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Management of Sierra Nevada national forests

EDITOR: This letter was recently sent to Senator Feinstein as well. In the middle 1990s, the Sierra Nevada national forests largely ended timber sales and harvests. Because of that drop in harvests, several negative effects resulted. One effect, as expected, was the closing of many sawmills with the accompanying loss of economic benefits, especially in […]

How do you fight special interest?

EDITOR: I used to be a part-time miner that dredged for extra income and the enjoyment of doing it. It is a wonderful family and professional occupation. Since 2009, we have been fighting the Sierra Club tooth and nail; we have won all the battles in court but are losing the war all because the […]

The right to carry

EDITOR: Bruce A. Shoff’s letter on Wednesday, April 15 covered very well the inaccuracies and exaggerations of Mr. Gene Altshuler’s column on Wednesday, April 8, including Mr. Altshuler’s feeling a need for federal law to give us the choice to walk out of business establishments that make him uncomfortable. What rubbish. Many names come to […]

Primary water another option to explore

EDITOR: Primary water is new water formed by chemical reactions deep within the earth. Driven upward by terrific pressure, this water makes its way to the earth’s surface through cracks in the rock mantle. Primary water explains oases in areas without regular rainfall. Since rainfall in California is no longer regular, Gov. Brown declared a […]

New Melones water

EDITOR: In this worst-ever drought, I can hardly believe that they would release billions of gallons of our precious water to benefit so few steelhead and their offspring, but that’s what the Bureau of Reclamation and the Department of Fish and Wildlife are doing at New Melones. The fish number approximately 29 and their smolt […]

Lack of concern during the drought

EDITOR: I am very concerned about what seems to be the lack of concern to protect our beautiful town and surroundings. California fires are a huge problem and should be taken seriously by all of us. It is already very difficult for home owners to get fire hazard insurance in the foothills. So, I am […]

Why local leaders ignore the people they serve

EDITOR: We have two constitutions. The organic, genuine constitution is still very much alive, but dormant. Instead, criminal bankers who run our government and monetary system created a different “system” when the real government went bankrupt in 1871. In order to continue their deception, the “elites” did not inform the American people they had created […]

Renewed our faith

EDITOR: Last week my husband deposited a check for less than a few hundred dollars. When he got home he realized he was short $100. He called the bank but all the tellers balanced so he just counted it as lost. Today he went into the same bank and discovered not only did someone find […]

The liberal view of compromise

EDITOR: Listening to Mr. Altshuler talk about compromise is almost as comical as President Obama talking about it. Remember when the Republican leadership was en route to meet with Obama to discus compromise while at the same time Obama was telling the media that his plan was the plan and the Republicans were welcome to […]

Sidewalks near Rasmussen Park dangerous

EDITOR: I recently went to Rasmussen Park in Cameron Park to watch my two grandsons play Little League. On my way from one game to another I used the sidewalk. The walkway is quite uneven due to trees that were planted close to one side that have uplifted sections of the cement. I ended up […]

Making Living History Day happen

EDITOR: Gold Oak Elementary School would like to thank Jennifer Deseaux, our outstanding Living History Day coordinator, and the members of our local community who contributed their time and resources to help make our annual Living History Day happen. While we cannot include every business and individual in this letter to the editor, we are […]

A valid point about getting water

EDITOR: For the second time that I can recall, the “Balancing act” opinion series raised a valid point that’s both reasonable and highly appropriate, about “Water, water everywhere but here.” The key message was, “About 45 years ago, some forward-thinking people in the Bureau of Reclamation had an idea to build an undersea pipeline (they […]

An opportunity to regain our representation

EDITOR: It is time to unite El Dorado County and have our voices heard. Do you ever feel that your vote doesn’t count? Northern California has little representation compared to other counties. We lost our representation over 50 years ago due to an unconstitutional federal Supreme Court ruling known as Reynolds vs. Sims. El Dorado […]

64th annual National Day of Prayer

EDITOR: As many of your faithful readers know, the first Thursday in May has been designated by our United States Congress since 1952 as “National Day of Prayer (NDP).” Last year there were over 500 different prayer gatherings throughout California on that specific day. This year, Thursday, May 7 is the 64th annual NDP. As […]

Leave animal shelter out of it

EDITOR: I’m responding to the letters written by Ms. Carney and Ms. Davis in recent weeks. They, lamenting the lack of aid to the homeless by El Dorado County officials, indicated that the millions spent on the new animal shelter should have been spent on a homeless shelter. Gee. Suppose I suggest that public libraries […]

Water input/output analysis

EDITOR: I met my old friend Fergle the other day, and while we were untangling bumpers I asked him about how he was doing in conserving water. He said that he did not have to conserve water as he did not actually use up any water. He explained that the water that flows down the […]

An enviable position regarding water

EDITOR: Doug Leisz addressed the El Dorado County Taxpayers Association on Monday, April 13 about the water situation in El Dorado County. He began by summarizing Gov. Jerry Brown’s April 1 water proclamation and order. Gov. Brown is calling for a 25 percent potable water use reduction compared to 2013 use. His April 1 order […]

Atmospheric Condensation Projects another water option

EDITOR: Another choice for getting new water that a great deal of other people have not given serious consideration to is Atmospheric Condensation Projects. You can buy for your home or business existing technology off-the-shelf machines to generate all the water your home or farm/ranch needs. But you need a tank or two depending on […]

The lack of new water

EDITOR: It is entertaining to appreciate how paranoia can get the worse or the better of sensible people. The why of the reasoning for the lack of new water resource infrastructure is relatively simple: cost and complications. The further back in time you go you will find that it was relatively easy to build reservoirs […]

Mosquito Bridge

EDITOR: If you decide to post another picture of bicyclists, or anyone else, pausing on the Mosquito Bridge to take in the view, please include a picture of the posted sign, “No loitering on bridge.” We have enough issues/problems with the bicyclist, large trucks, looky loos in the way. DEBRA LEWIS Swansboro

Dark day for the county

EDITOR: It’s a dark day for the residents of El Dorado County. While the county supervisors and County Counsel cower in their offices, the tribe is taking over. The residents of Shingle Springs and surrounding areas are standing up to the Miwoks (Red Hawk Casino) Tribe while our representatives are “standing down” on multiple issues. […]

Daley’s free range column

EDITOR: Well said, Mr. Daley. Your usual writings confirms your “looney liberal” credentials, so I read them with a giggle. But your comments regarding kids being allowed to be “Free Range” was right on the button. Just goes to show that “looney liberals” and conscientious conservatives can have a periodic meeting of the minds. And, […]

Sad to see Carrows close

EDITOR: I am so very sad that Carrows closed down. I usually ate there 2-3 times a week. It had a great senior menu, delicious, nutritious food. All the staff there were like family. They hugged me when I came in. I will miss all of them a lot. Goodbye friends. Hope to see you […]

Shame on us

EDITOR: At last. I thought I had become the only mean, selfish and awful person alive that put the mentally disabled and homeless ahead of animals. What are we thinking of to put a $5 million animal shelter up and have the heartlessness to think any animals come before humans. We should be ashamed to […]

April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month

EDITOR: April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month. While those with Parkinson’s, like my husband, Ron, and their families are aware of the disease every day of every month of every year, a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease doesn’t have to be perceived as the end of someone’s active life. Instead, it can be the beginning of a […]

Concerned community welcomes gun range changes

EDITOR: The concerned community group opposing the 29-lane outdoor gun range proposed by the Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians became aware of the tribe’s press release when it was posted on April 17. We appreciate the tribe’s consideration of the community’s concerns regarding a 29-lane open gun range. Due to the serious noise and […]

Altshuler and gun control

EDITOR: There you go again, Mr. Altshuler, whipping yourself into a frenzy on gun control and citizens carrying firearms. Every time a state expands people’s right to carry firearms, the Altshulers of the world rail of doom — gunfights at the OK Corral every day with one person after another saying, “meet me in the […]

‘Give Where You Live’ with West Slope Recovery

EDITOR: As director of West Slope Recovery, a local men’s residential treatment facility, I want to thank El Dorado County’s generous citizens for their support. The Give Where You Live campaign is taking place this Thursday, April 23, and the El Dorado Community Foundation is the driving force for this event, making the entire day […]

Shooting in Carolina comic

EDITOR: I was extremely disappointed in the Mountain Democrat for a certain comic placed in the editorial section. The comic depicted the shooting of a man by a police officer in South Carolina. The title of the comic was, “Eight more reasons not to trust the police,” in reference to the video of the eight […]

Disappointed in law enforcement cartoon

EDITOR: I’d like to express my extreme disappointment with a recent cartoon choice. Whether it was intended or not, “Eight Reasons Not to Trust Law Enforcement” was a slap in the face to the vast majority of American law enforcement officers who are honest, and possessed of sound judgment. On a personal level it smeared […]

The differences in water

EDITOR: Regarding Larry Weitzman’s piece on water use in California on April 6, as usual, Larry has his “facts” wrong. I will ignore his gratuitous gibe about electric cars and windmills, as his self-appointed position of PR flack to the petrochemical industry obviates any use of actual scientific data in his screeds on climate change. […]

Food Bank thanks community

EDITOR: The Food Bank of El Dorado County recently held a Donor/Community Appreciation night. This event was also a grand opening for the Food Bank’s new warehouse and distribution facility in Cameron Park. Hundreds of community members attended the event. The El Dorado Winery Association came out in force providing 20 local wineries. Flashback, a […]

Foundation thanks Board of Supervisors

EDITOR: On behalf of the El Dorado Community Foundation, I’d like to thank the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors for its recognition and support of the upcoming giving challenge called Give Where You Live. The board graciously provided us with a proclamation declaring April 23, 2015 as Give Where You Live Day. The Foundation […]

Supervisor Ranalli unresponsive

EDITOR: A while back my wife needed an ambulance. The local firemen and EMTs arrived promptly. They were efficient, courteous and effective in treating and transporting my wife. Many thanks to them. A few weeks later I received a bill from El Dorado County Ambulance indicating cost of $1,187.66. I was surprised as I had […]

Are you really trying for a hole in one?

EDITOR: After evaluating the distance to the target, I likely would go with a 9 iron for this particular one. Usually, a pro would approach the shot from the front to avoid the folks walking on the path. In this case, I am referring to nailing the back of a rifle range target from my […]

The water problem is not going away

EDITOR: Kudos to Dr. Richard Boylan. You laid out very salient info regarding EID’s obligation to keep EDC water in EDC. One more thing that needs to be addressed is swimming pools. Fly over Folsom or southern California and it’s a disturbing testament to isolationism/neighbor stay out of my face — almost every house on […]

Animal Shelter vs. human shelter

EDITOR: I am writing in response to the letter of April 1 entitled, “Animal Shelter opens as human shelter closes.” What an indictment of the powers that be in El Dorado County that they can approve $5.7 million to fund that shelter while turning a blind eye to homeless, hurting, downtrodden human beings. How can […]

The broken government of El Dorado County

EDITOR: The County of El Dorado is dysfunctional — very dysfunctional. There has been a lot of analysis and surveying of the workplace environment, but all of the questions and surveying seemed to miss one glaring issue — non-elected department head turnover. To understand why El Dorado County can’t seem to get out of its […]

Help Marshall Medical with ‘Give’ campaign

EDITOR: On April 23, the El Dorado Community Foundation will run its annual “Give Where You Live” day. This day of giving is a special 24-hour online and in-person giving day where Marshall staff, patients and local residents are encouraged to donate to their favorite charities. Sponsored and organized by the El Dorado Community Foundation, […]

The Washington, D.C. corporation

EDITOR: America started with a genuine, world-famous Constitution in 1776. But from the beginning, due to fraud and deception by British bankers, slow foreign control began to spread over our nation. In 1871, without the knowledge of most Americans, Washington incorporated and started making its own rules contrary to our original constitution. Washington is a […]

Anti-Christian cartoon disconcerting

EDITOR: I could not believe my eyes when I opened the April 3 edition of the Mountain Democrat and saw a hateful, anti-Christian cartoon in the “Letters” section. The fact that the cartoon was published on Good Friday at the beginning of the Easter Sunday weekend made it all the more disconcerting. The complete lack […]

Fine, let’s play imagine

EDITOR: In his letter, Richard Siegel parodied Ted Cruz’s “Imagine” speech to give the liberal response. Fine, let’s play imagine. Imagine repealing Obamacare with its trillions in costs and its forced pregnancy coverage for males. Or its panels that decide based on age whether you’re worth the cost of new joint replacements, etc. Imagine a […]

Cutting German language class

EDITOR: Sadly, our local school district, BOMUSD, is planning to phase out Golden Sierra High School’s German foreign language program. We are the only high school in the region to offer German language class. Isn’t this one way to attract our declining population? By cutting German classes, the district hopes to save around $16,000 a […]

The right to carry and the right to exit

EDITOR: I have many friends on both sides of the aisle. I respect people with opposing positions of mine when we can discuss facts and reality rather than emotions and hyperbolisms. I am amazed that most of the bias and name calling today is coming from the left and the “drive-by media” always ignores it. […]

Fair board squeals with delight

EDITOR: Our fairgrounds are in safe hands with Jody Gray and her amazing staff. The El Dorado County Fairgrounds is now more than just a site to hold the annual El Dorado County Fair. In recent years it has evolved into a year-round event center sought out by many local and out of town organizations. […]

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