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Mike Raffety’s retirement

EDITOR: A friend of mine sent a clipping in the mail about Mike Raffety’s retirement. I wanted to comment on his role in my second career. It is because of him and his support that I became a photographer at the Mountain Democrat for 20 years. I started taking the photography classes Mike was teaching […]

The deaf community

EDITOR: I have a deaf son who attended Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. and who has a master’s degree. I know that 40 years ago the deaf were misunderstood. However, great strides have been made over the years and many people have chosen to learn sign language and to become interpreters to communicate with the […]

Gold fringe on the U.S. flag

EDITOR: Pick me off the floor. Tell me it’s my imagination. Tell me that I’m not seeing a gold-fringed flag in front of a Tea Party meeting. Tell me it’s not true that all stood proudly to recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag; when desecrated “Old Glory” must have been silently weeping […]

Crossing the road

EDITOR: Pedestrians should only cross the road to walk on the left side if it is safe to do so. ​The FHWA’s (Federal Highway Administration) Designing for Pedestrian Safety course states that 10-15 percent of pedestrian crashes are walking along the road crashes, which implies that the other 85-90 percent are crossing the street. ​The […]

Applause for EDUHSD board

EDITOR: We purchased a home in Blackstone in El Dorado Hills in early 2013 and soon learned that the high school boundary for our development was less than ideal. Even with two high schools closer in proximity, our children’s future high school experience would consist of being bused two hours round trip to Union Mine […]

Charlie Black’s letter

EDITOR: Charlie Black’s rant was mostly plagiarized from “The Elders of Zion,” an anti-Semitic book written by the Okrahana, the Czar’s secret police, in order to discredit Jews and justify pogroms. Beside being persecuted by Czarist Russia, Jews have suffered at the hands of the Pharaohs, Mongols, Slavs, Catholics and Protestants of all stripes. The […]

Sharing accurate information

EDITOR: If you want to read the letter that is referred to in the Feb. 18 column titled “The Democratic-Chronicles: Nihilists and naysayers,” here is a link to that letter: http://tinyurl.com/lo7jzvu. Please know that my goal in writing the letter to the Board of Supervisors was to ensure that the public was included in the […]

In regards to the letter, ‘Cutting in line’

EDITOR: Apparently Maryann Argyres has become the poster person for Parker Development and Sierra Pacific Industries, who are key members of our El Dorado County Chamber along with PG&E and AT&T. At the discretion of our Board of Supervisors she has held the position of director of the Community Economic Development Advisory Committee (CEDAC), she […]

Jeep Corp. and Mark A. Smith

EDITOR: Thanks for the editorial in the Mountain Democrat on Feb. 20 recognizing Jeep Corp. for donating the Mark A. Smith special edition Jeep to the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department. This Jeep honors the much-larger-than-life Mark A. Smith, whose goal in life was to make sure everyone could enjoy the Rubicon Trail. He loved […]

English lesson

EDITOR: As an English teacher, I feel compelled to respond to a recent letter to the editor by Anthony J. Arjil. According to Mr. Arjil, President Obama has taken the National Prayer Day, a revered occasion, and turned it into an equivocation. Even if the correct term is “equivalency,” the grammar is tortured. How can […]

EID helping the voters? Ya, right

EDITOR: Shame on you Directors Osborne, Coco and George at the El Dorado Irrigation District. These three claimed that switching from odd to even-year elections was “for the voters,” but their actions proved the opposite. Thank you to Director Alan Day for fighting the good fight for us voters. While Day and virtually every member […]

Required voter ID

EDITOR: Food for thought: If we can spend billions (with a B) on what was sold as “providing health care for everyone,” to the point of making it mandatory, why can’t we provide standardized ID for legal voters with the same gusto? The current stonewall against voter ID is that it discriminates against the poor […]

Prada and Day have lost their way

EDITOR: At the Feb. 9 EID meeting, the Board of Directors discussed the merits of moving the EID board elections to even years from odd years. The rationale has two parts: A) to save money on off year election expenses and B) to increase voter participation. In order to remain equitable and accomplish the change, […]

Freedom of speech

EDITOR: I was quite horrified and astonished at the recent publication of a letter that consisted of hate speech, putting forth ideas that I thought had died last century. Many people have written asking the Mountain Democrat to not publish speech of this type. I disagree completely with the thought of shutting off any speech, […]

The new VA

EDITOR: To anyone that thinks the Veterans Administration (VA) has become better since the scandals last year, let me tell you of my most recent experience with the VA. Last year Obama and Congress enacted the Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act of 2014 (VACA). It says that any veteran who lives 40 or more […]

What is a common-law grand jury?

EDITOR: Did you know a “common-law grand jury” is the fourth branch of government, designed in the ancient Magna Carter of 1215 AD, and created to be the current watchdog of the people? Do you realize the foxes are guarding the henhouse here in El Dorado County? Who guards the foxes? All should be frightened […]

It’s time for hearies to listen

There is a new term to describe the prejudice against the deaf community, and its impact is spreading fiercely: Audism. Audsim is the notion that one is superior based on their ability to hear, or act as if they can hear. Deaf people are being oppressed for their differences. This is due to a lack […]

Kudos and brickbats

EDITOR: For 49 years we have been completely satisfied with Marshall Hospital and the doctors of this county, whether associated with Marshall Hospital or not. With the growth of Marshall Hospital Medical Group, our doctors turn out to be associated with it. On Jan. 29, I visited my specialist. Six days later, I received a […]

Trespasser shoots pet goose

EDITOR: To the party that shot the pet goose: What gives you the right to trespass on someone else’s property and shoot their pet? The goose was my grandson’s pet that he had risen from an egg. What would you think if we came to your place, trespassed on your property and killed your pet? […]

Act. Now.

EDITOR: This is a letter to President Obama: When are you going to do something? I am sick when I hear about beheadings, the burning of a Jordanian pilot and now the death of Kayla Mueller — all innocent people — all deserving our nation to rise up in outrage and do something. I just […]

Fire ‘Fee’ repeal

EDITOR: The fourth round of illegal California Fire Prevention “Fee” bills will soon be appearing in your mailbox as attorneys for the state of California paid with your very own stolen tax dollars continue to do everything in their legal playbook to block, slow and hamper the progress of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association lawsuit […]

Cutting in line

EDITOR: It’s obvious; the voters spoke in the Nov. 4, 2014 election and defeated Measure O in every district with percentages from 61 percent to 74 percent against the measure. The voters recognized changing existing Community Region boundaries to please a small group of people was not in the best interest of the entire county. […]

Editorial about county raises

EDITOR: Once again your paper has to comment about the raises county employees received and you show your bias without all the facts. Nowhere do you mention that excluding deputy sheriffs, county employees had gone almost eight years without a raise. This increase actually translates into a restoration of prior pay levels due to previous […]

Respect my vaccination right

EDITOR: Dear the passionate pro-vaxx parent, I don’t hate you. I don’t even dislike you. In fact, I have nothing but love and compassion for you because we are the same. We both want what’s best for our child. I commend you for being a caring parent and doing what you feel is right. As […]

Thank you

EDITOR: This is for the people who took their time to rebuke Charlie Black and his sick letter about the Jews running the country. Thank you all. Perhaps the Mountain Democrat may want to rethink their policy on Letters to the Editor, that one served no purpose. KARYL WOOLSEY Camino

Road trash gone

EDITOR: I made a brief call at 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 3 to Todd Lenkin at Environmental Management (division of C.D.A.) regarding trash on Pleasant Valley Road. To my surprise, by Thursday afternoon, all the trash dumped for several miles on both sides of Pleasant Valley Road was gone. They sure did a great […]

County hiring process ridiculous

EDITOR: I applaud the editorial of Feb. 16 pointing out that the county’s centralized hiring bureaucracy is not working, and is a terrible waste of funds. As a former volunteer for the Long Term Ombudsman program, I observed first hand how it took seven months from the time a position for that office was posted […]

MLUSD superintendent

EDITOR: Until recently, I have been mostly watching from the sidelines as the struggles with the Mother Lode Union School District continue to unfold. I first became aware of Mother Lode’s problems from the parents of students that have Individual Education Plans (IEPs). These legally binding plans are designed, so that students with special needs […]

Anti-Semitic letter

EDITOR: I was shocked and saddened to see the hate filled and hurtful anti-Semitic letter from Charlie Black “Bankers and the New World Order” published in the Mountain Democrat on Feb. 11. The editors should know better than to re-print such widely discredited drivel. One can wander down to any skid row in any major […]

War Powers Request

EDITOR: The president has asked Congress for the authority to confront the ISIS savages militarily. In order to consider the request, Congress has to initiate the legislative process to do so. This process involves months of hearings and debates while the ISIS savages continue to wreak havoc on the human beings under their vicious control. […]

Vaccination debate

EDITOR: In response to Chris Daley’s article, “Bon appetit,” from Feb. 6, the vaccination debate is certainly a heated one and one that has little room for “fence-riding.” Either one is pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine. What about those of us who are fence-riders? I’ve had all my “childhood vaccines” as have my two children. What I […]

County is too great for hate

EDITOR: Charlie Black’s letter regarding “Bankers and the new world order” goes beyond perpetuating conspiracy theories and ventures firmly into the realm of outright anti-Semitism. We will not dignify this diatribe by refuting it point for point. It goes beyond personal opinion to vilify an entire group of people. Along with blaming the Jews for […]

Stunned and appalled

EDITOR: We were stunned and appalled at the Charlie Black letter to the editor in the Feb. 11 edition of the Mountain Democrat. Holocaust denial and world dominance by Jews is simply and clearly anti-Semitic. Mr. Black’s letter is nothing more or less than hate speech and publication of such constitutes a line that should […]

Disgusting hate letters

EDITOR: I enjoy reading the letters section of the Mountain Democrat newspaper. I have even contributed to the Letters to the Editor section of the paper. I enjoy the banter between folks such as Garon and Alger. It is our embracing diversity and tolerance of other points of view that makes this country great. But, […]

Unspeakable filth

EDITOR: Wednesday’s Letters to the Editor featured 18 column-inches of filth from Charlie Black. I had no idea the Mountain Democrat was so starved for material. Next time you need to fill your pages, please let me know; I would be happy to dash off something that doesn’t include racism, anti-Semitism, or Holocaust denial. In […]

Fire employee

EDITOR: If the Mountain Democrat published a letter that purports that Catholics or Presbyterians, Lutherans, Mormons or any other religious faith are our enemy, want to control of the world, and are in control of our president and our Congress, that letter would not have been published. Because it was an anti-Semitic, Jew-hating letter it […]

Anti-Semitic rant

EDITOR: Recently, your paper published a letter to the editor that was an overtly anti-Semitic rant about the Rosthschild banking family and the alleged international Jewish conspiracy to take over the world. My purpose is not to refute that kind of viscous ignorance and prejudice; enough American soldiers gave their lives in the Second World […]

Second Amendment

EDITOR: With respect to the Second Amendment and John Garon’s letter addressing Sheriff D’Agostini, I think it is worthwhile to mention a short part of the preamble of the amendments to the Constitution. And I quote: “A number of the States having, at the time of adopting the Constitution, expressed a desire, in order to […]


EDITOR: Casey Beyer the incoming head of the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency in his “My turn” article talks about working together for common solutions. If he would like to help Lake Tahoe, he could work toward disbanding the gestapo-like agency that has done far more harm than good to Lake Tahoe. TRPA bears a major […]

Letters and editorials

EDITOR: In view of some requests to not print some columns by Gene Altshuler, I too would like to present a counter opinion. We need to encourage Mr. Altshuler to keep writing. His columns offer insight, history and the other side of the story. There is no need to ban a column writer because a […]

Write on topic

EDITOR: I am writing in response to Sylvia Medley’s letter about my objection to Mr. Altshuler’s columns. I am sorry that she has endured “venomous diatribes” by Larry Weitzman and Chuck Norris. (She also mentioned “despicable political cartoons,” but she needs to understand cartoons are in a different category than editorials and columns.) I don’t […]

Hold him accountable

EDITOR: The arrogance of the man is astonishing and frightening. Taking a revered occasion such as the National Day of Prayer and turning it into an equivocation of Islamic terrorism by comparing it to Christianity of a thousand years ago leaves me flabbergasted. The stultifying level of this man’s arrogance was further demonstrated when he […]

More of Garon’s lion’s den

EDITOR : While doing some research on one of Mr. John Garon’s famous letters — the one where he criticized Sheriff John D’Agostini on his letter to Vice President Joe Biden — in it he stated, retired Chief Justice Warren Burger declared in a speech that the Second Amendment has been the subject of one […]

Pray for peace

EDITOR: I lived in suburban London during WWII, so I have a firsthand knowledge of being under attack by violent means. The French are peacefully protesting against violence in their homeland. Americans enjoyed comparative freedom from outsider violence until the 2001 attacks from hijacked planes. I feel many senior citizens are as frustrated as I […]

Doggy likes Santa

EDITOR: Thanks for putting my letter to Santa in your paper. Santa’s Helpers brought a lot of doggy cookies to my doggyfor Christmas from as far away as Wisconsin and Somerset, also in our neighborhood of Cold Springs Road. My doggy says all she wants now is to learn how to open the cabinet door […]

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