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Die off

EDITOR: On page 166 of “Behold A Pale Horse” by William Cooper, the need for world population reduction is explained. Not only are there presently too many people, longevity is increasing due to improved information on life extension. Mr. Cooper believes that many of the programs recently devised by elitists had population reduction as their […]

We are all people

EDITOR: Years ago growing up in Georgetown, at that time a logging community, my grandfather told me three lessons of life. First, there are good people and there were bad people no matter what their ethnic origin. Secondly, treat all people with respect and dignity until proven they do not deserve the consideration. Thirdly, never […]

All for the rifle range

EDITOR: Concerning the rifle range on Shingle Springs Drive, I am all for it. Let’s get it done. The schools are more than a half-mile away and are not in any impact zone. When the range is constructed, the baffles and berm construction will muffle sound. The next door neighbor will not know they are […]

Chris Daley’s opinion on open carry

EDITOR: Chris Daley is shooting from the hip again (pun intended) and of course, he is not hitting what he’s shooting at. Critical of the probability that Texans will soon be able to openly carry firearms, Daley carelessly throws around scenarios of Texans going into bars, getting drunk and engaging in gun battles in the […]

State of Jefferson

EDITOR: Aside from the arguments and sentiments behind the succession movement, I see a major problem: El Dorado and Placer counties will become tax-collecting cash cows for the welfare counties to our north. Jefferson is campaigning against “one man, one vote” government. They espouse a “federalist” model where land mass gets senatorial representation rather than […]

Save your sunscreen money, buy a hat

EDITOR: As our dry and dusty weather turns hotter and brighter, many among us will be coaxed by massive ad campaigns, fronted by dermatologists, to buy and apply sunscreens. Maybe these products — can you believe we pay $3 for a day’s worth? — are safe. But maybe not. While deaths from skin cancer have […]

Man’s best friend, or victim?

EDITOR: From the dawn of humanity, companions have been found in the beasts that walk this earth with us. However, many will argue that animals are for more than just being our companions. They are for being our luxury items, and research tools; our guinea pigs, if you will. To some, they are a way […]

Superintendent Guthrie

EDITOR: Sometimes the Mountain Democrat offers moments of brilliance, as in the recent article by Chris Daley about fear as a manipulative tool in politics. While written to reflect a huge problem in society, his main point, “Scare people enough, then offer them solutions and salvation, and voila, you get their votes come election day” […]

We finally agree

EDITOR: As readers of this paper know, Mr. Longhofer and I almost never agree on anything, but his recent letter on the water crisis makes good points and could go a lot further. He mentions desalinization plants, which are a good idea. But we need to do a lot more. I recently read an article […]

Foreign Policy JV Team

EDITOR: We all should be outraged regarding the handling of Israel and the middle east by the Obama administration, or in my opinion, the Foreign Policy JV Team. Reportedly, this administration will be handing over billions of dollars to Iran by June. For what I do not know, but has probably gone ignored by mainstream […]

Cameron Park Community Services District

EDITOR: The people of Cameron Park need to become involved in the running of the CPCSD. We are paying a general manager $120,000 per year including benefits, to run the daily operations of our district. She has been here for 3 1/2 years and we are going further into debt every year. Even worse than […]

MLUSD trustee honored

EDITOR: Mother Lode Union School District Superintendent Marcy Guthrie and Trustees Gene Bist, John “Pat” Nordquist, Janet VanderLinden and Chuck Wolfe nominated Trustee John Parker for the El Dorado School Boards Association Educational Statesmanship Award. He was selected to receive the award and was honored March 2 at the Annual El Dorado School Board Association […]

The General Plan Land Use overhaul

EDITOR: In June, the Land Use Element of El Dorado County’s General Plan will be overhauled. The public requires clear advance information about changes the Board of Supervisors contemplates. Needing to be spelled out, for example, are impacts on: Agriculture: Will farming land be lost? Where, and under what conditions, will agriculture be permitted/encouraged/limited? What […]

Shooting range

EDITOR: Good neighbors would never build an outdoor gun range close to two schools and a church. If it is too expensive to build an indoor range on this property then use property elsewhere in this enormous county or pay off a loan for a building like the rest of us do. JOANN EPSTEOM Cameron […]

EDC budget

EDITOR: The El Dorado County Board of Supervisors, none of whom has served longer than two years, is facing a difficult task: creating a budget for next year by June 30. This important job faces numerous obstacles. The difficulties include getting an accurate estimate of incoming revenue. An expected increase of 4 percent above funds […]

EID in developer’s pocket

EDITOR: My wife and I live on ten acres and raise sheep and goats for food. We also have a 60-by-40 garden that we raise our own food on. We are not olive grove scammers, although we were invited to participate in this scam. We received a letter from EID informing us that we were […]

Recent Sue Taylor attack

EDITOR: Last week Sue Taylor went after the latest local residents who dared to voice an opinion not in line with Sue’s many opinions — for example, Chuck Bacchi and Maryann Argyres. Sue’s tactic of shooting at any head that pops up in disagreement demonstrates her need for complete adherence to only her crazed views, […]

‘Coalition of the middle’

EDITOR: Sue Taylor falsely alleges, “Maryann has put herself as the front person for Parker Development’s funding on the No-No-No campaign and many other campaign committees funded by Parker.” The undersigned, along with Maryann Argyres and Gordon Vicini, are the Board of Directors for the Alliance for Responsible Planning, a “coalition of the middle” that […]

‘Two for tea…’

EDITOR: Thank you for your March 16 article entitled “Two for tea and kitty makes three” and its focus on helping unwanted cats in El Dorado County. As chief of El Dorado County Animal Services, my staff and I are grateful for Animal Outreach and our other local animal welfare partners who are helping us […]

Understanding the services rendered

EDITOR: This is an open letter to the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors. The Taxpayers Association of El Dorado County has had several detailed discussions regarding the county budget and its effects on the people of the county, and the services provided by the various departments. Our members have expressed a concern that the […]

Leadership at MLUSD

EDITOR: Our District Office team feels that Marcy works extremely hard for the district and we strongly support her as Mother Lode’s superintendent. We believe that no one will work as hard as Marcy does to make sure our school district succeeds with our mission which is the “successful education of every student.” Although she […]

Counterfeiters not needed

EDITOR: Counterfeiting has been illegal everywhere on earth for as long as recorded history. However, the introduction of central banks to provide funding for the nations of the world has eliminated private counterfeiting by replacing it with “legal” counterfeiting. That is, international bankers now do what private counterfeiters used to do. They create “money” out […]

Daley’s rascals

EDITOR: I see Mr. Daley is incensed about the recent letter to Iran by senators educating them on how our system works. He calls it treasonous. I must have missed his column calling Nancy Pelosi treasonous when she met with President Assad in Syria despite strenuous objections from the Bush White House. I won’t say […]

Sucking up and the GOP letter

EDITOR: The unseemly display of kowtowing to Netanyahu by GOP members of Congress is a reminder that, between Goldwater’s presidential bid and Reagan’s last term, the GOP lost its way. It ceased being the party of Eisenhower and Taft, and became a radical organization incapable of playing by democratic rules. Its alliance with the Tea […]

Water doomsday

EDITOR: A University of California Irvine hydrologist is predicting we have only one year of water left. Why are they planning to build more than 10,000 homes across Highway 50 from Folsom? Where are they going to get the water? Why are we continuing to build new homes in El Dorado county. Where are they […]

To vaccinate, or not

EDITOR: To vaccinate, or not to vaccinate; that is the question. For years, families who chose not to vaccinate were protected by those of us who did vaccinate. If most of America is vaccinated, what risk is there to families who choose not to vaccinate? Everything was fine till along came Barack. He invited and […]

For shame

EDITOR: To the editor and publisher of the Mountain Democrat: For shame. Shame on you all for publishing the virulently anti-Semitic letter on Feb. 11. Hate speech has no place in our community and certainly not in our local newspaper. At the very least the publishers of this paper owe their readers and our community […]

Letter with anti-Semitism

EDITOR: I have lived in Placerville for 10 years and never experienced anti-Semitism until I read the letter “Bankers and the new world order.” On behalf of myself, my children, my family and my Jewish ancestors I must speak up. On behalf of those who live in Placerville who could at any time be subject […]

Thank you

EDITOR: A very large, caring, heartfelt “thank you” for printing my letter regarding Marshall Fulwider. He was so overwhelmed; it brought tears to his eyes. It is a better place here (Ridgeview Manor) now and clean too. God bless all. LOLLIE DESMOND Placerville

To SaveMart customers

EDITOR: I strongly believe we do not say thank you nearly enough these days and for the last 39 years that I have worked at Savemart/Albertson’s/Lucky’s grocery store here in wonderful Placecerville. You have all shown me so much kindness and respect. I wanted you to know how grateful I am, and wish to thank […]

The solution

EDITOR: I was fishing one day and it came to me. I have the solution to the unsafe bridge on Clay Street. OK, here it is: As you come down Clay Street, just before the bridge that will be closed later, you will be able to turn left to go up to McDonald’s or Taco […]

Unwanted sexual contact

EDITOR: I was very disheartened that the Mountain Democrat published a guest column by John Stossel on March 9, who apparently finds it acceptable for men to make unwanted sexual contact with women who are intoxicated. Specifically, Mr. Stossel says, “If we forget the difference between violent and non-violent conduct, no one is safe.” Does […]


EDITOR: We do not realize who we are. Faced with coming economic collapse, food shortages and pandemic plagues, we need to rise above our usual level of existence and become active in our own survival. Warnings of coming events are available in the alternative media and their authenticity can be verified. We need to become […]

Weak-kneed supervisors

EDITOR: Before the last election there appeared to be a lot of concern about oncoming high-density communities. It appeared that some of the supervisors would support this change to our General Plan. It seems politicians at our local level are no different than politicians elsewhere. They tell you what you want to hear to get […]

Frog legs

EDITOR: I would like to associate this letter to Chuck Bacchi’s letter, “High standards set by Maryann,” which published on March 6, wherein Chuck takes exception to Sue Taylor’s assessment of Maryann Argyres. I’m told that Sue Taylor is deeply informed. I am told that Sue spends untold hours poring over documents, plans, regulations codes […]

In response to Chuck Bacchi’s letter

EDITOR: In Chuck’s letter he assumed he needed to defend Maryann Argyres’ character based on statements made in my letter. If Chuck thought my letter was to discredit Maryann’s character, it was not. Maryann was quite helpful to our family when we were members of Apple Hill and she, along with Edio Delfino and Dick […]

Nearby gun range

EDITOR: The proposed gun range near Highway 50 by the Miwok Tribe seems ridiculous. We have a nearby gun range that is open to the public and is sufficient enough to be used by our Sheriff’s Department. I doubt that this venue would generate enough income to make it viable. What’s next a water park? […]

Gun range near schools

EDITOR: Usually once or twice a week I have the privilege of driving my children to their elementary school, a very special school nestled in rolling green hills and under the shadows of century old oak trees. Sometimes it feels a bit like driving back in time. Shingle Springs is a uniquely beautiful place to […]

Proposed 29-lane gun range in Shingle Springs

EDITOR: A 29-lane outdoor commercial gun range and tactical live-fire shoot house is being built by the Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians on recently acquired off-reservation trust land located at the southeast corner of Highway 50 and Shingle Springs Drive. The proposed range will be within 1,000 yards of two public elementary schools and […]

Yet another mailer

EDITOR: I recently received a political flyer in my mailbox. I thought this a little odd considering there are currently no elections taking place in El Dorado County. I soon realized this mailer came from the same group of developers and builders that had bombarded my mailbox nearly every day in an effort to defeat […]

Who cares?

EDITOR: Who cares about El Dorado County? Who cares how many housing tracts and houses are built in El Dorado County? Who cares about how congested the roads become, and how many new streets are planned and how many will be widened to four lanes? Who cares about the drought and plants that die out? […]

Paradise lost

EDITOR: My wife moved up to El Dorado County in the 1980s to raise her children in a safe bucolic environment, sending them first to Buckeye School and eventually Ponderosa High School. She bought a lovely little house on 2 acres in Shingle Springs along French Creek Road, which was close to the schools and […]

Religious leaders

EDITOR: We are witnessing a vicious offshoot of religious fanatics that, by their own rage, have gone out of control, as they think to be acting for God (the height of man’s arrogance). Fearful of change, these believers are holding fast to perverted beliefs. Within their own minds they have condemned the progressive West to […]

High standards set by Maryann

EDITOR: I must respond to Sue Taylor’s latest letter maligning the good character of Maryann Argyres. I have served on the Farm Bureau Board of Directors with Maryann for a number of years. Her reputation and support for agricultural enterprise is unquestioned and we are fortunate to have such a capable and honest person raising […]

The laws of their land

EDITOR: Mr. Obama says ISIS is not as important as climate change. I think it would behoove Mr. Obama to communicate with Europe, wherein he will learn they fear ISIS and believe that climate change is the biggest hoax ever perpetuated against mankind. I realize that Mr. Obama recently speech-coded ISIS to cool their heels […]

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