Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Enough is enough


With all due respect to our county Superintendent of Schools, more taxpayer money is not the answer. We have finally reached a point where the madness needs to stop. I think the majority of people will no longer tolerate the mismanagement that is rampant in this country. We are constantly being told that more funding is needed to resolve a problem and if they don’t get the funding then bad things will happen. I would say there needs to be many more brainstorming sessions to come up with alternative answers rather than increasing taxes.

California, including the Federal Government, have got us where we are and the problems do not stop with education. The politicians’ mindset is to spend and spend and we’ll deal with the consequences later. Well here we are. California alone spends an estimated $5 billion taxpayer dollars a year on illegal immigration in the form of Welfare, Medicaid and yes, Public Education. Recently the 95667 zip code alone received close to, I believe, $15 million in Federal Stimulus that went to education. Last year the California Lottery awarded around $1.3 billion dollars to public education, charter schools and universities which represents only around 30 percent of the California Lottery pie. These lottery funds are non-discretionary and can be used for salaries and benefits.

California is now proceeding with the “train to nowhere” which is now way beyond the projected costs and not what the taxpayer was led to believe. How much more are they going to ask for that pet project? We were just hit with a forced fire tax (not fee). We could go on and on with examples of poor decisions but I think that we are finally at a point where the taxpayer will not put up with it anymore. For the State of California, a good start would be to stop spending taxpayer dollars on illegals and start spending those tax monies on legal citizens. That $5 billion would go a long way towards the education of our children. The State and Federal governments have got to stop the frivolous and wasteful spending and be more accountable for when and what they do spend. Until that time comes, I’ll vote NO! on any additional tax increases.


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  • JoeBOctober 29, 2012 - 10:33 am

    To bad you (and other anti-tax types) ignore the fact that costs of living has gone up which means cost of education has as well. Instead of blindly voting against everything, why don't you become involved in your local schools and see where the money really goes or shut the heck up.

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  • cookie65October 31, 2012 - 4:19 am

    Shut the heck up? I guess that is what I have come to expect from the public sector types who believe the taxpayers should have no say in how the government wastes their money. Question, how come everytime the leftist get dangerously close to bankrupting our state the treaten education and public safety with cutbacks and never mention the hundreds of other state agencies? How many thousands of positions exist in union run education that have nothing to do with teaching kids how to read? If you don't know that this is all about trying to postone the public pension emplosion then you are truly clueless.

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  • Ken SteersOctober 31, 2012 - 10:27 am

    Taxes JoeB are based on a percentage of the value one has garnered either via profit, pay for labor or increased equity. So if the cost of living has gone up then hopefully wages have increased to balance the increased cost of living. Thus more tax dollars go to the government. The fact is in 2000 California collected 84 billion dollars. 2011 California collected 116 billion dollars. The economy took a nose dive in 2009 when revenues dropped from 117 billion to 101 billion dollars because of the economy taking a nose dive. Did California cut its government spending to compensate? Nope. Not 1 penny of prop 30 money will go directly to our kids class rooms in Eldorado County. I think you need a civics lesson and should try to understand how our government works

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  • DB SmithOctober 31, 2012 - 1:10 pm

    Mr. JoeB: I've been involved with schools for quite some time now and will not be providing a blind vote. I absolutely do hear your concern and I hope that it is for the right intentions. We could discuss a variety of issues that are making it difficult for public education but it would be quite lengthy. The school districts are the stewards of our children while school is in session. They are also the stewards of the pocketbook. If our educators and our state governor cannot set a good fiscal example to the students and parents then who will? It looks like the voters will have to decide that one. More money is not always the answer.

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  • Jim RiordanOctober 31, 2012 - 2:29 pm

    DB Smith, Cookie 65 and Ken. Let us not forget that Ms. Barber herself, just a few days ago, stated that there are approximately 30,000 give or take students in our county and a school staff of approximately 6500 . . That equated to about 4.62 students for every "staff" member. WOW. That said it all for me. Every time we turn around we are growing more staff and more school days off . . . .and never once have I heard "We will learn to work within our budgets". It is always "More,more & more and everything will be rosy". Right. Every time they have gotten more, California unions figure out how to distribute it such that it does the students and their grade averages no good at all. I agree totally with D.B. Smith on ridding ourselves of ALL illegal aliens' benefits including schooling and the accompanying "free" lunches, housing, food, EBTs etc. To me, Illegal is not "undocumented" it is Illegal. Think of it this way, I am not a hunter. However, if I were caught hunting deer without a hunting license, would I be treated as an "undocumented hunter" and given free deer meat or would I be prosecuted, fined and have a criminal record?? Talk about unfair and prejudiced against our own citizens.I personally hate paying for lawbreakers. What we have here are thousands of lawbreakers with their hands out being given free schooling. Get rid of all of them and then see how much the school budgets can be cut. Not to mention the overall costs to the State.

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  • DB SmithOctober 31, 2012 - 2:50 pm

    Excellent analogy Mr. Riordan. The definition of illegal should be revisited and learned by our elected and educators. I agree with you 100%.

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  • Ken SteersOctober 31, 2012 - 6:12 pm

    DB, Jim and Cookie, why do you hate the children? Just think of the children. Hey what happened to the LOTTO? Didn't we institute that with the slogan for our schools? My kids in college are laughing just how much propaganda indoctrination is going on campus for more tax increases right now. Do you want to know who JoeB sounds like? Mike Vallines, Tom Campbell and Roger Niello when they were pushing for measures A-F. Republicans saying costs are going up so we need tax increases. The state annual tax revenue has grown 50% in the past 10 years!!!! We don't have a revenue problem we have a spending problem. By the way Cali is 47th in scoring nationally. So in my opinion school administrators should shut the hell up.

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  • REWOctober 31, 2012 - 6:49 pm

    I agree with points concerning govt. waste on local, state and federal levels being a burden on us all. But as a community we need to pick our battles. Mrs. Barbers ‘editorial mentioned that EDCOE struggled but is functioning efficiently with a 20% cut due to the sacrifices of our community. Teachers, administrators, janitors and secretaries that live here. EDCOE is facing another 10% cut. Could any other business function at efficient levels with a 30% funding cut? State & Federal legislature, Prisons, Fire, Police and so on. Just recently the state installs a multi-million dollar deer crossing under the highway and then charges us a $150.00 fire fee. These should be are our battles for now. Our communities’ local education system teaches our children. Some graduates from our community schools have given their all to our country through their Military service. I would rather give state tax tunnel money and $150.00 fire fee to our local schools. Just picking a battle.

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  • DB SmithApril 15, 2013 - 9:50 am

    By now everyone has probably seen the TV commercial provided by The California Endowment Organization ( The 10 illegal mexican immigrants (where's the Russians, Asia's and Obama's Aunt, etc..) tell us that "EVERYONE" should have health care even if you're here illegally. Board member Jane Garcia of the California Endowment Organization happens to also be the CEO of La Clinica de La Raza. "La Raza" the racist, fascist mexican supremacy group that want to kill whites and take back their country and get their free stuff. Some of the other board member bios are interesting as well. I'm all for LEGAL immigration but not for ILLEGAL immigration and what goes along with it. My niece and her husband were told that they could not have children of their own and ended up adopting 6 children from South America which was not an easy task but ended up the right way and beneficial for everyone. It's become easier to come here illegally than it is legally. The legal US immigrant should be more outraged than anyone because this just minimizes all of their hard efforts and sacrifices to become legal in this country and it ROBS our resources. I very reluctantly wrote my tax checks yesterday to the State and Feds knowing that the majority of it will be squandered. It won't be long now until all of you fake left wing liberal bleeding hearts realize that there is no more blood to bleed and just how expensive it is to buy a vote. FREE Obama healthcare and perks for everyone on the globe.

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