Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Is freedom a thing of the past?


Is science twisted to remove our freedom? The Environmental Protection Agency and its associates have been using tainted science to remove source income and food from the tables of our citizens. In 2009 they shut down dredging with a moratorium until 2013 to do an Environmental Impact Report on dredging but before completing it they extended the moratorium to 2016 because their science was faltering. Dredging was to resume with changes made by the Department of Fish and Game after the EIR but they didn’t like that because it actually let dredging resume so they sued to stop it again. Again they found that they were losing the battle so they slipped a trailer bill into legislation and got the moratorium extended indefinitely. The bill stated that all information submitted would have to be mitigated which is impossible.

Again they have gone another step to stop us. They are using our state’s water board to stop us from dredging using the same tainted scientific evidence that they tried to use on us in the court battles. So the California State Water Board is proposing legislation to stop dredging permanently under the guise that it causes harm from mercury being reintroduced to the waterway, which has been proven insignificant due to the fact that California waterways have selenium in substantial quantities to render methylmercury harmless. Why are they so determined to get us out of the river? (The DFG’s EIR findings can be found online.)

Suction dredging is the single most environmentally responsible method of gold mining yet invented. In the 40 years it has been ongoing suction dredgers have removed from the watersheds over 2.5 metric tons of mercury. This estimate is based on a California Department of Fish and Game survey (the only survey) of suction dredgers. In addition to mercury the suction dredge miners have removed uncounted tons of lead and iron from the waterways. A suction dredge is so efficient at removing heavy metals even the environmental groups are petitioning to use one to remove mercury from Lake Combie. The Sierra Fund is going to receive millions of taxpayers’ dollars to dredge the waterways to remove the mercury in the same manner as the dredging community has been doing for free. If anyone should be paid for removing it should be the people that are mining the river for the minerals that it produces, which includes mercury. We remove 98 percent of the mercury (proven by DFG studies) and their method is only 78 percent plus.

Our system is broken and needs to be repaired. Our rights have been whittled to the point that a person that wants to be free can’t because the laws have made it so that they have to depend on the government to survive. This is so outrageous for our constitution to be overlooked and tromped on by special interest groups that don’t have to answer to the people, but are paid by the people to be able to remove our rights that our constitution has afforded us. We are not Russia and this needs to be stopped now. Farmers, property owners, timber harvesters and alike, don’t set on your backside fight for the right to pursue your goals. I feel that they, our government, more now than ever are trying to execute Agenda 21 no matter who it hurts.


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  • oldmanriverApril 03, 2013 - 8:14 am

    I agree Martin. As long as I stay upstream.

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  • MartinApril 03, 2013 - 8:39 am

    oldmanriver! question, have you ever been down stream of a dredge? 90% of the time the river is clean within a couple hundred feet of a dredge.

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  • Compass2TruthApril 03, 2013 - 9:02 am

    A professional grant solicitor will find, acquire, and manage external grants to fund county and community programs supported by UNACCOUNTABLE SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS (ie Sierra Conservancy, ARC, Nature Conservancy, etc.) During the May 15, 2012 BOS meeting an UNNUMBERED Resolution acknowledging the reality of Agenda 21 was introduced by former Sup John Knight. Despite protests of 14 citizens that day--including Ron Mikulaco--the item was indefinitely "postponed" in lieu of acquiring the GRANT MONIES to fund the projects of these special interest groups. Per Jack Sweeney, "We'd be here for 5 days if this was opened up to the public." Transparency & accountability to citizens? You've got to be kidding. We've been thrown under the bus. Just look at the reorganization restructure (read that as Next Economy-Agenda 21) to see how the CAO-CZARS have usurped the FREEDOM of EDC citizens.

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  • 1036-FrankApril 03, 2013 - 6:00 pm

    There were less then four thousand dredge permits issued when it was legal last I checked, which shows this is a liberal manufactured issue that never really existed. The loss to the small towns that line the gold streams is a big one and many are about back to Ghost Towns. It looks like the Govt. would rather provide welfare and SSI in these areas then allowing people to earn an income as the rates of welfare in these small towns are shocking. The requirements for welfare and SSI are beyond ridiculous and are liberal inventions, everything from insomnia, depression, addiction, and the latest "bi-polar" craze all works for a lifetime of medication, poverty and welfare which is the liberal goal, to "control and drug the simple minded" and regulate the rest, eliminating mining is a liberal enviro-whacko goal, mining is hard work as anyone who has ever done it knows, they first banned it from all national parks and recreation areas, then extended the boundaries by hundreds of miles like at Death Valley, then they proposed huge new "Wilderness Areas" another Feindstein special where she made millions of acres off-limits to 99% of people. In the liberal meltdown state here, they said recreational mining should be stopped, if one law doesn't work, invent another, but it is legal in the other 49 states where many are moving to because of this madness.

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  • rodApril 04, 2013 - 2:15 pm

    Mr. Schumann, another excellent statement. Would like to add: Gold prices are currently at record levels constituting an unmistakable opportunity for individuals willing to work hard to achieve the American dream… prosperity via free enterprise, the backbone of this nation. Thousands of privately owned (patented) mining claims and purchased claim rights or being held hostage by CDFW foot-dragging, delaying environmental impact reports (EIRs) and dredging permits. Nothing in the 1872 MA suggests permits are legal to begin with and secondly, the decline of the yellow-legged frog (YLF) is a natural phenomenon for all amphibians worldwide! Scientists, not CDFW political troops, are now uncovering facts directly implicating specific naturally occurring fungi as the cause for the global decline of amphibians. Oregon DFW finished their EIR for YLF and allowed dredging to continue within the 90day window long ago. But why the delay in the first place? Obviously the YLF survived environmental Armageddon at the hands of the 49’ers. Thousands upon thousands of desperate Curly, Moe and Larry’s digging, scrapping, sluicing, classifying, squatting and dynamiting most every wet spot across the entire Sierra Nevada for years without any form of regulation. And those dry areas got trampled on as well. From what arcane formulae, what purple acid trip did CDFW conceive the idea today’s floating dredges, (portable vacuum cleaners) might harm the rugged veteran of the gold fields? Really, how is there even a coherent comparison? Did CDFW estimate a low number of YLF or simply declared insufficient personnel to actually count frogs, the same scenario used when asked about the number of mountain lions in the state? Now that the YLF argument may have diminishing returns for the CDFW, they have recently expressed concern for the re-introduction of mercury by dredging up pre-existing mercury from river deposits. There’s even speculation that EPA may declare all CA mercury bearing waters, (gold recovery sites), shall become EPA ‘Toxic Cleanup sites’, thereby acquiring private property and legal mining claims for mercury recovery… and the gold. Do you suppose that the property owners might be compensated for their loss of the gold? Not bloody likely. Excuse after phony excuse keeps popping up to deny us our Constitutional rights. There will be war.

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  • Ernie LouisApril 04, 2013 - 3:16 pm

    MARTIN SCHUMANN Weather the blame goes to Agenda 21,or not, the direct point is that we live in a County of Origin and all of California wants to control our blessings of living in El Dorado County. Our life style is unique and worth fighting for. We have Beauty, Forrest, Water, and Gold, and they want to control it. Ernie Louis

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  • Compass2TruthApril 04, 2013 - 10:15 pm

    Relevant article from CREW entitled MINE, MINE, MINE (as in gold):

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  • Phil VeerkampApril 04, 2013 - 10:23 pm

    LINK - Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act - Exchange Functions - Standards for Navigators and Non-Navigator Assistance Personnel

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  • MartinApril 05, 2013 - 12:13 am

    I for one would like to know how you place us in the category of industrial miners; most of the people the dredge do it because they love the challenge, adventure and of having a chance striking it rich. I find that the people that don’t want us dredging our lazy couch potatoes that have a great government job and don’t give a s—t about anybody but themselves. If they don’t do it nobody should is there attitude, especially if they think that you might make more than them and enjoy doing it. You people are the downfall of our system; it works for you so screw everyone else. I feel sorry for all of you do-gooders that think that if isn’t your way then it should be stomped on and placed in the trash.

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  • DeeApril 05, 2013 - 8:15 am

    Phil- here is a quote from Mike Flynn about what has been started------"ObamaCare provides millions of dollars in grants to hire community activists and others as "navigators" to assist individuals enroll in health insurance provided by state or federal exchanges and, according to recent reports, register people to vote. In a new rule proposed Wednesday, HHS lays out numerous guidelines for these "navigators", including paying them up to $48/hour for their work. The rule, guidelines and voter registration effort are a potential vehicle to resurrect ACORN or an ACORN-like entity. One organization expected to take a lead role in distributing the funds and overseeing hiring is Enroll America, a new non-profit headed by Anne Filipic, a former Obama White House official under Valerie Jarrett. Filipic was also a senior staff member at OFA director and a former Obama campaign director. The organization was founded, in part, by Families USA, a far-left advocacy organization that lobbied aggressively for ObamaCare, a source at HHS told Breitbart News. Filipic has said she expects Enroll America to spend $100 million on the enrollment effort. A large percentage of this is likely to come from federal funds. Ron Pollack, head of Families USA, has said their effort will be run like a "political campaign." Which has made many observers uneasy about the inclusion of voter registrations in the health care applications. LA Rep. Charles Boustany recently sent a letter to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, asking why voter registration information was included. Boustany worried: The position of the question could lead some to think voter registration is somehow tied to subsidy eligibility."-------This part of the campaign for complete,total Democrat control. Oh well, the U.S. was great while it lasted.

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  • francescaduchamp@att.netApril 05, 2013 - 8:47 am the new capitalist manifesto

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  • francescaduchamp@att.netApril 05, 2013 - 8:53 am

    okay read the manifesto...pretty words translate into--be careful. I didnt get anything out of it--but books are being published around it (shrugs shoulder)

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  • 1036-FrankApril 06, 2013 - 7:16 pm

    Most know that the last several years of the Bummer will be focused on "pay-back" he will be out to take every right under the Constitution he can, Guns, jobs, mining, he is after anything associated with anyone opposing his agenda. Moonbeam will copy it, this is Moonbeam's last hurrah and bucket list, to permanently cause as much damage as he can, just as Bummer is doing. Shift millions to welfare and SSI/SSDI, Eliminate jobs, keep the border open, declare amnesty to as many "Undocumented Democrats" as can sneak into the country. This is real and is happening now right in front of our eyes.

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  • DB SmithApril 06, 2013 - 7:28 pm

    That's right Frank. The Bumbo has nothing to lose now, he is out for himself and doesn't give a flying crap about the people. Moonbeam is a joke and Newsome is the next joke in line. aaaaaaaaaah!

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