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DeBerry on Confederate Flag

EDITOR: The recent and ongoing controversy over the Confederate Flag is a typical problem, reaction and solution drama that politicians, bureaucrats and the media use to control America. Problem: being the man in the church shooting was holding a Confederate Flag, Reaction: Public indignation-something must be done to make everyone feel better and safe, Solution […]

Ignoring laws

EDITOR: In Chris Daley’s recent criticism of Dr. Carson’s trepidation regarding Muslims he states that you can’t, and I quote, “govern on the basis of his beliefs and ideologies, not on the basis of law.” As usual, when you are dealing with a left-wing ideologue like Chris Daley his eyes only look in one direction. […]

Mr. Altshuler’s myth of trickledown economics

EDITOR: How ironic. Mr. Altshuler’s blinding ideology never gets in the way of his denigrating others who, in his limited and pedantic view, apparently suffer from the same affliction. It would be merely amusing but in areas where he pretends expertise, such as economics, he is too often misleading. For example, in a recent column, […]

Loving care

EDITOR: My wife recently passed away from an extended battle with Alzheimer’s Disease. For the past two years we were blessed with the aid of an unbelievable care giver by the name of Traci Arriola. Her presence in our home, seeing to the every need of my wife, was an amazing gift. The memory of […]

Commit to lifelong learning

EDITOR: Hurrah! After months of work by the steering committee, the Sierra Renaissance Society — committed to lifelong learning in El Dorado County — is a reality. Our first presentation by Joe Medeiros, “Sierra Superlatives,” was a great introduction and was well received by a roomful on Friday afternoon, Sept. 18. If you missed it, stay posted for […]

Update on a life-altering event

EDITOR: A small article in the Mountain Democrat was brought to my attention recently. It was in the Aug. 17 edition in the “Under the Scoreboard” heading. It was an update on me, Dave Johnson, and my new teaching and coaching position in Oregon. It was a nice informative article, which under most circumstances would […]

Zoning update not all ‘rainbows and butterflies’

EDITOR: I’m sure this won’t be the first time the Mountain Democrat has been accused of letting their readers down. The zoning update article published Sept. 7 left residents uninformed, which is pretty specifically not what you want in a newspaper. County planners are telling the public that this update is an implementation of the General […]

A big thanks from Rotary

EDITOR: The Pollock Pines-Camino Rotary Club thanks all the businesses and participants that came together to make our recent fundraiser, Evening in the Orchard, a rousing success. We especially thank the business sponsors — Rainbow Orchards, the Mountain Democrat, Innovative Construction Services, Umpqua and El Dorado Savings banks and wine sponsor Madroña Vineyards. The evening was well […]

No place for StemExpress

EDITOR: After seeing a report on StemExpress on TV the other night I felt I have to respond to it. I’ve past StemExpress many times since it opened and always wondered what exactly they did there. Well, now I know, as many other people do too. The pictures of them dissecting baby body parts was […]

Tissue donations

EDITOR: What Mae Harms and Gene Altshuler both spectacularly fail to grasp is that the so-called “donated tissue” is actually harvested from a human without his or her consent, and whose life has been ended by the “choice” of another person. No one disagrees that there is much to be lauded about donated tissue, much […]

Minimum wage hikes cost much more

EDITOR: George Alger’s letter of Aug. 5 was a good explanation where young people get their start in the workforce and those who are not highly educated that also need work. But many of those jobs are slipping away piece by piece. Example: The last time I went to Chili’s before it left El Dorado Hills the […]

Iowa Hill puff piece

EDITOR: In response to SMUD’s public relations puff piece on Iowa Hill published (Aug. 19), I just want to remind residents of El Dorado County that this project is environmentally destructive and of no benefit to you at all. It is an outdated method of energy storage. There are several such projects in California, but […]

You owe Placerville an apology

EDITOR: The “dummy” has always been white; look at his arms and hands.  The dummy has been in the same location for decades. I am suggesting to you, Ms. Counts, that you explore the area where you plan to move to. Our town is not going to change; that’s part of our history in this […]

All about money

EDITOR: Personally, I believe that Joe Harn is one of the more stable individuals in our local government. It sure doesn’t seem to me that the Board of Supervisors has complete control of the county’s financial situation. Their attempt to consolidate fire districts through the use of the Aid to Fire money is a case in point. If you work at […]

Marshall gets five stars

EDITOR: Where to receive five-star treatments? Marshall Hospital. First star goes to the ER for comforting speed and thorough diagnosis — patient very ill, next step the hospital. Second star goes to the fine care of the in-house doctors. It’s a little different not seeing your own physician but these doctors are right on the spot and I […]

Council thankful for support

EDITOR The Mature Leadership Council of Cameron Park had the great honor of being presented a proclamation and a certificate by the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors on Sept. 15. We would like to thank the entire Board of Supervisors for this honor. We are flattered to be recognized by the supervisors and we […]

Seniors and women, fight back

EDITOR: We’ve all heard stories about people, especially seniors and women, getting ripped off by shady repairmen and businesses. Even doctors have been caught making big bucks by scheduling unnecessary operations and such for people who didn’t need them. We just shake our heads and thank God that it wasn’t us — this time. But what about next time? Do […]

Altshuler’s discontents

EDITOR: Mr. Altshuler writes of summer of discontents. One of the discontented is probably him. You have to feel for the poor guy with the majority of his party supporting an even more corrupt female version of Richard Nixon for president. But Hillary aside, let’s look at one of his most dearly held religious convictions. […]

Help Nick Brown’s family

EDITOR: Dear El Dorado Community, You have likely heard that 15-year-old sophomore Nick Brown underwent brain surgery after a Union Mine JV football game Friday, Aug. 28. He is still in a coma in critical condition, with no known outcome at this point. Nick’s mom, Laurie, has had to leave her job to be with him at the hospital. They are a […]

State of Jefferson

EDITOR: I think that more people should know about the State of Jefferson, and the people who already know about the State of Jefferson need to know more. The State of Jefferson is all about representation. In Southern California they have 114 representatives. LA County alone has 11 representatives. That’s almost twice as much as […]

Vacuum dredging vs. oil spill clean up

EDITOR: BP was sued and had to clean up their oil that spewed into the water, and spent millions cleaning up what they caused. Well, in retrospect, the miners want to clean up what their predecessors left in the rivers, and they want to do this at no cost to the public. But, Sierra Club […]

Insurance danger

EDITOR: During the question and answer period at the Aug. 31 El Dorado County Taxpayers meeting, Kris Payne announced that his fire insurance policy had been summarily cancelled. Having no claims during the past 30 years, Kris wondered how many other county residents might soon receive similar letters. Last year the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors issued a […]

Nuclear Electric Magnetic Pulses

EDITOR: The sun is rising in the east over the Sierra Nevada, just like it has done since the beginning of time. However, the land that lit up under the sun’s rays had changed to a former state. Yes, there were buildings, houses, roads and cars. Most of the people were gone, but a few […]

Response to Jerry Fuller

EDITOR: I agree that the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s were a different time since I grew up during the same time period. But did you forget the Texas tower mass killing of 1966? In the 1970s there came a more liberal change in our society. Mr. Fuller doesn’t realize that when outlaws want illegal guns […]

Swimming pool funding

EDITOR: I was told that our wonderful city pool used to be open for 120 days each year but because of lack of funding, it was only open 72 days this year. That is a considerable cut. The pool offers lap swim, swim lessons, water aerobics and community swim times. I have used the amenities […]

Buckeye USD parent overheated

EDITOR: On Aug. 17 temperatures across the county reached as high as 105 degrees. Corresponding heat indexes reached even higher — classified as “Danger.” In addition, the Air Quality Index (AQI) was expected to measure 124, which is defined as “Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups” and advises, “Active children should limit prolonged exertion.” After my kindergarten child […]

Trapped by sewer bill

EDITOR: In your Friday, Sept. 11, issue in the article “City sewer, water customers have torrent of concerns” you quoted John Clerici as saying, “For example, they don’t seem to understand that we don’t set (and collect) property taxes.” Was he misquoted, or does he not understand that this issue is not about El Dorado County […]

Stop the madness

EDITOR: While driving on Forni Road the other day I was saddened to see the sign for the new thrift store. First, why are county planners allowing yet another new building to be built when there are so many empty building and stores around this county? Second, why would county planners allow (another) organization into our community that […]

Thanks to El Dorado Disposal

EDITOR: Kudos go to El Dorado Disposal for their recent extra green waste pickup. For many of us, pine needles and leaves are coming down earlier and more heavily than usual. So it was a great help to be able to do extra cleaning and have the green waste disappear. Plus, my EDD guys were […]

Weitzman’s column misleading

EDITOR: I often read Larry Weitzman’s column and find it interesting and informative. He sheds a lot of light on the Board of Supervisors and various machinations within the county. In a recent column on misdeeds of various supervisors he listed former Supervisor Nutting and I feel, in this case, left an inaccurate impression. As […]

More hangman trivia

EDITOR: Please, Wayne, do not apologize for me. It smacks of political correctness and is even more disgusting than partners and race-baiter comments that started this. As partners and race in the original post obviously drifted from the meaning of our beloved hangman, so did I with an appropriate response. You do not speak for our […]

Shooting sprees are nothing new

EDITOR: As is quite clear by now, I have a great deal of impatience for those who misrepresent the past while looking at it through rose-colored glasses. Mr. Jerry Fuller, in his letter printed on Sept. 11, makes two glaring and uninformed errors. First, he states that as a teen and as a young man […]


EDITOR: Due to intensive farming the quality of farm soil is diminishing. As soil quality diminishes, the available minerals in produce also decrease. Ray Archuleta, nicknamed “the Soil Guy,” believes that returning to natural soil conditions, termed “biomimicry,” will alleviate this problem. Ray advocates covering the ground with mulch or wood chips or rotating in […]

The price of eggs

EDITOR: Just when you thought things could not get more fowled up in Hangtown, here comes Chicken Woman (aka: Karen Rae) squawking about her neighbors having egg-laying hens in their backyard. Has Ms. Rae seen the price of store bought eggs lately? The entire point of moving to a small foothills town like Placerville is […]

DUI checkpoint saves lives

EDITOR: Thank you, local enforcement agencies for conducting the recent DUI checkpoint on Highway 50 in Placerville. Commuting home from my swing shift job in the flatland five nights a week, your periodic inspections increase the odds of my safe arrival home. Looking forward to seeing you again soon. MIA JACOBS Placerville

Border walls

EDITOR: Trump wants a beautiful border wall on our border with Mexico. Walker is considering the idea of a border wall with Canada. I propose a border wall along our East Coast, all the way down to Florida, then around into the Gulf of Mexico and ending at the border wall with Mexico. Then on our coast […]

TV advertising annoyances

EDITOR: Mr James Riordan’s letter Aug. 26 brought up some very good points about advertising on the TV screen during programs and the distraction it causes; however, he did not go far enough. What absolutely infuriates me are the ads during the program breaks themselves. The majority of the ads are for car sales that are […]

Cleaning the rivers

EDITOR: What happen to common sense? Do vacuum cleaners hurt the environment? Do street vacuums really hurt the environment? Do disposal plants hurt the environment? Does cleaning up the dung in a chicken coop hurt the environment? Or cleaning up after an oil spill, does that hurt the environment? The answer is obviously no. Then why […]

We are losers

EDITOR: After reading “Hang on to your wallets” by Larry Weitzman (Aug. 24) in the Mountain. Democrat, I ask the “working people” in California, why they pay our state legislators large salaries, meals, cars, gas, health care and retirement? We give them this so they can think up new ways to relieve working people of their […]

We shouldn’t deny our beliefs

EDITOR: In the defense of StemExpress specifically and abortion in general, a reader recently penned that it is the readers opinion that “science supplants (replaces) faith with reason” and reason makes abortion and the parsing of baby parts permissible. The reader also penned that people who do not accept this premise should “grow out of […]

Wake up

EDITOR: When I was a teenager, a young man growing up in the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s, you never heard of mass shootings in the United States. But then you never heard of an uzi, AR-15, Glock or and AK-47. They were not made or for sale in America. I do not think it should be so […]

Please come back to the dance

EDITOR: There were two letters on Aug. 7 in quick response to Mark E. Smith’s opinion about StemExpress, a local business that sells unborn baby parts. Mae Harms replied that it was “difficult to understand” opposition to “tissue donations.” It’s a “kind and humane act to donate tissue.” Gene Altshuler joined in by saying Mark’s letter […]

GDPUD response to Maria

EDITOR: The numbers recently posted in the editorial dated Aug. 20 do not accurately reflect the Georgetown Divide Public Utility District’s 2015-16 budget. Maria Capraun added the budgeted shortfall from page 1 and 2 of the 2015-16 budget together (both pages showed the estimated 2015-16 shortfall of $268,000) to get to an estimated $541,000 shortfall. The […]

Thanks for getting me back to the party

EDITOR: Over the 4th of July I attended our family reunion in Somerset. Our family lived there from 1942 to 1951. I am a grad of ECHS and the River School. While there, I had a fall and was taken to Marshall Hospital the night of July 3. I want to thank the wonderful, caring […]

Hillary’s ‘terrorist’ comments

EDITOR: On Aug. 27 Hillary Clinton made a speech in Cleveland in which she likened those who seek to defund of Planned Parenthood to terrorists. She justified the statement by referring to the non-abortion services provided to women by Planned Parenthood and how eliminating these services by revoking funding is an extremist view akin to the […]

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