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Thanks for Agenda 21 series

EDITOR: I wish to thank you very much for the articles that were in the Mountain Democrat on Agenda 21. There are those that just plain do not believe this is a real thing. It really is, and has been happening for years. First they got the ball rolling globally, nationally, then in the state […]

Info on Agenda 21

EDITOR: Recently I had a long conversation with Carlos Acala of the Bee and he used what he wanted but this letter explains more what I tried to tell him about Agenda 21 and the facts that Dawn knows are not just Agenda 21 but more like the knowledge that Congressman Tom McClintock understands or […]

Lawyer debunks Nelson letter

EDITOR: Hell hath no fury like an individual involved in a heated, hotly contested divorce. Mrs. Nelson’s gripes (“Judging judicial judgment for judge,” May 31) are misdirected and misleading. Joe Hoffman is not the problem whatsoever; I am. I represent Mrs. Nelson’s ex-husband in divorce proceedings that have been going on for years. Mrs. Nelson does […]

Is Donald Trump ‘most people?’

EDITOR: Listened to Donald Trump on this radio this afternoon. Were you aware that most people know President Obama was born in Kenya, and most people know his mother was never in the hospital in Hawaii, and most people know that false birth announcements were placed in the local papers, and most people know that the […]

Vote Nutting, Knight out of office

EDITOR: This letter is in response to Mr. Bellas’ letter of May 9. You may be right that Supervisors Nutting and Knight have been supporters of the Western Railway up in Diamond Springs, but they have not and are not in favor of the railroad from Shingle Springs down to Latrobe and on into Folsom. […]

Sly Park Road needs fixing

EDITOR: It’s embarrassing when one has an out-of-town visitor and the first thing they say is “Don’t they ever fix the roads here?” This has happened twice in the last year. When is the county going to do something? MORRIS BENGHIAT Placerville

Stracener values our work

EDITOR: I’m a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) and have sat in on and been a participant in some of Judge Stracener’s court sessions. I am very impressed with him. I like the way he interacts with the foster kids. He seems very caring and concerned for their well-being. I feel that he values the […]

Support George Turnboo for Supervisor

EDITOR: I support George Turnboo for the office of El Dorado County Supervisor for District 2. I’ve known George for several years, and have complete confidence that he is the honest, dedicated, forward-thinking person we want in this office. His love for this county is unquestioned, and his promise to work for the best interests of […]

Judging judicial judgment for judge

EDITOR: I have been reading the Mountain Democrat, reading all of the political mail but more importantly I have experienced Joe Hoffman as a Judge Pro Tem. Please consider printing my letter as it has a different take on Mr. Hoffman than I have seen … experience firsthand. I have been in the El Dorado […]

Money, power and greed vs. values, integrity and principles

EDITOR: When someone who has worked for and supported a candidate and sitting Supervisor decides they have to make a decision and admit they made a mistake and wasted a lot of valuable time it is not always painless. I had previously supported Ray Nutting with the hopes he would grow into his position as […]

Nutting puts people first?

EDITOR: Let’s take a close look at Supervisors Nutting, Knight and Briggs. They are about to raid the El Dorado County general fund and spend millions of your tax dollars building a new section to the Class 1 trails system in the county. With unemployment in El Dorado at 11.9 percent and the county assistance […]

Stracener’s campaign “sleaze” violates Code of Judicial Ethics

EDITOR: My opinion is that Stracener’s campaign “sleaze” violates the Calif. Code of Judicial Ethics, Canon 5(B). Wow. What a choice voters face for local judge on June 5. Our wild and crazy judicial campaign is unprecedented here, and I hope there is never another such. The Mountain Democrat got it right by calling the […]


EDITOR: I transferred to this area in 1983 as a CDF Battalion Chief. Brian Veerkamp was a sleep-in firefighter for the city of Placerville Fire Dept. Doug Veerkamp was a struggling contractor trying to make ends meet. During my 13 years in the Amador/El Dorado ranger unit I worked closley with them both as we […]

Vote on Tuesday, June 5

EDITOR: We just celebrated Memorial Day on which we honored those who gave the last full measure of their devotion to our nation on the battlefield. My flag was out. Now let us continue to honor them by voting on June 5 while we still have the right to vote. The easiest way is to […]

Why is tunnel fenced?

EDITOR: New local projects seldom escape scrutiny and this applies to the construction of the deer tunnel under Highway 50 west of Placerville. Opponents seem to outnumber advocates in spite of the science of wildlife experts and the California Department of Transportation that promoted the undertaking. Shouldn’t we give these experts our trust? However, I was […]

Job creator?

EDITOR: Mitt Romney campaigns on the theme that President Obama has never managed anything, implying that he is a business manager who creates jobs. Yet, in reality, Mitt was not a business manager. He was a corporate raider, who bought into businesses, cut jobs and then departed by the back door with millions of profit […]

Constitutional right to smoke?

EDITOR: Good day Mrs. Obama, I wrote the president two or three years ago, not expecting a reply. Much to my surprise, I received a letter back. I am pretty sure it is a form letter. The focus was different than my topic. However, I still told my family and friends the president responded. I told […]

EID bills again don’t add up

EDITOR: Every January and for every EID rate hike over the past two years, EID ratepayers have received a version of the following message referring to indecipherable calculations of their bills: “New rates in effect as of April 1, 2012: Our billing system does not allow us to show your prorated calculations on the bill. But […]

The Cameron Park community deserves better

EDITOR: Immediately upon opening the May board meeting, Cameron Park CSD Board President Shiva Frentzen read an e-mail written by board member Scott McNeil with district counsel, staff and the public present. McNeil had “safety concerns” for himself, staff, women and children who attend CSD Board meetings indicating he felt “intimidated” by Gerald Lillpop’s abrasive […]

Environmental zealotry out of control

EDITOR: Imagine … Dad is driving up this summer to take the family to its favorite spot in the Eldorado National Forest, the truck is loaded up with camping gear and bicycles and fishing poles, just like they have done every so often to enjoy the outdoors and get away from the day-to-day grind. They […]

Kudos to El Dorado Hills Optimists

EDITOR: On behalf of everyone in the County Sports League, I want to extend our warmest thanks and appreciation to the Optimists of El Dorado Hills for their continued support of our track and field championships. The Optimists’ contribution went toward the awards we were able to give to the first, second, and third place […]

Goal post changed again

EDITOR: “Two legislative budget subcommittees acted yesterday under pressure from the Sierra Fund to ensure that suction dredge gold mining in California’s rivers will not be allowed to resume until rules are in place that protect the waterways from environmental degradation.” The Assembly Budget Subcommittee No. 3 on Resources and Transportation adopted specific language that struck […]

The death of facts

EDITOR: “A lie has gone around the world twice before truth has put its pants on.” — Mark Twain Aristotle defined “facts” as universal principles that everyone could agree upon, principally because they were demonstrable through scientific and empirical observation. In other words, “facts” were observations based on evidence. In the mid to late 20th […]

The not-so-high-speed train to nowhere

EDITOR: Well, it’s an election year so we shouldn’t be surprised that the State Legislature has completely lost its mind and all touch with reality. Like young bucks in rut they just can’t resist the $3 billion of Obama Stash promised for the high-speed rail system to nowhere. Even, I say even, CNN is aghast […]

Thanks to Marshall staff

EDITOR: Thanks to everyone who helped before and during my stay (May 4 through 9) at Marshall Hospital. 911 Dispatch, DS/ED Engine 49, Medic 19, ER personnel, second floor RN’s and ACA’s, doctors, lab techs, surgery staff, all the departments I visited for testing, food prep, housekeeping and volunteers. Also to those I may have been […]

Animal tunnel defended

EDITOR: When Highway 50 was moved to its present location (yes, it hasn’t always been four lanes and in its current location) it transected the natural migration routes for the wild animal population in the county. Those animals have been traveling those routes for hundreds of years. These animals need to have time to realize there […]

Prefer old format

EDITOR: Peter Commerford of Pollock Pines stated my objections to the new Mountain Democrat format better than I ever could. My overall reaction is I intensely dislike this format. It’s hard to read and the ads are a jolt to my eyes. As Peter said, please editor and publisher, go back to the previous version, […]

Unnecessary traffic light

EDITOR: Dear Supervisor Briggs, I have been a resident of El Dorado County for 24 years. I am an active voter. The road construction that is supposed to be improving the intersection and roadway at Green Valley Road and North Shingle Road is of great concern to me. I have lived here since the roadway […]

A dog and a gun

EDITOR: I am a lifelong liberal and a Democrat, and I have lived in El Dorado County for 38 years. I would like to add a story to the letter about the deputy sheriff and the dog owner. In the late 80s, I got home from work after dark, and my teen daughter ran out […]

Hire firefighters year round

EDITOR: This year Cal Fire will hire 2,300 seasonal firefighters to supplement its 3,300 full time employees. This is a reduction of 25 percent from 2010 due to the state budget cuts. During the fire season the seasonal firefighters will work the same job as the permanent staff; responding to not just Wildland fires but […]

Kudos on Agenda 21 coverage

EDITOR: Kudos to the Mountain Democrat on publishing Dawn Hodson’s excellently researched series on Agenda 21. This series would never have been published in the Sacramento Bee, the San Francisco Chronicle or any other “mainstream” paper. Few people are aware of the insidious consequences arising from Agenda 21’s implementation over the past couple of decades. […]

Challenge to the U.S. Supreme Court

EDITOR: President Obama challenged the U.S. Supreme Court to not be an activist court and legislate from the bench. He said an unelected group of people should not have the ability to throw out a duly passed law that was voted on by an overwhelming majority of an elected Congress. This challenge is a direct […]

Cameron Park Lake

EDITOR: I have a question regarding Cameron Park Lake. The park has some great features but I question the fact that I have to pay $3 to get in solely for the purpose of jogging around the lake. I can understand paying to swim in the lagoon. However, I, and many others, go to the […]

Government regulation

EDITOR: While visiting friends in Placerville, one of your letter writers commented that we should allow new businesses a start-up period where they didn’t need to follow environmental and regular rules. Eliminating regulations is a pretty common theme among area opinions, and a stalwart of those fearful of Agency 21. I must admit to some […]

Agenda 21 and the roundabout

EDITOR: Just wanted you to know how much I’ve appreciated your fair and balanced reporting on the evils of the U.N. and “Agenda 21.” I guess what really hit home with me (as noted in the May 24 Sacramento Bee) is that “Agenda 21″ could affect construction of the roundabout in Placerville. What is this […]

Free speech under assault in Georgetown

EDITOR: On Saturday morning of Memorial Day weekend an ironic event happened. Two tables were set up on Mar-Val’s porch. At the first one the VFW was asking for donations for the poppies, which for years have reminded us of the sacrifice of their lives that Americans have made to preserve our American Democracy. At the […]

Opinon versus lies

EDITOR: Since when are personal opinions expressed by private individuals considered lies? As I clearly stated in my last letter to the editor, I support Sue Taylor for Supervisor District 3, and I gave some of the reasons why. I have since been attacked for my opinion, so I would like to offer the following […]

Nutting puts people first

EDITOR: We have all experienced politicians who will say just about anything to get elected. They all say they will do everything they can for the people. Once they get elected, they do all they can, for the government. New regulation, new fees, new pet projects, new ways to raise and spend taxpayers’ money. Fortunately, […]

Attorneys for Hoffman

EDITOR: We are attorneys who practice almost exclusively in El Dorado County and regularly appear in its courts. We were skeptical when Governor Schwarzenegger appointed Warren Stracener to the bench because the appointment appeared to be a political one rather than one which addressed the needs of this community. We were, however, prepared to give […]

Bring in Amaro, one of the people

EDITOR: We all seem to be able to complain about how we don’t like the way the politicians are running things. We get up on our soap box and bellow it out for all to hear. Of course we all feel that we are right. everyone wants change and it seems we all for the […]

Veerkamps not elitist

EDITOR: An issue I would like to address is much more personal. This is directed to the person who called the Veerkamp family “elitist.” That is so far from the truth to be ridiculous. I married a grandson of the Veerkamps who settled here. The family I know are proud of their heritage here in […]

Election of judges

EDITOR: From the Democrat’s May 25 articles on two judges seeking election or re-election, neither of whom do I know personally, comes an opportunity to re-state the obvious: Every judge in the United States is a judge because of some political event, either appointment or election. No matter what may be said about the candidate, […]

Valentine for Superior Court Judge

EDITOR: I’m voting for Stephen W. Valentine for Superior Court Judge in El Dorado County for three reasons: One — Stephen Valentine is the only candidate who actually has judicial experience. The other candidates cite “Experienced” on their campaign materials, but I suspect their “experience” is likely the same as mine. I’ve watched judges in […]

A veteran’s lunch

EDITOR: My father, Glenn Coan, is a veteran who attended the Veterans Memorial Service at El Dorado County Veterans Monument on Monday. He attends this wonderful service every year in honor of the servicemen who have served our country, which includes his three brothers, and a nephew. They are all represented with bricks at the monument, […]

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