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Incorrect info given on Silva Valley interchange


The Clarksville Region Historical Society is responding to the comments made by Sue Taylor at the Board of Supervisors meeting June 25 2013 concerning items Nos. 70 and 72 relating to the Silva Valley Interchange.

Sue Taylor has every right to voice her opinion on any issue as long as her information is correct. In this case she has imparted false information. She referred that Clarksville community would be decimated with the building of the interchange. Later in item 72 she referred to the destruction of Clarksville and no more Clarksville Days with no consideration of its historic value.
1. The interchange does not impact the ghost town of Clarksville. What it does do is go through our parking lots. No parking lot, no Clarksville Day. However, when the ʻon rampʼ is built or near completion we will “cut” another parking lot. We estimate at least two years before another Clarksville Day.
2. Historic preservation: The Clarksville Region Historical Society met with the Corps of Engineers and the county Department of Transportation last summer. We voiced our concerns and listed 10 items to consider in the preservation process. I am happy to say that all 10 items have been met. We also listed three items with the Corps of Engineers and they have been met. We continue meeting with the Department of Transportation.
3. One of our main concerns is the Tong Family cemetery that is situated next to the freeway. Ground penetration has shown graves sites and there is orange netting around them. A wall will be built to protect the area. This cemetery would only be involved in Phase ll of the project many years away. Ground penetration has been
on the north side of 50 with no visible graves sites found but all suspicious areas are undergoing carefully layered scrapes.
What is the Clarksville Region Historical Society doing in the meantime?
We are part of two other organizations dedicated to identify and preserve historic sites not only in El Dorado Hills but throughout the county. Those organizations: The newly organized “networking” Historical Societies of the county, the sub-committee of Historical preservation in CEDAC-EDH and the Clarksville RHS.
El Dorado Hills

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  • Foaming at the MouthJuly 05, 2013 - 2:30 pm

    Sue is not burdened by the facts.

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  • FranJuly 05, 2013 - 4:11 pm

    Foaming--there is another fact that is left out...I was there at that meeting...but Ill let you figure it out. CEDAC and its sub committees...All the CEDAC people were re appointed for another year...."democracy?" Shingle Springs voices were also at this meeting...why not try to find something out of all the research that may be wrong that Sue works so hard on.. (but again there was another part to this story) So you had this sweet lady say that Sue did not do her homework for that item...and there was 20 top developers and the queen of Realtor s. The public out weighed them all in presence (they also have signatures on petition--crowded meetings)--but who won? CEDAC--no surprises there. I was there for hours--it was really very interesting. The queen of Realtor s brought down the house by appealing to the BOS about how many hours were being given up to work towards the success of LUPPU--right there tells a person somethings wrong. this meeting went from 1 to almost 5--I knew with in the first few mins of "public" forum--it was stacked against any public forum for the people of shingle Springs--but they are not giving up...but people can watch the video...

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  • FranJuly 05, 2013 - 4:20 pm

    LUPPU is based on imaginary numbers--guesses--projections... Small groups and sub groups spending money like water through grant possibilities. The idea of throwing together "apartments" and "houses" quickly to make a buck. and to meet the "low income" housing requirements of the general plan. No aspects of "community design or identity" is mandated...what is in the general plan is the fact that the BOS has to listen to "public" opinions...they do not have to follow through with a "vote" in favor of the idea. what I find interesting is when it all falls apart--who will take responsibility? I can hear the BOS now (because Ive heard it already) But the "community" wanted it. Okay Forming--find the piece thats missing...changes the story. she was a very sweet older person.

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  • FranJuly 06, 2013 - 7:34 am

    This was also part of this is an invite to read and comment on... will go to the sites to see the plans up before the board....but I will provide the post.

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  • FranJuly 06, 2013 - 7:37 am

    Pending applications--it is a pdf...

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  • FranJuly 06, 2013 - 7:46 am

    At the meeting meant to discredit all the people who were against shingle Springs was this draft for the BOS to review (links above) Wording was in need of refining...but after hours of presentations and public input (all basically ignoring what the people of Shingle Springs would like to happen)comes this draft--that actually made sense. Foaming find the missing piece to this story yet? Spend some time looking through all these links--and reply to their invitation. LUPPU is based on imaginary--projected numbers. Transportation came from workshops in 2005--3006...projections. People are making choices now--on false readings...most people I know--are not against development--it is how and who are deciding for a whole.

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  • FranJuly 06, 2013 - 7:54 am

    The draft authors are interesting...small groups deciding for a whole...the theory behind this document is that before a proposal goes any where--it will be looked at by the BOS to see even it even complies with the general plan first...or the proposal is placed to the side and they move on to the next one. Hopefully this comparing of a proposal to the general plan is only seen by the BOS for their decision. Many times items go to several people before the BOS gets to see it. I like to see originals before people change things...Im hoping the BOS is the same.

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  • FranJuly 06, 2013 - 8:03 am

    Special meeting: Shingle springs fight back 1. CEDAC...LUPPU presentation using projected numbers. Ideas not mandated. 2. 20 or so of the top developers around. 3. Sweet older person (cute as a button) discrediting Sue in front of an audience (that held no surprises) 4. Hours of developers and Regulators talking in favor of LUPPU (which is against Shingle Springs removing their urban red line.) At least their wasnt a little kid saying that Sue had taken their lollipop. Shingle Springs is fighting back. People seem to be afraid of Sue--and I find that interesting.

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  • FranJuly 06, 2013 - 8:05 am

    regulators should be Realtor s (talking about giving up hours of their pay to back LUPPU)

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  • FranJuly 06, 2013 - 8:23 am

    Oh and lets not forget the cute as a button older person is a member of a sub group of CEDAC. Nope no stacking up decide. Read.

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  • What?July 08, 2013 - 5:41 am

    Took your advice and watched the video. Your posts are most uninformed. Perhaps you should listen with less bias. BTW, the Shingle Springs folks are doing just fine without your uninformed support. We don't need your distortions weakening our credibility. Congratulations ongoing for Clarksville day.

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  • YepJuly 08, 2013 - 8:59 am

    There is a certain level of hypocrisy when those who demand to be heard, demand that their view is correct, complain about outside influences in THEIR corner of the county freely insert their agenda into someone else's self determination issue. A simple post in support of the Shingle Springs folks would suffice. Looks like @what? has a firm grasp on reality. Never let others do the talking for you. Congratulations.

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  • Foaming at the MouthJuly 08, 2013 - 10:30 am

    I'm not afraid of Sue Taylor, but I am afraid of her building on Main Street. It's going to collapse on somebody someday soon, thanks to her naïveté and negligence.

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  • FranJuly 08, 2013 - 10:54 am

    What...I always listen without bias--but I spend more time watching than anything...the room was stacked against Shingle Springs...remember I was there for hours. As far as Shingle Springs...they have their own path...and I am not in their way. I am one person--that people have given to much power to...which I find really amusing. I also use my real name. Maybe that is why people are assuming I am just a grandma.

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  • FranJuly 08, 2013 - 11:11 am

    @Yep...the whole issue is about "rights." Peoples rights...I imagine that is also the right to give my opinion--since I sat there for hours and watched. I have now seen the LUPPU presentation three times--it does not get any clearer that the numbers are estimations--projections...imaginary. The only thing that was based in reality was that there is no water to sustain what the projections seek to define. And no one is happier than I am that a group of people are defending what they feel is right--kudos .

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  • Kathleen NewellJuly 08, 2013 - 9:12 pm

    Sue Taylor has a valid point, which I agree with. The Silva Valley Interchange is destroying a good deal of the Clarksville townsite. Yes, some Cultural Resources Betty January mentioned are being protected or relocated, but as a whole, the Clarksville townsite is getting a giant interchange built on top of it. I get it. It’s called ‘progress,’ but for the record, it would be nice for folks to know about the full extent of the impact to the area where the interchange will be built. For more information on the Cultural Impacts to the area, and mitigation, read the UPDATED SILVA VALLEY PARKWAY INTERCHANGE CULTURAL RESOURCES CEQA DOC, which can be downloaded at the El Dorado County CEQA webpage: I’d like to encourage Betty January to reach out to Sue Taylor and take advantage of her ‘can do’ community service attitude. Last April she was the organizer for the Mormon Helping Hands campaign here in El Dorado County. Hundreds of volunteers worked on projects all over El Dorado County. Link: Just think how much repair work could be done to the Clarksville historic structures with a group like that at your command.

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  • FranJuly 09, 2013 - 11:47 am

    The remarks here bothered me for two days...the meeting the 27th from the link given...where a person gets up and said that Ms Taylor did not have her facts right. It would have been nicer to have someone correct what vid they watched as apposed to saying I was misinformed...I sat through the special meeting from morning until closing--I did not remark on their course at all--my remarks were for Pollock Pines. It was my fault for not stating the 27th special meeting--the other falls to those so quick to attack. The red urban line goes up and down the hill--sorry "some" feel it is just their concern...I feel it is a county item to be addressed... and support all the communities fighting back.

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