Looking at more than the bottom line

EDITOR: With regard to your editorial of July 17 opposing any increase in the minimum wage, I don’t believe you are entirely wrong in your financial assertions but there is more at stake here, as even Ebenezer Scrooge himself eventually came to realize. Yes, it is possible that some jobs may be lost if wages […]

To honor my friend

EDITOR: My husband passed away in 2006. His angels from Snowline Hospice were so kind, loving and helpful in his last days on this Earth. I met Eileen Samboceti in 2007 who became a great friend. She was a volunteer at the Snowline Hospice thrift store and convinced me to come there and also volunteer. […]

Handicap parking abuse

EDITOR: This letter is in regard to the article in the July 3 edition concerning the gentleman who felt he was harassed by the DMV for not having license plates and registration on his movable equipment as required by law. My son-in-law was stopped by a CHP officer down in Carmichael for towing a trailer […]

The purpose of an advisory vote

EDITOR: In the July 22 Mountain Democrat Todd White’s letter misses the point of the advisory vote on the former El Dorado Hills Executive Golf Course. There are two separate issues: First, to preserve the property as open space by encouraging the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors to not change the current open space-recreation zoning. […]

Longer hours?

EDITOR: Jeb Bush has said that people need to work longer hours. Liberals have jumped on this claiming that workers already work long hours and Jeb is just out of touch. I disagree with liberals on this one. Given that corporations/businesses have gone to the management policy of part-time employees, workers would agree with Jeb they need […]

Ballot measure a waste of money

EDITOR: The El Dorado Hills Community Services District has decided to spend up to $50,000 to conduct an advisory vote on what to do with the open space that used to be the old golf course. Regardless of the results, the advisory vote will accomplish nothing for El Dorado Hills, other than waste taxpayer money by […]

Remembering Anthony Dumont

EDITOR July 20, 2008, began as a beautiful Sunday morning. Little did we know that many people’s’ lives would be changed forever. We learned that on that afternoon, Anthony Dumont had been murdered by Morris Greenberg. There were feelings of disbelief, shock and helplessness. Many frantic phone calls were made between family and friends trying to […]

Serving on a grand jury is not easy

EDITOR: A recent article written by Mr. Larry Weitzman, the “Donald Trump” mouth of El Dorado County, is despicable and totally without merit. Many citizens of the county, for many years, have donated their time and efforts to improve the county and its functions. Not all recommendations by grand juries in past years have been on […]

Debating God’s existence

EDITOR: Regarding “Moral myopia” July 1, 2015, Religion was probably born some 11,600 years ago as humans wondered in awe about the dramatic changes associated with the end of the ice age. The human sense of the sacred — and the love of a good spectacle — were probably the catalyst for Gobekli Tepe and the […]

Laws prevent healthy forests

EDITOR: National Forest Supervisor Laurence Crabtree addressed the local Taxpayers’ Association meeting on Monday, June 15. He said that the Forest Service had completed the EIS work in preparation to clean up the King Fire. The community has had 30 days to comment on four proposals describing the degree of clean-up the Forest Service would undertake. […]

Forest Service diversity is a strength

EDITOR: I was deeply saddened to read the letter you published on July 6 from Mr. Alger. While I understand that his perspective is held by segments of our community, I am compelled to immediately correct the record. I have been in this agency for 40 years and I can assure your readers that we […]

Support Ted Gaines’ legislation

EDITOR: I was talking to my middle child recently (has been with the Secret Service for 15 years — suit not uniform). Our discussion was about stalking. At first it was the invasion of Google maps via satellite and privacy then it turned to the iPhone and last but not least the drone. His thought was, “Keep your eye on […]

Pollock Pines parade a success

EDITOR The annual Pollock Pines Independence Day Parade is a charming, small town event — one of the most popular events of the year. Volunteers this year included Dave Hough, Rubicon Pro Sound, Dave and Dee Campbell (True Value Hardware), Supervisor Sue Novasel, CERT and STAR, along with several of my fellow Rotarians. I was absolutely delighted […]

Thank you for a successful visit

EDITOR: Thank you to your writer Julie Samrick, who covered our story on the delegation from Chihuahua, Mexico. We (the El Dorado Hills Chamber of Commerce) were thrilled to be part of this delegation, hopefully one of many more to come. I did want to share how this came to be as I know it […]

Sanctuary City endanger us all

EDITOR: San Francisco’s empty-headed policy of ignoring the issue of illegal aliens committing record numbers of property crimes in the city has now reached its zenith with the senseless, cold-blooded murder of a tourist by a career felon who was literally “invited” back to San Francisco by a so-called Sanctuary City policy. Being deported back […]

Serve on the grand jury

EDITOR: Serving on the grand jury has been an in valuable experience. I highly recommend doing so. (After all, it’s a free education in the workings of the county government). Yes, there are problems. Fortunately they are not irreversible. We as citizens need to pay attention, do our homework and it goes without saying, vote! […]

Obamacare’s a nightmare, not a dream

EDITOR: Recently a letter writer wrote on how lucky we were to have Obama in office and how fortunate to have Obamacare. Rarely have I seen someone who was less informed as to Obamacare. She states that those who oppose Obamacare might take into account that even Social Security and Medicare were opposed by some. Some??!! […]

I stand by my facts

EDITOR: Paul Raveling requested that I check my facts first. Sir, I assure you I did the relevant fact-finding prior to submitting that letter. The original letter was sent to Dan Corcoran, the environmental manager at EID, and the Mountain Democrat was copied on that correspondence. The truncated data published in that letter were derived from […]

Church a great help

EDITOR: Once again the Diamond Springs Mobile Home Park would like to take this opportunity to thank the Bayside Church that came to our park and helped out many of our residents. There were around 50 of them that were here and worked almost all day on a Saturday for us. All our residents are […]

Forest management critic spewing nonsense

EDITOR: I am moved by George Alger’s nostalgia for a Forest Service that only hired white men who professionally fostered good forest management. I was one of those, back in the good old days of 1958, when I signed on as a research forester with a brand-new master’s degree, just about 60 miles from here. […]

Thank you, Pony Express supporters

EDITOR: The California Division of the National Pony Express Association wishes to thank the Mountain Democrat for the front page article June 24, “Pony Express riding through the county.” Through no fault of the California Division, the mail was received four-and-half hours late. It is a major impossibility to make up that much time, no matter how great […]

Dredging and freedom

EDITOR: I just received a Western Mining Alliance newsletter stating that Judge Ochoa of San Bernardino denied an injunction to allow gold dredgers to legally dredge this summer, the sixth summer in a row after a “temporary moratorium” was set in place in 2009. A group known as the Center for Biodiversity managed to put […]

Tourism in Placerville

EDITOR: I read with interest in the subject of tourists stopping in Placerville on their way to Tahoe. Placerville is a quaint and interesting town with a lot to offer. There always seems to be a however … twice a year my family travels from all over California and various other states to Tahoe. We have a […]

Silencing the hate

EDITOR: Whenever Al Roker goes outside on the Today show, the gathered fans (mostly the women) behind the rope barrier give out with high-pitched “Wooo-ooo” yells. Whenever some comical host on an evening talk show says anything the least bit provocative, the audience members (again, mostly women) give out with that same high-pitched scream. The […]

Forest management gone wrong

EDITOR: I was heartened to see that they are going to do some thinning and fire suppression work on Highway 50. We can sure use it. But the story misses the bigger fire suppression issues that continue not to be addressed. Due to ineptitude by the Forest Service and tree-hugger lawsuits, many hundreds of thousands […]

No ordinary GI Joe

EDITOR: Thank you for the excellent story about the late Roger Raines. On this 4th of July, I saluted him for his humble service to our country. This man, and others serving in our Armed Forces, are remembered especially today and celebrated by grateful citizens of this great nation. In my opinion, people like Roger […]

Where are the service organization logos?

EDITOR: I read in the Monday, June 29, Mountain Democrat that there is a controversy regarding the Placerville sign and whether to include event advertising or not. I feel that, before any changes are made, the city of Placerville (should) find and reinstall the service organization logos that were taken down when Highway 50 was […]

Check your facts first

EDITOR A letter to editor in Monday’s Mountain Democrat complained of EID giving away 3,100 acre-feet of water to Fresno and Kings County, without press coverage about it. I think this has been in the local press, but will answer from memory of discussion at an EID board meeting. EID has surplus water from Project […]

Farmers market defense

EDITOR: Greg Homer’s snide letter of June 17 disparaging the Placerville Farmers Market was irritatingly condescending. After stereotyping the clientele, he racially profiles the sellers. He claims their wares are likely from Mexico and Southern California via Safeway. Mr. Homer, you are so off base; it does make a person wonder why you feel compelled […]

Thanks for the help

EDITOR: I wanted to take a moment to commend and thank Supervisor Brian Veerkamp and his assistant Kathy Witherow for their help in resolving an important issue I was having with the city of Folsom. Even though El Dorado County was not directly impacted by my immediate issue with Folsom, they were willing and able to […]

Who will see the sign?

EDITOR: Regarding the “City sign changes debated” article of June 29, the City Council seems to be having some trouble seeing the sign in the forest through the trees. People really don’t look out their car or truck windows anymore. The next time you’re driving next to someone on Highway 50, take a glance into their windows. Everyone […]

Legal vs. illegal immigration

EDITOR: I take exception to the article in the Mountain Democrat on July 13 by Mark Shields titled “Donald Trump: In the ‘American’ tradition.” Mr. Shields makes a compelling argument for immigration in that it has made this country great by bringing a disparate group of people to this country. He is also correct in the discrimination suffered by many […]

Thanks to a firefighter

EDITOR: I would like to take a moment to say thank you to the fireman who took time out of his day off to come and talk to the preschool aged children at the library. A friend and I took our young children to the firefighter story time at the Placerville library Friday. I had pictured the usual […]

Side-stepping the Electoral College

EDITOR: Apparently making end runs around the Constitution of the United States is rubbing off on local Democratic politicians with Gov. Jerry Brown signing AB459 presented by Assemblyman Jerry Hill D-San Mateo. This bill is sponsored by a movement called the National Popular Vote, which has President Barack Obama’s support. This bill is an attack […]

Why are we giving water away?

EDITOR: In this fourth year of drought, I am struggling to understand why we would be considering sending 3,100 acre-feet of our water to Fresno and Kings counties. The environmental impact report submitted by EID’s consultants at the Sacramento firm AECOM does not highlight the positive impact this release would have for the residents of this […]

A week in history

EDITOR: In one week, the Confederate flag was removed from public buildings, the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) was upheld by the Supreme Court and that court made same-sex marriage legal in every state. America is better for all of that. Those that are unhappy with the ACA (Obamacare) might consider that both Social Security and Medicare […]

Why couldn’t we get a ride?

EDITOR: I am very disturbed with the help at the El Dorado County Fair. We asked for help to get my father down to the Green Gate from the Budweiser Stadium and not Search and Rescue nor the people driving the little golf carts around would help. We went there to watch the Legends of […]

Facts about farmers markets

EDITOR: A letter to the editor in Wednesday’s Mountain Democrat (June 17) was full of stylish statements about the visitors and participants in the Saturday Placerville Ivy House Farmers Market. Let’s get real; there are no laws about visitors but there are exacting ones for farmers. No. 1: Each grower has a certification which states […]

Constructive disagreements can work

EDITOR: Bob, I always read your column, but you’re sounding awful preachy. Your title should have been “It’s better not to argue.” Maybe that’s what you submitted and some dopey editor had a worse idea. The column was about the futility and potential harm of argumentation. OK, so let’s just all get along. Why fight […]

Mik got it wrong

EDITOR: In a recent article reported on June 19, 2015, on this year’s Grand Jury, the jury wrote a report “A sign of the Times” on the conduct of District 1 Supervisor Ron Mikulaco. In a defensive assertion alleging that “The Grand Jury was disbanded recently for misconduct” Supervisor Mikulaco was undoubtedly referring to the […]

Board flunks budget test

EDITOR: On June 4 I watched again as the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors succumbed to the ease of the expedient and passed a preliminary budget that does nothing to address the immediate or long-term fiscal woes of the county. At the end of three days of budget hearings the consensus seemed to be: Let’s […]

Money down the drain?

EDITOR: The El Dorado Water and Power Agency is planning to give $11 million of your tax money to water and environmental consultants in the hope of getting new post-1914 water rights for 40,000 acre feet of water. That’s right. Water rights … but not real water. These rights would not be worth the paper they’re printed […]

The boys and girls on the hill

EDITOR: In a recent letter about a “Million-dollar political horse race,” the taxpayers of El Dorado County deserve to give a “thank you” to Abel Logan for shedding light on the kingdom at the end of the “Bridge to nowhere.” He spelled it out in black and white, corruption located in the boys and girls […]

It is apathy

EDITOR: Apathy (definition — noun) is lack of interest, enthusiasm or concern. In regards to government, the vast majority of people can be classified as apathetic to the goings on of our various government institutions. To most, our glass runneth over with our own day-to-day scenarios. And that is very understandable what with work, family […]

Brian Williams at MSNBC

EDITOR: Brian Williams, the previous anchor of the NBC Nightly News, has finally admitted, “I said things that weren’t true.” OK now that we all have that out of the way, the brains at NBC have decided to transfer the admitted liar to his new assignment as a breaking news anchor for MSNBC. This doesn’t […]