QE2 ain’t a cruise ship

Although commodities ended the week down after China announced it was raising interest rates to counter inflation, they are still in the high range. Gold bullion came down from more than $1,400 an ounce to $1,364. Oil is hovering around $85 a barrel. Don’t expect prices to drop at the pump. Regular gas is holding […]

Protesting at soldiers’ funerals is just plain awful

EDITOR: I am very upset with the latest siege on American Christian values and the morality of our country that is being continually eroded by fanatical liberals, socialists, Marxists, communists, atheists, Muslim terrorists and those who portray themselves as Christians. I am particularly upset by the demonstrations being held by a Baptist church against the […]

Non-native trees: Placerville trees have a history

Columnist Mug Shot, Elizabeth Caffrey Mountain Democrat Photo by Shelly Thorene Soon after coming to Placerville from Tahoe this month, I noticed something strange about many of the trees in the village and also on Apple Hill: They did not belong. They were eastern trees. Someone told me the gold miners had brought the seeds, […]

Caples Lake boat launch closure explained

EDITOR:  I am responding to concerns expressed in a Nov. 10 letter to the editor about the Nov. 1 closure of EID’s Caples Lake boat launch. The writer questioned the reasons for the closure, noting that fish are still biting, ice has yet to form on the lake’s surface, and access to the lake — […]

California rambling: An early start to ski season

Snow guns have been blowing machine-made flakes onto El Dorado County slopes for weeks, now, making those born to ride anxious to get back on their boards. Though, the beginning of this ski season began much earlier. Our mountains average 400 inches of natural snow each winter, though if you’re in the ski industry, you […]

Outreach project successful

The first annual Community Outreach Project performed by local businesses and agencies was a smashing success. Several seniors enjoyed a shopping trip to Walmart, lunch at Eskaton, and assistance with wrapping their purchased gifts. Gift cards, provided by the following businesses and agencies made the shopping an extra special treat. Those contributing to the event […]

Keep railroad for multiple purposes

EDITOR: We can only hope the supervisors and the rails to trails bunch will get it. It is unfortunate that too many people are so short sighted, letting their own agenda drive them, instead of them finding the best use for all people and this county. For 30 years or more I had hoped the […]

Elder care: Tar! Hold the feathers

EDITOR: Mr. Herzog (“Older folks will want to tar and feather me,” letters to the editor, Nov. 10) is to be complimented and thanked for providing personal care for his wife of 55 years. Many people these days find themselves in the position of providing care for a husband, wife, father, mother, aunt. Family involvement […]

The weekly Daley: More post election

daley_chris I saw a bumper sticker the other day on the way home from work. It wasn’t actually on the bumper but rather was like a decal on the back window of a small pickup truck. I don’t know what you’d call it, but bumper sticker works for me. It said “In Loving Memory of […]

Keeping track

One has to give the members of the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors praise for their patience in listening to five hours of testimony about the future of the El Dorado Trail and and the remaining railroad track between Missouri Flat and Folsom. In fact we think they should all be given the Iron […]

We owe it to our seniors

EDITOR: Mr. Frank Herzog’s recent letter to the editor suggesting elimination of senior citizen “services” screams for rebuttal. So let me share some information Mr. Herzog and others may not be aware of. I am a volunteer at the Placerville Senior Center so I believe I see first-hand what seniors need and deserve. Mr. Herzog […]

Thanks for helping with the passing of ‘Mom’

EDITOR: This is an open letter from Loren Buck to the friends of LaVana E. Buck — known as “Mom” to all. I would like to thank the following people who responded to Mom’s death: First, Tom and Eva Tornell for all the help they provided to both of us. Next, Karl and Jennifer, Ed […]

Concerned about animal traps

EDITOR: I was out walking my dog at the Cottonwood Apartments in Placerville, then to my deep concern, we discovered set-spring animal traps with some kind of foul-smelling bait inside. Then I discovered more piles of suspect food around. The policy of Cottonwood is to allow “compassionate pet companions” upon a doctor’s notice. I have […]

Cameron Park Lions appreciate your support

EDITOR: On behalf of the Cameron Park Lions Club, we wish to thank everyone in the community for their support during our recent White Cane Days. The ongoing support of the community allows our club to continue providing assistance to those who are visually impaired and do not have the means to obtain vision care. […]

Publisher’s ink: Women’s Fund making a difference

“There are no strangers – just friends I haven’t met yet.” These were just some of the words describing the life of Joan Barsotti on a proclamation presented to her family at this year’s annual Women’s Fund El Dorado banquet. The event was held at the Serrano Country Club last month and I had the […]

Rush Limbaugh makes my blood boil

EDITOR: Listened to Rush Limbaugh yesterday while driving down to El Dorado Hills — his skill in selling snake oil to his customers is superb. I like to listen to Rush in my car because it keeps me awake as my blood pressure rises in response to his mirror reversal technique. He was complaining that Democrats were not […]

Franckly speaking: Heading into autumn — let me count the ways

Marion Franck. Democrat photo by Megan Jeremica Last Saturday, for the first time this season, I thought about the end of my kayak trip before I’d even started. The daylight hours are growing shorter, and whitewater kayaking requires that you allow time for the unexpected. I wanted to be sure we were done before dark. […]

I feel sheepish about my ram getting loose

EDITOR: My sheep ram got out Oct. 29 and caused a ruckus and had traffic backed up for miles. Thank you for your patience. I’m very sorry and I want to thank everyone who helped catch him. A special thank you to the lady in the dark SUV who took me down the road, and […]

Can you dig it?

EDITOR: California is experiencing severe joblessness these days, so why not open up a few of the gold mines and put our young men and women back to work? Since we are known as the Golden State, perhaps it is time to prove that point. It is a well known fact that 90 percent of the […]

‘Moonbeam’ is at the wheel — help

EDITOR: There was a tsunami that swept across the United States on Nov. 2. Unfortunately the wave ran out at I-5 in California. I am no longer claiming to be a “Californian.” I am placing a black stripe across my license plate and will wear a black arm band, in mourning for the sorry state of […]

What a great community

EDITOR: We just finished our seventh annual StoryVoices fundraiser for Partners In Care, and I was overwhelmed by the wonderful support we received. In addition to having a sold out event, we had tremendous sponsorship from a number of agencies: Waste Connections was our premier sponsor for this event. Other sponsors included Parker Development, El […]

Please return the computer

EDITOR: Recently my Astro Van was broken into near the corner of Racquet Road and Wimbledon Drive in Diamond Springs. A number of items were stolen, the most significant of which was my laptop computer. By now, those of you who stole the computer and the other items have found that this computer is more then […]

Court delays are ridiculous in some cases

EDITOR: In my book, Lawrence Alexander’s letter to the editor of Oct. 29 was right on target (a bulls-eye hit). I am in complete agreement that when the evidence in any criminal case is so completely overwhelming that it’s ridiculous for the court to allow the delays and expenses that they do in bringing the case […]

Thank you, California Democrats

EDITOR: The recent election results here in California will no doubt guarantee that our economy will not recover anytime soon. The failure of Proposition 23 will be disastrous for all families and businesses as well as local, county and state governments as follows: 1. A 60 percent increase in energy costs. 2. Increases in fuel costs […]

No compromise

President Barack Obama has said and repeated it recently that he would compromise on extending the tax cuts that President George W. Bush used to pull the country out of the recesi0n that set in at the end of President Bill Clinton’s second term. His idea of compromise is to end the tax cuts for […]

No easy fix to this problem

EDITOR: Over the last 25 years both the Republicans and Democrats followed a disastrous policy of international free trade without proper safeguards. The results have been catastrophic damage to the American economy. Neither Democrat or Republican politicians will face this reality. The promise of creating jobs now rings from our politicians but we have given away […]

Why close the launch ramp, EID?

EDITOR: I have a question for El Dorado Irrigation District. Why are they closing the gate to the brand-new launch ramp at Caples lake? This popular fishing lake is within easy striking distance of many Motherlode and valley anglers, and its popularity has increased dramatically since the dam repairs and all the trout plants since […]

Older folks will want to tar and feather me

EDITOR: Some old folks, and their taxpayer funded advocates, are all in an uproar because El Dorado County’s income from taxpayers has been cut and will be cut even more in coming years. This income reduction forces the county to cut many “services” including senior nutrition programs and other seniors’ programs. In my opinion, most […]

Bahá’ís to celebrate holy day

EDITOR: El Dorado County’s two Bahá’í communities, centered in Diamond Springs and El Dorado Hills, respectively, will come together for a joint commemoration of the birth of Bahá’u’lláh, the prophet/founder of the Bahá’í Faith. The celebration will take place at the home of Farhad and Nastram Foroudi in El Dorado Hills on Thursday Nov. 11, […]

Fire chief and crew were great

EDITOR: A note of thanks for Placerville Fire Department Battalion Chief Tim Cordero. Tim was driving on Main Street and noticed a column of problematic smoke, followed it to our home, phoned for an engine and they were here within three or four minutes. We had a serious chimney fire and they contained it. They […]

Tooth fairies

EDITOR: After a near fatal fall and losing my two front teeth (and no insurance to pay for new ones) two very generous and wonderful people are making it possible to not only replace these teeth, to to fix the rest of my teeth. We always knew there were still some warm and generous people […]

Billingsley’s bullets: Being stupid comes easy for some people

Bob Billingsley We are back from our annual sojourn to Pismo Beach – tanner and more fit.  As tradition dictates, I brought back new T-shirt statements and some of my favorite signs observed as follows: “There’s no need to act stupid, even though you’re really good at it.” “Who are those kids, and why are […]

Making assumptions to justify conclusions

EDITOR: Mr. McHenry’s recent letter attempts to validate Mr. Alger’s contention that Japan had no intentions of invading America, and he does this by listing a Japanese war plan of Sept. 6, 1941 (we will assume he is correct in stating such). This war plan had seven objectives, none of which included invading our West Coast.  […]

The Tea Party’s phony outrage

EDITOR: To history buffs, the recent election of Tea Partyers has a sense of déjà vu. In 1850 angry voters elected people who supported an agenda of anti-immigrant sentiment, religious intolerance, racist bigotry, and jingoism. I refer, of course, to the brief rise of the Know Nothings, America’s particular version of Britain’s Luddites. Tea Partyers, […]

Back Fence 1108

I’ll bet he won’t lay an egg Attention, chicken/egg lovers! Master Gardener and local poultry grower Thorne Barrager will discuss raising chickens on Saturday, Nov. 13, at 10:30 a.m. at the El Dorado County Library, 345 Fair Lane in Placerville. For more information about this free event please call 530-621-5540 or visit eldoradolibrary.org. My pal John […]

Don’t touch those rails

Apparently a faction of trail proponents is still trying to rip up the railroad tracks. An El Dorado County Board of Supervisors meeting 1 p.m. Monday, Nov. 8, is when the  rail rippers will make another pass at selling the rails for scrap on the theory that it will pay for extending the paved path […]

Something to think about: Sadie takes a stand

Wendy on ZiplineKMK_0042E Meg or Jerry? Jerry or Meg? When I received my mail-in ballot, I was surprised to see there were other gubernatorial candidates besides Whitman and Brown. I certainly hadn’t heard of any. Meg or Jerry, that was the question. Whether ’twas nobler in the mind to vote for the spender of an […]