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Different conclusion


This letter is in response to Barry Tyrrell’s letter published on Feb. 22, 2013. Mr Tyrrell, I beg to differ with your conclusion. If you want to look at the intent of the writers of the Second Amendment, that intent was to insure that the people always had the right to own weaponry needed to defend themselves against a tyrannical government. You think that since we have a professional military to defend us we don’t need the ability to defend ourselves. You couldn’t be more wrong. The U.S. military is under the control of the exact government that the Second Amendment grants us the right to defend ourselves against. You are being very naive if you think we can trust our government (i.e. people who have power) to never use their power to subdue law abiding citizens.

Here are a few topics you should Google for yourself: 1) The Battle of Athens Tennessee in 1946; 2) the unconstitutional gun confiscation that occurred in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina; 3) the current Military Litmus test for officers — would they be willing to fire on Americans; 4) the Federal government is currently buying billions of rounds of ammo; 5) China wants U.S. civilians disarmed.

Better to see the signs of the time and be prepared for what’s coming ahead rather than to be caught completely unaware and helpless.


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  • M. MorrisFebruary 28, 2013 - 7:31 am

    Timothy McVeigh was an American. I would have been willing to fire upon him.

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  • Paddy O'furnitureMarch 01, 2013 - 6:52 am

    The account of Athens 1946 is actually a pretty cool story and well worth reading.

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  • 1036-FrankMarch 01, 2013 - 8:40 am

    All tyrants who want power will always demand that the citizenry be disarmed, this was the same for the King of England as it was for leftists of the Axis powers of WWII. The founders of the country knew without arms they were helpless against the King of England. Now we have King Bummer. His leftist ideas and plans should frighten any and all. The latest being his orders to release hundreds of incarcerated criminal illegal aliens in Arizona without notice or authority of the state. This kind of illegal action under any other President would be a Huge story, now it is simply explained away as an accident. He must of been golfing again or on vacation, just ask his press secretary.

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  • DeeMarch 01, 2013 - 9:20 am

    The story of Athens 1946 has always been one of Americans doing right. Sigh, those days are gone.

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  • rodMarch 01, 2013 - 9:31 am

    Another great perspective of our dwindling rights. in the background of all the media attention presented to obscure real news, 'detention' camp construction is accelerating, georgia/2000 person facility, Texas/6000, nevada... and several more. Why are they building these facilities for suposed illegals.. when alibama and his thirty thieves want to give them amnesty? Why is premium hollow point handgun ammo being purchased and backordered in such vast quantities by ALL FEDERAL AGENCIES? No conspiracy theory here, just the facts mam. Could it possibly be that obama's 'new internal police force equal to our military' might be planning going to war? sure looks like it... but with who?

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  • rodMarch 01, 2013 - 9:57 am

    And the 'battle of athens' was portayed in a B&W movie demonstrating the capability of motivated, principled leadership from veterans. Is there any question why DHS has designated veterans the number one candidate on the 'domestic terrorist' list?

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  • GeraldMarch 01, 2013 - 10:19 am

    I am afraid that unless citizens can get their hands on drones or stinger missiles all of the bravado about “out of my cold dead hand” is just so much nonsense. We the people are so out gunned by the government we pay for that there is no way we could realistically mount an effective resistance to any attack by the forces that are supposed to protect us. If you want to be scared to death research the Defense Departments/Pentagons policies called the 1033 Program and the Law Enforcement Support Program. These two programs allow the Defense Department and Pentagon to arm local police forces with military weapons. Here’s some very disturbing reporting on these programs. Benjamin Carlson at The Daily reports on a little known endeavor called the "1033 Program" that gave more than $500 million of military gear to U.S. police forces in 2011 alone.1033 was passed by Congress in 1997 to help law-enforcement fight terrorism and drugs, but despite a 40-year low in violent crime, police are snapping up hardware like never before. While this year's staggering take topped the charts, next year's orders are up 400 percent over the same period Tim Lynch, director of the Cato Institute's project on criminal justice told The Daily, "The trend toward militarization was well under way before 9/11, but it's the federal policy of making surplus military equipment available almost for free that has poured fuel on this fire." Thanks to it, cops in Cobb County, Ga. - one of the wealthiest and most educated counties in the U.S. - now have an amphibious tank. The sheriff of Richland County, S.C., proudly acquired a machine-gun-equipped armored personnel carrier that he nicknamed "The Peacemaker." This comes on top of grants from the Department of Homeland Security that enable police departments to buy vehicles such as "BearCats" - 16,000-pound bulletproof trucks equipped with battering rams, gun ports, tear-gas dispensers and radiation detectors. To date, more than 500 of these tank-like vehicles have been sold by Lenco, its Massachusetts-based manufacturer, according to a report in the Orlando Sentinel. OK repeat after me “out of my cold dead hands”.

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  • cookie65March 01, 2013 - 6:45 pm

    Gerald, do you keep a white flag at the ready? History shows that those who waved the white flag as a defense against their own government are memorialized by their mass graves. I don't dispute that our government is heavily armed but our military and law enforcement is made up of people who would be firing at their own families. We are not China or Stalin's Russia or North Korea.

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  • DeeMarch 01, 2013 - 8:08 pm

    Cookie-Thank you! One should at least try what is right even if it means death. To do nothing is the true act of cowardice.

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  • rodMarch 01, 2013 - 10:21 pm

    dittos on cookie's comment, Gerald, very informative.... and SCARY... but that is precisely what DHS would like us all to believe. Look how successful those guys that wipe their butts with their fingers are in Iraq, carbombs have defeated every sophisticated weapon ever invented, asymetric mayhem. All the bulletproof vests in DHS's inventory can't stop a homemade flamethrowing Buick.

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  • 1036-FrankMarch 02, 2013 - 8:53 am

    In Athens, the vets acted to stop the corruption. Is this the leftists fear now? It is very timely that the DHS tried to list returning veterans as a danger now, shows their focus, keep the border open for the drug gangs to operate, suddenly release the criminals which just happened, latest report is now several thousand released without notice or authority of Arizona, imagine the public safety risk, wonder if Moonbeam's felon release plan was copied. Then grant illegal amnesty, do nothing to stop criminals from being armed or locked up, notice no proposals to have new sentencing for armed felons or the armed mentally ill, and their focus continues to disarm the citizenry and keep everything in crises. What seems to be going on now is an inner-ring of corrupt politicians at the AG and DHS who take illegal actions while shielded by King Bummer who plays the old "I Know Nothing" while never questioned by the usual media outlets and then, when caught, try the Bummer's favorites of "show an angry face at the press conference" and "act dumb when caught" or "blame the other party" then if all else fails "blame Bush" or "blame Fox News", then if all that fails go golfing again or on vacation for a few more million. The corruption in this administration is the usual liberal machine in action, the same as found in Athens in 1946 is being played out across the country wherever liberals are in power.

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