Gas tax revenue will disappear into bureaucracy

EDITOR: The boys and girls on the hill, so used to kicking of the can down the street, have sent the whole six-pack down the hill with the gracefulness of a soccer player. Instead of solving our crumbling roads ourselves, they choose to let the boys and girls down the hill be the “Big Bad […]

Free market nonsense response

EDITOR: Regarding “Free market nonsense” published Aug. 26: In his piece “Free market nonsense” Mr. Altshuler follows his usual process of stating an obvious truth then twisting it into a variety of conclusions that suit his ideology. Obviously there is no such thing as a completely free social or economic system. Without a military or […]

Mountain lion sighting

EDITOR: The other day my neighbor came running over to inform me that he had just seen a mountain lion in the ravine behind his home. He said, ‘That’s a rare sight here in Diamond Springs.” I said to him that I had once seen a Democrat on Fowler Lane. He asked if I thought […]

The removal of Judge Dylan Sullivan

EDITOR: The Honorable Dylan Sullivan was elected by this county’s voters by an overwhelming majority. For her to be removed suddenly, without warning, from proceedings in Department 7 by District Attorney officials is a travesty of justice. Do you really think that the voters are going to stand by the District Attorney’s Office’s decision without […]

Fantastic experience at Gold Country Retirement Community

EDITOR: On behalf of my mom, Frances Brett, I want to compliment the Gold Country Retirement Community staff for such a wonderful experience during her transition into the nursing care center and then into independent living. All of the staff has been nothing but professional and courteous throughout the three-week process and my mom is […]

Hangman’s dummy responses

EDITOR: Ms. Counts, I would like to apologize to you on behalf of the more measured residents of our fair county for the responses you received previously in the Mountain Democrat by Gene Nelson and Wayne Woolsey. Their letters shifted dramatically from the concern you shared regarding our Hangman’s Tree dummy. The mannequin stands as […]

$15 per hour won’t solve poverty

EDITOR: Fifteen dollars an hour isn’t a cure for poverty. We will never cure poverty as long as people feel this way, and we still need that starter job to teach young future generation kids the art of getting up in the morning and taking on responsibility. Why would anyone want to hire someone at […]

Time for amendments

EDITOR: Article V of the U.S. Constitution provides the rights of states to amend the Constitution if Congress fails to do so. Thirty-four (2/3) states are needed to call for an amendment convention. The amendments they agree upon require 38 (3/4) of the states to ratify before they become law. Here are several amendments under […]

Abuse of power

EDITOR: About a year ago I filed a complaint with the State Bar of California stating that our District Attorney Vernon Pierson had carried out a malicious prosecution against his political opponent, Dan Dellinger. The jury tossed the case out in 45 minutes. The State Bar of California conducted an investigation of my complaint. Peter […]

Answer to Altshuler’s letter

EDITOR: Mr. Altshuler, may I be so crass as to point out that the “mass of cells” to which you refer in your Aug. 7 letter, or the “products of conception,” as they are also often dispassionately called, are in fact human babies — not trees, fruit or flowers to be harvested. Unfortunately, our intelligentsia has it […]

From little acorns mighty oaks do grow

EDITOR: I absolutely could not believe Carol Anne Ogdin’s letter titled “Defending StemExpress.” She starts out by dangling a carrot to the readers about how good the county job prospects are with the biotech lab. She then goes on the attack of the recent videos showing monetary negotiations of baby body parts and defends Planned […]

I agree with Jennifer

EDITOR: I congratulate Jennifer Gregory for her letter to the editor regarding one more complaint about the Hangman in Placerville. And now Ms. Counts wants to make an issue of the “color” of the person hanged. As was stated in Jennifer Gregory’s statement, if people don’t like the accurate depiction of historical events of Placerville area, once […]

Trivial pursuit

EDITOR: You have to feel for Chris Daley. He must have been up against a deadline and had to fill half a page of the paper with something. And he did with what amounted to journalistic trivial pursuit. The subject on which he wasted half a page of the paper was his take on which […]

Chess Club coverage

EDITOR: Thank you very much for the beautiful (and humorous) recent coverage given by the Mountain Democrat for the Placerville Area Chess Club’s 20th anniversary celebrated on July 30 at Denny’s Restaurant in Placerville. The club was founded on Aug. 1, 1995, at the same location. A special thank you is given the features editor of the […]

Placerville’s front yard

EDITOR: I wanted to thank the Mountain Democrat for doing a good job of covering the activities regarding the StemExpress Biotech lab located here in Placerville. Film and audio footage of candid conversations of StemExpress representatives discussing the purchase and methods of procuring baby body parts continue to surface. The very last one was of […]

Live with it or leave

EDITOR: To Ms. Karen Counts: Please feel free to move back to wherever you came from. I’ve lived in this grand town of Placerville for over 40 years and that is the bazillionth time I’ve heard a newcomer or visitor demand the hangman be taken down for one reason or another. I’ve never actually noticed […]

Good job, Eileen

EDITOR: This is a tribute to my friend who gave a local nonprofit 30 years of her life. She was there every sale and every special event, even if it was a day that she wasn’t scheduled to work. I even saw her put this organization ahead of family events. I have always been amazed […]

Stealing the show

EDITOR: I don’t know about all of you folks, but I am beginning to feel thoroughly “ripped off” by these television stations and cable companies that are putting those dang overlays on our television screens. I know what channel I’m watching. I don’t need or want to be constantly reminded and distracted by their garbage. When they […]

Dishonest Democrats

EDITOR: A recent editorial expressed dismay over Mr. Trump’s lack of political correctness. Opposition to his sometimes coarse language and labeling. All of this angst over Trump could have been avoided if the Democrats has just kept their word 29 years ago. In 1986 the Democrats made a deal with President Reagan. In return for amnesty […]

Garon on balance

EDITOR: Today’s edition (Ag. 21) of the Mountain Democrat is as balanced as any I’ve ever read. Kudos to the staff for walking a fine line between satisfying their right wing constituency, as well as the “closeted” Eisenhower Republicans and Democrats who read the MD. Even the cartoons have become more balanced. Today’s masterful piece […]

Flier not from GDPUD

EDITOR: There has been some confusion in the community regarding a red and white flier that was recently mailed to Georgetown area postal customers. Please be advised that this flier was circulated by the group Concerned Citizens on the Divide in an attempt to delay the progress of building the Auburn Lake Trails Treatment Plant. […]

National Night Out ripples

EDITOR: The community of Pollock Pines is one of those rare locations that businesses, organizations, residents, visitors and tourists love because of its physical and social environment and ambience.  At the Aug. 4 National Night Out celebration, the love of the community was evident in every corner of El Dorado County Firehouse 17. With all of the contributions […]

Mental illness must be addressed

EDITOR: If Kimberly Blaker’s opinion column “Bill will improve treatment and outcomes for seriously mentally ill” (Aug. 14 Mountain Democrat) touched a cord, you are not alone. NAMI El Dorado County, a local non-profit affiliate of the National Alliance for Mental Illness, has been providing education, support and advocacy for families of and individuals living […]

Explaining my position

EDITOR: On Monday, Aug. 3, my family and I attended the protest at StemExpress. A nice woman photographer took the picture of me and my sister’s sign on the front page of the Wednesday, Aug. 5, paper and asked us how we felt about StemExpress using aborted baby parts for research. I told her that […]

State of Jefferson can help

EDITOR: Due to the increased numbers of persons suffering from mental illness, a possible solution: request they seek treatment in the State of Jefferson. STEVE TAPSON Placerville

The hangman is our history

EDITOR: Dear Ms. Counts, Late Monday night I was catching up on some of the papers I had missed when I came across your letter in Friday’s (Aug. 14) copy. I was utterly confused that someone with so little knowledge of our town could place such outlandish presumptions on our people. Now, I personally haven’t […]

Response to Mr. Garon and the minimum wage

EDITOR: Mr. Garon as usual would like to make you believe that a raise in the minimum wage isn’t going to hurt employers. He uses two of the largest employers in the country as an example, Walmart and Costco, which are multimillion dollar employers. He obviously hasn’t spoken to the small employer with three to 15 […]

Hangman’s ethnicity

EDITOR: LOL — Our new neighbor Karen clearly has a valid point. Placerville must not have an African-American hanging in a noose from a building on Main Street. That would be bad. I’m guessing that since she originates from the most open-minded and diverse city on the planet, San Francisco, she would be pleased to […]

The fringe right

EDITOR: I understand why Mike Raffety’s column is called “The Belltower” — it’s written by a Ding Dong! His Aug. 10 offering is a case in point. Mike read in the Wall Street Journal (as reliable a source as FOX), that the Department of State had shipped 11,500 border crossing cards/visas to our consulates in Monterey and […]

Special thank you

EDITOR: Thanks to all the people at the Diamond Springs flea market who helped me after my fall (July 18). I appreciate each of you. Thanks to the firemen and paramedics who treated me and thanks to all the nurses and doctors in the ER who took care of me. All was very much appreciated. […]

Liberal in conservative country

EDITOR Well, well, Karen Counts from the Bay Area moved to our part of the world and thinks we should change to suit her liberal San Francisco values. The city she came from that spit on the troops when they returned from combat — the very ones that gives her the right to speak up as […]

About the hangman

EDITOR: Karen, please leave our hangman alone. You don’t know anything about him or the rebel flag. A Karen and a partner – absolutely shocking and embarrassing! Move up from San Francisco? GENE NELSON San Francisco

Sheriff’s investigators are the best

EDITOR: I just wanted to give a shout out to the Sheriff’s Department investigators that we don’t hear much about as they go about their silent and methodical investigations. I had a recent experience with two of our finest, when my purse was stolen out of my shopping cart at Save Mart. I loaded my groceries […]

Defending StemExpress

EDITOR: I write in defense of StemExpress, one of the few innovators with job-growth prospects in all of El Dorado County. The wild speculation and outright lies about the use of aborted fetal tissue needs to stop. Implying the “harvesting of tissue” is the motivation for abortion simply ignores the facts. It all started with […]

Making the atrocity palatable

EDITOR: As long as Mr. Altshuler, and others of his opinion, believe that a fetus is “merely a mass of cells” and not a child, abortion will be little more than a means of eliminating another form of body waste to them. I can imagine a 19th century slave owner chortling, “Ah! He’s not a […]

Thousands of medications from fetal tissue, really?

EDITOR: So states Mr. Altshuler in another one of his sad attempts to guide us poor unwashed back to the only path to redemption — the liberal’s point of view. I have two questions. The first is: When does this “mass of cells” become a human embryo? An hour? A month? Or 8 months? All within the time frame […]

Cameron Park GM

EDITOR: The Cameron Park CSD Board of Directors has an opportunity to solve a problem that we’ve had for four years. We have a GM who has alienated most of our community that has tried to work with her. She started by trying to negate a long-term contract that a quilt group had with the CSD. She […]

Planned Parenthood and StemExpress

EDITOR: There have been several articles and letters written to the Mountain Democrat in the wake of the recent disclosures regarding the practices of Planned Parenthood, Stem Express and the commerce regulating fetal tissue. I now add my letter into the mix. I deeply appreciate Charles Krauthammer’s July 29 column. His observations and exhortations have […]

Editorial policy

EDITOR: I object strongly to the new editorial policy of reducing the number of letters from subscribers. Taking space on the op-ed page for more pundit opining for something I can get from TV, radio, metropolitan newspapers, etc. is not a good use of the space. From a small local paper I enjoy hearing what […]

Shocked and embarrased

EDITOR: Last year my partner and I purchased a home in Placerville. We moved into the house on July 18, 2015. Being new in town, I have been playing tourist, taking photos and sending these photos to friends in the Bay Area. Last week while walking down Main Street, I took a picture of the […]

Pointless laws

EDITOR: I see that Danny Oliver’s wife testified before a congressional subcommittee. She is the wife of one of the deputies killed recently by an illegal alien. The article in the Democrat goes on to talk about proposed laws in the face of this unnecessary tragedy. The problem with laws is that Obama has turned […]

Check out the State of Jefferson

EDITOR: Please remember the concept and slogan from our Founding Fathers, “No taxation without representation.” To bring about the United States of America and the amazing U.S. Constitution our founders had to risk life, liberty and property. Those of us who live in the rural counties of California face the same issues as our country’s […]

Thank you, Donald

EDITOR: In the recent debate on Fox News, Donald Trump did a tremendous service to the citizens of the United States. He admitted on live television that money equals influence. Not free speech, instead bribery. Now, before my Tea/Republican friends go rabid, yes, it also applies to Democrats — a government bought and sold. The cat is out of […]

Altshhuler, the student of history is trapped in it

EDITOR: I see in his Democrat Chronicles Mr. Altshuler rails as liberals often do about income inequality and the evils of Capitalism. Mr. Altshuler’s article makes a point of capitalism not reducing poverty. When it comes to failed efforts to reduce poverty, the Democrats have no peer. Fifty years into the Democrats’ War On Poverty […]

Trim the bushes

EDITOR: Sometimes in the history of the world, it has taken centuries to build great structures like the Pyramids and the Great Wall of China. Apparently in this county it will only take the El Dorado County Department of Transportation months, hopefully, to remove brush and tree limbs from Fowler Lane in Diamond Springs. This […]