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DA and senator’s real motive

EDITOR: There are enough laws on the books concerning predators. Probation and Parole need to tighten up their supervision and maybe fire a couple lazy agents. As to Vern Pierson and Ted Gaines: They don’t do anything unless it will gain them more votes and keep them in office. RICHARD LAMPARTER El Dorado

Sinking gold dredging a disservice to many

EDITOR: Environmentalist should pat themselves on their back; you have done to dredging what you have done to the nation: put 4,000 more people closer to poverty. If you don’t want something bad enough all you have to do is get a bunch of other people to say that they don’t like it either. Doesn’t […]

Disband the ATF

EDITOR: Letter writer Mr. Garon uses the tragedy in Norway to argue for much stricter control on guns. I think he would like them eliminated from private hands altogether, but his main theme is to restrict the access of many because of the actions of a few. In that case he should favor the abolition […]

Going along to get along

EDITOR: A thought: A bomb was strapped to America and set to explode on Aug. 2. The countdown timer was stopped with moments to spare when America caved in to the demands. So the Tea Party won — well, maybe not because when the Republican leadership demanded their votes many of the Tea Party champions […]

They vote in China, too

EDITOR: Thank you, Rep. Tom McClintock, for standing strong on the federal budget and debt limit fiasco. This issue is only a symptom of a much greater problem, the massive size and reach of the federal government, far beyond anything ever dreamed of by our Founding Fathers, and by any measure of the imagination or […]

Love prevents, defeats racist hate

EDITOR: Open letter to the El Dorado Hills community and beyond: Please don’t let it be too late. Please let me be on time. Dear children of recent African descent, and viper (to put it kindly): It grieves me to bring you this news of a sad, stale threat, but a warning and antidote are here. […]

Grizzly Flat district rife with problems

EDITOR: The Grizzly Flat Community Services District’s current proposal for Rural Development, Department of Agriculture (RD) funding of a Water System Improvement Project is so seriously deficient on its face that RD needs to suspend further action to fund this project proposal until the problems listed below are corrected or properly explained to the district’s […]

Happy birthday, Mr. President

EDITOR: Open letter to President Obama: For the first time in history the credit rating of the United States has been downgraded from AAA to AA-plus by Standard & Poor’s. It is time for you, Mr. President, to own this. It happened on your watch. It is time for you and the Democrats to stop […]

Why is Ponderosa High using a Sacramento photographer?

EDITOR: While pulling up the school calendar for 2011-12 I see a section telling this year’s seniors to contact and go to a Sacramento photographer on Power Inn Road for their senior pictures. Certainly we have qualified photographers in our own county who could use this work in these trying times. I am disappointed in […]

It has now been four months

EDITOR: An open letter to El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson: Dear Mr Pierson, I am once again writing to you in regard to the tragic death of Timothy Mulholland. I wanted to let you know I am still patiently waiting. I wait for you to press charges against the driver of the car. […]

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Why isn’t she facing charges?

EDITOR: I’m writing to you on behalf of Timothy William Mulholland. Since he cannot write you himself, I (we) are his voice. His life was tragically taken March 27 in a single car accident, where Ms. Victoria Guinn was the driver. Since his passing, there has been little to no activity in his case. His mother […]

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Jail ignores medical prescriptions from personal physicians

EDITOR: After being incarcerated in the El Dordo County Jail for three weeks I am realizing how unfair and irresponsible our justice system can be. I, along with many others, suffer with medical conditions that cause us tremendous levels of intolerable pain. We have come here with prescriptions from our physicians on the “outside” only […]

Is it really important to community that I get prosecuted for marijuana?

EDITOR: I started using cannabis shortly after a ski accident about 12 years ago. It helped me sleep and cope with the pain. My injuries left me with permanent pain and I relay on cannabis today. It is my religious choice to use a remedy that is natural rather than a prescription drugs. I have […]

Al Gore’s Academy Award gets the hiccups

EDITOR: Today I read that the “scientist who claimed polar bears were drowning is being investigated for ‘scientific misconduct.” See dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2019953/Scientist-claimed-polar-bears-drowning-investigated-scientific-misconduct.html. Dr. Charles Monnett, cited by Al Gore in his documentary “An Inconvenient Truth,” has been placed on leave and is being investigated for “integrity issues” apparently linked to his polar bear report. One or two […]

Dredging — California government doesn’t care about the people

EDITOR: Talk about changing the distance of the goal post! Gov. Brown just made it impossible for California miners to make a living as they have in the past. AB120 was just signed into law, extending the moratorium until 2016; which wasn’t in the cards, until they saw that they were losing on scientific evidence […]

Who did you say you represent, City Council?

EDITOR: A question for the Placerville City Council: As a member of a small group of Placerville residents that has just finished talking to over a thousand Placerville voters I can assure you we found very few who thought redevelopment might be a good idea and no one who wanted a roundabout. You call yourselves elected representatives. […]

Disturbed by support of roundabout

EDITOR: Open letter to board members and membership of the Placerville Downtown Association: I read with interest the letter Carol Patton sent to Caltrans stating that the closure of Highway 50 in April would not be in the best interest of the PDA. Yet she and the board are in favor of the roundabout being […]

Camino’s Night Out a huge success, thanks

EDITOR: The Camino Community Action Committee would like to thank everyone who helped make the eighth annual Camino Community Night Out an overwhelming success. The members of our community, El Dorado County Sheriff John D’Agostini and the residents gathered for an old-fashioned picnic dinner, with hot dogs donated by Rainbow Orchards, cooked by Paul Wofford […]

Where’s the justice for Timothy Mulholland?

EDITOR: As I sit here and think about the day my daughter will begin her senior year at El Dorado High School, a frightening thought runs through my mind. What if my daughter gets in the car with a friend this year and doesn’t return to her loving family? What would we do? How would […]

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Who’s buttering our bread?

EDITOR: Letter writer Bettie Thompson may brag about her 84 years, but she doesn’t seem to have been paying much attention to who butters her bread. Before the “liberals” of the New Deal rolled out Social Security, seniors in this USA were roadkill, the poorest group in the country. The Democrats made it possible for […]

Start of school year comes way too early

EDITOR: Is anyone else frustrated over the school year starting Aug. 8? Our high schoolers have a difficult time getting a job with the local tourist businesses because they have to quit working due to the start-up of school. August is a huge tourist time in our region, not to mention the best time to travel […]

McClintock and the art of BS

EDITOR: Congressman Tom McClintock’s latest opus in the Mountain Democrat brought to mind an essay by Princeton philosopher Harry Frankfurt, entitled “On bullshit” (Princeton University Press, 2005).  Some may even remember Dr. Frankfurt’s appearance on “The Daily Show.” In his essay, Frankfurt posits that BSers are not true liars, but intellectual fakers. A BSer does not […]

Don’t lump us together

EDITOR: I was born and raised with my Hispanic family side, Portuguese. Our neighborhood was Hispanic and Italian. Everybody else was an “Okie,” including my father. Our Portuguese, Spanish and Italian families considered themselves Latins, not Latino/Latina. We were not a political group but a Hispanic cultural group and we were Americans who celebrated out […]

Who to blame?

EDITOR: Our last five presidents have been individually blamed for deficit spending. But Congress, not presidents, writes spending bills. Presidents either sign them into law or veto them. Tax cuts have been blamed for increased deficits, but government revenue increased after every tax cut. Spending, and only spending, increases deficits. Government revenues have increased every […]

Hey — it’s OK to buy pepper spray again

EDITOR: A couple years ago, while my wife was walking our Jack Russell-mix dog on a leash about a half-block from our home, a large Belgian ridgeback attacked our dog, causing $1,000 in medical bills to repair the damage. After the dog was healed and able to go for walks again, I dug around in my garage […]

Reply to ‘Redevelopment defended’

EDITOR: “Damm it” Wendy, (just repeating your words in your letter to the editor). We are just trying to survive doing business on Main Street for 20 years and your redevelopment is threatening our existence, which includes moving 33-plus parking spaces ¼ mile away from our shop. You mention there is a small group of […]

Placerville Police Dept. and Mental Health

EDITOR: We need to remove “Protect and Serve” from the Placerville Police cruisers. They have chosen not to protect and serve the mentally ill or the caregivers trying to help them. Apparently, this discrimination is permitted. How are they going to handle a 5150? They are legally responsible to do this if necessary — unfortunately. […]

Response to ‘Redevelopment defended’

EDITOR: I enjoy the quaint albeit diminishing historical content of Placerville. Although it is changing much of what I saw as a newcomer in 1958 still resembles the original town. In 1964 my family moved away but in 1984 I returned. Since that time I have witnessed many ideological struggles between individuals and groups who […]

Different views of national debt

EDITOR: The bill presented to the Congress for passage is intended to cover the obligations and agreements that we have already made. These are U.S. gvernment bonds that many of us have as part of our retirement funds. Many are held by foreign governments. All the private firms, large and small, that the U.S. government has […]

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Irresponsible fear mongering

EDITOR: Ron Lanner’s reference to the Decalogue as “those idiotic paleolithic commandments” and to the Constitution as a “godless document” that owes nothing to Biblical principles of governance resembles more the ranting of a dogmatic secularist than a person who is informed on the matter. Moreover associating a Christian who would say otherwise with the […]

Please oppose HR 1581

EDITOR: Public lands and waters within two hours of Sacramento provide excellent trout fishing, deer hunting, hiking and camping. Unfortunately, the Wilderness and Roadless Area Release Act of 2011, HR 1581, with versions in the House and Senate, would allow for industrial development and expanded motorized use in the best of our nation’s backcountry areas; lands, […]

UMHS band has its gong back

The Union Mine High School Band, along with Director Alison Warner, would like to thank the Placerville Kiwanis Club for their generous donation. With the Kiwanis’ donation, along with fundraising efforts and another generous donation from Tim’s Music in Sacramento, we were able to raise the funds needed and have the gong replaced just in […]

Agree with editorial cartoon

EDITOR: Concerning your editorial cartoon in a recent Friday paper, I couldn’t agree more. We chose to start two wars, and wars are very expensive. Rather than supporting these wars by paying for them, we chose to fight the wars on credit. At the same time, Congress enacted one of the biggest tax cuts in […]

Redevelopment defended

EDITOR: They are right. There is a small group of concerned citizens petitioning to stop Redevelopment by putting it to the vote of the people. They are passing out literature detailing potential abuses. They are right in the fact that it could happen; that these abuses could be perpetrated on the public. Damn it, this great […]

9/11 — The truth is starting to emerge

EDITOR: Over 1,400 professional architects and engineers are now calling for a new investigation of the events of 9/11 (ae911truth.org/) along with professional pilots, firemen, military officers and hundreds of thousands of other Americans. They are doing so because they know that the story told to us by government officials and network media cannot be […]

Alaskan loved letter

EDITOR: The “Open letter to Tom McClintock” from Mary Groseclose of Cameron Park is wonderful! Ma’am, can I copy your letter, citing your name as author, to send to my state’s legislators? State and federal employees could all use this kick in the pants. Thank you, Mary Groseclose. Very timely and articulate message. I am […]

The enemy within

EDITOR: Have we become so selfish and short-sighted that we would scuttle the ship of state and throw out our hard earned standard of living to placate false ideology? Who of us is so wealthy that we would sacrifice our security and limited comfort to protect corporations and millionaires? So many of us live month-to-month, […]

Government waste: Time to make some real cuts

EDITOR: Do yourself a favor and do a Google search for U.S. government agencies and you will get a Website that list hundreds of agencies. Yet our fearless president says that if we don’t raise the debt ceiling he cannot guarantee Social Security checks or military pay. He is fearless but loves to spread fear […]

Regarding the ‘Message to fellow seniors’

EDITOR: I love how seniors and Tea Baggers are quick to blame Obama and liberals. Where were these loud voices when we entered into two wars under Bush that were not being paid for? Where was the uproar when the Congress made it illegal to get the best prices possible for prescriptions? That’s right, they […]

Time to grow up, boys

EDITOR: What has changed at the Cameron Park Community Services District since the November 2010 election? Actually the answer is nothing. What have Directors Scott McNeil and Greg Stanton accomplished since taking the oath of office? They both campaigned for change, saying that the residents wanted to see change. Well here we are, eight months […]

Where has the common sense gone?

EDITOR: I have been appalled at the lack of common sense at all levels of our government agencies. This includes school districts, fire districts, counties, etc. I have been a business owner for 25 years.  If I ran my business in the manner that most public agencies are run, I would never have made it this […]

Response to chip seal debacle on Deer Valley Road

EDITOR: Answer to the Deer Valley people who are unsatisfied about the chip and seal on Deer Valley Road: I and many others are glad they finally did something with the road as it has been in disrepair for many years. As far as asphalt, it has never been an asphalt road; it has always […]

Message for fellow seniors

EDITOR: Open letter to seniors of El Dorado County: I am 84 years old and, like all of you seniors, I remember when the Democrat party was “The Party for the People.” That time is long gone. The liberals have taken over and spent us into bankruptcy with our president spending our tax money like […]

The burden borne by taxpayers

EDITOR: I must admit my pleasant surprise when I read Mr. Garon’s response to my letter. The last thing I expected from him was a response that proved my point. Does he discuss the points of the Tea Party? No. He tries to justify his name-calling by quoting people on the other side who are […]

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