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Lost and found

EDITOR: In the early morning hours on June 12, I lost a nailing gun on Sly Park Road. I would love to get it back and am offering a cash reward for its return, no questions asked. Please contact me at 530-644-4053. JACK HARTMAN Pollock Pines

On behalf of the physically challenged

EDITOR: Drive carefully in the gas station — the life you save may be someone who is already injured. Over the past three years I have had the privilege of getting to know a woman who has been paralyzed for nearly 25 years. Getting to know her has opened my eyes to the daily realities […]

Mitt’s father

EDITOR: Mr. Longhofer wrote “Mitt Romney’s father was born in Mexico which would make Mitt ineligible to be president.” Mitt’s father’s parents both were American citizens. Thus the father is an American citizen no matter if he was born on the moon. Mitt’s parents also both were American citizens. Obama has one American parent and […]

Hard work does pay off

EDITOR: Oh, how refreshing it is to have the outcome of an election not be determined by the amount of money a candidate has in their war chest. Congratulations Mik. Your hard work and dedication to your campaign will serve you well in your duties as El Dorado County Supervisor, District 1. P.S. Congratulations to […]

Pony Express Trail bridge

EDITOR: I read with interest the front page article on June 11 about the Pony Express Trail. When I got to Page 9, there was a picture of an artist’s conception of a bridge to connect the trail over the river. It looks great but it is a wonder that the bridge didn’t collapse, before […]

Gov. Brown’s tax proposal

EDITOR: Our moronic governor wants a “temporary tax increase.” This is the same governor that says this tax will “only affect millionaires” but the tax kicks in at $250,000. Then he says “people making that much money will become millionaires if they save.” Now that is a moronic statement if I ever heard one. He […]

Cameron Park dog park

EDITOR: I am writing in response to the recent letters written to the editor about the dog park in Cameron Park. Some of the information was either misrepresented or wrong. Regarding the trees: Yes, some scrub oaks were removed. If you drive by the park, it is still heavily treed. The trees that were removed […]

Local fire districts

EDITOR: I have a question? What do we do with the local fire districts? I believe that the mission of Cal Fire and the local fire districts is quite different. While we both work toward the same goal, our responsibilities differ. I suggest that the level of training for a seasonal Cal Fire firefighter be […]

Traffic light indeed needed

EDITOR: The letter “Unnecessary Traffic Light” needs a rebuttal. The narrow bridge claimed at least two lives. I know, I was there with the Rescue Fire Department. Speed was most likely the problem. This intersection has been the scene of many accidents, most were fender benders so they don’t make the newspaper. I was the […]

Documenting Agenda 21’s sustainable development

EDITOR: Several have commented that United Nations Agenda 21/Sustainable Development, not signed into law, simply is a set of unenforceable voluntary guidelines. True, it was not signed into law. However, Agenda 21 is implemented by Presidential Executive Order, bypassing the legislative process. For 20 years Agenda 21, via a series of Executive Orders, has been […]

Necessary traffic light

EDITOR: I am perplexed at the negative comments made by a Mountain Democrat reader concerning the road work in progress on North Shingle Road. The work involves the new bridge and the widened intersection of North Shingle Road and Green Valley Road. According to the author of the letter, a 24 year resident of the […]

Misinformation from Prada

EDITOR: Greg Prada’s latest letter raised two points involving EID. The more important one was repetition of an incorrect claim, that EID had added $9 million in new IT projects to its Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) for IT projects. There are no new IT projects in EID’s CIP. It’s easy to mistakenly believe otherwise because […]

Further info on 1854 shootout

EDITOR: I read Doug Noble’s article on the 1854 shootout with some interest since I’ve researched that event a little as well. Being somewhat of a history buff, I find Doug’s articles interesting, articulate and usually pretty accurate. However, in the interest of giving credit where credit is due, I feel it necessary to submit […]

Unfunded retirements

EDITOR: I feel numb after the results from San Diego’s and San Jose’s election came in regarding city worker retirement benefits. Politically polar opposites, San Diego has a Republican mayor and San Jose with a Democrat mayor. Two of the largest cities in America, both communities resoundingly deciding to accept fiscal realities make adjustments to […]

Drug use in our city’s parks

EDITOR: I am writing because I am deeply concerned about the lack of police enforcement on people using drugs at our local parks. Every time I try to take my 2-year-old-son to Benham Park, there are groups of anywhere between five-20 people hanging out and smoking marijuana. I see it, I smell it, and I have […]

Unhappy with Proposition 29 defeat

EDITOR: Thanks so much for opposing Proposition 29. Your editorial urged voters to reject this measure, which would have the terrible effect of supporting cancer research in other states as well as California. Now the poor, struggling smokers can continue to afford to give themselves emphysema and lung cancer, and to expose their children to […]

Get well soon, Rusty Dupray

EDITOR: I have learned today that Rusty Dupray was in a motorcycle accident this week and is recovering at Sutter Hospital in Roseville. I am certain that everyone who knows Rusty will keep him in their thoughts and prayers and wish him a speedy and complete recovery. Whether you agreed with Rusty when he was on […]

Valentine concedes Judge’s race

EDITOR: My friends, we have come to the end of a long journey. The people of El Dorado County have spoken, and they have spoken clearly. It is natural to feel some disappointment, but we must move beyond it and work together for what is best for our county. I am so deeply grateful to […]

Response to ‘Pioneer oops’

EDITOR: You are absolutely right — the Pioneer Fire Protection District board is ham-handed, ham-fisted, ham-boned, and likes ham sandwiches. You left out some important facts, however. First: Everything we did, we did in public. Every document was made available for public review. Every issue regarding the election, the hiring of consultants, the amount paid […]

What happened to our educational system?

EDITOR: What happened to our educational system? I can remember when teachers taught, sports were free, band was free (including instrument), bus from and to school was free and teachers were fired if they didn’t do the job that they were hired for. Now we give our educators free retirement, free or almost free health […]

Didn’t like Agenda 21 series

EDITOR: In the recent past I wrote a couple of Letters to the Editor pointing out major errors and nonsensical claims in Mountain Democrat editorials. I was willing to continue reading the newspaper in spite of its one-sided editorial stance because editorials are clearly understood to be opinion. However, now that you are printing pure propaganda […]


EDITOR: I don’t understand the contractors in our area. I want to have my bathroom remodeled. I have called three contractors that advertise “Bathroom Remodeling” and not one of them has called me back. The economy must be a lot better then we are led to believe. AMY RATH Pollock Pines

Thank you

EDITOR: I would like to publicly say thank you to all of my friends and “family” for your support and compassion in the passing of my mom. A special thanks to Roger Miller, Marsh and Wes, the Brick Oven Pub as a whole, including the patrons. Super thanks to Emily and Cheyenne, my daughter; I […]

Digging a hole twice

EDITOR: Am I correct in seeing that the Highway 50 safety barrier through Cameron Park that Caltrans is dismantling, is the very same one they put in a few months ago? Maybe different project leaders, but don’t they know what projects are occurring so as to not put a barrier up, only to take it down […]

Green is a better standard of living

EDITOR: I was disturbed to see what amounted to an editorial on the front page of this paper represented as a news article. In the article Agenda 21, all things green are reported as a U.N. globalization conspiracy against the U.S. Yes there are “environmental wackos” out there; I am not of that persuasion. I […]

DOT road work

EDITOR: Department of Transportation, you did some trimming along Missouri Flat Road (between Green Valley Road and El Dorado Road). You chipped, ground, hacked and cut the trees and brush back on both sides of the road, and left your mess on the side of the road. As I drove by while your crews were […]

Thank you, Dr. Lehrman

EDITOR: It appears you are serious about retiring. I racked my brain on ways to convince you to stay around a few more years but decided I would cut you some slack. I just hope you know what an amazing doctor and friend you are. Our family has been with you since you opened your office […]

Petition to recall Otermat

EDITOR: Alert — Citizens and residents of the Georgetown Divide, I ask you all to be cautious and informed if you are considering signing the Recall Petition of Kathy Otermat. Kathy is representing the people who voted for her based on her principles and personal constitution. She bucks the status quo in our small rural […]

The vote against notifying homeowners about fracking

EDITOR: Senator Ted Gaines voted “Against” a bill (SB 1054) that requires energy companies to notify property owners before they drill or perform “hydraulic fracturing operations.” Blocking this bill lets fracking companies drill without telling you what they are doing under your property where you pump or store your water. I called Senator Gaines’ office and […]

Response to ‘Death of facts’

EDITOR: Here is a fact that is very much alive, “Thank goodness for the Mountain Democrat.” Hip, hip, hooray. ANTHONY ARJIL Placerville

Liberals and Agenda 21

EDITOR: The main reason that liberals like John Garon dismiss oppositon to Agenda 21 as mindless right-wing conspiracy theories from mindless kooks is that he realizes as most liberals do that individuals are not capable of making intelligent decisions as to where they should live, the correct housing density of where they should live, and the […]

Due diligence and the BOS

EDITOR: This year, or election cycle, I decided to do what I have never done before in a local election and that is I decided to attend every single meeting, speech, town hall and local event I could find where the candidates were invited to speak and to take questions. As a resident of El […]

Eagle Scout

EDITOR: I am currently a Life Scout, aspiring to achieve the rank of Eagle. I started boy scouts when I was 12, and am now nearing my 18th birthday. For the first three years of my scouting experience, I worked hard to complete merit badges and to achieve higher rank. I went on and participated […]

In response to John C. Garon

EDITOR: I just read your comments on the Agenda 21 story that myself and other people “with” brains were very pleased to see it brought out in the open. I am truly sorry you aren’t smart enough to get on your computer or go to the library and use theirs and research things that you “obviously” […]

Doctor Lehrman’s retirement

EDITOR: Doctor Lehrman is retiring in July. Words cannot express the appreciation I feel for this kind and smart man. Patient confidentiality laws make it hard to organize a gathering of any sort, so if you are or have been a patient of Dr. Lehrman, please find some way to thank him for his long […]

Thanks for Agenda 21 series

EDITOR: I wish to thank you very much for the articles that were in the Mountain Democrat on Agenda 21. There are those that just plain do not believe this is a real thing. It really is, and has been happening for years. First they got the ball rolling globally, nationally, then in the state […]

Info on Agenda 21

EDITOR: Recently I had a long conversation with Carlos Acala of the Bee and he used what he wanted but this letter explains more what I tried to tell him about Agenda 21 and the facts that Dawn knows are not just Agenda 21 but more like the knowledge that Congressman Tom McClintock understands or […]

Lawyer debunks Nelson letter

EDITOR: Hell hath no fury like an individual involved in a heated, hotly contested divorce. Mrs. Nelson’s gripes (“Judging judicial judgment for judge,” May 31) are misdirected and misleading. Joe Hoffman is not the problem whatsoever; I am. I represent Mrs. Nelson’s ex-husband in divorce proceedings that have been going on for years. Mrs. Nelson does […]

Is Donald Trump ‘most people?’

EDITOR: Listened to Donald Trump on this radio this afternoon. Were you aware that most people know President Obama was born in Kenya, and most people know his mother was never in the hospital in Hawaii, and most people know that false birth announcements were placed in the local papers, and most people know that the […]

Vote Nutting, Knight out of office

EDITOR: This letter is in response to Mr. Bellas’ letter of May 9. You may be right that Supervisors Nutting and Knight have been supporters of the Western Railway up in Diamond Springs, but they have not and are not in favor of the railroad from Shingle Springs down to Latrobe and on into Folsom. […]

Sly Park Road needs fixing

EDITOR: It’s embarrassing when one has an out-of-town visitor and the first thing they say is “Don’t they ever fix the roads here?” This has happened twice in the last year. When is the county going to do something? MORRIS BENGHIAT Placerville

Stracener values our work

EDITOR: I’m a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) and have sat in on and been a participant in some of Judge Stracener’s court sessions. I am very impressed with him. I like the way he interacts with the foster kids. He seems very caring and concerned for their well-being. I feel that he values the […]

Support George Turnboo for Supervisor

EDITOR: I support George Turnboo for the office of El Dorado County Supervisor for District 2. I’ve known George for several years, and have complete confidence that he is the honest, dedicated, forward-thinking person we want in this office. His love for this county is unquestioned, and his promise to work for the best interests of […]

Judging judicial judgment for judge

EDITOR: I have been reading the Mountain Democrat, reading all of the political mail but more importantly I have experienced Joe Hoffman as a Judge Pro Tem. Please consider printing my letter as it has a different take on Mr. Hoffman than I have seen … experience firsthand. I have been in the El Dorado […]

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