most successful local FONRA event yet with a sellout crowd. Friends of NRA banquets are known for […]

Sacramento Bee … shame on you

EDITOR: Both my husband and I called the same phone number listed in the phone directory for the Sacramento Bee. The two employees with whom we spoke were difficult to understand due to their accents. My husband first called to discuss a delivery problem and felt that he was unable to communicate well with her. […]

Not happy with cancellation of school event

EDITOR: Open letter to Herbert Green School Principal Jason Harm, It has been brought to our attention that the cancellation of Greek Fair for the sixth grade was not necessarily due to the weather conditions but as a struggle of power on your behalf. Many teachers have expressed their outrage regarding the cancellation and proposed […]

I wish the school district would explain its side of the story

EDITOR: It sure would be nice if we could read the school district’s explanation of the counterfeit charges that were instigated against an 8-year-old student, as described in a letter to the editor in Wednesday’s paper. Right, wrong or indifferent, there are always at least two sides to every story. The school district should have […]

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