Thanks for featuring this young lady

EDITOR: What a pleasant surprise to open the Mountain Democrat last week and see the wonderful article on Logan Savidge. Knowing Logan, we are sure she was embarrassed by the attention. This incredibly mature Union Mine senior is not one to seek accolades, no matter how justly deserved. In fact, Logan will be the first […]

Response to letter writer regarding creating jobs

EDITOR: So let’s examine your “logic,” James Longhofer. You wrote that “Tax cuts don’t create jobs, demand creates jobs”.  Hmmmm …  People have to have money in their pockets to spend on things in order to create the demand that in turn creates more jobs. Fewer taxes create more “pocket money” for middle and upper […]

Burn a flag in front of a soldier and see what happens

EDITOR: I can see that my last letter sparked some debate on the Mountain Democrat’s Website, which is not what I wanted. I simply posted the letter to express my exasperation about the drawing. Everyone brought up arguments talking about legal cases and the First Amendment that make burning an American flag legal. The First […]

For animals’ sake, read this

EDITOR: Important to read this I think, this is the reality. I think our society needs a huge “wake-up” call. As a shelter manager, I am going to share a little insight with you all … a view from the inside if you will. First off, all of you breeders/sellers should be made to work in the back […]

Grateful to sheriff’s deputies

EDITOR: It was a dark and stormy night … my wife and I were terrified when a very loud explosion shook our house at 2 a.m. Nov. 20. Power was out but our emergency generator was running. A few minutes after calling 911, two uniformed sheriff’s deputies came to our door asking if they could […]

Adopt-a-Family needs support

EDITOR: For 15 years or more the Adopt-a-Family program helped make Christmas special for needy kids and adults in El Dorado county. The county Department of Human Services collected “wish lists” from qualified families and gave those lists to volunteers who bought presents and delivered them to hundreds of needy people. Several years ago the […]

Placerville parade plea

EDITOR: First, I would like to thank the McIntire family and the city of Placerville for continuing to organizing such a huge event, the Hangtown Christmas Parade. It’s something the community really looks forward to, especially the children. Although mine are grown adults now, I still attend, yet I’ve noticed something that needs to be […]

Groups move to rebuild the Brockliss Bridge

EDITOR: The Friends of El Dorado Trail have agreed to take the lead applying for funding for the Brockliss Bridge. Several groups met in Shingle Springs and agreed to work together to rebuild the Brockliss Bridge. The old bridge site, near Pacific House and Highway 50, is the focus and funding is the first step. Friends […]

Midway saved the West Coast from invasion

EDITOR: Mr. Alger continues in his recent letter his display of lack of experience in war planning. After all, it is illogical to believe had Japan been successful in the war our mainland would have been allowed to exist without a “visit” from the winning side. This is why military operations are phased: Phase 1: Secure […]

Community Resource Center a lifeboat

EDITOR: My husband and I have spent many hours the past several days at the Community Resource Center (CRC) helping Rene Evans (the director)  in any way  we can. It has been extra busy the past two weeks  with the weather turning cold and more people coming in to take advantage of the overnight shelter, get […]

Letter writer might be delusional

EDITOR: Todd Dierdorff can be excused his juvenile rant of Nov. 22 because, as my conservative friends have told me, it is hard to think straight when foaming at the mouth. His predictable rhetoric about exploding liberal heads, government “takeover” of health care, a lousy president, and Omigod! “an incredible bent toward socialism” come right […]

‘Offensive’ flag drawing teaches valuable lesson

EDITOR: Kyle Brown says that the last time he checked, burning the American flag was illegal. I’m not sure when he last checked, but if he’s inclined to check again, he could start with the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1989 decision in Texas v. Johnson, in which the court ruled that flag burning is expressive conduct protected […]

Thank you, Assistance League, for helping youth

EDITOR: On behalf of Tara Turrentine, Noemia Plank and the Edwin Markham Middle School community, I would like to extend our gratitude to the women of the Assistance League who very generously implemented the Operation School Bell program benefiting 41 Markham students. They were provided a gift of $100 each to spend on much-needed items such as shoes and socks, jackets, shirts […]

O Christmas trees, O Christmas trees

EDITOR: The Highway 50 trees are up. Back for the second season since the big time-out for the roadwork, thanks to the commitment of Leadership El Dorado Class Three, the hard work of Dolly Wager, the yearly donation of the trees from the El Dorado Christmas Tree Growers and the support of our great community. […]

Thanks for supporting dogs, group

EDITOR: On behalf of the Placerville police service dogs and Life Trials I would like to thank all the wonderful merchants for donations to our joint fundraising event held on Nov. 13. Unfortunately space limitations don’t allow me to mention all by name. Thanks to everybody who attended and thanks for the support of these two […]

Deficit — we’re going down

EDITOR: Once you get past the personal attacks on conservative talk show hosts and the gratuitous rant on English grammar that comprised the bulk of Mr. Longhofer’s latest rambling letter he does mention one real issue, the deficit. He asks what the Republicans would cut to help balance the budget, which is something the Democrats […]

Amenities vs. necessities

EDITOR: Law enforcement is a necessity, not an amenity. When the average, responsible person encounters lean times they know how to cut their budget to make ends meet. They cut the amenities like fancy coffee, dinners out and vacations first, and keep the necessities like food and a roof over their heads. What is necessary […]

Send a prayer when you see this tree

EDITOR: On Friday in Placerville, they lit up the trees that are decorated next to Highway 50. Please watch along the freeway for a tree in front of the candy store. The candy store sign has a woman wearing a pink dress and depicting Lucy and Ethel. You’ll see a tree with yellow ribbons streaming […]

Don’t worry about the lines in the sky

EDITOR: Regarding letter writer Delia Cummings’ worry about those pesky jet plane “white trails,” universally known as condensation vapor trails  or “contrails,” that’s what happens when heated air meets cold air in a moist environment. I’m sure many agree with your concerns but they are probably mostly cats and dogs who look up as you […]

Letter writer blind to his own anger

EDITOR: Oh dear, another rant from Mr. John Garon (“The Tea Party’s phony outrage. Nov. 10). I foolishly  thought that the outstanding letter from Ms. Maggie Dunaway (Nov. 3) would have shamed Mr. Garon into holding his vituperation for more than a week – particularly since Ms. Dunaway quoted chapter and verse about Mr. Garon’s earlier […]

It’s about the jobs

EDITOR: The deficit/national debt are our two most important issues and must be addressed over all other problems facing our nation — we hear this as a constant drumbeat from Washington, D.C. But might the deficit/national debt be a wedge issue designed to serve other agendas by taking attention away from our economy and our […]

Contingency plans

EDITOR: Letter writer Mr. Longhofer’s latest attempt to justify his ludicrous position that the West Coast to the Mississippi was under imminent Japanese threat in World War II says that all militaries have contingency plans for almost everything, so therefore he’s corrrect in saying that the Japanese had one to march to the Mississippi. To […]

Shame on you for not helping the injured deer

EDITOR: Shame on the person who hit a deer on Cold Springs Road at the curve near the convenience store next to Country Club Road, Nov. 17 around 5 p.m. and left him to die. His leg was broken and would have either caused another accident by someone swerving to avoid him (as I had […]

Let’s return to decency

EDITOR: I think that I have finally recovered from the last very negative and ugly political electoral process. It seems from the campaign ads that our elections have diminished to choosing the lesser of “two evils” rather than the best of what America can offer (who has been smeared the least wins). After reflecting on […]

Love it or leave it

EDITOR: Lee Gardner writes a letter to the editor in the Nov. 19 Mountain Democrat saying he is going to wear a black arm band, and a black stripe across his license plate, well, all I can say is the same thing that has been said to me so many times now: Love it or […]

Does John Garon really exist?

EDITOR: Honestly, I don’t think there really is anyone out there by the name of John Garon. First, if there was, he wouldn’t put his name at the end of his brainless tirade, “The Tea Party’s phony outrage.” There could not be anyone stupid enough to want their name attached to his idiotic banter for […]

Response to liberal letter writer

EDITOR: In pondering Gloria Howat Brown’s letter of Nov. 17, I can’t decide what is scarier, a God fearing, law abiding patriot or an uneducated liberal. If you don’t understand it, call it a domestic terrorist. If you can’t comprehend it, create false ideoligies about them. In her letter she says that domestic extremists, who are […]

Feed the feral cats but not the deputies?

EDITOR: In a last minute proposal presented 30 minutes prior to Monday’s El Dorado County Board of Supervisors meeting, Supervisor Jack Sweeney attacked the Sheriff’s Office by recommending an additional $1.5 million be taken from the 2011/2012 budget. This is on top of the current recommendations by soon-to-be-retired Chief Administrative Officer Gayle Erbe-Hamlin, which could result […]

Please join me to honor those lost at Pearl Harbor

EDITOR: I am a retired Navy Veteran ( 21 years active duty) and a proud member of the Fleet Reserve Association, Branch 275, Placerville, an organization comprised of active duty, retired, and all veterans regardless of time served, who have been honorably discharged from the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. I was not in […]

Bush tax cut rhetoric

EDITOR: To all you readers who rail on about the “Bush tax cuts” benefiting only the rich, I would like to point out only one thing. The lowest income tax bracket includes income from $0 to about $17,000 and the current rate is 10 percent. If the cuts are not extended that rate will rise […]

Happy holidays … and merry Christmas

EDITOR: With the Christmas season almost upon us, I see local merchants gearing up for it. In my downtown Placerville wanderings, I saw a lot of proclamations of “Happy Holidays” but nary a “Merry Christmas.” Merchants say they do not want to offend anyone with proclamations of “Merry Christmas” and want to be “politically correct” so […]

Democrats should rethink values

EDITOR: In the aftermath of the elections, Democrats are starting to understand that it is no use having a compelling vision if you can’t communicate it to the voters. The party sorely needs a new formulation of its core values. It needs to be something clear and emphatic, and something that resonates with Americans. May I suggest, “Lower […]

Pollock Pines-Camino Rotary Club rolling out the grants

EDITOR: The Pollock Pines-Camino Rotary club announces the 2010-2011 Mini-Grant Awards as follows: Pinewood School: two document cameras. Sierra Ridge: Materials for autistic student mainstreaming. Sierra Ridge Sports Boosters: volleyball uniforms (imagine the boys and girls alternated uniforms!). Silver Fork School: history field trip. Camino School: kindergarten language arts program, a needed microscope, Accelerated Math […]

Impending MediCare cuts- write or call your senator

EDITOR: As a family doctor serving our community for the past 13 years, I want people to be aware that doctors who see MediCare and TriCare patients (the disabled, the elderly and the military and their families) face a 30 percent reduction in payment for their care to be phased in on Dec. 1 this […]

Obama’s Asian trip

EDITOR: I was concerned when our emperor embarked on an extensive trip around various Asian countries. I figured he was out again to belittle and degrade our country. However, now that the countries he is visiting are gaining in economic growth and technical expertise, I see that he is out to encourage those countries to […]

There’s room for all on our lovely trails

EDITOR: Mike Marchand from Shingle Springs wrote a letter last week in opposition to a tourist train on the old railroad tracks in El Dorado County. Apparently he believes this is an outside county entity bringing a train of tourists into our county. I am a volunteer worker on the El Dorado Western Railway, which […]

Exodus from the middle ground

EDITOR: All over the world, men are engaged in or are interestedly observing the great economic conflict between communism and free enterprise. In many quarters these systems are regarded as opposite poles of possible economic systems, and it is common to assume (or at least hope) that the conflict will ultimately be resolved through some […]

Thank you, Western Sign Company

EDITOR: On behalf of all the residents and business owners in Placerville, I would like to express my thanks to the volunteers from Western Sign Company for decorating the Hangtown Christmas Tree. May you have a merry Christmas and God bless each and every one of you. DAVE MACHADO Vice mayor, city of Placerville

We miss you, Chrystal

EDITOR: DDAD, DRWDD, BU is a text message everyone should pass around. To me it means “Don’t Drink And Drive,” “Don’t Ride With Drunk Drivers” and “Buckle Up.” Pretty simple but important things we should all do as a rule in our everyday lives. Nearly a year ago a young lady’s life was cut short […]

The reason they attacked Pearl Harbor

EDITOR: I have never seen a person push a losing argument further than Mr. James Longhofer so maybe we can put this to bed now. He states that had we lost Midway the West Coast could have been invaded and we’d be speaking Japanese west of the Mississippi. Now let’s move from fantasy back to […]

I pay my taxes and I don’t burn crosses

EDITOR: Every day I continue to be amazed at the lack of rationale that the Liberal Left showS about the Tea Party movement, specifically, the love and the passion we have for America and the respect that we have for the Constitution. Rob Purdie’s letter of Nov. 3 is another example of the narrow mindset […]

Criminals don’t have budget cuts

EDITOR: The headline reads “Ax spared on sheriff’s budget.” It should have read “Ax poised to take out sheriff’s knees.” While this week’s accounting process may be over, the residents of El Dorado County would be wrong to believe that the matter is done. Rather, the the county coninues to bleed, and additional cuts will […]

Something’s terribly wrong

EDITOR: Let’s see now, approximately 15,000,000 unemployed, and who knows how many are actually under-employed, and the three ideas that were floated last week in Washington: backing away from the Afghanistan troop withdrawal deadline, handing $700 billion to the wealthiest Americans over the next 10 years and cutting Social Security benefits. I do believe that […]

Our guests were impressed

EDITOR: My husband and I enjoyed four house guests from Erie, Pa. We dined at Spanky’s Pizza in Placerville on our last day of vacation. Bob left to order our beverages and came back when they were unable to give change for his bill. We helped him out, and he returned for the drinks. All […]

The Bible shows no preference

EDITOR: I am responding to a letter titled “The Bible does not favor Republicans.” My Bible tells me that it doesn’t favor Democrats, either, because of their support of abortions and partial-birth abortions. Also, the insistence of the Democrats to support the American Civil Liberties Union in its march to rid our society of any […]