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Shocked and embarrased

EDITOR: Last year my partner and I purchased a home in Placerville. We moved into the house on July 18, 2015. Being new in town, I have been playing tourist, taking photos and sending these photos to friends in the Bay Area. Last week while walking down Main Street, I took a picture of the […]

Pointless laws

EDITOR: I see that Danny Oliver’s wife testified before a congressional subcommittee. She is the wife of one of the deputies killed recently by an illegal alien. The article in the Democrat goes on to talk about proposed laws in the face of this unnecessary tragedy. The problem with laws is that Obama has turned […]

Check out the State of Jefferson

EDITOR: Please remember the concept and slogan from our Founding Fathers, “No taxation without representation.” To bring about the United States of America and the amazing U.S. Constitution our founders had to risk life, liberty and property. Those of us who live in the rural counties of California face the same issues as our country’s […]

Thank you, Donald

EDITOR: In the recent debate on Fox News, Donald Trump did a tremendous service to the citizens of the United States. He admitted on live television that money equals influence. Not free speech, instead bribery. Now, before my Tea/Republican friends go rabid, yes, it also applies to Democrats — a government bought and sold. The cat is out of […]

Altshhuler, the student of history is trapped in it

EDITOR: I see in his Democrat Chronicles Mr. Altshuler rails as liberals often do about income inequality and the evils of Capitalism. Mr. Altshuler’s article makes a point of capitalism not reducing poverty. When it comes to failed efforts to reduce poverty, the Democrats have no peer. Fifty years into the Democrats’ War On Poverty […]

Trim the bushes

EDITOR: Sometimes in the history of the world, it has taken centuries to build great structures like the Pyramids and the Great Wall of China. Apparently in this county it will only take the El Dorado County Department of Transportation months, hopefully, to remove brush and tree limbs from Fowler Lane in Diamond Springs. This […]

This fairytale editorial has more than nine lives

EDITOR: The July 17 editorial “Minimum wage hike proposal a new low for California” was no doubt written by the chamber of commerce. The editorial claims that an increase in the minimum wage will make jobs disappear and cause bankruptcies among small businesses. There is not a shred of empirical evidence to prove this perennial […]

Politcal proof

EDITOR: Mr. Briggs would appear to be vying for the poster boy position of what has happened to our political system. WALTER KLINEFELTER Placerville

Animas River pollution

EDITOR: I am a conservative living in the liberal state of California. I care about the environment and am appalled by what the EPA has done to the Animas River in Colorado. Especially since the EPA has such power and a heavy hand when it comes to private citizens. The devastation will be felt for […]

CHP abuse of power

EDITOR: Since retirement, my dad spends most of his time fishing, which is why he loves living in the foothills. Recently he was thinking of buying a small aluminum boat from a neighbor. Since he wanted to make sure the boat legally belonged to the seller, and to avoid a huge fee at the DMV, […]

Altshuler and fetus donations

EDITOR: I see Mr. Altshuler is on the side of Planned Parenthood and the illegal activities articulated in the released videos. Now before you say things like altering the abortion procedure to better harvest body parts is not illegal, let me refer you to 42 U.S.C. 289 Sec. (C)(2)(c)(4) as amended by PL 103-43 dated […]

Proof of our community’s commitment to youth

EDITOR: School traditions change over the years, especially in hard economic times when special school events or programs disappear altogether due to lack of funding and support. But incredibly, there is one annual event at Ponderosa High School that withstands these challenges year after year because of the ongoing commitment of dozens of parent volunteers, […]

Special State of Jefferson meeting

EDITOR: On Tuesday, Aug. 11, at 5 p.m. there will be a presentation by a group that opposes the State of Jefferson. This will be followed by a presentation supporting the SOJ. Public comment will follow the second presentation. The presentations will be given in the county office building Board of Supervisors meeting room at […]

Donations should be lauded

EDITOR: With reference to Mark Smith’s letter of Aug. 3, I am compelled to reply. Comparing StemExpress to a “human chop shop” is a clever but seriously misleading comparison. It shows the anti-science bias of the Birther community, a vocal minority here in El Dorado County and the nation, and also their attempt to make their […]

Why not use donated tissue?

EDITOR: I find it difficult to understand Mark E. Smith’s and Kathleen Ross’ opposition to StemExpress because of tissue donations provided to it by Planned Parenthood. I  read about these objections in the front page article in the July 31 Mountain Democrat. Over the years, as scientific progress has been made, many uses for human […]

Cecil the lion

EDITOR: As is their normal hysterical practice, the media are awash with reports of the unfortunate demise of “Cecil the Lion” by a big game hunter in Africa. Let me state that I am a hunter. I hunt deer in season with the appropriate license and tags, as well as feral hogs which inhabit my 160 […]

The party left me

EDITOR: How did we get here? I see Mr. Altshuler’s article parroting the usual left-wing position on minimum wage. I’m amazed at the degree to which the left has moved the goal of minimum wage. Originally minimum wage was for positions usually filled by young people and students trying to get their first jobs and […]

Tom McClintock on Iran

EDITOR: Yes, I know Tom McClintock is a Republican and must therefore reject everything our president proposes, even if it can keep us from another war. But a little better grasp of history would sharpen his game. For example, the standard GOP theme that Iran and its threats make it more of a dangerous rogue […]

Give me a call

EDITOR: I would like to invite letter writer Brian DeBerry, author of the “County roads budget a wrong turn” letter published in the July 29 Mountain Democrat, to call (530) 621-5900 to set up an appointment for us to talk. I will gladly discuss the Transportation Division budget with him, as well as with any other […]

Revoke StemExpress business license

EDITOR: I rise today to speak on the topic of the business license for StemExpress, and to ask the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors to revoke that license, removing this activity from our county. While I realize this is a significant reversal from the previous invitation to this company, I think the board was […]

McClintock got it wrong

EDITOR: The Mountain Democrat article published June 16 quotes the Congressman McClintock as saying that he represents 200,000 people in his district and Maxine Waters represents only 50,000 people in her district while each is allowed one vote in congress. According to Internet sources, McClintock’s district has a population of 713,000, Maxine Waters district has a population […]

Bottom line

EDITOR: It’s hard to argue against utopia. A recent letter made the case for looking at more than the bottom line and that minimum wage should give everyone a shot at the good life. Sounds great. Let’s look at this a little more closely. Unless the letter writer is suggesting that the government pay employers […]

McCain a hero?

EDITOR: Donald Trump claims John McCain is not a hero. As a Vietnam aviator, I agree that being shot down or being captured by the enemy does not make one a hero. One becomes a hero by a specific act of heroism. John McCain became a hero when he refused release, saying those who had become prisoners […]

Open letter to Bill Cosby

EDITOR: To Mr. Bill Cosby, I was a fan of yours for over 50 years. You were a powerhouse in the human community. You had good and positive things to say to people who needed to hear certain things and looked for advice. But now you need to tell the truth, step up and take responsibility […]

Empty water park

EDITOR: During the 4th of July celebration at the Garden Valley park it was brought to my attention that the water park that we just invested so many thousands of dollars into was shut down. There were many children there in their bathing suits excited to play in the water park. They were all very hot […]

Governor finally talks to the right person

EDITOR: After years of taxing his way to a solution for the climate changing in a way he doesn’t like, and realizing the cost of relocating all the oceanside cities of California, the governor is seeking help from the only source that can really help. He has gone to the Pope. WILLIAM RIEDHART Pollock Pines

County roads budget a wrong turn

EDITOR: Readers who read my letter about forming a Transportation Commission will understand my reasoning after a review of the Transportation Department proposed 2015-16 budgets available at edcgov.us/cao/ budget information FY 2015-16. In the department overview section, the magic number is $87,686,012 in expenditures vs. revenue of $87,134,790 thus leaving net cost to the county of $551,222 […]

EID planned well

EDITOR: Wayne Campbell and I somehow have a disagreement about water storage facts without actually citing numbers. In the interest of factual accuracy I’ve just posted a pdf file to sierrafoot.org in the El Dorado Irrigation District section that’s pulled from the most recent EID board packet. Here’s a short summary: In metered potable water use […]

Looking at more than the bottom line

EDITOR: With regard to your editorial of July 17 opposing any increase in the minimum wage, I don’t believe you are entirely wrong in your financial assertions but there is more at stake here, as even Ebenezer Scrooge himself eventually came to realize. Yes, it is possible that some jobs may be lost if wages […]

To honor my friend

EDITOR: My husband passed away in 2006. His angels from Snowline Hospice were so kind, loving and helpful in his last days on this Earth. I met Eileen Samboceti in 2007 who became a great friend. She was a volunteer at the Snowline Hospice thrift store and convinced me to come there and also volunteer. […]

Handicap parking abuse

EDITOR: This letter is in regard to the article in the July 3 edition concerning the gentleman who felt he was harassed by the DMV for not having license plates and registration on his movable equipment as required by law. My son-in-law was stopped by a CHP officer down in Carmichael for towing a trailer […]

The purpose of an advisory vote

EDITOR: In the July 22 Mountain Democrat Todd White’s letter misses the point of the advisory vote on the former El Dorado Hills Executive Golf Course. There are two separate issues: First, to preserve the property as open space by encouraging the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors to not change the current open space-recreation zoning. […]

Longer hours?

EDITOR: Jeb Bush has said that people need to work longer hours. Liberals have jumped on this claiming that workers already work long hours and Jeb is just out of touch. I disagree with liberals on this one. Given that corporations/businesses have gone to the management policy of part-time employees, workers would agree with Jeb they need […]

Ballot measure a waste of money

EDITOR: The El Dorado Hills Community Services District has decided to spend up to $50,000 to conduct an advisory vote on what to do with the open space that used to be the old golf course. Regardless of the results, the advisory vote will accomplish nothing for El Dorado Hills, other than waste taxpayer money by […]


EDITOR: A mirage is something that appears to be real but is ultimately proven to be non-existent. The people of Greece are living through the experience of discovering that their belief in the integrity of the euro is false. Recently Greek voters held a referendum in which they voted to reject the Greek “national debt” […]

StemExpress should leave

EDITOR: Until the videos were released by the Center for Medical Progress it seems nobody here in our family oriented town had any idea that in our midst existed a company that could brag (quote from their 2013-14 “catalog”): “StemExpress is now the largest provider of maternal blood and fetal tissue globally”. Let that sink in. […]

Remembering Anthony Dumont

EDITOR July 20, 2008, began as a beautiful Sunday morning. Little did we know that many people’s’ lives would be changed forever. We learned that on that afternoon, Anthony Dumont had been murdered by Morris Greenberg. There were feelings of disbelief, shock and helplessness. Many frantic phone calls were made between family and friends trying to […]

Serving on a grand jury is not easy

EDITOR: A recent article written by Mr. Larry Weitzman, the “Donald Trump” mouth of El Dorado County, is despicable and totally without merit. Many citizens of the county, for many years, have donated their time and efforts to improve the county and its functions. Not all recommendations by grand juries in past years have been on […]

Debating God’s existence

EDITOR: Regarding “Moral myopia” July 1, 2015, Religion was probably born some 11,600 years ago as humans wondered in awe about the dramatic changes associated with the end of the ice age. The human sense of the sacred — and the love of a good spectacle — were probably the catalyst for Gobekli Tepe and the […]

Lincoln and the Confederacy

EDITOR: The current war against the South and Southern culture by Democrats and their fellow travelers is just more of the same culture bashing we’ve come to expect from Marxist goons like Obama. Those who wrote the U.S. Constitution gave the right to secede to the states. It was the same right they had in […]

Laws prevent healthy forests

EDITOR: National Forest Supervisor Laurence Crabtree addressed the local Taxpayers’ Association meeting on Monday, June 15. He said that the Forest Service had completed the EIS work in preparation to clean up the King Fire. The community has had 30 days to comment on four proposals describing the degree of clean-up the Forest Service would undertake. […]

Forest Service diversity is a strength

EDITOR: I was deeply saddened to read the letter you published on July 6 from Mr. Alger. While I understand that his perspective is held by segments of our community, I am compelled to immediately correct the record. I have been in this agency for 40 years and I can assure your readers that we […]

Forest Service response avoids points

EDITOR: I see the Forest Supervisor of the El Dorado National Forest responded to my letter, sort of. Let’s look at what was responded to, what wasn’t and how on point and effective that response was. First we’ll tackle diversity. Mr. Crabtree states that he has been with the Forest Service for 40 years. That […]

Support Ted Gaines’ legislation

EDITOR: I was talking to my middle child recently (has been with the Secret Service for 15 years — suit not uniform). Our discussion was about stalking. At first it was the invasion of Google maps via satellite and privacy then it turned to the iPhone and last but not least the drone. His thought was, “Keep your eye on […]

Pollock Pines parade a success

EDITOR The annual Pollock Pines Independence Day Parade is a charming, small town event — one of the most popular events of the year. Volunteers this year included Dave Hough, Rubicon Pro Sound, Dave and Dee Campbell (True Value Hardware), Supervisor Sue Novasel, CERT and STAR, along with several of my fellow Rotarians. I was absolutely delighted […]

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