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Info on Agenda 21

June 1, 2012 | 3 Comments


Recently I had a long conversation with Carlos Acala of the Bee and he used what he wanted but this letter explains more what I tried to tell him about Agenda 21 and the facts that Dawn knows are not just Agenda 21 but more like the knowledge that Congressman Tom McClintock understands or at least alludes to that this is only part of the long ongoing destruction of a great nation and Agenda 21 is only a part.

The following story is a true story I read online about a student from the Eastern Block country of Bulgaria or one of those and cannot find the article now so cannot give it credit as it came as an e-mail and I have embelished it to include the real stories of those whom I have met and listened to tell me that we are in great danger of losing our freedoms and our great nation to the likes of the communist and dictatorial socialist and otherwise oppressed countries.

Even some who have gone so far as to warn me of the similarities of the Nazi edicts that allowed for the concentration camps to be filled with not only ethnic groups but their own citizens who were nonbelievers of the regime and today that is still going on in gulags and camps around the world.

I visited Manzanar off Highway 395 under Mt. Whitney, a few days ago where we imprisoned over 10,000 of the first 110,000 Japanese during World War II, mostly American citizens who were removed from their homes, businesses, properties and non-Japanese family members.

I am not espousing that this is coming again to those of this nation who will not allow the demise of this country into a global one-world government. But I am saying I may be dust in the wind when it occurs and it surely will if we do not heed the tag line of Samual Adams I use on every e-mail:

“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.” — Samuel Adams, 1776.

It is not easy stnding up and being a messenger to complacency. To be ridiculed for one’s beliefs is never easy, but it is better that I stand up for the courage of my convictions and leave a legacy to my children and grandchildren and great-grand children (even if some of them are eating sweet corn) than to sit quietly by and have to tell their grandchildren what it was like to live in a free country. (as did my friend from Romania tell me his grandfather told him what it was like 50 years before he was born).

Have you been eating sweet corn?

Thank you Dawn Hodson for your trying to let the Kool-Aid drinkers and sweet corn eaters know what their diets will be when the gate is snapped shut on theirs or their children’s lives. Some people are not willing to accept the analogy that I read about a student from Bulgaria or some such Communist country attending an eastern USA university in a sociology class who asked his professor if he truly understood what was happening to the USA.

He then described an old analogy that I told Carlos Acala of the Sac Bee about a few days ago, who left out details in his attempt to explain Agenda 21 concerns. Those of us who have been espousing the problems with global laws and the use of environmental doctrines of Agenda 21 for over 30 years and others before us can properly apply this analogy to how El Dorado County and this nation and all land use and living conditions will be “sustained” when governments tell us how we will be able to live in our own country.

You see the student using the analogy of Catching Wild Pigs, told of finding where the wild pigs were eating, they came one day and found the sweet fresh good corn put out by the hunters (government agencies) and even though they were suspicious of the origination of the corn, they ate some of it and could not resist and kept coming back successively until one day they noticed a part of a fence that was put up along one side of the area where the corn was being thrown.

Backing off they would not go to eat the corn for a while but gave in to the sweet smell of free corn they did not have to forage after and soon there was another side of the area fenced. Again they backed off, some ran away for good and others were tempted back to the free corn. Now when the third part of the fence was put up they were very frightened and did not come back for quite a while.

Until finally all those piles of sweet free corn drew them closer and they entered the enclosure warily, it was not long before they were running in and out of the three sided enclosure telling all the others and training their piglets to go to the enclosure to eat this free corn.

Most could not even remember where to find food outside the enclosure so hung around waiting for the corn to be put out each day. Then one day while all the pigs were lying around the enclosure after eating the sweet good corn another side of the enclosure was put up with a gate and they panicked and told their children to leave this place and go out and find food away from this danger. But alas their children and their children’s children had become so used to this wonderful free corn they would not listen and all came back to eat and not noticing the gate that had swung shut on them kept eating the sweet free corn.

Until a few of them wanted to get out to where their parents were calling to them to be aware and afraid of the hunters who were giving them the sweet corn. Too late, they now were beginning to understand why they had been told to stay away the enclosure, as the days of the good sweet corn were being replaced with moldy old leftovers, as the Animal Farm lesson of all are not equal came crashing down on them and only they who would betray their brothers and sisters were to be given the sweet corn.

So you see even though I have embellished this story somewhat the facts are all there for those commenting corn eaters to swallow if they want to and soon the gates of freedom will be closed to them also. They will have taught their children to accept the ties of bondage to a government authority over their God-given rights and freedoms established under the greatest nation that once was, the United States of America.

That student that used the above analogy of “Catching Wild Pigs” prediction of what he saw happening to the USA will be not only an analogy but a truth to the reason Agenda 21 and any other plan for global government will take over our freedoms.

It is surely happening now as I see the third fence put up as we look to our local, state and federal land-use regulations and socialization of our laws and rules to control the “pigs” by using the sweet corn of entitlements and the brainwashing of true facts using fake science.

By squeezing out the citizens and allowing only the privileged with “…ologists” after their names, elite government employees and members of select taxpaying supported Non Government Organizations; all started by those like Al Gore’s carbon “fakeprint” and Gorbachav’s Green “Double” Cross before the 1992 Earth Justice seminar and the resulting predesigned Agenda 21 came into the forefront.

All that sweet corn for the past several decades along with the Kyoto Treaty on global warming and now we have a pawn for a president who is willing to secure all of these “policies with no teeth in them” into a signed Executive Order for United Nations treaty that we will not be able to opt out of. Then the bankers of the world who are his puppeteers will have the global control of not only the money, but of all those “pigs” that were willing to eat the “sweet corn of their youths” and are now living within the pens of their own avarice. They are now slaves to their governments and are no longer their own masters of their fate.

Don’t believe me. To all those hiding behind fake names and not willing to stand up for the strength of their convictions, go ask anyone who has lived under communism, socialism, Nazism, dictatorships, and if you cannot accept what they tell you what has happened in other countries and been able to accept the warnings I have been given and seen traveling in and listening to those who experienced the “Catching Wild Pig” analogy, keep eating the sweet corn and time will tell.


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  • SparkyJune 02, 2012 - 7:00 am

    Nice story for those that need to be spoon fed. The bottom line was never enticement, but rather mandates in the form of law done a little bit at a time over decades. Government creep. The A21 crowd keeps saying that local government can just walk away from legal mandates, yet they offer no specific examples, cite no specific legal basis, or project any specific costs as a result of such actions. Time to put the story book down, roll up the sleeves and put together some legally based solutions that can be used at the local level.

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  • nice sparky!June 02, 2012 - 7:57 am

    don't accept federal funding

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  • 1036-FrankJune 02, 2012 - 8:50 am

    I say let us have the two SACOG A-21 Reps. Knight and Done-Nuttin tell us why SACOG and A-21 is good for the county, why they signed up to be the Reps. and what are the laws they alledge that are in place as "Mandates" or are they something a caught politician like Knight and Nuttin are using to cover their apparent misjudgment in joining the county to this Urban Planning "COG" instead of a rural "COG" I have read that SB375 is optional, that the great fake Arnold signed, and some urban UN A-21 groups like SACOG are trying to implement it anyway. They want over five thousand low income Govt. housing units here in this county for starters. Knight and Nuttin have said all they need to do is demonstrate, or "Zone" these areas for the low income housing to show, who?, the county has the room for it and don't have to build it, yet, really?. It is time for this county to start a rural county planning COG, say with Amador and Alpine, which share our rural values, and drop SACOG, we don't want urban Sac values and their Govt. housing here ever at anytime. It would ruin this county in no time.

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