Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Research instruments on the Altair took measurements of ocean color, atmospheric composition and temperature, plus a surface imaging system. NASA photo
AN AUTOMATED DROPSONDE system was developed for NOAA by the National Center for Atmospheric Research. When dispensed from the Golden Hawk, the sondes collect data on temperature, relative humidity, wind and other readings. NASA/Tony Landis photo
THE GOLDEN HAWK flew nearly 70 hours in three missions in 2011, deploying 177 "sondes" (about the size of a paper towel) from nearly 60,000 feet into atmospheric rivers and remote Arctic atmosphere. NASA/Tony Landis photo
DELTA STEWARDSHIP COUNCIL Lead Scientist Peter Goodwin has a Ph.D in Hydraulic Engineering. Photo courtesy of Delta Stewardship Council
THE ALTAIR, an unmanned air vehicle, flew research missions in 2005 to gather data on atmospheric rivers for the National oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. NASA photo