Wednesday, April 23, 2014

One meeting does not an expert make

EDITOR: I am responding to a letter written to the Mountain Democrat by Setwart Wilson on Sept. 24. It seems a bit strange to me that someone who has not been active in the CSD suddenly becomes an expert, after attending only one meeting, on what is wrong with the community and the members of the community, who have been involved for years.

Mr. Wilson states what he observed at the meeting of Sept. 19 was troubling and disturbing. With no knowledge of what has gone on in this district in the past, he is ready to conclude that it is the fault of a small group of community members. He states that this small group was there to do nothing but disrupt the meeting. Mr. Wilson must be very intelligent to be able to analyze and evaluate all the information needed to come to this conclusion. It must be that we are a small group and this must inhibit our ability to make rational decisions.

Speaking about time limits: We have always had them for open forum. The free speech issue you would not understand if you have not attended previous meetings or do not believe in the 1st Amendment

We are not the reason that the agenda was not completed. We did not put the agenda together. That is the responsibility of the general manager.

You state that you are a longtime resident, so I would say to you, Mr. Wilson, become more involved in your community, then you will understant the problems of the district and the community of Cameron Park and will be more able to come to reasonable and logical conclusions and to make better decisions.


Cameron Park

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  • Gerald LillpopOctober 08, 2012 - 12:39 am

    Great points Mr. Carey and I find it curious that Mr. Wilson was not disturbed by the fact that the board of directors voted to allow an $80,000 deficit. It seems strange that Mr. Wilson should be upset by the conduct of citizens who are exercising their first amendment rights but not by the wanton, flagrant disregard for the publics wishes that the board adopt a balanced budget. I find it inconceivable that anyone would be dismayed by people standing up for fiscal sanity.

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  • DarrinOctober 08, 2012 - 9:30 am

    Mr. Carey is on the right track. Observe and ingest what is going on. I would think his observations are correct, at least in his opinion. The old saying, “you catch a lot more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.” More folks should follow that. EID, CPCSD, GDPUD all seem to have their detractors. My observation from reading about their conduct in the paper is that they seem to be rude and disruptive. It seems like it would be more productive if they worked with the boards and tried to be helpful, as opposed to attacking them all the time. Look at it this way, would you treat yourself, your wife, or your mother the way you treat these folks? Would you want those people you love treated this way by others? The folks who are on these boards are the husbands, wives, mothers and loved ones of others. Be respectful and see where it goes. And god forbid you are the member of a church and act like this... You know where you are headed!

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  • Somebody's loved oneOctober 08, 2012 - 2:06 pm

    Is it just me or is it easily visualized Lillipud, Carey and their pal Shiva Frentzen and their candidate for CSD Vicky Niebauer conspiring to silence anyone who has a contradicting opinion? Do the community a favor and say NO to (v)Icky!

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  • Gerald LillpopOctober 08, 2012 - 5:14 pm

    Darrin why shouldn’t those of us who went to each budget workshop and Budget and Administration committee meeting this year be mad as hell after begging that a balanced budget be adopted only to have four stooges on the board (yes that’s not honey I don’t give a rats bottom either) adopt a budget with a $50,000 deficit? Why shouldn’t we be mad as hell due to the fact that these same four stooges not only approved $50,000 in deficit (magical dollars) but add $30,000 because out moronic general manager (yes this isn’t honey either please see above) asked for these additional magic dollars? If you are a resident of Cameron Park why aren’t you mad as hell that we have a board and a general manager who thinks they can strip fire department funds to balance budgets and when that will no longer work act like Cameron Park has it’s own currency and can turn on the printing presses like they do in Washington D.C.? Oh and Loved One calling me names makes me smile. I love it when I am so right (let’s talk $80,000 in deficit) that someone who opposes me is reduced to name calling instead of refuting my facts and concerns.

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  • Missed the boatOctober 09, 2012 - 7:53 am

    I guess the 350k surplus doesnt count lilpud? Your group of malcontents, including. Niebauer and Frentzen need to get your facts correct. Oh, but since when is that a prerequisite for your bunch.

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