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Fishermen and rafters beware

EDITOR: I wonder why CalTrout is against dredging. It seems that fishermen, rafters and dredgers should work together; dredging is just as important to miners as fishing is to fishermen, the only difference is that miners help fish survive and fishermen eat the fish and rafters just litter the river along with all the unmentionables that they have to do during their thrill ride down the river.

You people are next, and believe me if we lose our dredging privilege you will have every mining organization breathing down your throats because of all the habitat that you destroy in the process of walking and wading in the shallow water and echo sensitive vegetation along the rivers — not counting all the frogs that you step on, the fishing weights (lead), hooks and fishing line that you place in the river and all the eggs that you will dislodge walking in the river during spawning season (not by choice, but it happens and you are the responsible party that is going to have to answer to it). EPA will come for you because they need the money to stay in business.

What goes around comes around and you can put that in the bank. We need to stand together for the American way of life. You had better rethink your attitude towards other Americans that are being attacked by special interest groups. When they are done with the dredgers you will be in their sights. When they are done with you the rafters will be next — they are like a fungus, if you don’t get rid of it, it will kill our heritage and we will become a socialistic servitude nation.



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  • Mark NasmithApril 09, 2012 - 7:48 am

    Mr. Schumann, you might try actually researching the facts before you go embarrassing yourself. Cal Trout is not against all dredging. They are on record in comments to Fish & Game as being opposed to UNLIMITED dredging. I guess that makes them socialist in your eyes. Also, your portrayal of rafters as littering slobs is unsupported by reality. Last week, a rafter friend of mine took me down the South Fork American River, all the way from Chili Bar to Salmon Falls. What I observed was a beautiful, clean, litter-free river corridor. Not bad for one of the busiest whitewater runs in the US! you should try it and see the evidence with your own eyes, rather than believing what your paranoid ideology tells you to believe.

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  • carolApril 09, 2012 - 8:57 am

    I live on the South Fork the negitive I see are Dirt Bikes and High Speed Quads Parents buy there teenager's these toys and then those of us that own property on the river are fighting to keep them off our land, there are as many Juvenile fathers out there doing the same with their kids they don't care who's land they tear up.Just a few days ago while we were gone we found tracks and a pile of Coors Beer cans left on the shore of the river .The true destruction of the river land are these people, there should be very strick rules as to where they can ride let them tear up their own property not the beauty of the River. Trespasser Fines should be Trippled as these people don't give a Dam they are out for the fun only.Arrowbee and Lunman are the biggest offenders and Private Rafters are also a Problem they come on private land because they can't drink or smoke their Pot on the legal rafting pull out's More River Patrol is needed we work hard to keep our part of the River clean and we enjoy seeing the Commerical rafters and their riders having Fun.

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  • MartinApril 09, 2012 - 5:29 pm

    Mark Nasmith If you would like to see the garbage that we pull out of the river go to WMA website If this don't prove a point than you are in lala land. My point is we need to work together or else we all lose. By the way I agree to many in one area is not a good thing, but to band them completely is outrageous

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  • Mark NasmithApril 09, 2012 - 7:49 pm

    Martin, that is one impressive photo. One. Do you think you could find something less than 15-20 years old? Why don't you try visiting the river today and see how the litter situation is. You might be impressed with how the raft companies have cleaned up their act since that photo was taken. Also, I know you are a very busy person, and reading is such a chore, but if you bothered to check, you would find that there is legislation pending to lift the ban. Sorry to burst your little siege mentality bubble, but we have this thing called the democratic process, whereby all citizens get to present their viewpoints, all of the science gets reviewed, and a decision is made. It takes quite a long time, but it is the best system in the world. (You might prefer Somalia. They make decisions there much faster, and have virtually no regulation.) The record is there for you to read. All of the studies, all of the concerns, all of the letters for and against (including CalTrout). Dredging will be re-established. It is done. No socialists left for you to rail against. You probably will think the regulations and permits are too restrictive, and you will call them socialist. You are so gullible and pitiable.

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  • MartinApril 09, 2012 - 10:02 pm

    Mark Nasmith, Just because that picture is old doesn’t mean the junk isn't happening, we removed hundreds of lbs of debris from the river every year up and inclusive of the last year of dredging. I am glad that you think that dredging is going to be reinstated; sounds like you have insider information. If you think that the new regulations mean that are going into effect 2016 are going to be accepted without a fight you’re wrong. That like telling you that you can fish for tuna but you’re only allowed to use 12 lb test line. None of this should of even brought forth, we have had EIR’s done in the past an all came back as less that significant, all at once your democratic special interest groups along with the large Indian contributions concluded that those studies were no longer scientific. That is a laugh, check out your so called scientific study they did to show that we caused methylation of mercury. Then go and check out what the Sierra fund wants to do, remove mercury from the reservoirs by dredging them with super dredges that only retrieve by their own admission 85% of the mercury. To top this off they want grants in the millions to do it. Fish and Game study say that our dredges remove 98% of the mercury and we don’t get funding. Wow I love the new progressive way of manipulating the public and trying to say that we are stupid. Friend you had better look in the mirror.

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  • KyleApril 10, 2012 - 8:30 am

    Martin- that guy didn't make you look stupid. You did that all by yourself. When you are in a hole, it is a good idea to stop digging! You got owned, dude.

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  • MartinApril 10, 2012 - 4:23 pm

    Kyle It is amazing how democrats feel that they are the chosen ones, I know what is going on with the dredging laws and it is only to benefit the dooms day believers as yourself, this world has survived all by itself for eons and will do so for many more. If you feel that stupid is choosing choice over servitude than I am stupid.

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  • 1036-FrankApril 10, 2012 - 5:37 pm

    The socialist loves his rules put forth by the rulers, a judge or a politician or illegitimate Governor like Arnold. Does anyone think Arnold knew where the indian tribe was on the Northern fringe of the state that sued over dredging? He couldn't of found it on a map. Arnold wouldn't know the history of this state as he was never raised in the U.S. he grew up in the Socialist Republic of Austria. His decision was about as sane as his decisions with his maid. Not legitimate. Yes the Socialists want regulation and more of it and more taxes and a leveling of a playing field with anyone who wants freedom or to control their own money. They are environmental disasters waiting to happen and regulate others based on false notions of reality that they create to suit the occasion. Of course they don't want the mining of gold that founded this area to continue.

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  • KyleApril 10, 2012 - 8:31 pm


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  • OfCourseApril 10, 2012 - 9:40 pm

    Didn't we have this discussion a couple of months ago?? You don't like dredgers being lumped into a stereotype of people that are destroying something. Why must you insist on being nasty to rafters? I've rafted with several companies, and raft very frequently every summer for the past decade, and those companies are METICULOUS about cleaning up after themselves. They pack out what they pack in. Don't be divisive. Otherwise, you are giving other people ammunition to attack your group. All you are doing is validating some peoples' thoughts that dredgers are nasty people. Don't assume it is rafters who are littering. Don't pick on other groups. Treat people the way that you want to be treated. It starts with you...

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  • MartinApril 11, 2012 - 1:39 am

    Sorry that you have taken this to heart, you are right about help each other rather than stereotype dredgers only. You hit the nail right on the head Treat people the way that you want to be treated. I agree that rafting companies do a great job of cleaning up after themselves but there are lots of rafters that don’t go with the rafting companies, they are mainly the problem. The rafting companies have a great record but they want us off the rivers, not all but a good portion of them. The whole intention of this letter was for us to work together to beat the BS legislation that used false scientific information to keep us off the rivers. I and every other dredger are tired of being in the cross hairs of environmental whackos. There are a few “ I don’t care” dredgers as rafters but they are few. Instead of banning or making dredging impossible, legislate large fines for the few and let the good do what they have done in a responsible manner for years dredge.

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  • H. MillerApril 11, 2012 - 9:41 pm

    Mark, Sir you stated the would find that there is legislation pending to lift the ban.............. "Sorry to burst your little siege mentality bubble, but we have this thing called the democratic process, whereby all citizens get to present their viewpoints, all of the science gets reviewed, and a decision is made." Well the Democratic process is a little broken. How do I know ? First of all, I'm a 35+ year Ca. State employee, and I have seen the corruption and dis-honesty in decision making first hand. The legislation to remove the dredge band is a farce. And Sir, if you would do your research, you would find that several extreme environmental groups have already filed a law suit last week in superior court in Alameda. They started back in 2008 with SBB70 to force a new EIR. They didn't get the results they wanted so it's time to sue again. The worst of the worst is the Center for Biological Diversity. 90 % of the employees are attorneys. Need I say more. They were the ones who sued on the spotted owl, and later it was found the owl wasn't endangered. Your "NEW" dredging regulations are closing hundreds and hundreds of miles of rivers, and closing nearly 10,000 gold claims. Claims where families spent as much 10,000.00 to purchase the claim,5,000 to purchase a dredge. Some help to support and feed their families with the gold. The environmental groups in every news article use the term hobby miner. It's always "for a few hobby miners". Finding 50/60,000 in gold in a summer is NOT A HOBBY. For some this is "making a living". Back to closing the claims. Why ? Because of the Mountain yellow legged frog. Who sued over the frog ? Why the Center for Biological Diversity. You stated " all of the science gets reviewed." Oh really ? Let's see, the studies have shown that the Mountain yellow legged frog has NOTHING TO DO WITH DREDGING. The link........ Mr. Knapp is the foremost expert on the frog. "The introduction of predatory fish into naturally-fishless lakes typically results in dramatic changes to species composition and to ecosystem processes such as nutrient cycling. The mountain yellow-legged frog was once one of the most abundant vertebrates in the Sierra Nevada, and occupied thousands of lakes and ponds throughout the range.Although introduced trout are undeniably a major cause of this decline, our recent research indicates that an emerging disease is also playing a critically important role. Chytridiomycosis is a disease caused by the amphibian chytrid fungus, Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis. This recently-described pathogen is causing amphibian declines worldwide, and its effects are particularly severe for amphibians living in montane habitats. In the Sierra Nevada, several amphibian species are known to be infected with chytridiomycosis, and the mountain yellow-legged frog is particularly impacted by this disease." Yet Fish and Game uses the frog as a reason to close 10,000 claims. Most of those streams are NOT habitat for the frog, And the stocking of non native trout by the CDFG is a major cause of the decline. As for honesty in government, well that's another lie. Are you familiar with a process called CEQA. (Calif environmental quaility act) It is supposed to be a OPEN, FAIR, HONEST, UNBIASED process with PUBLIC Comment. Right ! Just yesterday I sent a letter to the state water resources control board. You see I found out about some unethical actions against dredging in their "OPEN, UNBIASED and FAIR public process." This is a scoping process to comment on a proposed mercury program for reservoirs. This CEQA process has scoping meetings for public comment. On March 5 th, the same day I attended the scoping meeting in Sacramento California, the SWRCB sent a letter to the CDFG on STATE LETTERHEAD stating they support banning dredging. Now let me get this straight. The CEQA process is to take in public comment, scientific facts and studies to make decisions. Yet behind our backs they send letters showing a BIAS and stating their opinion as a State Agency BEFORE the process has even started ! Keep your eyes open, as I am trying to get my "open" letter in the mountain democrat as well as many other papers. I am also sending it to several State senators and assemblymen. Let me also add that I have fished the Sierra Nevada streams since I was 5 yrs old with my father. I'm now 60, and have Gold dredged 30 + years. I am knowledgeable on both subjects. My first passion is fishing. I can tell you form being under water for 30 years dredging does not harm fish. I can't get a fish to come near me when I'm under water, they stay away, but will swim downstream to feed behind a dredge. Dredges take in water from the stream with gravel (sand and rocks ) and add NOTHING to the river. They remove the gold (which can be substantial)mercury,lead, nails, coins, lures, fish hooks, rust and iron. Why dredging is being picked on is a long and deep running battle. To much to explain here. It has to do with water control on the Klamath river, Dam removal, etc. The battle started over the Salmon, and yet dredging in the the WHOLE STATE IS SHUT DOWN when most rivers have no Salmon due to man made dams. The same environmental groups who attack dredging have attacked logging, mountain bike trails, ATV riding and trails, closure of National Forest roads, etc. Dredges don't pollute, they clean. Dredges don't kill fish, but I do when I fish. I get a license to kill fish. Every news story against gold dredging use the same argument. It's killing fish, polluting, etc. Lies ... EVERY GROUP HAS ROTTEN EGGS. The VAST majority of gold miners are responsible folks. We care about and want clean air, land and water. Only a fool wouldn't. But every dam story says we pollute,leave garbage, dump sewage, are irresponsible and pack guns. What BS. I don't own a gun, and most dredgers I know don't carry a gun. PERIOD ! Yes there are dredgers who are irresponsible and litter. Just as their are hikers, rafters, boaters, fisherman and other groups who have bad eggs. I have too cleaned up from kids partying on the river leaving trash. It bothers me. In closing, this battle of Americans against Americans must stop. We all have a right to use our public lands. Every fisherman, boater,rafter, swimmer, miner, hiker and just plain nature lover. People need to WAKE Up. The environmental movement has turned into a dishonest money making business. The CEO'S can make triple figures, and their are a 501c non profit. Do you see them out cleaning our land and rivers ? It has become a scam that is sucking the blood and wealth out of this once great country. Your freedoms are being taken away one little bit at a time, untill one day folks wake up and say " what happened". I was born and raised in California and it makes me sick to see what has and is happening here.

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  • wminerickApril 11, 2012 - 10:22 pm

    Mark N, you state: "Cal Trout is not against all dredging. They are on record in comments to Fish & Game as being opposed to UNLIMITED dredging." Pulling up the letter to the DFG, this is what Cal Trout is proposing: "Mining should be closed: 1. In all streams where historical mining activities has occured (which pretty much consists where all the dredging would occur) 2. River Segments listed as 303d Impaired 3. Wild & Scenic Rivers 4. Wild Trout or Heritage Trout Rivers 5. Rivers in Key Watersheds identified by the NW Forest Plan 6. All rivers where miners may cause negative impact to environment (walking back and forth, etc)" If you carefully review your benevolent organization, they pretty much cite every location where gold could be found as those places off limits to dredges. Number 6 I find interesting... in 2009, there were 3000 dredge permits (guys working on my claim alone accounted for 6 permits and one dredge) so, lets say that 3000 permits accounted for 800 dredges in the whole state for the whole season (and that is not suggesting more than 200 of them would be in any river at any one time in the state). Cal Trout feels that 200 dredges in isolated locations and the people walking in and out of the water in a single location would be worse than 3 Million fishermen (spending at least 7 days a year fishing) = 21,000,000 fishing days walking up and down all the rivers in California? Yeah, there wouldn't be any damage there..... Not to mention all the redds that would be killed by the fishermen walking up and down the streams during spawning season, when the dredgers are seasonally banned from the water? No offense, but I sense a little (unscientific) bias in their argument. I'm with Martin- this whole thing is a divide and conquer situation. The more you read about the suppositions used to run the dredgers off the rivers, the more you get it that it is an unadulterated railroad job.

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  • MartinApril 12, 2012 - 2:11 am

    The following letter is from a dredging associate and it so to the point along with previous comments that agree with me, wake up America the Center for Biological Diversity is Agenda 21 coming to remove freedom as we know it. They just closed 41 roads for an EIR in Eldorado County, wake up America your kids are going to suffer the consequences of us not stopping this atrocity now before it is too late. California Gold Mining, testifying to the truth. For over 130 years at the very least my family has been mining here in our state. For over 150 years these rivers have been constantly mined by millions of people. We all know that our earth repairs itself and continues to do so constantly, so why has simply panning for gold along with all types of mining and then many industries been heavily attacked and forced out of even doing business in our State by environmental groups all across our nation? If you look up and read the actual facts, everything that these environmental groups have done has severely contributed to our State’s economy being crippled and bankrupted today by their actions. All Californian’s really are in the wake of destruction that we all watch and read about right here in our news every single day, but even most of the people in these environmental groups do not really understand what is going on or what the driving force is that we are truly seeing come to light behind these movements. Most of them, like all of us are simply being used without our knowledge. What happened to logging back in the 80’s? Remember that one? One of these environmental groups came up with the spotted owl conspiracy that basically shut down logging, which is still one of our states greatest natural renewable resources. How many cities went bankrupt and had their economies destroyed by this one act? This continued until it was found that there was never a shortage of spotted owls in their habitat anywhere in America in the first place. Many people have no jobs now as unemployment is at its peak because these environmental groups have destroyed our economy, and they continue to do so with most of us not even raising a finger and stopping them in their tracks! It is time for "We The People of the State of California" to start fighting back against these intruders who want our state to become a Socialistic State that totally loses its freedom at the end of this story that they are writing against us. Personally I am ready to fight for my Beloved State of California and I will do everything that I can to once again make our California the Greatest State in the Union! And now certain members of the Karuk American Indian Tribe want to stop gold mining in their area. But not because any fish were truly ever in danger and not because Gold Mining has any serious impact at all on water quality or any species of fish. It was proven in the 1990’s, not that many years ago through the Department of Fish and Game’s first study, that gold mining had a positive impact on the fish habitat. This is a study that has already been completed to its fullest but not to the satisfaction of these environmental groups who just want to kill California’s economy at all cost, and this is what these "Environmental Elitist Groups" are truly protesting and filing suits over. They want us –"We The People of the State of California" to pay for the DGF to do another unneeded study, which has already cost our precious state millions of dollars in fighting this onslaught of destruction brought on by the so called environmental community once again. So let’s face the facts, these groups are Anti-California and they are obviously trying their best to destroy not only our state but our history and all of our heritage and family values right along with it. The Karuk unfortunately have been duped in to thinking that this actually will benefit them by siding with this environmentalist group when in reality, this group will instantly turn on our California Indians next and go after them for their types of fishing and so on once this fight is over. I really do not think that the Karuk leaders understand that this environmental group is doing nothing more than copying the same communistic agenda that "We The People" trampled down here in our State and across our nation back in the 1950’s to 1960s. Personally, I think that once our loyal California citizens wake up and read the facts and then look into what this environmental movement is really about, then and only then will everyone in our State be told the truth. If you read the environmental agenda, it basically copies the communist manifesto’s agenda exactly. History always repeats itself and these people that are now calling themselves environmentalists, have evolved from the people that our fathers once fought against in all of our wars, to preserve America as the last free nation on earth! We all need to realize that America is the last free nation standing in the world. Without us being here as a free nation for the rest of the world, when we fall and we are falling fast right now, the rest of the world will no longer have that dream of maybe someday in their lives of coming here to be free. What was the reason for WWII? What were we fighting against during the Cold War in the 1960’s? Why was it that we went into Vietnam? We were fighting against communism even then just a few decades ago. Why did we fight against the British during the American Revolutionary War? It was to free our country from the bondage and tyranny of the British, and to set it apart as the one and only free country in the world where people were encouraged to come and fulfill their lifelong dreams. The Revolutionary War was the war that our ancestors fought for all of us towards the end of the 18th century, and over 10,000 of our ancestors died for our freedom; this freedom that we all cherish so much today. That was the very first war that America fought for freedom. We The People of the United States of America, joined together to break free from those people who ruled the world back then. Still today basically the world is ruled by just a handful of very powerful families. The 13 original American colonies determined that the British monarchy, through its’ acts of tyranny and brutality, had lost it’s right to own any part of America. So our ancestors fought for us, won our freedom, and then severed all ties with the British Empire soon after July 4th, 1776, when our Congress signed in the Declaration of Independence, rejecting the British claims of ownership of now, our new nation. Unfortunately now, for the last 40+ years, they have been buying it back one acre at a time ever since we opened our borders and allowed people from other countries to buy land here in America before becoming citizens. You and I never voted for this but it still has happened. Today most of America is owned buy the ancestors of these very same people that we fought against over 230 years ago. They came in with their money, started buying up and making plans to divide up our lands and then changed our laws with this money trail that we can all follow easily to suit their needs, the needs of the few, not the needs of America. So they bought it back along with bringing this country back into the same condition that we have fought against from day one. Only today, we are now invisibly ruled by the money being wisely invested by these same powerful families.   In the last 230 years over 1,300,000 Americans have died for this country in battles across the globe to stop communism and keep us free. That’s over 1.3million people who have died for us. So what happened California? Why are we letting these people bring back the tyranny, the slavery and the poverty caused by this socialistic agenda right under our noses? Look again at the Great Seal of our State and what do you see? You see the Gold Miner and the Gold Rush of the 1840’s displayed proudly. Gold mining is what made this state rich and we would start prospering instantly if all of the rules and regulations that have been forced on us through the hundreds of environmental movements were withdrawn. Why is California, our Golden State, which was founded on gold mining, now the only State in the Union to have outlawed gold mining? Why are we not still the most prosperous State in the Union? It’s because too many people do not truly understand what the behind the scenes environmental movement agenda is all about. It’s about conquering our nation from the inside, and it has nothing to do with saving anything at all. We all want to help the environment but we forget that our planet has been taking care of itself just fine on its own for the last, how many millions of years? The gold miner or gold dredger in this state that is actively mining and making us money when compared in size to the impact on our state is less than one little earthworm in our garden. We need the miners there cleaning our rivers, just like we need the earthworms cleaning our soil, because what they do is beneficial not only for our environment but for our economy. What really impresses me about this movement is how these environmental groups say that the Gold miners are stirring up the mercury when in fact the gold dredgers are cleaning our streams for us and removing massive amounts of mercury and thousands of other contaminants from our streams by the ton. The mercury was put into the rivers in the 1800’s and it really is there. Much of it is naturally occurring in many places in our state, but in our rivers here in Northern California like the Sacramento River and its tributaries, much of the mercury was washed in by the people who came here to find freedom this state way back in the 1850’s. Ever since then, modern day miners have been cleaning the rivers and our lands for us at their own expense. When was the last time you ever heard of a gold miner asking for money to clean a section of river for us? They do all of this for free and some die for this cause… They remove thousands of pounds of mercury, lead, iron, copper, rusty nails, car parts, collapsed bridges, and too many other things to list every single year. Every time we see a huge flood here in the news and we read about the devastation of entire towns being washed into the rivers, we never see anything about what happened to the river afterwards to clean it up do we? It seems really funny to me that this is constantly overlooked. Every time any river floods it’s banks and washes through our communities, it is the miners who clean up the mess after it’s over. You never hear anything about the chemicals that are washed into the rivers from these floods, what do you think happens to all of those boxes of laundry detergent that get washed out of the houses during a flood? What happens when the sewer systems are flooded into our rivers? What about all of the paint and other chemicals that we all need to run our houses with everyday, why is none of this ever addressed after a flood? It’s because we all realize that this has happened and many of us do nothing about it. In comes the Gold Miner’s, the Gold Dredger’s, and out comes millions of pounds of that garbage that was once in our rivers. Think about how many more millions of pounds of garbage could be removed if our little earthworms were allowed to clean the environment in the ways that they know best. Back when Gold Dredging was legal, I used to gather at least 2 - 50 gallon garbage bags of trash every week after the weekend campers and swimmers went back to work. We gold miners pick up the broken lawn chairs, beer bottles, broken glass, plastic soda bottles and cigarette butts by the thousands, paper goods, diapers and everything you can think of that people toss along the edges of our rivers and to the bottoms of them after their fun weekend in the sun. Many of these responsible people who care the most about our environment are to put it simply, our California Gold Miners. I have towed cars out of the river and picked up belongings from entire households that were washed away during a flood. Everything including washers, dryers, refrigerators, cars, tv’s and even telephone poles still covered in creosote I have pilled out of the rivers. How many of you have ever tried to get a solid steel woodstove or a rusty steel container out of a river? I have tried and won! So ask yourselves, why are we really attacking the gold miners? What exactly are the accusations again that are being brought against them and where is the factual evidence? Why is the truth and all of the evidence being hidden under mountains of paperwork? Then think about what really happened here back in the 1800’s as having about the same amount of impact as the Exxon Valdez oil spill that took place in 1989. One person caused that much damage in 1989 just like a few people caused this much damage here in California back in the late 1800’s. A few miners that owned the hydraulic mines started all of this havoc by putting mercury into their giant sluice boxes, and ever since that time our little earthworms, our California Gold Miners, have been cleaning up the environment for us by removing the mercury that was placed there over 100 years before many of them were even born. We have all heard the age old question, "What came first, the chicken or the egg?" Ask yourself what came first here in our state, the modern day gold dredger or the mercury? I testify here to the truth, it’s simple and based on fact. I am not backed financially by any pro-American community that wants the best for our nation. This is a war people, and right now it is the environmental agenda of just a few people that are making a lot of money for themselves vs. We The People of the State of California, of the United States of America. One of the true reasons for the Karuk Indian tribe to be involved with this is because some of our California State Gold Miners have unfortunately walked into their Karuk marijuana farming community now that it has become legal to grow. And this now well known small American Indian Tribe holds no lands in this area where a few of these American Indians have become well known pot growers. Just a few of them are growing this once illegal drug in our National Forest now with no restrictions what-so-ever and they want no competition what-so-ever. To put it simply, they do not want anyone to come across their pot farms that are located deep inside the Klamath National Forest and only a few of the Karuks are taking these drastic measures to keep all of the people out. And then let’s not forget that this all started when they were trying to get our government to grant them land to open an Indian Gaming Casino of which they have finally gained admission.

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  • TontoApril 12, 2012 - 7:37 am

    Ugg, White man take land, destroy land, leave land, take more land, take game, destroy game, kill all that grows then say we need to save. Much bad come from white man.....

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  • Underserved TaxpayerApril 12, 2012 - 8:18 am

    Some of you posters, really, really need to learn what a paragraph is. Impossible to read your posts.

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  • wminerickApril 12, 2012 - 9:29 am

    About the paragraphs- apparently this comment field doesn't allow for multiple paragraphs- it just makes it a single paragraph. Try it for yourself and you will see.

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  • 1036-FrankApril 12, 2012 - 8:27 am

    Yes, when they came for the loggers, most thought, I am not a logger why would I care. When they came for the hunters, the fishers, the miners, most thought why do I care. When they now come for your very public land, your priviate land, your dirt roads, your ability to earn money, your right to buy health insurance or not or any product or not, your right to have secure borders that are the basis for the right to exist as a country and your right to know who enters and their business. These are but a few, and are products of the radical agenda that produces the professors, the poltician/attornies, and judges who gather and decide for you your very freedoms to be retained or assualted and the fabric of what the country was founded upon is at stake and under assault and this ship must be righted before she goes under.

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  • CarolApril 12, 2012 - 9:07 am

    Frank Great comment you are right People do need to wake and now that the court has closed 42 OHV routs I suppose i will see more trespassers down here on our river roads

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  • JayJune 18, 2012 - 2:07 am

    hey mark.N! id love to have one second in the ring with your dumb ass.ya from the surface the river looks clean.go dive ten feet under water and see how clean it is dips***.Mark Schumann i respect the hell out of you for saying what needs to be said,my family has been here since 1857 we came from Montana and guess what?I cant do what my ancestors have taught me to do.make a living off of the land.bulls***!!!id love to slap all these go green nuts...ya I've been rafting plenty and guess what? my friends bitched when i stopped to pick up trash from other rafters.why did i do this?because im a f***ing prospector that dont like mining in water full of trash!when im mining i feel the river,read the river,know the river,clean the river,respect the river,pack out what i pack in plus extra from go greeners that raft on the weekends and hypocritically leave all the f***ing trash.when will this crap end at what cost who can i talk too?how can i help fix this unconstatutional injustice.if this was the 1800's you idiots would be hanging from a tree.I can think of hundreds of things that destroy the enviroment in california that have nothing to do with gold.Does any one say anything about those subjects?f*** no they dont.I feel like some one just stole my well father a resident of placerville for forty years just lost his home because of this bulls***. and we are not going to let them destroy the only bit of Californian culture/history we have.I live in Sacramento, my father had to move in with me from good ol' hang town.and this lower american river that i live right across the street from.... huh what a regulations are five miles long,how dare you have a sluice box,god forbid you have a afternoon after what rafters call raftapalooza 'one crazy day on the river'I seriously watched trash float past Sarah court river access for about an hour while I was that moment I was so furious knowing that apparently that's OK but me running a sluice box is a crime.maybe im the one that's crazy or at least that's what the go greener s say,but am I?I don't believe idiots know no real struggle,most coming from rich families,went to college,mommy and daddy bought you your first,second,and third dont know what real work is.try prospecting for an hour and ill bet you will be sleeping on the car ride are truly a weak individual.what happen to the strong, Independent,move a mountain type of men my father and grandpa told stories of?the type of men that know how to survive from nothing.I strive to be one of those men but i swear sometimes i feel like the only young man that gets it.I want my rights!the ones that my ancestors died for!the ones that my father said were mine and no one could take them from me!he is a Vietnam USMC vet semper fi!and to see him doubt the freedom of my generation kills me.who did Obama's change actually help?not many that ive talked too.but you know when it comes to options for presidents we have the option of a pile of s*** or a douche sandwich.haha so on that note i will save the rest of my breath.lets find a way to fix the wrongs that have been done!

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