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As usual … letter writer gets it wrong

EDITOR: As usual, Mr. Harper’s harpings, this time in his June 13 letter, are off-base or just demonstrably wrong. Mr. Harper defends the continued, unfettered lavish spending on the Pentagon on the dubious assumption that our potential enemies are probably engaged in an arms race to overtake us. There is not a scintilla of evidence to […]

Thank you to helpers

EDITOR: On May 13, the Herbert Green SPIRIT Team (Student Problem Identification and Resolution of Issues Together) hosted a Student Empowerment Conference — Kaizen — Change for the Better, One Action at a Time. Sixth and seventh graders from Herbert Green, Markham and Gold Trail gathered to share safe schools efforts, learn new information and make […]

After my heart attack … thank you

EDITOR: I want to thank the Emergency Room, ICU and cardiology staff at Marshall Hospital for the great care they gave me. They were all nice and made me feel good. I also want to thank the Liar’s Bench, Rusty Nail, Irish Pub and Stadium Club for the money they raised to help me with […]

Eminent domain is off the table

EDITOR: On June 15 Vicki Clark wrote about the concern some Placerville residents have over the issue of eminent domain within a Redevelopment Agency. After listening to months of public testimony and comment, the Placerville City Council voted to prohibit the use of eminent domain within our agency at the council meeting on June 14. The council voted unanimously […]

The GOP wrecking crew

EDITOR: In 2004 there was considerable TV footage, dateline Kabul, of Air Force C-130s unloading pallets of shrink-wrapped $10,000 packets of $5 bills. This cash was part of $12 billion to aid in the reconstruction of Afghanistan. There was so much cash, and it was so heavy, that 22 planes were required to haul the stash […]

From one who drivels … to another

EDITOR: Mr. Mobus, in his recent letter, characterizes the letters of “Garon” and “Longhofer” as drivel. Drivel as in silly nonsense — yet sometimes silly Democratic nonsense is the best response to silly Republican nonsense. Silly Republican nonsense demands response, or it becomes fact (especially to their base). In sum, Mr. Mobus, as fellow drivelers, […]

Nation’s debt — wrong direction at breakneck speed

EDITOR: The Bush administration spent way too much money.  Letter writer Mr. Longhofer refers to this in making his point of the Republicans and the members of the Tea Party coming late to the table on the issue of deficits in an effort to excuse Obama’s massive increase of our debt. This is like saying […]

Facts don’t necessarily change minds

EDITOR: In his letter of June 8, Byron Mobus is shocked, shocked that we’re running out of oil!  And he proceeds to question the statistics published in my letter (“drivel” he calls it) indicating that the U.S. has roughly 2 percent of the world’s oil reserves. Mr. Mobus implies that I just make up stuff. […]

Oil-drilling letter can’t go unchallenged

EDITOR: I was stunned by the latest letter from John Garon where he wrote: “U.S. oil reserves, including the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge supplies, are roughly 2 percent of global reserves.” I don’t know where he got this statistic but if he had said 20 percent, I would be more inclined to let it pass unchallenged. […]

Radon gas is good for you?

EDITOR: I found letter writer Byron Mobus’ comment “that health was actually improved in those areas with radon gas present” to be irresponsible (cell tower letter, Friday, June 3). Radon has serious health risks. The supporting facts are that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer behind smoking and the No. 1 cause of […]

It’s too late to restore reputation of fire safe council

EDITOR: A few months ago the Mountain Democrat published statements by Ken Hasse and Richard Englefield about current funding troubles of the El Dorado County Fire Safe Council. In my subsequent letter to the editor I said that Messrs. Hasse and Englefield failed to properly meet their responsibilities as the managing members of the EDCFSC Board […]

Redevelopment: Please be aware

EDITOR: I still have great concern that the residents of the city of Placerville do not know all, or some, of the facts of redevelopment. Here are a few more of the Redevelopment Laws/Health and Safety — cd.ca.gov/hpd/rda/rdalaw.html. Please take some time and look them over. 33342. Redevelopment plans may provide for the agency to acquire […]

Boeing’s GPS aided the bin Laden mission

EDITOR: Mr. Garon’s June 8 letter to the editor is a misplaced diatribe — “Boeing is on the federal dole.” One strike does not a ball game make! Boeing Co. is the prime or major subcontractor for the following U.S. military contracts: • Global Positioning System — GPS: since 1978, 41 GPS satellites manufactured. Without […]

Vicki Barber deserves the recognition

EDITOR: On behalf of Board of Directors and staff of the El Dorado Community Foundation, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and acknowledge Dr. Vicki Barber. The fact that she received the Fred Kiesel Memorial Distinguished Service Award comes as no surprise to those of us who have the privilege to associate […]

We had a great year, thanks

EDITOR: Once again El Dorado High School has experienced a great year. The staff and student body wish to express to you how much we all appreciate your cooperation in publishing articles, event results, student news and various stories provided to you during the course of the past school year. Your support of El Dorado […]

We should be grateful to all who served

EDITOR: I am very happy to know that our veterans’ organizations here in Placerville are installing new flagpoles that will fly all our military branches except the Merchant Marine flag. I was informed by Mr. William Davidson that the Merchant Marine flag would not be included. Mr. Davidson is the individual who wrote the letter […]

Thanks for supporting our youth

EDITOR: On a recent Sunday the music students of El Dorado High School and their booster group, the Cougar Band Aides Inc., presented the fourth annual spring concert and fundraiser, “A Taste of Main Street,” in the Small Gym. Despite the challenging economy, we received donations and participation from over 50 local businesses and organizations. […]

I wish I had Boeing’s money

EDITOR: Letter writer John Garon states that Boeing is on the federal dole. As a conservative I only wish that we had more companies and people on the dole like Boeing. In 2010: Boeing had sales of $64.3 billion. Purchased goods and services from other companies of $42 billion. Paid $15.7 billion in wages. Had $4.5 […]

Taxpayers association clarifies position regarding redevelopment

EDITOR: We want to thank Placerville City Manager Cleve Morris for acknowledging and agreeing with some of the Taxpayers Association of El Dorado County’s comments on redevelopment in his May 13 “My turn” column in the Mountain Democrat. However, our correctly stated position was “The Taxpayers Association of El Dorado County opposes El Dorado County’s […]

We are so proud of our Wagon Train

EDITOR: Open letter to Pollock Pines and friends of Pollock Pines: It never fails to evoke rising emotions and even some joyful tears along the streets to see the Highway 50 Association Wagon Train amble around the Sly Park Trail corner onto Pony Express Trail. Today was no exception … except they arrived earlier than expected.  […]

School board fails in its communication to parents regarding cellular tower

EDITOR: Placerville Union School District’s own Vision for Sierra School states “We strive to keep the lines of communication open between families, staff, and our community.” How, then, can the school board members explain that they held a “public discussion” about a proposed cellular tower next to Sierra School after the closure of the Placerville […]

I’ll be going to the Amador County Fair instead

EDITOR: For years now I have wanted to write this letter: Let’s talk about our so-called El Dorado County Fair. In the good old days the fair was held the last weekend in July. The stock was fattened, fruit and vegetables were ripe, it was a fun family, affair. Then it moved to June, no fruits […]

Our neighborhood pride just got a shot in the arm

EDITOR: We would like to take the time to thank the construction company for revitalizing the Hocking Street-Morrene Drive Placerville area with the total remodeling of 2849 Morrene with hardwood floors, granite counters and beautiful exterior paint, just to name a few things. They have turned a bank-owned property into the gem of the neighborhood. […]

American guns in Mexico

EDITOR: It’s become old news now for those who have been following it, but undoubtedly everyone has at least heard the major media outlets screaming about the need for gun control because “so many” U.S. guns are making their way into Mexico. That grabbed the national headlines big time — some released by Mexican authorities, […]

Cell towers and cigarettes

EDITOR: Some of us are old enough to remember cigarette commercials and how it was “cool” to smoke. People smoked on planes, trains, buses and pretty much everywhere else. There was no such thing as a smoke free hotel, bar or business. Then, slowly but surely, studies came out documenting the health risks with smoking and […]

Ryan’s plan for America simply a cover for the wealthy

EDITOR: Representative Paul Ryan’s “Roadmap for America’s Future” has not been greeted with acclaim by the majority of Americans. They are saying, as Mr. Steers did in his recent letter, keep your hands off my Medicare! In response, Republican leaders say they must better sell the program and America will then see it saves Medicare. […]

There is no Cal State San Luis Obispo

EDITOR: Being interested in history and wine, I read with interest the recent article about the Skinner family and their winery. Near the end of the article, I noted a quote from winemaker Chris Pittenger: “I obtained a degree in agricultural business from Cal State San Luis Obispo.” I am sure that Mr. Pittenger knows […]

Debt ceiling — why so much hand-wringing?

EDITOR: Can someone explain to me why there is suddenly so much hand-wringing and opposition to raising the debt ceiling? When George Bush entered office in 2001 the national debt was $5.95 trillion. When he left office in 2009 the national debt was $10.6 trillion. During this eight- year period the debt ceiling was raised seven […]

Beth Gaines votes against her constituents’ interest

EDITOR: Beth Gaines voted against a bill to control health insurance costs last week. The bill (AB 52) specifically says: It prohibits increasing insurance premiums rates without first submitting data to the Department of Managed Health Care or the California Department of Insurance. Then the insurance company would post online for public review their request for […]

Dredging opponents — they’re keeping 4,000 people from working

EDITOR: I have been dredging the Northern California rivers for the past 40 years. Environmentalists have been tooth and nail trying to get it shut down by whatever means they can. They just did an EIR and found that dredging has no significant effect on water quality but that isn’t stopping them; if you can’t beat […]

Congressman Weiner’s transgressions

EDITOR: We as a country have become numbed by all the nefarious transgressions emitted from our political appointees. It wasn’t too long ago that a sitting president was accused of raping numerous women and lying to the entire country about molesting a 20-year-old intern. Anthony Weiner’s transgressions regarding unsolicited sexual innuendos and nude photos to […]

Thanks to Kiwanis and Optimists

EDITOR: As the school year draws to a close I want to give special recognition to two service clubs in our county: Placerville Kiwanis and the Optimists of El Dorado Hills. Over the past several months both clubs continued without hesitation their two-decades-long support of the County Sports League. Kiwanis sponsored the awards for our […]

Volunteers — Placerville’s treasure

EDITOR: Recently the incomparable Pat Cook took me on a comprehensive tour of Gold Bug Park.  Now, I had certainly taken my girls there when they were little, but I’m ashamed to admit that was over a decade ago. WOW!  is all I can say. Gold Bug Park is Pat’s passion, and that was evident in her eyes […]

Southern border security and folly

EDITOR: Based on letter writer Kevin McNaughton’s tongue-in-cheek, yuk-it-up take on border security and the thousands of illegals already in the country, I can certainly sleep better at night knowing how funny the situation really is. His words are about as assuring as those spoken by our wonderful federal government pinheads who tell us nitwits […]

Tea Party support of proposed law is beyond the pale

EDITOR: Congressman Buck McKeown, from Santa Clarita, represents California’s 25th District. He chairs the House Armed Services Committee — the one that decides  the Department of Defense’s budget and which contracts go where and to whom. Buck McKeown is a very powerful guy, especially with Defense contractors. He has never met a weapons system he did […]

Way to go, Pelosi

EDITOR: I have to hand it to Nancy Pelosi, she epitomizes everything that a progressive politician stands for. As Speaker of the House she passed ObamaCare, telling America that after the bill is passed then we’ll know what’s in it. And after her constituents found out that it wasn’t a good law, they were allowed […]

Pollock Pines pitches in

EDITOR: “All hands on deck” was the cry for the fourth community clean-up day in Pollock Pines on Saturday, May 21, at the Knotty Pines Bowling Alley/Community Center parking lot. This year produced at least double the amount of cars and disposables. Thousands of tons of debris have already been removed from Pollock Pines in […]

Response to ‘Lame lemonade’ editorial

EDITOR: There is a common misconception concerning the various sources of energy that we, as a nation, choose to support — or not. Let me try to describe to you what I teach to my students at Golden Sierra High School, Green/Solar Tech class. Whether we derive our power from oil, coal, gas, shale, nuclear energy, […]

Keeping it clean in Camino

EDITOR: The Camino Community Action Committee would like to thank everyone who helped make the annual Camino Community Clean-up Day a success. With the generosity of Waste Management we were able to take tons of garbage, green waste and recyclables off the streets and lots of Camino. Their staff delivered the first 50 yard roll-offs […]

What it’s all about

EDITOR: My husband and I had the distinct honor of being nominated for the annual “Senior of the Year” award 2011 for our volunteer work at the Placerville Senior Center. We didn’t win, but the lovely lady who won had much more experience in many different fields and certainly deserved to win. But winning isn’t […]

It’s illegal immigration

EDITOR: I’m not sure if Kevin McNaughton was writing a tongue-in-cheek letter regarding illegal immigration or if the letter was serious. His solutions to this problem were very improbable. I would have to think Mr. McNaughton’s politics and mine are the polar opposite of each other given the snarky tone of the letter. I do not […]

Lay off my Medicare

EDITOR: There are many conversations regarding the fiscal solvency of Medicare. The Democrats have an ad showing Paul Ryan, R, Minn., throwing a lady in a wheelchair off a cliff because he wants to slow the growth rate from 11 percent a year to 6 percent. The irony is that the president’s signed health care […]

We learned a lesson: Keep ID on your pets

EDITOR: We are writing to share a story of our lost dog that underscores the importance of having some form of identity on your pet. On a recent journey up the California north coast, we entered the city of Eureka from the south, traveling slowly on busy US 101 through town. Our small dog Zorro was […]

Allow the tracks and trails to coexist

EDITOR: Congratulations to you and your staff. We have received the Mountain Democrat for the past 38 years here in Apple Hill. Articles in the Wednesday and Friday issues of May 25 and 27 have really been special. Just to name a few, we enjoyed Doug Noble’s Cornish history, the Skinner Winery story, Ken Calhoon’s Zentgraf […]

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