The socialist agenda

EDITOR: I read Gene Altshuler’s article demanding we continue compromising. He, a socialist, wants to force a business owner to bake him a cake. If the proprietor refuses to bake it, Altshuler will sue him. A conservative would simply spend his money elsewhere. Altshuler believes there should be a law informing us that we have […]

‘A Christian nation?’ by Gene Altshuler

EDITOR: I seldom respond to unlearned leftist-progressives. However, since the Mountain Democrat deemed Altshuler’s misguided piece of misinformation worthy of dissemination to an unsuspecting public I will set the record straight. Neither nations or cars can be “Christian.” Only people can be Christians. At the time the Constitution was written, religion was under each individual […]

Shiva supports seniors

EDITOR: I endorse and support Shiva Frantzen for District 2 Supervisor. She is doing an outstanding job of delving into the details of our county budget problems and is not afraid to make her position clear and vote against wasteful spending. Shiva told me this morning “I wholeheartedly support our senior programs” and went on […]

Saving Prop. 13

EDITOR: California’s taxes are already among the highest in the nation, and government waste is a major problem. California’s sales taxes and personal income taxes are rated as the highest in the nation by the Tax Foundation. Our gas tax is second highest and corporate taxes are the highest in the west. And even with […]

A disguised diatribe against logging

EDITOR: The article on the forest researchers tour of the Blodgett Forest is really just another cleverly disguised diatribe against logging. As is common in such writing they use extreme examples to discredit policies. A good example of this is where they talk about overstory removal where all the valuable trees are taken leaving the […]

County IT staff jet off to techie convention

EDITOR: No, it’s not a Star Trek fan convention folks, but rather a meeting with Tyler Technologies, the county’s software vendor, to find out why Terri Daly’s doomed $5.6 million FENIX enterprise accounting software system has crashed and burned. At a recent BOS meeting, David Russell stated that he and three others of the county […]

$20 million county budget deficit

EDITOR: The $20 million fiscal county budget deficit is now magically $9 to $10 million due primarily to accounting gimmicks — but it changes daily. Board of Supervisors Chairman Brian Veerkamp blames himself and Mik (Supervisor Ron Mikulaco) for being asleep at the switch the last couple years and for believing former CAO Terri Daly’s […]

A very successful spring plant sale

EDITOR: The UCCE Master Gardeners of El Dorado County held a very successful spring plant sale on May 2. They didn’t do it by themselves. The all-volunteer organization has the mission of educating the gardening public with research-based information about the challenges, joys and benefits of home gardening. In addition to frequent classes for the […]

Amazed by Grady Worth’s letter

EDITOR: Grady Worth wrote about how we have begun to eat plastic because of all the plastic that we throw into the ocean. I am just amazed at how well he touches upon such a big issue even at that age and he shows us that we can make little differences in our own lives […]

Worm farming for kids

EDITOR: This spring I went to the Front Yard Nursery with my family and learned about worm farms. This inspired me to do my enviromercial for Nature Bowl on worm farming. Worm farming is good because when you throw away your kitchen scraps they normally go to the landfill. In the landfill, these kitchen scraps […]

Slow and stupid, Mr. Daley?

EDITOR: Mr. Daley writes, “Slow and stupid wins the race” showing, once again, his true color … black. Why black? It symbolizes ignorance and clearly, in Mr. Daley’s shallow research, it shows profusely. Black also indicates a darkened heart as he knows no God, so it seems. Hence, it’s not surprising he’s a hard left-wing […]

Overcome or lose America

EDITOR: Do you see the immense evil looming at the edge of our daily existence? Jade Helm 15, 600 FEMA camps, Walmarts being turned into detention centers — the list expands daily. How are we to react to this test of our way of life? First we must make ourselves aware of the nature of […]

What is happening to our beautiful city?

EDITOR: While driving to work the other morning along Highway 50, I took the time to actually notice all of the trash that is discarded along our beautiful roadways. Our beautiful town is starting to look trashy, not cared about, and is actually what you would expect to see down the hill in Sacramento. Why […]

El Dorado County versus the homeless

EDITOR: I, like most in our county, do the eye roll when we see how much money went or goes toward the new animal shelter. All we hear is the ching ching as the dollar sounds ring in our heads. That’s one mega-large amount of dollars for the animals. Especially when we see so much […]

Sports Physical Night appreciation

EDITOR: El Dorado, Ponderosa and Union Mine high schools would like to thank the Marshall Hospital Family Medical doctors, nurse practioners and fellow staff for their evening of work on May 12 providing athletic sports physicals for our communities. Over 325 student-athletes were offered physicals this year. Their time and effort is much appreciated. Thank […]

Memorial Day River Ceremony

EDITOR: Each year, on Memorial Day, Fleet Reserve Association “Hangtown” Branch and Unit 275 conduct a Memorial Day River Ceremony at the American River in Coloma. This is a solemn ceremony of prayers and the casting of a wreath upon the water honoring the memory of our departed “shipmates.” This ceremony will commence at 8 […]

Feel sorry for Chris Daley

EDITOR: You just have to feel sorry for people like Chris Daley. With the abysmal performance of this administration both on the domestic and foreign fronts and its use of executive orders reminiscent of a tin pot dictator, liberals don’t have much to crow about. So, Mr. Daley takes one of the few paths open […]

Grady’s letter an eye-opener

EDITOR: Grady’s article is an eye-opener. This extremely expressive fifth-grader has the motivation to explain what’s wrong with the way our world lives. It’s a touching and personal inspiration that makes me think of how I should be watching what I do to my environment. I could just as easily recycle my previously recycled bottles […]

Materials I use daily

EDITOR: As I read fifth-grader Grady Worth’s letter to the editor, I began to think about the materials I use on a daily basis. Being a student of a literature and environment class, I have had some time to think about how much plastic I use in my life. Grady’s letter reinforced this thought and […]

Spin and conjecture

EDITOR: Gene Altshuler wrote about “The Lost Art of Compromise” (April 22) and, as always, he was harshly judgmental about Christians, conservatives and the Tea Party. He was quite eloquent about “research” and “hundreds of studies,” but I found it all to be spin and conjecture, i.e. straw man sources, therefore, incorrect conclusions. Christians and […]

Where is our fire tax money going?

EDITOR: We, the people, have long forgotten we are the voice of government. Criminal taxation comes from out-of-control government assuming dictatorial powers. We knew the fire tax was illegal when first imposed three years ago. But we paid it anyway, because we have given our power away to the state Board of Equalization and other […]

Create a Public Road Commission

EDITOR: One of the biggest problems facing our county is road maintenance and reconstruction to fix safety issues. With the new 3-foot clearance for bicyclists and automobiles, the roads need our attention “now.” At the present, our Transportation Department cannot handle what needs to be done without help. Maybe we should do what Nevada County […]

I was silent; naïve me

EDITOR: For many years I lived with this attitude: I will not worry about appearing wrong because I know my heart is good and people will forgive me if I hurt them. Naïve me. I finally realized that it is not enough to have a good heart. Most Americans do. Being kind is insufficient; a […]

Jefferson will give improved representation

EDITOR: I very much enjoyed Chris Daley’s anti-secession article on your first page. I didn’t know he could put away his corrupt science and write just the facts, void of interpretation. I look forward to more of your investigative journalism. Outstanding job Chris. You heard from Keep it California’s big gun and I am confident […]

Imaginations about the Grand Jury

EDITOR: Speaking as one who served for nine months on the current Grand Jury, it’s interesting to see a patter of opinions about the Grand Jury in the Mountain Democrat — especially since most of the opinions are exercises in imagination. The May 11 letter to editor is no exception. Failure to understand is partly […]

Problems with the Miwok Tribe

EDITOR: Thanks for the story on Holly Fonseca (daughter of Tribal Chairman Nick Fonseca) and her “shoot and bury” shotgun threats. Finally I understand why they are pushing so hard to get the outdoor gun range (and burial ground) up and running. My theory is it will be used to exterminate high roller winners so […]

Stuffing the ballot box

EDITOR: Step 1: Implement an anchor-baby policy, which means if you’re born here you’re automatically a citizen whether you remain here or not. Step 2: Don’t enforce existing green-card or guest-worker programs. Step 3: Don’t enforce existing border policies. Step 4: Entice youth from other countries to our southern border (including terrorists), then have the […]

A sovereign neighbor

EDITOR: Get your flu shot here? How about: Get your ass shot here? Welcome addicts of all types. GENE DAVIS Placerville

Targeted General Plan Amendment and Zoning Ordinance Update

EDITOR: It’s time for the residents of El Dorado County to wake up. Start paying attention to your county government’s attempt to subvert the voter-approved 2004 General Plan. One of the goals of the plan is to: “Maintain and protect the county’s natural beauty and environmental quality … and maintain the rural character and lifestyle” […]

The financial morass we find ourselves in

EDITOR: Excuse me if I appear confused. Because of the clear and concise research by Larry Weitzman, we have an unambiguous picture of the financial morass we find ourselves in, of this county, as we accumulate more and more debt. We are not going to be bankrupt, we are bankrupt. We hired a woman whose […]

Plastic pollution is everywhere

EDITOR: When you open your refrigerator, what do you see? When I open my refrigerator I see plastic everywhere. Every item in the fridge is wrapped in plastic. All this plastic is used for a short period of time, then it is thrown away without even thinking about it. This is the start of the […]

Grand Jury is useless ‘window dressing’

EDITOR: Well, now. Here we go again. Another wonderful opportunity for an El Dorado County resident to perform his or her civic duty by becoming a member of the Grand Jury. Doesn’t this sound good? It sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Well, it sounds rewarding until you find out these sincere men and women will be […]

The Goldilocks exercise program

EDITOR: Exercise is like so many other things in life. A moderate amount is better than too much or too little. Data collected from 661,000 adults and 14 years of death records showed: 1. Those who did not exercise had the highest risk of premature death. 2. Those who exercised moderately such as walking 150 […]

Stepping Up: Treatment, not jails

EDITOR: Across the nation, many counties are investing huge sums of money to house people with mental illness in jails, with little return for the community in terms of public safety or treatment for people who need it most. A new national initiative, Stepping Up, provides an opportunity for counties to get support in addressing […]

County budget and cuts to senior services

EDITOR: I have always been proud of our community here in El Dorado Hills for the family values shown, especially, but not limited to, the care our community has shown for its senior citizens. It is disturbing to me that there is talk of shutting down vital senior care and nutrition programs in order for […]

Don’t destroy the Second Amendment

EDITOR: Let me remind you of a bit of past history. There was a man named “Hitler” who perceived of a problem with European Jews and set out to rid Europe of the “Jewish problem.” He began by confiscating all weapons from the Jews and also confiscated all weapons from the general public. After all, […]

Seniors are vibrant part of county

EDITOR: I just read the article by Larry Weitzman about Pamela Knorr’s and the BOS’ attitude toward seniors. I learned of the possible cuts a few weeks ago, and sent an e-mail to each member of the BOS asking them to put some real thought into the cuts being considered to the senior programs. I […]

Rebuttal to Mr. Altshuler’s column

EDITOR: Tisk tisk, Mr. Altshuler. What an erudite, pedantic diatribe in your editorial April 22. When I first read it, I set about a response that soon grew to the size of “War and Peace.” I crumpled that, because on reflection, you obviously have your ego wrapped securely around your opinions, given your pronouncements in […]

PG&E funds local fire safe councils

EDITOR: It only takes a spark. As California continues to weather one of the most severe droughts on record, the risk of wildfire is a very real and present danger. Cal Fire has already responded to more than 1,000 wildfires scorching more than 4,100 acres this year, which they say is well above average. That’s […]

Why isn’t he in prison?

EDITOR: James Adams broke into a Petaluma woman’s house, fell asleep and was arrested. He also has been arrested for being under the influence of a controlled substance, possession of weapons, battery on peace officer, felony DUI, possession of narcotics, violation of probation and resisting arrest. My question is why isn’t this man in prison? […]

A blue ribbon educational experience

EDITOR: What makes a great learning experience for our students? Is it the location? Is it the appearance of the school and the classrooms? Is it the effectiveness of the educators? Is it the leadership of the administration? And what about the parents? What role do they play in a great learning experience for their […]

The homeless are underfunded

EDITOR: In response to two letters, April 27’s “Shame on us” and “Leave animal shelters out of the argument,” I hope much fundraising and support for so many causes that need us never stops; we need them all. Regarding homelessness and fundraising and support in El Dorado County, it is definitely underfunded. It is far […]

Thank you Sugarloaf Stampede supporters

EDITOR: El Dorado County and our community members continue to deliver significant support, as we work to enrich the lives of our students. On Saturday, April 18, the annual Sugarloaf Stampede brought the community together and generated funds for scholarships, so students can attend the Sugarloaf Fine Arts camp during the summer. All of us […]

Alerting the community

EDITOR: On Sunday, May 3, approximately between the hours of 3 and 6 p.m., someone broke into the snack bar at Snowline Little League’s home field in Pollock Pines, Forebay Field. The thief stole our cash register and its contents. We are a small, volunteer-run, non-profit Little League here for the betterment of our youth, […]

Ad Hoc Budget Committee’s purpose?

EDITOR: On Sept. 30, 2014 the Ad Hoc Budget Committee was formed to address a serious budget shortfall of about $18 million. The committee had two open volunteer positions from outside the government. In the hope of learning how the system works, I applied and was accepted as a committee member. The first meeting was […]