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Redevelopment column: My take on the issue

EDITOR: On Friday the 13th our Placerville city manager contributed a “My turn” column in the Mountain Democrat in which he pleaded for accuracy in the discussion of the Redevelopment Plan adopted by the City Council. Using figures apparently provided by the California Redevelopment Association, a Sacramento based lobby, he extolled the merits of redevelopment. The […]

Cell towers and Judgment Day

EDITOR: Where is it safe to build cellular towers? AT&T feels that the answer should be, “Anywhere.” Despite ongoing research that shows increasing health risk of radiation exposure through cell towers they are now planning to expand their sites next to our schoolyards. All throughout our country we are seeing the attempts of cellular companies […]

An Oft-told Tale of Main Street

EDITOR:  Once upon a time, not many days ago, five lovely maidens met to dine on Main Street, in the hamlet of Placerville. They feasted and talked and laughed, then decided to visit some purveyors of fine goods nearby. But alas and alack — a maiden spied a ferocious dragon putting license numbers of coaches […]

Letter writer John Garon’s sophistry

EDITOR: Phil Messina (NYPD Ret’d) is a highly decorated and respected trainer of both law enforcement officers and civilians. I met Messina at a number of training seminars over the years. Having experience as a trainer in a number of martial arts disciplines, Messina long ago pointed out one of the things that many martial […]

Opposed to cell tower near Sierra School

EDITOR: I am writing to you today as very concerned parent. I became aware that the Placerville Union School District has been approached by AT&T and is seriously considering leasing land to them for the purpose of a cell tower located between Federated Church Preschool and Sierra Elementary School. This proposal deeply concerns me. Since first […]

Majority of county residents being neglected

EDITOR: Is this possible? Surely it is an oversight? It would appear that the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors is neglecting representation for 66 percent of El Dorado County’s population to be found in El Dorado Hills and Cameron Park. The combined population of El Dorado Hills and Cameron Park represents the largest portion of […]

Yikes, Board of Supervisors loses 60,330 people

EDITOR: At issue, on May 17 the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors will hear comments and take action on a proposal initiated by the El Dorado County Mental Health Division titled the “The Innovation Work Plan.” Unfortunately, El Dorado Hills, with the highest population in the county, is not included. The proposal provides funding for […]

Thank you, friends

EDITOR: This is a letter to thank all of the wonderful people of Placerville, the people who cared for a stranger, my daughter, on Jan. 7 of this year. She encountered black ice and hit a big tree on Highway 49 and I never got to thank you properly. From the kind person who called […]

Family’s generosity greatly appreciated

EDITOR: On behalf of the El Dorado County Office of Education and the El Dorado Center of Folsom Lake College, we are writing to extend our thanks to the friends and family of Mr. Don McMullen, and especially Ms. Marsha McMullen, for their generous donations to the Cameron Park Rotary Community Observatory in Don’s memory. Don […]

Get ready for music to fill the pines

EDITOR: Beginning on June 4, Pollock Pines will kick off its second year of Concerts In The Pines located in the Pony Express Plaza at the corner of Sly Park Road and Pony Express Trail. The purpose of the concerts, besides the obvious fun in the sun allure, is its economic impact for the businesses of […]

Republican ‘debate’ totally lame

EDITOR: Just a brief comment about the “debate,” Faux hosted the other night. What debate? Candidates were never asked the same question amongst them. What kind of a debate is it where the participants are not required to point/counterpoint? All I saw was a format specifically designed to allow each an opportunity to put their […]

Stop — and balance the budget

EDITOR: If we raise taxes but continue to deficit spend, then nothing is solved and deficits continue. Raise taxes, and continue current spending increases, and we still have deficits. Raise taxes and keep spending flat and we have smaller deficits (if we taxed all our income 100 percent, we still could not balance the budget). […]

Health care and lunacy

EDITOR: Recently a friend of mine became very ill while vacationing in Mexico and was hospitalized for three days. The Mexican government would not allow him to leave the hospital for a return to California until his $23,000 bill was paid in full, in cash. If this situation occurred in the USA and the patient […]

Come on, Republicans

EDITOR: Open letter to House Speaker John Boehner: Quite soon now the United States government’s borrowing authority will be maxed-out. I strongly urge you and your Republican colleagues in the House of Representatives not to vote to increase the borrowing limit. Let me set forth a few comments, which I hope will influence your action: […]

The dump site is a poor choice

EDITOR: I thought this ridiculous attempt to put the material recovery facility (or dump) on Industrial Drive in Diamond Springs was long over. But I guess I was wrong. Someone in El Dorado County seems to be determined that the dump will go into Diamond Springs. You can bet their motive is money — for […]

Thanks, from Mormon Helping Hands folks

EDITOR: I would like to thank everyone who volunteered their time on Saturday, April 30, to help clean up our local schools and parks. Thank you also to Home Depot and Diamond Pacific for donating materials to help in this effort. I would also like to thank Pat Lakey and Bob Billingsley for helping to […]

Give the DA a medal

EDITOR: El Dorado County should give District Attorney Vern Pierson a Medal of Honor for his handling of the Garrido case. Pierson’s actions in the case were above and beyond what is required for a district attorney. For Vern pierson to care enough about his community to personally prosecute the Garrido case shows the commitment […]

Thank a teacher

EDITOR: Wednesday, May 11, is National Day of the Teacher. On behalf of El Dorado County, Division 73, California Retired Teachers’ Association, I want to express my appreciation to the wonderful teachers in our county. Our children are fortunate to have the best staffs with dedicated teachers and many supportive parents. This combination consistently has […]

Corporate welfare nothing more than pretzel logic

EDITOR: Subsidies/incentives/deductions for corporations (corporate welfare) are a large part of our budget deficit. Subsidies for oil companies are a prime example — the more we pay through taxes the less we pay at the pump. This hidden cost warps the market and artificially inflates demand. And since the wealthy pay the majority of taxes, […]

Nice try on the birth certificate, Mr. President

EDITOR: Open letter to President Barack Obama: I honestly want to believe you were sincere when you told the American people we could look forward to “change we can believe in” and it brought tears to my eyes when you chanted, “Yes we can, yes we can, yes we can.” But, in light of recent […]

Cool bike trail important for youth

EDITOR: This local community has been working on the Cool bike trail since 1996. It would enhance the community and is a safety issue for bikers, runners, and even equestrians. Georgetown Divide Public Utility District did not get a right of way when it put in the line; the line is there by permit. GDPUD has […]

Main Street, Placerville: We’re far from being a ghost town

EDITOR: An observation recently made about businesses closing and how Main Street in Placerville is turning into a ghost town left me with this question: “What are the problems facing our historical downtown?” The following is my attempt to answer that question not only from my perspective as a business owner but also as the president […]

I’ve given up on walking the El Dorado Trail

EDITOR: My dog and I are both senior citizens and a daily walk is good for both of us. When the trail opened at Missouri Flat Road I was thrilled, close to home and an easy, safe walk — or so I thought. Thank you to the Hangtown Kennel Club for providing bags at the […]

Runaway truck: Give us a brake

EDITOR: Once again we get to read about another person starting up their car or truck and driving it straight into a building. And once again we get to hear the same old and worn out, line … “stepped on the accelerator instead of the brake.” Let’s assume for a moment that after driving for 40 […]

Branding our wonderful community

EDITOR: Recently Mountain Democrat Publisher Richard Esposito wrote a column regarding our plan to build a monument marker, a welcome sign, if you will, on Highway 50 to attract travelers in the hopes of enticing and intriguing them enough to come down off the highway and visit our beautiful community. Economic recovery and maintenance, i.e., increasing our […]

Let’s show our appreciation to the teachers

EDITOR: I’m writing to express our appreciation for the men and women educators working in the Placerville Union School District. Their job is a difficult one, at best, and this year has been an especially challenging one. They have been expected to perform their duties under extreme budget constraints, plus the horrendous aftermath of the Feb. […]

I salute Geronimo — not bin Laden

EDITOR: I get why our Native American population would be offended by the military’s use of the code-name “Geronimo” for Osama bin Laden. There does seem to be some confusion about this, however. Did they actually code-name the person, or the operation? If the operation, then I can see it as a tribute to a […]

Democracy of the Republic alive and well in El Dorado County

EDITOR: I am angry at politicians who have strayed or intentionally ignored and perverted the word of our Constitution of these United States. Our elected leaders have solemnly sworn “to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” but few take it seriously. Many at the state and national […]

Lay off the medical marijuana dispensaries

EDITOR: Ordinance No. 1059 explicitly bans all medical marijuana dispensaries, yet three are located within Folsom city limits. How could such a violation be rational, or even conceivable? Why would the public demand such a controversial product? The answer boils down to the pure science of medicine and consumer perceptions. In August of 2006 the […]

Upset over new rules passed by House

EDITOR: I’m furious over the new rules the House passed last month in the FAA Reauthorization Bill to make nonvoters count as “no” voters in railway and airline union elections. It’s simply undemocratic, and it makes it so much harder for workers to form unions. This new legislation essentially stuffs the ballot box with anti-union […]

Suicide prevention group appreciative

EDITOR: I want to thank your wonderful staff for supporting our Health Awareness event on Saturday, April 30; it was truly a huge success. Mimi Escabar, Bob Billingsley and Pat Lakey have been here for my organization. We truly appreciate the work they have done on our behalf. They are truly an asset to your […]

Sophistry and an insult

EDITOR: “Defense underfunded” is the title of a recent editorial in the Mountain Democrat. To support its headline, the paper quotes a retired “Admiral Roughead” who, in a lecture given to a gathering — no doubt consisting mostly of defense contractors — compared the puny size of today’s Navy (286 ships) to the Navy of 1916 […]

Choose existence

EDITOR: Last summer we had the Gulf oil spill that reminded us that there is a price to pay with our consumption of oil. They said drilling was safe, but it wasn’t. Now we are looking at the possibility of a nuclear meltdown at not just one reactor, but four of them. This won’t be easily […]

When you object to Obama’s policies …

EDITOR: I’ve heard some interesting points raised about President Obama and anyone who objects to his policies. It seems there is an unassailable notion among his supporters that if you oppose him, it’s not policy driven, but based on racism. So please allow me, a conservative member of the Tea Party, to share my views […]

They weren’t allowed a kiss good-bye

EDITOR: Dale Shafer and Mollie Fry were taken into custody at the federal courthouse on the same day that the White House announced the killing of Osama bin laden. Ironically it was in the shadow of bin Laden’s attack on the World Trade Center, nearly 10 years ago, that this whole fiasco started. There were about […]

Mortgage interest rates: Do the math

EDITOR: In Ken Calhoon’s column published on April 29 he states that “Typically, interest rates on the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage have been 1.5 percent higher than the interest rate on the 10-year Treasury bond.” This sounds fishy. Let’s go back to grade school and do the math. If we assume the interest rate on a […]

I look forward to rally to save our schools

EDITOR: I write to you as a native Californian, educated in California public schools and universities. I graduated in the top 1 percent from Mission San Jose High School, which has been ranked among the Top 100 High Schools in the nation, cum laude from California State University at Hayward, and received my teaching credential from […]

Want to see the pictures?

EDITOR: What are you willing to pay? One innocent life? Two innocent lives? How many U.S. service people? I’m shocked to see how many people demand to see the evidence of Osama bin Laden’s death. They want to see the photos. Those photos aren’t worth risking one life. The are not even worth hiring extra […]

Bill would water down grand jury effectiveness

EDITOR: The El Dorado County Grand Jurors Association strongly opposes Assembly Bill 622 … a bill, that if passed, would be very detrimental to the grand jury process: to represent our citizens in reviewing public entity activities, while ensuring anonymity in conducting investigations. Without an assurance of confidentiality and secrecy (which AB 622 takes away), […]

Deny, deny, deny

EDITOR: Recently my granddaughter was denied a Section 8 Housing Voucher by the El Dorado County Housing Authority due to her criminal history. The law states: HUD permits, but does not require, the Public Housing Authority to deny assistance if the PHA determines that any household member is currently engaged in, or has engaged in […]

CPCSD meeting: Audience disrespectful

EDITOR: “Cameron Park — A Special Place to Live.” It didn’t seem very special last night. Last night we attended our first and probably last Cameron Park Community Services District meeting. The format is such that the better part of the first hour was spent on open forum, which is an opportunity for the community to […]

Thank you, to hard-working teachers

EDITOR: As the Day of the Teacher approaches, I’d like to thank the talented, dedicated, hard-working teachers of the Gold Trail Union School District. These teachers go above and beyond the call of duty to provide a topnotch education for their students. I am delighted that two of my grandchildren live in the district. One attends […]

Placerville Redevelopment Plan — Yes, let’s keep moving in the right direction

EDITOR: Bernard Carlson concluded his recent letter to this paper with an interesting question. Regarding the proposed Redevelopment Plan for our city, he asked, “Is this what the majority of Placerville property owners want for their future?” My answer is, “Yes, Mr. Carlson. This is what we want.” We want our town to retain its historical […]

Ron Briggs, John D’Agostini … let’s move on

EDITOR: In regard to the turmoil revolving around the Briggs/D’Agostini “blow up” I always say “there are two sides to every story.” Supporters of the sheriff see it one way; supporters of Supervisor Briggs see it another. As far as I am concerned, these are two very dedicated public servants who had a difference of […]

Fire Safe Council’s demise: We need the truth

EDITOR: ON March 14 the Mountain Democrat published statements by Ken Hasse and Richard Englefield concerning the current funding troubles of the El Dorado County Fire Safe Council. In my March 16 letter to the editor I said that Messrs. Hasse and Englefield failed to properly meet their responsibilities as the managing members of the EDCFSC […]

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