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Graduation schedule frustration

EDITOR: Why are almost all the graduation ceremonies in El Dorado County on the same night? I raised my family in El Dorado County and my family stayed on and raised their families in El Dorado County, but my grandchildren go to different high schools. We don’t have that many high schools in our county; […]

Grady Worth’s letter

EDITOR: When I read Grady’s letter to the editor, I found it truly inspirational and quite amazing that an 11-year-old boy is so aware of what is going on in the world around him, and is willing to confront a dire problem that is occurring. Grady wrote a fantastic letter and I think it is […]

The Second Amendment

EDITOR: Here are some quotes about the right to bear arms: “Those who hammer their guns into plowshares will plow for those who do not.” — Thomas Jefferson “Those who trade liberty for security have neither.” — Sam Adams “Free men do not ask permission to bear arms.” “An armed man is a citizen. An […]

The USS Liberty attack

June 8 is the 48th anniversary of the attack by Israel on the USS Liberty. In the process, the Israelis murdered 34 Americans and wounded another 171. However, their real intent was to sink the ship and kill all of its crew. While the Israelis later claimed the attack was a mistake, survivors of the […]

Celebrate Memorial Day every day

EDITOR: In America we celebrate quite a number of holidays. Christmas is celebrated because it is a time for parents and grandparents to spoil their children and grandchildren. This is quite alright. Easter is celebrated so that children can enjoy the opportunity to hunt for eggs left by the Easter Bunny. Upon questioning several students […]

What the heck?

EDITOR: Top story this week in Sacramento is Gov. Brown and the California Senate have decided to extend the California Film industry incentive program. What is that, you might ask? Well in short, to save the film industry in Hollywood that was experiencing a mass exodus to states elsewhere, the Democrat governor and Legislature decided […]

Response to ‘Why I am a liberal’

EDITOR: Like Mitt Romney, Ronald Reagan and millions of others, I believe in affordable health care for all Americans. Clearly we need a program that will cover everyone, cost less and provide higher quality with better accessibility than any competing nation. I also believe in the rule of law and the Constitution of the United […]

Increasing taxes

EDITOR: I am writing regarding pending legislation SB16, a bill that will increase fuel taxes by $.10 to $.12 per gallon and increase vehicle license fees by $35 per vehicle to fund repairs on California roads. I am opposed to this increase. Over the last decade more than $100 million has been stolen from the […]

Climate change believers

EDITOR: It’s amazing how our government brainwashes everyone into believing that a miniscule amount of pollutants that humans introduce to the hundreds of millions of square miles of atmosphere that this world has is beyond belief. It is like taking an eyedropper and putting two drops of poison in an Olympic-size swimming pool. It wouldn’t […]

Allow me to reopen my dispensary

EDITOR: Here’s a list of reasons I should be allowed to reopen my dispensary in Placerville: The good: • It creates jobs (at least 12 to 15). • It takes at least 20 to 30 people off of public assistance, saving the city, county and state more than $100,000 each month. • It helps several […]

The theory of evolution

EDITOR: The theory of evolution explains life as developing gradually from simple forms to forms that are more complex. It considers that changes occur when creatures mutate to adapt to changing environmental conditions. Those mutations that are beneficial become dominant as inferior animals die out due to survival of the fittest. However, this theory does […]

A poor choice of friends

EDITOR: I take exception to Chris Daley’s description of his climate-change-denying friends as “smart” people. People denying accepted science are “willfully ignorant,” not “smart,” particularly when their only “evidence” is that scientists are looking “for government grants.” Could there be a sillier argument? Energy industries would rush to open their checkbooks to obtain these scientists’ […]

Archaic religion

EDITOR: Must we cause each other so much pain because of barbaric beliefs that it is only then that we evolve beyond them? Must the fear of change rage within us that our beliefs continue to impede our own evolution towards a more caring world? Or can we learn to evolve beyond them? If we […]

Christianity, the Crusades, Islam

EDITOR: I strongly believe “We the People” need to have the facts regarding Christianity, the Crusades, Islam. President Obama at the Prayer Breakfast on Feb. 5, told the attendees/the nation/Christians not to get on their high horse when judging the atrocious actions of the Islamic State and other radical Islamic groups as church leaders performed […]

Thankful for care given

EDITOR: To the CMTs, emergency room, first floor hospital, cardiac unit and transitional care at Marshall Hospital, Chapel of the Pines Mortuary, Snowline Hospice and St. Patrick’s Parish, thank you for all the love, understanding and care given to us and our beloved mother/grandmother on her journey. Our heartfelt thanks from the family of Mary […]

Rhubarb and water recycling

EDITOR: Just read Mr. Raffety’s article in the Mountain Democrat regarding rhubarb and water recycling and it brought a smile to my face. I felt the need to relate our story of the same to you, that you might get a kick out of it or at least find it interesting. My husband and I […]

Same old police bashing

EDITOR: Everyday when you turn on the news, pick up a newspaper; it’s the same old police bashing. Enough is enough. But front page (Sacramento Bee, April 12, page 17A) there is a picture of a casket with bold letters under “Mother mourns son.” I truly feel for her, my heart aches for any mother […]

Daley’s Climate Change

EDITOR: I see Chris (can’t-see-the-forest-for-the-trees) Daley is at it again on Global Warming. Oops, my bad, Climate Change. As usual, he fails to see the bigger picture and has more of a carbon focus than a charcoal briquet. First thing he needs to realize is that it doesn’t matter who’s right on warming. I will […]

The arrogance of sovereignty

EDITOR: According to the El Dorado County Sheriff’s report of Wednesday, May 6, Holly Fonseca said, “Because they were on the Rancheria property she said rules are different and she could kill and bury them without anyone caring.” This report was made when she threatened the life of friends. This is a very sad situation […]

Fascist lexicon

EDITOR: There James goes again with his statement, “Not all Republicans are Tea Party members, but all Tea Party members are Republicans.” The fact is that over half of Tea Party members are not registered Republicans. This demonstrates how little James pretends to understand the Tea Party movement. The Tea Party was based on the […]

GDPUD rate schedule

EDITOR: The board to Georgetown Divide Public Utility District tried to pass a rate schedule that was not part of the agenda at its special meeting this week and the people in the audience balked. GDPUD called a special meeting on May 28 with only one agenda item — “Discussion on loan amount for construction […]

No Hillary in 2016

EDITOR: The reason for this letter is that I am concerned that Hillary Clinton may be elected president in 2016. I don’t know what year it was, but when the Clintons were in the White House, a man by the name of Vince Foster was Hilary’s aide/secretary. He was found dead in a park in […]

Charles Krauthammer rewriting history … again

EDITOR: Charles Krauthammer is a former psychiatrist. Given the outlandish claims he makes in his columns, he ought to treat himself for delusion, inability to sort fact from fiction and an unhealthy oedipal fixation on Hillary Clinton. (Thorazine 50 mg t.i.d. could help!) His column of May 27 is a case in point. Krauthammer engages […]

The bizarre Tea Party

EDITOR: Reference Mr. Ringgenberg’s letter entitled “Overcome or lose America,” containing his mental ramblings. I’ve heard from a Tea Party member that they will kill us all off with a virus, so that only the rich and powerful will remain (500M?). Just completely nutso. And, where exactly are the 600 FEMA camps? Surely the Tea […]

Free-range children

EDITOR: Chris Daley’s article about free-range children was one that I could finally agree with. Good job, Chris. It was the article about free-range children, including some of Chris’ own experiences as a child. I am confident we could all laugh about our own experiences. The movie, “American Graffiti,” was our teenage story. We, the […]

Feeling sorry for Chris Daley

EDITOR: After reading a negative letter to the editor regarding Chris Daley’s column on May 20, and yet another on May 25, I had to offer a different point of view. Chris takes current topics and with much humor and common sense and puts out an entertaining piece. I personally look forward to reading his […]

Privatizing prisons

EDITOR: In general I approve of privatizing because private industry can avoid some “red tape” government agencies must adhere to. So I have favored privatizing prisons — until now. We currently have 2.4 million people in American prisons. That is 25 percent of all the prisoners in the world. Thirty years ago America had only […]

Keep Chris Daley on the opinion page

EDITOR: I noticed just recently that long time opinion column writer, Chris Daley has started writing news items for the Mountain Democrat. That is a major editorial gaff. In several recent articles authored by Mr. Daley, it is apparent that he is having a hard time separating the facts surrounding an issue from his opinion. […]

Response to ‘Harn talks budget to Taxpayers group’

EDITOR: I have been frequently fascinated by Joe Harn’s stories to the Taxpayers Association, but I have yet to be able to reconcile the veracity of any that I have heard. Americans can buy a new Ford Escort with all the bells and whistles for less money than a stripped down 1938 version. We enjoy […]

The socialist agenda

EDITOR: I read Gene Altshuler’s article demanding we continue compromising. He, a socialist, wants to force a business owner to bake him a cake. If the proprietor refuses to bake it, Altshuler will sue him. A conservative would simply spend his money elsewhere. Altshuler believes there should be a law informing us that we have […]

‘A Christian nation?’ by Gene Altshuler

EDITOR: I seldom respond to unlearned leftist-progressives. However, since the Mountain Democrat deemed Altshuler’s misguided piece of misinformation worthy of dissemination to an unsuspecting public I will set the record straight. Neither nations or cars can be “Christian.” Only people can be Christians. At the time the Constitution was written, religion was under each individual […]

Shiva supports seniors

EDITOR: I endorse and support Shiva Frantzen for District 2 Supervisor. She is doing an outstanding job of delving into the details of our county budget problems and is not afraid to make her position clear and vote against wasteful spending. Shiva told me this morning “I wholeheartedly support our senior programs” and went on […]

Saving Prop. 13

EDITOR: California’s taxes are already among the highest in the nation, and government waste is a major problem. California’s sales taxes and personal income taxes are rated as the highest in the nation by the Tax Foundation. Our gas tax is second highest and corporate taxes are the highest in the west. And even with […]

A disguised diatribe against logging

EDITOR: The article on the forest researchers tour of the Blodgett Forest is really just another cleverly disguised diatribe against logging. As is common in such writing they use extreme examples to discredit policies. A good example of this is where they talk about overstory removal where all the valuable trees are taken leaving the […]

County IT staff jet off to techie convention

EDITOR: No, it’s not a Star Trek fan convention folks, but rather a meeting with Tyler Technologies, the county’s software vendor, to find out why Terri Daly’s doomed $5.6 million FENIX enterprise accounting software system has crashed and burned. At a recent BOS meeting, David Russell stated that he and three others of the county […]

$20 million county budget deficit

EDITOR: The $20 million fiscal county budget deficit is now magically $9 to $10 million due primarily to accounting gimmicks — but it changes daily. Board of Supervisors Chairman Brian Veerkamp blames himself and Mik (Supervisor Ron Mikulaco) for being asleep at the switch the last couple years and for believing former CAO Terri Daly’s […]

A very successful spring plant sale

EDITOR: The UCCE Master Gardeners of El Dorado County held a very successful spring plant sale on May 2. They didn’t do it by themselves. The all-volunteer organization has the mission of educating the gardening public with research-based information about the challenges, joys and benefits of home gardening. In addition to frequent classes for the […]

Amazed by Grady Worth’s letter

EDITOR: Grady Worth wrote about how we have begun to eat plastic because of all the plastic that we throw into the ocean. I am just amazed at how well he touches upon such a big issue even at that age and he shows us that we can make little differences in our own lives […]

Worm farming for kids

EDITOR: This spring I went to the Front Yard Nursery with my family and learned about worm farms. This inspired me to do my enviromercial for Nature Bowl on worm farming. Worm farming is good because when you throw away your kitchen scraps they normally go to the landfill. In the landfill, these kitchen scraps […]

Slow and stupid, Mr. Daley?

EDITOR: Mr. Daley writes, “Slow and stupid wins the race” showing, once again, his true color … black. Why black? It symbolizes ignorance and clearly, in Mr. Daley’s shallow research, it shows profusely. Black also indicates a darkened heart as he knows no God, so it seems. Hence, it’s not surprising he’s a hard left-wing […]

Overcome or lose America

EDITOR: Do you see the immense evil looming at the edge of our daily existence? Jade Helm 15, 600 FEMA camps, Walmarts being turned into detention centers — the list expands daily. How are we to react to this test of our way of life? First we must make ourselves aware of the nature of […]

What is happening to our beautiful city?

EDITOR: While driving to work the other morning along Highway 50, I took the time to actually notice all of the trash that is discarded along our beautiful roadways. Our beautiful town is starting to look trashy, not cared about, and is actually what you would expect to see down the hill in Sacramento. Why […]

El Dorado County versus the homeless

EDITOR: I, like most in our county, do the eye roll when we see how much money went or goes toward the new animal shelter. All we hear is the ching ching as the dollar sounds ring in our heads. That’s one mega-large amount of dollars for the animals. Especially when we see so much […]

Sports Physical Night appreciation

EDITOR: El Dorado, Ponderosa and Union Mine high schools would like to thank the Marshall Hospital Family Medical doctors, nurse practioners and fellow staff for their evening of work on May 12 providing athletic sports physicals for our communities. Over 325 student-athletes were offered physicals this year. Their time and effort is much appreciated. Thank […]

Memorial Day River Ceremony

EDITOR: Each year, on Memorial Day, Fleet Reserve Association “Hangtown” Branch and Unit 275 conduct a Memorial Day River Ceremony at the American River in Coloma. This is a solemn ceremony of prayers and the casting of a wreath upon the water honoring the memory of our departed “shipmates.” This ceremony will commence at 8 […]

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