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Keeping my house safe

EDITOR: Upon my retirement, when I moved from Los Angeles County to my present El Dorado County property in 1974, the area had been burned over some 70 years earlier. Young pine trees, oaks, Buckeye trees, buck brush, poison oak and fields of wild flowers had replaced most of the ashes. The distant views from […]

Water rate

EDITOR: I can sympathize with G. Prada of Cameron Park regarding the horrendous increase in water rates (in the Mountain Democrat on June 27). Mine increased almost 80 percent for basic water charge. As I understand the explanation given by EID, the more you conserve, the more you’re charged. I guess the EID board can […]

Silly times

EDITOR: Reference Mr. Bromenschenkel’s letter concerning my error about Mitt’s father, I defer to him. He is correct as I failed to remember the concept of dual citizenship, making Mitt both a Mexican and American citizen. To gain his status, Mitt’s father and mother were both American citizens. However, I do want to see their official long form birth […]

CPCSD spending money it doesn’t have

EDITOR: The Cameron Park CSD now has an approved budget for the coming fiscal year starting July 1 with a structural deficit of at least $113,265 funded by savings from deferred fire program capital expenditures such as engines and other safety equipment and maintenance. The exact amount of the deficit will not be known until sometime […]

McClintock sticks to his script

EDITOR: On June 20, the Mountain Democrat reported “McClintock disses solar power.” So what’s new? McClintock’s positions against solar, wind and other forms of alternative energy are well known. McClintock does not hide the fact that he is in Congress to defend the interests of the coal, gas and oil industries and he has the […]

Gang graffiti in Placerville

EDITOR: Has anyone noticed the gang graffiti that is popping up in East Placerville besides me? There is graffiti painted on road signs, undercrossings, etc. How about we spend some tax dollars on cleaning it up before it becomes out of control? Or do we not have any money leftover from building the wildlife tunnel? […]

Bosnian family thriving

EDITOR: Just read the article in Monday’s Mountain Democrat about Alma Zildzo and her daughter Mirha Maslic of Crepe Town Café. My heart goes out to them for their struggles during a difficult war but I am pleased they have found a safe haven in El Dorado County. My husband and I just returned from […]

Otermat responds

EDITOR: I recently had a conversation with Bob Villalobos, the spokesperson of the recall proponents. He told me, “Don’t take the recall personally.” I believe that differing opinions is one thing but untruthful personal attacks with the sole intent to damage my reputation for a signature on a recall petition is unjustified. I told Mr. […]

Why a bandage fix?

EDITOR: If you have ever driven up two block long Turner Street in Placerville it doesn’t take you long to realize it is one of the most bumpy roads in the city. Turner Street is one of two main arteries for reaching Marshall Hospital. In fact, Turner Street is so rough that my wife nearly […]

Buy a parking pass, get a ticket

EDITOR: I received a Notice of Delinquent Citation for $33 (from Los Rios Community College District). Strange, since I had a current parking decal on my car all semester. I sent a copy of my decal along with the citation to CPC on the day I received the citation with an explanation disputing the ticket and […]

Can you afford solar energy?

EDITOR: To run one 125 volt/15 amp /1875 watt air conditioner for 19 hours you will need a minimum of eight batteries; you need 12 batteries total for the required reserve. To keep these charged you have to have a minimum of five hours of sun per day. This alone will require 70 solar panels […]

The El Dorado County Mental Health Plan CAEQRO Fiscal Year 2011‐12 Report

EDITOR: The merger of the county’s Health Services and Human Services departments late last year offered new hope for the kind of quality improvements that can emerge from “economies of scale,” in which taxpayers’ money is better spent on delivering core patient services than on bureaucratic oversight. This hope appears dashed by the June 18 […]

Race to the bottom?

EDITOR: Point to ponder: If the Middle Class is destroyed, who will buy the products that bring profits to small and large businesses? Shades of Henry Ford who, in 1914, said he wanted to pay his employees well because they deserved to share in the profits of Ford Motors (and so they could afford to buy his […]

Alert! Pushy tactic

EDITOR: On June 21, I received a phone call from a male identifying himself as a Dell employee. The caller ID came up as unavailable. He said he was calling because my compter information at Dell was showing too many error messages, and there was a virus. He asked if I was at my computer. […]

Pollock Pines water bills first to surge

EDITOR: Pollock Pines residential water customers opened EID water bills last week that shot up $16 to $20, up an average of 35 percent, from their June 2011 bi-monthly bill. Meanwhile, Tom Heflin who served on EID’s cost of services panel, was smiling … his Agriculture water bill decreased 15 percent to a mere one-seventeenth […]

Waste management rolling carts

EDITOR: In the Mountain Democrat article entitled “El Dorado Disposal talks trash to BOS” printed June 4, 2012, it was stated that “the company provides rolling carts to residential and commercial customers at no cost. And getting the public to use the carts rather than older style cans is significant.” We immediately contacted the company […]

Providing care or taking liberties?

EDITOR: This is a response to Jennifer Forsberg Meyer’s editorial in the Monday June 25 Mountain Democrat that basically supports doctors who ask about firearms in the home. She picks out pediatricians as a segment of doctors to defend for asking those questions. Many people are very protective of information gathering by members of groups […]

Constitutional rights

EDITOR: We need to ask the Cameron Park CSD board what their logic is when they violate the constitution, Article 1, free speech, by requesting that a member of the community must remove a sign from a public meeting. Do they not know that even at our community center we are still in the United […]

Private sector jobs

EDITOR: I hope that all the Obama worshipers out there took heed of his recent statement that the private sector is doing fine; what we now need is more government jobs. The dire economic conditions we are in require more private sector jobs not government jobs. Government employees constitute a drain on governmental budgets as […]

Get the facts

EDITOR: Hi Corinna, thank you for your response to me. As a friend allow me to invite you over in the soon future to California for further discussion on this matter. First of all, here we have to make a crucial decision, are we racists or aren’t we? If we are not racists, then the indigenous […]

Public employee retirements

EDITOR: We hear a lot about the cost of public employee retirements. Can we blame our civil servants or is this just another case where today’s problems are the result of yesterday’s solutions? After the passage of Proposition 13 to the later part of the 1990s many public entities (cities and counties) increased employee incentives […]

Otermat’s liens incorrectly stated

EDITOR: In the ad (of last week’s Town Crier) by “Take Steps to Protect Your Water Supply” it was stated “Public records show she (Ms. Otermat) has over $3,800 in state tax liens.” The statement was vastly understated. According to county records, as of June 21 Ms. Otermat, and company, have six tax liens filed by […]

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Terminal auction

EDITOR: My wife and I are in the market to acquire additional sheep for our Placerville Home of 2.5 Acres. Our first day of shopping was a Friday evening visit to the 2012 El Dorado County Fair Sheep barn to look for possible candidates for a Saturday morning sheep auction. Supporting the 4-H kids and […]

EID refinancing kicks $16M can down the road

EID’s June 11 board approval of General Manager Jim Abercrombie’s proposed refinancing of Year 2003 bonds will move $16 million of debt principal repayments from the years 2013-2016 out to the years 2022-2029. Abercrombie’s version of the refinancing is, “This debt restructuring will have no adverse financial impact to the district, because the present value […]

Good-ol-boy network

EDITOR: Just wondering if the people of El Dorado County know how poorly, or not at all, this county works. The Board of Supervisors are elected by the people; the BOS then appoints its own members to represent it on the Planning Commission. Now here comes a businessman who had conditions placed on his business […]

Comics Letter

EDITOR: I almost fell off my chair when I saw you had printed a political cartoon that was actually fair, concerning campaign donations, instead of the usual bias your paper shows against Obama and Democrats. And here I was ready to cancel my paper. CHERYL ALLEN Pollock Pines  

Homeless shelters save money

EDITOR: A report has come to us from Los Angeles County that confirms beliefs that we who work with the homeless population here in El Dorado County have held for many years. This report was based on a trial program that provides housing for some of Los Angeles County’s hardcore homeless, and proved that it […]

Health care to help all people

EDITOR: How is it that some of our Christian leaders want to abolish the Obama health care plan that will help all American people, and on the same TV program they ask all of us to make a donation to help the children in other countries? All I hear from the Republicans is “start over.” […]

Help humankind

EDITOR: On June 6, the Mountain Democrat published a Letter to the Editor titled, “Environmental zealotry out of control,” sent in by Thomas Gibney. In short, the letter told us that The Center for Sierra Nevada Conservation, which is headed by Karen Schambach, is desperately trying to keep human beings out of the forest for […]

‘Half-truths, untruths and evasion’

EDITOR: Mrs. Kathy Otermat is currently a board member of Georgetown Divide Public Utility District, and the subject of a recall effort. As of June 14, Mrs. Otermat and her husband owe a total of six tax liens in the amount of $48,331.80. This does not reflect interest and penalties. She claims she has paid […]

Pollock Pines Patriotic Gala

EDITOR: There is no other community in El Dorado County that can boast of having a 13-hour party to celebrate our nation’s birthday. Starting with the traditional pancake breakfast at the old fire house at 7 a.m.; followed by the best craft show in the county (all handmade crafts) from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. […]

Budget decisions in Cameron Park

EDITOR: The Cameron Park budget for fiscal year 2012-2013 as proposed by General Manager Cahill has a built-in deficit of $113,265. The way General Manager Cahill proposes to balance this deficit is to take the money that the fire department has managed to save in fiscal year 2011-2012 and apply it to the general budget […]

A promising public school perspective

EDITOR: Our educational system has been under attack for quite some time now, and as a person who chose this profession with eyes wide open, I would like to take the opportunity to rebut the statements made by Mr. Schumann and many who stand with him harboring a festering distaste for public education. Public school […]

Cameron Park budget

EDITOR: Monday night the Cameron Park CSD Board, with President Frentzen the lone “No” vote, agreed to move a budget to Wednesday’s General Meeting for final approval. This budget includes a deficit of more than $110,000 to be funded by an expected surplus from this year’s operations. The majority of this surplus, $315,303 of $326,186, […]

False statements

Hank White, the GDPUD General Manager has finally admitted to making false statements during the Prop 218 hearings. Over the past five months, Mr. White has been asked repeatedly why we could not retrofit the Auburn Lake Trails Water Treatment Plant with a new filter system as required by the California Department of Public Health […]

California Senate Bill 1221

EDITOR: California Senate Bill 1221, which would ban the use of hounds for hunting bear and bobcat, if passed would be bad for California and worse for El Dorado County. El Dorado County is one of the premier counties in the state for bear and bobcat hunting. Senate bill 1221 would effectively cut off the tens of […]

Fausel House Historic Marker

EDITOR: Thank you Mountain Democrat for your recent publicity regarding the historic marker placement on the Fausel House. This event was made possible by the El Dorado Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution and took place on Flag Day, June 14. Placerville Mayor Mark Acuna took time out from his steer judging activities at the […]

Wagon Train experience

EDITOR: As an 84-year-young woman, I rode the Wagon Train again this year for my second time. I would like everyone to know what a wonderful, fun time it was. Everyone involved was courteous, thoughtful and hardworking which made for a very delightful time for all of us riders. The meals were delicious and everyone […]

Mind your own business

EDITOR: I voted against Prop 29, regardless of Ms. Carol Stone. This just set up another slush fund. I don’t smoke or do drugs. I enjoy entertainment that cost me. As long as smokers respect me, I don’t care if they knowingly choose how they want to contribute to their death. That is no concern […]

Deer into tunnel

EDITOR: I feel that the only way you’ll ever get a deer to go through the tunnel is park a car in it with the lights on. JIM BAEHNE Placerville  

‘Green’ a politically charged code word

EDITOR: I was tickled a tax-deductible pink that the Democrat brought right to my house the articles of Agenda 21 education. A letter from Patty Karapinar (6/6/12) in these pages caught my eye. She says, “I am a Republican who has promoted and practiced ‘green’ building design for over 11 years.” Will you please call […]

Dredge trailer

EDITOR: We need help on this one. It is another example of underhanded nefarious back room dealing and “we the people” are having our government hijacked. Dredgers have been attempting to follow the rules and work within the system, and low and behold, a trailer bill is hooked on to the budget (which needs to […]

Turnboo thanks supporters

EDITOR: During my campaign for a seat on the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors, I met so many good people and received their support, as well as the wonderful support from my family members and old and new friends. Your consistent encouragement, steady support, and hard work really touched me, and I thank you […]

Traffic light response

EDITOR: Kudos to Darrel Carslon of Garden Valley who questioned the negative comments made recently in the Democrat about the road work in progress on North Shingle and Green Valley Roads. I, too, was very perplexed with the negativity of the letter writer (a retired female law enforcement officer) as I feel these improvements are […]

A salute to five honorable men

EDITOR: In 1974 Maureen Heaton, an El Dorado County resident, brought to the Board of Supervisors a report entitled “The Politics of Change in Local Government Reform” issued by the Institute for Local Self Government. That report acknowledged that local government was meeting current problems and that there was no citizen pressure for reform. Stunningly, […]

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