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Medicare cuts and deficits

EDITOR: Recently we have had letters to the editor making the point that politicians are too focused on the deficit as opposed to the recession and also raising the alarm of the impending cuts to Medicare. All this is more interconnected than one might think. First let’s tackle Medicare, which will end up leading to […]

Muslims are not evil

EDITOR: A few months ago I attended a Bible study by a non-denominational Christian preacher at the El Dorado County Jail. During the congregation I was shocked by the preacher’s loathsome and horrid statement in which he described Muslims and Arabs as evil. I am not sure how much he understood what he was saying, […]

My turn: Obama’s EPA goes on gas attack

Maureen Martin By Maureen Martin On Nov. 15 President Barack Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency proposed rules requiring large industries to use the “best available control technology” to limit their greenhouse gas emissions. Only there’s a problem: There is no such limiting technology. Even the EPA admits it. The emission control directive comes in an Obama […]

Publisher’s ink: Time machine real solution to air travel

Our youngest daughter joined us on Thanksgiving Day. Her plane ticket was purchased before fares reached the usual holiday spike. The airline industry is an oligopoly. This simply means they can charge whatever they want whenever they can — thus the changing fares. Passengers are learning the Transportation Security Administration like airline fares are constantly […]

Gypsy curse

The nickname in legal circles is the gypsy curse. It’s a client who pursues a losing lawsuit no matter what the cost. The ultimate outcome is they end up losing more than they cold possibly have won. The case in point is the Diamond Springs Fire Protection District. After the Miwok Tribe contracted with the […]

Working on the railroad

How about those volunteers who have been fixing up the Placerville branch line? Volunteers from both Placerville and Folsom came together Nov. 13 to clean up what is known as Tunnel Cut No. 1 on the historical Placerville branch of the former Southern Pacific Railroad right of way. The volunteers weren’t just fixing the rail […]

I’m grateful for Broadway’s festive lights

EDITOR: In addition to decorating the beautiful tree in Historic Downtown, all of us on Broadway offer our deepest thanks to Western Sign Company for decorating our Christmas tree on Broadway. Your generous donation truly exemplifies the holiday spirit, and we are very grateful for your strong support of our community. Much appreciation also goes […]

What happened to Merry Christmas?

EDITOR: Am I the only one who misses the traditional Christmases of our childhood during this time of year? The simple pleasures of the singing of traditional Christmas carols of “Silent Night,” “Away in the Manger,” “We Three Kings,” etc., at work, at play, at school Christmas plays before political correctness deprived us of these pleasures. Of […]

Juvenile Hall Christmas party depends on you

EDITOR: After recently celebrating our American holiday of Thanksgiving, we are so much aware of the difficult times in our community and across the nation with unemployment and other insecurities. However, Christmas is coming, which brings us new hope in our hearts. Plans are under way for our annual Christmas celebration at Juvenile Hall on […]

Bye-bye to job-based health care?

EDITOR: The assault on the common man (and his/her family) continues — word from Washington is that job-based health care will be on the table for deficit reduction. Given this is the primary source of health care for middle-class Americans, it will be interesting to see how we deal with facing the full costs of […]

My concerns about the Tea Party

EDITOR: Letter writer Mr. Paul Bruzza makes his point that, as a proud Tea Party member, he is a willing taxpayer who loves America, its Constitution, and who doesn’t burn crosses. I’m sure his righteous indignation is heartfelt and sincere. My concerns about the Tea Party don’t stem so much from its claims to patriotism […]

Thanks for featuring this young lady

EDITOR: What a pleasant surprise to open the Mountain Democrat last week and see the wonderful article on Logan Savidge. Knowing Logan, we are sure she was embarrassed by the attention. This incredibly mature Union Mine senior is not one to seek accolades, no matter how justly deserved. In fact, Logan will be the first […]

For animals’ sake, read this

EDITOR: Important to read this I think, this is the reality. I think our society needs a huge “wake-up” call. As a shelter manager, I am going to share a little insight with you all … a view from the inside if you will. First off, all of you breeders/sellers should be made to work in the back […]

The great imposter

All her friends they just watch her For they know the great imposter And she’s soon to join the roster They all know the great imposter — The Fleetwoods As P.T. Barnum once said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” The big sucker in this case is the guy with the Iranian money bags, Afghanistan […]

California Rambling: Old West Christmas

Mary Stewart had a difficult life as a young widow living near Fair Play during the California Gold Rush.  Christmas just made it tougher. She’d lost her husband in a mine explosion and was left with two children, Totty, 5, and Benny, 4. To put food on the table, Mary worked long hours washing miners’ […]

The rural life: ‘Our’ rattlesnake

Jennifer Forsberg Meyer The sound, loud and unmistakable, was coming from under the stairs of the deck leading to our front door. A rattlesnake was bidding our guests (arriving for a small Labor Day barbecue) the opposite of a welcome. From the far side of the deck, I crouched and peered, gingerly, underneath. And there […]

Community Resource Center a lifeboat

EDITOR: My husband and I have spent many hours the past several days at the Community Resource Center (CRC) helping Rene Evans (the director)  in any way  we can. It has been extra busy the past two weeks  with the weather turning cold and more people coming in to take advantage of the overnight shelter, get […]

Chuck Norris: A leader we all can follow

William Bradford, governor of the Plymouth Colony, was a remarkable leader who endured much from Europe to the coastal regions of North America. Born in 1590 in a small farming town in England, he was only 1 year old when his father died, 4 when his grandparents took over his guardianship, 6 when his grandfather […]

Letter writer might be delusional

EDITOR: Todd Dierdorff can be excused his juvenile rant of Nov. 22 because, as my conservative friends have told me, it is hard to think straight when foaming at the mouth. His predictable rhetoric about exploding liberal heads, government “takeover” of health care, a lousy president, and Omigod! “an incredible bent toward socialism” come right […]

Central planning

The Obama administration’s plan to kill off private insurance plans got under way as the Health and Human Services Department issued regulations this week to make sure premiums are used by insurance companies for overhead and profits. God forbid anyone in this country should make a profit. That just wouldn’t be “fair.” A better plan […]

Big bad Ben

And he’s bad, bad Leroy Brown Baddest man in the whole damn town Badder than old King Kong And meaner than a junkyard dog — Jim Croce Uncle Ben Bernanke is being the baddest bank regulator in the whole wide world. Last week he publicly criticized China’s monetary policy and urged Congress to pass more […]

‘Offensive’ flag drawing teaches valuable lesson

EDITOR: Kyle Brown says that the last time he checked, burning the American flag was illegal. I’m not sure when he last checked, but if he’s inclined to check again, he could start with the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1989 decision in Texas v. Johnson, in which the court ruled that flag burning is expressive conduct protected […]

Thank you, Assistance League, for helping youth

EDITOR: On behalf of Tara Turrentine, Noemia Plank and the Edwin Markham Middle School community, I would like to extend our gratitude to the women of the Assistance League who very generously implemented the Operation School Bell program benefiting 41 Markham students. They were provided a gift of $100 each to spend on much-needed items such as shoes and socks, jackets, shirts […]

O Christmas trees, O Christmas trees

EDITOR: The Highway 50 trees are up. Back for the second season since the big time-out for the roadwork, thanks to the commitment of Leadership El Dorado Class Three, the hard work of Dolly Wager, the yearly donation of the trees from the El Dorado Christmas Tree Growers and the support of our great community. […]

Billingsley’s bullets: Don’t be afraid of intimacy

Each of us has a small crystal ball inside of us. Our crystal ball contains a need, an urge for intimacy in our lives. We are hoping that someone will rub our crystal ball and free our intimacy needs. Waiting for the intimacy to be released requires a lot of patience and frustration as we […]

Thanks for supporting dogs, group

EDITOR: On behalf of the Placerville police service dogs and Life Trials I would like to thank all the wonderful merchants for donations to our joint fundraising event held on Nov. 13. Unfortunately space limitations don’t allow me to mention all by name. Thanks to everybody who attended and thanks for the support of these two […]

Deficit — we’re going down

EDITOR: Once you get past the personal attacks on conservative talk show hosts and the gratuitous rant on English grammar that comprised the bulk of Mr. Longhofer’s latest rambling letter he does mention one real issue, the deficit. He asks what the Republicans would cut to help balance the budget, which is something the Democrats […]

Publisher’s ink: Thank God for Thanksgiving

An angry reader recently sent me an e-mail explaining why the city of Placerville wasn’t displaying “Merry Christmas” banners downtown. “I recently contacted the Placerville Downtown Association to inquire why no ‘Merry Christmas’ banners were interspersed with the ‘Happy Holidays’ lamppost banners,” his letter states. He’s disappointed at not seeing any of the traditional greetings […]

Amenities vs. necessities

EDITOR: Law enforcement is a necessity, not an amenity. When the average, responsible person encounters lean times they know how to cut their budget to make ends meet. They cut the amenities like fancy coffee, dinners out and vacations first, and keep the necessities like food and a roof over their heads. What is necessary […]

Send a prayer when you see this tree

EDITOR: On Friday in Placerville, they lit up the trees that are decorated next to Highway 50. Please watch along the freeway for a tree in front of the candy store. The candy store sign has a woman wearing a pink dress and depicting Lucy and Ethel. You’ll see a tree with yellow ribbons streaming […]

Topsy Tahoe

As the Lahontan Water Quality Control District ignores the recession, California’s $25 billion deficit and the huge layoffs and cutbacks that have shaken local government it presses ahead with its costly program. Its regulatory  plan for Lake Tahoe was passed Nov. 16 and will go on to the State Water Quality Control Board for final […]

Don’t worry about the lines in the sky

EDITOR: Regarding letter writer Delia Cummings’ worry about those pesky jet plane “white trails,” universally known as condensation vapor trails  or “contrails,” that’s what happens when heated air meets cold air in a moist environment. I’m sure many agree with your concerns but they are probably mostly cats and dogs who look up as you […]

Letter writer blind to his own anger

EDITOR: Oh dear, another rant from Mr. John Garon (“The Tea Party’s phony outrage. Nov. 10). I foolishly  thought that the outstanding letter from Ms. Maggie Dunaway (Nov. 3) would have shamed Mr. Garon into holding his vituperation for more than a week – particularly since Ms. Dunaway quoted chapter and verse about Mr. Garon’s earlier […]

It’s about the jobs

EDITOR: The deficit/national debt are our two most important issues and must be addressed over all other problems facing our nation — we hear this as a constant drumbeat from Washington, D.C. But might the deficit/national debt be a wedge issue designed to serve other agendas by taking attention away from our economy and our […]

Contingency plans

EDITOR: Letter writer Mr. Longhofer’s latest attempt to justify his ludicrous position that the West Coast to the Mississippi was under imminent Japanese threat in World War II says that all militaries have contingency plans for almost everything, so therefore he’s corrrect in saying that the Japanese had one to march to the Mississippi. To […]

Shame on you for not helping the injured deer

EDITOR: Shame on the person who hit a deer on Cold Springs Road at the curve near the convenience store next to Country Club Road, Nov. 17 around 5 p.m. and left him to die. His leg was broken and would have either caused another accident by someone swerving to avoid him (as I had […]

Let’s return to decency

EDITOR: I think that I have finally recovered from the last very negative and ugly political electoral process. It seems from the campaign ads that our elections have diminished to choosing the lesser of “two evils” rather than the best of what America can offer (who has been smeared the least wins). After reflecting on […]

My turn: Biking through Africa

Just got back from an exciting, beautiful, learning  experience on another bike ride. Ever been to Cape Town, South Africa? If you have, you know just how difficult it is to describe it without getting carried away. It takes pictures, of which I have many, many, many, to do the place justice. Generally, It looks […]

Love it or leave it

EDITOR: Lee Gardner writes a letter to the editor in the Nov. 19 Mountain Democrat saying he is going to wear a black arm band, and a black stripe across his license plate, well, all I can say is the same thing that has been said to me so many times now: Love it or […]

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