Garon refuted on New Black Panther Party

EDITOR: To Mr. John Garon: While I often admire your “way with words,” I’m disturbed by the frequency with which you present unsupported claims as indisputable truths. With particular regard to your Sept. 6 letter: In discussing the New Black Panther Party (NBPP) voter intimidation lawsuit, you pooh-pooh the group as “hardly a threat to the Republic,” […]

Fuel cells are coming

EDITOR: Listening to the naysayers talking down hydrogen fuel cell cars is like listening to the boys down at the livery stable in 1900 griping about the new horseless carriages that just came out. And there weren’t any gas stations then, either. Face up to it. The fuel cell is here, it works, and it’s going […]

What about noise pollution?

EDITOR: With all the talk about going green, our carbon footprint, air and water pollution, recycling, making a better planet, I haven’t heard any talk about noise pollution. Anyone who lives near highway 50 and especially in Placerville knows all about noise pollution. The motorcycles are the worst but then there’s the street racers and truck engine brakes, they […]

Nobody wants to solve illegal immigration

EDITOR: The reason the government will never address the illegal immigration problem is that the Republicans want them here for cheap labor and to break the unions, and the Democrats want the Latinos for their votes when they become legal citizens. JERRY K. FULLER Cameron Park

Houses don’t pay their way

EDITOR: Short term gain equals long term burden. The city of Placerville depends on developer fees for the revenue stream to keep our town running. Just look around and you’ll see how well that’s working. The city requires “x” amount of dollars to manage and maintain city services: road repair, water and sewer infrastructure, police and […]

Are Americans really ignorant about global warming?

By James M. Taylor Heatland Institute Global warming alarmism reached a new level of desperation last week when activists at the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication (YPCCC) published a study claiming 52 percent of Americans get an F on their knowledge of basic global warming facts. Such a poor grade might be cause for […]

Please address our water bill

EDITOR: Open letter to Ms. Kelly Segura, Accounting Supervisor, City Of Placerville, 3101 Center St.: We have a problem and need your help. As a very nice lady in your office (Suzanne) told me, you’re the only one who can be of assistance. As Mel Brooks said, “It’s good to be [Queen]! As I’m sure most residents in Placerville are, we’re unhappy […]

Too much information

EDITOR: There has been far too much candidate information this year, most trash. It seems to me that electronic, print, and the UPS should stop accepting campaign advertising as a public service. No ones rights under the 1st, 14th, 15th, 19th, 24th and 26th amendments would be violated as those rights would still be assured. The […]

Quad-ruple your fun

A raffle for a 2011 Kawasaki 360 Camouflage 4×4 quad is currently being conducted. Tickets are $10 and a drawing will be held Dec. 1. You need not be present to win. Tickets can be purchased at The Paint Spot, 1303 Broadway in Placerville or t Mike’s Cycle of Placerville, 291 Placerville Drive. All proceeds […]

Rock doc: Doing the 180 pivot

E. Kirsten Peters mug I remember well when Barbara Mandrell and George Jones sang a fine country and western song about changes in public perspective. For those of you too young to remember, the lyrics of the chorus were: “I was country when country wasn’t cool/I was country from my hat down to my boots/I […]

Final endorsements

For U.S. senator we recommend Carly Fiorina. It’s time to replace Sen. Barbara Boxer. She has stood in the way of equipping our troops with the best equipment and protective gear, she has stood in the way of creating jobs  and she has tried to grab more land for wilderness in El Dorado Country. She […]

Billingsley’s bullets: You determine the happiness of events

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said, “As soon as you trust yourself you will know how to live.” Johann was right. If I trust my ability to be happy, even in an unhappy situation, I can create a happy environment for myself. If I don’t allow external forces, such as other people, to determine my inner […]

The weekly Daley: Browns and Whitmans and Giants, oh my

daley_chris_color I’ve never voted for myself for governor. I have voted for myself for a dozen or so other elective offices over the years – Board of Equalization, Insurance Commissioner to name a couple. Of course that was before I knew how important the Board of Equalization is. I don’t recall a more appropriate time […]

Now that’s a haunted house

EDITOR: I wanted to say what a great haunted house Snowline Hospice has given us this year. On Friday evening, I had two of my children and one of their friends with me. We all went through the Haunted House at no charge and it was very well done. Saturday I picked up my son […]

Let’s get Garrido over and done with

EDITOR: What’s with our legal system? If one is seen by a policeman to run a red light, there’s no doubt one is guilty. If stolen property is found in one’s possession, there’s no doubt one is guilty. If one is caught with illegal drugs, one is guilty. If one is caught driving with more […]

Broadband would be a boon

EDITOR: We disagree with Supervisor Jack Sweeney’s view (Supes OK push to expand broadband, Oct. 21) that building out telecom/Internet infrastructure in order to bring about a much needed improvement in the availability and quality of telecommunications services would drive land development. As Supervisor Sweeney knows, the county’s zoning and approval process — and not […]

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Endorsements listed

Governor Meg Whitman Lieutenant governor Abel Maldonado Secretary of state Damon Dunn Controller Tony Strickland Treasurer Mimi Walters Attorney General Steve Cooley Insurance commissioner Mike Vilnes State Board of Equalization District 2 Chris Parker U.S. senator Carly Fiorina U.S. representative, District 4 Tom McClintock State senator, 1st District Ted Gaines State Assembly, 4th District Ted […]

No excuse for rendition

EDITOR: Mr. Alger in his recent letter predicts how I will respond to his revelation that President Obama signed an executive order in 2009 authorizing rendition. I’m a bit confused by his prediction — I believe he suggests given President Obama’s order I would respond with a short statement against torture, but if a Republican […]

Publisher’s ink: Entering the door to the future

Today is a historic day for the Mountain Democrat. After several months of development, testing and training our print edition becomes one of the first newspapers in the country to reverse publish. Reverse publishing refers to the process of publishing online content to the print edition of the newspaper. Starting with this issue, the oldest […]

California rambling: Dry Tortugas

Mere mention of the Dry Tortugas evokes exotic images — a powder blue sky above a turquoise sea, old sailing ships anchored beside low-lying tropical islands, balmy trade winds, a massive stone fort guarding sea lanes, sandy sun-baked beaches, and sea life crawling ashore and colorfully flirtatious amidst the swirling fans of coral reefs. On […]

Trust me, Republicans use rendition

EDITOR: According to George Alger, if a Republican president had ever authorized the United States to resort to (“extraordinary”) “rendition,” there would have been hell to pay, but Barack Obama has gotten away with it without criticism. As with other George Alger letters, this one is hogwash. As early as October of 2001, the CIA […]

The CIA uses rendition

EDITOR: The letter from George Alger published in your Oct. 22 issue under the heading “Obama sanctioned torture” is very misleading, because it makes it appear that the U.S. did not practice rendition before President Obama took office. The wording of the final paragraph in particular seems to be selected to make it appear that […]

Let’s do something nice with the trail

EDITOR: Much has been said lately about the possibility of “an excursion train” that would run though many of our neighborhoods. Aside from the fact that attempting to operate an excursion train would, in all likelihood, be a complete financial boondoggle from the start, what would benefit our own El Dorado County residents much more […]

Thanks to Cal Fire, others

EDITOR: Cameron Park Friends of the Library wishes to thank Cal Fire and Cameron Park Fire Department for their assistance in repairing the pulley and halyard at the top of the flagpole at the Cameron Park Library. This project has been pending several months and required a level of expertise with heights. Cal Fire and […]

You know you really want Shorty

EDITOR: I note in Friday’s paper that Shorty (a 5-month-old black/tan Chihuahua mix) still hasn’t been adopted from El Dorado County Animal Services. Just look at those adoring eyes looking up at his human. I would take him, but I have four rescues and four dogs are the limit in Placerville. If you are a senior […]

These 2 should be on fire board

EDITOR: I am the president of a local professional firefighters association and a volunteer for the Diamond Springs/El Dorado Fire Protection District. As such I have had the opportunity to see the unique challenges and issues that face rural and small community fire services in our region. I am asking you to support two candidates […]

Lou Barber belongs on fire board

EDITOR: I would like to express my complete support for Lou Barber who is a candidate for the El Dorado Hills fire board. As a general rule, I do not come out publicly and support local candidates running for office. In Lou’s case, I am making an exception. He is simply one of the finest […]

Vote for Boylan on fire board, for fresh thinking

EDITOR: This Nov. 2 election you will vote to fill two positions on the Diamond Springs-El Dorado Fire Protection District Board of Directors. One of your votes should go for Dr. Richard Boylan. Richard lives in Diamond Springs and cares about the Diamond Springs-El Dorado community deeply. He is the only candidate who is not […]

My vote goes to Kevin Brown in EDUHSD

EDITOR: With one mark each registered voter may directly benefit all the students and adult staff in the El Dorado Union High School District by helping to elect Kevin Brown to the school board. Few citizens have had more experience in dealing with worthwhile organizations, particularly with those involving young people. His willingness to serve […]

We need this trio at Garden Valley Fire

EDITOR: The Garden Valley Volunteer Firefighters Association is proud to endorse and support Rick Nelson, Dave Souza and Frank Clark for a seat on the Garden Valley Fire Protection District Board of Directors. Through their proven leadership, the district has expanded its capabilities, addressed personnel and political issues and kept the district financially sound. They […]

Please, not another Nerwinski

SARAH MILLER Placerville EDITOR: Cathy Nerwinski is running for Placerville City Council. Her husband John was on the council for only one term in the ’90s. When he was on the council he was very derogatory and negative to anyone who disagreed with him. Cathy ran unsuccessfully two years ago. Recently John started a recall […]

We absolutely need Wendy Mattson on City Council

JOHN SCHMIT Placerville EDITOR: I would like to encourage all Placerville residents to support Wendy Mattson’s candidacy for a seat on the Placerville City Council. Candidate Mattson is not the typical agenda driven politician we so frequently see in today’s political scene. She is motivated by her strong personal desire to serve her community in […]

Cathy Nerwinski impresses me for City Council

JON BARTON Placerville EDITOR: My vote for Placerville City Council will be for Cathy Nerwinski. I have had the pleasure of knowing Cathy for many years and know her to be energetic, thoughtful and a good listener. More importantly, unlike many on the City Council of the past and present, Cathy understands that Placerville is […]

California’s latest Gold Rush

My turn Ray Nutting When James Marshall knelt by his lumber mill on the bank of the American River in El Dorado County more than a century ago, the riches foretold by the gold nugget he found consumed his thoughts. At that time, he had no idea that other plentiful natural resources all around him […]

Back Fence 1027

You’ll be in stitches The Embroiderers’ Guild of America’s “Hanging by a Thread” local chapter will meet on Nov. 8 at 6 p.m. at the Planning Commission Room, El Dorado County Government Center, Building C, 2850 Fairlane Court in Placerville. The program will be a petite project in cross stitch. All levels of stitchers are […]

These 3 deserve to be on high school board

KAREN JONES Diamond Springs EDITOR: I debated on whether to write this or not, but here goes. I am an employee of 21 years with the El Dorado Union High School District. I have held various positions in our chapter union and have not always agreed with the board’s decisions nor the administration’s. However, having […]

Craig Therkildsen gets my vote

JEFF NEVES, Retired Sheriff Shingle Springs EDITOR: There are very significant qualification differences between the two candidates for El Dorado County sheriff. Amador County DA Investigator John D’Agostini’s only law enforcement leadership experience is with a small, rural narcotics unit. A unit with fewer personnel than a single patrol shift from our Sheriff’s Office. He […]

Todd White is who we need on high school board

GLORY GALE Rescue EDITOR: As our community comes closer every day to casting their ballots, we generally hear a lot about people who are running for sheriff, Assembly, Senate and governor, but many people don’t get the opportunity to learn about who is running for our local school boards. My friend, Todd White, is a […]

Dirty politics; shame on Therkildsen

BOB RUSSELL Placerville EDITOR: Saturday I received the usual handful of last minute campaign fliers. I was extremely upset at finding one from the Craig Therkildsen campaign. Prior to receiving it I had no real opinion of which sheriff’s candidate would be better. I believe political campaigns should be run on issues and qualifications, not […]

Back Fence 1101

Let’s do our patriotic duty Don’t forget to vote tomorrow! John Chapman of Folsom dropped off the following uplifting T-shirt statement: “Just call me butter ’cause I’m on a roll.” Richard Lederer’s “Anguished English” calendar noted the following misplaced definition: “Tycoon: Something butterflies come out of.” My “Insight From the Dalai Lama” calendar stated the […]

D’Agostini running with ‘a few bad apples’

J. FLEMING Placerville EDITOR: A recent article in your paper about a meeting involving El Dorado County sheriff’s candidate John D’Agostini and the Modified Motorcycle Association has resulted in many letters from people who are angry that a surveillance recording was released to the media. Many accusations and derogatory remarks have been directed at the […]

I can no longer keep quiet — my vote goes to D’Agostini

Sheriff RICHARD PACILEO Ret. (Sheriff 1975-’91) Placerville EDITOR: As a courtesy to both El Dorado County sheriff’s candidates, I had made up my mind not to publicly get involved in this race. However, after I received my fourth hit piece, I can no longer sit back without standing up for a good and honest person […]

Time for D’Agostini to man up

It’s becoming apparent to us there appear to be two different campaigns for John D’Agostini, who is running for sheriff against Craig Therkildsen. First, there is Mr. Positive who doesn’t criticize his opponent and only points to his list of supporters. But somewhere behind the scenes there seems to be a sub rosa campaign that […]

Whitman for governor

Republican Meg Whitman may be squishy — as Congressman Tom McClintock noted — on Proposition 23, a ballot measure that will suspend the global warming law until the jobless rate hits 5.5 percent instead of the current 12.6 percent. But everywhere else she is right on the money about what is needed to bring back […]