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We don’t want a hotbed of suburban sprawl

EDITOR: Open letter to the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors, regarding the April 4 special meeting of the board, agenda Item 3: I write to protest the proposed Resolution of Intention in Item 3 “to amend the General Plan as recommended by EDAC to address findings from the General Plan Five-Year Monitoring and Review […]

This newspaper encourages fight for freedom

EDITOR: My friend Ahnmad Rezaei has been a freedom fighter both in his country of birth, Iran, and from his adopted home here. With the arrest and torture and even execution of members of the opposition in Iran, it is difficult for him to feel optimistic. He told me, however, that this paper’s policy of […]

Jury duty incompetence rampant

EDITOR: Time for reform in the Jury Duty Department. I moved to El Dorado County in 1991 and I could not believe how often I received a jury summons.  Because I made my living in the healthcare field and my job required travel, I was unable to schedule any business out of town every time […]

Redevelopment not ready for adoption

EDITOR: I contend that if the City Council/Redevelopment Agency holds its scheduled joint public meeting 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 12, the meeting will be violating California law and  this meeting will be an illegally notified meeting. The city’s position that they have “gone significantly above and beyond the requirements to notify” is just plain false. […]

Road construction: Let’s get the job done

EDITOR: Thanks for the article on the “DOT reorganization back to square 1.” We do not need a reorganization, we simply need them to shut down, have them go away and contract with CC Myers, Veerkamp or another reputable outfit that can get jobs completed on time and in budget, without five people standing around […]

The ‘Party of Jobs’ not living up to its billing

EDITOR: Before the recent election, Mr. Boehner continually requested of the president: Where are the jobs, where are the jobs? It was a good question, as high unemployment is destructive of our economy (which requires ever increasing demand of goods and services). Mr. Boehner then told America his party was the party of jobs because […]

Tax the rich?

EDITOR: Last year the U.S. took in taxes totaling $2 trillion. The U.S. spent $3.4 trillion. Letter wrietr James Longhofer continually chides, ad nauseum, to tax the rich. He’s stated the top 2 percent of Americans are “mega rich” and to tax them at 100 percent  to balance the budget. Really? Problem one is reality. […]

Pollock Pines businesses are digging out

EDITOR: Pollock Pines merchants and businesses are still here, still exhibiting a can-do attitude, and still offering locals and visitors a place to live, eat and play. We got quite a wallop from the weather this winter, more snow than many have seen in a long time. Early in the season came snow and wind, […]

A sad day for Cameron Park

EDITOR: Scott McNeil and Greg Stanton, did you not run for the Cameron Park Community Services District board in order to serve our community? Yet in only three months you have done more harm and disservice to the community than most directors are able to do in several terms in office. Your vote to dismiss Fred […]

Your El Dorado Hills Fire Department – A view from inside

EDITOR: I am writing this letter in response to the recently published articles attacking the El Dorado Hills Fire Department and its personnel. I would like to begin by stating that I understand the frustration that many in the community are feeling these days due to economic uncertainties, not to mention the fact that many […]

Cut big government

EDITOR: So let’s see how this might work. Lower taxes so that you end up with a bigger paycheck. Slim down or dissolve 50 percent of the services that that government now provides. Just imagine, no more DMV. Flat taxes so that the number of government tax agents can be minimized. Sell off transit services […]

He should have to register as a sex offender

EDITOR: There is something seriously wrong with our El Dorado County District Attorney’s Office agreeing to a plea deal requiring Brett Michael Davis, a 20-year-old man who pleaded no contest to raping a 14-year-old girl, to register as a drug abuser and not a sex offender. It is common knowledge that the majority of child rapists […]

Dismayed at what’s happening with Dante’s owner

EDITOR: We are dismayed at the way law enforcement and the media have treated Kevin Cairns. No one in his right mind would do the things Kevin has been accused of without provocation. There seems to be some sort of organized attempt to destroy his business. Nowhere in the media do we read of the atrocities […]

Cameron Park CSD double-cross

EDITOR: I heard it through the grapevine that the Cameron Park Community Services District held a special session last night (March 29) to discuss the Christa McAuliffe skatepark. I have no idea if the public was even invited to this meeting. It was not published on the Website’s calendar, which still shows a Town Hall […]

If people weren’t rude, Dante’s owner wouldn’t be in jail

EDITOR: We have been following the articles in the Mountain Democrat regarding the owner of the Dante’s restaurant and the fact that he is being held in lieu of $250,000 bail. If we interpreted the articles correctly, the owner became involved in altercations with people who defecate, urinate and vomit in the parking lot of […]

If the CTA cared about students, things would be better

EDITOR: While the vast majority of teachers really care about student success the California Teachers Association cares only about political power. If the union leadership cared about students they might spend some of the millions of dollars they’re spending on scare tactic ads on improving the school districts. Why should us taxpayers continue to throw […]

Traffic laws: I’m not advocating civil disobedience

EDITOR: Our nation’s highways provide unique opportunities for we the people to play the primary role in how efficiently public sector assets are used. We often have little choice in the matter … the rest of the time our collective habits dictate the outcome. Brake lights are telling me there is room for improvement. Warning: […]

Join the food co-op, for health and value

EDITOR: I am happy to be a part of the growing number of people who are gathering to form the Placerville Natural Foods Co-op. The co-op idea was first seriously considered a couple of years ago and has been gaining momentum. Now, a strong foundation exists on which to actuate its operation. Offering locally produced, […]

Cameron Park CSD: The king is out of control

EDITOR: The village idiot has taken control of the Cameron Park Community Services District. We have given him the title of “president” and he has run with it. He is out of control, making decisions that are not based on policy or articles of the CPCSD bylaws. When he is confronted, one of his answers is, […]

Who is Beth Gaines?

EDITOR: Her husband is Ted Gaines. OK, so does that means Ted Gaines is holding two legislative spots? No one is interviewing her. She had no scheduled appearances. Her Website consists of an e-mail address directed to “info.” There is no phone number listed. Her Website says she “home schooled five kids.” That’s great, but how […]

I feel validated

EDITOR: I often feel as though I’m banging my head against a concrete TeaParty/Republican wall in El Dorado County. The progressive/liberal voice seems to be lost in the wilderness — is there any reason to continue? Today, in a local store, the clerk mentioned she recognized my name and that I was the guy who writes letters […]

Mile markers article was a pleasant surprise

EDITOR: What a pleasant surprise it was to open the March 23 issue of the Mountain Democrat and see my great-great grandfather’s name in a headline. It is heartwarming to me to know that the residents of El Dorado County have not forgotten John Calhoun Johnson. He was one of the county’s earliest pioneers. He […]

Don’t try to define me

EDITOR: Open letter to letter writer James Longhofer: First, if you were right half the time you would be much more bearable. But sir, you’re not. I must warn you that you’re drastically approaching letter writer John Garon’s accuracy numbers. To clarify yet another inaccuracy, I’m not the chairman of the El Dorado Republican Party. […]

There’s a simple solution to Dante’s difficulties

EDITOR: Why doesn’t the owner of Dante’s restaurant realize that he could rent a “honey bucket” and put it in his parking lot to satisfy travelers who need relief along Highway 50? He could then put a sign on it, “Travelers Welcome,” and most people who need that service would be satisfied instead of infuriated. […]

Fannie Mae foreclosure mystery

EDITOR: What’s up with Fannie Mae? On Dec. 12, 2010, it foreclosed on a local home at 443 Canal St. in Placerville by bidding $312,916. This is a matter of public record. Less than two months later, it has listed that home for sale for $119,900. This is also a matter of public record. This […]

Pleasant surprise

EDITOR: What a pleasant surprise to see a civilized letter from Mr. John Garon (“Call to abolish Department of Education dismally misguided,” March 21). I don’t agree with his position, particularly his attempt to compare apples with oranges in his final paragraph. But at least this time Mr. Garon didn’t hurl any libelous invective at anyone […]

On the right track

EDITOR: In response to your article on Feb. 28 about the Wine Train and the Western Railway Museum: I thought it was a really good story. I did like it a lot. I think you are on the right track when you said the El Dorado County Museum should look into this. I was over […]

Cameron Park voters have been sold out

EDITOR: Cameron Park voters have been sold out by two new board members who promised positive change durning the campaign but are not delivering the goods. New board members Greg Stanton and Scott McNeil have no previous political experience. Other than attending a couple of board meetings leading up to the 2010 election they have […]

We’re in an illegal war

EDITOR: Our presidential pretender has involved America in another war in the Muslim world based on a U.N. resolution. The other countries involved with enforcing this resolution had legislative votes to authorize the action. Mr. Obama didn’t. We are in an illegal war our elected representatives weren’t consulted about, nor authorized. There is precedent for this illegality. Clinton involved America in Kosovo […]

Hoist on their own petard

EDITOR: Through his letter to President Obama, Congressman Tom McClintock had an opportunity to engage his constituents in a teaching moment on the dangerous imbalance of power that exists between the executive and legislative branches. He could have framed this vital constitutional issue with concerns, logic, historical perspective and his own recommendations on what ought to […]

I lost … it was great, thanks!

EDITOR: I am writing to express my sincere thanks to all of the voters, volunteers, donors, endorsers and others who supported my campaign for the 4th Assembly District. Their tremendous work and dedication were second to none. I am especially grateful to my family for their continued encouragement and support throughout the entire process. While we […]

El Dorado Hills Fire Department: Clarifying some details

EDITOR: I’d like to point out a couple of inaccurate statements and incomplete explanations published in your recent article on the state of fire service in our county, specifically in El Dorado Hills. First, regarding firefighter wages and benefits: An El Dorado Hills firefighter/paramedic with five years’ experience earns a base annual income of about […]

Government involvement: scary words

EDITOR: The Kanaka Valley article brings to mind what is considered some of the most frightening words in the English language. “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.” It is obvious that the callow and uncaring Bureau of Land Management biologist, Lauren Fety, is single-minded in creating “her” project as she envisions it, the […]

Opposed to closing Cameron Park Skatepark

EDITOR: Cameron Park Skatepark is closed after the community spent $300,000 to build it. Ten short years ago, Cameron Park welcomed a new addition to the community and on April 21, 2001, opened the Cameron Park Skatepark. Two weeks ago the Cameron Park Community Services District Board voted to close the Cameron Park Skatepark based on a continual complaint, […]

Roadwork: We could learn from Japan

EDITOR: I just saw a piece on one of the national networks regarding a road that was split down the middle by the devastating earthquake in Japan. One side of the road was about 10 feet higher than the others with the fissure running what looks to be several hundred feet in length. A very awesome […]

Japan and U.S. deficit spending

EDITOR: By now I would guess that most of you have seen videos of the massive destruction ravaged on Japan recently. Recalling the moving images of walls of water and mud inundating, lifting and smashing homes, buildings and anything else in the way and ultimately washing the debris out to sea were, like Indonesia, surreal. The […]

Rep. McClintock’s Fukushima

EDITOR: It is hard to imagine a bigger buster in Congress for the nuclear and oil industries than Rep. Tom McClintock, R-Roseville. At a town hall meeting in El Dorado Hills last month, I heard him vigorously echo the view that atomic reactors produce “clean, cheap and abundant power.” But that was a month before […]

Are we broke? Financial tsunami looms

EDITOR: Mr. Longhofer in a recent letter says that we are not really broke. Well if you were borrowing over 40 cents of every dollar you spent to live, how would you describe your situation? Our debt is huge, over $14 trillion and increasing at a stratospheric pace. We are only maintaining ourselves by borrowing […]

My gratitude goes to Marshall Medical

EDITOR: I recently spent some time at Marshall Medical as a patient. After that I was an outpatient for four weeks. I would like to thank everyone from Emergency to ICU to the regular two bedrooms. Thanks to all the doctors, nurses, aides, all the medical staff, food staff, janitorial staff and everyone else who […]

We need some clarity on ambulance services

EDITOR: We need some clarity here. In 2006 the Diamond Springs Community Facilities District (CFD) was formed to defray the cost of community services in Diamond Springs. It was done by referendum (vote), and added a fee to the property tax of each property in the district. Diamond Springs Fire Department does not charge anyone […]

Let’s show some flower power, Placerville

EDITOR: Over the past several years many downtown Placerville merchants have worked very hard to create a beautiful scape on Main Street hanging flower baskets on the lamp posts. Each year a fundraiser is held to add more baskets with the objective to have two on every lamp post. MORE rehabilitation center has watered the […]

Essay praised

EDITOR: Bravo for young Patrick Donovan’s first-place essay. And, kudos to the Mountain Democrat for publishing it. Patrick’s quest for Congress’ change from partisanship to compromise and collegiality is remarkable from a high school student. He has my vote! KAREN GUTHRIE Cameron Park

Taxes are never ‘temporary’

EDITOR: Somebody clear this up for me. Our Democrat politicians want to “extend temporary” taxes for five years. What will change in five years to eliminate these “temporary taxes?” The Dems don’t want a cap on spending or a cap on pensions so in five years spending will continue to climb and we will have […]

Everybody can vote, but not everybody pays taxes

EDITOR: While campaigning for governor, Jerry Brown promised that he would not raise taxes but would rather seek voter approval for any new taxes. He wanted to have a Special Election in June for this purpose. Most often, Special Elections rally special interest groups to get out the vote in support of tax increases. Special […]

Authorities overbearing as 8-year-old unfairly singled out

EDITOR: Imagine a child age 8 assigned a school project, excited and eager to please. The project assigned is to collect pennies, quarters or any other kind of money and then to bring it in to school the next day. So each child is given a box to bring home and fill with monies for […]

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