Sucking up and the GOP letter

EDITOR: The unseemly display of kowtowing to Netanyahu by GOP members of Congress is a reminder that, between Goldwater’s presidential bid and Reagan’s last term, the GOP lost its way. It ceased being the party of Eisenhower and Taft, and became a radical organization incapable of playing by democratic rules. Its alliance with the Tea […]

Water doomsday

EDITOR: A University of California Irvine hydrologist is predicting we have only one year of water left. Why are they planning to build more than 10,000 homes across Highway 50 from Folsom? Where are they going to get the water? Why are we continuing to build new homes in El Dorado county. Where are they […]

To vaccinate, or not

EDITOR: To vaccinate, or not to vaccinate; that is the question. For years, families who chose not to vaccinate were protected by those of us who did vaccinate. If most of America is vaccinated, what risk is there to families who choose not to vaccinate? Everything was fine till along came Barack. He invited and […]

For shame

EDITOR: To the editor and publisher of the Mountain Democrat: For shame. Shame on you all for publishing the virulently anti-Semitic letter on Feb. 11. Hate speech has no place in our community and certainly not in our local newspaper. At the very least the publishers of this paper owe their readers and our community […]

Letter with anti-Semitism

EDITOR: I have lived in Placerville for 10 years and never experienced anti-Semitism until I read the letter “Bankers and the new world order.” On behalf of myself, my children, my family and my Jewish ancestors I must speak up. On behalf of those who live in Placerville who could at any time be subject […]

Thank you

EDITOR: A very large, caring, heartfelt “thank you” for printing my letter regarding Marshall Fulwider. He was so overwhelmed; it brought tears to his eyes. It is a better place here (Ridgeview Manor) now and clean too. God bless all. LOLLIE DESMOND Placerville

To SaveMart customers

EDITOR: I strongly believe we do not say thank you nearly enough these days and for the last 39 years that I have worked at Savemart/Albertson’s/Lucky’s grocery store here in wonderful Placecerville. You have all shown me so much kindness and respect. I wanted you to know how grateful I am, and wish to thank […]

The solution

EDITOR: I was fishing one day and it came to me. I have the solution to the unsafe bridge on Clay Street. OK, here it is: As you come down Clay Street, just before the bridge that will be closed later, you will be able to turn left to go up to McDonald’s or Taco […]

Unwanted sexual contact

EDITOR: I was very disheartened that the Mountain Democrat published a guest column by John Stossel on March 9, who apparently finds it acceptable for men to make unwanted sexual contact with women who are intoxicated. Specifically, Mr. Stossel says, “If we forget the difference between violent and non-violent conduct, no one is safe.” Does […]


EDITOR: We do not realize who we are. Faced with coming economic collapse, food shortages and pandemic plagues, we need to rise above our usual level of existence and become active in our own survival. Warnings of coming events are available in the alternative media and their authenticity can be verified. We need to become […]

Weak-kneed supervisors

EDITOR: Before the last election there appeared to be a lot of concern about oncoming high-density communities. It appeared that some of the supervisors would support this change to our General Plan. It seems politicians at our local level are no different than politicians elsewhere. They tell you what you want to hear to get […]

Frog legs

EDITOR: I would like to associate this letter to Chuck Bacchi’s letter, “High standards set by Maryann,” which published on March 6, wherein Chuck takes exception to Sue Taylor’s assessment of Maryann Argyres. I’m told that Sue Taylor is deeply informed. I am told that Sue spends untold hours poring over documents, plans, regulations codes […]

In response to Chuck Bacchi’s letter

EDITOR: In Chuck’s letter he assumed he needed to defend Maryann Argyres’ character based on statements made in my letter. If Chuck thought my letter was to discredit Maryann’s character, it was not. Maryann was quite helpful to our family when we were members of Apple Hill and she, along with Edio Delfino and Dick […]

Nearby gun range

EDITOR: The proposed gun range near Highway 50 by the Miwok Tribe seems ridiculous. We have a nearby gun range that is open to the public and is sufficient enough to be used by our Sheriff’s Department. I doubt that this venue would generate enough income to make it viable. What’s next a water park? […]

Gun range near schools

EDITOR: Usually once or twice a week I have the privilege of driving my children to their elementary school, a very special school nestled in rolling green hills and under the shadows of century old oak trees. Sometimes it feels a bit like driving back in time. Shingle Springs is a uniquely beautiful place to […]

Proposed 29-lane gun range in Shingle Springs

EDITOR: A 29-lane outdoor commercial gun range and tactical live-fire shoot house is being built by the Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians on recently acquired off-reservation trust land located at the southeast corner of Highway 50 and Shingle Springs Drive. The proposed range will be within 1,000 yards of two public elementary schools and […]

Yet another mailer

EDITOR: I recently received a political flyer in my mailbox. I thought this a little odd considering there are currently no elections taking place in El Dorado County. I soon realized this mailer came from the same group of developers and builders that had bombarded my mailbox nearly every day in an effort to defeat […]

Who cares?

EDITOR: Who cares about El Dorado County? Who cares how many housing tracts and houses are built in El Dorado County? Who cares about how congested the roads become, and how many new streets are planned and how many will be widened to four lanes? Who cares about the drought and plants that die out? […]

Paradise lost

EDITOR: My wife moved up to El Dorado County in the 1980s to raise her children in a safe bucolic environment, sending them first to Buckeye School and eventually Ponderosa High School. She bought a lovely little house on 2 acres in Shingle Springs along French Creek Road, which was close to the schools and […]

Religious leaders

EDITOR: We are witnessing a vicious offshoot of religious fanatics that, by their own rage, have gone out of control, as they think to be acting for God (the height of man’s arrogance). Fearful of change, these believers are holding fast to perverted beliefs. Within their own minds they have condemned the progressive West to […]

High standards set by Maryann

EDITOR: I must respond to Sue Taylor’s latest letter maligning the good character of Maryann Argyres. I have served on the Farm Bureau Board of Directors with Maryann for a number of years. Her reputation and support for agricultural enterprise is unquestioned and we are fortunate to have such a capable and honest person raising […]

The laws of their land

EDITOR: Mr. Obama says ISIS is not as important as Climate Change. I think it would behoove Mr. Obama to communicate with Europe, wherein he will learn they fear ISIS and believe that Climate Change is the biggest hoax ever perpetuated against mankind. I realize that Mr. Obama recently speech-coded ISIS to cool their heels […]

To rest

EDITOR: With reference to Ms. Denise Marie Siino’s letter “Put Mr. Altshuler to rest,” of Jan. 28: By characterizing my expression of irritation and annoyance as “hate-filled, bigoted and rabid” you believe this is sufficient cause for your righteous indignation. All it shows is your bigotry, thin skin and fragile belief system. You claim that […]


EDITOR: Religion is the biggest of the big businesses by far. They only do the job of keeping the population down. Democracy is mob rule. LYLE FRANKE Camino    

Breakfast with a smile

EDITOR: It is a well-known fact that all sailors by nature are shy, humble and extremely modest, so with that in mind, I must apologize for implying that the Fleet Reserve Association prepares and serves breakfast on the first and second Sundays of each month. While it is true that the Fleet Reserve Association does […]

Net Neutrality

EDITOR: If you like the un-Affordable Care Act (ACA), just wait until the far-flung ramifications of the FCC’s Net Neutrality Act fester to the surface. EILEEN DEAN Placerville

FENIX implementation failed

EDITOR: With Terri Daly gone, the omen of her $5.6 million computer system is now on life support according to the long overdue update given to the Board of Supervisors recently. Schedule and deliverables continue to slip, 61 change order coding modifications now, costs increasing with no completion date in sight and it’s unknown when […]

Dual boundaries for Blackstone

EDITOR: On Feb. 10, the El Dorado Union High School District Board voted unanimously in favor of a dual boundary attendance zone for the Blackstone community in El Dorado Hills. Parents will now have a choice to send their children to either Ponderosa or Union Mine High School based on the best interests of their […]

Social Security

EDITOR: In what respect is Social Security a government program? I thought that I contributed 6.2 percent of my earnings and my employer matched that amount. Working 40 years from age 25 to 65 at an average annual income of $30,000, the amount we contributed to Social Security would be $148,000. The government, as far […]

Assisted suicide is compassionate?

EDITOR: I’m just wondering why the enlightened state of California is seriously considering allowing people to take an overdose of barbiturates to end their life and it’s called “compassionate,” when we have 500 plus murderers languishing on San Quentin’s Death Row because death by an overdose of barbiturates is possibly “cruel and unusual.” Is it […]

Miwok tribe shooting range

EDITOR: I applaud Chris Daley’s article in Friday’s Mountain Democrat regarding the proposed shooting range on Shingle Springs Drive. While I agree that the Miwok tribe has the sovereign right to do what it wants to on its own land, the homeowners around the area of the proposed range have their rights, too. We’ve worked […]

Mike Raffety’s retirement

EDITOR: A friend of mine sent a clipping in the mail about Mike Raffety’s retirement. I wanted to comment on his role in my second career. It is because of him and his support that I became a photographer at the Mountain Democrat for 20 years. I started taking the photography classes Mike was teaching […]

The deaf community

EDITOR: I have a deaf son who attended Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. and who has a master’s degree. I know that 40 years ago the deaf were misunderstood. However, great strides have been made over the years and many people have chosen to learn sign language and to become interpreters to communicate with the […]

Gold fringe on the U.S. flag

EDITOR: Pick me off the floor. Tell me it’s my imagination. Tell me that I’m not seeing a gold-fringed flag in front of a Tea Party meeting. Tell me it’s not true that all stood proudly to recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag; when desecrated “Old Glory” must have been silently weeping […]

Crossing the road

EDITOR: Pedestrians should only cross the road to walk on the left side if it is safe to do so. ​The FHWA’s (Federal Highway Administration) Designing for Pedestrian Safety course states that 10-15 percent of pedestrian crashes are walking along the road crashes, which implies that the other 85-90 percent are crossing the street. ​The […]

Applause for EDUHSD board

EDITOR: We purchased a home in Blackstone in El Dorado Hills in early 2013 and soon learned that the high school boundary for our development was less than ideal. Even with two high schools closer in proximity, our children’s future high school experience would consist of being bused two hours round trip to Union Mine […]

Charlie Black’s letter

EDITOR: Charlie Black’s rant was mostly plagiarized from “The Elders of Zion,” an anti-Semitic book written by the Okrahana, the Czar’s secret police, in order to discredit Jews and justify pogroms. Beside being persecuted by Czarist Russia, Jews have suffered at the hands of the Pharaohs, Mongols, Slavs, Catholics and Protestants of all stripes. The […]

Sharing accurate information

EDITOR: If you want to read the letter that is referred to in the Feb. 18 column titled “The Democratic-Chronicles: Nihilists and naysayers,” here is a link to that letter: Please know that my goal in writing the letter to the Board of Supervisors was to ensure that the public was included in the […]

In regards to the letter, ‘Cutting in line’

EDITOR: Apparently Maryann Argyres has become the poster person for Parker Development and Sierra Pacific Industries, who are key members of our El Dorado County Chamber along with PG&E and AT&T. At the discretion of our Board of Supervisors she has held the position of director of the Community Economic Development Advisory Committee (CEDAC), she […]

Jeep Corp. and Mark A. Smith

EDITOR: Thanks for the editorial in the Mountain Democrat on Feb. 20 recognizing Jeep Corp. for donating the Mark A. Smith special edition Jeep to the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department. This Jeep honors the much-larger-than-life Mark A. Smith, whose goal in life was to make sure everyone could enjoy the Rubicon Trail. He loved […]

English lesson

EDITOR: As an English teacher, I feel compelled to respond to a recent letter to the editor by Anthony J. Arjil. According to Mr. Arjil, President Obama has taken the National Prayer Day, a revered occasion, and turned it into an equivocation. Even if the correct term is “equivalency,” the grammar is tortured. How can […]

EID helping the voters? Ya, right

EDITOR: Shame on you Directors Osborne, Coco and George at the El Dorado Irrigation District. These three claimed that switching from odd to even-year elections was “for the voters,” but their actions proved the opposite. Thank you to Director Alan Day for fighting the good fight for us voters. While Day and virtually every member […]

Required voter ID

EDITOR: Food for thought: If we can spend billions (with a B) on what was sold as “providing health care for everyone,” to the point of making it mandatory, why can’t we provide standardized ID for legal voters with the same gusto? The current stonewall against voter ID is that it discriminates against the poor […]

Prada and Day have lost their way

EDITOR: At the Feb. 9 EID meeting, the Board of Directors discussed the merits of moving the EID board elections to even years from odd years. The rationale has two parts: A) to save money on off year election expenses and B) to increase voter participation. In order to remain equitable and accomplish the change, […]

Freedom of speech

EDITOR: I was quite horrified and astonished at the recent publication of a letter that consisted of hate speech, putting forth ideas that I thought had died last century. Many people have written asking the Mountain Democrat to not publish speech of this type. I disagree completely with the thought of shutting off any speech, […]