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Anti-Christian cartoon disconcerting

EDITOR: I could not believe my eyes when I opened the April 3 edition of the Mountain Democrat and saw a hateful, anti-Christian cartoon in the “Letters” section. The fact that the cartoon was published on Good Friday at the beginning of the Easter Sunday weekend made it all the more disconcerting. The complete lack […]

Fine, let’s play imagine

EDITOR: In his letter, Richard Siegel parodied Ted Cruz’s “Imagine” speech to give the liberal response. Fine, let’s play imagine. Imagine repealing Obamacare with its trillions in costs and its forced pregnancy coverage for males. Or its panels that decide based on age whether you’re worth the cost of new joint replacements, etc. Imagine a […]

Cutting German language class

EDITOR: Sadly, our local school district, BOMUSD, is planning to phase out Golden Sierra High School’s German foreign language program. We are the only high school in the region to offer German language class. Isn’t this one way to attract our declining population? By cutting German classes, the district hopes to save around $16,000 a […]

The right to carry and the right to exit

EDITOR: I have many friends on both sides of the aisle. I respect people with opposing positions of mine when we can discuss facts and reality rather than emotions and hyperbolisms. I am amazed that most of the bias and name calling today is coming from the left and the “drive-by media” always ignores it. […]

Fair board squeals with delight

EDITOR: Our fairgrounds are in safe hands with Jody Gray and her amazing staff. The El Dorado County Fairgrounds is now more than just a site to hold the annual El Dorado County Fair. In recent years it has evolved into a year-round event center sought out by many local and out of town organizations. […]

Emergency declaration for EDC

EDITOR: On March 24, I attended a meeting of the EDC Fire Safe Council at the Eldorado National Forest headquarters in Placerville. They permitted me to interrupt their business meeting to address them for about five minutes. Present at the meeting were half a dozen Fire Safe Council members, two uniformed Cal Fire members, and […]

Where are our priorities?

EDITOR: Wednesday, April 8, a public service good deed by the Sheriff’s Department to help the Special Olympics was “tucked” in on page A9. What was it doing way back there? What did we get published on page 1? Murder and more murder. Where are our priorities? GAIL STEWART Placerville

Arizona terrorist threat

EDITOR: While Republican war hawks threaten funding shut down for DHS, a tunnel is found from Mexico to Arizona. No problem? Tunnel used for drugs only? Please, Senator McCain, as Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, explain how this is not a threat in your own state. Put boots on our borders, not in […]

Boys and girls on the hill

EDITOR: It seems the boys and the girls on the hill are quick to indebt this county, even in the presence of the budget shortfalls in 2015. Why the rush to spend $2.8 million to build an additional $80 million Crystal Citadel on a hill? Maybe, someone should follow the money trail. Purchasing this property […]

Confused by ‘The buck stops here’

EDITOR: I am thoroughly confused and slightly disheartened by Mr. DeBerry’s letter on Monday, April 6. The issue he raises, that of the local homeless, is not one that can be solved by the simple stroke of a pen. In his letter, he called on the government to step in and take action to assist […]

GDPUD director’s approach to spending

EDITOR: I attended a meeting that involved prospective water rate charges for the Georgetown Divide Public Utility District. This meeting was attended by Lon Uso, a newly elected board director for the district. Mr. Uso began the meeting by noting that he paid much more for water when he was a resident of southern California. […]

Women of Miwok/Verona Tribe

EDITOR: Where are you, the women of the Miwok/Verona Tribe? I am not a novice to the great Native American cultures; I have full-blooded Native Americans in my family. My great-grandmother was full-blood Cherokee and her legacy of land allotment is still identified on the city map of my hometown. I attended a public Cherokee […]

Partners in Care closes

EDITOR: It is with a heavy heart that I write this letter to inform you that after 14 years, nine of which have been as our own non-profit, the Partners in Care program and Thrift Store that have served those with serious illness in our community, will close its doors effective March 31. Though we […]

Animal Shelter Open House

EDITOR: I’m writing this letter because I so enjoyed the open house and tour at the Animal Shelter on March 29. I was very impressed. This is a very nice shelter. It is so nice to see that shelters have come a long way from the way they used to be way back. Thanks to […]

Water, water everywhere Mr. Weitzman?

EDITOR: On April 6, Mr. Weitzman has suggested that California get water from the state of Washington, since he apparently believes that there is “Water, water everywhere but here.” However, the governor of the state of Washington recently declared a drought for three regions of the state (see ecy.wa.gov/drought). In addition, the state of Oregon […]

Happy third birthday, fire tax

EDITOR: Extortion? Is this word too harsh? Why should we, the people, be furious over a “desperately struggling” California needing more money for fire protection? Our forests and homes are at stake. Shouldn’t we be glad to “fork over” another $150 annually? The answer is, “We should be as angry as a hornet’s nest on […]

Alert! Another tax grab

EDITOR: If you liked the “Fire Tax,” stay tuned. The money grabbers in Sacramento are once again hot on the trail of a “Service Tax.” Stay tuned, for SB-8 will be coming soon to a wallet near you. Just sit and think for a minute of all the things that would constitute a service. Perhaps […]

Thank you, Marshall Hospital

EDITOR: I have heard the good and bad about Marshall through the years. With that said, I would like to thank the ICU unit. Myself and my family spent 23 days all day with them. The whole unit and the RT unit treated us like family. From the nurses, nurses aids, RT techs and doctors, […]

Why El Dorado County shouldn’t be ‘All for the gun range’

EDITOR: I respectfully disagree with Mr. Brown’s statements in his April 1, letter to the editor “All for the rifle range.” Regarding his statement, “the next door neighbor will not know they are using the range,” I would wait to make a statement like that until the professional acoustical engineering firm responds with its sound […]

Guthrie hired by the board

EDITOR: Superintendent Marcy Guthrie was, after all, hired by the MLUSD Board after due diligence, I‘m sure. Should we then, in a cloud of dust, usurp the role of the body to which she is responsible to, and interfere with their due process? Or is a quick lynching after a mob jury more in our […]

EID: Drought vs. shipping water elsewhere

EDITOR: This is an open letter to EID General Manager Jim Abercrombie. Upon review of your citation to Table 6-7 in the Tully & Young report, I can see that the correct water figure is that EID proposes to send 235 acre-feet of its water in a Dry Year to the proposed south Folsom area. […]

El Dorado Western Railroad

EDITOR: It was with keen interest I read two front page articles in the Mountain Democrat, March 30 edition. One article was by Chris Daley, “Supervisors take on Rails to Trails,” the other, ” Breakfast is served” with no signed author. Both articles wrote about the Board of Supervisors, trains and trails. One sentence in […]

A Democrat answers Ted Cruz’s speech

EDITOR: I picked up the paper the other day and was amazed that Ted Cruz was using a song by John Lennon, “Imagine,” as a template for his announcement that he was running for the president of the U.S. The speech paraphrased “Imagine”: imagine, Cruz said, if we could do away with legal marriages between […]

‘The buck stops here’

EDITOR: “The buck stops here” is a quote by Harry S. Truman, former president of the United States. Now, that “buck” stops with us, you, me, and the people down the street. All of us have to demand help for the homeless, from our government. The homeless situation in this county, state and country is […]

Clarification for ‘Coalition of the Middle’

EDITOR: Clarification is needed for Bill Bacchi’s March 19 letter. He questions Sue Taylor’s assertion that, “Maryann has put herself as the front person for Parker Development’s funding on the No-No-No campaign and many other campaign committees funded by Parker.” Here is a brief summary of what happened last year to refresh everyone’s memory: Maryann […]

Why support is growing for the state of Jefferson

EDITOR: According to the Tax Foundation, California now ranks fourth-highest for taxation, with Connecticut, New Jersey and New York, taking the top three spots. Because of tax regulatory and environmental policies, California is home of the ten most expensive cities in the United States. Our state is also credited with having the worst roads, even […]

A twist to climate change

EDITOR: Why is climate change such a big thing? We have had dozens of mass extinctions since the beginning of time due to volcanic and astronomical impacts. Nothing that we are doing is going to change a thing except make life on earth more miserable. You want to invest money in climate change? Go to […]

Human rights and the homeless

EDITOR: Some elected officials, peace officers and all too many citizens and business leaders have lost their way with respect to one class of our residents. Those are our poor, some of whom are homeless. Many have chronic, potentially fatal but treatable health problems. Some are addicted to one thing or another or use those […]

Will it resolve anything?

EDITOR: Mr. White, et al, will terminating the superintendent or recalling the board solve or resolve anything? After being at the Mother Lode Trustee candidate’s open presentation in October of 2014 (where was everyone then?), there can be no doubt in the minds of those in attendance that the elected Mother Lode Board has only […]

Fear of firearms

EDITOR: I still cannot find myself agreeing with Chris Daley. In a recent article he expounded his fear of firearms. Although Arizona has been carrying exposed firearms for some time now, he is afraid Texas will allow their citizens to do the same. Chris imagined himself at a Cowboys football game wearing a 49er shirt […]

Animal Shelter open as human shelter closes

EDITOR: I love animals, especially our 10-year-old Brittany named, Ruby. And I also love people, all kinds of people, especially those that are at the bottom of society in our community. The new animal shelter that had its open house last weekend cost, according to the article in the Mountain Democrat, $5.7 million, funded by […]

County budget shortfall

I must take exception to Jack Sweeney’s comments regarding the deficit the county is facing by placing blame entirely on the employee’s raises. As a former county employee, there were many years we got no raise, or the raise was equivalent to the increase of health insurance costs to the employee because the county didn’t […]

Prom and graduation: Safety first

EDITOR: Prom holds lifelong memories, and I did not go. I played sports at high schools in San Joaquin County but graduated from Tracy High in 1993 in a wheelchair. I never planned to end school like that. As my holiday letter of 2014 stated, a drunken driver hit me head-on in 1992 when I […]

Die off

EDITOR: On page 166 of “Behold A Pale Horse” by William Cooper, the need for world population reduction is explained. Not only are there presently too many people, longevity is increasing due to improved information on life extension. Mr. Cooper believes that many of the programs recently devised by elitists had population reduction as their […]

We are all people

EDITOR: Years ago growing up in Georgetown, at that time a logging community, my grandfather told me three lessons of life. First, there are good people and there were bad people no matter what their ethnic origin. Secondly, treat all people with respect and dignity until proven they do not deserve the consideration. Thirdly, never […]

All for the rifle range

EDITOR: Concerning the rifle range on Shingle Springs Drive, I am all for it. Let’s get it done. The schools are more than a half-mile away and are not in any impact zone. When the range is constructed, the baffles and berm construction will muffle sound. The next door neighbor will not know they are […]

Chris Daley’s opinion on open carry

EDITOR: Chris Daley is shooting from the hip again (pun intended) and of course, he is not hitting what he’s shooting at. Critical of the probability that Texans will soon be able to openly carry firearms, Daley carelessly throws around scenarios of Texans going into bars, getting drunk and engaging in gun battles in the […]

State of Jefferson

EDITOR: Aside from the arguments and sentiments behind the succession movement, I see a major problem: El Dorado and Placer counties will become tax-collecting cash cows for the welfare counties to our north. Jefferson is campaigning against “one man, one vote” government. They espouse a “federalist” model where land mass gets senatorial representation rather than […]

Save your sunscreen money, buy a hat

EDITOR: As our dry and dusty weather turns hotter and brighter, many among us will be coaxed by massive ad campaigns, fronted by dermatologists, to buy and apply sunscreens. Maybe these products — can you believe we pay $3 for a day’s worth? — are safe. But maybe not. While deaths from skin cancer have […]

Man’s best friend, or victim?

EDITOR: From the dawn of humanity, companions have been found in the beasts that walk this earth with us. However, many will argue that animals are for more than just being our companions. They are for being our luxury items, and research tools; our guinea pigs, if you will. To some, they are a way […]

We finally agree

EDITOR: As readers of this paper know, Mr. Longhofer and I almost never agree on anything, but his recent letter on the water crisis makes good points and could go a lot further. He mentions desalinization plants, which are a good idea. But we need to do a lot more. I recently read an article […]

Superintendent Guthrie

EDITOR: Sometimes the Mountain Democrat offers moments of brilliance, as in the recent article by Chris Daley about fear as a manipulative tool in politics. While written to reflect a huge problem in society, his main point, “Scare people enough, then offer them solutions and salvation, and voila, you get their votes come election day” […]

Foreign Policy JV Team

EDITOR: We all should be outraged regarding the handling of Israel and the middle east by the Obama administration, or in my opinion, the Foreign Policy JV Team. Reportedly, this administration will be handing over billions of dollars to Iran by June. For what I do not know, but has probably gone ignored by mainstream […]

Cameron Park Community Services District

EDITOR: The people of Cameron Park need to become involved in the running of the CPCSD. We are paying a general manager $120,000 per year including benefits, to run the daily operations of our district. She has been here for 3 1/2 years and we are going further into debt every year. Even worse than […]

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