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What a moronic opinion

EDITOR: I can’t believe that the publisher of the Mountain Democrat would publish such a moronic opinion in the paper, let alone write it. The section of U.S. 50 that he chooses to call a speed trap is paid for with the injuries and loss of life due to the morons who cant follow simple […]

Astounded by EID’s audacity

EDITOR: Like all of my Placerville neighbors, I am astounded at the audacity and imperiousness of El Dorado Irrigation District’s Abercrombie and Price in attempting to justify what is clearly an unnecessarily overburdened utility budget. I don’t know either Jon Jakowatz or Greg Prada, but after reviewing the various accounts in the March 23 weekend edition […]

Republicans want to lose the election

EDITOR: I am a lifelong liberal and Democrat. Last presidential election I did not like the inexperience of the Democratic candidate, Obama. So I was thinking that I might vote for John McCain — very experienced, a hero even, and definitely a thoughtful man. Then the Republicans added Sarah Palin to the ticket and I […]

FOG and plastics awareness

EDITOR: I belong to a Nature Bowl science team. Last month I found out about a big problem. People are dumping Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) and plastics down their kitchen drains or toilets. People don’t realize the damage that it can cause. For example, when you’re washing your pots and pans, don’t put the FOG […]

GDPUD will fool us again

EDITOR: Fool me once, shame on you … Fool me twice, shame on me. GDPUD manages and maintains the Walton Lake Water Treatment Plant and the ALT Water Treatment Plant. Both of these plants were constructed in the 1970s using similar technology. As such could be considered as sister units. In Sept 2004, GDPUD received […]

Stop collecting money for a canceled project

EDITOR: GDPUD misrepresents a “retrofit” of the Auburn Lake Trails water treatment plant what is actually a total plant “replacement.” It claims the mandate to add filtration requires a new plant. Kind of like being told you must buy a new car in order to meet the requirement to install seat belts. The two “workshops” […]

Can’t stay away after all

EDITOR: A while back I wrote a letter to your paper describing a horrific day I spent in your town. I talked about the berry farm, and how my kids were treated at the park. I have, after a long time, given it some thought and let some of the emotion of that day subside. […]

Shining through the smokescreens

EDITOR: I see Mr. Garon is on another one of his rants. This time it’s one of his favorite subjects: guns. He talks about facts, which is ironic since he tends to ignore them when trying to make a point. The facts are, and you can find them yourself by consulting the Bureau of Justice […]

Lowest form of reporting

EDITOR: I have been a subscriber to the Mountain Democrat for some 23 years. Today’s March 28 editorial was about the lowest form of reporting by an alleged news person I have read in all that time. The total piece castigated the people with whom the responsibility of enforcing traffic laws exists. Those of us […]

It’s our speed trap

EDITOR: In response to the letter to the editor from Lt. King, Commander of the Placerville Area CHP: Good for you and the men and women you command. If the Mountain Democrat wants to call it a speed trap, that’s OK. It’s our speed trap. Anyone local to the area knows there is usually a […]

Why can’t I enjoy my land?

EDITOR: I’m a dredger. Look for gold. Have done OK. Had gold wedding bands made for my daughter, my grandson and his wife, and a few friends. The river I dredge on runs through my property. I pay property taxes on the dirt and the buildings on it. It’s a good life. I force nothing […]

Misinformed by the FDA

EDITOR: I would like to bring to awareness to anyone that believes our federal government’s claim that marijuana has no medical application … don’t be fooled by this. It is a fact that corporations are the primary codependent of government. When profits of pharmaceutical corporations are at risk, we the people are sadly misinformed by […]

Bravo Marshall

EDITOR: I recently had emergency abdominal surgery at Marshall Hospital and would like to comment. The levels of expertise and care shown by the staff and facilities at this hospital were truly amazing. I was made to feel welcome and comfortable during my entire week-long stay. The Marshall Medical personnel are extremely competent and up […]


EDITOR: It was late August. The entire western sky was evenly dotted with a blanket of small, puffy, white clouds all perfectly spaced apart — old timers call it a mackeral sky. It was warm, with a hint of smoke in the air. It was Saturday afternoon and I had just hiked an hour and […]

Church playground vandalized

EDITOR: As the community of Pollock Pines knows, we still do not have a community park for our children, our seniors, our anybody. I salute the efforts (and product) of the recent Parks & Trails Master Plan, approved this past week by the Board of Supervisors and I am pleased that Pollock Pines has received some […]

It’s still a speed trap

EDITOR: I feel I must respond to Lt. C.D. King’s letter to the Mountain. Democrat regarding the publisher’s editorial labeling the CHP’s recent actions on Highway 50 a “speed trap.” The lieutenant is obviously correct in his definition of a speed trap according to the California Vehicle Code. No matter how these actions of the […]

Washington Street

All of you people that drive to work and home on Washington Street in Placerville beware … I am taking high-definition video of you folks who run through the stop signs at Washington and Sherman Street, and sending the videos, and your license plate numbers to every insurance company I can. In 10 years Placerville […]

Highway 50 toll road

EDITOR: Publisher Esposito wrote an interesting column identifying toll roads in El Dorado County’s past. He likened the tolls collected to a situation he observed on Saturday, March 24 on Highway 50 eastbound between El Dorado and Missouri Flat Roads. Apparently, five CHP officers made traffic stops on this stretch on Highway 50. He assumed […]

Why the recall effort?

EDITOR: There is a recall effort on Georgetown Divide Public Utility Director Kathy Otermat. Steve Gau served her and the petition states the recall is because “Otermat advocates reducing employee and management salaries and benefits.” This is why she was elected. Why would we want to recall her? JAY FALKENSTEIN Georgetown

Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians respond

EDITOR: I am the chairman of the federally-recognized Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians, and I write in response to the article written by Cole Mayer about litigation involving my Tribe, Cesar Caballero and several individuals who claim tribal affiliation with him (entitled “Chief jailed over tribal name dispute,” published March 30, 2012). The article could […]

Vandalism at community church

EDITOR: As the community of Pollock Pines knows, we still do not have a community park for our children, our seniors, our anybody. I salute the efforts (and product) of the recent Parks & Trails Master Plan, approved this past week by the Board of Supervisors and I am pleased that Pollock Pines has received some […]

Animal Control fiasco

EDITOR: The article regarding the new Animal Control facility last week just points out another instance of political incompetence at the local level. Back in 2004, when the county was searching for a new site for the West Slope Animal Control facility, the process turned into a three-ring circus led by the Board of Supervisors. […]

No sympathy for Sandra Fluke

EDITOR: Remember how the Democrats had total control of Congress and the presidency? Obama did not come up with his health care bill by himself. I remember when Democrats bragged about signing a bill they did not read. When they left for the weekend, they gave the huge stack of paperwork to the Republicans to […]

Please spay and neuter

EDITOR: Newsflash! El Dorado County is asking you to please spay and neuter your pets! Why? Because if you don’t and your animal gets loose, your animal might mate and create more of its kind. A cat and its offspring can produce 420,000 cats in seven years. Eventually, the original escaped pet and its offspring […]

The craziness of guns

The senseless shooting of Trayvon Williams in Florida made our local news the same night that Fresno reported its 14th homicide of the year. At present rate, Fresno can look forward to 60-plus homicides by the end of 2012. For the sake of perspective, I looked up Fresno County’s population in 2009: 479,000. During that […]

Homeless shelter closes

EDITOR: As I am typing this letter to the editor I am feeling anxious for our homeless friends. The Nomadic Homeless Shelter that is housed in four different churches ended their shelter program on March 30. The 40-50 homeless men and women that have been using the shelter each night will have to find other […]

Lieutenant responds to publisher

EDITOR: I have read your column entitled “Highway 50 toll road — then and now” regarding the California Highway Patrol’s traffic enforcement on US 50 in El Dorado County. The article you wrote is not only inaccurate, but unfair to the hard-working men and women trying to make the roads we travel on safe for […]

Some grammar notes

EDITOR: The Mountain Democrat is a good “small town” newspaper. It has good local coverage and some of the photographs are exceptional. One service you can provide everyone is to help improve his or her grammar. A common local error is to use “would” twice in the same sentence; instead of (for example) “…had……would have.” […]

Bye-Bye Medicare

EDITOR: Contrary to what a reader recently wrote, a free exchange of differing points of view is not a “war” on anything or anyone. Rather, it is an important function of a democratic society to express differing viewpoints in order to make personal decisions about matters that are important to us. The same reader expressed […]

Socialistic survitude

EDITOR: Why is it so important for people that are in law making positions to kill industry? They need to remove themselves from behind the desk and temporally go out and really look at the devastation that they do to other people’s way of life. Some farm for a living; some cut up fallen trees […]

We didn’t have the green thing back then

EDITOR: Checking out at the store, the young cashier suggested to the older woman that she should bring her own grocery bags because plastic bags weren’t good for the environment. The woman apologized and explained, “We didn’t have this green thing back in my earlier days.” The clerk responded, “That’s our problem today. Your generation did […]

EID has been cutting expenses and employees

EDITOR: EID’s financial metrics in the past decade show a history of rising revenues and rising costs during the tenure of Ane Deister as general manager, which ended on Dec.31, 2007. Following that the history is of dropping revenues and major cost cutting, first by Interim GM Tom Gallier, then on a more comprehensive scope by […]

Who asked for the tax loopholes?

EDITOR: Who asked for these tax loopholes? You or me? Who asked to stop “interest deductions” for credit card and payment account’s limit deductions to “only” mortgage interest? Who stopped health care expense deductions to “only” the part after reaching a $14,000 threshold? Who changed this? You or me? What about the legislators changing bankruptcy […]

Stop Tilden Park Project

EDITOR: This project is slotted for the Intersection of Ponderosa Road and Wild Chaparral in Shingle Springs and is currently being reviewed by the El Dorado County Planning Dept. It will include: an 80-room hotel, two-story office building, 20,000 square foot food market, over 200 parking spots and 14 residences on a total of 12 […]

Put a businessman in the White House?

EDITOR: There seems to be significant support for electing a businessman for president. I don’t see any magic there. The decisions one must make in the business world are not the same as those at the hub of a republic or on the international stage. Cutting the workforce at a company or corporation may turn […]

Historic Shingle Springs Miwok Tribe

EDITOR: We, the Historic Shingle Springs Miwoks, are appalled by what is taking place by this band of indians who want to be Miwoks. There is only one Shingle Springs Miwok Tribe. All anyone has to do to figure out which tribe is the real Miwok tribe is look at the census records from the […]

Wal-Mart, small business, American food and Chinese appliances

EDITOR: I was wondering if there is anyone out there who can provide the public with information on how to cook American egg noodles with Chinese appliances. I have nothing against culture, or the Chinese, but since Wal-Mart has put Placerville small business out of business, I feel the least Wal-Mart can do is explain to […]


EDITOR: Here we go again. More visual obscenities proposed for the Highway 50 corridor, this time in the form of three giant billboards between Cameron Park and Shingle Springs. Over the years the residents of these areas have complained about and endured poor architecture and the proliferation of ugly signs in these areas due to […]

In defense of Snowline

Snowline Hospice Thrift stores have been the target of some unjustified, bad publicity over the past few weeks. Rather than accept these allegations at face value, I feel a little scrutiny is appropriate. Mr. Gillespie’s complaint should be taken with a pinch of salt. As a regular customer at our stores, he purchases items for […]

EID rate increase

EDITOR: I was at the March 26th EID board meeting in Cameron Park. At this meeting many claims and counter claims about the compensation of EID employees were thrown around. I can’t speak to any of the claims made but the one thing that puzzled me was the board’s reluctance to see that the economic climate […]

Extraordinary service

EDITOR: I am not in the practice of writing letters, but in this case I truly hope this letter will make it to the pages of your newspaper. In my professional capacity I often speak to public entities about their need to make themselves indispensable to the public they serve, especially in light of our economic […]

As Paul Harvey would say, “Here is the rest of the story”

EDITOR: Mr. Larry Parker’s letter, dated  March 12, referenced increased U.S. oil production since 2008. But it’s important to understand the reason for increased U.S. oil production. As radio host Paul Harvey would say, “Here is the rest of the story.” Earlier, Mr. George Alger’s letter, “The politics of the oil ‘storage’” wrote an overview […]

Mt. Democrat Photographers

EDITOR: I wanted to express my appreciation for the photos by Shelly Thorene and Pat Dollins that regularly enhance the quality of your newspaper. Thorene’s latest, from the March 12 issue on page A-8 is a typical example. Make sure you read the caption. It takes a sharp eye to realize that what’s in the […]

Rush Limbaugh understands how social justice works

EDITOR: To understand Jennifer Meyer in her column of March 19 (“The rural life: ‘Mean and ugly’”), one must understand how a criterion of “social justice” works: It places a compensative defense before reason, before decorum, demeanor, propriety, good taste and law. This, Rush Limbaugh understands. When Meyer says, “high profile folks,” she means to […]

Broadband for El Dorado County

EDITOR: Some people in El Dorado County have received an e-mail invitation from Sierra Economic Development Corp that may have been interpreted to imply SEDCorp will be providing Broadband Internet access in El Dorado County. Certainly, those invitees have questioned Interbahn founders on the possible impact on our efforts. I would like to make it […]

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