Secessionist movements

EDITOR: When I googled “Current North American Secessionist Groups” I found more links than I had anticipated. Lew advocates secession and state sovereignty. Liberty Defense League believes that secession is the answer to the political plight of our generation. Middlebury studies separatism and secession as options for those who dissent from a government that has grown too […]

Fire engines making personal calls

EDITOR: As a subscriber of your paper for more than 27 years I have been impressed with your attempt to provide the residents of El Dorado County with a professional product with small-town America flavor. I have agreed with 99.9 percent of your personal opinions/articles but as a retired 30-plus year career firefighter I must correct, inform and educate you […]

Disease of the conscience

EDITOR: In the past few weeks there has been a sickening and contagious outbreak of the manipulation of tragedies and threats in order to push nonsensical and disingenuous agendas. It appears that a myriad of lemmings have come to the conclusion that an act can generalize an entire community. In the Christmas paper, Bill Bertram […]

Political opinions

EDITOR: Congratulations to Noel Stack for her Opinion-Letters pages in the MD. The Jan. 13 edition has Gene Altshuler on the left side of the page and Charles Krauthammer on the right side of the page. I love your layout. Publishing a variety of political opinions is the hallmark of great editing in a great […]

What is Islam?

EDITOR: The purpose of my letter is to offer support for Donald Trump’s call for a “total and complete ban on Muslims entering the United States … until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.” This does not impact United States citizens going to and from our country unless such a […]

Gene Altshuler’s opinion

EDITOR: Mr. Altshuler wants to add his voice decrying America’s penchant for guns and refusal to enact any reasonable measure of safety from firearms. Nowhere in his article does he tell you what those “reasonable measures” are. While Mr. Altshuler is welcome to his own opinions regarding “gun safety” he is not entitled to his […]

Camino really does care

EDITOR: Thank you to everyone who took part in making our sixth annual Camino Cares Christmas Giving Program better than ever. Thank you to Helen and Bill Carey of The Forester restaurant who kicked off the giving by donating 100 percent of the tips earned from our server night in September back to our program. As the Christmas season got closer, they also hosted […]

Phony tears

EDITOR: Obama … what a phony! His tearful news conference to justify his latest attempt to take away our right to defend ourselves was blatantly pathetic. Where were his tears for the mutilated fetuses whose body parts were sold for profit by Planned Parenthood? Where was his executive order to defund that organization? ANTHONY J. ARJIL […]

Altshuler’s column

EDITOR: I agree with a number of your recent letter writers; it’s time to say goodbye to Gene Altshuler as a regular columnist. He brings nothing but pseudo-intellectualism, a mean-spirited attitude and a lot of ad hominem attacks on those he clearly doesn’t understand. If that can’t happen, I would urge Mr. Altshuler to adopt […]

Safety: the city’s concern

EDITOR: At the recent Clay Street Bridge/realignment project community meeting city of Placerville staff emphasized that the project is motivated solely by concern for the safety of pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists. Underscoring the need for the project, it was said that since 2004 at the Clay Street/Main Street intersection there have been 28 accidents. That is […]

Dixon Ranch development

EDITOR: On Thursday, Jan. 14, the El Dorado County Planning Commission will hold a hearing on the proposed Dixon Ranch development off Green Valley Road. The developers will ask that our voter-approved General Plan be amended to allow them to convert 280 acres of oak studded land, currently zoned for low-density housing, into a 605 […]

Unexpected bill

EDITOR: I have been a patient at Marshall Hospital several times and have always received excellent care. Thank you to all the staff: doctors, nurses, techs, housekeeping and everyone else. The last time I was there, mid-September, was no exception. I also have excellent insurance, between MediCare and the supplemental insurance (that I pay for), […]

Give Gene a break

EDITOR: The Democratic-Chronicles by Gene Altshuler are regarded by many as fine examples of one person’s opinion. I greatly regard them and always look forward to the backlash generated by his articles. True to form, George Alger’s letter regarding the proliferation of guns in our society proclaims Mr. Altshuler’s latest entry as “mindless,” “naive,” “so […]

The ‘bamboozlement’ of El Dorado County

EDITOR: Our Founding Fathers warned that uneducated people can never be free. People who ignore their government should not be surprised when their land is gone, their chickens have disappeared and they find themselves in an “Agenda 21” apartment. When you do nothing, plenty of people will step in and make your decisions, based on […]

More letters and other notes

EDITOR: I would like to add my name to the list of those who would like to see more letters to the editor printed. This shows what the public is thinking about. Additionally, I believe that Larry Weitzman’s articles are usually right on track. Charles Krauthammer has another good column. I especially like his take on our food. How long […]

My opinion of EID

EDITOR: I read with interest the article on Dec. 28 regarding the El Dorado Irrigation District’s lavish spending plan, along with a previous article about salary increases for top management. I assume this is based on anticipated revenue from the automatic pay increases we, the ratepayers, will have over the next five years. Do we […]

EID raises and rates: what’s your opinion?

EDITOR: Interesting goings-on at the El Dorado Irrigation District lately. First, a Mountain Democrat article from EID General Manager Jim Abercrombie appeared, pushing another round of added bond obligations, calling them “smart” debt.  As opposed to the current EID debt load being what — “dumb”? Next, there’s the notification that a 20 percent rate hike over five years is on […]

Omnibus Bill

EDITOR: With the support of 150 Republicans, Congress just passed the Omnibus Spending Bill. Here are some highlights: House Speaker Paul Ryan added two immigration giveaways to the bill. This bill funds a large increase in refugee settlement in America. It also funds Obama’s “catch and release” policy that virtually stops deportation. It maintains tax credits for illegal aliens […]

Congratulations to the Mother Lode Lion’s Club

EDITOR: We had many opportunities in our community for family friendly holiday festivities. These strengthen families and make memories for children of all ages. I would like to congratulate the Mother Lode Lion’s Club for its successful Breakfast with Santa on Dec. 12. It was wonderful to take the family for a $5 pancake breakfast, visit […]

Second chances

EDITOR: Recently the Mountain Democrat ran an article with the headline “Second chance likely for Oak Ridge principal.” I think they got it backwards with that headline. From all accounts that I have read, this man Paul Burke seems to be a stellar individual and outstanding principal doing a first-class job for Oak Ridge High […]

Five-star surgery

EDITOR: I recently had back surgery at Marshall Hospital. All the professionals who cared for me were over the top. I would like to thank them for five-star accommodations and the family-like atmosphere. MIKE SPEEGLE El Dorado

Focus on solutions

EDITOR: In order to solve difficult community problems a necessary first step is to engage a community in dialogue — a dialogue that, in addition to community members expressing their emotions and opinions, includes facts. Unfortunately, this was not the dialogue at the recent Placerville Planning Commission meeting when discussing a recycling kiosk and the […]

Anti-abortion terrorism response

In response to Bill Bertram’s Dec. 25 letter about “Christian/anti-abortion terrorism,” I can only conclude he hasn’t seen the “vigorous condemnation” by Christian pro-life groups of the violence in Colorado because he hasn’t looked. “Disavowals” are all over the web. Just Google the name of any pro-life organizations Bill listed with “Colorado abortion clinic shooter” […]

Excellent care at Marshall Hospital

EDITOR: Normally, I’m a pretty healthy guy but recently needed to visit Marshall Hospital for some tests — nothing serious, just poke a tube into the heart and X-ray it to make sure it’s doing what it should. The nurses, doctors and the rest of the staff all provided excellent service. They were courteous, thorough […]

Clay Street bridge: No need for realignment

EDITOR: I see that the Cedar Ravine/Clay Street/Main Street realignment issue is again in the news. I would like to propose an option that will cost little, save time and money, improve the intersection for the vast majority of people using it and inconvenience the fewest number of individuals. First, let’s look as some myths: […]

Response to Mr. Altshuler

EDITOR: In response to the Dec. 30 article: Gene Altshuler believes that world leaders at the UN Conference on Climate Change can change the weather, and they will do it for the benefit of humanity, too? Just give these politicians enough power and finances and they will fix it. My memory of social studies tells me […]


EDITOR: When a child has lost a parent, or never had someone in their lives to show them the way, or encourage them, or to tell them they can be whatever they want to be, who would you contact? If you are looking for a way to give back to a child in our community […]

Rules of the road

EDITOR: I have been driving for 32 years and I have never seen so many people drive with their lights off when they should be on. Driving with your lights on at certain times of the day and when it rains is the law. People nowadays are in such a hurry they forget to stay back from […]

New Year’s resolution

EDITOR: Must we really resolve to improve our diets or exercise routines in the New Year in order to increase longevity or improve quality of life? Unfortunately, gun violence and traffic accidents are still the leading causes of death among young people. Fortunately, however, our fork — yet another deadly weapon — is within our own control. […]

More letters

EDITOR: It is regrettable that the Mountain Democrat has decided to publish fewer letters to the editor in favor of other content. I find the letters to be one of the most interesting sections of the newspaper. Now, instead of letters, we are getting more political cartoons and columns from John Stossel, Charles Krauthammer and […]

Altshuler’s naive outrage

EDITOR: You can take it to the bank that when San Bernardino happened that Mr. Altshuler would print another mindless diatribe on gun control. Mr. Altshuler is lucky that being naive is not a fatal illness. In his case it must come from residing so far up the ivory tower that hypoxia has set in […]

Snow plows in action

EDITOR: We had about 4 inches of snow on the level and heard the roar of the plow. We now have about 18 inches of snow at the base of our driveway and now we can’t get out. Without the plow we could have gotten out. Emergency vehicles can get close but how could they get equipment […]

Testing would-be politicians

EDITOR: The Amen Clinic has an online file that shows color photos of various brains and their activity. Sadly, I could not find photos of the brains of people who were narcissistic, psychopathic or sociopathic. I am interested in the brain activity of narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths because these types of people gravitate into positions of leadership in […]

Recall not a waste

EDITOR: I applaud the Mountain Democrat for publishing political views apparently contrary to its beliefs. Let me critique your article of Dec. 11 titled, “Total Recall A Total Waste of Time.” You cited, “Being in the news business, we’ve heard unsubstantiated rumors and some outright lies about elected officials over the years.” It would seem that […]

Enforce the gun laws we have

EDITOR: Gene Altshuler’s opinion needs a reply. It is one thing to be anti-gun; however, let’s have all the facts. California already has a no straw purchase law. The person who purchased the two assault rifles and gave them away violated the law. This cannot be done if my interpretation of California law is correct. Why […]

Subscription verification

EDITOR: I do not understand why every time I try to look at an article on your website I have to re-verify my subscription and wait for 48 hours for this to be accomplished. This is very cumbersome and unfriendly. RUTH O’SHEA Shingle Springs

Anti-abortion terrorism

EDITOR: So now the Christian/anti-abortion terrorists are coming to Placerville. Scott Anthony Orton is the latest actor in the increasing wave of Christian/anti-abortion terrorist acts sweeping the nation — the mass shooting in Colorado Springs being the most deadly in recent times. What I haven’t yet seen is a vigorous condemnation of this radical Christian […]

Why total recall is necessary

The Mountain Democrat Dec. 11 editorial “Total recall a total waste of time” on page A5 is far below the minimum standards of an honest newspaper. The article uses accusations of gossip, vague personal attacks and sneering degradation of “some of the people” to dismiss the serious issues plaguing our county government. At the meeting July 29, 2014, Item […]

Time to rein in the federal goverment

EDITOR: Among the many problems with our current federal government is out-of-control spending that is racking up trillions in debt, the complex regulatory schemes enacted over almost all aspects of our lives and the erosion of the constitutional guarantees for checks and balances within the federal government and for state sovereignty. Our Founding Fathers anticipated […]

Senior Santa thank you

EDITOR: For the past four years Friends of Seniors has put on a Christmas event called Senior Santa. This year we were able to give 39 seniors Kmart gift cards so they could purchase Christmas gifts for family and loved ones, or much-needed items for themselves. After shopping, everyone was treated to a turkey dinner, […]

Response to “A moral outrage”

EDITOR: France seems to have an abundance gun laws and no NRA presence. I’m curious how Gene Altshuler’s common sense and reasonable measures would have prevented the slaughter of innocent lives in Paris? MARK BAKER Camino


EDITOR: Doris Ross writes a letter comparing Donald Trump and his rants to Hitler. I agree that demagoguery is never good. She compares Trump’s rhetoric to that which led up to Hitler’s acquisition of power. I agree with Mrs. Ross that this is bad, but let’s go deeper into the cause — the conditions that promote such […]

Impassioned dialogue

EDITOR: In answer to Anthony Arjil’s letter criticizing me for my “intensity” and “name calling,” I must ask if he truly thinks we are currently living in a political climate where reasoned and unimpassioned dialogue is possible. I make no apology for my passionate resistance (you call it intensity) to the demagoguery and ignorance of […]

Remembering Anthony Dumont

EDITOR: On Dec. 20 Anthony Dumont would have celebrated his 34th birthday. His life was cut short at the age of 26 at the hands of Morris Greenberg on July 20, 2008. We often wonder how Anthony’s life would have been. Would he be married and have children? Would he still be working for us in […]