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My turn: In a California ruling, Ninth Circuit affirms EPA isn’t above the law

If the American concept of responsive, representative government means anything, it’s that bureaucracies don’t have unchecked power. Unelected regulators and administrators answer to the legislative branch, which enacts the laws that they administer. And they answer to the courts for how they interpret and apply those laws. It follows that average people who believe they […]

For planning purposes only

EDITOR: Mr. Longhofer’s letter, “Sharing in the glory” posted Feb. 23, states, “… the debate was whether there was a Japanese plan to invade Hawaii and then the coast of California. There was such a plan, so that debate is closed.” This was obviously written in Mr. Longhofer’s inimitable style, which has occurred in letters […]

Article misrepresented McClintock meeting

EDITOR: The context of the article, “We’re doing what doesn’t work” misrepresents what really transpired when Congressman Tom McClintock addressed the El Dorado Hills crowd on Feb. 23. As one individual commented, it appears McClintock paid for this “ad.” First let’s take a step back to the Jan. 19 Tea Party Patriots of El Dorado […]

Beth Gaines would be our conservative voice at the state Capitol

EDITOR: The Mountain Democrat’s endorsement of John Allard for the 4th Assembly Seat is a real disappointment to this El Dorado County conservative  woman. I have been to numerous debates and political meetings with all the candidates for the 4th Assembly District and Beth Gaines is by far the best candidate for this Assembly seat, […]

This is why we’re voting for Beth Gaines

EDITOR: My husband and I had no idea who to vote for, Mr. Allard or Mrs. Gaine. Dutifully, we sat down to read the literature sent by both candidates so we could debate. Ms. Gaines set forth her agenda and where she stood on issues. We liked that. On the first side of Mr. Allard’s […]

Healthcare: We still have checks

EDITOR: In a recent letter by Mr. Longhofer predicting higher healthcare costs he ends by suggesting that everybody be put in Medicare. In every discussion about our terrible debt situation, which is rapidly turning us into a has-been nation, the subject of entitlements such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid comes up. Both Democrats and […]

Save the oil subsidies

EDITOR: A total of 236 Republicans voted “no” to the effort to end public subsidies for oil companies. The $53 billion in subsidies would have made a nice start in reducing our deficit. I know that $53 billion is just a drop in the deficit bucket, but $53 billion here and $53 billion there and […]

Thank you, in the loss of our loved one

EDITOR: Our family would like to sincerely thank everyone who contributed to make the memorial service for our wife and mom, Bobbie Ceccarelli, such a touching, blessed event. While we know we are not the first family, nor will we be that last, to deal with the loss of a loved one, we do feel […]

We live in such a great neighborhood

EDITOR: My husband and I are handicapped. We are on oxygen 24/7 and he has to walk with crutches (he has no kneecap). This last snowstorm was so bad; El Dorado County crews piled a 4 foot berm in front of our house on Ridgeway Drive in Pollock Pines. Well, my husband worked for hours […]

High school librarians are essential

EDITOR: Lori Parlin made many significant points in her letter regarding the El Dorado Union High School District budget balancing act. Although in better shape than many districts in California, careful consideration still needs to be made on how those limited dollars are spent. The primary focus of such discussions needs to be “what are […]

Sensationalism in the media: Where do you stand?

EDITOR: Daily we are bombarded with news on current trends, foreign affairs, personal triumphs and tragedies. As it relates to the media, these professionals live by the credo that they are delivering the news in a fair and impartial manner: They gather and share the information they have discovered in order to help their communities […]

Thank you, Sierra Ridge coaches

EDITOR: I am writing this letter to publicly thank the coaches of the Sierra Ridge Middle School sixth- and seventh-grade basketball team, coach Karen Bouey and assistant coach Ted Hargon. The county championship win was just a bonus! What I thank them for is for teaching the girls the true meaning of sportsmanship and teamwork. […]

McClintock isn’t listening to us

EDITOR: I just talked with Congressman Tom McClintock’s office in Washington, D.C. I asked why did he vote against a bill that would stop taxpayer dollars going to oil companies in the name of subsidies when he says in the next breath that our country is on the verge of destruction and we have gas […]

Crazy town budget

President Obama’s budget for 2011-2012 must have been made by someone taking Lunestra. It’s full of beautiful butterflies, but it’s really just another Washington, D.C., con job. It assumes unbelievable economic growth levels of 5 percent. It also claims a $1.1 trillion deficit reduction, which is really $1.6 trillion in tax hikes plus what looks […]

Economy of scale

Every resident of western El Dorado County has to appreciate the efforts under way to take a serious look at consolidation. The schools, led by El Dorado County Superintendent of Schools Vicki Barber, are studying consolidation. Certain school district combinations could actually lead to an increase in school revenue on the order of more than […]

California Rambling: Alternative camping

As disposable income and time became available to Americans in the 1920s, camping became established as part of our collective leisure experience. At first people packed into the backcountry by horse or foot or camped in tents or trailers. Today new forms of alternative camping are gaining popularity, all with economy, comfort and character in […]

Franckly speaking: Tiger mom pounces on American parents

The 15 minutes of fame seized by Yale Law professor Amy Chua have ended — but what has she left in her wake? Something that disturbs me. Chua’s story first broke in the Wall Street Journal on Jan. 8 with an article she wrote provocatively titled, “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior.”  It was an excerpt […]

There are angels

EDITOR: While walking the Missouri Flat section of the El Dorado Trail on the 24th or 25th of February, my dog got spooked or saw something and jerked the leash out of my hand and disappeared from sight. A neighbor driving along the road stopped to help me look and I would like to thank […]

A thank you to the American Legion

EDITOR: One night each year, the American Legion organizes a dinner to recognize the “Officer of the Year” from the Placerville Police Department, California Highway Patrol and El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office. I had the pleasure of attending the dinner for the first time this year. It was an honor to be able to share […]

Vicious attacks unwarranted

EDITOR: Once again Mr. John “Kneejerk” Garon has displayed his penchant for making vicious, ad hominem attacks on persons he disagrees with politically (“Wisconsin’s governer and Mussolini,” March 1). Mr. Garon’s current victim is Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who Mr. Garon likens to mass murderers Stalin, Mussolini and Hitler. I’m surprised Mr. Garon did not […]

John Allard endorsed

Only one of the eight candidates for the 4th Assembly District can hit the ground running. Our support goes to the person who fits that description — John Allard. Allard served as chief of staff 12 years for Tim Leslie, both in the Assembly and Senate. He then did a stint as chief spokesman for […]

Loved the story on my boy

EDITOR: The write-up on Feb. 18 in the Weekender section on hip-hop artist-producer Alex McDonald (Opti-miztic) was great. A talented young man receives a great glance into what will be an “optimiztic” career. From a very proud mom … PAULA McDONALD Placerville

The weekly Daley: Been there, done that

PS to: Marcia Kernan – In fact, I have owned two small businesses right here in El Dorado County, and while each had multiple challenges, high taxes was not one of them. It wasn’t even an issue. PS to: Mike Huckabee – Obama was raised in Kenya? People revolting against foreign imperialistic rule was – […]

Frustrated with county bureaucracy

EDITOR: I had a court case where I was given till March 1 to find other homes for all but twoof my German shepherds. I found out the hard way that when the “minute order” was typed up and sent to El Dorado County Animal Services the specific date of March 1 was not there, […]

Is this how to balance a high school district budget?

EDITOR: As Popeye used to say, “That’s all I can stand, I can’t stands no more!” Who are these people at the El Dorado Union High School District Office? Why do they feel they don’t have to follow the same rules they impose on the staff and faculty who work with our youth? I have […]

Letter writer simply spreading incorrect numbers

EDITOR: In response to Dink Lane’s letter, “McClintock needs to look at the facts.” I believe Mr. Lane’s numbers stem from a media firestorm caused in 2008 by a report from the GAO entitled “Comparison of the Reported Tax Liabilities of Foreign- and U.S.-Controlled Corporations, 1998-2005.” The media — led primarily by The New York […]

Abortion: We’re stuck on two choices

EDITOR: Let’s face reality: Every time an abortion is prevented, an unwanted child is born to a woman from our poor or middle class. Women in our upper class have always had easy access to safe abortions. We know that unwanted children flood our social services, prisons, mental health facilities, addiction treatment programs, welfare rolls, […]

Restructuring unions is the right idea

EDITOR: Mountain Democrat columnist Chris Daley wrote (“What’s up with Wisconsin”, Feb. 25), “It’s about demonization.” He is correct. Demonization is truly alive but it is coming from the media and directed toward the wrong people. In typical form, Mr. Daley favors the left as he shows bigoted distaste for (now red) Wisconsin and similar […]

Public sector unions: Taxpayers asked to pay too much

EDITOR: I see Mr. Garon submitted his usual left wing diatribe in support of the unions against the evil employer comparing the evil employers to Hitler and Mussolini. The only problem is that the current situation with public sector unions is slightly different. Usually the argument is between the downtrodden working man and the rich, […]

Obama gay marriage reversal

EDITOR: After the general election some pundits were saying that President Obama had moved to the center. Well, I believe the latest declaration from Obama that his administration would no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act signed into law in 1996 clearly signals that he never left his leftist base. I believe that this […]

Don’t think redevelopment, roundabout are done deals

EDITOR: Don’t ever be fooled into thinking there is no hope. When you hear, “It’s a done deal,” or “The decision has already been made,” take a step back and consider who is speaking and what they have to gain by making those statements. In the case of the city of Placerville, the motive – […]

Publisher’s ink: Wisconsin becomes Ground Zero

It was only a matter of time. Someone had to make the call and get serious about balancing their budget. So when Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker stepped up to the plate to lay out his plan, the state’s public unions balked and Senate Democrats walked. Civility has taken a back seat in Madison, Wisc., as […]

Forget light and bubble shows for fish and remove toxins from canals

EDITOR: Boy, talk about wasted taxpayer dollars. State Department of Water Resources and federal Bureau of Reclamation spending our tax dollars to install water bubble and light shows complete with annoying sounds to try to reroute salmon. Don’t you idiots think that the predators will simply follow the salmon, because they are, well, predators? Geeze, […]

Debt ceiling increase is unconscionable

EDITOR: Congress raised the federal debt ceiling (the amount of borrowing the federal government cannot exceed) on our national debt by almost $2 trillion just a little over a year ago. The deficit spending has continued and our newest debt ceiling (over $14.2 trillion) will be reached sometime this May. Congress will again vote on […]

Thanks for saving my beloved horse’s life, officers

EDITOR: Thank you to the California Highway Patrol, El Dorado County sheriff’s officer Bill Turnbull and Animal Control. To officer Patty Perry, Thank you so much for saving my horse Tucker’s life. I am so sorry for all of the trouble he caused. Early in the morning when it was still dark, a panel slid loose from […]

Gun control and Switzerland

EDITOR: Am I mistaken, or wasn’t it letter writer John Garon who, a couple of years ago, made the flat statement that Switzerland had abandoned the practice of having men who had served a hitch in their military keep their service rifles in their homes? The rifles they keep at home are a type that […]

Garrido sentence: They’re asking for mercy?

EDITOR: Not a day less and at least double Jaycee’s time kidnapped. Now upon hearing that the Garridos are possibly pleading guilty to try to get “mercy” from the court in their sentencing, I firmly say: Not a day less than the 18 years they held Jaycee Dugard for, no parole possibility, but a more […]

Yahoo for the sheriff

EDITOR: Thank you for publishing my letter to the editor on Feb. 14 entitled “Do-it-yourself Sheriff’s Department strikes again.” After reading the eight responses my letter generated on your Website I realized the error of my ways. Clearly I failed to articulate my reasons for writing the piece; no it wasn’t because one deputy may’ve had […]

Pollock Pines looks like a war zone

EDITOR: Hi there. Well the storm has passed and another is on the way. We had a cleansing of the earth. Pollock Pines was a war zone; many trees and lines came down. Power was off in many parts. We were without power for almost five days. We had no mail and no paper, no […]

Redevelopment plan and eminent domain

EDITOR: Vicki Clark’s letter of Feb. 25 about Placerville’s Redevelopment Plan raises the subject of eminent domain. As pertains to the Plan, so far this has flown well below public radar. Eminent domain — the power to take private property for “public use” – is the method by which a Redevelopment Agency ensures targeted “property […]

Thanks to the ‘closely knit’ group of Placerville

EDITOR: This is a note to recognize and publicly thank the “closely knit” group for their continued support of deployed servicemembers. This group makes afghans, which are mailed to forward deployed and hospitalized servicemembers. It is comforting, as a servicemember, to know that support has not wavered over the years. LTC LAURALEE FLANNERY Placerville

Roundabout: A note to the Placerville City Council

EDITOR: The proposed roundabout at Cedar Ravine and Main Street in Placerville has achieved something heretofore thought impossible. Conservatives and people as far left as letter to the editor writer Mr. John Garon find themselves in total agreement that this project is an ill concieved waste of money that creates more problems than it solves. […]

More water

Propelled by strong doubts by U.S. District Judge Oliver W. Wenger about the current water regime, the interested parties have reached an agreement. The agreement signed by the Westlands Water District and environmental groups will increase water pumping from the Delta. The deal only runs through June 30 and allows pumping so long as smelt are not […]

We want the American Dream back

EDITOR: In response to Chris Daley’s column of Feb. 25: So Wisconsin is the epicenter of the conflict of public employee unions and the fat cats from the other side. I don’t think so, no matter how you spin it. You say Big Business, corporations and such donated $800 million to political campaigns. If so […]

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